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  1. physics

    How much potential energy does a 60kg skater have before she starts her ride, 12m above the ground?
  2. physics

    How center mass affects an arrows distance traveled (include source)
  3. physics

    if a block of wood dropped from a building has attained a velocity of 78 m/s how long has it been falling?
  4. physics

    find the acceleration of a 3 kg mass as it moves with a constant speed of 4 m/s along a circle of radius 2 m.
  5. physics

    What is the temperature of an ideal gas whose molecules have an average translational kinetic energy of 3.90 10-20 J? K

    A swimmer is capable of swimming at 1.4m at still water.caculate how far downstream will it smim across 180m?
  7. Physics

    If the period of the moon were 31 days while its orbit radius 3.8x10^8m, what would the mass of the Earth be?
  8. physics

    Why electric dipole moment between two charges points from negative to positive charge.
  9. physics

    A car has a velocity of 25m and accelerates uniformly to 45m/s in 10seconds.what is the acceleration?
  10. Physics

    A person stands 2.0 m away from the reflecting surface of a plane mirror. What are the image characteristics?
  11. physics

    how do you calculate the frequency of a 2.500 m long pendulum in Quito, Ecuador, where g= 9.780 m/s^2

  13. physics

    Your friend of mass 80 kg can just barely float in freshwater.Calculate her approximate volume.
  14. physics

    A spaceship has a momentum of 20,000 kg·m/s to the left; its mass is 500 kg. What is the magnitude of its velocity?
  15. physics

    A football is kicked with an initial velocity v=9i+12j. Find the speed in (m/s) of the ball after 2.4s A) 9.2 B) 10.8 C) 12 D) 15
  16. physics

    What is the total mechanical energy of a 20 kg owl flying at 5.0 m/s through the air at a height of 25 m above the ground?
  17. Physics

    What happens to your tongue when you lick an aluminum ice cream scrapper just after it has been used? Does it stick to the scraper? Why?
  18. Physics

    What thrust does a 350 model rocket need in order to have a vertical acceleration of 14.0 on the Earth?
  19. Physics

    someone in a car going past you at the speed of 31m/s drops a small rock from a height of 1.5m.
  20. physics

    Wrap a cotton wool around a thermometre,will its temperature rise? Explain your answer please
  21. physics

    What is the wavelength of the peak of the blackbody radiation curve for the human body (T = 310 K)?
  22. physics

    What is the magnitude of the electrostatic force on a +5 C harge 1.75 m to the left of a -2.5 C Charge? (show your work)
  23. physics

    A ball strikes against the floor and returns with double velocity.In which type of collision is it possible?
  24. Physics- for Quidditch

    I posted the question about the rain before and I understnad how to find componnets...but how would I do that without a given angle?
  25. Physics

    Calculate the power of a hair dryer that operates on 120V and draws a current of 10 A.
  26. physics

    what causes an object to experience an artificial gravitational acceleration in a rotating space station
  27. physics

    if W(a) and W(g) are workdone on a person by air resistance and gravity respectively, during the first 600m of his fall what is the relationship between W(a) and W(g)

    What is the inductance L of a 0.40 m long air-filled coil 3.2 cm in diameter containing 10,000 loops?
  29. physics

    Calculate the effective value of g, the acceleration of gravity (in meters/second^2), at 8600 km above the earth's surface.

    If the current in a 100 mH coil changes steadily from 25.0 A to 10.0 A in 375 ms, what is the magnitude of the induced emf?
  31. physics

    So if I have two light bulbs with different wattage how could I show what happens to them in series and parallel. The voltage remains the same.
  32. physics

    A man walks 5.0m due east and then 10.0m N30oE . Find his resultant displacement
  33. physics

    If a protonand an electron are released when they 2.0X10^-10m apart, find the initial accelerationof each of them. I know a=ke^2/mr^2 k = 8.99 x 10^9 e = 1.6 x 10^-19 r = 2.0x 10^-10 so what is the m ????
  34. physics

    You can paddle at 4.5 km/h and the river is flowing at 3 km/h. How far downstream will you be in 44 min? Answer in units of km
  35. Physics

    I want to become an astonomer or study astrophysics but I didnt do maths a level can I still do it? Is there any way you can help me or provide aN alternative
  36. Physics

    Calculate the average speed of the car in km/h, it can accelerate from 96.56 km/hr in 4.3 seconds. Distance is not provided
  37. physics

    why we cannot use visible light for studying the crystal structure using Bragg’s diffraction method?
  38. physics

    What’s the direction of the electric field caused at the point (–2, 3) by an electron located at the origin?
  39. physics

    Yeah I know it is! But it's really confusing me and it's what my teacher wants. Say I was to pick a height of 25m and a Velocity of 20.0m/s, what would be my next step?
  40. physics

    A tuning fork produces a wave at 280 Hz and with a wavelength of 1.5 m. Calculate its velocity.

    How could you repair an electric fan that is not working properly? Apply scientific method.
  42. Physics

    What is the age in years of a bone in which the ratio 14C/ 12C is measured to be 2.3×10^−13?
  43. Physics

    90.0g of copper (c=390J/kg*oC) at 80.0°C are added to 270g of water at 20.0°C. What is the final temperature of the mixture?
  44. Physics

    How much energy in kilocalories is expended against gravity alone by a 75- kg man climbing 1500 m up a mountain?
  45. physics

    What is the frequency of the microwaves in a microwave oven? The wavelength is 12 cm. I have to give the answer in GHz
  46. Physics

    How much is needed to melt an ice cube, 3 centimeters on each side at 0 degree celcius?

    How is the evolution of animal like the long necked giraffe explained by Charles Darwin?
  48. physics

    If the resultant velocity is 29.7 m/s and is directed at an angle of 22 degrees, what are the horizontal and vertical components?
  49. physics

    What is the potential energy of a bear with the mass of 200 kg in 20 meter altitude of a mountain?
  50. Physics

    Air in a balloon does 50 J of work while absorbing 70 J of heat.What is its change in internal energy?
  51. physics

    a body is thrown downward with an initial speed of 20.0 m/s on earth. what is the acceleration of the object
  52. physics

    you drop a penny off the roof and it htis the water 4.2 seconds later, what is the height of the bridge?
  53. Physics

    A 68.5kg man is standing still on an elevator that isn't moving, what is the normal force on him?
  54. physics

    find the force if f between charges of +100mc -50mc located 50cm a part?
  55. physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerates for 6.7 s with an acceleration of 1.6 m/s2 . How far does it travel? Answer in units of m
  56. physics

    An airplane flies toward 124° at 525 km/h. What is the component of the plane's velocity (a) toward 90°? km/h (b) toward 180°? km/h
  57. physics

    if the resultant of 2 equal force inclint to each other at 60° is 8root3N. Find the component forces?
  58. Physics

    A steel guitar string is 73 cm long and 0.15 mm in diameter. If it's under tension of 1.5kN, how much is it stretched?
  59. Physics

    At what projection angle will the range of a projectile equal to 5 times its maximum height?
  60. physics

    a 10-kg bos slides down a frictionless ramp with acceleration 3.6 m/s calculate the weight anlge? f ?
  61. physics

    Calculate the speed of a ball tied to a string of length 1.5 m making 4.6 revolutions every second.
  62. physics

    i need to investigate nichrome wire and a globe and i need to state which is an ohmic conductor. what will my method be??
  63. physics

    How much heat must be absorbed by a 500 g pot of water in order to raise the temperature from 20„aC to 30„aC?
  64. physics 2

    1)what potential differences must be applied across across a 1500 resistor in order that the resulting current be 50.mA?
  65. physics

    Calculate the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 2.00 g of water 4.00◦C.
  66. AP Physics

    If you are driving 116 km/h along a straight road and you look to the side for 1.0 s, how far do you travel during this inattentive period?
  67. Physics

    How much does it cost to operate a 23-W porch light for 24 h if electric energy costs 8¢/kWh?
  68. physics

    A boy drops a mango from a tree it falls without rebound wat happens to its momentum
  69. Physics

    If an object has a work of 300J and a displacement of 20m, how would I determine the net force?
  70. Physics

    Someone here pls help me find the best animation of electrons and protons. Post here the link of the video, thank you.
  71. physics

    the speed of a bullet of mass is 40gram is 216km/h what is the kinetic energy in joule
  72. Physics 1

    What torque is needed to accelerate a 70Kg disk with a 20 cm radius from rest to 10 rad/s?
  73. Physics

    An object is shot upwards, from the ground, with an initial velocity of 120 m/s. How high will it be after 4.0s?
  74. physics engg.

    A deutron is moving with a speed of 2*10^8m/s. Find the wavelength of the matter wave associated with it?
  75. physics

    A jet travels at 434 m/s. How long does it take to travel 294 m? Answer in units of s
  76. physics

    a rock was thrown at the height of 50.0 m above the ground with an initial velocity of 20.0 m/s straight upward.
  77. physics

    Starting from the constant-acceleration kinematic equations, write a formula that gives xf in terms of t, xi, vf, and a. xf
  78. Physics

    How do you find the moment of inertia of an actual bicycle about an axis through the pedal crank?
  79. Physics

    What is the acceleration experienced by the tip of the 1.5 cm-long sweep second hand on your wrist watch?
  80. physics

    find the force if f between charges of 100mc -50mc located 50cm a part?
  81. physics

    what is the initial velocity (Vyo) of a projectile launched horizontally? why? i know that it is 0 m/s, but i don't know why/how to explain it.
  82. physics

    A 1.25-kg book in space has a weight of 8.35 N. What is the value of the gravitational field at that location? GIVEN: m = 1.25 kg W = 8.35 N Therefore, they want the acceleration. Would I use this equation g = Fg/m?
  83. physics

    a baseboard heater draws a current of 10.0A. How much charge passes through it in a time of 30 min?
  84. physics

    What’s the direction of the electric field caused at the point (–2, 3) by an electron located at the origin?
  85. physics

    An 80 kg man on a 10 kg stretcher is being pulled upward with constant speed. What is the tension on the rope ?
  86. Physics

    What is the force necessary to accelerate an object with a mass of 115 kg and and an acceleration of 6 m/s2 (squared) east?
  87. physics

    Good job "Drwls", your answer to my bowling ball question worked. Way to go!
  88. physics

    how long does a car with an acceleration of 2.0 m/s^2 take to go from 10m/s to 30m/s?and show the solution how do you get the answer.
  89. Physics

    If two forces act at a point making an acute angle between them, find the resultant.
  90. physics

    what is the potential energy of 4 point charges each of value Q at the corners of a square of side length a.
  91. Physics

    If I dropped a bowling ball from the empyre state building, at what velocity would it descend?

    What is the potential energy of a 150 kg diver standing on a diving board that is 10 m high?
  93. Physics 1100

    Find theta; and W in the figure below where w1 = 21.0 N, w2 = 34.0 N, and α = 64.0°, assuming that the arrangement is at rest.
  94. physics

    what force is required to make an object of mass 500g accelerate at 4m/s2 (sqaured) ?
  95. Physics

    Two charges +1C and -1C are placed at distance 1m apart ,each having masses 2kg respectively are released.what is the type of collision they experience?
  96. Physics

    A 68.5kg man is standing still on an elevator that isn't moving, what is the normal force on him?
  97. physics

    Your friend says his remote control car travels at a velocity of 1.5 m/s. What is wrong with that statement
  98. physics

    three point charges-1*10^-6,-2*10^-6,3*10^ kept at corners of an equilateral triangle of side 1m.what is potential at centre
  99. Physics

    A 0.50 kg hammer is taken on a space mission. What is its weight on a planet where the acceleration due to gravity is 3.8 m/s2? 0.50 kg 1.9 kg 0.50 N 1.9 N
  100. Physics

    How would a physics expert respond to the following suggestions made by three airline executives? Write a script of the expert's response for performance in front of the class. Airline Exectutive A: Since the earth rotates from west to east, we could