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  1. MATH

    5x-4y= -3 2x + 7y= 5 How to solve this linear system shown above by using elimination strategy ? (5x-4y= -3) *2 ->10x - 12y= 6 (2x + 7y= 5) *5 -> 10 +35y= 25 ___________________________________________ -47y = -19 y = -19/47 10x - 12y= 6 10x - 12(0.4)
  2. math

    betsy travel on a bus for 21 miles to school. if betsy travels for a full week (7 days). how many total miles did she travel ? Use a drawing and distributive property to solve. I got the answer i am asking for the what drawing should I show. pls help thank
  3. Math

    Find an equation for the tangent line to the curve at (π/2 , 2). y = 4 + cot(x) - 2csc(x) I am confused how to take the derivative of this problem. When I tried to solve it I ended up with -csc^2 (x) + (2csc(x) * cot(x)). From there I can't seem to
  4. math

    The cost of printing the first fifteen hundred copies of a book is $1500. It costs y dollars to print each subsequent copy. The cost of printing the first 7500 copies of the book is $7080. Find Y. Please explain how to solve it.
  5. Math 133

    when the volume of a cube is given by V=S3, where S, is the lenght of a side. Find the lenght of a side of a cube if the volume is 500 cm3. And round the answer to three decimal places. can you solve this problem and show all steps with the solution?
  6. math

    nikki makes 6.50 an hour she plans to buy a cd burner that costs 275.20 write and solve an inequality describing how long nikki will have to work to be able to buy the burner answer to the nearest hour a h>268.70 b h>42.3 c h<43 d h> 43
  7. Math

    A person just fitted for contact lenses is told to wear them only 2 hours the first day and to increase the amount of time by 20 minutes each day. After how many days will the person be able to wear the contacts for 14 hours? *Solve using a arithmetic
  8. Math

    A local computer center charges non-members $5.00 per session to use the media center. If you pay a membership fee of $25, you pay only $3 per session. Write an equation that can help you decide whether to become a member then solve the equation and
  9. Math

    Luke walks 1 3/4 miles each way to school. Tuesday before he realized he left his lunch at home and had to go back to get his lunch. How many miles did luke walk on wednesday to and from school? A: 3 1/2 B: 4 C: 4 1/2 D: 2 3/4 I don't understand tis one.
  10. Math

    Draw an array for 12x7 (You don;t have to draw all the boxes inside, just the shape and the dimensions.) How would you break up this array into two smaller arrays? Show your two smaller arrays an your drawing. Then fill in the equation and solve the
  11. Math

    Draw an array for 12x7 (You don;t have to draw all the boxes inside, just the shape and the dimensions.) How would you break up this array into two smaller arrays? Show your two smaller arrays an your drawing. Then fill in the equation and solve the
  12. Math

    Jeremy loves right triangles that have side length 1. In fact, he loves to combine them so that the hypotenuse of one becomes the leg of the next. If the longer leg of the first triangle is sqrt 11, what will be the hypotenuse of the 2014th triangle? I
  13. ma

    how do i solve this?:(2x+12)x=?
  14. al 1

    How do you solve this.....x/3+ x/2=3/4
  15. how do i solve for y?

    2x-3y=4 y=-x-3 i know x=4/12=1/3
  16. Help

    help solve 7^(11/13)
  17. Help

    Solve a-1 a²-11 -4 = a+4 a+4
  18. Help

    x^2 -6x + 9 = 9 how would I solve this
  19. please help! solve for x

    2^x+3=5^3x-1 thanks!
  20. solve please

    xy = 12 y = 2x + 2
  21. How do I solve for w

  22. solve

    can you help me with? solve 2/5x+3x-4/2x>x-2/3x
  23. Physics

    I've asked a similar qustion earlier and now I think I have drawn the correct free body diagram and go about solving the problem. The only thing is I do not know how to solve it. a block (mass m1) on a smooth horizontal surface, connected by a thin cord
  24. 4th grade math

    solve the following problems using pictures, number or words. At president's inaguration in 1861, the newpaper headlines stated there were about 30,000 people in attendance. If the newpaper rounded to the nearest thousand, what is the largest number and
  25. Math

    Find X 27^4x-2=243^3x=6 Please Explain Thanks Is this a repeat of the problem you posted earlier? If so, it should be 274x-2 = 2433x+6 You might try it the hard way. (4x-2)*log 27 = (3x+6)*log (243) Solve for x. I get -12. Post your work if you get stuck.
  26. Word Problem, math.

    A police car traveling 100 ft/sec is chasing a car being driven erratically at 75 ft/sec. If the police car is 300 feet behind the other vehicle when the chase began, about how many seconds will it take to catch the erratic driver? I think I know how to
  27. algebra,math

    is there a good website where describes the importance of function notations. After reading the website it gives me the definition of function notations. Although what is important about function
  28. math,correction,plz

    Solve each of the following quadratic equations by completing the square. Problem#22 sect. 10.2 x^2-6x-3=0 My answer I keep getting two different answers : I get these two everytime i do it differently. I get : x= 3 +- radical(12) or x = 3+-2radical(3)
  29. math

    (a) Complete the square by writing in the form . Note: the numbers and can be positive or negative. x^2-14x-17=(x-7)^2+ (b) Solve the equation by completing the square or using the quadratic formula. If there is more than one correct answer, enter your
  30. Math - Could Someone Check My Work?

    Could someone check my work please? Thank you! (14a^2b)(2ab^2c) = 28a^3b^3c (a^25)^7 = a^125 6x^6 ∙ 6x^6 = 36^12 (2x^2)^3 = 8x^6 (-2)0 = 1 30x^20/(6x^9 = 5x^11 4x^5 ∙ 6x^6 = 24x^11 (2x^4)^3 = 8x^12 -4^2 = -16 -(193)^0 = -1 (-193)0 = 1 (-5)2 =
  31. math

    An oil painting is 16 years older than a watercolor by the same artist. The oil painting is also three times older than the watercolor. How old is each? Identify a variable, set up an equation and solve. thanks
  32. math 4th grade no algebra

    Jen is 26 years younger than her mom. Together, their ages total 50. How old is Jen? How old is her Mom? My 4th grader has not learned algebra yet, so how do we solve this?
  33. algebra/math

    Rico's collection of quaters and dimes contains $32.85. There are 171 coins in all How many quarters and how many dimes are in Rico's collection? i solve these with 2 equation. would they be: q + d = 171 25q + 10d = 32.85 help me please.
  34. Math

    Write and solve an equation to answer the question How many miles did Lacey walk if Chris collected $450 in pledges? 18(x)=450 x=25 How many miles did Chris walk 25
  35. Math

    Your school's football team scored 49 points. Your team's scored 19 points more than the opponent's scores. Write and solve an equation to find the opponent's score
  36. Math (Calculus)

    A spherical snowball is melting in such a way that its diameter is decreasing at rate of 0.3 cm/min. At what rate is the volume of the snowball decreasing when the diameter is 10 cm. Can someone help & explain how to solve this question? Please.
  37. mojo

    A hydrogen atom is in its elevnth excited state, n = 12. Using the Bohr model of hydrogen, find the linear momentum. You want to solve for the electron velocity and multiply that by the electrn mass. There are many ways to do this. One would be to get the
  38. English

    i read the book the dark and deadly pool but i have need to kno 3 chraters and 2 conflicts about it THANKX Since you read the book, I'm sure you know three of its characters. Those are the main people in the book. Mary Elizabeth was the main character. Who
  39. precalculus

    Solve 7 cos(2 theta) = 7 sin^2(theta) + 3 for all solutions 0 less than or equal to theta less than 2pi. Solve 7 sin(2 w) - 4 cos(w) =0 for all solutions 0 le w lt 2pi
  40. Physics

    divide both sides of the equation by mass, it divides out. mass*HeatFusion=mass*gh How do you calculate the height that a block of ice at 0°C must be dropped to completely melt upon impact. Assume that all of the initial gravitational potential energy of
  41. Math

    An invoice dated August 15 is paid on August 20 . The amount on the bill is $ 1,525 and the credit terms are 3 / 10 , n / 30. What amount should be paid? (a)$ 1,325.00 (b)$ 1,425.00 (c)$ 1,479.25 (d)$ 1,495.00 (e)$ 1,525.00 I am having trouble figuring
  42. Math

    The bases of trapezoid ABCD are AB and CD. Let P be the intersection of diagonals AC and BD. If the areas of triangles ABP and CDP are 8 and 18, respectively, then find the area of trapezoid ABCD. I'm so confused... please help! I was thinking that if I
  43. math

    A tennis ball is dropped from a height of 7 ft. If the ball rebounds 2/3 of its height on each bounce, how far will the ball travel before coming to rest? (Find the total distance that the ball will travel before it stops bouncing.) i need help i don't
  44. College Prep Math 4

    The formula is S=2 times the square root of 5 times L. S equals the estimated speed of a car and L equals the length of the skid marks prior to the accident. 100=2(square root of 5x) I have no idea how to solve this
  45. math115

    which numbers are prime numbers 37,39,41,43 answer 37,41,43 John spent 1/3 of his study time doing math homework and 3/5 preparing for a history exam what fraction of his study time remains? answer 1/15 Solve for the unknown 2/7/20=1.6/ranswer 112
  46. Math

    A virus scanning program is checking every file for viruses. It has completed checking 40% of the files in 300 seconds. How long should it take to check all the files? I am not sure how to set this problem up, can someone please help! 40% = 40/100 40/100 =
  47. Calculus

    A $99,000 mortgage for 30 years at 9% APR requires monthly payments of $796.58. Suppose you decided to make monthly payments of $1,100. When would the mortgage be completely paid? I am using a present value of annuity eguation but don't know how to solve
  48. MATH

    Two cell phone companies have different rate plans. Runfast has monthly charges $25 plus $10 per gig of data. B A &D’s monthly charge is $18 plus 15 per gig of data. Your task is to determine under what circumstances each company has the better pricing.
  49. Math

    The problem 8^x = 16^x+2 the choices a)8 and b)-8. Help please! Given that information I want to say the answer is -8 ? where is the 2. Use parentheses. Is it 16x+2 or 16x+2 The 2 is part of the exponent. Take the log of both sides. log 8x=log 16x+2 x*log
  50. Prealgebra

    I've got a couple questions here, and I'm not sure how to solve any of them. 1. Armen is covering his countertop with new tile. His countertop is 3 meters long, and 2 meters wide. Each square tile is 10.5 centimeters on either side. Approximately how many
  51. Math

    Hello i am doing assignment in my math 20-2 class. The question is: data collected of cars passing on the road revealed that the average speed was 90 km/h with a standard deviation of 5 km/h and the data which is normally distributed a policeman is
  52. Math

    how an I tell if this is a circle or an ellipse? also, how am I supposed to solve it? -x^2+2y^2+8x+3=0 I answered a similar question for Jordan last night at 11:20 divide your equation by -1 to make it start with a positive x^2 term. At this point you
  53. Math

    I need help with these problems for a test. 1. Find the inverse of the one-to-one function. f(x)=5x+1/4. 2. The height of the water, H, in feet, at a boat dock t hours after 7 am is given by E=7+4.4cos pi/35 t, where t is time measured in seconds. Find the
  54. Math help please!

    Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. Okay so that is the question, I know it's already on Jiskha but I need it to be
  55. Math

    Suppose that a country's population is 64 million and its population growth rate is 3.7% per year. If the population growth follows a logistic growth model with r=.053, what is the country;s carrying capacity? How do I solve this problem... or at least
  56. Math

    Mary wants to buy some new shoes that cost $95. She also wants to buy some packages of socks. Each package of socks costs $8. She has a total of $127 dollars. Write and solve an equation to find how many packages of socks she can buy
  57. math

    Jonah and his friends go apple picking. Jonah fills 5 baskets. each basket holds 15 apples. if 4 of jonahs friends pick the same amount. how many appples do Jonah and his friends pick in all? please help solve this problem?
  58. Math

    Suppose that a country's population is 64 million and its population growth rate is 3.7% per year. If the population growth follows a logistic growth model with r=.053, what is the country;s carrying capacity? How do I solve this problem... or at least
  59. MATH HELPO!!!

    Convert the map scale to a unit rate. How many inches represent one mile? Show your work. Interpret the meaning of the unit rate. 3/10 in. = 7/8 mi no map just need someone to solve this unit rate FASTLY
  60. MATH help ty

    Solve the system using substitution. y = 4x − 5 y = 2x + 1 A. (−2, −3) B. (1, 3) C. (−2, −13) D. (3, 7)
  61. Math

    Solve the system using substitution. y = 4x − 5 y = 2x + 1 A. (−2, −3) B. (1, 3) C. (−2, −13) D. (3, 7)
  62. physics

    A metal rod is forced to move with constant velocity along two parallel metal rails, connected with a strip of metal at one end. A magnetic field of magnitude B = 0:350 T points out of the page. a) If the rails are separated by L = 25.0 cm and the speed of
  63. math

    DQ sells 6 times as many orders of french fries as sonic everyday. If both sold 60 more orders DQ would only sell 3 times as many fries. How many do each sell before and after the incease? math - DrBob222, Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 4:34pm S = number
  64. problem solving

    Please help me figure out how to solve this problem I have researched and racked my brain and still no luck.I don't think there is enough information givin. Problem In 1054, Chinese astronomers observed the light from a supernova in the night sky. This
  65. 5th grade math

    Mr.Jones wants to put tiles on the floor by the front door of his house. He wants to use 3 different colors of tiles in his design. one half of the tiles to be blue, one fourth of the tiles to be gray, and one fourth of the tiles to be red. I need to use a
  66. math

    Solve each system graphically. Be sure to check your solution. If a system has an infinite number of solutions, use set−builder notation to write the solution set. If a system has no solution, state this. 6x – 2y = 2, 9x – 3y = 1
  67. math

    in track practice jesse ran a mile in 7 minutes. his mile time was 2.5 times faster than michaels time. write and solve an equation to calculate michaels mile time.
  68. math

    solve by substitution method. 5m+n=36 m-5n=54 the everton college store paid 1,859.00 for an order of 49 caculators the store paid 11.00 for each scientific calculator. the others ,all graphing caculators, cost the store 55.00 each. how many of each type
  69. math

    Problem sloving question - Using addition to solve equations Mr wilheim made 342 gallons of brown wax. Unfortunately, he burned some of the wax while it was cooking. He was able to save 256 gallons. How many gallons of wax burned ?
  70. math

    A clerk is packing cubes into a box each cube has edges of 6 inches the dimensions of the box are 15 inches by 30 i.ches by 18 inches find how many cubes will fit in the box ? I don't know how to solve and explain how i found my answer please
  71. physics

    a person is pulling a 100 lb box across a smooth horizontal surface. what is the acceleration of the box if they are pulling upward at an angle of 20° with a force of 75 lbs Well, I know that there is no friction involved because it is a smooth surface
  72. calculus

    1.Solve the differential equation dy/dx= y^2/x^3 for y=f(x) with the condition y(1) = 1. 2.Solve the differential equation y prime equals the product of 2 times x and the square root of the quantity 1 minus y squared. Explain why the initial value problem
  73. math

    Assume it is known that the probability of birth is equal in all months. What is the probability that in the STAT 1025 class of 120 students, exactly 20 students have their birthdays in either August or September? Solve using (i) the exact Binomial
  74. math

    Please explain how to solve: A circular table is painted yellow with a red square in the middle. The radius of the tabletop is 6x. The side length of the red square is 3x. What is the area of the yellow part of the tabletop? Write your answer in factored
  75. Math Help Please

    I got this problem today in school, and I don't know how to go about soving it. Can someone show me. Thanks. Here it is. The distance s(t) between an object and its starting point is given by the antiderivative of velocity function v(t). Find the distance
  76. math

    the teacher has 15 gold ribbons , 22blue ribbons and 53 red ribbons. there are 12 boys and 18 girls in the class if the teacher divides the ribbon evenly among the students. how many ribbons will each student have write a expression using brackets then
  77. Math

    The table shows some values for the function f. If f is a linear function, what is the value of a+b? a24 b36 c48 d72 eit cannot be determined from the information given. x f(x) 0 a 1 24 2 b The Answer is c48. How did they arrive at that answer????????? The
  78. math

    Assume it is known that the probability of birth is equal in all months. What is the probability that in the STAT 1025 class of 120 students, exactly 20 students have their birthdays in either August or September? Solve using (i) the exact Binomial
  79. math 213

    The effect of depreciation can be computed using a formula similar to the formula for compound interest. a. Assume depreciation is the same each month. Write a problem involving depreciation and solve it. b. Develop a general formula for depreciation
  80. Math- fraction equations

    How would I solve this equation? d-1 = -1 1 ____ ___ 4 2 (d-1) divided by 4 = -1 and 1/2 Thanks, Ok, I'll set up your problem this way: (d-1)/4 = -1 1/2 -1 1/2 is the same as -3/2. Therefore: (d-1)/4 = -3/2 Multiply each fraction by a common denominator,
  81. math

    The displacement s (in metres) of a body in a damped mechanical system, with no external forces satisfies the following differential equation: 6 3 2 2    dt ds dt d s where t represents time in seconds. If at time t = 0, s = 0 and
  82. math

    Solve the following problems related to automobile insurance. Jerry Adams normally pays $875 for bodily injury and property damage insurance. His insurance company increases premiums by 150% for 1 accident, 200% for 2-3 accidents, and 250% for 4 accidents.
  83. math

    Fifteen percent of the seniors voted for Joe. If 289 seniors voted for tehother candidates, how many seniors voted in the election? Let the total number voting be N. 0.85 N = 289 Solve for N
  84. drwls, is this correct,math

    drawls this is from the previous post is this correct. solve the system by subtraction. 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 equation#2 woudl be 4x-3y=11 -3y = -4x+11 y = (4)/(3) x - (11)/(3) so now i substitute it to equation #1 5x - 3((4)/(3)x - (11)/(3)= 13 5x - 4 x +11 =
  85. Math

    In a middle school computer club, 3/8 of the members are girls. Of the girls in the club, 2/5 are 6 graders. Write and solve an equation to find the fraction of the members of the club that are 6 grade girls
  86. algebra

    0. Tell your classmates about your pet to set up the scenario for fencing a rectangle in your yard. 1. You MUST start by choosing an amount of area that you want to fence in for your pet and this MUST be stated first. What amount of area are you enclosing
  87. Math

    Please explain to me how to solve: A circular mirror is surrounded by a square metal frame. The radius of the mirror is 5x. The side length of the metal frame is 15x. What is the area of the metal frame? Write your answer in factored form.
  88. Math

    Please explain to me how to solve: A circular mirror is surrounded by a square metal frame. The radius of the mirror is 5x. The side length of the metal frame is 15x. What is the area of the metal frame? Write your answer in factored form.
  89. math,algebra

    can someone explain to me how to solve for the following: Directions:Find the GCF of 6,18, and 30 well to get the answer you need to find the biggest comon factor that all of the numbers can evenly go into. like with 3, 6, 9 you would take 9 and write/type
  90. math

    Please help me solve this word problem. If Leah is 6 years older than her sister, sue, and John is 5 years older than Leah, and the total of their ages is 41. Then how old is Sue?
  91. math

    Wyatt and Allyson were asked to solve a percent problem using the numbers 13 and 38. Wyatt found 13% of 38 and Allyson found 38% of 13. Explain why they both got the same answer. Would this work for other numbers as well? Why or why not?
  92. math word problem

    the difference between two numbers is 55. four times the smaller number plus 5 times the larger number is 176. what are the numbers? L-S=55 4S+5L=176 solve by substution.
  93. math

    The length of an open-top box is 4 cm longer than its width. The box was made from a 480-cm^2 rectangular sheet of material with 6cm by 6cm squares cut from each corner. The height of the box is 6cm. Find the dimensions of the box. Please show me in detail
  94. drbob222,math , algebra

    Sorry i made a typo it suppost to read 20m for one base not 12. Directions: Crafts. Rose's garden is in the shape of a trapezoid. If the height of the trapezoid is 16m, one base is 12m, and the area is 224m ^2, find the length of the other base. Area= 1/2
  95. math

    Find the slope and y intercept of the equation y=(2-a)x+a I know how to find slope and y intercept; I just don't know how to solve this.
  96. Math - logarithmic equation

    Solve the logarithmic equation. Please show all of your work. Loga(x+3) + loga(x-3) = 3
  97. math

    I need to solve this problem. A teacher can grade 25 papers in 4 hours. How many papers can he grade in 6 hours?
  98. Math

    A circle has the circumference 28.26cm. What is the area of the circle? use PI as 3.14. i am confused in how to even solve with the circumference to get the area. Please help
  99. Physics

    Note: I am in Alegebra-based Physics. You have landed on an unknown planet, Newtonia, and want to know what objects will weigh there. You find that when a certain tool is pushed on a frictionless horizontal surface by a 12.2 N force, it moves 16.3 m in the
  100. Precalculs

    I have no idea how to do these type of problems. -------Problem-------- Solve each equation on the interval 0 less than or equal to theta less than 2 pi 42. SQRT(3) sin theta + cos theta = 1 ---------------------- There is an example prior to the