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  1. Biology

    What is the difference between enterocolitis and gastroenteritis?
  2. Biology

    why does h2o have such attractive forces
  3. biology

    why are the processes of transcription necessary for life?
  4. biology

    why DNA replication necessary to life?
  5. biology

    what is the hypertonic hypotonic isotonic ,
  6. Biology

    the biome with the fewest seasonal changes is?
  7. Science-Biology

    To note: all three are blond, ellie's eyes are brown, her brothers are blue. Ellie's father is homozygous for eye colour but her mother is heterozygous. She passed a 'blue eye' gene to the boys and a 'brown eye' gene to Ellie. Brown hair is dominant over
  8. science help

    A scientist plans to find out the percent of teenagers who like science. She interviews 500 teenagers leaving a science museum and finds that 450 of them like science. The scientist concludes that 90 percent of teenagers like science. Why is the
  9. science-biology

    In lab, you use a special balloon that is permeable to water but not sucrose to make an "artificial cell". The balloon is filled with a solution of 20% sucrose and 80% water and is immersed in a beaker containing a solution of 40% sucrose and 60% water.
  10. Science

    Over a one-week period, there is a rapid increase in the number of patients entering the emergency room complaining of high fever, lethargy, muscle aches and diarrhea or vomiting. Which method of scientific inquiry would the doctors use to determine the
  11. Biology

    My mom has eye color hazel and my dad has the eye blue and my eye color is blue. Would my Genotype be homozgous? My mom hair has blonde and my dad has blonde hair and I have blonde hair would my genotype be heterozgyous? Biology - woody, Friday, Se
  12. science

    What part of science is genomics part of? and what should i list it as under in my science fair project
  13. Science Project

    Do people prefer higher priced chocolate bars considered a Science Experiment? I plan to test one low, med and high priced chocolate to 10 blind folded taste testers. My mom doesn't think this is science?
  14. Re: Plant biology

    I'm doing a writing assignment on plant stress physiology. The stress that I chose to research was heat stress. One of the things that I have to do is describe at least 3 experiments that I plan to perform (hypothetically speaking, of course). At least one
  15. English

    Subject names at school are as follows. math,science, social studies, computer science,etc. --------------------------------------------------- Can we use 'information' instead of 'computer science' as a subject name?
  16. Statistics

    Bart is taking two classes, backpacking and biology. His probability of passing backpacking is 0.54, that of failing biology is 0.83, and that of passing at least one of the two courses is 0.65. Find the probability of the following. A. Joe will pass both
  17. Science

    1.How is science & society related? i have no idea what the answer to this question is 2. What is a scientist's usual next step if data supports a hypothesis? can you tell me if i'm right?... i think that they either published or the experiment is
  18. Science fair project

    Please help me, i think i have nothing left to do except cry!!! My science fair class presentation is tomorrow but i am not even done, i just started!!!! My parents are upset with me, and i think i will get a F in my report card for science this term, my
  19. Biology

    how is it possible for a stem to give rise to roots?
  20. Biology II

    What is the scientific name for of a canning pear tree?
  21. Biology

    When the Antibiotics Quit Working essay
  22. biology

    how reliable are tests for drugs in sport?
  23. Biology

    Why is DNA replication a necessity in cells?
  24. Biology

    How can you tell when to use a field study instead of a controlled expirement?
  25. Biology

    What are the four nitrogen bases of a DNA nucleotide
  26. Biology

    In general, how do neuron inhibit cells?
  27. biology

    what is the promoter sequence for transcription? in regards to nucleotides
  28. biology

    what letter represents the nucleus of a cell?
  29. Biology

    How are bryophytes similar to green algae? How are they different?
  30. Biology

    What are 2 advantages for binary fission in bacteria?
  31. biology

    what are examples of something that diffuses ? what is something that contains amino acids?
  32. biology

    Describe how animal and plant cells are different.
  33. Biology

    What are the examples for dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis?
  34. Biology

    What information does relative dating provide?

  36. Biology

    Could someone please help me with this question. 1100KJ in the form of x*y^2 Thank you for your time and help
  37. Biology

    What is the role of oxygen in aerobic respiration?
  38. Biology

    What chemical sometimes used to make the specimen visible
  39. biology

    How do autosomes differ from sex chromosomes?
  40. Biology

    The system of measurement is abbreviated _________________.
  41. biology

    How do autosomes differ from sex chromosomes?
  42. biology

    what are the functions of the nuclear membrane and the nucleolus?
  43. Biology

    Are viruses made of cells? Do they do homeostasis?
  44. Biology

    What is the defferent of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
  45. biology

    define PI-PCL and indicate which phospholipids it hydrolizes
  46. biology

    how are cells relevant in news today
  47. biology

    How could you determine the genotype of an individual through breeding?
  48. biology

    Which characteristic do glycogen and starch share?
  49. biology

    is hypothesis accepted if can't be proven wrong?
  50. Biology

    Name the 4 types of bonds that carbons form.
  51. general biology

    why is yeast used in the experiment of respiration?
  52. biology

    Which kind of yeast ,young or old, is bigger?
  53. Biology

    What is the main subunit of DNA Nucleotides?
  54. biology 2

    What are some animals and plants in the deciduous forests?
  55. Biology

    Do plants make their own cell wall or is it already there ?
  56. biology

    how do you distinguish between an observation, hypothesis, and a prediction?
  57. biology

    Two main source of air pollution are --and _.
  58. biology

    how will you find out about the animals that live in the pond?
  59. Biology

    The wird diversity in biodiversity refers to what
  60. biology

    how important a test cross in morda
  61. biology

    Do all enzymes function within the different temperature range, like they do with pH?
  62. Biology II

    What is the scientific name for of a canning pear tree?
  63. biology

    what is the importance of islands in the study of evolution?
  64. biology

    what is the correct pathway required for oxygen
  65. Biology

    Why do you need 3 types of DNA synthesis for a chromosome?
  66. biology

    how can hormones can be duplicated and transformed into medicine ?
  67. biology

    All living things reproduce using ________.
  68. Biology

    What type of cells do not regenerate after birth?
  69. biology

    Which of these dyes/indicators do not have a sulfur atom in them?
  70. biology

    if there is no oxygen for the glycolysis what process would that be called?
  71. biology

    name for molecule in RBC that carries oxygen?
  72. Biology

    How does bacteria reproduce and how can I show it in a cartoon? In a way that a appropriate? Please help me.. Thank you!
  73. biology

    is it possible a son is biologicaly older than his parent?
  74. Biology

    What three things must be known to perform radiometric dating?
  75. biology

    What are the functions of the epithelial tissue of the onion?
  76. Biology

    What is formed when water molecules breaks apart?
  77. Biology

    What is the energy of helium in its second excited state
  78. Biology

    Are bees and caterpillars apart of kingdom animalia?
  79. biology

    why is fibre important in a healthy diet?
  80. Biology

    What volume range is a P20 (micropipette) useful for?
  81. biology

    What does it mean when pea plants are described as being true breeding?
  82. biology

    how are amino acids put together and what does this make?
  83. biology

    Would you classify protists as chemotrophs or phototrophs?
  84. Biology

    How are decomposers like a city's recycling center?
  85. biology

    What is the BEST way to determine taxomic relationship between 2 organisms
  86. help biology honors please

    why is carbon dioxide non-organic
  87. biology

    Describe how atoms in a compound are held together thank you
  88. Biology

    What is the purpose of control in a scientific experiment.
  89. Biology

    Describe how bones elongate in development?
  90. Biology

    what signals the cell to replicate the DNA?
  91. Biology

    What gas do plants give off in the light
  92. Biology

    Is saliva(spit) a living thing?
  93. biology

    why did dinosaurs evolve earlier than humans?
  94. biology

    what are the 4 bases of nitrogen in the DNA and how they compare
  95. biology

    Can oxidation cause formation of fungus in tomatoes?
  96. Biology

    If, on your gel, you saw only one band, how would you describe your genotype?
  97. biology

    What is the name of the lens used to locate a specimen on a microscope?
  98. Biology

    What biogeochemical cycles go on in a tropical rainforest? Thank you!!
  99. biology

    what part of eukaryotic cell is least important?
  100. Biology

    Identfing the mixture soil and water