1. physics

    what is the diameter of a 1.00 m length of tungsten wire whose resistance is 0.22 ohms?
  2. physics

    traveling at 27.78 m/s with a deceleration rate of 5m/s squared.....How long will it take you to decelerate to 0.
  3. physics

    what is the acceleration of a car that travels in a straight line at 100km/hr
  4. Physics

    How long in seconds does it take for a car accelerating at 3.5m/s2 to go from rest to 120km/hr
  5. physics

    explain the terms uniform acceleration and average speed.
  6. physics

    if a ball is thrown into the air at a speed of 22 m/s what is its position after 2.8 seconds?
  7. physics

    how to calculate the speed of sound at temp of -83F and 135F?
  8. physics

    When one end of a bar magnet is placed near a tv screen, the picture becomes distorted. Why?
  9. Physics

    how does the MA and the IMA of the inclined plane vary with the inclination angle?
  10. physics

    for a sateliite to have a speed of 7400 m/s how far must it be in metres above the earth's surface
  11. physics

    The distance between two planets is 1.6 x 10^6 m. How much time would the light signal take to go from one planet to the other?
  12. Physics

    If a force of 15kg. wt acts on a mass of 14 kg, what will be its velocity after 8 seconds?
  13. Physics

    how does the MA and the IMA of the inclined plane vary with the inclination angle?
  14. physics

    At what temperature do the molecules of nitrogen gas have an rms speed of 35 ?
  15. physics

    2.0g bullet fired with speed of 44.5m/s what is the kinetic? is there any conversions involved?
  16. physics

    a cannonball is fired straight up at 60m/s. how long does the flight last?
  17. physics

    A skier slides down a slope to the left at a constant speed.
  18. physics

    Two charged spheres are 8.00 apart. They are moved, and the force on each of them is found to have been tripled
  19. Physics

    Explain fully one pro and one con of nuclear energ
  20. physics

    how long does a car with an acceleration of 2.0 m/s^2 take to go from 10m/s to 30m/s?and its solution
  21. Physics

    What does wave interference have to do with the electron energy levels in an atom?
  22. physics

    A 2.15 kg book is dropped from a height of 1.8 m. a) What is its acceleration? Answer in units of m/s2.
  23. physics 1

    what is the peiod of vibrating object which an acceleration of 8.0m/s .when its displacement is 1.0m?what should be the answer?
  24. physics

    A bicyclist is traveling at 19.3 km/h when he speeds up with a constant acceleration of 0.67 m/s2. What is his velocity after 5.00 s?
  25. Physics

    How fast would a 4.8 kg object slide down a frictionless incline of 10.3 degrees?
  26. Physics

    If a person runs the 100m dash in 10.0s, calculate that speed in m/s and km/h.
  27. Science (Physics)

    1. Which of the following is the fastest speed? Show your working. (a) 60 km/h (b) 15 m/s (c) 1.1 km/min
  28. physics

    what is the kinetic energy of a bear with a mass of 65 Kg and running at a speed of 20 m/s ?
  29. Physics

    In the photoelectric effect, what determines the number of ejected electrons?
  30. Physics

    An electron and a proton are traveling at the same speed. Which one has the longer wavelength?
  31. Physics

    When is your weight normal, higher, or lower while moving up and down in an elevator?
  32. Physics

    By what distance must two charges of +2 C and +4 C be separated so that the repulsive force between them is 4.10 1010 N?
  33. Physics

    How are lights in schools usually wired... Series or parallel circuits?
  34. physics

    What is the value of the gravitational acceleration at a height of 2000 km above the surface of the Earth?
  35. Physics

    What is the electric force of attraction between charges of 3 C and -4 C separated by a distance of 2 m?
  36. physics

    Under what conditions will the projectile have the greatest velocity when it hits the ground?
  37. physics

    static friciton is greater than sliding friction prove
  38. physics

    where are the incident and refracted rays located in relation to the normal
  39. physics

    What is the force on the charge located at x = +8.00 cm in Figure 17.40(a) given that q = 5.00 n C and a = 7.00? (The positive direction is to the right.) N
  40. physics

    how presence of two eyes help in binocular vision in our daily tasks?
  41. physics

    as a ball moves upwards in the air, by how much does its speed decrease each second?
  42. physics

    i have two kinetic energies and my homework asks for the ratio, K2/K1 Do i just divide them?
  43. Physics

    METEOR SHOWER (Acceleration or Not) PLease choose the correct answer.
  44. physics

    What happens to the gravitational energy of a firefighter when he slides down the fire pole?
  45. physics

    Explain the term uniform acceleration and average speed
  46. physics

    Does the kinetic energy of a car change more when it speeds up from 10 to 15 m/s or from 15 to 20 m/s? Explain.
  47. physics

    Does the kinetic energy of a car change more when it speeds up from 10 to 15 m/s or from 15 to 20 m/s? Explain.
  48. physics highe school

    Explain the different sections of the graph in as much detail as you can?
  49. Gr 11 Physics Optics Unit

    Explain why a virtual image must always be upright.
  50. Physics

    How much heat is needed to melt 14.3kg of silver that is initially at 44°C?
  51. Physics

    A ball thrown upward at 60.0 m/s has what speed after 5 seconds? What equation do I use?
  52. physics

    as a ball moves upwards in the air, by how much does its speed decrease each second?
  53. physics

    I have the energy and frequency of a light source and I need the wavelength and colour. What do I do?
  54. physics

    plz tell me in which website can I get free engineering notes for first year B.E?

    Determine the equivalent capacitance between A and B for the group of capacitors in the drawing. Let C1 = 12 µF and C2 = 4.0 µF.
  56. Health Physics

    What type of machine are the joints of the human body?
  57. Physics

    Write 2.38x10 to the 6th power in standard notation
  58. Physics

    How far apart are a proton and electron if they experience an electric force of 5.10N?
  59. Physics

    a freight train has two engines, each with a mass of 50,000 kg. pulling
  60. PHYSICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a wave has a frequency of 2 Hz. find its period ? please show work.....
  61. physics

    can you help me to re-arrange this formula. i don't get it. V2^2= V1^2+2ad^2 I want to solve for a pls help
  62. physics

    A 1 kg block drops from a table and accelerates towards the floor at 10 m/s2. What is the force?
  63. science[physics]

    why is the pressure more on ground when a person is walking than when he is standing ?
  64. physics

    Discribe the phase change that took place in the solid between the time t1 and t2?
  65. physics

    Why is more impulse delivered during a collision when bouncing occurs than during one when it doesn't?
  66. physics

    displacement for walking 100m east than 125m west
  67. physics

    what is the heat capacity of a gold ring that has a mass of 5.00g?
  68. physics

    a suicase measrues 1.0m x 0.5m x 0.2m it has a mass of 10kg, what is its weight in newtons?
  69. Physics

    What is the acceleration of a 2-kg cart placed on a frictionless ramp inclined at 20 degrees?
  70. physics

    As the wavelength of a wave in a uniform medium increases, its speed will ?
  71. physics

    A fully loaded 737 aircraft takes off at 250 {\rm km/h}.
  72. physics

    Two charged spheres are 5.25 apart. They are moved, and the force on each of them is found to have been tripled. how far apart are they now?
  73. physics

    need help can someone please tell me Electricity is often converted into other forms of energy. List 3 examples.
  74. Physics

    what is the total displacement of a runner which finish the 1-km race in just 10 seconds
  75. physics

    moment of inertia of a ring perpendicular to tangent and its plane
  76. physics

    density= mass/volume=150kg/(30*20*500) in kg/cm^3 what is kg/cm^3 and can you explain how to use this please
  77. physics

    so mr.pursley the velocity doesn't matter for the question I asked?
  78. Physics

    What is the energy released in the fusion reaction: 2H+2H--> 4He + Q? How do I calculate this?
  79. Physics

    What does r'squared' means in coloumb law equation.why is it r^2 istead of r?
  80. physics

    how can a racing bicycle have the same linear momentum as a pick-up truck?
  81. physics 11

    Displacement i sgivenby x=2+3t+4t2. Find the value of instantaneous acceleration.
  82. physics

    i want a molecular explanation of behaviour of a piece of material under stress
  83. physics

    Calculate the Specific Gravity of an object that sinks in water if m = 21.97 g and mA = 17.40 g.
  84. physics

    does the flame of gas stove emit light?explain
  85. physics

    How much force is needed to accelerate a 50-kg rider and her 250-kg motorcycle at 5 m/s2?

    Can someone please tell me how to calculate the percent of error for a set of data points? thanks so much!
  87. University, Physics

    Derive the error in equation: T1/2 = 1n(2)/lambda solve for T
  88. Physics

    What are some common examples of light refraction, excluding rainbows?
  89. physics

    Calculate the energy absorbed when 8.5g of ice is melted at 0 celsius
  90. Physics

    A bus slows down uniformly from 75 km/h to 15 km/h in 12.55 s. How far did the car travel before stopping?
  91. physics

    a man has ten 1/10 ohm resistors with him . what is the maximum current that he can get with them?
  92. Physics

    find the x- and y- component of vector R which has a length of 13cm at 30.0 degrees
  93. physics

    If the speed of an object is doubled its kinetic energy is multiplied by
  94. physics

    calculate the work done in lifting a 300 N weight to a height of 10 m.
  95. Physics

    how much energy is required to change 40 g of ice at -10 C to steam at 110 C?
  96. 11th grade physics

    im not procrastinating i really don't understand it. im not asking for the answers im just asking for a little more help??
  97. physics

    What would be the resultant vector with an angle of 30° with the +x axis and has a y component of 1.2 Newtons?
  98. physics

    which is more work pushing with 115N over 15 m or lifting 20N 10meters
  99. Physics

    When going up stairs does a person who has more mass do more work and exert more power?
  100. physics

    How many seconds is required to stop a vehicle travelling 55.9 km/h if it decelerates at 8.2 m/s/s?