1. Physics

    In a calorimeter can whose behaves thermally is.if it were equivalent with 40g of water
  2. physics

    it takes 14 seconds for a runner to go from 5m/s to 19m/s? how do you calucate acceleration
  3. Physics 30

    Vectors A) 3.5 cm North B) 4.2 cm West Algebraically subtract B from A(B-A) Whaaaa? Please help
  4. Physics

    How far can a person run in 15minutes if he or she runs at an average of 16km/hr? Thank you
  5. physics

    The slope of the tangent on a position time graph equals what?
  6. physics

    In Harmonic Motion how does the value of g affect the time period of a pendulum?
  7. Physics

    If 7.20 kg of ice at -5.00°C is added to 12.0 kg of water at 30°C, compute the final temperature.
  8. Physics

    How much work is required to lift a 10 kg object above your head (approximately 1.3 m)?
  9. physics

    How much work must be done to stop a 1070 kg car traveling at 111 km/h?
  10. Physics

    An airplane normally flies at 280 km/h. What is its airspeed if it experiences 80 km/hr headwind?
  11. physics

    a guy walks one lap at 35 miles per hour, what is his velocity?
  12. Physics

    A car traveling at 5.0 m/s accelerates at the rate of 0.8 m/s2 for an interval of 3.0 s. Find vf.
  13. physics

    What is the value of the gravitational acceleration at a height of 2000 km above the surface of the Earth?
  14. physics (Science)

    If a bee flew 27 centimeters in 10 seconds what would its speed be?
  15. physics

    A space vehicle accelerates uniformly from 80 m/s at t = 0 to 165 m/s at t = 10.0 s .How far did it move between t = 2.0 s and t = 6.0 s ?
  16. physics

    I have the energy and frequency of a light source and I need the wavelength and colour. What do I do?
  17. physics

    What current flows when a 40 v potential difference is imposed across a 1.8 kÙ resistor?
  18. Physics

    What is the polar notation for a vector that points from the origin to the point (0,5.00) ?
  19. Physics

    A sports car accelerates from rest to 89 km/h in 6.1s . What is its average acceleration in
  20. Physics 1st

    What will be apparent length of a rod 1m long moving with 0.7c
  21. physics

    Two positive charges of 12 µC and 8 µC respectively are 10 cm apart. Find the work done in bringing them 4 cm closer, so that, they are 6 cm apart..
  22. Physics

    A sports car accelerates from rest to 89 km/h in 6.1s . What is its average acceleration in
  23. Physics

    Can a vector have a component equal to zero and still have a nonzero magnitude? Explain.
  24. physics

    the tension in the wire is decreased by 19%. The percentage decrease in the frequency will be?
  25. physics

    you drive a car for 2.0 h at 40km/h, then for another 2.0 h at 60km/h. what is your average velocity?
  26. Physics

    Calculate the λSWL for molybdenum, when the accelerating potential is 15 kV
  27. Physics

    How is time peroid the reciprocal of frequency? Plz explain
  28. physics

    if 8.96dm of CO is produced at STP -how many moles of CaCO3 have reacted
  29. physics

    How much kinetic energy does a 0.03 kg bullet traveling at a speed of 300 m/s have?
  30. physics

    At what temperature do the molecules of nitrogen gas have an rms speed of 35 ?
  31. Physics, Please Help

    How much time does it take a pulse of light to travel through 120 m of water?
  32. Science (Physics)

    1. Which of the following is the fastest speed? Show your working. (a) 60 km/h (b) 15 m/s (c) 1.1 km/min
  33. physics

  34. Physics

    A soap bubble is given negative charge, what will happen it the radius and why?
  35. physics

    if the initial velocity is .05 m/s and its final is 1.3 m/s then how much energy is lost to friction
  36. Physics

    Show that Keplar's third law works for each of the terrestrial planets?
  37. Physics

    What is the KE (in J) of a 2650 lb Honda Civic traveling at 100 mph?
  38. physics

    calculate the distance co verb for an object of mass20kg and force600n
  39. physics

    find the kinetic energy of an 8kg mass moving at 5m/s
  40. physics

    calculate the electrostatic force between charges of -2.4 µC and +5.3 µC, placed 58cm apart in a vaccum.
  41. Physics

    How many calories it take to elevate the temperature of 10 gr of water-from 26C to 50C?
  42. Physics

    Give 3 examples of applications of the conservation of angular momentum.
  43. Physics

    Two forces of 5N and 7N respectively act on an object,When will the resultand of the two vectors be at max?

  45. Applied Physics

    A year of 365 days is equivalent to 5.26 x 10 to the 5 seconds
  46. physics

    what is the kinetic energy of a bear with a mass of 65 Kg and running at a speed of 20 m/s ?
  47. physics

    Why air pressure in a car tyre increases during driving?
  48. Physics

    What is the power output of an engine the does 60,000J of work in 10s?
  49. Physics

    How can elements with low atomic numbers have so many spectral lines?
  50. physics

    all electric charges are multiples of the charge on an electron, or atom?
  51. physics

    A 2.32 kg book is dropped from a height of +3.7 m. a.) What is its acceleration? b.) What is its weight in newtons?
  52. physics

    The maximum displacement of a vibrating body on either side of its mean position is known as its
  53. Physics

    a freight train has two engines, each with a mass of 50,000 kg. pulling
  54. physics

    how much negative work is done by friction on a 2000-kg car if you slow down from 20 m/s to 10 m/s?
  55. physics

    How much work must be done in stopping a 3,000 kg truck traveling at 60 mph?
  56. physics

    according to the statement given what is the magnitude of the velocity of the rock just before it strikes the ground
  57. physics

    Explain the term uniform acceleration and average speed
  58. Physics

    Problem2-AFor A=-I+2j +5k and B=2j-3k,find: a) The dot productA.B b) The angle between the A and B
  59. physics

    Two charged spheres are 8.00 apart. They are moved, and the force on each of them is found to have been tripled
  60. Physics

    What does wave interference have to do with the electron energy levels in an atom?
  61. physics#36

    Can an efficient transformer step up energy? Defend your answer.
  62. physics

    An isotope of iodine is I-126.how many protons, neutrons &electrons does it have
  63. Physics

    A charge q is placed at h distance from the base of centre . Find the flux ?
  64. physics

    How much time is required for sound to travel 1.4 km through air if the temperature is 30.0 c
  65. physics

    if a ball is thrown into the air at a speed of 22 m/s what is its position after 2.8 seconds?
  66. physics

    What are the 3 primary subatomic particular? What is the charge on each? where in the atom is each particle located?
  67. Physics

    what is the kinetic energy in joules of a 1040-kg automobile traveling at 81 km/h ?
  68. Physics

    A gas occupies 8 litres at 23'C and 70cmHg what is the volume at stp
  69. Physics

    If a man walks 4 km east and then 5 km south. How far is he from the point where he started?
  70. physics

    calculate the uncertainty of the coefficient of friction. avg. ì=.574
  71. physics

    A velocity vector 33{\rm ^{\circ}} below the positive x-axis has a y-component of -14{\rm m/s} .
  72. physics

    A bike travels at a constant speed of 4.0 m/s for 5.0 s. How far does it go? GIVEN: V = 4.0 m/s t = 5.0 s Would you use this equation? D= Vit + 1/2 at^2
  73. physics 1

    what is the peiod of vibrating object which an acceleration of 8.0m/s .when its displacement is 1.0m?what should be the answer?
  74. Physics

    What electromagnetic waves are dangerous for humans and why? I have microwave, xrays....can you help name a few

    Why do objects gain mass while approaching the speed of light
  76. Physics

    How much impulse is given to a 25 kg train car that is accelerated from rest to 12 m/s in 4 sec?
  77. Physics

    Calculate the de Broglie wavelength of a proton moving at 5.50x10^5 m/s.
  78. physics

    find energy of a single photon of light when you have 5.4*10^12 hertz.
  79. physics

    why it is easier to tear a paper towel off a full roll than a mostly used one?
  80. Physics

    At what distance from the earth's surface will a mass of 40.0 kg be just 385.0 in weight?
  81. physics

    what is tangential velocity of the earth as it travels in its orbit around the sun?
  82. physics

    differentiate between law of paralleogram and resolution of component of force.
  83. physics

    where are the incident and refracted rays located in relation to the normal
  84. physics

    What would be the resultant vector with an angle of 30° with the +x axis and has a y component of 8.9 Newtons?
  85. physics

    a 4kg bird is flying with a velocity of 4m/s2. what is the kinetic energy?
  86. physics

    determine the velocity of a charge that push by the 16 volts source
  87. Physics

    What is the work done by a crane that lifts a 1,200kg object 30m?
  88. Physics

    What is the mass of the air in a room that has dimensions of 10m x 30m x 4m?
  89. physics

    if a 1 kg rock is thrown at a speed of 20m/s, how much kinetic energy does it have?
  90. physics#30

    Why dosen't a transformer work with direct current? why is ac required?
  91. physics

    The Earth moves toward you through what distance? (Assume the seat is 45.0 cm high.)
  92. physics

    With acceleration of 2500 m/s2, how long will it take to rreach speed of light
  93. Biology

    This is to do with genetics and drosophila. There are 3 pairs of characteristics - body colour, eye colour and wing length. The parents are all from pure-breeding lines. First Cross P1: male-grey body, normal wings female-black body, vestigial wings F1:
  94. biology

    This is to do with genetics and drosophila. There are 3 pairs of characteristics - body colour, eye colour and wing length. The parents are all from pure-breeding lines. First Cross P1: male-grey body, normal wings female-black body, vestigial wings F1:
  95. Language Arts

    10 MS. SMITH: [glossing over his misbehavior and adopting a serious tone as she hands Jason a piece of paper] Yes, OK. So, tell me your plan for the project. Have you consulted this project list yet? You really need to quit putting this off. You're the
  96. no school

    I need to describe a disorder and detail the current trends in diagnosis and treatment for the disorder. Some ideas: Rabies - http://www.google.com/search?q=rabies&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7SUNA Polio -

    ADDITIONAL INO ADDED AT BOTTOM a spectator at a hockey game is sitting in a seat situated 10.4m above ground leve. if the spectator has a mass of 52.6 kg, calculate her gravitational potential energy relative to: a)ground level Eg=mgh =52.6X9.8X10.4
  98. bobpursley

    ok im doing my physics homework and we have to submit the answers online. i keep getting these questions wrong and i only have one more try can someone please tell me how to work it? a 2.5 kg otter starts from rest at the top of a muddy incline 94.6 cm
  99. Fallacy

    My assignment is to find fallacies in a newspaper editorial and a opinion magazine. I am having trouble understanding what a fallacy is. I know that it is a false or misleading argument. I am not understanding how to detect fallacy. Everything I read
  100. Physics Newton law

    A 10O0Kg elevator is hoisted upward from rest by a cable. In the first two seconds there is an 1100N tension force in the cable hoisting the elevator. What is the speed after two seconds and how far has it travelled ? Get the acceleration first. Tension=mg