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  1. physics

    Given that the power consumed by a device is 1000 W operating on a 70-V line, calculate the amount of current it draws.
  2. physics

    Calculate the magnitude of the electrostatic force the two down quarks inside a neutron exert on each other if they are separated by a distance of 0.71 fm.
  3. Physics

    A weightlifter raises a 90k-g barbell from the floor to a height of 2/2 m in 0.6 s. What was his average power output during the life?
  4. Physics

    Six charge equal to Q are placed at the corners of regular hexagon of each side x,what is the electric potential at the intersection of the diagonals?
  5. physics

    At what speed do you approach your image if you walk towards a plane mirror at 1 m/s ? I am not looking for this to be answered for me. I am just looking for how to figure it out. Is there a specific formula to use?
  6. physics

    What minimum speed does a 150g puck need to make it to the top of a 3.6m -long, 23 degree frictionless ramp?
  7. physics

    what is the magnetic effect of placing two wires with equal but oppositely directed currents close together or twisted about each other?
  8. physics

    A tennis ball is thrown directly upward with an initial speed of 25 m/s. What is its velocity in m/s when it hits the ground?
  9. Physics

    As the passenger cars are launched from rest at the start, they are accelerated uniformly to a speed of 57 m's (128 mph) in just 3.5 s.
  10. physics

    derive expression to show that how drag force is dependent on velocity of moving object in fluid
  11. physics

    a small marble of negligible dimensions and of the mass 1.1kg is placed at a point A of a smooth frictionless circular
  12. physics

    Calculate the speed of a satellite moving in a stable circular orbit about the Earth at a height of 4800 km.

    A block of wood floats in water with two-Third of its volume submerged its relative density is equal to?
  14. physics

    a boy travel 5km east and then12 km south.calculate his displacement from starting point.
  15. Physics

    An observer on Earth sees you travel 1000 m at half the speed of light. What distance do you think that you travelled?
  16. physics

    a particuler moves along the sides AB,BC,CD of a square of side 25m with a speed of 15m/s. Its average velocity is?
  17. physics

    What is the frequency of the second hand of a clock, assuming it is keeping correct time? Select one: a. 1 Hz b. π/3 Hz c. 0.0167 Hz d. 60 Hz
  18. physics

    A boy jumps at a speed of 16.0 m/s at an angle of 20.0 above the horizontal. How long does he stay in the air before touching the ground? A. 1.53 s B. 1.12 s C. 3.07 s D. 4.2 s
  19. Math/Physics

    If I have 24 inch Diameter tires that rotated 101 times in 15 seconds, how do I find out how fast they were going?
  20. physics

    I need to make a holder for a raw egg out of straws so when it is dropped from 8 feet. it will not break I need design ideas.
  21. Physics

    A body is thrown up with a velocity of 78.4m/s.find how height will with rise and how much time if it take to return its point of rejection?
  22. physics

    Calculate the energy released in the fusion reaction 2 3 4 1 1 H + 1 H->2 H +0 n. The atomic mass of 3 1 H (tritium is 3.016049 u. I am lost! help please!

    A cell phone emits signs in approximately 750 Mhz. Which is the wavelength and energy of this radiation
  24. Physics

    lightning strikes a tower 4 km away. how long after the strike will you hear the thunder? the speed of sound is 344 m/s
  25. physics

    find the force on unit positive q, when placed in the centre of a semicircular wire having uniformly distributed charge Q.
  26. Physics

    An object is dropped from rest. What is its instantaneous speed when it has been in motion for 5 s? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of m/s
  27. Physics

    How does an electric motor work, linking to the theory of electromagnetism? I have already identified a few laws: -Ohms -Faraday's
  28. physics

    the earth is approximately sphere of radius 6.37*10^6 meter.what is its surface area in square km? what is its volume in cubic km?
  29. Physics

    A 100kg steel beam falls from rest from a height of 20m, Find its impact speed.
  30. Physics

    a 60 gram tennis ball completed 5 revolutions in 1.68 seconds. given that the radius was 35 centimeters, what haning mass was used
  31. Physics

    A loudspeaker emits energy equally in all directions at the rate of 1.75J/s. What is the intensity level at a distance of 15 m?
  32. physics

    compute the acceleration of a 1500-N block sliding down a 30 degrees incline. Assume friction is negligible
  33. physics

    How fast will a roller coaster, with a mass of 1200 kg, be moving at the bottom of an 18 meter tall hill?
  34. Physics

    An 1800 kg helicopter rises with an upward acceleration of 2.0 m/s2. What lifting force is supplied by its rotating blades?
  35. physics

    A ball initially at rest rolls down a hill with an acceleration of 2.7 m/s2. If it accelerates for 8.1 s, how far will it move? Answer in units of m.
  36. Physics help

    how would you investigate if the half life of water dripping from a burette is constant? I know the method but what equation and principle would ya'll use?
  37. question

    is it better to take physics or chemistry if taking both whats better to take 1st in sophomore year better to take ap statistics or precalculas for becoming an architect
  38. physics

    a car traveling 7.0 m/s accelerates uniformly at 2.5 m/s squared to reach a speed of 12 m/s. how long does it take for the acceleration to occur?
  39. physics

    a stone of mass 50g is released from rest, Calculate it's kinetic energy after 6s from the beginning of the motion

    Name and discuss the levels of organization in a multicellular organism starting from the basic unit or structure of life.
  41. physics

    How much current is drawn by a television with a resistance of 21 that is connected across a potential difference of 120 V? 5.45A wasn't right
  42. physics

    Find the force of gravity (in newtons) on a spacecraft 15100 km above the earth's surface, if its mass is 400 kg
  43. physics

    a bullet penetrates 7 cm into a block of wood when fired at a speed of 33 m/s. Find the deceleration and the time taken to stop
  44. 12th grade Physics

    how much tension must a rope withstand if it is used to accelerate a 1200-kg car vertically upward at .80 m/s^2?
  45. TVTC

    Physics...a diver of mass m drops from a board of 10m above water surface. find his speed at 5m
  46. physics

    what force is being applied to a meteor with a mass of 500 kg as it travels at a constant velocity of 5000 meters per second?
  47. St. Basil's school. Physics

    The time period of two pendulums are 1.44s and 0.36s respectively. Calculate the ratio of their lengths.
  48. Physics

    How many calories are absorbed by a copper spoon with a mass of 200 grams as it changes from 28°C to 33°C? A) 0.00027 B) 3 C) 90 D) 13,000 And this one. How do i solve this one?
  49. physics **

    When people sleep, their metabolic rate is about 2.6 10-4 C/(s·kg). How many Calories does a 69 kg person metabolize while sleeping 9.0 hours? ? Cal
  50. physics

    What is the image distance of a 4 cm tall object placed 40 cm from a concave mirror having a focal length of 10 cm? Choose one answer. a. -13.3 cm b. 13.3 cm c. -40.0 cm d. 40.0 cm
  51. Physics

    A block weighing 9.7 N requires a force of 2.6 N to push it along at constant velocity. What is the coefficient of friction for the surface?
  52. physics

    A wave with frequency 11.3Hz and amplitude 48.1 mm moves in the positive x direction with a speed of 5.6 m/s. What is the waves wavelength?
  53. physics

    A wave with frequency 11.3Hz and amplitude 48.1 mm moves in the positive x direction with a speed of 5.6 m/s. What is the waves wavelength?
  54. physics

    A student tries to produce notes of higher frequency by blowing a trumpet harder Discuss whether he will succeed?
  55. Physics

    Why do some cooks put ice in the pot to cook meat? Explain then prove your answer by solution.
  56. physics

    An object with a height of 12cm is placed 4cm in front of a concave mirror whose radius of curvature is 16cm.
  57. physics

    How large a force (in newtons) is needed to accelerate a 3 metric-ton vehicle from rest to a speed of 50 km/hr in 4 s?
  58. Physics

    How do I solve this question: What is the resistance of a laptop computer that has an 11V battery & requires 15W of power?
  59. physics

    a waterfall is 122 m in height. calculate the rise in temperature if all potential lost is converted to heat.
  60. physics

    If only conservative forces are acting, total mechanical energy (KE + PE) is not necessarily conserved. True or False?
  61. physics

    What are the magnitude and direction of the electric field at a point midway between a -7.0 µC and a +6.0 µC charge 2.5 cm apart? Assume no other charges are nearby.
  62. physics

    How many times will the incident beam shown in Figure P25.3 (x = 1.10 m, y = 1.80 m) be reflected by each of the parallel mirrors? mirror on the right
  63. Physics

    As a block of wood with the mass of 2.00 kg slides along a floor, it's speed decreases from 4.0 m/s to 1.0 m/s. How much kinetic energy does it lose?
  64. physics

    An egg falls from rest atop a 15-m tall tree. Show that it takes 1.7s for it to hit the ground below.
  65. physics

    A positive and a negative charge, each of magnitude 1.7 10-5 C, are separated by a distance of 11 cm. Find the force on each of the particles. what formula do i use?
  66. physics

    An object falls a distance h from rest. If it travels 0.45h in the last 1.00 s, find the time and the height of its fall.
  67. Physics

    How much work did the movers do to push a 49.0 kg crate 10.3 m across a rough floor at a speed of 2.9 m/s with a horizontal pushing force of 48 N ?
  68. Physics

    Two objects, each with a charge of +3·10-6 C, are located 7 m apart. What is the electric force between them? Use coulombs equation: I will be happy to critique your work.
  69. physics

    he speed of light in a vacuum is about 3.00 108 m/s how many kilometers a pulse from a laser beam travels in exactly 3.9 hours.
  70. physics

    A broom handle has a length of 1.67m and a mass of 580g with the axis rotation through the center. (what is this problem asking me to do?)
  71. physics

    In a panic-stop, a car's brakes produced an acceleration of -8.0 m/s2 (or a deceleration of 8.0 m/s2). If you are traveling at 35 m/s, your speed after braking for 3.0 s will be
  72. physics

    okay a race car's velocity increases from 4 m/s to 36 m/s over a 4 s time innterval, its average acceleration would be 10 m/s 2 ? would this question be true ?
  73. physics

    Over a period of 9.0 seconds a plane changes its velocity from 29.5 m/s to 45.7 m/s. What is its uniform acceleration? ---------------- I'm reviewing for my final and i can not think of what the formula to solve this is.
  74. physics

    If a person does 80 J of work in moving a 30 \rm{kg} box over a 13 m distance on a horizontal surface, what is the minimum force required?
  75. Physics (Online w/ no teacher)

    Find the change in the force of gravity between two planets when the distance between them is decreased by a factor of 5.
  76. honors physics

    What is the minimum velocity for a tolerant coaster traveling on the ground to make it over 112 m hill
  77. physics

    A train with a velocity of 45.1 m/s must come to an emergency stop in 10.6 s. How far did it travel during this time? i tried to use the x=1/2at^2+vit+xi equation but that did not work..
  78. physics

    Marks: 2 Light cannot be linearly polarized by: Choose one answer. a. transmission b. reflection c. diffraction d. scattering
  79. physics

    scientific interpretation of two toy cars having bar magnet on the roof .what happen when close to each other from same and different direction?
  80. Physics

    What is the repulsive electrical force between two protons in a nucleus that are 5 x 10^ -15 m apart from each other? Could you help me with this problem? I can't figure out how to do this. Use Coulomb's equation F= kQQ/r^2
  81. physics

    At what speed do you approach your image if you walk towards a plane mirror at 1 m/s ? I am not looking for this to be answered for me. I am just looking for how to figure it out. Is there a specific formula to use?
  82. physics

    please give a me a nice topic for my investigatory project. hope the materials also are easy to gather. thanks alot
  83. Physics

    Why do some cooks put ice in the pot to cook meat? Explain then prove your answer by solution?
  84. Physics - waves

    What is the source of wave motion? I would think it would be an object such as a rock dropping in the water. How this translates into an answer, however, I'm not sure. :-)
  85. physics

    two strings are connecred to a 10 Kg mass with T2 making an angle 30 degree with the horizontal find the tension in the other string
  86. Physics Help

    Charge Q is uniformly distributed around the perimeter of a semicircle of radius R. What is the electric field at the circle's center?
  87. Physics Help!

    Find the total kinetic energy content of 1.55 moles of an ideal gas at temperature 435 K
  88. physics

    How long does it take a plane, traveling at a constant speed of 166 m/s, to fly once around a circle whose radius is 4000 m?
  89. physics

    during takeoff, an air plane goes from 0 to 360km/hr in 5s. A.) what is its acceleration? B.) How fast is it going after 5 s? C.) How far has it traveled by the time it reaches 50m/s?
  90. principles of physics

    Calculate the change in potential energy of 7.8 million kg of water dropping 50 m over Niagara Falls.
  91. PHYsics 101

    How much heat must be added to 4.00 kg of aluminum to cause its temperature to rise from 22°C to 252°C unit of answer must be Joule
  92. physics

    in order to catch a fast moving softball with your bare hand doing this reduce the catching forcebecause the what
  93. physics

    A proton of mass mp = 1.67 x 10-27 kg and charge +e = 1.60 x 10-19 C is accelerated from rest through an electric potential of 400 kV. What is its final velocity?
  94. Physics

    an 80kg man jumps off a 60m cliff, halfway to the ground, his GPE is 27,072J. What is his KE at the same moment?
  95. Physics

    How much work is needed to move a -8.00 uC charge from the ground to a point whose potential is +75.0V ? I know -8.00 uc = -0.8 x 10^-6 then I used W = Fd but I can't seems to get right answer any hint is appreciated.
  96. physics

    You drop a stone down a well that is 12.37 m deep. How long is it before you hear the splash? The speed of sound in air is 343 m/s.
  97. physics

    Find the power delivered to an element at t=3 ms if the current entering its positive terminal is i=5cos60πt A and the voltage is V=3 di/dt
  98. physics

    At what speed do you approach your image if you walk towards a plane mirror at 1 m/s ? I am not looking for this to be answered for me. I am just looking for how to figure it out. Is there a specific formula to use?
  99. physics help

    how much work must be done to raise a 5kg block of steel from the ground to a height of 2m (in Joules) in the absence of friction?
  100. physics

    In a tug of war match, each side pulls with a force of 500N, but the rope does not move. How much work is done?