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  1. Physics

    2. Contrast the metric units of distance, time, and speed. Describe the relationship between them.
  2. Physics

    A car initially moving at 15 m/s accelerates at 4.5 m/s2 over a distance of 10 m. Find the final velocity?
  3. physics

    calculate the period of a ball tied to a string of length 1.9 m making 1.5 revolutions every second
  4. physics

    Probability of getting two heads among 4 coins Complete the columns r Pr rPr (r - r̄)2Pr 0 1 2 3 4 sum
  5. physics

    Probability of getting two heads among 4 coins for r = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 find values of Pr, rPr, (r - r̄)2Pr and sum of r
  6. applied physics

    if a DC motor uses a775 coulombs of charge in 15 seconds,how much current is produced
  7. physics

    Write down the unit in which reaction rate is measured in this observation? Equation is Zn(s)+I~ZnI
  8. Physics

    A 1.15 kg block slides down a 19.0 m long 29.0° incline at constant velocity. How much work is done by friction?
  9. Physics

    Find the maximum height reached by a ball thrown upward at a velocity of 95 ft/s
  10. Physics

    At what projection angle will the range of a projectile equal to 5 times its maximum height?
  11. Physics

    Will a cyclist coast farther if the lamp connected to his generator is turned off? Explain.

    A race car's velocity increases from 3.6 m/s to 32.4 m/s over a 5-s time interval. What is its average acceleration?
  13. Physics

    Aircraft with acceration of magnitude of 42.5 m/s. If starting from rest how long will it take to travel a 2.6 km runway?
  14. physics

    Calculate the total energy of 2.0 kg object moving horizontally at 10 m/s 50meters above the surface.
  15. Physics

    How much is needed to melt an ice cube, 3 centimeters on each side at 0 degree celcius?
  16. physics

    the speed of the train increased from 15 mi/hr to 25 mi/hr in distance of 500 ft. calculate the average acceleration in ft/s^2
  17. Physics Help Please!

    A microwave oven operates at 2.80GHz . What is the wavelength of the radiation produced by this appliance?
  18. Physics

    At what other angle (other than 45 degrees) could a gun be fired to travel the same horizontal distance Is the answer: There is not one?
  19. Physics

    On a dt graph if there is a curve from 1 decreasing to 1.2 in an interval does is the velocity and acceleration + or 9? And is it slowing down or speeding up or neither?
  20. Physics

    How might the poor fellow stranded in the desert benefit from a pair of Polaroid sunglasses?
  21. physics

    Find the electric flux through each surface. (Use any variable or symbol stated above along with the following as necessary: ε0.)
  22. Physics

    Can measuring the time between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder really tell you how far away the lighting struck? If so, then how does it work?
  23. physics

    calculate the work done in lifting a 300N weight to a height of 10 m with an acceleration 0.5m/second square.
  24. physics

    Explain the changes in frequency with respect to changes in mass, length tension on sonometer bridge.
  25. physics

    if a ball is thrown down at an inital speed of 22 m/s, what will be its position after 2.8 seconds? acceleration is 9.8 m/s squared
  26. Physics

    How much work must be done to bring three electrons from a great distance apart to 1.0 * 10^(-10)m from one another (at the corners of an equilateral triangle)?
  27. physics

    using well labelled diagrams,briefly describe how you would determine the density of an irregular object
  28. physics

    calculate the period of a ball tied to a string of length 1.9 m making 1.5 revolutions every second
  29. physics

    Bob jumps into a pool, after he stops moving and becomes stationary i the water. What happens to his k energy?
  30. physics

    a 0.03 mol sample of helium is taken through a cycle. the temperature of state A is 400K. calculate V.
  31. physics

    How long is a rocket in the air if it is shot at an angle of 55¢ª with an initial velocity of 25 m/s and traveled for 88 m
  32. Science physics

    How would the voltage output be affected if the armature is made to spin faster?
  33. physics

    What is the resultant displacement when a ship sail 200km north and then 150km west
  34. physics

    would someone in a lift feel lighter or heavier as it accelerated upwards? explain your answer.
  35. physics

    If a spring is compressed 2.0 cm from its equilibrium position and the ncompressed an addition 4.0 cm, how much more work is done in the second compression than in the first?
  36. physics

    using ideas of torque and center of gravity explain why a ball rolls down a hill
  37. physics

    calculate the impulse to stop a 1500kg car moving 90kmper hours
  38. Physics

    How does the conservation of mechanical energy explain why a planet in an elliptical orbit changes speed?
  39. physics

    In the figure below, qA = 6.0 µC, qB = 2.6 µC, qC = 1.3 µC, dAB = 4.00 cm, and dAC = 3.00 cm. Determine the magnitude and direction of the net force on qA
  40. physics

    what must be the mass of the log to be lifted up by the hand, if the muscle cross sectional area is 17 cm^2?
  41. Physics

    consider the circuit in the figure. find the current in the 13 ohm resistor. Answer in units of A
  42. Physics

    If a 65 kg sprinter can accelerate from a standing start to a speed of 12 m/s in 3 s, what average power is generated?
  43. physics

    A standard 1 kilogram weight is a cylinder 48.5 mm in height and 52.0 mm in diameter. What is the density of the material?
  44. Physics

    If an 80-kg sprinter can accelerate from a standing start to a speed of 10 m/s in 3 s, what average power is generated?
  45. physics

    define the term torque or moment of force. Give its units and dimensions
  46. College Physics

    What is the work required to move a proton 1 cm along the 7 volt equipotential line?
  47. Physics

    Calculate the average speed (in km/h)of Larry, who runs to the store 3.6 kilometers away in 40 minutes.
  48. Physics

    A 1.21 kg block slides down a 25.0 m long 25.0° incline at constant velocity. How much work is done by friction?
  49. Physics

    The electron-volt is _____ than the SI unit for the same physical quantity. a. smaller b. greater
  50. Physics

    What happens when you plug more equipment into apower board in terms of it's resistance and current. Explain.
  51. physics

    In the ideal case of zero resistance, a ball rolling on a level surface will accelerate
  52. physics

    Find the gravitational force of attraction between two balls each weighing 10 kg,when placed at a distance of 1 meter apart
  53. physics 101

    A 72.9 kg man is standing on a frictionless ice surface when he throws a 1.6 kg book at 11 m/s.
  54. AP Physics

    A 1200 kg car is moving at 33 m/s then has the brakes applied at a deceleration of 6.1 m/s. How far will it move before stopping?
  55. Physics

    What is the peak current through a 400–W room heater that operates on 120–V AC power?
  56. Physics

    Two vectors of magnitudes 25 N and 22 N act at right angles to each other. What is the magnitude of their resultant? Answer in units of N
  57. physics

    find the angle of projection at the horizontal range is twice the maximum height of a projecyile
  58. Physics

    A 50 cm diameter wheel rotates through 25 radians. How do I figure out the amount of distance it will move?
  59. physics

    Describe an experiment to determine the boiling point of a small quantity of a liquid
  60. Physics

    A horse on a merry-go-round is 20 ft from the center and travels at 10 mph. What is its angular speed?
  61. Physics

    If you are 2.0 s from being directly under a window that is 11 m above the sidewalk your standing on, and someone throws a water ballon will you get hit?
  62. physics

    A car traveling at +6.3 m/s accelerates at the rate of 0.65 m/s^2 for an interval of 2.2 s. Find vf . Answer in units of m/s
  63. physics

    How much current flows through two resistors with resistances of 10 Ω and 20 Ω that are connected in series and to a 10 V power supply?
  64. physics

    The density of a solid ball with a mass of 231 g and a volume of 110 cm^3 is ____ g/cm^3.
  65. Physics

    A dog is running at 9.1 m/s for 7.8 km. How long did it take him to arrive at his destination? (Give answer in seconds)
  66. physics

    Devise a method for measuring the coefficient of friction between two surfaces using an inclined plane
  67. physics

    What will be the magnitude of work if a force of 25N pulls a stone through distance of 5m in its direction ?
  68. Physics

    When calculating delta Tsample,why is th initial temperature taken to be 100 degrees Celsius
  69. Physics

    Why are the armature and field windings of an electric motor usually wound on an iron core?
  70. physics

    When the experimental set up is immerse in water of refractive index n=1.5.what will be the charge in beta?
  71. Physics

    What would the percent error of the experimental value of g be if the accepted value is 9.8 m/s^2? The slope equation is y=.5001430132x-.0109639087
  72. physics

    if the resultant of 2 equal force inclint to each other at 60° is 8root3N. Find the component forces?
  73. Physics

    What are differences and similarities of the electric charges (+ and -) and the magnetic forces (North and South)?

    What is the change in momentum of a car weighing 1500 kg when its speed increases from 36 km/h to 72 km/h uniformly?
  75. physics

    determine the energy of a photon radio wave electromagnetic radiation. i know which formula to use 6.64*10^-34 what
  76. AP Physics

    If you are driving 116 km/h along a straight road and you look to the side for 1.0 s, how far do you travel during this inattentive period?
  77. Physics

    What is the angular momentum (in J*s) of a mass of 1.45 kg which completes an orbit about a point 23.0 meters away every 5.30 seconds.
  78. Physics

    A bean jumps off a table and when it reaches have its height it has a speed of 10 m/s, how high does it rise?
  79. physics engg.

    A deutron is moving with a speed of 2*10^8m/s. Find the wavelength of the matter wave associated with it?
  80. Physics

    A rubber ball of mass 0.12kg is held at a height of 2.5m above the ground, and then released.
  81. Physics

    What is the smallest a flat mirror can be while still being able to see your full reflection? I need to show my work/explain. Can anyone help me?
  82. Physics 11U

    can a initial velocity from the average acceleration formula (Aav=Vf-Vf/t) be negative?
  83. physics

    A person can jump to a height of 1.5m on surface of earth. Find the velocity with which he jumps.
  84. physics

    At what distance would the repulsive force between two electrons have a magnitude of 8.50 N? I have no idea how to do this problem... can someone help me please... 3x10^-4/8.50?
  85. physics

    if he travels 7km N 30 degree E and 10km east find the resultant displacement
  86. physics

    compare and contrast sound and electromagnetic waves in terms of types, speed, etc.
  87. physics

    compare and contrast sound and electromagnetic waves in terms of types, speed, etc.
  88. physics

    compare and contrast sound and electromagnetic waves in terms of types, speed, etc.
  89. physics

    An automobile driver puts on the brakes and decelerates from 30.0 m/s to zero in 15.0 s. What distance does the car travel?
  90. physics

    5. What is the electric potential at the center of the square shown in the figure below? Assume that q1 = 1 x 10-8 C, q2 = -2 x 10-8 C, q3 = 3 x 10-8 C, q4 = 2 x 10-8 C and d = 1 meter.
  91. Physics

    An object is shot upwards, from the ground, with an initial velocity of 120 m/s. How high will it be after 4.0s?
  92. physics

    If motion of a particle of mass (m) is given by y=ut+1/2gt^2 (square).find force acting on it
  93. physics

    A bus moves from rest with a uniform acceleration of 2ms(square)for the first 10s.
  94. Physics

    What must be the orbital speed of a satellite in a circular orbit 740 km above the surface of the earth?
  95. physics

    Which parameter of a projectile depends on the horizontal as well as the vertical component of velocity of projection?
  96. Chemistry Physics

    What is the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave with frequency 50.0 MHz? Am I starting this problem like this? 3.00*10^8/50*10^6 =6*10^12
  97. physics

    A constant net force of 1500 N gives a toy rocket an acceleration of 2.5 m/s2. what is the mass in kg?
  98. Physics

    If a tuning fork puts out a tone at 440 Hz, what is its wavelength in air at 25 degrees?
  99. physics

    what pressure would you expect if the gas in the flask were heated to 150 degrees celsius?
  100. Physics

    If a tuning fork puts out a tone at 440 Hz, what is its wavelength in air at 25 degrees?