1. physics

    an object is dropped from a vertical cliff. How long does it take to reach 85 km/h?
  2. physics

    a suicase measrues 1.0m x 0.5m x 0.2m it has a mass of 10kg, what is its weight in newtons?
  3. physics

    3 factors that we must always give when expressing a force vector quantity
  4. Physics

    Light elements formed in Big bang theory ?
  5. Physics

    What is the Michelson and Morley experiment? Please don't give me Wikipedia
  6. Physics

    How do you get the velocity of a particle given a potential energy diagram and its mass?

    how much current is drawn by a lamp that has a resistance of 1.2 O when a voltage of 6.8 V is impressed across it/
  8. physics

    3 factors that we must always give when expressing a force vector quantity
  9. physics

    A 5kg mass was lifted 365cm, how much work was done against gravity?
  10. physics

    3 factors that we must always give when expressing a force vector quantity
  11. Physics

    a freight train has two engines, each with a mass of 50,000 kg. pulling
  12. physics

    In our country and in most of other countries ,the Celsius scale is more commonly used . Can you think of a reason for this?
  13. physics

    explain the terms uniform acceleration and average speed.
  14. physics

    differentiate between law of paralleogram and resolution of component of force.
  15. Physics

    If radius = 1.25 when i am swinging a bucket around and around what is the slowest possible speed i can go without it spilling?
  16. Physics

    What is the average useful power output of a person who does 5.90×106 J of useful work in 7.90 h?
  17. physics

    Hi, How can you charge an electroscope negatively? Is it by using a positively charged rod? Can someone please help me? Thank you :)
  18. Physics

    How many electrons in an atom can have each of the following quantum number or sublevel designations? 1. n=4, l=3
  19. physics

    How much time is required for sound to travel 1.4 km through air if the temperature is 30.0 c
  20. Physics

    A 20 kg block is placed on a 35 degree ramp. What is its true metric weight?
  21. physics

    according to the statement given what is the magnitude of the velocity of the rock just before it strikes the ground
  22. physics

    do all electrons ejected from a metal surface have the same kinetic energy?
  23. Physics

    A truck starts from rest and accelerates at 2.0 m/s² for 4.0 s. How far will it have gone at the end of this time?
  24. Physics

    How is time peroid the reciprocal of frequency? Plz explain
  25. Physics

    what is the accuracy percent of 11 divided by 267 times 100?
  26. Physics

    Calculate the weight of an object whose Mass is 5kg.(take g=10m\s

    Can someone please explain friction. i don't even understand the concepts parts!
  28. physics

    An automobile with a mass of 1400 kg has a speed of 30.0 m/s. What is its kinetic energy
  29. Physics

    what must be the net force if a 19.9 kg mass accelerates to the left at a rate of 2.2m/s^2?
  30. Physics

    A man walks 3km E and then 4km N. What is his resultant displacement?
  31. Physics

    A 55 kg skier is going down a slope with an angle of 47 degrees. Mk= 0.15. How fast is he going after 6 seconds?
  32. Physics

    the energy of a ball rolling up an inclined place plane is?
  33. physics

    find a unit vector parallel to the resultant of vectors : A=2i^+j^-k^& B=3i^-2j^+2k^
  34. Physics

    Am i correct? If a 10.0 kW device pulls 20.0 A of current, what voltage exists across it? A. 5.0 *10^0 V B. 5.0 *10^1 V C. 5.0 *10^2 V D. 5.0 *10^3 V <---

  36. Physics (easy level)

    What would a Potential energy to velocity^2 graph be?
  37. physics

    why is machinery not 100% efficient Friction, heat loss
  38. Physics

    What is the mass (in Grams) of a block of aluminum that has a volume of 385 mL
  39. Physics

    A bus slows down uniformly from 75 km/h to 15 km/h in 12.55 s. How far did the car travel before stopping?
  40. physics

    A mass of 10kg moves with a velocity of 4m/s. What is its kinetic enery
  41. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the earth's gravitational field at sea level?
  42. physics

    a 2.00 * 10^5 kg lunar landing craft is about to touch down on the surface of the moon
  43. Physics

    Can you find a vector quantity that has a magnitude of zero but components that are different from zero? Explain.
  44. physics highe school

    Explain the different sections of the graph in as much detail as you can?
  45. physics

    What is the apparent weight of a 55 kg person in an elevator accelerating downward at 2.2 m/s2?
  46. Physics

    How do the initial and final horizontal velocities of a projectile compare?
  47. Physics

    how much energy is required to change 40 g of ice at -10 C to steam at 110 C?
  48. Physics

    Find the magnitude of the dot product of the two vectors B=6i+j+2k, D=-1+3j. What is the angle between B and D
  49. physics

    A balloon with a radius of 20.0 m at 6.0 oC is heated to 32.0oC. Find the new volume.
  50. Physics

    What is the wavelength of a 512 Hz sound wave in 20 degree C air?
  51. Physics

    What electromagnetic waves are dangerous for humans and why? I have microwave, xrays....can you help name a few
  52. Physics

    Calculate the weight of an object whose Mass is 5kg.(take g=10m\s
  53. Physics

    Calculate the magnitude of the potential difference between points a and b in the figure if R1=2.36 Ù, R2=4.29 Ù,and R3=10.08 Ù.
  54. physics

    what is the speed of 1kg object when the kinetic energy is 1 joule
  55. Physics

    What is the frequency of an electromagnetic wave if it has a wavelength of 1.4 km? The speed of light is 3 × 10 8 m
  56. Physics

    A coil of wire has a resistance of 31.8Ω at 28 °C and 55.6Ω at 53 °C. What is the temperature coefficient of resistivity?
  57. physics

    if the earth exerts a force 300n how much does the body weigh?
  58. physics

    Athelet meseret defar runs at 10m/s. How long will take her to go?
  59. physics

    find the total positive charge in 200gram of water
  60. physics

    A projectile is launched straight upwards at 45 m/s. Three seconds later, its velocity is A. 75 m/s B. 30 m/s C. 15 m/s D. zero
  61. physics

    how do types of nuclear radiation differ in electric charge?
  62. physics

    if the distance between two bodies is increased by 25% then % change in the gravitational force is
  63. Physics

    What is the wavelength of a 512 Hz sound wave in 20 degree C air?
  64. Physics

    Problem2-AFor A=-I+2j +5k and B=2j-3k,find: a) The dot productA.B b) The angle between the A and B
  65. Physics

    What is the energy released in the fusion reaction: 2H+2H--> 4He + Q? How do I calculate this?
  66. Physics

    A and B are vectors in the same plane. If A= 8i+6j. Find the vector B such that |A+B| = 14.14 units and A is perpendicular to B.
  67. physics

    Calculate the gravity on a planet using a pendulum that has a period of 2.45 s having a length of 1.25 m.
  68. physics

    A person swims with a speed v realative to water What dose this mean?
  69. physics

    find the resultant force 10N and 20N acting at 30¡ã
  70. physics

    Essay on how accleration due to gravity is used to benefit mankind
  71. Physics

    I just have a question....How to know if the volt is -ve or not? and How to know if a charge has deficit or excess electrons ?
  72. physics

    a plane travelling at 200.0m/s braked to a stop in 6.2s. what was its acceleration?

    When you have more pulleys does the mechanical advantage and efficiency increase or decrease?
  74. physics

    The slope of a Velocity versus Time graph will tell you the object’s what
  75. physics

    How long does it take a 25 kW steam engine to do 5.6 × 10^7J of work? Answer in units of s
  76. physics

    the number of degrees of freedom for a rigid diatomic molecule is ------------
  77. physics

    what will be the distance time graph for a train standing at a station?
  78. physics

    What is an object that is launched into the air and undergoes free fall
  79. physics

    How would you do this? The K is 25.0 N/M The spring's max amount of elastic potential energy?
  80. physics

    express the angular velocity of the second hand on a clock in rev/hr
  81. conceptual physics

    How do you calculate the time a boat has traveled at 25 knots
  82. physics

    What are the x and y components of a velocity vector of magnitude 1.00 x 10^2 km/h and direction of 240?
  83. physics

    At what angle with the north would he have to walk? Answer in units of ◦ .
  84. Physics

    A proton is at the origin and an electron is at the point x = 0.36nm , y= 0.30nm .
  85. physics

    two forces 5N and 7N act on an object respectively.When will the resultant of the two vectors be at a maximum?
  86. physics

    Find the mass in grams of a carbon dioxide molecule.
  87. physics

    A car accelerates from rest at 7.9 m/s2. How much time does it need to attain a speed of 5 m/s?
  88. Physics

    What are some common examples of light refraction, excluding rainbows?
  89. physics

    what is the wavelength of neutron (m=1.67x10^-27kg) travelling at 3.0x10^4 m/s?
  90. physics

    need help can someone please tell me Electricity is often converted into other forms of energy. List 3 examples.
  91. Physics

    Find the components of the vector with length = 1.00 and angle 30.0 as shown.
  92. Physics

    What is the electric field midway between an electron and a proton separated by 0.7 nm?
  93. physics

    Explain the term uniform acceleration and average speed
  94. physics

    What is the distance travelled in 22 s as a given sound moves through carbon dioxide at 0 C?
  95. physics

    How would you do this? The K is 25.0 N/M The spring's max amount of elastic potential energy?
  96. physics

    i was just wondering what approx is the change in PE in J when standing up from your chair and the KE when walking in J.
  97. Physics

    If the speed of the wave is 330 per sec calculate the wavelength
  98. physics

    describe the shape of the graph made and discuss its significance.
  99. physics

    Is the motion of the rider for each angle of inclination uniformly accelerated? Why or why not?
  100. physics 11

    Displacement i sgivenby x=2+3t+4t2. Find the value of instantaneous acceleration.