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  1. physics

    How fast must you lift a 3.60 kg container of milk if the power output of your arm is to be 21.3 W? how would i approach this question? would i still use P=W/T?
  2. physics

    In a red glass filter, of the colors that make up white light, which if any are reflected or absorbed?
  3. Physics (Waves)

    Determine the intensity of light passing through a polarizer-analyzer combination with an angle of 45° between them.
  4. Physics

    A cube of ice, 28 cm on each side,is melted into a measuring cup. What is the volume of the liquid water -------cm^3
  5. Physics

    Jennifer swims 4 complete lengths of a 50m pool. What distance did she swim? What is her displacement?
  6. Physics

    An airplane from rest accelerates on a runway at 5.50 m/s² for 20:25 seconds until it finally takes off the ground. What is the acceleration before the take off?
  7. physics

    How much heat is required to convert 3kg of ice at -5 degees C into steam at 125 degrees C?
  8. Physics

    A boy sliding down a frictionless plane inclined at an angles 35° with the horizontal. What is the acceleration of the book?
  9. Physics

    If your hands are wet and no towel is handy, you can remove some of the excess of water by shaking them. Why does this get rid of it?
  10. Physics

    How much work is done by a girl weighing 450N while carrying a 2kg package up a 2m flight of stairs?
  11. physics

    Determine the cubical expansion of a liquid of volume 20liters at 30°c and 20.35 liters at 100°c
  12. Physics

    What is the potential energy, in joules, of a spring with a force constant of 6 N/m when it is stretched 20 cm from its unstretched length
  13. Physics

    The position of some object moving along the x-axis is observed to be x(t)=9cos(pi*t/3+pi/4) meters. Find the frequency.
  14. Physics

    How does the idea of magnetic fields arising from circulating currents relate to permanent magnets?
  15. physics

    Calculate the internal energy of 25.0 g of low-density oxygen gas (O2) at a temperature of 255 K.
  16. physics

    Calculate the electrical attraction that a proton in a nucleus exerts on an orbiting electron if the two particles are 1.13×10^-10 m apart.
  17. physics

    A car traveling at 60km/h. It then accelerates at 3.6m/s^2.How long does it take to reach a new speed. How far does it travel during acceleration.
  18. Physics

    How much force is needed to bring a 3200 lb car from rest to a velocity of 44 ft/s in 8 seconds? Please indicate the formula used.
  19. Physics

    What are the restrictions on the orbit of a communications satellite if it is to appear motionless in the sky as viewed from any location on earth?
  20. Mimi

    post your thinking, or what is confusing to you on your chem/physics questions. I am not much of an answer giver. I do critique well.
  21. Physics

    What is the number of the highest harmonic that could be heard by a person who is capable of hearing frequencies up to 1.00×104 Hz?
  22. physics

    How much centripetal force is needed to keep a 0.20 kg ball on a 1.50 m string moving in a circular path with a speed of 3.0 m/s?
  23. Physics

    With what maximum speed can an unsecured passenger stay in their seat on a Ferris wheel that has a diameter of 12 m.
  24. Physics

    Could someone tell me how to start to solve this? Please How much current flows in a 1000-ohm resistor when 1.5 volts are impressed across it?
  25. Physics

    A solid weigh 45N and 15N respectively in air and water. Calculate the relative density
  26. Physics

    In general, what conditions with observable effects make magnets interact with non-magnet materials?
  27. Physics

    What is the relationship between me pushing my daughter my on a swing and colored light shining on the cones in my eyes?
  28. Physics

    calculate pressure in each foot?elephant 3200kg covers in each its feet an area equal 0.08(ms)
  29. Physics

    Can anyone help? the resistance of the side lights on an automobile are 10 ohms. How much current flows in them when connected to 12 volts
  30. Physics

    How many Joules of thermal energy must be added to 5 kg of water at 20 C to bring it to the boiling point (at 100 C)?
  31. physics

    At what rate is a 60.0-kg boy using energy when he sprints up a flight of stairs 10.0 m high in 8.00 s? A. 75.0 W B. 48.0 W C. 735 W D. 480 W E. 4.80 kW
  32. physics

    A mass of 1kg is placed at 1m,2m,0.Another mere of 2kg is placed at 3m,4m,0.Find moment of inertia of both the ladder about z-axis
  33. Physics

    Find the electric potential at the centre of the square of side 1m at the four corners of charges of q1, q2,q3,and q4 are placed having values 3×10^-8C,-3×10^-8C,-5×10^-8C and 6×10^-8C respectively.
  34. Physics

    What coefficient of friction is required to stop a hockey puck sliding at 12.8 m/s initially over a distance of 66.5 m?
  35. physics

    what net force is needed to accelerate a 2.0kg mass from rest to a velocity of 10m/s in 5.0s
  36. physics

    Calculate the velocity time graph of a body at rest is given an initial uniform acceleration.
  37. physics

    Calculate the velocity time graph of a body at rest is given an initial uniform acceleration .

    what is the angle velocity of an object in a horizontal circular part with radius 1.5 with a constant speed of 12/s
  39. physics

    What is the density of nitrogen gas (molecular mass = 28 u) at a pressure of 1.2 atmospheres and a temperature of 284 K?
  40. Physics

    is that right ideal gas only obey the boyles law under high temp and low pressure?
  41. Physics

    A 100-n boulder is sitting on a shelf 0.5 meters above the floor. What is the potential energy when its in its new location?
  42. physics

    A force of 291.0 N is used to push a 140 kg mass 30.0 m horizontally in 3.00 s. Calculate the power developed in kW.
  43. physics

    define black body, emissivity, solar constant in relation to heat transfer.
  44. Physics

    How could you use the spotlights at a play to make the yellow clothes of the performers suddenly change to black?
  45. Physics

    a boat sails 150km N60°E, then 100km West. What is it's displacement from its starting point?
  46. Physics

    a truck is traveling in a straight line goes 60km in 83minutes. what is its average speed in km per hour?
  47. Physics

    A football is kicked at 15 m/s with an angle of 35 degrees with the ground. How long is it in the air? How far will it land? Can someone help plz... Thanks!
  48. Physics

    A Brass rod 50.0 cm long expands 0.0734 cm when heated. Find the temperature change.
  49. Physics please help!

    Using the Bohr model, estimate the wavelength ë of the Ká characteristic X-ray for a metal an atom of which contains Z = 50 protons.
  50. physics

    What frequency would you need to produce a sound wave in room-temperature air with a wavelength of 9 m? the answer in Hz
  51. Physics

    The speed of light in vacuum depends on, 1)wavelength 2)frequency 3)intensity 4)temperature 5)none of the above I know that 1 and 2 are correct. What about the others?
  52. Physics

    what is the purpose of the double bell jars that surround the international prototype of the kilogram in Paris?
  53. physics

    A boy hops on his bike and rides 135 meters in 20 seconds. What is his average speed?
  54. Physics

    I think it is D) but I'm not quite sure. Thanks in advance! Right after the ball is thrown at angle of 45 deg, the acceleration is a)g b)sin(45) * g c)cos(45) * g d)tan(45) * g
  55. Physics

    A bal is batted straight up and returns to the level of the batter after 6.5s. Determine how high the ball went. A=-9.8m/s^2
  56. physics

    A boy hops on his bike and rides 135 meters in 20 seconds. What is his average speed?
  57. Physics

    How does the idea of magnetic fields arising from circulating currents relate to permanent magnets?
  58. physics

    explain why microwaves are better carriers of signals for long range transmission of radio waves?
  59. physics

    Find the the force the person must exert on the 14.5 kg lawn mower to accelerate it from rest to 1.5m/s in 2.5 seconds?
  60. Physics

    A yo-yo has a string length of 0.200 m What is the slowest speed at which you can spin it to keep it in a fixed path? What is this, and how do you find it? Thanks
  61. physics

    a car traveling at 7.0 m/s accelerates uniformly at 2.5 m/s TO REACH A SPEED OF 12.0 M/S HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THIS ACCELERATION TO OCCUR?
  62. physics

    a2kg hockey puck is sliding across the frictionless ice at 6m/ much force is required to keep it moving at 6m/s
  63. physics

    An object is projected at an angle of elevation of 45 degree with a velocity of 100 m/s calculate its range
  64. physics

    what has more inertia?a toy car going 1000 mph or a cruise ship sitting at the dock
  65. physics

    For which of these will the buoyant force be the same as its weight when placed in water? A) A match stick.B) All of these.C) A small rock.D) None of these.E) A nail.
  66. Physics

    Two charges each of 40 microcoulomb are placed at a distance of 0.4 M. calculate the potential at the midpoint. Dielectric constant of the medium is 2.
  67. physics

    A bus is moving at a speed of 20m/s beyond to slow at a constant rate of 3m/s each second find how far it goes before stopping
  68. Physics

    a canon fires shell at 300m/s. at what angle must it aim to hit a target 5.0km away?
  69. Physics

    find the altitude change of a 10,000 kg fighter which climbs and in doing so loses 100 m/s of airspeed
  70. physics

    a body starting from rest attains a speed of 8 m/s in 2 seconds. find the acceleration of the car.
  71. Physics

    find the altitude change of a 10,000 kg fighter which climbs and in doing so loses 100 m/s of airspeed
  72. physics

    a guy throws a ball up and catches it 3.5 seconds later. what is the max height and initial velocity. Please help!
  73. Physics II

    find the pressure at the bottom of a vessel 76cm deep when filled with a) water b)mercury (sp.g. 13.6)
  74. physics

    How much work does a refrigerator with a COP of 3.8 require to freeze 660 g of water already at its freezing point?
  75. Physics- 8th Grade

    What force is needed to accelerate a 10 kilogram shopping cart 3 m/s^2 (squared)?
  76. physics

    An object is projected at an angle of elevation of 45 degree with a velocity of 100m/s. Calculate it's range
  77. physics

    A neutron star has 10 km radius and rotation period 1.2 s What's the centripetal acceleration on its surface at the equator?
  78. physics

    An airplane reaches a velocity of 71m/s^2 when it takes off. What must its acceleration be if the runway is 1.0km long
  79. physics

    A red racecar accelrates at a constant rate of 5 m/s2. How much time does it take to increase its speed from 50 m/s to 60 m/s? a. 17 s b. 0.058 s c. 0.25 s 2.0 s
  80. physics

    Which of the following physical properties can be used to measure temperature using a thermometer? A)volume B)pressure C)density D)viscosity I got A
  81. Physics

    Why is the voltage of the electricity produced by power stations is increased before its transmitted through the national grid? Please help Thanks
  82. Physics

    Let F1=10i-15j-20k,F2=6i+8j-12k. Find their dot product and the angle between those two vectors
  83. Physics

    is it right that ideal gas only obey the boyles law under high temp and low pressure?
  84. physics

    And and climb up 5 stairs , each of width 20 cm and height 20 cm . Find the distance covered and displacement of ant ?
  85. Physics

    Efficiency of a single fixed pulley is 85%.what effort is needed to lift a load of 85kgf using it?
  86. Physics

    This is about em spectrum? What are the effects of differences in the velocities of electromagnetic waves in different substances... long question
  87. Physics

    Calculate the length of a displaced pendulum Bob which pass through its lowest point twice every second. Take g=10m/s²
  88. physics

    D=m/V=m/ð•R^2•h Find the density of a 4.2- kg solid cylinder that is 13 cm tall with a radius of 5.0 cm. I am lost on the numbers to plug into this one please help
  89. Physics

    Find the orbital velocity of a satellite orbiting 1800km above sea level in meters per second?
  90. Physics

    Find the maximum height reached by a ball thrown upward at a velocity of 95ft/s
  91. physics

    if a race car's velocity increases from 4 m/s to 36 m/s over a 4 s time interval, its average acceleration would be 10 m/s 2 ? IS THIS TRUE ?
  92. physics

    Frequency and period are related, in that they are which of the following?A) inverses of each other.B) None of these.C) both on the same wavelength.D) directly proportional to each other.E) two expressions for much the same thing.
  93. physics

    For an object in equilibrium the sum of the torques acting on it vanishes only if each torque is calculated based on your:
  94. Physics 2

    What quantity of heat is needed to convert 1kg of ice at -10C to liquid at 20C?
  95. Physics

    Assuming the earth to be a uniform sphere of radius 6400 km and density 5.5g/c.c. find the value of g on the surface where G=6.67×10
  96. Physics

    Why is it that interference effects don't show up regularly in glass window panes with two surfaces?
  97. College Physics

    An electron and a proton are a distance r = 8.5 × 10-9 m apart. How much energy is required to increase their separation by a factor of 6?
  98. mathematical method of physics

    expand 3sin(4x)+4cos(10x) in to functional series of e(exp)ix
  99. physics

    What is the strength of intermolecular forces in methylated spirit, acetone, water, glycerin and oil
  100. Physics

    How much potential energy is required to lift a 50 gram arrow to a height of 100 meters?