mrs sue can you cheak my work please

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  1. Genetics

    Both Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones had babies the same day in the same hospital. Mrs. Smith took home a baby girl, whom she named Shirley. Mrs. Jones took home a baby girl, whom she named Jane. Mrs. Jones began to suspect, however, that her child had been

  2. English

    Mrs. sue IM NOT UNDERSTANDING poem weather by eve Merriam

  3. language arts

    which of the following passages from Johnny tremain is most useful in helping you determine what type of person mrs. lap ham is? A. "My!" said Mrs. Lapham, "that's the worse anything I had imagined. Now isn't that a shame!" B. When Mrs. Lapham came down to

  4. science

    what happened to Mrs. Sue?

  5. P6 maths

    Mrs Raja and Mrs lee have some eggs to sell. If mrs raja sells 30 eggs per day and mrs lee sells 15 eggs per day , mrs lee will still have 610 eggs left when mrs raja has sold all her eggs . If mrs lee sells 30 eggs per day and mrs raja sells 10 eggs per

  6. Social studies

    Lesson 13 Civics unit test hi everyone I half to get a passing grade please please I'm desperate for an answer please mrs sue can u help.

  7. Question

    Where are all the tutors? I haven't seen any of them ever since Mrs. Sue's death. :/ What happened to this site?

  8. technology

    Which of the following is a place where cyber-bullying doesn't occur? A.) Chat messages B.) Online Groups C.) on the football field D.) Cyberspace Please help, Mrs. Sue if your out there plzz help

  9. math

    Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Solve 2 s 3 − 4 r 2 if r = 1 and s = 5 . plz some one help mrs.sue?

  10. algebra

    Solve. 10/(3x) + 4/3 = (7 + x)/2x A) x = 1/3 B) x = 17/5x C) x = 1/5 D) x = 1/6 PLEASE HELP MRS. SUE!

  11. math

    I am Mrs sue and I am not a 6th-grade teacher no more but I am still harsh

  12. Math. Plz walk me though

    A picture of the Sun has 12 identically matched points. Suppose you line up two suns directly on top of each other. What is the least number of degrees that you can rotate the top sun so that so the two Suns are perfectly aligned again. Can someone please

  13. Reading

    Maya Angelou's - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is a poem I need help Please anyone 1. Why is Marguerite often embarrassed when Mrs. Flowers visits? 2. What is the relationship between Momma and Mrs. Flowers? 3. What does Mrs. Flowers teach Marguerite

  14. s.s

    mrs sue can you cheak my work please

  15. math

    Mrs. Sue Mrs. Sue!!!!!!!!! Pls help!!!! I am not good at this. Pls help me figure this out. And, PLs dont give a link. Thank You. P.s I dont even have an estimate. The radius of a cylinder is 3.5 ft. The height is 14 ft. Find the surface area and volume of

  16. math fractions

    •math - Ms. Sue, Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 12:39pm 12 •math - bob, Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 12:56pm Ms. Sue can you tell me how you got that answer please. •math - Ms. Sue, Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 1:09pm Multiples of 6: 6, 12, 18, 24

  17. english

    i am crying because i need a story please give me a story and it has to be 2 pages long but the site that mrs.sue or who ever gave me it did not work

  18. math

    tom's work is 18km away, he starts walking to work at 5:30. He walks 4km every hour. His work opens at 9:00 will he be on time? sue leaves home and ride her bike to work at 7:30. She rides 12km every hour. When does sue overtake tom. how far have they

  19. Math

    Mrs. Sue, help me please.

  20. Letter to Mrs.Sue

    Mrs. Sue I'm sorry for my behavior. I know you'll never forgive me but I'm sorry.

  21. math

    hi I am Mrs sue and I am not a teacher no more but I am still harsh

  22. math

    but mrs sue can do the first 2 numbers so that i can finish cause i don't get it

  23. Math problem

    Mrs. Jones owns 4/7 of the stock in a small business and Mrs.Brown owns the rest. Mrs. smith agrees to give $21,000 in exchange for 1/3 of the stock. The $21,000is to be divided between Mrs. jones and Mrs. Brown so that all three will now have equal share

  24. Math problem

    Mrs. Jones owns 4/7 of the stock in a small business and Mrs.Brown owns the rest. Mrs. smith agrees to give $21,000 in exchange for 1/3 of the stock. The $21,000is to be divided between Mrs. jones and Mrs. Brown so that all three will now have equal share

  25. science

    A student measures the volume of a liquid and finds it to be 40 mL. How many significant figures are in that measurement Help me Mrs.sue!!!!

  26. science

    How can you use the concepts of matter and the kinetic energy of particles to explain the way your model works? plz help me Mrs. sue

  27. Social Studies

    How did European exploration affect East Asian countries? Help Please??? @Mrs. Sue or @Writetecher? Just point me in the right direction I'll take it from there. :D

  28. social studies 8B

    How were the economies of the Northern and Southern states different? How were they the same? What factors led them to develop differently? Mrs.Sue could you provide a link?

  29. Social Studies

    (please help i need it now.) Where do most people in Southwest Asia live? A) in cities B) in rural river valleys C) in the mountains D) in desert interiors PLEASEEEE help me Mrs. Sue :)

  30. MRS.SUE READ !!!(@DAMON)


  31. math,trigonometry

    solve each triangle described below using Δ ABC : 1)a = 10, A = 16°, B = 49° 2)a = 8, b = 7, A = 88° I don't know how to do this i forgot ... could u help (Steve, or Mrs.Sue, or Writeteacher plz help) this topic is Oblique triangle

  32. biology

    Genetic question Both Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones had babies the same day in the same hospital. Mrs. Smith took home a baby girl, whom she named Shirley. Mrs. Jones took home a baby girl, whom she named Jane. Mrs. Jones began to suspect, however, that her

  33. college

    Which of the following would NOT be considered discrimination? 1. Sue believes poor people are criminals. 2. Sue refuses to give Jane a ride to work because Jane is poor. 3. Jane, who is poor, vandalizes the cars of rich people who she believes are snobs.

  34. algebra1/McDougal Littell

    I need to know how to work this problem and show my work: 1/5x-3x+2=2/5x + 18 First rather the x so: 1/5x-3x+2=2/5x+18 1/5x-3x-2/5x=18-2 -3.2x=16 -x=5 x=-5 I don't know if this is correct. Please cheak over it. i don't unstand math. how can i?

  35. Mrs.Sue

    mrs sue i have to go soon can u plzzzz helpppp me i just need ou to answer my questions and show ur work so i can print it and make it a study guide plz

  36. science

    Mrs leuenberger ran the same marathon but since her husband was hunting and she couldn"t find a babysitter she had to carrY her two daughter in her arms they weighs 40pounds and 55 pounds mrs leuenberger weights 145pound (butyou didn't hear that from me)

  37. scientist

    Mrs. leuenberger ran the same marathon but since her husband was hunting and she couldn't find a babysitter she had to carry her two daughters in her arms they weigh 40pounds and 55pounds Mrs Leuenberger weighs 145 pound (but you didn't hear that from

  38. Math

    Mrs Sue thank you and you are the best

  39. math

    thanks mrs.sue

  40. reading

    thank u mrs sue

  41. Thank you

    Thank you Mrs.Sue

  42. social studies

    How did Muslim Turks influence turkey's development? Can someone give me a useful link NO ONE GIVE ME A THE ANSWER PLEASE TRYING TO DO MY OWN WORK!! mrs.Sue can you give me a link

  43. social studies

    Are you sure Salena yes or no Are you sure mrs. sue yes or no

  44. Math (pleaseplease help)

    hey MRS Sue

  45. question

    Mrs.Sue is you a Teacher???????????///

  46. Mrs. Sue

    Mrs. Sue, Is this your job?

  47. Math

    Thank You Mrs.Sue that makes sense.

  48. social studies

    I got it it is wine making mrs. sue



  50. science

    wait mrs.sue i don't get it...what do u mean????

  51. Algebra

    Mrs. Sue and chat can I get a DAB!

  52. math um...mrs. sue see this Question

    how many times does 19 go into 38?? D: im sorry mrs.sue but im still at lost .

  53. Math

    Mrs.Sue how do you explane that 5.5 is to the right of 5 1/4 on the number line.:)

  54. response

    what are the steps to solving the question Mrs.Sue

  55. Curiosity for Mrs.Sue

    Mrs Sue, what is your worst subject since you seem to be able to answer them all!

  56. Science

    This is just an experiment how many of you respect/disrespect Mrs. Sue on this site?

  57. math

    I asked sue a question yesterday and don't understand the answer can you explain? Here what it was I think this question has a typo because none of the multiple choice answers fit. The question is which of the following values is in the solution set of

  58. Chem.

    How would one cheak if the water they are drinking is clean?

  59. math

    chose all of the Values that are less than the mean of the data set shown Mrs.sue please help

  60. Social Studies

    Mrs. Sue can you help? What was Andrew Jackson's views on slavery? Thank you in advance.

  61. History

    Who invented the modern day alphabet? Phoenicans Thanks Mrs. Sue

  62. math intergers and algebraic exressions

    hi mrs sue how are you i need help with my math unit test i really need help what is the solution to -55+q=7 my answer is a

  63. math

    Mrs leuenberger ran the same maraton but since her husband was hunting and she couldn't find a babysitter she had to carry her two daughter in her arms They weigh 40 pounds and 55 pounds Mrs Leuenberger weighs 145 pounds How much work pound did Mrs

  64. Dont need to answer if you dont want to

    I was wondering, Since Ms. Sue answers almost every question and comments a lot, is Ms. Sue a teacher? Does she work here?

  65. Social Studies

    Hi Mrs. Sue!! I need to ask you some questions that are on my homework! Could you help me out? Thanks! Who were the Tudor monarchs? What was their relationship to Parliament?

  66. Algebra

    Write the ratio 16:24 in simplest form 1:2 4:3 3:4** 2:3 @Mrs.Sue can you please check my answer

  67. Math

    Ok please help me I'm desperate! 7/8 - 5/12 A. 11/14 B. 2/24 C. 2/8 D. 2/12 Mrs.Sue I know your going to ask me what my answer is but I'm extremely confused and I dont know. Please please I beg somebody help me.

  68. Grammar

    Our coach, Mrs. Sterner, is very encouraging on the field. What is the appositive in the sentence? a. coach b. very encouraging c. field d.Mrs.Sterner * help! I'm bad at grammar. Ms. Sue??

  69. reading/math

    Hey Mrs.sue, can you answer this question:How does the author establish the setting in the first chapters of the watsons go to Birmingham?

  70. Math

    Mrs. Sue, I have a math question if you can please help me on this. I am confused. I am doing coordinates. If I have a theater at 5 and a Restaurant at -4 (5,-4) how do I find out the halfway point in between?

  71. Social Studies

    Mrs. Sue What would James k. Polks dreams for america be? I have to do a project on this and I searched for answer and I could not find anything useful...Thank you in advance :-)

  72. To - Ms. Sue

    Hello Ms. Sue, I have some fortunate news, the principal gave me out a tutor. I called her, and she seems very nice. Again, thank you. And, is it applicable if we come here? With kind regards, Mrs. Esther

  73. social studies

    Explain how argiculture and textile factories impacted economical development in South Carolina. (4 points) Help plz Mrs.Sue

  74. Social Studies

    Perhaps the wealthier people favored the taxes because they didn't want the state to be in debt. They were also likely to be those who had loaned the money in the first place. Can you explain more mrs. sue?

  75. government

    I am really confused with this part of my homework. Mrs. Sue please help me. OK here is my question: Why do you think free enterprise and capitalism usually develop as economic systems under democracy?

  76. History/SS

    How did the spoils system affect President Jame s Garfield and his successor Chester A. Arthur? Please Mrs.Sue give me some links or something!!

  77. math

    choose an appropriate metric unit for the mass of a paper clip A meter B gram C kilogram D centimeter SOMEONE ANYBODY MRS SUE HELP plz......

  78. physics

    Mrs. Meissner is taking her dog Cooper for a walk. Cooper stops to sniff a tree stump and Mrs. Meissner has to exert a force of 148 N on Cooper's leash (held 35 angle above the horizontal) in order to get him to move 2.0 m away from the tree stump.

  79. statistics

    At a local high school students were randomly assigned to one of two math teachers- Mrs smith and mrs jones. After the assignment, Mrs Smith had 30 students and mrs jones had 25 students. at the end of the year each class took the same standardized test.

  80. math urgent please help

    Mrs Buttler bought 1,800 shares of Stairwell Mutual Fund At an offer price of $3.00 per share. She later sold the shares at a net asset value of $4.60m per share. During the time Mrs Buttler owned the shares, Stairwell Mutual paid adividend of $0.80 per

  81. english

    Mrs. Sue or anybody can you help me with this question please?? Create a paraphrase of the following sentence from “The Cold Equations”: She held the letters out to him. "Will you take care of these and see that they're enveloped and mailed?" pls help

  82. algerbra

    mrs. johnson is 3 times as old as her son. ten years agoe she was 5 times as old as her son was then. what is the two equations for this problem? let x = son's age and y = Mrs. Johnson's age. ============================ y=3x is one equation. 10 years ago

  83. History

    Mrs.Sue, I have completed three questions of the four. May you check them? I do not need help on the fourth one because my teacher still has to give us a booklet with the information and etc... I replied to the post that I posted: yesterday at 3:21pm

  84. History

    What kind of food did Maya's eat? And also what's your fav food, Mrs. Sue? Thank you!

  85. pre-algebra

    Mrs. Boyd went shopping at city center Mall. she parked her car in the parking garage. The cost for parking was $1.00 for the first hour and $0.75 for each additional 1/2 hour. Mrs. Boyd paid $4.75 for parking. Write an equation to find how long Mrs. Boyd

  86. math

    Sue is able to make six beaded bracelets each month. If Sue begings on January 1st, how many bracelets will she be able to finish in time for the craft sale on May 2nd? What strategy might work to solve this problem

  87. math

    Mrs.sue please help me There are 29 women and 19 men on a bus. If 25% of the riders get off at the first stop, how many people will be left on the bus?

  88. Math

    Our teachers are having a toy drive. Mrs. A collected 10 more toys than Mr. B. Mrs. C collected twice as many toys as Mr. B. Mr. D collected 3 less than Mrs. C. Mrs. E collected 50 more than Mrs. A. Together they collected 487 toys in all and gave them to

  89. Tech

    When was the first home computer usable? A.1972 B.1981 (my answer) C.2000 D.none of the above My paper is being graded but i wanted to know ahead of time because this was hard. ( mrs, Sue you are the best "teacher" ever thx)

  90. Algebra 2

    Solve equation and show steps, explain, and i would like to thanks mrs. sue, who answered my last question, and i would like to thank in advanced whoever answers this question :)

  91. math

    what standard unit is comparable to a unit? thank you mrs.Sue

  92. The Short Story Part 2

    In a "Pair of Silk Stockings",the silk stockings are a symbol of? A.Mrs. Sommers's inability to handle money. B.Mrs. Sommers's lack of concern for her children. C.Mrs. Sommers's selfish needs. D.Mrs. Sommers's desire for attention.

  93. Literature - short story

    In "A Pair of Silk Stockings," the silk stockings are a symbol of a)Mrs. Sommers's inability to handle money. b)Mrs. Sommers's lack of concern for her children. c)Mrs.Sommers's selfish needs. d)Mrs.Sommers's desire for attention.

  94. english

    In "A Pair of Silk Stockings," the silk stockings are a symbol of A. Mrs. Sommers's inability to handle money. B. Mrs. Sommers's lack of concern for her children. C. Mrs. Sommers's selfish needs. D. Mrs. Sommers's desire for attention.

  95. Language arts

    Mrs. Gleason kept smiling. “Would you like to try some of the dip, Mrs. Lin? It’s my own recipe: sour cream and onion flakes, with a dash of Tabasco sauce.” What story element does the author develop in this excerpt? A. plot details about the party


    Which of the following battles prompted the british retreat from South Carolina A- Camden B- Kings Mountain C- Port Royal D- Huck's Defeat Anonymous or Mrs. Sue Please Help!! Or Connections Academy people!!!!!

  97. math

    Mrs. Sue please help! A true-false test has 12 questions. What is the probability of guessing the correct answers to all of the questions? (1 point) 1 over 4096 1 over 144 one over twenty four 1over14

  98. social studies

    i find the answer for that question which industry is most helped by italy's arable land and good amounts of rainfall the answer is marble and granite mines is it right mrs. sue

  99. math

    Sue is in an airplane which travels at a constant 300 kilometers per hour. The angle of climb of the airplane is 30 ∘. How long (in seconds) would it take from takeoff, before the airplane reaches 3000 meters, when Sue can access Wifi and work on the

  100. science

    which of the following is a risk of biotechnology? organisms can react to an added gene in unexpected ways. crops may become resistant to pests. crimes may be solved with the use of DNA technology. new medical treatments may become available. please help


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