1. math(check answers please)

    hi please check my math answers i only have 2 for now i just wanted to make sure i had the right idea. sarah is making her own halloween costume.The costume requires 2 5/8 yards of materials.Write the number of yards needed for sarahs halloween costume as
  2. English

    I need to relate Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" to socialism, but haven't the slightest idea where I'd start. Obviously Nihilism and Nietzsche's theory play a role... but how does socialism play a role? Anyone have any ideas? Thank you for
  3. Criminal justice

    1. Which of the following, according to Carl Klockars, is NOT an important consideration in determining whether the good ends of police work justify immoral means in a given scenario? A. Are there other, non-dirty, means that may be effective but that we
  4. very hard math question please help

    The Candle Shop -Annual Inventory of candles. _______-________________________________ Jan 1 Beg Inventory 5,000 units @$0.89 ---------------------------------------- Feb 15 Purchase 10,000 units @ $0.69 ________________________________________ April
  5. english

    One of the themes of "The Interlopers" is that nature can be severe and unkind. Below, select the TWO best sentences that support the central idea that nature can be severe and unkind. Question 7 options: Sweating in the heat, we had lost the whole day,
  6. physics physics

    Physics Question Two toy ducks, attached to each other by a string, are being pulled by a very happy guy who just got them as a graduation present (Fig. 4.31). The front duck is 5.0 kg and the back duck is 2.0 kg. If the happy guy pulls them with a force
  7. Art

    Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you. 1) Unlike in the past, now people enjoy watching ads. Their objective is to show people how to defend.. They aim to show people how to defend.... (are they both possible?) 2) The use of children in
  8. Science

    Which Idea Is Conveyed In Both "Dust Of Snow" and Who Knows If The Moon's A.Nature can be playful B.Nature can be harsh C.Nature can be annoying D.Nature can be mysterious To Which Sense Do Both "Who Knows If The Moon's" and "Dust Of Snow Appeal Most
  9. physics

    A 34 g glass thermometer reads 21.6°C before it is placed in 135 mL of water. When the water and thermometer come to equilibrium, the thermometer reads 38.7°C. What was the original temperature of the water? I need help on this please could someone
  10. chemistry

    Assume that it is necessary to determine the [FE^3+ in a solution that may be 0.0001 to 0.0005 M range . Outline the spectrophotometric method that would accurately give the required data. Be spectific about the solutions that you would use. I know I have
  11. Math - What is the length of the train??????

    I have NO IDEA on how to tackle the following problem. This question has stumped me for like...2 hours now...and I don't know what to do... If someone could please show me a step by step on solving it, please post! Problem: -------- Two people stand back
  12. History

    Match the following items. ① electors ② excise tax ③ Anti Federalist ④ republic ⑤ electoral college Ⓐ somebody who opposed the Constitution of the United States and the idea of a strong national government Ⓑ the
  13. AE

    Read the following scenario: You are a second-grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary School. You are teaching language arts and social studies. Your classroom of 21 students consists of 7 white students, 5 Latino students, 4 African American students, 3

    There exist irrational numbers a and b so that a^b is rational. look at the numbers √2^√2 and (√2^√2)^√2 a) use similar idea to prove that there exists a rational number a and an irrational number b so that a^b is irrational
  15. Chemistry

    I have to make a game based on the periodic table Here are the standards we could put in the game: Students know how to relate the position of an element in the periodic table for it's atomic number and mass Students know how to use the periodic table to
  16. Math

    If 3 people are asked what day of the week they were born, find the probability that i) 2 or 3 are the same. ii) only 2 people are the same. - is this 1/7 x 1/7 ?? If 4 people are asked what day of the week they were born, what is the probability that 2 or
  17. Grammar ( Need help Ms. Sue )

    Directions: Read each passage and ask yourself, ''What is the author doing in this paragraph?'' Write each anser in the summary box and then think of an appropriate title for the passage based on the main idea of the passage. 1 A penny for your thoughts?
  18. Algebra

    Please explain to me how to do these problems...Thanks 1. Find the value of x...x/6-x/8=1 2. The combined resistance of two resistors r1 and r2 in a parallel circuit is given by the formula rt= 1/(1/r1)+ (1/r2)...simplify the formula... 3. Fungicides
  19. History

    I wanted to make sure that this is correct. Please give me your input. Thanks a lot!! The countries involved in World War I was Russia, France, Italy, and Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria. I think Mexico was also but not
  20. Trig/Precalc

    So I have two questions that have been puzzling me for quite some time and would really appreciate any help with either of them! (a) There are four positive intergers a, b, c, and d such that 4cos(x)cos(2x)cos(4x)=cos(ax)+cos(bx)+cos(cx)+cos(dx) for all
  21. chemistry

    Why is there a decrease in electron affinity going from lithium to sodium? A. There is a stronger nuclear charge, with no additional shielding electrons or number of shells. B. There are fewer spaces in the valence shell in which to place the added
  22. art

    Match the following. 1. presence suggested by the light in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings The Last Supper 2. painting that displays chiaroscuro shadows 3. important element in chiaroscuro painting Virgin of the Rocks 4. da Vinci's favorite composition La
  23. science

    Issue Sources Health/Environmental Effects Carbon dioxide (CO2) Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Ground-level ozone (O3) Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) I need to complete the table above and have no idea what to do. Choose one of the following atmospheric issues: air
  24. math, help

    For this one i have no idea what formula or even how to set it up... Tow 6-sided dice are rolled. What is the porbability that the sum of the two numbers on the dice will be greater than 9? Notation: n1 is the number that die 1 shows, n2 is the number that
  25. business Communication

    1. Which of the following statements explains why threats are NOT effective for motivating people? A. Threats reduce tension. B. Threats ensure that appropriate actions are not abandoned. C. Threats produce permanent change. D. Threats provoke
  26. Accounting

    I know that you cannot answer homework questions directly, but in my accounting class we have to do a financial statement for Arcadia Hospital which is our checkpoint for Axia College of University of Phoenix. I did see previous question hoping to get more
  27. Physics

    physics You kick a .3kg soccer ball at a 30deg. angle. your toe provides an average force of 50N for .5m. How far does the ball go?
  28. Physics

    I got 15.6 but it was wrong? Ace raised a 14.0-N physics book from a table 72 cm above the floor to a shelf, 2.20 m above the floor. What was the change in potential energy?
  29. Can someone proof read please

    This is the orginial assignment, and I am suppose to rewrite it. I am a new publisher with some really great books to sell. I saw your announcement in Publishers Weekly about the bookseller's show you're having this summer, and I think it's a great idea.
  30. Physical Science

    Can someone please help me with this question Im not really sure what the question is asking, I don't understand at all. Please explain. With sound, you get harmony when the frequencies of two sounds are in the ratios of small integers - eg, two sounds
  31. physics 2B

    physics 2B---- A toy balloon is filled with helium gas ( He}) at 1atm} and 30 degrees Celcius. If the volume of the balloon is 0.025 m^3, how many atoms does it contain?
  32. physics

    A person throws a physics book off of a cliff at an initial speed of 3 m/s at an angle of 20 degrees. The book is in the air for a total of 2.5 seconds.
  33. As physics

    (As physics working out please) Which physical quantity has the same base units as energy? SHOW ALL WORKING OUT! A:Moment B:Momentum C:force D:pressure
  34. phySICS

    PHYSICS when a positive charge moves under the influence of an electric field's electrostatice force, what happens to the electrical potential energy of that charge?
  35. Physics

    Hi, I have a question for physics An object with mass m = 20 kg is released from a height h = 60 m above the ground. After 2 seconds, the object's quantity of energy Thanks for your help mvh Oddbjørn
  36. physics

    A physics book of unknown mass is dropped 5.00 m. What speed does the book have just before it hits the ground? Assume that air resistance is negligible
  37. Physics

    When catching a ball, your cricket coach advises you to move your hands backwards with the ball. Explain the physics behind this 'follow through' technique.
  38. physics

    A physics professor lifts her 8.2-kg briefcase at constant speed with an upward force. Find the magnitude of her force. answer in newtons.
  39. Physics

    would it be possible to view your body from head-to-toe, while standing in front of a plane mirror that is only as tall as you? this is in the chapter mirror on my physics books
  40. physics

    A Physics book , mass unknown , is dropped from a table . its velocity just before hitting the ground is 9.39 m/s . what is the height of the table ?
  41. physics

    in archery should the arrow be aimed directly at the target? how should your angle of aim depend on the distance of the target? (AP physics)
  42. Physics

    I need to make a mousetrap car for my physics class. I have to make it so that it can stop, but I won't know at what distance until the testing day. How should I do it?
  43. physics

    A physics professor lifts her 9.0-kg briefcase at constant speed with an upward force. Find the magnitude of her force.
  44. physics

    A physics professor lifts her 9.0-kg briefcase at constant speed with an upward force. Find the magnitude of her force.
  45. Physics

    i was woundering if you could point in the right direction i'm looking for very easy physics topics that makes use of the law of sines or the law of cosines Thanks
  46. physics

    A physics professor lifts her 9.0-kg briefcase at constant speed with an upward force. Find the magnitude of her force.
  47. sociology

    What kind of measures do sociologists use to calculate prejudice other giving a person an implicit association test? Essentially prejudice depends on how you divide people into "us" and "them" categories. There are various types of scales used (e.g.,
  48. English

    Broad Subject-Phonebook Character Limited Topic for Thesis Statement- Oliver Tolivr Main Idea- Wealthy Buisness Man Three Step Format #2 Appearance-Sloppily dressed #3 Surroundings-State of the art mansion #4 Actions-Penny pinching ways Thesis Statement:
  49. Chemistry

    My teacher showed us these examples in class, he says he need to be able to know when something is soluble in something else but i have no idea how to know. anyone have any rules on how to know? This is the examples he gave us: is CsI soluble in H2O? yes
  50. Science Urgent Please help

    (I have no idea how to even approach this question. Can anyone please help me?) Some people have proposed that the earth could solve its population problem by shipping people off to space colonies, each containing about 10,000 people. Assuming that we
  51. science

    So I have to do this project on simple machines. The invention we need to make should have at least 2 simple machines on it. We also have to draw it on posterboard and write a paragraph about it. One more thing is that it must make a person's life easier
  52. science please help

    So I have to do this project on simple machines. The invention we need to make should have at least 2 simple machines on it. We also have to draw it on posterboard and write a paragraph about it. One more thing is that it must make a person's life easier
  53. College Essay

    Is it better now? Anyone can give me some suggestions other than grammar problem. For example, ideas, etc. Thank you so much! I was glad that I had an opportunity to be an interpreter in a Howard County event. I feel lucky that I can speak two different
  54. English II

    Okay, I was just wanting to know what would be some key things to research. For a final project I either need to make a powerpoint, write an essay, or make a poster. The topic goes along with the book we have read, "The face on the Milk Carton." My teacher
  55. EMERGENCY!!!

  56. US History

    Read the following paraphrase from George Washington's Farewell Address and answer the following question. People have the right to make and alter their governments. But the constitution is sacred law until changed by the whole people together. The very
  57. Physics

    ohn and Jack are planning to do a physics lab related to vectors. Starting at the door of their physics classroom, they walk 2.0 meters, south. They make a right hand turn and walk 16.0 meters, west. They turn right again and walk 24.0 meters, north. They
  58. modern world

    I don't understand what the difference is in how does the view of history influenced by Darwinism differ from the view of history influenced by the Enlightenment idea of progress??? Darwin didn't intend his theories of evolution to apply to humans and
  59. physics

    when a 100 m runner reached the finish line , the runner stopped suddenly and fell on the ground . explain the situation using the appropriate physics concep
  60. Social Studies

    Which of the following best summarizes Hoover’s and Roosevelt’s policies? A. Hoover was most concerned about stabilizing the banks, while Roosevelt chose to provide jobs. B. Hoover believed in providing public works and welfare, while Roosevelt wanted
  61. science- physics helppppp ! i badly need one T___T

    how is physics related to food technology and everything related to foods ?
  62. physics

    is it possible to a have a percentage difference of zero in physics
  63. physics

    i need three project topics in physics. Help please
  64. As physics

    Could a physics expert please help out with my other questions please?
  65. physics

    i need three different project topic in physics
  66. Physics

    I have some physics problems that I would like to get checked please?
  67. physics

    Come up with 10 things (like bowling) that could use physics? What does this mean?
  68. physics

    physics behind fibre optics
  69. As Physics

    What does oath will be parabolic mean in physics?
  70. physics

    in physics what does the letter G stand for
  71. math

    This is the question and what I have so far is under it. "Given the length of a femur, f, in centimetres, a person’s height can be determined using the equation H=2.4f+61.4, where H is the height of the person in centimetres. Suppose this equation has a
  72. Trigonometry

    At the ocean, it is known that the tide follows a trigonometric path. At high tide, the water comes in to a point 1 meter from where I placed a flag. At low tide, the water comes in to a point 11 meters from the same flag. The time it takes from to get
  73. History

    Read the text below and answer the following question: "Camp­meeting with thy presence crown, And show't O Lord, they blessings down; Fill every head with holy zeal, And all thy righteousness reveal, O'er all our hosts do thou preside, And all our
  74. History

    Read the text below and answer the following question: "Camp­meeting with thy presence crown, And show't O Lord, they blessings down; Fill every head with holy zeal, And all thy righteousness reveal, O'er all our hosts do thou preside, And all our
  75. Math

    I need to make one graph showing changes in population for deer and wolves. I'm stuck because the deer scale would go by 500's. but the wolves are very small and would go by 2's! I have no idea how i can make my y-axis of my graph! any ideas? Two options
  76. college

    Q. A soccer ball is kicked from the ground. When it reaches a height of 5.74 m, the velocity is v=5.86i+7.50j m/s. a) Determine the maximum height that the ball reaches. b) Determine the total horizontal distance travelled by the ball. c) What is the speed
  77. Social Studies

    The excerpt below is Article 6 of the "Declaration of the Rights of Man," the document that founded the French Republic on August 26, 1789. Use this excerpt below to answer the following question: Law is the expression of the general will. Every citizen
  78. artist

    1. The artwork pictured here best represents which message? a) Ideas and creativity can be shown with many different tools. b) It is important to use one type of tool because you understand how to use it. c) People can be limited by their ideas. d)
  79. Physics

    A mass (m) rest on a frictionless slope within our physics lab room. The angle of the ramp with respect to the floor is 35 degrees. What is the magnitude of the mass's acceleration?
  80. physics

    Place a coin on top of a sheet of paper on a desk or table. Pull the paper horizontally with a quick snap. What concept of physics does this illustrate?
  81. Physics

    A mass (m) rest on a frictionless slope within our physics lab room. The angle of the ramp with respect to the floor is 35 degrees. What is the magnitude of the mass's acceleration?
  82. Physics

    Physics Help... Applying Newtons Laws Grade 11? On the surface of the earth a geological hammer has a mass of 1500g. Determine its mass and weight on Mars where g=3.6 m/s^2.
  83. Physics: Non uniform motion

    I have not done much physics before: I don't get how to do questions that deal with what happened in a particular SECOND So questions like: - A stone which is dropped from rest into a mine shaft falls a distance of 24.5 m DURING THE LAST SECOND. Find depth
  84. art

    Ketchup is a non-traditional material, but the artist used it in his protest piece against fast food restaurants because of it's ability to a. resist decay b. convey a message c. deteriorate quickly d. attract flies I think that it's b but I'm not sure
  85. Plato's Allegory of Cave

    Has anyone read the Plato's Allegory of Cave before? I got an assignment which is write a journal after reading this, but I really did not understand what it is talking about. Can anyone tell me something about it? Thanks. This site may help you.
  86. English

    1. Application means to: A. memorize the concepts, ideas, or vocabulary learned. B. judge the merit or value of the information. C. use the knowledge learned to understand actual situations. D. breaking the idea down to component parts. is it C 2.
  87. Math

    Out of a group of 600 students taking computer,mathematics or physics,there is no student taking both computer and mathematics.Every student takes computer or mathematics.150 take physics and mathematics and 250 take only one of the subjects.Find 1) the
  88. business vommunication

    What are seven things you must do in both oral and written messages? You need to have a good idea of what the message is that you are trying to send, have a knowledge of your audience, and communicate in ways that are clear and understandable for that
  89. English thinking

    I am looking for why the media does not talk about bird flue , any more? Is there is some reasons why they do not talk about it anymore, do u have any idea? Yes. It does not sell anymore. Media tend to go with sensationalism, and not cover subjects that
  90. algebra1

    What steps do I take in solving this problem? It is about graphing inequalities. 10x+4¡Ý9x+17 put the equation in the form of y ? x + constant. ? means greater than or less than. That is the first step. You are getting no more help until you start
  91. English

    Has anyone read the book The Undomestic Goddess. Have to pick a subject and write about it. I think I picked a bad book. What could I write (an idea) that could set me off in the write track. I started writing how she was treated different when she was a
  92. Math-Precalculus-Parametric Equations - Ellipses

    The graph of the equation (x-h)^2/(a^2) + (y-k)^2/b^2 = 1 is an ellipse with center (h,k), horizontal axis length 2a, and vertical axis length 2b. Find parametric equations whose graph is an ellipse with center (h,k), horizontal axis length 2a, and
  93. Maths

    Demand function P=50-Q Average Cost 5Q + 40 +10/Q Calculate the firm's total cost function Find the marginal cost function and evaluate it at Q=2 and Q=3 What is the total revenue function Find the firms's revenue maximising output level Find the firm's
  94. Physics Plans Project (11th Grade)

    I'm doing a physics project where I have to find plans for a device and then build it and type a report demonstrating the physics behind it. However, the materials can't cost more than $75 total. I'm having trouble finding any plans, especially ones that
  95. Precaculus

    I seriously have no idea where to start in these questions tumor is a collection of cancerous cells. Suppose each cancerous cell has a radius of 5×10−3 cm, and that the doubling time for a population of cancerous cells is 20 hours. If the tumor has an
  96. Physics

    This is a pretty simple physics problem, but I do not know how to go about it. How do I: Show that the time required for a projectile to reach its highest point is equal to the time for it to return to its original height?
  97. physics

    physics:the notes at 110Hz has two strings at this pitch. if 1 slips from its normal tension of 600N to 540N what beat frequency would be heard when the two strings are stuck simultaneously?
  98. Physics

    I am new at physics and having a very hard time. Could you please help. Thank you. Show that the water pressure at the bottom of the 50-m-high water tower in Figure 5.3 is 490,000 N/m2, or is approximately 500 kPa.
  99. Deciding on a H.S. Science Course

    I'm currently a sophomore, and I need to plan a science course for next year. Do you know if colleges require physics? Would a college prefer to see physics on my transcript in oppose to Environmental Sciences or Astronomy? Thanks!!
  100. Physics

    I am totally new to physics. We are working on summation of moments and I just am not grasping this. I know the formular is M=dF, but his does not help me. I get confused about the middle of settig of euation. I am never sure which distance I should be