osmotic pressure chemistry

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  1. Chemistry

    Write rate law expressions? 2NOCl(g) --> 2NO(g) + Cl2(g) S2O3^2-(aq) + H^+(aq) --> HSO3^-(aq) + S(s) (Sulfur initially forms a colloid solution so it can be treated as aqueous.) (1) Write the rate law expression for the above reactions, assuming
  2. CHEMISTRY........

    i TRIED TO DO IT, BUT MY ANSWERES ARE WRONG. Please show work and explain. 1. If 29.0 L of methane, CH4, undergoes complete combustion at 0.961 atm and 140°C, how many liters of each product would be present at the same temperature and pressure? 2 If air
  3. ap chemistry

    An apparatus consists of a 2 L flask containing nitrogen gas at 25C and 819 kPa, joined by a valve to a 12 L flask containing argon gas at 25C and 51 kPa. The valve is opened and the gases mix. What is the partial pressure of nitrogen after mixing?
  4. AP Chemistry

    What is the value of w (work) when 1.3 moles of H2 expands from 25 liters to 50 liters against a constant external pressure of 1 atm, then expands further from 50 to 100 liters against a constant external pressure of 0.1 atm? Answer in calories. Answer in
  5. Chemistry

    the air in a steel belted tire is at a gauge pressure of 29.8 psi at a temperature of 20 degrees celsius. After the tire is driven out fast on a hot road, the temperature in the tire is 48 degrees celsius. What is the tires new gauge pressure. Can someone
  6. chem

    If an ideal gas is allowed to expand into a vacuum, this means that the external pressure is 0. This doesn't affect the internal pressure though, correct? For example: I have a problem in which one mole of an ideal gas at 300. K and at a volume of 10.0 L
  7. chemistry

    You have two sealed jars of water at the same temperature. In the first jar there is a large amount of water. In the second jar there is a small amount of water. Using 3 -4 sentences explain how the vapor pressure of water in the first jar compares with
  8. PHYSICS help please

    a DC-10 aircraft is flying at an altitude where the atmospheric pressure is 40% of sea level pressure. if the aircraft interior is maintained at sea level pressure, what is the size and direction of the net force acting on a cabin door that is 1.0 meters
  9. math

    Atmospheric pressure V decreases as altitude h increases. At a temperature of the pressure is 101.1kilopascals kPa at sea level, 86.4 kPa at h = 1 km, and 77.1 kPa at h = 2 km. Use a linear approximation to estimate the atmospheric pressure at an altitude
  10. chemistry

    According to Boyle, pressure and volume of a confined gas are ____ proportional, and according to Charles, the volume of a gas at a constant pressure is____ proportional to its Kelvin temperature. A. directly; inversely B. directly; not C. inversely;
  11. chem

    The total pressure in a flask containing air and ethanol at 257C is 845 mm Hg. If the pressure of the air in the flask is 762 mm Hg, the vapor pressure of ethanol is ? mm Hg.
  12. Chemistry

    A gas mixture consists of equal masses of methane (molecular weight 16.0) and argon (atomic weight 40.0). If the partial pressure of argon is 200. torr, what is the pressure of methane, in torr? I am coming out with 443torr, but the listed options are 80.0
  13. phy

    An emphysema patient is breathing pure O2 through a face mask. The cylinder of O2 contains 0.20 ft3 of O2 gas at a pressure of 2200 lb/in2. (a) What volume would the oxygen occupy at atmospheric pressure (and the same temperature)? ft3 (b) If the patient
  14. phy

    An emphysema patient is breathing pure O2 through a face mask. The cylinder of O2 contains 0.20 ft3 of O2 gas at a pressure of 2200 lb/in2. (a) What volume would the oxygen occupy at atmospheric pressure (and the same temperature)? ft3 (b) If the patient
  15. science

    calculate the depth of salt water lake,if the pressure at its base is 16 times the atmospheric pressure.the density of salt water lake is 1,050kg m-3 and acceleration due to gravity is 10 ms-2.the atmospheric pressure is 10N cm-2
  16. chemistry

    what is the solubility of N2 at a pressure of 10 atm? partial pressure at 1 atm=0.78 atm solubility at 1 atm= 5.3 x 10^-3 mol/L
  17. science

    A gas at atmospheric pressure is compressed isothermally to one third of its volume. What is final pressure?
  18. Physics: Pressure Problem

    What is the total pressure at the bottom of a lake at a depth of 38m?
  19. Pressure in Physics

    Calculate the pressure of the body with mass 60kg and area of 10m2.
  20. physics

    An inflated basketball has a gauge pressure of 9.0 lb/in^2. What is the actual pressure inside the ball?
  21. physical science

    if the absolute pressure of gas is 550.280kPa , its gage pressure is ?
  22. Fluid Mechanics

    What must the water pressure be to supply the second floor (18.0 ft/up) with a pressure of 50.0 lb/in² at that level?
  23. chem

    A gas has a pressure of 5.7ATM at 100.0 C what is the pressure at 20.0 C? (assume voulme is unchanged)
  24. physics

    Given the atmospheric pressure is 10 5pa what is a gauge pressure of 0.55 mpa equal to?
  25. Chem

    what would be the partial pressure of N2 gas over water at 22*C and 721 torr pressure
  26. Chem.

    what is the volume of 4 moles of a gas if the pressure is 3.5 atm and the pressure is 25C
  27. Chemistry (volume of gas)

    A sample of argon at 2.0 atm pressure is heated until its temperature is raised from 60 °C to 90 °C. The pressure of the gas at this temperature is 3.0 atm and the volume is 4.4 L. What was the initial volume of the gas?
  28. earth science

    "perhaps more than any other single measurement, atmospheric pressure is the best indicator of current and changing weather conditions." explain and discuss thy this statement is correct. provide some examples (hint: discuss the difference in high and low
  29. Chem

    Please tell me if these are right? A mixture of oxygen and helium is prepared for a scuba diver that will descend to 125 feet below the ocean surface. At that depth the diver breathes a gas mixture that has a total pressure of 8atm. If the particle
  30. chemistry

    A student generates H2(g) over water using the reaction between zinc and hydrochloric acid Zn(s)+ 2HCl(aq)---> ZnCl2(aq)+ H2(g) Data: Mass of vial and zinc 15.5082 mass of vial 15.3972 mass of zinc 0.111 final burette reading 45.30mL barometric
  31. chemistry

    if initial pressure is 5 atm, initial volume is 6 liter what will be final pressure in atm when final volume is 10 lit?
  32. Algebra II

    The air in a cylinder is at a pressure of 14.7 lb/in.^2 and occupies a volume of 175 in.^3 Find the pressure when it is compressed to 25.0 in^3.
  33. science

    What pressure is required to reduce 75 mL of a gas at standard conditions to 11 mL at a temperature of 27 ◦C? what pressure would i use?
  34. chem

    The pressure in an automobile tire is 1.89 atm at 24.0°C. What will be the pressure if the temperature increases to 38.0°C? i alreaddy got 1.89/24.0. i dont know where to go from there
  35. Chem

    The air pressure in a tire is 1.20 atm at 77.0 C. Find the pressure of the same amount of gas in the same volume at -12.0 C
  36. physical science

    If the absolute pressure of a gas is 550.280 kPa, its gage pressure is
  37. science

    7. A helium balloon has a pressure of 40 psi at 20°C. What will the pressure be at 40°C? Assume constant volume and mass.
  38. Physical Chemistry

    A 3 mg sample of an unknown ideal gas is subjected to an adiabatic and mechanically reversible expansion from an initial pressure of 2 atmospheres to a final pressure of 300 torr. Given that gamma for the gas is 1.532 and that the temperature drop achieved
  39. physics

    You inflate your car tires to a gauge pressure of 2.43 atmospheres at a temperature of 24 degrees C. After driving a couple of miles the temperature of the tire increases by 46 degrees C. What is the new gauge pressure to the nearest hundredth of an
  40. physics

    The pressure of a gas in a container is estimated to be the force exerted per cross-sectional area. If a factor F=(20.0+/-0.5)N.acts on a rectangular cross-section of the container with dimensions x=(5.0+/-0.5). Calculate fractional change in pressure and
  41. algebra

    The volume V of a gas varies inversely as the pressure P on it. If the volume is 250 cm3 under a pressure of 35 kg/cm3, solve for the pressure applied to have a volume of 180 cm3. Be sure to define your variables, find your constant variable, construct
  42. Calculus

    The rate of change of atmospheric pressure P with respect to the altitude h is proportional to P provided that the temperature is consistent. At 15 degrees Celsius, the pressure is 101.3 pounds per square inch (psi) at sea level and 87.1 psi at height
  43. Chemistry

    You are given 1.226 g of a mixture of KClO3 and KCl. When heated, the KClO3 decomposes to KCl and O2, 2 KClO3 (s) → 2 KCl (s) + 3 O2 (g), and 246 mL of O2 is collected over water at 24 °C. The total pressure of the gases in the collection flask is 755
  44. Chemistry

    A sample of argon gas has a volume of 735 mL at a pressure of 1.20 atm and a temp of 112 degrees Celsius. What is the final volume of the gas, in milliliters, when the pressure and temp of the gas is changed to A.) 658 mmHg and 281K? B.) 0.55 atm and 75
  45. chemistry

    What are the effects on chemical equilibrium of following; Temperature , Concentration and Pressure.
  46. chemistry

    What gas volume does the water have at a temperature of 100 and 1 pressure?
  47. chemistry

    how are the volume and pressure of a gas at constant temperature related?
  48. chemistry

    what is the density of ammonia at 90 degree C and 740 torr pressure?
  49. chemistry

    When 25.0 g of Zn reacts, how many L of H2 gas are formed at 25 °C and a pressure of 854 mmHg?
  50. chemistry

    What is the temperature of 0.65 mol of gas at a pressure of 1.1 atm and a volume of 11.2 L?
  51. Chemistry

    What would increase the pressure inside a tank of helium gas?
  52. chemistry

    which solution would have a high vapor pressure 6.0 M NaCl or 3.0 M LiCl?
  53. Chemistry

    What is the pressure of the gas if 0.145 mol occupies 227 mL at 35°C?
  54. Chemistry

    A gas initially at 20 C must be changed to ____ C to triple the pressure.
  55. Chemistry

    What is the boiling point of ethanol when the atmospheric pressure is 60kPa?
  56. chemistry

    Why the vapour pressure of water and ethanol is 760 mm of Hg at 100 C and 78.5 C ?
  57. Chemistry

    Would you expect H2O or H2S to be more volatile at the same temperature and pressure? Why?
  58. chemistry

    What is the density (in g/L) of hydrogen gas at 18.0 C and a pressure of 1670 psi?
  59. chemistry

    how does an increase in pressure affect the following reaction? C2H2(g)+H2(g) C2H4(g)
  60. chemistry

    If 3.0 mol of O2 has a volume of 26.0 L at a pressure of 1.6 atm, what is its temperature in kelvins?
  61. chemistry

    A gas occupies 8.2 liters at 2.5 atm. What is the pressure if the volume becomes 7.5 L?
  62. chemistry

    A gas occupies 8.2 liters at 2.5 atm. What is the pressure if the volume becomes 7.5 L?
  63. Chemistry ? help!

    How do I perform the following conversions of pressure units: 168 torr = What?
  64. chemistry

    what is the relationship between the area a force is applied to and the resulting pressure?
  65. chemistry

    A gas occupies 8.2 liters at 2.5 atm. What is the pressure if the volume becomes 7.5 L?
  66. Chemistry

    at which temperature will water boil when the external pressure is 30 kPa?
  67. Chemistry

    If the pressure on a balloon were quadrupled what would happen to the balloons volume?
  68. Chemistry

    the pressure in a 10.0 L cylinder is raised from 483 mm Hg to 762 mm Hg. What is the new volume?
  69. Chemistry

    A gas initially at 20C must be changed to ? C to triple the pressure.
  70. chemistry

    at what temperature does 16.3 g of nitrogen gas have a pressure of 1.25 atm in a 25.0 - L tank?
  71. chemistry

    which solution would have a high vapor pressure 6.0 M NaCl or 3.0 M LiCl?
  72. Chemistry

    For the reaction 2 N2O <===>O2 + 2 N2 what happens to the equilibrium position if the pressure is increased
  73. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume occupied by 5.25 g of nitrogen at 26*c [temperature] and 74.2 cm of pressure.?
  74. Chemistry

    what is the pressure exerted by 32g of 0xygen(O2) in a 22.0 L container at 30.0`C? What Law do I use?
  75. chemistry

    A gas initially at 30C must be changed to ? C to triple the pressure.
  76. Chemistry

    At what pressure would 0.150 mole of nitrogen gas at -23.0^o C occupy 8.90 L ?
  77. Chemistry

    How would you define pressure in the unit of thermodynamics? Is it just a force basically?
  78. chemistry

    What is the new volume of the balloon, where the pressure is 0.25 {\rm atm} and the temperature is -20^\circ C .
  79. chemistry

    Pressure cooker is 1.3atm what is the temperature of water that boils
  80. chemistry

    h2+I2 <-------> is independent of ? 1) temperature 2) concentration 3) catalyst 4) pressure 5) reactants
  81. chemistry

    if 25.0g of O2 gas has a temperature of 400k and a pressure of 610 mm Hg, what is its volume?
  82. Chemistry

    The oxides of Group 2A metals (symbolized by M here) react with carbon dioxide according to the following reaction: MO(s) + CO2(g)  MCO3(s) A 2.85-g sample containing only MgO and CuO is placed in a 3.00-L container. The container is filled
  83. Science

    2 spherical containers- P and Q are connected by a tap. P contains a gas at pressure 5 atm at 300K. Q contains same gas at pressure 2 atm at 400K. If tap is opened find the final pressure. Given: volume of Q is 4 times volume of P.
  84. Physics

    The bulk modulus of a liquid is 4.0 10^10 N/m2. Suppose a volume of 0.6 m3 of the liquid is taken from the surface where the pressure is approximately that of the atmosphere (1.00 10^5 N/m2) and is lowered into a pool of liquid to a depth where the
  85. Chemistry

    A scuba diver 60 ft below the ocean surface inhales 55.0 mL of compressed air from a scuba tank at an initial pressure of 2.60 atm and temperature of 8 ∘C. What is the final pressure of air, in atmo-spheres, in the lungs when the gas expands to 155.0
  86. Chemistry

    A 8.07g sample of impure Ag2O decomposes into solid silver and O2(g). If 395mL of O2(g) is collected over water at 25 degrees Celsius and 749.2 mmHg barometric pressure, then what is the percent by mass of Ag2O in the sample? The vapor pressure of water at
  87. Physics please check

    A cylinder is fitted with a piston, beneath which is a spring, as in the drawing. The cylinder is open at the top. Friction is absent. The spring constant of the spring is 4000 N/m. The piston has a negligible mass and a radius of 0.022 m. (a) When air
  88. chemistry

    An equilibrium mixture contains N2O4, (P= 0.30 ) and NO2 (P= 1.1 ) at 350 K. The volume of the container is doubled at constant temperature. Calculate the equilibrium pressure of when the system reaches a new equilibrium. Calculate the equilibrium pressure
  89. chemistry

    You have two sealed jars of water at the same temperature. In the first jar there is a large amount of water. In the second jar there is a small amount of water. Using 3 -4 sentences explain how the vapor pressure of water in the first jar compares with
  90. Chemistry

    I need help with this question. 1. You have a tank of helium with a volume of 10 liters that is currently under 40 atm of pressure. If you open the valve on the tank and release the helium into a room with a volume of 10,000 liters, how many atmospheres of
  91. chemistry(check my work)

    The initial pressure for the compounds involved in the reaction displayed were determined to be P(SO2(g)) = 0.5932 atm, P(O2(g)) = 0.4886 atm, P(SO3(g)) = 0.09287 atm. Calculate the value of the equilibrium constant (Kp) at 1000 K if the equilibrium
  92. Chemistry;HELP

    1. What volume will a sample of hydrogen occupy at 128.0 oC if the gas occupies a volume of 2.23 dm3 at a temperature of 0.0 oC? Assume that the pressure remains constant. (remember to change to Kelvin). 2. If a gas occupies 1733 cm3 at 10.0 oC, at what
  93. Physics

    If you dive to 50 m below the surface of a lake, a) what is the pressure due to the water alone? b)What is the total or absolute pressure at that depth?
  94. physics

    A book has the mass of 1.5 kg what is pressure that it puts down on the table if it has the dimension 20cm by 26 cm? What would the pressure be if it were on end with the dimensions of 20 cm by 4 cm?
  95. pressure

    What is the pressure in millimeters of mercury of 0.0140mol of helium gas with a volume of 222mL at a temperature of 30∘C?
  96. Physical Science

    If a gas has a gage pressure of 156kpa, its absolute pressure is approximately what? A.56kpa B.256kpa Thank You
  97. plumbing

    if abuilding is 12m high and the pressure needed at the top is 400kpa what is the required pressure at the meter?
  98. science

    A 2.5L flask contains 0.25mol each of so2 and n2 gas at 27 ° c. calculate the partial pressure exerted by each gas and also the total pressure exerted by each gas and the total pressure. name the law on which it is based
  99. Algebra 2

    Find the A) Constant of Variation, B) the Equation of the Variation, and the C) the Solution The volume V of gas varies inversely to the pressure P. The volume of a gas is 200 cm^3 under pressure of 32 kg/cm^2. What will be its volume under pressure of 40
  100. college alegebra

    Solve the problem. The volume V of a gas varies inversely as the pressure P on it. The volume of a gas is 240 cm3 under a pressure of 23 kg/cm2 What will be its volume under a pressure of 30 kg/cm2?