osmotic pressure chemistry

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  1. Chemistry

    1. Mass of flask, boiling chips, foil cap and unknown after cooling reaction 83.350g 2.Mass of flask, boiling chips,and foil cap. 82.657 3. water bath temperature C is 95.0 C 4. Barometric pressure inches of Hg 30.09 5. Accepted molar mass of unknown is
  2. Astronomy

    Atmospheric pressure is simply the weight (remember Newton’s Laws) of the atmosphere pushing down divided by the area upon which the atmosphere is pushing. The metric units of pressure are Newtons/m2 (also called a Pascal; you might also have heard of
  3. Chemistry

    What is the total volume of gases produced at 819 K and 1. atm pressure when 320 g of ammonium nitrite undergoes the following decomposition reaction? NH4NO2 --------> N2(g) + 2H2O(g)
  4. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of grams of nitrogen gas, N2, in a container that has a volume of 7.50 L at a pressure of 1200 mm Hg and a temperature of 38.2 degrees Celsius. (R=0.0821 L*atm/mole*K)
  5. Chemistry Help

    Which direction will the reaction 2NO + O2 <--> 2NO2 move if the initial partial pressure of all the species present is 0.50 atm? Show the calculation of Q to support your answer.
  6. Chemistry

    A gaseous compound is 30.4% nitrogen and 69.6% oxygen by mass. A 5.25-g sample of the gas occupies a volume of 1.00 L and exerts a pressure of 1.26 atm at -4.00°C. Which of these choices is its molecular formula?
  7. Chemistry

    Carbon tetrachloride has an enthalpy of vaporization of 29.82kj/mol. If CCl4 has a normal boiling point of 350k, what is its vapor pressure at 273k? (R=8.31 J/molK)
  8. chemistry

    What happens to the concentration of HI(g) when the total pressure on the equilibrium reaction 2HCl(g) + I2(s) <--> 2HI(g) + Cl2(g) is increased (by compression)? 1. increases 2. Unable to determine 3. decreases 4. remains the same
  9. Chemistry

    Consider the following chemical equation. SO2(g) + O2(g) → SO3(g) What volume of sulfur dioxide gas reacts with 37.5 L of O2? The reaction conditions are 875°C and 1.00 atm pressure.
  10. Chemistry

    What pressure, in atmospheres, is exerted by 0.120 mol of steam (water vapor) at its boiling point of 100.degrees C if the volume is contained in a 2.00-L teakettle?
  11. Chemistry

    Put the following solutions in order of increasing vapor pressure. Explain your reasoning. .060 m K2CO3 .030 m LiC2H3O2 .120 m C2H6O2 (a non-electrolyte)
  12. chemistry

    if you react 37.0ml of .762M sulfuric acid, how many liters of carbon dioxide gas are produced at a pressure of 725mm Hg and a temperature of 21 degrees celsius
  13. chemistry

    Convert the concentration of SO2 from 80µg/m^3 to units of parts per million. The gas has temperature of 25 degree Celsius and a pressure of 101.325 kPa.
  14. chemistry

    A hydrocarbon,in volume of 25 L at 400K and a pressure of 3.40 atm reacts in an excess of oxygen to give 47.4G and 231.6g CO2.Determine the molecular formula for the compound?
  15. college chemistry

    What volume (in Liters) of hydrogen must react to form 17.0L of ammonia according to the following balanced equation: N2(g) + 3H2(g) --> 2NH3(g) Assume an excess of N2 and that all are at the same temperature and pressure.
  16. chemistry

    19.4 g of butane (58.12 g/mol) undergoes combustion according to the following equation. What pressure of carbon dioxide in atm is produced at 309 K in a 1.15 L flask. 2 C4H10 (g) + 13 O2 (g) → 8 CO2 (g) + 10 H2O (g)
  17. chemistry

    What happens to the concentration of NO(g) when the total pressure on the equilibrium reaction 3NO2(g) + H2O <---> 2HNO3(aq) + NO(g) is increased (by compression)? 1. increases 2. remains the same 3. decreases 4. Unable to determine
  18. Chemistry

    If your partner did not take into account the vapor pressure of water when calculating the moles of hydrogen produced, would the mass of Mg that was calculated at the end of the experiment be too high or too low? Why?
  19. chemistry thermodynamics

    a sample of methane gas of mass 25g at 250k and 18.8atm expands isothermally until its pressure is 2.5atm. calculate the change in entropy.
  20. chemistry

    A steel container with a volume that cannot change is filled with 123.0atms of compressed air at 20.0°C. It sits out in the sun all day, and its temperature rises to 55.0°C. What is the new pressure?
  21. chemistry

    A sample of 45.1 g of methane gas (CH4(g)) has a volume of 6.20 L at a pressure of 2.90 atm. Calculate the temperature. Another one that I'm stumped on, last question for my practice exam, can you explain how to solve?
  22. Chemistry

    What is the percent aluminum in a sample weighing 1.85 grams. If 35 mL of wet hydrogen gas was produced @ 24 degrees Celsius under a total pressure of 752 torr?
  23. Chemistry

    I just have a quick question for you. Do I use Charles' Law to solve the following problem, if not, how should I approach this? If a 5.0 sample of a gas undergoes an increase in temperature under constant pressure,what is a possible new volume? Thanks for
  24. chemistry

    if the pressure of 1.50L of hydrogen gas at 100 degrees celsius decreases from .500atm to .115atm,what is the final volume. assume temp remains the same
  25. Physics

    In a sound wave, we find a location and time when the density fluctuations are at a maximum. At this same location and time ... a) Pressure fluctuations and displacement are minimum. b) Pressure fluctuations and displacement are maximum. c) Pressure
  26. chemistry

    1. Unless otherwise instructed, you may use the periodic table in the Chemistry: Problems and Solutions book for this test. You also may use the formulas on pages 238 243. A student increases the temperature of a 556 cm3 balloon from 278 K to 308 K.
  27. Chemistry

    The organic compound di-n-butyl phthalate, C16H22O4(l), is sometimes used as a low-density (1.046 g·mL–1) manometer fluid. Compute the pressure (in torr) of a gas that supports a 555-mm column of di-n-butyl phthalate. The density of mercury is 13.53
  28. math

    The air pressure at sea level is generally about 1013 hPa (hectoPascals). For every kilometer that you go up in elevation, the air pressure decreases by 12%. Write an equation that describes the air pressure when the elevation is x kilmoeters above the sea
  29. Chemistry

    If the volume of a container of gas is reduced, what will happen to the pressure inside the container?
  30. chemistry

    If 4.05 g of methane gas (CH4) is introduced into an evacuated 1.40 L container at 53°C, what is the pressure in the container?
  31. Chemistry

    10.7L of a gas at 1.75 atm are expanded to 20.0L at a mass constant temperature.what the new gas pressure?
  32. chemistry

    A 6.58g sample of compound was placed in a 12.6 L container. At 25.0*C, the pressure was found to be 0.75 atm. what is this compound?
  33. Chemistry

    10.7L of a gas at 1.75 atm are expanded to 20.0L at a mass constant temperature.what the new gas pressure?
  34. chemistry

    20 g of CO2 is placed in 0.75l Bottle and sealed. what is the pressure in the bottle if the temp is 25C?
  35. chemistry

    If the pressure, volume, and temperature of a gas are known, which can most likely be found by using the ideal gas law?
  36. Chemistry

    What is the molar mass of a gas (96.0 g) in a 25.0 L container at 27.0 °C? The pressure inside the container is 3.04E5 Pa.
  37. Chemistry

    If the pressure on a 1.04 L sample of gas is doubled at the constant temperature, what will be the new volume of the gas?
  38. Chemistry

    A gaseous mixture consists of 6.95 g of N2, 4.75 g of O2, and 2.75 g of He. What volume does this mixture occupy at 23°C and 1.35 atm pressure?
  39. Chemistry

    what is the water vapor pressure of water at 29 degrees celsius? i can't find the information anywhere.
  40. chemistry

    If 4.05 g of methane gas (CH4) is introduced into an evacuated 1.40 L container at 53°C, what is the pressure in the container?
  41. Chemistry

    A gas initially at 20 degrees C it must be changed to (blank) degrees C to triple the pressure.
  42. Chemistry

    what happen to the pressure of a gas inside a container if the temperature of the gas decreases?
  43. Chemistry

    What is the molar mass of a gas (96.0 g) in a 25.0 L container at 27.0 °C? The pressure inside the container is 3.04E5 Pa.
  44. Chemistry

    The volume of a gas is 76cm3 at 27c and 800mm mercury pressure.what is the volume at s.t.p
  45. chemistry

    what is the partial pressure of hydrogen in a flask containing 2g hydrogen and 32g sulphur dioxide
  46. chemistry

    1.9 moles of Ar and 2.5 moles of Ne are added to a 10.0 L container at 20.0oC. What will the internal pressure (atm) be?
  47. Chemistry

    A balloon holds 27.8 kg of helium. What is the volume of the balloon if the pressure is 0.97 atm and the temperature is 24 °C
  48. Chemistry

    A container of gas at 53 psi is compressed to one third its original volume. What is the new pressure of the gas?
  49. Chemistry

    At a pressure of 103kPa and a temperature of 22 degrees C, 52.9 g of a certain gas has a volume of 31.5 L. what is the identity of this gas?
  50. Chemistry

    How many liters of ammonia gas can be formed from 11.3 L of hydrogen gas at 93.0 C and a pressure of 42.4 kPa?
  51. Chemistry

    10.7L of a gas at 1.75 atm are expanded to 20.0L at a mass constant temperature.what the new gas pressure?
  52. Chemistry

    n our text book the following equation is given: P=(pm - p)g * R where P is the pressure drop R is the manometer reading pm is the density of the manometer fluid p is the density of the process fluid in the pipe g is the acceleration do due to gravity Then
  53. chemistry

    Consider a sample containing 2.00 mol of a monatomic ideal gas that undergoes the following changes from State A to State D: State A PA=10.5atm, VA=10.00L State B PB=10.5atm, VB=5.00L State C PC=24.5atm, VC=5.00L State D PD=24.5atm, VD=22.00L Assume that
  54. chem 102

    Use Henry's law and the solubilities given below to calculate the total volume of nitrogen and oxygen gas that should bubble out of 1.1L of water upon warming from 25 ∘C to 50 ∘C. Assume that the water is initially saturated with nitrogen and
  55. General Chemistry

    I have been going at part B of this problem for a few hours. I've completed an ice table and calculated the total number of moles based off pressure but am still unable to come up with the partial pressures. If someone could provide the steps for solving I
  56. physics

    a bus engine can operate at very high temperatures . if one of the cylinders has a volume of 1 litre and is initially at 25°C and atmospheric pressure , what is the temperature when the gas in the cylinder is reduced to a volume of 100cubic centrimeters
  57. Fluid

    A research submarine is designed to operate 3 km below the ocean surface. If then interior pressure is 1 atm, what is the total pressure on a 15cm diameter window and force on window. The average density of seawater is 1028 kg/m3
  58. compressor operations

    We are operating a centrifugal compressor. The gas composition does not change during this excursion. While holding suction pressure and flowrate constant, the inlet temperature rises. What would you expect to happen to the discharge pressure, and why
  59. Physics (Liquids)

    I have a question about fluids ok... I've been told that Pressure = (density of fluid) (gravity) (height) ok that's great in all but I don't see how it works... Pressure = (Force perinduclar to area force is acting on)/(Area force is acting on) ok this
  60. physics

    a weather balloon carries instruments that measure temperature,pressure and humidity as it rises through the atmosphere.Suppose such a balloon has a volume of 1.2 m^3 at sea level where the pressure is 1 atm and the temperature is 20 degree Celsius.When
  61. chemistry

    which system is under higher pressure, a column of mercury or a column of water
  62. chemistry

    A gaseous mixture contains 75 grams of N2 and 25 grams of Ar. What is the pressure due to Argon?
  63. Chemistry

    How do I convert the atmospheric pressure = 30.17in to mmHg? also how do I convert to mm H2O?
  64. Chem

    Chemistry please help. A 20.0-L gas cylinder contains 4.80 g H2 at 25 degree celcius. what is the pressure of this gas?
  65. Chemistry

    Is it true that the higher the boing point, the higher the vapor pressure?
  66. Chemistry

    10.7 L of a gas at 1.75 atm are expanded to 20.0 L at a constant temperature. What is the new gas pressure? *
  67. chemistry

    a 5.0-L flask contains 0.60 g 02 at a temperature off 22degrees C.what is the pressure (in atm) inside the flask?
  68. Chemistry

    Calculate the vapor pressure of Hg at 14 oC (in atm). Hg(l) ↔ Hg(g) . . . ΔHo = 61.32 kJ and ΔSo = 98.83 J/K
  69. chemistry

    At 7.0 degrees C, the volume of a gas is 49ml. At the same pressure, its volume is 74 mL at what temperature?
  70. chemistry

    A vapor pressure of toluene of 21 mm Hg, at 760 mm Hg, what is the equilibrium concentration for toluene?
  71. chemistry

    The solubility of a gas is 0.34 g/L at STP. What is its solubility at a pressure of 0.80 atm and the same temperature?
  72. chemistry

    11. Calculate the total pressure of a mixture of 0.02 mol He and 0.01 mol H2 in a 5.0 L flask at 10 ºC.
  73. physics

    In a water pistol, a piston drives water through a larger tube of radius 1.00 cm into a smaller tube of radius 1.00 mm. (a) If the pistol is fired horizontally at a height of 1.5m, use ballistics (2-D projectile motion) to determine the time it takes water
  74. physics

    A fountain sends water to a height of 116 m. What is the difference between the pressure of the water just before it is released upward and the atmospheric pressure? (The density of water is 1000 kg/m2.)
  75. Chemistry

    Given the equilibrium reaction N2(g) + 3 H2(g) <---> 2NH3(g) + heat, an increase in temperature will: a) Increase the value of K b) Decrease the value of K c) Increase or decrease the value of K depending upon the concentration of reactants d) Will
  76. Physics

    The modern Boeing 747 passenger jet airplane cruises at a speed up to 900 km/hr, at an altitude of 11,000 m. The cabin pressure is maintained equivalent to the atmospheric pressure at an altitude of 2,000 m. This is called the "cabin altitude". The
  77. Chem

    Can someone check these homework answers please? 32. The barometric pressure measured outside an airplane at 9 km was 259 mmHg. Calculate the pressure in kPa. 34.5 kPa 36. A diving bell is a container open at the bottom. As the bell descends, the water

    A 1.26 g sample of He gas has a pressure of 0.123 atm and a volume of 32.6 L. What is the temperature of the sample, in °C?
  79. Chemistry

    At constant pressure , a certain gas occupies 80cm3 at 0 degrees, what wil be its volumd at 10 degrees
  80. chemistry

    a 15-gram sample of a gas has a volume of 30 liters at standard pressure. what is the densty of the gas
  81. chemistry

    Calculate the pressure exerted by 1.2 mol\rm mol of gas in a volume of 28.2 L\rm L and at a temperature of 334 K\rm K.
  82. Chemistry

    If the column of water in the water bormeter rose to a height of 35 feet, what would the atmospheric pressure be in mm Hg?
  83. chemistry

    what happens to water at 100 degrees celsius as pressure is increased fro 0.8 atm to 1.2 atm?
  84. Chemistry (mol)

    How many mol of nitrogen monoxide gas (N2) are in a 1.49 L container at standard temperature and pressure?
  85. Chemistry

    A 3.0 L volume of methane gas is cooled from 59.4°C to 30.0°C. If the pressure remains constant, what is the final volume (L)?
  86. chemistry

    Suppose a mixture containing 3.52 g H2 and 37.0 g NO has a total pressure of 2.21 atm. What are the partial pressures of both gases in the mixture?
  87. Chemistry

    In a reversible reaction PCl5 ↔ PCl3 + Cl2, the value of K is 2.5. What will the partial pressure of Cl2 be?
  88. Chemistry

    A sample of gas has a volume of 6.20 L at 23 degrees celsius at a pressure of 1.90 atm. What is its volume at STP?
  89. chemistry

    a sample of air has a volume of 140.0 mL a 67 degrees C. at what temperature would its volume be 50.0 mL at constant pressure/
  90. Chemistry

    At what temperature does 150 mL of n2 at 300 K and 1.13 atm occupy a volume of 550 mL at a pressure of 1.89 atm?
  91. chemistry

    if 240ml of O2 gas increases pressure from 0.40 atm to 0.80 atm what is the new volume? show all work
  92. Chemistry

    If oxygen is removed from a sample of air as iron rusts, what happens to the total pressure of the air?
  93. Basic Chemistry

    What is the pressure of 64.0 g of oxygen gas in a 1.50-L container at -37°C a. 4.12atm b. 51.6atm c. 19.6atm d. 8.2atm
  94. Chemistry

    At a given temperature and pressure how does the magnitude of the heat of vaporization of a substance compare with that of its heat of condensation?
  95. Chemistry

    At normal temperature and pressure, air has a density of 0.001184 g/mL. What is the mass of air in a room that is 3.93 m by 2.28 m by 2.25 m?
  96. Chemistry

    At a pressure of 103 kPa and a temperature of 22oC, 52.9 g of a certain gas has a volume of 31.5 L. What is the identity of this gas?
  97. chemistry

    A certain volume of a gas at 298kelvin is heated such that its volume and pressure are now four times their original value.What is the new tewperature?
  98. Chemistry

    Determine the volume of nitrogen gas at a pressure of 3.00 atm if it had a volume of 400.0 mL at STP.
  99. Chemistry

    A sample of 20.0 g of chlorine gas at 15 degrees Celsius occupies a volume of 5.0 L. What is the pressure of the gas?
  100. chemistry

    A certain volume of a gas at 298k is heated such that its volume and pressure are now four times their original value.what is the new temperature?