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  1. Physics

    A car travelled at an average speed of 200km/h. What distance does it cover in 10minutes.
  2. Physics

    how long does it take a car to change its velocity from 15m/s to 25m/s if it accelerates uniformly at 5m/s2.
  3. Physics

    If you wish to warm 100 kg of water by 20° C for your bath, show that 8370 kJ of heat is required.?
  4. physics

    Why is there always a difference between the experimentally calcuated error for resistance, and the actual components tolerance value?
  5. physics

    calculate angular momentum and rotational kinetic energy of earth about its own axis
  6. physics

    i want to know the force of 3.0 kg weight dropped from 1.0 meter height for breakage testing purpose
  7. physics 8th grade

    If a woman hasa mass of 50 kg calculate her weight in neutons
  8. Physics

    coin and a piece of glass are both heated to 60 degrees celsius which will be warmer when you touch it ?
  9. physics

    What are the principles behind seatbelts and air bags that make passengers safer in a collision?
  10. physics

    a ball is thrown vertically upward at a speed of 45 m/s. how long does it take to return to the ground?
  11. physics

    Can you find the pressure exerted on the floor by the heel if it has an are of 1.50 cm^2 and the woman's mass is 55kg?
  12. physics-lenses

    trace and describe the image formed by a convex lens (object between 2f and f)
  13. Physics

    A person stands 2.0 m away from the reflecting surface of a plane mirror. What are the image characteristics?
  14. Physics

    Two electrons exert a force of repulsion of 0.96 N on each other. How far apart are they? The elemental charge is 1.602 × 10 −19 C .
  15. Physics

    Why are the armature and field windings of an electric motor usually wound on an iron core?
  16. Physics

    how high does a stone rise if it is initially thrown at a rate of 15m/sec
  17. Physics

    If a light bulb draws 60 watts and I leave it on for 5 hours, how much energy has been consumed?
  18. Physics

    When calculating delta Tsample,why is th initial temperature taken to be 100 degrees Celsius
  19. Physics - projectile

    a ball is thrown straight up at 50 m/s. What speed will it be when it returns to the thrower's hand?
  20. Physics

    2.An airplane flies north at a constant speed of 220 km/h. How far will the plane travel in 3.50 h?
  21. physics

    what is the greatest acceleration can be generated by a runner if coefficient of friction between shoes and road is 0.95
  22. physics

    a beam of electron 13.0 ev is used to bombard gaseous hydrogen. what series of wavelengths will be emitted?
  23. physics

    What is the wavelength of the peak of the blackbody radiation curve for the human body (T = 310 K)?
  24. physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward at 14.7 m/s. Show that its maximum height will be 11m.
  25. physics

    a 0.03 mol sample of helium is taken through a cycle. the temperature of state A is 400K. calculate V.
  26. physics

    Whn sand is poured on a rotatory disc what happens to its angular velocity. Explain
  27. physics

    how do we calculate the height of a falling ball with a mass of 0.5kg and a velocity of 10m/s.
  28. physics

    calculate the speed of an 7.3*10^4kg airliner with a kinetic energy of 1.4*10^9J. answer in units of m/s.
  29. Physics

    Things around you are emitting infrared radiation that includes the wavelength 1.13 10-5 m. What is the energy of the photons?

    a 1500kg sports car accelerates from 0 to 30 m/s in 8 seconds. Whaat is the power of its engine? Please help
  31. physics

    How close must two electrons be if the electric force between them is equal to the weight of either at the earth's surface?
  32. Physics

    A rubber ball of mass 0.12kg is held at a height of 2.5m above the ground, and then released.
  33. physics

    Yeah I know it is! But it's really confusing me and it's what my teacher wants. Say I was to pick a height of 25m and a Velocity of 20.0m/s, what would be my next step?
  34. physics

    what is the height of the ball if the bottom of the swing is zero, speed is 2.8m/sec, 9.81 acceleration of gravity
  35. physics

    Uranium 235 has 92 protons in its atoms. Calculate the number of neutrons in this atom
  36. Physics

    A 200N sign hangs and makes a 15.5 angle with the horizontal. What is the Tension in each rope?
  37. physics

    How much work isneeded to stop a 20g bullet moving with a speed of 150m/s
  38. Physics

    What observation shows that diamond has a slightly different index of refraction for each of the various colours of the spectrum?
  39. physics

    An electron with initial speed = 2.54×10^7 m/s is traveling parallel to an electric field of magnitude = 1.66×10^4 N/C .
  40. physics

    What is the charge of a bare Magnesium nucleus (no electrons, just the protons and neutrons) in Coulombs?
  41. Physics 1

    What torque is needed to accelerate a 70Kg disk with a 20 cm radius from rest to 10 rad/s?
  42. Physics

    Is there any point along the path of a projectile where its velocity and acceleration vectors are: a) perpendicular to each other? b) parallel to each other?
  43. Physics

    For the problem (8.99 X 10^9 NM^2/c^2)(1 X 10^-6c) / (.1m)^2 = .90 N When I put this in my calculator I did not get .90N. Am I suppose to convert the units to get the answer. Thank you for your help.
  44. physics

    Things around you are emitting infrared radiation that includes the wavelength 1.44 10-5 m. What is the energy of the photons?
  45. physics

    Find the time constant (T) for the RC circuit with an open switch given t = 10 ms 50% of Qmax charge T = ? Q = CV (1-e -t/T)
  46. Physics

    a projectile is launched with an initial velocity of 60 m/s at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. how far does it travel?
  47. Physics

    Find the uniform acceleration that causes's a car's velocity to change from 39.7 m/s to 74.0 m/s in an 5 second period of time.
  48. Physics

    Find speed of sound in air if distance is 170 meters and time is 1.1 second
  49. physics

    How much work is required to lift a 280 kg refrigerator to the second-story level that is 6m high?
  50. Physics

    Determine the displacement of a plane that experiences uniform acceleration from 77 m/s to 110 m/s in 16 seconds.
  51. science/physics

    What acceleration will you give to a 25.8 kg box if you push it horizontally with a net force of 89.6 N?
  52. physics

    Explain the changes in frequency with respect to changes in mass, length tension on sonometer bridge.
  53. Physics

    A car going 50 m/s undergoes an acceleration of 2 m/s^2 for 6 seconds what is the final velocity ? How far did it travel while it was accelerating?
  54. physics

    If you push a box for a distance of one meter with a force of 4,187 newtons How many calories have you used?
  55. Physics

    What would the percent error of the experimental value of g be if the accepted value is 9.8 m/s^2? The slope equation is y=.5001430132x-.0109639087
  56. physics

    If a car accelerates from rest at a constant 5.5m/s^2, how long will be required to reach 28m/s?
  57. physics

    an iron bar measures 11 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm it is melted down to make a cylinder height of 9 cm what is its radius
  58. Physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a 1100 kg sports car traveling down the road with a speed of 22 m/s?
  59. Physics 11

    A girl stands 2.5 m infront of a plane mirror. If she sees someone else 2.0 m behind her, how far is she from the image of that person?
  60. Physics

    A nurse counts 76 heartbeats in one minute. What are the period and frequency of the heart's oscillations?
  61. physics

    The mass of an iron cube having an edge length 1.8 cm is 70 g. Find itd density.
  62. physics

    5. An object that has kinetic energy must have ____________________. A) momentum. B) acceleration. C) a force applied to it. D) All of these. E) None of these.
  63. physics

    Is there a way to calculate the moment of inertia of a hanging mass (3.1 kg) without length & width dimensions?
  64. physics

    Your friend says his remote control car travels at a velocity of 1.5 m/s. What is wrong with that statement
  65. physics

    What is the rotational speed of the minute hand on a clock? Convert from rad/s to rev/s
  66. applied physics

    if a DC motor uses a775 coulombs of charge in 15 seconds,how much current is produced
  67. Active physics

    How much hear must be added to 1.5kg of water at -25degC to raise it up to 119degC?
  68. Physics

    coin and a piece of glass are both heated to 60 degrees celsius which will be warmer when you touch it ?
  69. physics

    A force of 2 kg weight acts on a body of mass 4.9 kg .Find the acceleration produced.
  70. physics

    A 1.25-kg book in space has a weight of 8.35 N. What is the value of the gravitational field at that location? GIVEN: m = 1.25 kg W = 8.35 N Therefore, they want the acceleration. Would I use this equation g = Fg/m?
  71. physics

    A force of 2 kg weight acts on a body of mass 4.9 kg .Find the acceleration produced.
  72. Physics

    what is the average force needed to stop a car traveling 28m/s in 55m?
  73. Physics

    8. Fire engines used to be red. Yellow-green is now the preferred color. Why the change?
  74. Physics

    what is the average force needed to stop a car traveling 28m/s in 55m?
  75. physics

    What is the potential energy of a bear with the mass of 200 kg in 20 meter altitude of a mountain?
  76. Physics

    A 68.5kg man is standing still on an elevator that isn't moving, what is the normal force on him?

    a 1500kg sports car accelerates from 0 to 30 m/s in 8 seconds. Whaat is the power of its engine?
  78. Physics

    If an object has a work of 300J and a displacement of 20m, how would I determine the net force?
  79. Physics

    How many electrons must be removed from an electrically neutral silver dollar to give it a charge of +2.8 µC?
  80. physics-

    In a string and pulley problem, will friction increase or decrease the tension.can you please explain if you can?
  81. Physics

    what is the distance that a satellite must be from Earths surface if it's period of rotation is 1 day? I really not sure where to even start..

    At what height above Earth's surface is the gravitational acceleration reduced from its sea-level value by 0.40%?
  83. physics

    Find the mass of 0°C ice that 10g of 100 °C steam will completely melt
  84. physics

    c) A penny sits 12 cm from the center of a record turning at 33 1/3 rpm. What is the tangential speed in m/s?
  85. Physics

    What happens to your tongue when you lick an aluminum ice cream scrapper just after it has been used? Does it stick to the scraper? Why?
  86. Physics

    Make an analogy between heat capacity and density. Describe which quantities correspond to one another. Thanks!
  87. Physics

    As one exhales, what change in energy takes place between the diaphragm and the air in the lungs?
  88. physics

    a baseboard heater draws a current of 10.0A. How much charge passes through it in a time of 30 min?
  89. Integrated Physics and Chemistry

    The ____ motion of a star can be determined by studying its spectrum
  90. Physics

    A steel guitar string is 73 cm long and 0.15 mm in diameter. If it's under tension of 1.5kN, how much is it stretched?
  91. Physics 1100

    Find theta; and W in the figure below where w1 = 21.0 N, w2 = 34.0 N, and α = 64.0°, assuming that the arrangement is at rest.
  92. physics

    what has no beginning and no end. it is also considered as the medium for light in einstein's theory of relativity
  93. physics

    What are the factors that affect the quantity of heat needed to raise the temperature of a substance?
  94. physics

    Calculate the speed of a ball tied to a string of length 1.5 m making 4.6 revolutions every second.
  95. Physics

    How much work must be done to bring three electrons from a great distance apart to 1.0 * 10^(-10)m from one another (at the corners of an equilateral triangle)?
  96. Physics

    Find the mass of an object with the acceleration 15m/s^2 when an unbalanced force of 90.0N acts on it
  97. Physics

    Which color light is the result of a greater energy transition, red or blue?
  98. Physics

    An object accelerates uniformly from rest and covers 8m in 2 seconds. What is the distance covered in the third second?
  99. physics

    A 6.2kg piece of metal displaces 0.80 L of water when submerged.Find its density.
  100. Physics

    In ten to fifteen pages, write the applications and effects of solid expansion