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  1. Physics

    Q1:Find the phase and group velocities of the de Broglie waves of an electron whose kinetic energy is 500kev?
  2. physics

    How much current is drawn by a television with a resistance of 21 that is connected across a potential difference of 120 V? 5.45A wasn't right
  3. 12th grade Physics

    how much tension must a rope withstand if it is used to accelerate a 1200-kg car vertically upward at .80 m/s^2?
  4. Basic Physics

    I don't understand how to work this problem out: Find x-component of vector a ⃗ = (7.0m/s 2 , - y-direction) Please help
  5. physics

    Determine the magnitude of the force of gravity acting on a 340 kg satellite, 850 km above Earth's surface
  6. physics

    A 50 kg diver leaps off the 20 meter diving board with a velocity of 5 m/s. What is his kinetic energy just before hitting the water?
  7. physics

    A bus accelerates at 1.4 m/s2 from rest for 14 s. It then travels at constant speed for 23 s, after which it slows to a stop with an acceleration of magnitude 1.3 m/s2.
  8. physics

    A longjumper running at 12 m/s and jumps at 20 degrees. No wind or resistance but gravity is normal -9.81 m/s2. How far will person jump?
  9. Physics

    A weightlifter raises a 90k-g barbell from the floor to a height of 2/2 m in 0.6 s. What was his average power output during the life?
  10. Physics

    A tennis ball is thrown with a velocity of 30m/s at an angle of 60^ of the horizontal calculate the time,m/s,and the range
  11. physics

    estimate the rotational kinetic energy of earth, assuming it to be a solid sphere of uniform density
  12. physics

    How far to the nearest meter can a sprinter running at 9 m/s, travel in the time it takes a rock to fall 65 meters?
  13. Physics

    A bouncing ball returns to the same height each time. Is this an example of simple harmonic motion? Explain your answer.
  14. Physics

    Some hydrogen occupies 120 ft at 60.0°F. Find the temperature when its volume is 132ft^3 if the pressure remains constant.
  15. physics

    a body is thrown vetically up from the ground passes the height 10.2 m twice at an interval of 10s .what was initial velocity?
  16. Physics

    What is the frequency shift of a 79 GHz police radar signal when it reflects off a car moving at 110km/h ?

    A CAR TRAVELLING AT 30M/S Overcome A FrictionAlly Resistance Of 100N While Moving.What Is The Power Of The Engine(Take 1 Hp=3/4 Kw)
  18. physics

    For an object travelling at a constant velocity,what quantity of motion remains the same over equal time interval?
  19. physics

    If an object is hung from a cable with a weight of 40 N, what is the tension in the two cables? I got T1=21.23N and T2=18.77 but I don't know if I am doing these problems correctly...
  20. Physics

    What minimum speed does a 100 g puck need to make it to the top of a 5.9 m-long, 29 degree frictionless ramp?
  21. physics

    is increasing the current a valid method to increase the induced voltage when a magnet moves into a solenoid?
  22. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the average force required to stop an 1500 kg car in 8.0 s if the care is traveling at 95 km/h? Sum of F = ma?
  23. physics

    a particles is moving in the circle of the daimeter 5 cm. calculate the distance coverd and the displacement when it covers 3 revolution
  24. Physics

    Determine the tension in a 40 cm long pendulum when a bob of mass 200g moving at 0.7 m.s is 15 degrees from the vertical?
  25. Physics. PLEASE HELP!!

    When a 0.35 kg baseball is hit, its velocitychanges from 21 m/s to -29.5 m/s. What is the magnitude of the impulse de-livered by the bat to the ball? Answer in units of N · s
  26. Physics

    a 60 gram tennis ball completed 5 revolutions in 1.68 seconds. given that the radius was 35 centimeters, what haning mass was used
  27. physics

    If a person does 80 J of work in moving a 30 \rm{kg} box over a 13 m distance on a horizontal surface, what is the minimum force required?
  28. physics

    a pendulum of length L=9.8m hangs in equilibrium and is given velocoity v=0.2m/s at its lowest point.What is the magnitude of the subsequent oscillation?
  29. physics

    An airplane accelerates down a runway at 3.33 m/s2 for 35.3 s until is finally lifts off the ground. Determine the distance traveled before takeoff.
  30. physics

    A cylindrical glass is 15cm long its diameter is 7cm. what volume of milk can be poured in it without spilling
  31. physics calc based

    In the product F = qB (vectors), take q = 2 (neglecting the units of charge, q) and v = 2.0 i + 4.0 j + 6.0 k and F = 4.0 i + (-20 j) + 12 k . What then is B in unit-vector notation if Bx=By ?
  32. physics

    okay a race car's velocity increases from 4 m/s to 36 m/s over a 4 s time innterval, its average acceleration would be 10 m/s 2 ? would this question be true ?

    A cell phone emits signs in approximately 750 Mhz. Which is the wavelength and energy of this radiation
  34. physics

    A light bulb with resistance of _____________ Omega draws 900 mA from a 110 V household circuit.
  35. physics

    How large a force (in newtons) is needed to accelerate a 3 metric-ton vehicle from rest to a speed of 50 km/hr in 4 s?
  36. physics

    Find the angular speed of the Earth as it spins about its axis. Give your result in rad/ses
  37. physics

    two charged objects carry a negative charge of 2*10c. calculate their distance apart if the force between them is 10n
  38. physics

    A _____________ volt battery will increase the potential energy of 0.005 coulombs of charge by 29.5 joules.
  39. physics

    an object is 25 cm from a concave mirror whose focal length is 50 cm where will the image be located how wil lthe solution be ?
  40. Physics

    A ball thrown into the air lands on the same horizontal level, 31 m away, and 2.65 s later. Find the magnitude of the initial velocity.
  41. Physics

    How fast must a truck travel to stay beneath an airplane that is moving 139km/hr at an angle of 25° to the ground?
  42. Physics/ Chem

    Find the entropy change when 51g of steam condenses to water at 100 ∘C.
  43. physics

    Determine the magnitude of the force of gravity acting on a 340 kg satellite , 850 km above Earth's surface.
  44. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 30m/s. Determine the maximum height reached
  45. physics

    a ball rolling down a hill uniformly accelerated at 4 m/s2. assumong that it start from rest, what is its speed at the end of each of the first 3 s?
  46. Physics

    the current in an rc circuit if the resistance is 20 ohms the capacitance is 0.002 farad the emr is 12e^-10t
  47. physics

    for an RLC circuit with a resistance of 11 k*ohm, a capacitance of 2 uF, and an inductance of 24 H, what frequency is needed to minimize the impedance?
  48. physics

    if a train travell at speed of 90km/hour. and when the break applied at 5m/sec2. how much it will travel before stoping
  49. physics

    the current to an LC circuit is being supplied according to the function I(t)=2*sin(7t). what is the smallest value of t for which the inductor and capacitor each contain half of the energy?
  50. Physics.

    An electron in a hydrogen atom is revolving around the proton in a orbit of radius r and velocity v .find the current.
  51. physics

    when you do work to push an object horizonatally on a frictionless surface what energey change is taking place?
  52. physics

    Beats in sound are the result of which of the follwing wave? A) resonance.B) refraction.C) reflections.D) amplitude changes.E) interference
  53. physics

    At highway speed, a particular car is capable of an acceleration of about 1.7m/s^2.At this rate how long does it take to accelerate from 90 km/h to 110 km/h? (in seconds)
  54. Physics

    As the passenger cars are launched from rest at the start, they are accelerated uniformly to a speed of 57 m's (128 mph) in just 3.5 s.
  55. physics

    m1=4kg and m2=2kg and angle is 42 degrees.if the mass m2 is moving down with 0.5 m/s^2 acceleration, find the coefficient of the friction
  56. physics

    What is the strength of the magnetic field a distance of 1 meter from a wire carrying a current of 1 A? equation: B=MoI ------ 2(pi)r Mo=4(pi)x 10^-7 I=1 A How do I know what r is?
  57. Physics

    A satellite that is 4175 miles from the center of the earth, orbits with a period of 90 minutes. What is its centripetal acceleration?
  58. Physics

    What equation illustrates the relationship between the electric field strength and the potential difference? E = d / v E = v / d d = E(v) E = v(d) I'm honestly clueless on this one
  59. physics

    Mitch carries a large cat from one end of his bedroom to the other.does he do any work?if not why? if so,what energy change is occurring?
  60. Physics

    A rock is thrown upward at 65.2 ◦ with respect to the horizontal. As it rises, its vertical component of velocity
  61. physics

    A violin string vibrates at 440 Hz when unfingered. At what frequency will it vibrate if it is fingered one fourth of the way down from the end?
  62. Physics

    How do I find Vector Resolution F = 0.300 g N, theta = 60 degrees. Do I take tan inverse (.3 sin 60/.3 cos 60)?
  63. physics

    The quality of a musical tone has to do with a variety of which of the following? A) amplitudes.B) sound speeds.C) intensities.D) decibels.E) harmonics.
  64. physics

    what force is being applied to a meteor with a mass of 500 kg as it travels at a constant velocity of 5000 meters per second?
  65. physics

    What is the radial acceleration of an object at a point 25 meters from the axis of rotation that has a radius and a period of .22 seconds?
  66. Physics

    I don't understand what formula to use for this question: Points A and B each have an electric potential of +9 V. How much work is required to take 1 mC of charge from A to B? Thank you
  67. physics

    An automobile starts from rest and 110 ft attains a speed of 30 mi/h. In what time has it traveled this distance and the is the acceleration?
  68. college physics

    Let's say that you find a slope of 6.671×10-14 for square plates of width 11.5 cm. What do you get for the value of the permittivity of free space?
  69. Physics

    A satellite orbits at an average altitude of h = 409 km. What is its orbital speed? Use REarth = 6370 km and mEarth = 5.98 x 10^24 kg
  70. physics

    what is the acceleration of a point on the time of a flywheel 0.90 m in diameter, turning at the rate of 1200 rev/min?
  71. Physics

    is the mechanical energy of a teflon coated block sliding down a rough incline remaining constant?
  72. Physics

    Describe the path of a moving body whose acceleration is constant in magnitude at all times and is perpendicular to the velocity.
  73. Physics

    A grenade is thrown up into the air with an initial velocity of 27 m/s. How long does it take to return to the thrower's hand? I got 5.4 s, but I am very unsure.
  74. Physics

    An FM radio station of frequency 107.7MHz puts out a signal of 50,000W. How many photons/s are emitted?
  75. physics

    3 points particles with masses 4kg,2kg,3kg are at the corners of equilateral triangle of side m =2m.
  76. Physics

    Eight books, each 4.1 cm thick with mass 1.8 kg, lie flat on a table. How much work is required to stack them one on top of another?
  77. Physics

    a 10-kg bos slides down a frictionless ramp with acceleration 3.6 m/s calculate the weight....the angle and normal force
  78. Physics

    A golf ball is chipped at an angle of 37 degrees and with a speed of 13.5 m/s. How far does it travel to the nearest tenth of a meter?
  79. physics (Simple harmonic motion)

    X(t)=0.142sin(2t+0.19) b) Find the travelled distance by block at t2=3.5min [37.963m].
  80. Physics Help!

    Find the total kinetic energy content of 1.55 moles of an ideal gas at temperature 435 K
  81. Physics

    a 10-kg bos slides down a frictionless ramp with acceleration 3.6 m/s calculate the weight....the angle and normal force
  82. physics

    State the surface powers required to produce the following lenses with +6.25D front curves. a. -0.50 DS b. +0.50 DS c. +1.75 DS Is a -6.75DS?....
  83. physics

    a race car's velocity increases from 4 m/s time interval, its average acceleration would be 10 m/s2 ? true or false ?
  84. physics

    I need to make a holder for a raw egg out of straws so when it is dropped from 8 feet. it will not break I need design ideas.
  85. Physics

    Vector A has magnitude 37 units and direction, counterclockwise from east, of 12.9 degrees. What is the value of its x component to 1 decimal place?
  86. physics

    a 1000 kg sports car accelerates from 0-30 m/s in 5.0 s. What is tge average power delivered by the automobile engine?
  87. physics

    A grenade thrown straight up in the air has an initial speed of 27 m/s. How long will it take before it returns to the thrower's hand?
  88. Physics

    Given a free falling object that is initially at rest, what are the objects displacement, velocity, and acceleration after 9 seconds?
  89. Physics

    lightning strikes a tower 4 km away. how long after the strike will you hear the thunder? the speed of sound is 344 m/s
  90. physics

    dave is traveling in his car at 16m/s. he maintains this speed for 60 seconds. what is his acceleration in meters per second squared?
  91. Physics

    A brick has mass 10kg and dimensions (10*5*20)cm Find the maximum and minimum pressure it can exert on ground
  92. Physics

    A pan filled with hot food cools from 94°C to 86°C in 2minutes when the room temperaturs is at 20°C .How long will it take to cool from 71°C to 69°C ?
  93. Physics

    Six charge equal to Q are placed at the corners of regular hexagon of each side x,what is the electric potential at the intersection of the diagonals?
  94. physics

    please give a me a nice topic for my investigatory project. hope the materials also are easy to gather. thanks alot
  95. physics PLEASE I NEED HELP

    Wally now lift the box of the floor and put it on a shelf. Does he doing any work? If not why? If so .what energy change is accurring?
  96. physics

    What is the required resistance of an immersion heater that will increase the temperature of 2.00 kg of water from 10.0°C to 50.0°C in 9.0 min while operating at 120 V?
  97. Physics

    The earth has a radius of 6380 km and turns around once every 24 hours. What is the average speed of a person resting at the equator?
  98. Physics II

    A block begins to slide down a ramp after being elevated to an angle of 55 degrees. What is the coefficient of static friction?
  99. college physics

    A delivery truck travels 10 km north, 18 km east, and 29 km south. What is its final displacement (in km) from the origin?
  100. physics

    A cube of ice, 28 cm on each side, is melted into a measuring cup. What is the volume of the liquid water? ------cm3