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  1. Physics

    An object moves with acceleration given by a = -6t^3 m/s^2. Its initial velocity at t = 0 is 5 m/s. How far will it move before stopping? ((((((The answer is " 7.5 m " ))))) Can you please show me the solution.

    Determine the resulting temperature when 1kg of ice at 0 Degree celcius is mixed with 9kg of water.
  3. 11th grade Physics

    What is the current produced by a potential difference of 240 volts through a resistance of 0.2 ohms?
  4. physics

    The radius of sphere at therate of 4cm per second .at what ratis its surface area chang when theradius is 6cm
  5. physics

    one side of a square bolck is 20 cm. the block weighs 320 grams. which numeral could be used to express the density? is it 0.04, 0.25, 16, or 25?
  6. physics

    if a skydiver with a surface area of 2m sq falls at a steady speed of 55m/s with a force of 900N what is the pressure on her?
  7. Physics

    What is the change in momentum for a 5,000 kg ship in outer space that experiences no net force over a 1 hr period?

    A cell phone emits signs in approximately 750 Mhz. Which is the wavelength and energy of this radiation
  9. physics

    The resistivity of silver is 1.59 × 10-8 Ω·m. What is the resistance of a section of 12 gauge wire (diameter 0.2057 cm) that is 8.60 m long?
  10. physics

    Two forces of the same magnitude act at a point.the square of their resultant is 3 times the product of their magnitudes.the angle between them is?
  11. Physics.

    An electron in a hydrogen atom is revolving around the proton in a orbit of radius r and velocity v .find the current.
  12. physics

    What is the maximum acceleration a car can undergo if the coefficient of static friction between the tires and the ground is 0.24? a_{max} =
  13. physics

    a particle moving on a circlehas a velocity of m/s and normal acceleration of 10m/s2.determine the radius of the circle.
  14. physics

    The thermal capacity of 10g of a substance is 8 calories. the specific heat is in J/kg-K options : 1.3360 2.3630
  15. Physics

    What mass must be added to 0.9kg trolly to give it an,acceleration of0.4m² when a 0.6n force is applied to it?

    'if diametre of earth is reduced to half mass remains constant what is then duration of day and night'
  17. physics

    A ball its thrown straight up into the air at 50 m/s find the balls velocity after 8 seconds show all work please
  18. physics

    How long does it take a plane, traveling at a constant speed of 166 m/s, to fly once around a circle whose radius is 4000 m?
  19. Physics

    A roller coaster travels 41.9 m at an angle of 15.0◦ above the horizontal. How far does it move horizontally? Answer in units of m
  20. physics

    A light bulb with resistance of _____________ Omega draws 900 mA from a 110 V household circuit.
  21. physics

    A bus accelerates at 1.4 m/s2 from rest for 14 s. It then travels at constant speed for 23 s, after which it slows to a stop with an acceleration of magnitude 1.3 m/s2.
  22. physics

    what is the electric flux through a sphere that has a radius of 2.2m and carries charge of 5.3 micro couloumb at its centre? solution
  23. Physics

    A radio set at a sound level of 20 dB is suddenly increased to 80 dB. how many more time greater is the pressure amplitude at 80 dB? I do not know what to do please help
  24. physics

    A _____________ volt battery will increase the potential energy of 0.005 coulombs of charge by 29.5 joules.
  25. Physics

    Calculate the earth's orbital angular speed in radians/sec due to its motion around th sun.
  26. physics

    What is the required resistance of an immersion heater that will increase the temperature of 2.00 kg of water from 10.0°C to 50.0°C in 9.0 min while operating at 120 V?

    Calculate the maximum amount of stretching (in percent) that a piece of steel can undergo before breaking under tension
  28. Physics

    A radioactive substance decays from 2.0kg to 1.6kg in 156 days. How long would it take to decay to 1.1kg?
  29. physics

    While running a race, Abigail’s heart was beating at 170 beats per minute. What was the period of her heartbeat?
  30. Physics

    A body with a mass of 75 kg is located at a height of 20 m. If it is allowed to free fall to the ground. What will be its velocity on impact?
  31. Physics

    In grandpa’s time automobiles were previously manufactured to be as rigid as possible, whereas autos are now designed to crumple upon impact. Why?
  32. Physics

    A race car traveling at 44 m/s is accelerated to a velocity of 22 m/s over an 11 s interval. What is the displacement of this time? (Could you show how you got the answer?) Thank you
  33. physics

    a body projected with velocity 30m/s an angle 30¡ã with horizontal maximum height attained by he object is.........?
  34. Physics

    What is the pressure at a depth of 80 m in the ocean? The density of seawater is 1. 03 × 10 3kg/m3. Please express your answer in units of atm.
  35. physics

    A ball droppred from a tall building find the balls velocity after 7 seconds show all works please
  36. physics

    A square conducting slab with 7 m sides carries a net charge of 89 mu or micro CC. what is the electric field?
  37. honors physics

    What is the minimum velocity for a tolerant coaster traveling on the ground to make it over 112 m hill
  38. Physics

    What is the pressure at a depth of 80 m in the ocean? The density of seawater is 1. 03 × 10 3kg/m3. Please express your answer in units of atm.
  39. physics

    harry takes a space voyage and returns to find his twin sister has aged more than he has. This is evidence that they have been in different?
  40. physics

    What are the magnitude and direction of the electric field at a point midway between a -7.0 µC and a +6.0 µC charge 2.5 cm apart? Assume no other charges are nearby.
  41. Physics

    The distance between Earth and the Moon is 3.84 * 108 m. Show that the round-trip time for the light is 2.56 s Thanks in advance
  42. physics

    water is moving at a velocity of 2m/s through a hose with an internal diameter:1.60cm. What is the flow rate in liters per second?
  43. Physics

    consider a pair of planets that find that the distance between then is decreased by a factor of 5. Show that the force between them becomes 25 times as strong.
  44. Physics

    What minimum speed does a 100 g puck need to make it to the top of a 5.9 m-long, 29 degree frictionless ramp?
  45. Physics

    Please help! 400 calories of heat are added to 40grams of water at 20celcius . What's the final temp reached ?
  46. physics

    as an object is dropped from a high cliff, which of the following statistics can be made in regard to the objects potential energy?
  47. Physics

    A stone is thrown vertically upward, after't'second it covers a distance of's' metre, where 's'=80t-16t2. It's velocity after 2 second?
  48. Physics

    A wave with frequency 12.2Hz and amplitude 47.7 mm moves in the positive x direction with a speed of 8.9 m/s. What is the waves wavelength?
  49. physics

    A car's maximum acceleration on a dry road is 10 m/s2. What speed should it have to be able to make a turn with a radius of 47 meters?
  50. physics

    please help The power rating of an electric motor which draws a current of 5 amperes from a 240-volt line is? a. 12.0 kW b. 1.2 kW c. 48.0 kW d. 4.8 kW
  51. Physics

    A satellite orbits at an average altitude of h = 409 km. What is its orbital speed? Use REarth = 6370 km and mEarth = 5.98 x 10^24 kg
  52. physics

    if a ball is thrown vertically upward and is caught 5 seconds,how fast must have been going when it left the person s hand?help
  53. Physics

    What is the power of engine that pulls a 1000 kg automobile at a steady speed of 10 m/sec along a level road?
  54. physics

    hummingbird beats wings with frequency of 80.0 Hz. What is period of bird's flaps? I know T = 1/f , but what is the label/units for the answer?
  55. Physics

    is the mechanical energy of a teflon coated block sliding down a rough incline remaining constant?
  56. physics

    A 1300 sports car accelerates from rest to 95KM/H in 7.0S .What is the average power delivered by the engine?
  57. physics

    a bullet penetrates 7 cm into a block of wood when fired at a speed of 33 m/s. Find the deceleration and the time taken to stop
  58. physics

    "How far would a tennis ball (100g) go if thrown from your catapult at a height of 1m with a force of 50 N and at an angle of 50 degrees from the horizontal?"
  59. general physics

    If wind blows at 30 m/s over a house, what is the net force on the roof if its area is 300 m^2 and is flat?
  60. physics

    An object falls a distance h from rest. If it travels 0.45h in the last 1.00 s, find the time and the height of its fall.
  61. Physics

    a bus moving at a speed of 20m/s begins to slow at a constant rate. Find how far it goes before stopping?
  62. Physics

    In grandpa’s time automobiles were previously manufactured to be as rigid as possible, whereas autos are now designed to crumple upon impact. Why?
  63. Physics

    The flux through a window whose surface is parallel to magnetic field lines is zero. Answer True False
  64. Physics

    Six charge equal to Q are placed at the corners of regular hexagon of each side x,what is the electric potential at the intersection of the diagonals?
  65. physics

    A train with a velocity of 45.1 m/s must come to an emergency stop in 10.6 s. How far did it travel during this time? i tried to use the x=1/2at^2+vit+xi equation but that did not work..
  66. physics

    Over a period of 9.0 seconds a plane changes its velocity from 29.5 m/s to 45.7 m/s. What is its uniform acceleration? ---------------- I'm reviewing for my final and i can not think of what the formula to solve this is.
  67. physics

    A broom handle has a length of 1.67m and a mass of 580g with the axis rotation through the center. (what is this problem asking me to do?)
  68. physics

    How long does it take a plane, traveling at a constant speed of 160 m/s, to fly once around a circle whose radius is 3450 m?
  69. physics

    I need to make a holder for a raw egg out of straws so when it is dropped from 8 feet. it will not break I need design ideas.
  70. physics

    Explain the interference due to thin flims and ahows that the reflected and transmitted systems are complementary to each other.
  71. physics

    what minimum initial velocity must aprojectile have to reach atarget at a distance of 25m away?(use g=10m/s square)
  72. Physics

    The length of wire is 25.5cm and it's radius is 1.02mm. Calculate the percentage error in mesurement of its volume
  73. physics

    an object undergoes an acceleration of 10m/s2 starting from rest. find the distance travelled by it in seconds
  74. Physics

    what type of heat transfer does solar hot water heating use? (conduction, convection, radiation)
  75. Physics

    An arrow is shot horizontally with a speed of 20 m/s from the top of a tower 60 m high .The time to reach the ground will be???????
  76. Physics

    A car accelerates at a constant rate from 13m/s to 25m/s in 6.0seconds. What was its acceleration? How far did it travel in this time?
  77. physics

    If there were no air drag, how fast would drops fall from a cloud 2.4 kilometer above the Earth's surface? answer in m/s.
  78. physics

    If two cars are moving head on toward each other at 88 km/h(55mi/h, and their drivers apply their brakes when they are 85 m apart, will they collide? This is a yes or no answer and explain why
  79. physics

    What is the free-fall acceleration in a location where the period of a 2.03 m long pendulum is 2.86 s s? Answer in units of m/s squared
  80. Physics

    In terms of Ohms Law (V=IR), when plotting a graph of V against I, is it safe to say that the line passes through the origin, even though 0/0 does not exist?
  81. Physics

    Calculate the height through which a crane can lift a load of 4t , when its motor of 4HP operates for 10s. [Take g=10N/kg ]
  82. Physics

    What magnitude of force, acting for 0.025 s, will change the velocity of a 100 g ball from 30 m/s eastward to 40 m/s westward?
  83. physics

    Determine the stopping distances for a car with an initial speed of 93 km/h and human reaction time of 3.0 s for the following accelerations: -4.00 m/s^2 -8.00 m/s^2
  84. physics

    A motorbike accelerates uniformly at 0.6m.s for 10s. If it covers a distance of 500m. During this time, what was its initial velocity?
  85. physics

    A 4.00kg kg bucket of water is accelerated upward by a cord of negligible mass whose breaking strength is 73.0N N .
  86. Physics

    Repairing a spaceship CJ drops a hammer and it took .68 s to fall .90 m to the ground. What is the magnitude of the gravitational accerleration on mars
  87. physics

    Calculate the energy released in the fusion reaction 2 3 4 1 1 H + 1 H->2 H +0 n. The atomic mass of 3 1 H (tritium is 3.016049 u. I am lost! help please!

    Which simple machine has more mechanical advantage a pulley or a inclined plane? PlEASEE HELP SUPER CONFUSED
  89. physics

    A speedboat increases in speed from 19 m/s to 31.4 m/s in a distance 193 m. Find the magnitude of its acceleration. Answer in units of m/s
  90. physics

    A bullet is shot straight down at a speed of 3.9 m/s. After 2.3 seconds, how fast is it moving? Use 10 m/s2 for gravity. Give answer in m/s.
  91. physics

    a 200N sign is held by two wires that have 150 degree angle between them. find the tension in each wire.
  92. physics

    At highway speed, a particular car is capable of an acceleration of about 1.7m/s^2.At this rate how long does it take to accelerate from 90 km/h to 110 km/h? (in seconds)
  93. Physics

    If the visible part of an ice berg is 50mx50m in area and 20m is above the surface, what is the height, h? I tried using FB=FG but I don't get anywhere. Can anyone help me out?
  94. physics

    Sam tosses a ball horizontally off a footbridge at 4.8 m/s. How much time passes after he releases it until its speed doubles?
  95. physics

    How can the LIGO gravity wave detector achieve a measurement accurate to 1/1000 of a proton's diameter
  96. physics

    Calculate the net charge on a substance consisting of a combination of 8.9 × 10 13 protons and 4.4 × 10 13 electrons. Answer in units of C
  97. Physics

    How much pressure is exerted on a submarine at a depth of 8.50 km in the Pacific Ocean? (density of sea water = 1.025 x 10^3 kg/m3, P0 = 1.01 x 10^5 Pa)
  98. physics

    A bicycl rider starts from rest and moves with uniform acceration of 1.5m\s^2 it is velocity reachs 7.5m\s of a distance .......
  99. Physics

    An infinite thread of charge density lamda lies along Z axis. The potential difference between the points A(4,3,4) and B (3,4,0)is?
  100. physics

    Charge polarization is normally produced by: nuclear interactions. contact. induction. friction. electrostatic means.