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  1. Maath

    Solve the equation for the indicated variable. 5(4r-3c)-2(7r-9c)=0 solve for r
  2. Acc. Algebra 2

    Solve for s пr(s+r) Solve for a S= a(1-r^n)/1-r
  3. algebra

    Solve: 2(2-x)<-3x-2...please help me solve this and show me how you get the answer...
  4. algebra

    Solve with fractions. 6x^(2/3)-11x^(1/3)+4=0 How do I solve? Thanks
  5. Please Ms Sue Help me! Alhorithm

    Solve for the value of x: 6log(x^2+1)-x=0. I can't even solve it.
  6. algebra

    can someone please help me solve this solve by completeting the square 1/2 ¡¼X ¡½^2 -7x=16
  7. algebra 2

    solve T=2r(pi)h+2(pi)r^(2) ;solve 4 h show work...please help
  8. Physics

    X=1/2at^2 Solve for a Solve for t Can you please show me how to do this Thank u
  9. Algebra

    X=1/2at^2 Solve for a Solve for t Can you please show me how to do this please Thank u
  10. 11th grade

    Use the following functions to solve. f(x) = x2 + x + 1; g(x) = 5 - 2x; h(x) = -x2 Solve f(g(-1))
  11. Advanced Algebra

    How do I solve: how to solve 3x=4(4-2x)=11 and x-2y+4z=9 x=2z+2 y=-4z ? Thanks Need ASAP
  12. Math (Trigenometry)

    Find two positve real numbers whose product is a maximum and whose sum of the first number and four times the second number is 120. This is as far as I've gotten in solving it. *first number is x. *second number is y. *xy=maximum, which is unknown.
  13. Math

    Math - Tyler, Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 2:51pm Solve (z +2)^ 4/3 = 4 where z is a real number please helpp
  14. math

    Please Help!!!!! If i spent 3 hours in homework and of that time 1/3 on math and 1/5 on science, what method could i use to solve this problem????????? Please Help Thanks!!!!
  15. Math

    I've missed a lot of math in the past few years so I'm a bit behind. I need to solve this question using reciprocals. 15.6 + 5.5 ------------- 18.1(11.1-9.2)
  16. Chemistry

    Dissolving calcium hydroxide (∆Hsoln = -16.2 KJ/mol) in water is an exothermic process. How much lithium hydroxide (∆Hsoln = -23.6 KJ/mol) is needed to deliver the same amount of heat as 15.00 g of Ca(OH)2? Hello everyone, thank you for taking
  17. math ( i need help asap ) pls

    1. gavin needs to read at least 150 pages of his book this week . he has already read 82 pages . how many more pages p must gavin read this week ? a. 82+p >_ 150; p _> 68 b. p+ 82 _< 150; p _< 68** C. P-72 _> 150; P_> 222 D. P-82 _<
  18. math...

    A. Solve a-9=20 I did 20+9=29 29-9=20 a=29 Part b solve b-9>20 I did b-9>20 b-9+9>20+9 b>29 Part c how is solving the equation in part a similar to solving the inequality in part b? I put They are both using the same numbers. Part D I put A is
  19. algebra 2

    how do you solve quadratic equations by finding square roots i have no clue how to do this. I have fallen behind in my math class because my teacher is horrible. I need to learn this to understand everything in the section in the section. I beg someboody
  20. kaley

    find the points at which the graph of 4x^2 - 4x + 12y^2 -6y = 10 has a vertical and horizontal tangent line. For the vertical only solve for y and for the horizontal only solve for x. I got the deriviative to be: (8x-4)/(-24y + 6). For the horizontal, x =
  21. calculus

    find the points at which the graph of 4x^2 - 4x + 12y^2 -6y = 10 has a vertical and horizontal tangent line. For the vertical only solve for y and for the horizontal only solve for x. I got the deriviative to be: (8x-4)/(-24y + 6). For the horizontal, x =
  22. Math

    I just wanted to double check that I am correct. Answer is in Interval Notation. 1. Solve: |x|<7 Work: -7>x<7 Answer: (-7,7) 2. Solve: |x|>_ 7 Work: -7<_ x >_ 7 Answer: ( - infinity sign, -7] U [7, infinity sign)
  23. Math problem

    You have $60.00 in your wallet and want to buy some new CDs. If the CDs are $11.00 each, what number of CDs, x, can you buy? Write and solve an inequality. Can you explain this problem step by step? Trying to help my cousin solve this....:/
  24. algebra

    First: solve for k. Then, go back to the original equation c=k(d-3) and solve for c when d is ten. Second: Area=k*s^2 Put in the fist conditions, solve for k. Then, knowing k, solve for A when is eight. direct variation 1)if c varies directly as d-3, and
  25. maths

    Solve 1.-6b+1+4b= -3b+6 2.8x - 4x = -8 3.the sum of twice a number and 14 less than the number is the same as the difference between -38 and the number. what is the number? 4. some number is six more than eight. what is the number? 5. 3.2x + 5.6x = 3.1 +
  26. Math

    You have a total of 21 coins, all nickels and dimes. The total value is $1.70. Write and solve a system of equations to find the number of dimes d and the number of nickels n that you have. I already wrote the equations: n+d=21 and 10d+5n=1.70. But I don't
  27. math

    Describe a situation this week when you used math to solve a problem involving data, graphs and statistics.
  28. Math

    Show all work solve the Math: Polynomial inequality and express the solution in set notation. 2t^2 - 3 < or = to t
  29. ^th grade math,

    using mental math and distributive property solve: 25(12)
  30. math 1A

    hey im having trouble with these math problem . if a=2 and d=7 6d-3a =? how do you solve and get the answer ?
  31. math

    Please help me I am confused on this math problem. solve. y/8-8/y=0 what are the solutions? Wouldn't they be 0?
  32. English

    1. You will must go hunting. (X) 2. You will have to go hunting. (O) 3. He may can lift the rock.(X) 4. He may be able to lift the rock. (O) 5. She must can solve the math problem. (X) 6. She must be able to solve the math problem. (O) (Are the marks, X's
  33. Math/Physics

    The velocity v of a particle moving in the xy plane is given by v = (6.0t - 4.0t2) i + 4.0 j, with v in meters per second and t (> 0) is in seconds. What is the acceleration when t = 3.0 seconds? When is the acceleration zero? When is the velocity zero?
  34. math

    1. What is the sum of 5/6 + 2/3? 2. Sue needs 2 1/3 cups of flour for a batch of cookies. How many complete batches can she make with 10 cups of flour? 3. Which of these numbers is irrational? a. .25 b. 1/5 4. Solve 1/6 / 2/6 5.What expression is
  35. Math

    1. Solve the proportion: z z+9 ---- = ---- 3 12 A. 4 b. 3 c. 2 d. 1 my answer is c ? 2. Solve the proportion: 16 = 8 --- --- 4d+2 3 A. 1^ 11 --- 12 b. 1^ 1 -- 3 c. 1 d. 2 My answer is D ? 3. A solution contains 2.2 liters of water. Convert this measurement
  36. Algebra

    I have a few questions that I need help with. Solve the radical equation, and check all proposed solutions. 5. x- square root 3x-2=4 I don't understand this problem. Solve and check the equation. 10. (x^2+14x+49)^3/4-20=7 would I have to multiply each

    1) What are the equilibrium solutions to the differential equation and determine if it is stable or unstable with the initial condition y(-4)=1: 0.1(y+2)(4-y) 2) Use Euler's method with step size=0.5 and initial condition y(0)=3 to solve the equation
  38. 8th grade math - system of equations

    I'm not sure how to solve these. Solve using any method (substitution or elimination) 23. The sum of two numbers is 27. The larger number is three more than the smaller number. What are the two numbers? Ans: l = large; s = small l + s =27 and l = 3S 3s + s
  39. Algebra HELP!

    Solve by substitute: 1) y=2x-1 2x+2y=22 Solove by emlimination: 1) 5x+4y=-83 3x-3y=-12 Solve using a method of your choice: 1) x+2y=23 5x+10y=55 2) y=x+1 2x-2y=-2 Please help me I don't understand any of this, it's my second day of school and I already
  40. Geometry

    To solve for the following proportion, you could use equivalent ratios, divide out the known ratio, or use cross products. Choose one of these methods to solve for t. Show your work and explain why you chose that method.
  41. Mathematics

    Solve the following differential equation, i.e. solve for y: dy/dx - y/x = 1/x + y + 1 I have this so far, 1. dy/dx= (y + 1 + xy + x)/x 2. x dy = (y + 1 + xy + x)dx 3. Integrate both sides... xy + c = xy + x + .5x^2y + .5x^2 + k where c and k are constants
  42. Math word problem check

    The Mad River flows at a rate of 3 km/h. In order for a boat to travel 78.2 km upriver and then return in a total of 8 hr, how fast must the boat travel in still water? what formula would be used to solve this problem? I used the formula of V = D/T T =
  43. Algebra 1

    What is an equation of a line perpendicular to the line with equation y = 1 - 3x a.y=-3x + 5 b. y=3x + 5 c.y=-1/3x + 5 d. y=1/3x + 5 To solve the linear system below, which substitution of unkowns is proper ? x + 4y= -6 5x - 3y = -16 a. substitute -4y-6
  44. math,help

    can someone please just set the equation for me to solve this problem . thanks A solar collector is 2.5m long by 2.0m wide. It is held in place by a frame of uniform width around its outside edge. If the exposed collector area is 2.5m^2, what is the width
  45. Math problem

    Please solve Your profit P is determined by subtracting the cost C, the amount of money it costs to operate a business, from the revenue R, the amount of money you earn from selling your product. Profit can be represented algebraically by the equations:
  46. Math

    (i) Solve the equation 3y^2-5y-2=0 (ii) hence, solve the equation, 3(1/x-1)^2 -5(1/x-1)-2=0
  47. math

    solve the equation (1/4)^x = (1/8)^2x-1 solve the equation 3^-x+2=27^x-4
  48. Math

    Simplify: -1+9(5-3m) Solve 10=10-2m Solve: 4b<_-2/3 Simplify: 6v-8-6v+16
  49. math

    i cannot solve the math question i was given. Problem: a chef has to divide 5 heads of lettuce on 12 plates, this answer is to be afraction.
  50. Math

    could someone please help me solve these two math problems? Which of the following numbers are integers? 2/13,570,0.096,-670,33.3? write in the lowest terms 2 1/4+4 1/7?
  51. Math Please Assist

    Solve exactly for x: sin^3 x + sin x cos^2 x = cos x If 0 degrees <= x <= 180 degrees x = ? degrees? Would i factor out sin^3 x from the left side and the right. and try to solve from there?
  52. math,correction & help

    is problem number 1 correct Problem #1 factor completely. x^4 + x^3 -12 MY answer: (x^2-3)(x^2+4) or is this still factorable. Problem #2 i need someone to help me set it up for me to solve. If the sides of a square are decreased by 3cm, the area is
  53. math,correction

    Solve for x. Problem #22 25x^2 = 13 My answer: x = + - radical (13)/(5) Problem #32 2 (x - 5 )^2 = 3 My answer: x = 5 +- radical (3)/(2) Problem #42 Solve for x x^2+4x+4=7 (hint factor the left-hand side) My answer: x = -2 +- radical (7)
  54. algabra

    Note: Remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem. You have $59.95 in your wallet and want to buy some new CDs. If the CDs are $11.99 each, what number of CDs, x, can you buy? Write and solve an inequality. (2 points) *Step 1:
  55. math log rules / chem

    hey so i have this equation i need to manipulate to solve for F- concentration. E1 = constant - 0.05916log[F] E2 = constant -0.05916log([F]+[Spiked]) E2-E1=-0.05916log(F+S) + 0.05916log[F] E2-E1/0.05916) = log[F+S] + log[F] how do I solve for log[F] ???
  56. Math

    There 1170 students in a school. The ration of girls to boys is 23:22. The system below describes relatioonships between the number of girls and the number of boys. g+b=1170 g/b=23/22 a. what's the proportion for g when you solve it? b. how do you solve
  57. math log rules / chemistry

    hey so i have this equation i need to manipulate to solve for F- concentration. E1 = constant - 0.05916log[F] E2 = constant -0.05916log([F]+[Spiked]) E2-E1=-0.05916log(F+S) + 0.05916log[F] E2-E1/0.05916) = log[F+S] + log[F] how do I solve for log[F] ???
  58. math...please help asap

    Solve the following; use proper fractions in your answer: 1. 1/3 + 1/4 = 7/12 2. 4/5-2/3 = 2/15 3. 5/6 * 4/5 = 2/3 4. 3/7 divided by 6/8 = 4/7 5. 3 1/4 - 1 3/8 = 1 7/ this a proper fraction? 6. 5 8/9 + 2 4/7 = 8 29/ this a proper fraction?
  59. Algebra

    Can someone please help solve this? Solve by using addition or substitution or addition. 10x+2y=7 y=-5x+3 the answer my got was x=11/10 y=-2 My teacher said that was wrong. Never mind this post I found out how to solve it. Try substitution. 10 x + 2(-5x
  60. Math: Differential Equations

    I've been stuck on this math hw problem for a while, I was thinking of taking the integral of the equation, but I've been messing up too much that I'm not sure anymore. Q: Is it possible to solve y'=x/(x^(2)-1) for y(1) = 0? Thank you!
  61. math

    If it takes 1/4 an hour to type one page, how many pages can be typed in 3 1/2 hours? The answer is 14, right? But what is the written math equation to solve this?
  62. Math

    I need help on my math the question is make up a set of at least 12 numbers that have the following landmarks with maximum:8 range:6 mode:6 median:5 can you help me solve this equation
  63. Math

    How have proportions been useful to solve various math problems that we have studied?
  64. Math

    How do I solve this math problem. -2-10a=158
  65. Math

    I can't figure out how to solve this math problem, please help. 1.4 divided by 36.96
  66. Math

    Can anyone help me solve a Math Olympiad Fraction problem?
  67. MATH Introduction to Math Skills and Strategies

    Solve. -7 + 8 + (-2) + 6
  68. Math

    Explain how you can use mental math to solve the equation 8^(x-4)=1.
  69. Math

    How do I solve this math problem.. (-11-6--5+1+3x2) divided by -5
  70. English

    1. The problem is so difficult that I cannot solve it. 2. The problem is too difficult for me to solve. 3. It is too difficult for me to solve the problem. (Are the three sentences the same? Do they come from the same structure? Can we omit 'that' in
  71. Social Studies (Ms. Sue)

    What kinds of problems did progressives attempt to solve? My answer: They attempted to solve the issues of poverty, the spread of slums, and poor conditions in factories.
  72. algebra

    Note: Remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem. You have $59.95 in your wallet and want to buy some new CDs. If the CDs are $11.99 each, what number of CDs, x, can you buy? Write and solve an inequality. (2 points) *Step 1:
  73. Algebra Multiple Choice

    Hello, This is the last of questions I have for my practice assignment. Again I will put what I got. Thanks for your help. 1.) Solve the system using substitution. Write answer as an ordered pair. 4x+2y=8 -5x-2=y A.) First equation (-2,8) B.) Second
  74. calculus

    Please help me solve this equation. log[2](3)+log[2](x)=log[2](5)+log[2](x-2) 1. Solve equation by setting up algebraically. 2. Use appropriate properties of Logarithm to reduce the number of logarithmic terms to only one. 3. Solve logarithmic equation.
  75. substitution method

    -3x+y=-5 x+2y=0 Your equations: -3x + y = -5 x + 2y = 0 Let's solve the second equation for x: x = -2y Now let's substitute -2y for x in the first equation to solve for y: -3(-2y) + y = -5 6y + y = -5 7y = -5 y = -5/7 Now let's substitute -5/7 for y in the
  76. math

    How do you solve these types of problems? What is the remainder when 732^500 is divided by 10? The remainder of a division problem is the same as its modulo. 732^500 % 10 = the remainder what is modulo? and what do I need to do to solve this?
  77. Math Estimating Sides of a Triangle

    Use the diagram below to answer the question that follows. I couldn't copy the diagram into this. It basically shows a Triangle ACD with CD=100ft. Then another line intersects above angle A and reads BE= 30ft. AB=50ft. and BC=? That is the part it wants
  78. Math Stats

    Help me solve this please. One of the few on my hw list that I had no idea how to solve A medical researcher is interested in the prenatal care received by pregnant women in inner cities. She interviews 35 randomly selected women with children on the
  79. math

    Kevin and Zach are playing a number guessing game. Kevin says, "I am thinking of a number. If you double it and then subtract one, the result is 7." a) Write an equation that Zach could solve to find Kevin's number. b) Explain the steps Zach could use to
  80. Algebra

    How do I solve this? The perimeter of a rectangular writing pad is 28 inches. The length is 1 inch less than twice the width. Find the width. Show all work! Translate your English into Math <The length is 1 inch less than twice the width> or L = 2W -
  81. Math 7 A

    Note: For questions 5 and 6, remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem. Be sure to use the text box where the question mark (?) first appears to show your mathematical work. You can use the comments field to explain your work.
  82. Math

    Marks worth is A 1 B 2 C 2 Please explain next to it though how you got that answer and what to write to get that mark. Clearly explain as I have no clue, don't leave anything out though! Information needed to solve There is an isosceles triangle with
  83. Math

    120 people are given a survey about which television shows they watch. ABC=55 NBC=30 CBS=40 ABC and CBS=10 ABC and NBC=12 NBC and CBS and ABC=5 It wants you to solve for the remaining regions of the circle (mainly what NBC+CBS equal). I know you have to
  84. math solve the problem using the four step plan

    At the end of their 3-day vacation, the Palmers traveled a total of 530 miles. On the third day,they drove 75 miles. On the second day,they drove 330 miles. How many miles did they drive the first day? I can only solve this by adding the second, and third
  85. math

    76x + 46y=474.25 54x+37y+346.25 solve x and y can you use substitution to do this question math 10 pre cal thanks a lot
  86. Math

    I need help on my math question. can someone please explain the process? You have $5 for lunch. You bought a turkey sandwich for $2.25. Write and solve an inequality to show how much more you can spend.
  87. math/algebra

    solve each of the following systems by substitution. 16) 5x -2y = -5 y - 5x = 3 20) 8x -4y = 16 y = 2x - 4 28) 4x -12y = 5 -x + 3y = -1 Step one: Solve on of the equations for one of the variables. y=2x-4 Step two:Substitute the expression for the variable
  88. Math 3

    If you want to be eligible for partial credit, please show your work. Solve the following system of equations using any method. y=1/2x+3 y=1/3x-2 Try substituting the equations. if y=1/3x-2, then 1/3x-2 = 1/2x+3 Solve for x, then plug your solution in for
  89. Math

    I'm learning series and sequences (grade 11). Please check that my steps show I understand what I'm doing/the concept and my answer as well: 5. The consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequences are 3.6, y, 8.2. Find the value of y. This seems to be a
  90. math 108 trig

    1.Solve, finding all solutions in [0, 2π). cosx sin2x + sinx cosx - sinx = 0 2.Solve, finding all solutions in [0, 2π). 3sec x = 2tan^2x
  91. Math

    Match the expressions with thier equivalent equations in the columns. List A: List B: 6x+12 6(1+x) 6+6x 6x-6 6(x-1) 6(x+2) Fill in the blank: The expression 6x+12 is equivalent to the expression __________ The expression 6+6x is equivalent to the
  92. Math

    I tried to solve this but can't seem to find a procedure to solve this: To measure the height of Lincoln's caricature on Mt. Rushmore, two sightings 800 feet from the base of the mountain are of Lincoln's face is 32 degrees and the angle of elevation to
  93. compound inequality

    olve. State the solution set using interval notation and graph it 1/3x > 2 and 1/4x > 2 First should I solve for x. How would you handle this problem? yes, solve for x in each.. x>6; x>8 so if the second condition is met, that is x is g reater
  94. Math

    Please explain how to solve this equation with substitution: The owner of a hair salon charges $20 more per haircut than the assistant. Yesterday the assistant gave 12 haircuts. The owner gave 6 haircuts. The total earnings from haircuts were $750. How

    I am going over some math homework and need to know if I am getting the right answers. 1. Solving by elimination: 2x+3y=3, and 4x+6y=6 I say the determinant is o, there is no solution 2. y-11>2y-2 Is 1,-15,-17,-2 solutions: My answer = 1 is not, -15 is,
  96. Math

    How do I solve this: 5a^2(3a+4)(a+2)(a^2+25) please help and thank you
  97. math

    Solve (x^3 y)^2/8x^1/3
  98. Math

    How do you solve this? (3x+2)(3x^2+5x-4)
  99. math

    how to solve 50+48/4+16*2
  100. math

    how do i solve x^2-4x