1. Social Studies

    Write a paragraph describing how the U.S government managed the economy during WWI and the Economic effects of that management. Consider the roles played by the Food Administration, War Industries Board, and the War Labor Board.
  2. chemistry

    I did a lab using an electrochemical cell to establish a relationship between cell potential and concentration. I derived two equations from lines of best fit. One is Cell potential of Ag vs. Cu Concentration: y = -0.04520x+0.5515. The other is cell
  3. science

    left-handed people demonstrated greater brain activity than right-handed people when under the influence of drugs. This statement should be classified as 1 the problem =the main issue or subject being investigated in the study 2 a method = a procedure,
  4. English

    This question is based on the following poem: Seasons are celebrations. A year's a Ferris wheel. Both honor our world's habit of spinning 'round a star. 7. Which one of the following sentences best expresses the main idea of this poem? A. The world has a
  5. Math (Confused, no idea where to begin)

    The voltage V across a charged capacitor is given by V(t) = 2e^-0.16t volts, where t is in seconds (A) what is the voltage V(5) after 5 seconds? Find the time t when the voltage will be 1 volt Enter your answers to two decimal places V(5) approximately
  6. To gina

    I have deleted your post. PLEASE do not put personal information (names, phone numbers, and that kind of thing) on this site. The Internet is not a safe place for that information. I am sorry you arre having trouble with chemistry; however, you must
  7. Math Word Problem

    As payment for his daughters yard work, a father agrees to give his daughter an allowance of $3.50 in the first week of the year with an increase of 50 cents each week until the last week of the year. A) How much money did she receive for an allowance in
  8. Chemistry

    Consider the decomposition of a metal oxide to its elements, where M represents a generic metal: M2O3 (s) <=> 2M (s) + 3/2 O2 (g) Given a delta Gf: -770 Kj for the M2O3 0 Kj for the M 0 Kj for the O2 What is the standard change in Gibbs energy for
  9. history

    what was america's response about joining the league of nations (after ww1)? a- the public thought that america should lead the league of nations b- the public generally supported the idea but wanted to play a smaller role c- it supported the president and
  10. Chem

    I have no idea What to do. What does it mean by 'draw what you think the visible range spectrum of this dye would look like.' To get the A, I used Beer's law. So I got 9.265nm for Absorbance. What should I do for the next? The question is ----Next Simon
  11. Chemistry

    How many moles of sodium chloride must be added to an aqueous solution that contains 2.0 moles of silver nitrate in order to precipitate 0.50 moles of silver chloride? A) 0.25 mol B) 0.50 mol C) 1.0 mol D) 2.0 mol E) 1.5 mol The answer is B. I have no idea
  12. humanities

    I am writing a greek tragedy (play) about the godess athen (warroir godess, godess of owls) and artemis (godess of hunting, moon and light) I need some ideas for a really cool play, somthing that with make a good conversation You have a warrior who
  13. chemistry

    Hi, I'm doing a post-lab report and I have no idea how to solve this question. It asks which of the following molecules would be useful in quenching benzophenone photoreduction. it then lists oxygen (s1 = 22kcal/mol), 9,10-diphenylanthracene (t1=42
  14. Math

    I have no Idea how to set this up to work. Please help! Nutrition one serving of campbell's soup companies campbell's pork and bean contains 5 grams of proton and 21 grams of carbohydrates. a typical slice of lite rye bread contains 4 grams of proton and
  15. Calculus

    You are the owner of a delivery company with one truck. The trucks fuel economy is 1200/x miles per gallon when driving at x miles per hour (where 80 >= x <= 110). The price of fuel is $1 per gallon. You pay the truck driver $8 per hour. If a
  16. Algebra 2

    So the problem is asking to find cos(α+β) The problem gives me sinα= 12/13, 0<α<π/2 cosβ= 21/29, 0<β<π/2 The answer is -135/377 I have no idea how to start solving to find that answer.
  17. physics

    Stuck in the middle of a frozen pond with only your physics book, you decide to put physics in action and throw the 6-kg book. If your mass is 54 kg and you throw the book at 14 m/s, how fast do you then slide across the ice? (Assume the absence of
  18. Physics

    Stuck in the middle of a frozen pond with only your physics book, you decide to put physics in action and throw the 9-kg book. If your mass is 45 kg and you throw the book at 10 m/s, how fast do you then slide across the ice? (Assume the absence of
  19. Socials--no sites!

    What was the orignal idea of boundaries and the problems that have occured because of this? The provincials and territorial boundaries of western canada are so familiar that it is easy to forget how abstract they are. Beofre, Eurpoean settlement, native
  20. english

    Help with junior thesis idea? ok so i have to write a junior thesis paper (8pgs) by next week and im not really sure what to write about. Its english class obviously and my teacher wants something related to that. lately we have been reading stories about
  21. Language arts

    Which of the following exoresses a main idea from "Always to Remember"? A. Maya Ying Lin was a talented and smart college student who became a designer. B. Maya Ying Lin's family life, travel ecperiences, and education provided er a background necessary
  22. English

    I need to make a thesis that uses stranger in a strange land and its backed up by the Handmaids tale. Like I could talk about how religion causes oppression in stranger in a strange land and the handmaids tale. Right now im trying to use this thesis:Robert
  23. Lang. Arts

    What evidence from the article best supports the article’s main idea: that middle school students should concentrate on a few good relationships and not worry about being popular? A>“[You] need to see that liking [yourself] is more important than
  24. American Government

    I need help with this question: Althouh the New Jersy plan was not entirely adopted at the Constitutional Convention,the New Jersey Plan contained an idea that later became known as the ____________ which requires judges to treat federal laws superior to
  25. language arts

    What evidence from the article best supports the article's main idea: that middle school students should concentrate on a a few good relationships and not worry about being popular? -"[You] need to see that liking [yourself] is more important than being
  26. Faculty of Business Studies

    LB160 TMA01 • This TMA01 contains 3 parts. Student should answer either Part 1 or Part 2. Part 3 is compulsory. • The value of TMA01 is 15 points. • The mark assigned to each part is 7.5 points.
  27. Intro to Business

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that cities could have school voucher programs that give money directly to parents, who could then choose between competing schools, public or private. The idea was to create competition among schools. Like businesses, schools
  28. Science Help

    A satellite image shows a portion of the Namib Desert in Africa. This is an ancient, sandy desert with dunes that can be up to 305 m tall. The Namib Desert extends inland from the Atlantic Ocean between 80 km and 200 km and receives only 5 mm to 76 mm of
  29. annie

    You want to get an idea of the magnitude of magnetic fields produced by overhead power lines. You estimate that a transmission wire is about 11m above the ground. The local power company tells you that the line operates at 13kV and provide a maximum of
  30. Language

    People have been making maps for hundreds of years. Christopher Columbus used maps when he sailed to the "New World." At that time, most people thought Earth was flat, and all of the maps they used were flat, too. Of course, Columbus's maps were not
  31. English

    This is a paragraph for my essay about how immagination influenced Macbeth to commit murders I need it edited and proofread plz: Throughout the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, imagination influenced Macbeth to do evil in hopes of achieving his goal.
  32. Social Studies

    Refer back to the text about the benefits of agriculture for ancient Egyptians. List three benefits. Write advertising slogans to promote agriculture to ancient Egyptians. Use your slogans to make a presentation about one or more benefits. Brainstorm one
  33. 9th Grade Biology

    Sometimes, a new experimental result may seem to go against a well-established scientific theory. Often, such results seem like they are the results of researcher error. Regardless, scientists cannot just ignore new findings that disagree with accepted
  34. Science

    Under conditions of high temperature, two protons could combine to form a deuterium necleus in the following reactions: p + p ----> 2H + e+ + ve + energy Write the equation for this reaction in terms of the nucleons involved by replacing the deuteriu
  35. World History Answer Check

    1. Explain the signifigance of the Twelve Tables and the Law of Nations to the development of political thought? A: The significance of the Twelve Tables to the development of politcal thought was that they established the idea that all free citizens had a
  36. Calculus

    A baseball team plays in a stadium that holds 68000 spectators. With the ticket price at $11 the average attendence has been 27000. When the price dropped to $10, the average attendence rose to 34000. Assume that attendence is linearly related to ticket
  37. SAT Essay

    Mainly directed to Mr. Pursley and Write Teacher but feel free to critique! Thank you so much. Assignment: Do you think that ease does not challenge us and that we need adversity to help us discover who we are? Plan and write an essay in which you develop
  38. English lit

    So, for my english class, I'll have to write a Short story ( Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution ) I'd like the story to be around the theme of christmas or horror during x-mas. So I need you guys to help inventing a story with a
  39. english

    can u pz edit this? and plz add more if have any info to add but jus like 2-3 sent. no more than that With the boom in Information Technology and its accessibility at one's doorstep, Internet has become advantageous for the working mothers. They can set up
  40. 8th Grade Algebra- Answer Check

    Solve each system of equations, give the solution and state whether there are no solutions or many solutions. 1 )3x + 8y = 1 7x + 4y = 17 Answer: (3,1) 2) -3x + 5y = -7 9x + 2y = 38 Answer: (4,1) 3) 7r + 3s = 13 14r - 15s = -16 Answer: (1,2) 4) 2x - 7y =
  41. French

    I don't understand this... Quelles sont les raisons pour lesquelles les enfants quittent la maison lorsqu'ils sont plus âges? heres my shot at it... What are the reasons pour which the kids leave the house which they are older? Here's another one..
  42. chemistry

    A radioactive sample contains 3.25 1018 atoms of a nuclide that decays at a rate of 3.4 1013 disintegrations per 26 min. (a) What percentage of the nuclide will have decayed after 159 d? % (b) How many atoms of the nuclide will remain in the sample? atoms
  43. math help

    "Three cards are randomly selected from a standard 52-card deck. What is the probability of getting 3 hearts or 3 numbers less than 6 (count aces as 1)?" I think the answer is 0.0645, but I'm not sure if this is right. Could someone check this? "Half of a
  44. Drugs

    I think I know the answer but it is just a wild guess. Inhalants are not classified as either a stimulant or depressant, because there is such a wide range of inhalants that some are classified in different groups. Therefore, some inhalants are stimulants,
  45. English

    I left out the following few sentences. Thank you. 1) He has a rational attitude and a practical mind. He is not inclined to admire the charm of nature or to daydream; he is active and ready to react to difficult situations. 2.The two main lexical items in
  46. james patterson

    patterson roses are red i have to write a short essay on one aspect of the book that i perceived as the most interesting, though - provoking, intriguing..but i cannot just take one part and write about it.maybe someone has some idea?which part of the story
  47. cultural diversity

    considering racial imbalances in education, the economy, family life, housing, criminal justice, health acre, and politics. Of these societal challenges facing modern african american, which do you think are most difficult to overcome and why?
  48. Chemistry

    I was given a question on an assignment and I can't figure it out. The question is A student collects 90ml of oxygen gas over water at 25c and a total pressure of 99.3kPa from the decomposition of KClO3. 2KClO3(s)-> 2KCl(s)+ 3O2 a) How many mols of O2
  49. Oral Presentations

    I've got an upcoming speech to prepare, and my teacher has hardly given any preparation time and I'm the type of person who is very conservative and quiet. I'm afriad of being boring with my speech because our teacher has told us to make it interesting,
  50. Project

    Hi! I seriously need help. The Cockington Green Garden search on google has not turned up ANY useful stuff on safety and rules at Cockington green gardens. I have looked on their site and still nothing. Please help me as this assignment is due on thursday.
  51. Hot-air balloon

    A hot-air balloon is 180 ft above the ground when a motorcycle passes directly beneath it (travelling in a straight line on a horizontal road) going at a constant speed of 60 ft/s. If the balloon is rising vertically at a rate of 15 ft/s, what is the rate
  52. CJS/230

    Will someone please help me find a webite to answer the following questions? What are community corrections? How do community corrections affect the society in which they are practiced? What hypothesis can you make about community corrections and their
  53. CJS/230

    Will someone please help me find a webite to answer the following questions? What are community corrections? How do community corrections affect the society in which they are practiced? What hypothesis can you make about community corrections and their
  54. math!

    determine two geometreic sequences whose first terms are 18x-9, 2x+8 and x-1 how would I go about and do this question? I have no idea! so a little help would be really helpful! thanks! A geometric sequence looks like a, ar, ar2, ar3, ..., arn, ... where a
  55. Programming

    This question is about football matches between teams. A record of games played between teams is stored in a graph G. Each edge in the graph corresponds to a match between a pair of teams. For example, if there is an edge between vertices 3 and 6 then Team
  56. Physics 102

    THIS IS A QUESTION IN MY PHYSICS BOOK & I REALLY REALLY NEED HELP. I AM 48YRS OF AGE JUST DECIDED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND HONESTLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PHYSICS. Two facts: A freely falling object at Earth’s surface drops vertically 5 m in 1 s. Earth’s
  57. physics

    a physics book has a height of 26cm, a width of 23cm, and a thickness of 3.9cm. what is the density of the physics book if it weighs 17N? the acceleration of gravity is 9.81m/s^2. answer in units of kg/m^3 i know density=mass/volume but it says to answer
  58. Spanish. PLEASE HELP.

    I have know idea what the answers are. Please help me. THANK YOU!! 1. Write the verb form for: yo/hacer. 2. Write the verb form for: ellos/hacer. 3. Write the verb form for: nosotros/hacer. Thank You.
  59. sig figs

    each of the following were suppose to be rounded to two sig figs. mark then correct or incorrect. if incorrect state the correct answer 1) 1.249 103 to 1.3 103 i know its wrong but i don't know the correct answer 2)7.999 102 to 80 its wrong and i thought
  60. math

    i sorda know how to do this problem, but i am gonna ask anyway. ADDITIONAL INFO: consider a regular deck of cards without the jokers. Cards are replaced after each draw. Find the probability of each of the following. QUESTION: P(pair of red kings) wow
  61. English

    Which of the following is a theme of "Day of the Butterfly"? We all desire to belong- to have a friend*** Girls are fragile like butterflies You can't change the way people feel about you A symbol is an object that represents an idea larger than itself In

    Which details can be considered primary support for the main primary suppor for the main idea statement. Licorice is used in tobacco products because it has specific characteristics that cannot be found in any other ingredients. a. Mcdams and Co is the
  63. Evaluation and Research

    I am having issues trying to understand an assignment, we are supposed to Describe the research problem of some data the topic is Baseball. We are doing the process backwards, we have all the data just no problem or issue. I have the teams, whether they
  64. com 155

    Have I used good and well correctly? In my opinion, your book is very good. The text is extremely well written. You did well explaining the rules of grammar. I am a good reader and this book was easy to follow and understand. I especially like the
  65. Algebra

    2. X - 7 > 10 X > ____ 3. 3x ≤ 21 X ≤ ____ 4.5a - 2 < 18 A<____ 5. 2t+8 ≥ -4(t+1) T ≥ ____ Could someone Please help me I have no idea how to do this
  66. English

    16.Isnt it foolish to think that just because of his (meteoric burly) physique he has no interest in art or music? burly 17.We scorn all those who would deliberately bend the truth and (distort amble) history in order to suit the political needs of their

    can u help to have an idea to get the correct answer.for the question below. What model of organizational behavior would be most appropriate in each of the following situations? (Assume that you must use the kinds of employees and supervisors currently
  68. English essay

    I have to write an essay on " Human beings have unlimited desires but limited resources.Is it possible to reconcile the two?" Can you help me plz. I have no idea what to write in the intro. Thx :-) Your title reminds me of the Band leader in the production
  69. Math! Please Help!

    1. What is the simplified form of (–3x^3y^2)(5xy^–1)? I think it is 15x^4y 2. What is the simplified form of –9m^–2n^5 × 2m^–3n^–6? I have no idea on this one. :/ 3. A rectangular pasture has a fence around the perimeter. The length of the

    Arrange the compounds in the order of increasing boiling point ***(LOWEST first): 1) H3C-O-CH3 2) H2O 3) CH3CH2OH 4) CH3CH2SH I think the order should be: #1, 4, 3, 2 Arrange the following in order of increasing rate of reactivity with conc.HBr ***(LEAST
  71. sociology

    i'm reading a short excerpt from C.Wright Mills book The Sociological Imagination, and i have no idea when he writes this: No social study has completed its intellectual journey until it comes back to the problems of biography, of history, and of their
  72. Language Art's

    5. Which of the following passages from the novel could be used to support the idea that Sam Adams was a rebel intent on war with England? (1 point) “The first of the tea ships, the Dartmouth, is entering the harbor. She’ll be at Castle Island by
  73. Converting decimal(floating point) to octal/hex

    Hi everybody, Can anybody show me how to convert 0.59375(decimal) to Octal and Hexadecimal? go to wikpediaa and look up Hexadecimal and Octal It will give you an idea Hi can anyone convert 5.4 * 10 ^-79 to IBM hex floating point format?? sir how to convert
  74. Pre-Calculus

    Trigonometric Functions, Radian Measure ∏ <-- will be using this for pi Using exact values, convert to radians ( hint use fraction of ∏) 90° = 90°*∏/180° = 1∏/2 ^^would it be right to also call it 2∏ radians? Determine
  75. World History (Ms. Sue)

    I'm only guessing. I don't have much of an idea. What fears do we have today that prevent or inhibit exploration or research? What technological advance would be required to overcome those fears? A: Fears of failure, disease, and losing resources are that
  76. English

    Hello If you had a topic "Murphy s law" and you had to work on it in the classroom for 90 minutes, what would you do? I have a text on Murphy s law, I thought to teach the children time clauses. My idea: work on the text for 45 minutes and then introduce
  77. Algebra II

    Hello. I'm in Algebra II and I'm having trouble with this "math project." The idea was to make a piece of "art" and you have to write the equation for each line. I made a rocket because it looked like something and has all the functions we had to use. The
  78. physics

    explain the physics principle why the size of tree stem decreases upwards?
  79. physics

    bobpursley pleas put more details on how you got your answers to my previous physics questions... thanks
  80. physics

    tell me theworking science model for physics hhw and also give the procedure for the same as early as possible
  81. physics

    How do I understand all the basics of physics? I am sorta confused on like kinetic energy and watts.
  82. physics

    i have given an assignment by school to prapare a working model of physics. Please give me some tips.
  83. Physics

    Can someone add me on skype and tell me answers to my physics test tomorrow, I pay good?
  84. physics

    what are imp. long questions of 7th chapter of 9 e.m of physics of bise lahore.
  85. Statistics

    No idea where to begin... Do men or women watch more T.V. per day? To answer the question two samples were select with the help of SPSS and the following results were produced. Is there a significant difference between men and women in watching T.V.?
  86. Statistics

    From: Siegel, A.F. (1997). Practical Business Statistics, 3rd Edition. Irwin/McGrawHill. Case - Can This Survey Be Saved? "What's troubling me is that you can't just pick a new random sample just because somebody didn't like the results of the first
  87. English

    Help me Edit this document please. Both Emily Dickinson and Walter Whitman used their poetry as a way to express transcendentalist ideas. Whitman wrote mostly about self-knowledge and spirituality while Dickinson wrote about the self knowledge and nature
  88. statistics

    It appears to people who are mildly obese are less active than leaner people. One study looked at the average number of minutes per day that people spend standing or walking. Among mildly obese people, minutes of activity varied according to the N(373,67)
  89. Physics

    What are all the OCR physics equations you have to memorise(with units and words)? PLease write them for me.
  90. physics

    explain the physics concept to why a ship sounds when moving in water?
  91. Physics

    How do observations of the photoelectric effect conflict with the predictions of classical physics?
  92. Physics

    a 12 kg physics book flies through the air with a momentum of 20kg m/s. what is its speed?
  93. physics

    why is it cold in winter and hot in summer basing on physics knowledge
  94. physics

    Thank you Henry for helping me with my physics problem about the angle etc and the golf ball on 7/28.
  95. physics

    find the force of gravity between 74.0kg physics students that are sitting 85.0 cm apart
  96. physics

    why weight of gold varies at 2 different places like panna and ladakh (physics)
  97. micro

    On one society A the price of an apple is $3 and the price of an orange is $7, while on socity B the apple and orange are the same price, $4. society A people consume 10 apples and 8 oranges while societyB people consume 8 apples and 12 oranges. Which
  98. GS 104 Physics (Physical Science)

    Trucks often have signs on their backs that say, "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you." Explain the physics here.
  99. physics

    Approximate the gravitational force of attraction between a 46.0 kg girl and a 60.0 kg boy if they are sitting 2.5 m apart in physics class. N
  100. physics

    (Another) Physics Homework Help? The two blocks in the figure are sliding down the incline. What is the tension in the massless string?