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  1. Physics

    What liquid substances have an index of refraction of 1.42? and then 1.43?
  2. physics

    What are the decibels 917m away from a 35.5 W sound source?
  3. physics

    What are the decibels 917m away from a 35.5 W sound source?
  4. Physics

    If s=at^2+bt+c where is distance and is time, what will be the correct unit of a, b, and c
  5. physics

    how scientists inventions are effecting the environment?
  6. physics

    how many significant digits are in the following measurement 2.546m
  7. Physics

    How much work does it take to stretch the spring from 10 cm to 20 cm from equilibrium?
  8. Physics

    What is the average acceleration of a baseball that goes from zero to 47 m/s in 0.132 s?
  9. Physics

    How do I make calculations for a toy hovercraft?
  10. Physics

    carbon-14 is produced in the atmosphere primarily by what?
  11. Physics

    why does current slow down in a series than when in a parallel?
  12. physics

    how can a solenoid be used to fire4 small ball?
  13. Physics

    Name five distinct disciplines of physical sciences
  14. Physics

    what is the relationship between forces in equilibrium and their components?

    Differentiate the movement in plants and animals.
  16. Physics

    What does it mean when the position vs. time graph is below the x-axis?
  17. Physics

    How much heat is contained in 100 kg of water at 60.0 °C?
  18. physics

    Pls,tell me the importance of Significant Figures?
  19. physics

    The device which is use to measurment of liquid flow???

  21. physics question

    What is a magnetic field, and what is its source?
  22. Physics

    Which of the following is the equation of the circle with centre (-1.5, 0.5) and radius 3? A. 2x^2 + 6x + 2y^2 - 2y - 13 = 0 B. 2x^2 - 6x + 2y^2 + 2y - 13 = 0 C. 2x^2 - 6x + 2y^2 - 2y - 13 = 0 D. 2x^2 + 6x + 2y^2 - 2y - 23 = 0 E. @x^2 + 6x + 2y^2 - 2y -14
  23. physics

    what can we learn from an analysis of a stellar spectrum?
  24. Physics

    Determine the voltage across the 5.0-Ù resistor in the drawing.
  25. physics

    What is the mass of 5.00L of pure water?
  26. Physics

    Suppose vectors a&b if a x b=c. Show that c is perpendicular to a&b. Please help me.
  27. Physics

    If you can see the face of a friend who is underwater, can she also see you? Please explain. Thanks :)
  28. Physics

    What is the "Percent Difference Formula for Momentum"?
  29. PHYSICS!!!

    does anyone know the fundamentals of thw measure units??
  30. physics

    Convert 5000 rev/hr to rad/s
  31. physics

    what is the scientific n otation of 75mm to inches?
  32. physics

    Derive the relation for a travelling wave ,d^2 y/dt^2 = V^2 d^2 y/dx^2
  33. physics

    A=2i+3j-k, b=4i=2j-2k, find the vector x parallel to A but has magnitude of B
  34. physics

    what is the minimum work that must be done to raise a 30.0 kg object from h 7.0 m to h=11.0 m?
  35. Physics

    How much kinetic energy does the electron gain?
  36. Physics

    A jeepney slows down from 10 m/s to 4 m/s in 6 s. What is the distance covered?
  37. Physics

    What are some possible uses for gelled methanol and why was it never used as a fuel in transportation?
  38. physics

    • How will the amplitude affect the speed of sound?
  39. Physics

    can scientific laws be changed by a vote?
  40. physics

    how do green plants produce food

    Can an act of fissure destroy a blackhole
  42. Physics

    How long does a car with an acceleration of 2.0m/s2 take to go from 10m/s?
  43. physics

    Which part of a wave relates to its energy ?
  44. Physics

    Write in standard form 378.72
  45. Physics

    A 10 kg is acted upon by a force of 90 N .What acceleration is imparted?
  46. physics

    what is the diameter of a 1.00m lenght of tungsten
  47. physics

    Resultant force=203.89KN
  48. physics

    isolate for t s = ut + 1/2at^2 please show all ur steps  

    what does it mean to be outside the focal point of a converging mirror?
  50. physics

    isolate for f 1/di = 1/f - 1/do show all the steps pls
  51. Physics

    Why are household lamps are not connected series?
  52. Physics

    An alpha particle has a mass of 6.64x10^-27
  53. physics

    Find the length of a pendulum that has a frequency of 0.80 Hz?
  54. Physics

    Show that there is no Brewster’s angle for s polarization.
  55. Physics

    How do I make calculations for a toy hovercraft?
  56. Physics

    How far do you travel if you start at 5.6 m/s and slow down at 2.5 m/s until you stop?
  57. Physics

    why does current slow down in a series than when in a parallel?
  58. Physics

    I got 240mph by using a diagram but my lecture said i am wrong
  59. Physics

    How can i find the area of the triangle vertices (2,-3,1), (1,-1,2)&(-1,2,3)
  60. physics

    1) y=4+5x + 7x³. Find dy/dx 2) if y= tan x cos²x then dy by dx will be-
  61. physics

    A 25N ball is lifted 100CM=
  62. physics

    How much work is done when 30.0kg crate is lifted 15.0m?
  63. Physics

    can a virtual image be projected on a screen? thanks :)
  64. physics

    how far will 490 J raise a block weighing 7 N?
  65. physics

    list and explain 5 locking devices
  66. physics

    because of deformation, what can kinetic energy be converted into?
  67. physics

    in other terms of units, what is a joule equal to? a)N*m b)N/m c)W/s d)s/W e)N*s
  68. Physics

    How does an object's speed affect its aerodynamics?
  69. Physics

    How do you determine the work done by the frictional force?
  70. Physics

    How many m3 are there in 3.0475x10^5 cL, expressed to 3 significant figures?
  71. physics

    for the equation y = y0 + vy0t + at^2/2, how to I get t alone. Im looking to slove for time

    Why is there a need foe a scientist to know the limitations of Science?
  73. Physics

    How does the width of a pulse affect its speed?
  74. Physics

    what propels a rocket away from the surface of the earth?
  75. Physics

    what propels a rocket away from the surface of the earth?
  76. Physics

    Why does temperature of water does not change while it is boiling?
  77. Physics

    How do you calculator the percent error from a graph?
  78. Physics

    how many seconds would it take to walk to California at 4.0 km/hr if it is 3000 km away?
  79. Physics

    What is a buoyant force? Be sure to give and explain an example.
  80. physics

    How long does it take a 20 kW steam engine to do 7.3×10^7 J of work?
  81. physics

    what temperature is bose- einstien condensate?
  82. physics

    give as many characteristics as you can of a bicycle pump
  83. history

    what is the most important contributions of physics to industry
  84. Physics

    Any thing with mass has this, even a speck of dust
  85. physics

    Describe the operation of electrons in a conductor
  86. Physics

    What is the energy of a hydrogen atom with a 1.70 nm diameter?
  87. physics

    What is the difference between vector and a scalar quantity?
  88. physics

    Why is 9.8 used as g on Earth but nowhere else in the solar system? Explain.
  89. physics 1

    a simple pendulum is 1m long.what is its period?
  90. Physics

    How can I rearrange the equation R=pL/A for p, A, and L as subject
  91. physics

    what are imp. l/q of unit 6 (work and energy)
  92. Physics

    What is the acceleration of a mechanical part that moves from 0 to 10 m/s in 1 s? a.10 m/s b.20 m/s c.10 m/s2^
  93. Physics

    What gases are in a fluorescent and incandescent bulb?
  94. physics

    You push down on a 3 N box for 10 Minutes. How much work was done?
  95. Physics

    how can the equilibrant of two or more concurrent forces be found
  96. physics

    can you please explain how the process of doping is conducted.
  97. physics

    In what two situations will a car have balanced force?
  98. physics

    How high would you have to go in the atmosphere for half of the mass?
  99. Physics

    what is the voltage acros a 60.0 resistor with a current of 3 1/3 a?
  100. physics

    what is the distance, given the velocity that has magnitude 1.2 m/s within 40 min.?