osmotic pressure chemistry

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  1. Chemistry

    Can you please explain to me how you would regulate the pressure to favor the products in the this equilibrium system. MgCO3(s)--><-- MgO(s)+CO2(g) Thank you
  2. Chemistry

    calculate the percent deviation from ideal behavior: 1.30 mol N2 in a 2.64-L container at 59 °C exerts 27 bar pressure.
  3. chemistry

    what is the pressure of H2 if the hydrogen gas collected occupies 14L at 300K and was produced upon reaction of 4.5 mol of Al?
  4. college chemistry

    Rank from highest to lowest vapor pressure.CH3CH2CH2CH2OH,CH4,CH3CHCH2CH3CH3,CH3CH2CH2CH2CH3
  5. science: chemistry

    What is the temperature of a 100 liter container having 1 mole of an ideal gas at a pressure of 20 kilopascals?
  6. chemistry

    N2(g) + O2 (g)= 2NO(g) if the temperature is constant and the pressure increases the number of miles of NO(g) will decrease, increase or remain the same
  7. Chemistry

    Can you please explain to me how you would regulate the pressure to favor the products in the this equilibrium system. MgCO3(s)--><-- MgO(s)+CO2(g) Thank you
  8. chemistry

    Calculate the density of C2H2 gas (FM = 26.04 g/mol), in g/L, at a pressure of 2.082 atm and at a temperature of 62.5oC.
  9. Chemistry

    Can you please explain to me how you would regulate the pressure to favor the products in the this equilibrium system. MgCO3(s)--><-- MgO(s)+CO2(g)
  10. chemistry

    how many liters are occupied by 0.908 mol of nitrogen at 108 degrees C and 0.858 atm pressure?
  11. General Chemistry

    I did a lab on The Decomposition of Potassium Chlorate and I'm confused how to the vapor pressure of water in mmHg?
  12. Chemistry

    I have a question about this one 2N2O(g) ⇋ O2(g) + 2N2(g), what happens to the equilibrium position if the pressure decreases? Is going to shift to the right or to the left???
  13. Chemistry 1001

    At which pressure would carbon dioxide gas be most soluble? 600torr, 700torr 800torr or 900torr
  14. Chemistry

    What happens to a 4L volume of gas as you change the pressure from 6 atm to 760 torr? What law was used, and show work
  15. chemistry

    You fill a balloon with 0.76mol of He gas at a temperature of 20 C. What is the pressure, in atm, exerted by the He molecules? Is this pv=nrt? and if yes is it 5.2?
  16. Chemistry

    the density of H2 gas in a rigid container is 0.117 g/L at 55 C. what is the pressure of hydrogen in the flask if it is heated to 125 C?
  17. chemistry

    A quantity of 2.20 mol of CaCl2 are dissolved in 1.00 L of water. What is the freezing point of this solution at 1 atm of pressure?
  18. chemistry

    What would the pressure be if h3 po4 was vaporized in a 20L container at a temperature of 23.5 degrees Celsius?? ( gas law)
  19. chemistry

    A quantity of 2.20 mol of CaCl2 are dissolved in 1.00 L of water. What is the freezing point of this solution at 1 atm of pressure?
  20. chemistry

    what volune will be occupied by 0.578 L of gas at 273 K after its temperature is changed to 356 K at constant pressure/
  21. Chemistry

    How many moles of a gas do you have if it is under 800.mmHg of pressure in a 500.mL flask at a temperature of 32 degrees fahrenheit?
  22. Chemistry

    If 5.01 moles of an ideal gas has a pressure of 4.81 atm, and a volume of 86.95 L, what is the temperature of the sample in degrees Celsius?
  23. Chemistry

    What is the volume occupied by 12.3 g of argon gas at a pressure of 1.17 atm and a temperature of 455K? Would formula be V=T/P? 388.89 L?
  24. chemistry

    How many liters of fluorine gas, at standard temperature and pressure, will react with 23.5 grams of potassium metal?
  25. chemistry

    A 93L sample of dry air is cooled from 145 to-22 under constant pressure.What is the final volume?
  26. Chemistry

    rank the compounds below in order of increasing vapor pressure at 298 K? A) c3h6 B) c4h8 C) c5h10
  27. chemistry

    calculate the equilibrium vapor pressure of napthalene of c10h8 innthe flask at 35 degrees celsius?
  28. Chemistry

    Which equation will you use to calculate the volume of a 5.00-liter sample of air at 50°C when it is warmed to 100°C at constant pressure?
  29. chemistry

    which probably has the lowest boiling point at 1.0 atm pressure. A) C6H14 B) C3H8 C) C4H10 D) C5H12 E) C2H6
  30. Chemistry

    Predict the order of increasing vapor pressure at a given temperature for the following compounds: CH3CH2CH2CH2OH HOCH2CH2CH2OH CH3CH2OCH2CH3
  31. chemistry

    How would the volume of gas produced in an experiment be affected if the pressure of the water vapor was not accounted for in the calculations?
  32. chemistry

    A 5 liter vessel contains 2g of hydrogen and 28g of nitrogen at 27c. Find the total pressure of the mixture?
  33. Chemistry

    The number of moles of hydrogen gas present in a 1500 mL container at 298 K and 2.0 atm pressure is?
  34. physical chemistry

    Calculate molarity of air having malar mass 28.8cotaining N2 and O2 only at 273kelvin and 1atm pressure
  35. Chemistry

    What is the volume of 20.55 grams of hydrogen gas at a pressure of 1.215 atmospheres at 29.3 degrees Celcius? how do you solve this
  36. chemistry

    Calculate the solubility of oxygen in water at a partical pressure of 02 of 460 torrat 25 degree celsius
  37. chemistry

    what is the approximate volume of gas in a 1.50 mol sample that exerts a pressure of 0.922 atm and has a temp of 10.0°C?
  38. chemistry

    A sample of gas has a mass of 0.585g . Its volume is 110mL at a temperature of 95^\circ C and a pressure of 745mm\;Hg .
  39. Chemistry

    How many moles of helium gas are there in a 10-liter balloon, inflated to a pressure of 1.00 atm at a temperature of 300K
  40. Chemistry

    What is the calculated value of the partial pressure (atm) of O2 in acid mine water of pH 2.500, in which [Fe3+] = [Fe2+]?
  41. Chemistry

    What is the amount of work produced when 1.0 g of H2O (l) is boiled at atmospheric pressure? Assume the liquid has no volume.
  42. Chemistry

    Zn + 2 HCl = H2 + ZnCl2 / When 25.0 g of Zn reacts, how many L of H2 gas are formed at 25 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 854 mmHg?
  43. Chemistry 1151

    what is the pressure of a 0.85 Liter sample of Helium with a mass of 0.070 grams when it is at 5 degrees Celcius?
  44. chemistry

    what volume of hydrogen will be produced if 100cm3 of ammonia is completely decomposed at constant temperature and pressure.
  45. Chemistry

    if the pressure was increased in this reaction : 2NO(g)+ O2 =====> 2NO2 <==== wouldnt the product side be favored? Please tell me if I'm right or wrong see above.
  46. chemistry

    Assuming all gases are at the same temperature and pressure, how many milliliters of hydrogen iodide are produced from 165 mL of H2? H2(g)+I2(g)→2HI(g)
  47. Chemistry

    Why does warm coke go flat? The amount of carbon dioxide depends on the external pressure, and temperature.
  48. Chemistry 105

    What is the pressure in a 10.0-L cylinder filled with 0.470 mol of nitrogen gas at a temperature of 329 K?
  49. Chemistry

    The number of moles of hydrogen gas present in a 1,500 mL container at 298 K and 2.0 atm pressure is?
  50. chemistry

    How would the volume of gas produced in an experiment be affected if the pressure of the water vapor was not accounted for in the calculations?
  51. Chemistry

    How much work (in J) is involved in a chemical reaction if the volume decreases from 5.00 to 1.26 L against a constant pressure of 0.857 atm?
  52. Chemistry

    If 42.8 L of helium gas is collected at a temperature of 277K and has a mass of 4.84 grams, what is the pressure of the sample in torr?
  53. chemistry

    What pH is needed to produce this value of Q if the concentration and pressure values are. Q= 1.38*10^-26 Br2=2.50*10^-4M Br-=12.10M SO4^2-=8.75M Pso2=1.50*10^-5
  54. Chemistry

    would the calculated molar volume be larger, smaller or unchanged. a. the partial pressure of water was not taken into account
  55. chemistry

    Calculate the approximate volume of a 0.600 mol sample of gas at 15.0 degrees C and a pressure of 1.10 atm.

    2.05 Grams of a liquid vaporized at 80 c in a 1 liter flask and a pressure of 1 atm. what is the molar mass of the gas?
  57. chemistry

    How many liters are occupied by 1.05 mol of nitrogen at 198C and 0.564 atm pressure? Answer in units of L
  58. chemistry

    if an ideal gas has a pressure 2.47 atm, a temperature 86.78C and has a volume of 23.83L how many moles are in the sample
  59. Chemistry

    What is the vapor pressure of a aqueous solution containing 10 % (by weight) ethylene glycol (62 g/mol) at 25 °C. PH2O = 24.3 torr at 25°C?
  60. Chemistry

    Calculate the pressure, in atmospheres, of 2.80 moles helium gas in a 18.0 liters container at 24 degrees celcius.
  61. chemistry

    Calculate the volume of hydrogen gas from the C4H9O3N compound, under temperature or pressure conditions (STP).
  62. chemistry

    At a low pressure and a high temperature, what state of a substance is most likely to exist? Gas Liquid Solid
  63. Chemistry

    3 H2 (g) + N2 (g) --> 2 NH3 (g) How many liters of ammonia gas can be produced from 10.0 L of N2 and 20.0 L of H2? Assume all gases are measured at the same temperature and pressure.
  64. pharmaceutical physical chemistry

    find the density of NH3 gas at 100celsius when confined by a pressure of 1600mmHg
  65. chemistry

    40 ml of carbon dioxide was collected and is at 10 degree celsius and at 740 mm pressure.Calculate its volume at STP.
  66. chemistry

    What is the density of propane gas, C3H8, when measured at 18 grade celcius and 744 torr pressure?
  67. chemistry

    what is the vapor pressure of alcohol in 25 degree celcius? the answer should be answered in millimeter mercury. tnx^_^
  68. Chemistry

    What pressure will be exerted by 109 grams of fluorine gas in a 3,4000mL cylinder at 20degree celcius?
  69. Chemistry

    Calculate what mass of argon gas is required to full a 20.4-L container to a pressure of 1.09 atm at 25C
  70. Chemistry

    The density of an unknown gas is 1.23 g/L in 330K and temperature 25.5 pressure kPa. What is the molar mass of the substance?
  71. Chemistry

    What mass of H2O is required to form 1.2 L of O2 at a temperature of 310 K and a pressure of 0.950 atm? 2H2O (l) ---> 2H (g) + O2 (g)
  72. chemistry

    is it possible to change both the pressure and the volume of an ideal gas without changing the average kinetic energy of the molecules?
  73. chemistry

    300 ml of a gas at 27oC is cooled to 3oC at constant pressure.its final volume is? [please explain clearly]
  74. chemistry

    how much heat is required to raise the temperature of one mole of NaCl(s) by 15 degrees celsius at constant pressure
  75. Chemistry

    A gas occupies a volume of exactly 500mL at STP. What would it occupy at exactly 70 degrees celsius and 400 mm of pressure?
  76. chemistry

    Find volume of carbon dioxide occupied by 1.0g of CO2 at 0 degrees Celsius and pressure 25.0 torr.
  77. chemistry

    What temperature is required to produce a carbon dioxide partial pressure of 1.0 ? BaCO3¡êBaO + CO2
  78. chemistry

    How many kilojoules of heat are released when 38.6g of CH4 reacts completely with O2 to form CH3OH at constant pressure?
  79. Chemistry

    If one mole of each is dissolved in 1.00 L of water, which will lower the vapor pressure the most? Why? A)C12H22O11 B)C3H7OH C)NaNO3 D)MgCl
  80. Chemistry

    I need help with part b here's all information. (a) Chlorine gas is added to a glass cylinder of 2.5 cm in radius, fitted with a movable piston. Gas is added until the piston is lifted 5 cm off the bottom of the glass. The pressure on the gas is 1 atm, and
  81. Chemistry

    At 20.0°C the vapour pressure of pure methanol is 11.8 kPa and that of pure ethanol is 5.93 kPa. A gaseous mixture of methanol and ethanol is cooled and compressed until the first drops of liquid form at 20.0°C and a total pressure of 10.0 kPa. Assuming
  82. physics

    When you suddenly stand up after lying down for a while, your body may not compensate quickly enough for the pressure changes and you might feel dizzy for a moment. (a) If the gauge pressure of the blood at your heart is 14.3 kPa and your body doesn't
  83. chem

    Show work 1. How many moles of oxygen will occupy a volume of 2.50 liters at 121.6 kPa and 331 K? 2. An unknown volume of chlorine gas (Cl2) is resting at 127 °C at a of pressure 152.4 kPa. If the gas weighs 191.4 g, what is the volume? 3. A 2.917 mole
  84. chem

    The pressure 15.0 meters under water is 248 kPa. what is this pressure in bar? (how would you set this up) what is the pressure in torr? I believe the second one is set up like this: 248 kpa * (760 torr/ 101.325 kpa)= 1860.15.. Although, if the lowest sig
  85. science

    A weather balloon carries instruments that measure temperature, pressure, and humidity as it rises through the atmosphere. Suppose such a balloon has a volume of 1.2 m^3 at sea level where the pressure is 1 atm and the temperature is 20°C. When the
  86. chemistry

    Given--The solubility of NH3 in H2O is 518 g/L at a partial pressure of 760.0 torr. Question #1)-- Calculate the value of the Henry's Law constant for NH3. Question #2)-- Calculate the solubility of NH3 in H2O at a partial pressure of 225.0 torr.
  87. Chemistry

    A closed bottle contains a solution of 5.0% by mass acetone [(CH3)2CO] in water. Calculate the vapour pressure (in kPa) of this solution at 25oC. The vapour pressure of pure water at 25oC is 3.17 kPa and that of pure acetone is 30.7 kPa.
  88. Chem

    What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 4.14 g of sodium acetate in water and diluting to 750. mL? (molar mass NaC2H3O2 is 82.0 g/mol.) .67137, but that wasn't right. An open-ended mercury manometer is used to measure the pressure exerted by
  89. chemistry

    1. Mass of flask, boiling chips, foil cap and unknown after cooling reaction 83.350g 2. Mass of flask, boiling chips and foil cap. 82.657 3. water bath temperature C 95.0 C 4. Barometric pressure in Hg 30.09 5. Accepted molar mass of unknown 86.2g/moles 6.
  90. chemistry

    Analysis of aluminum-zinc alloy Mass of gelatin capsule 0.1284 g ambient temp. 22c mass of capsule plus alloy sample 0.3432g ambient temp_________K mass of alloy sample, m__________g barometric pressure 745 mm Hg mass of empty beaker 144.5g Vapor pressure
  91. Chemistry Ap

    At 20◦C the vapor pressure of pure methanol (CH3OH) is 89.0 torr and of pure water (H2O) is 17.5 torr. A solution of methanol and water has a total vapor pressure of 35.5 torr at 20◦C. Calculate the mole fraction of methanol in this solution.
  92. Chemistry

    The question says: A sample of helium is collected by displacing 182 mL of water. The pressures of the gas and the atmosphere are equalized, using the method described in this experiment. The atmospheric pressure is 738 mmHg. The temperature of the water
  93. Science

    A cylinder and an airtight piston are used in the following experiment. The piston is pushed up and down in the cylinder and the resulting pressure of the air inside the cylinder is measured with a pressure gauge. The results of the experiment are recorded
  94. Word Problem

    In a certain individual the resting diastolic pressure at time t is given by B(t)= 80+7sin((pi)(t)/(12)) where t is measured in hours since midnight and B(t) in mmHg (millimeters of mercury). Find this person's pressure at 6:00 am, 10:30 am, noon, and 8:00
  95. science; AP Chem

    Divers know that the pressure exerted by the water increases about 100 kPa with every 10.2 m of depth. This means that at 10.2 m below the surface, the pressure is 201 kPa; at 20.4 m below the surface, the pressure is 301 kPa; and so forth. If the volume
  96. Chemistry

    A 0.188g sample of unknown metal, X (s), produced 71.4 ml of hydrogen gas when reacted with HCL according to the equation: X(s)+2HCL(aq)--->XCl2(aq)+H2(g) The gas was collected over water at 23 degrees Celsius. The levels of water inside and outside the
  97. Science

    I need help understanding this. I keep re-reading and I'm still confused. Can you help me by re writing it in a way that I can understand? The pressure law states that for a constant volume of gas in a sealed container the temperature of the gas is
  98. Statistics

    Jim's systolic blood pressure is a random variable with a mean of 145 mmHg and a standard deviation of 20 mmHg. For Jim's age group, 140 is the cutoff for high blood pressure. If Jim's systolic blood pressure is taken at a randomly chosen moment, what is
  99. chemistry

    a 500ml sample of oxygen gas at 24 degree celsius was prepared by decomposing a 3% aqueous soution of hydrogen peroxide in the presence of manganese catalyst by the reaction: 2h2o2 = 2 h20 + o2... the oxygen was colletec by displacement of water. the total
  100. Chemistry

    Any help would be great on the below problems. I am not sure where to begin. How do I solve these? Do I use a formula? 1. You are asked to make 500.0 mL of a 4.5M solution of HCl, but the only HCl you have available to dilute is 18.0M. Describe how you