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  1. 5th grade math

    circle the best estimate for each problem. then solve. 52.2*39.7=_____ A.2,00 B.20,000 C.200,000 Solution:_______________________. 148.3*232.51=____ A. 3,000 B.30,000 C.300,000 Solution ________________. please! show me work too so, i can practic for this
  2. chemistry ugg!

    what is the age of a rock whose Argon 40 / Potassium 40 ratio is 1.55? The half life of Potassium 40 is 1.28 x 10^9 years I am confused on this question theres no examples in my book but i have to know it can someone explain to me how to get to the answer?
  3. algebra!

    If the measure of angle A is doubled and then decreased by 10 while the complement of angle A is decreased by one-third of itself, then these two anlges formed are still complementary. Find the supplement of angle A. Please explain so i could understand.
  4. Math

    Solve the system of equations 3x-y=11 -5x+y=12 2. Perform the indicated operation and simplify (5/(x-2)+(4(x^2-2x) 3.simpify and write with only positive exponents (7x^3y^-2)/(x^-4y^9)^-3 4. find the solution of the inequality 2x-11 is less than or equal
  5. Math

    Each morning, the baker gets up early to bake products for the shop to sell throughout the day. He likes to have 36 boxes of each item available in the shop. How much of each item will he need to bake? (Remember to use equations with a letter standing for
  6. math ,correction

    Is this correct..... Solve the problem. Round to the nearest hundredth, if necessary the following data gives the number of appliaces that applied for a job at a given company each month of 1999: 64,67,94,76,78,82,87,88,90,73,64. What is the mean of the
  7. College math

    7) A rectangular pen can be constructed using the side of a barn as one boundary and 5500 ft. of fence to make the other three sides. Find the length and width of the rectangle to make the largest area. Hint: Draw a picture- and label the sides of the
  8. Math

    I need help with these problems for a test. 1. Find the inverse of the one-to-one function. f(x)=5x+1/4. 2. The height of the water, H, in feet, at a boat dock t hours after 7 am is given by E=7+4.4cos pi/35 t, where t is time measured in seconds. Find the
  9. URGENT MATH please

    Chris cuts half a rectangular lawn, 40m by 30m, by mowing strips of equal width around the perimeter. Jerri cuts the small rectangle in the middle that's left. How wide a strip does Chris cut so that they share the work equally? Solve by using quadratic
  10. Algebra

    I am trying to find out if my answer's are correct. Can someone please verify. What is the equation for the line that passes through the (-2,2) and has a slope of 5? Answer- Y=5x + 2 Y=5x +12 Y=5x -2 None of these ¨C I believe this is the answer Find the
  11. last 2 questions trig!!

    4. Solve the triangle(s), if possible. Round to the nearest tenth. Solve the triangle. Side a = 8, side b = 10, side c = 12 6. Two boats leave the same dock at the same time. The first sails in a straight line N40°W at 36 miles per hour and the second
  12. word problem

    A person invests $7,500 part at 5% and the remainder at 4% simple interest. If the total interest at the end of the first year was $346.50, find the amount invested at 4%. total interest=346.5=7500*.05 + x*.04 solve for x. ooopsss, I misread the problem.
  13. math

    how do i solve if it took 1.5 qt of paint to paint a wall 8 ft by 15 ft how many qts will it need to paint a wall that is 10 ft by 24ft.
  14. Math

    Solve the equation or inequality for 3(2y-4)=9-3(y+1)The answer is 2. How do you work it out to get the answer? (x+5)(x-3)=9 the answer is -6,4 How do you work it out????
  15. Math

    I'm stumped on this one too: s e e d + i c e d ---------- s p i c e c= ___ d=___ e=___ i= ___ p= ___ s=___ Hint: Solve for s and i. Then is e is even or odd? Thanks for your help.
  16. math

    Solve this.. ◻ ➕ ◻ ➕ ◻=30 Fill the boxes using (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15)
  17. math

    Solve this.. ◻ ➕ ◻ ➕ ◻=30 Fill the boxes using (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15)
  18. math

    I am taking a job related test consisting of several math sections. I have been out of school for quite some time and am looking to find the easiest place to get tips and tutorials to solve these questions. The topics are as follows: multiplication and
  19. Math

    24. two stores carry a similar stereo for the same original price of $573. one store offers a 16% discount and the second store sells the stereo for 458.40. which store gives the bigger percent discount? Justify your answer. ( 4 points) I don't understand
  20. math

    I just don't understand the geometry behind this! How is theta 1 in red equal to theta 1 in black? And same with theta 2? I need to figure out the angles to solve the rest of my problem, but I am already stuck in figuring out how these angles are the same.
  21. phys

    The speed of ocean waves depends on their wavelength λ (in meters) and the gravitational field strength g (in m/sˆ2) in this way: V=Kλˆp Gˆq Where K is a dimentionless constant. Find the value of the exponents p and q. Consider the
  22. 5th grade math

    A list of numbers represents the following pattern: For each number after the first, multiply the previous number by itself, and then subtract that number. Which list does NOT represent that pattern? A. 1,1,1,1, and so on B. 2,2,2,2, and so on C.
  23. Math.

    I need help with factoring polynomials using pi and sigma. I understand it, but what is the best way to find the sigma when the terms are, in my opinion, really large? It takes me forever to find it, guessing. Let's say the problem is this: 56x² - 53xy +
  24. MATH - solving exponential equations

    The half-life of sodium-24 is 14.9 hours. A hospital buys a 40 mg sample of sodium-24. a) How many grams, to the nearest tenth, of sodium-21 will remain after 48 h? b) After how long will only 2.5 mg remain? I don't know how to write the exponential
  25. algebra 2

    solve: 3+2(1-x)>6 i got -11/2 no Here is what I got: 3+2(1-x)>6 3 + 2 - 2x > 6 -2x > 1 x < -1/2 what about the 3+2? i have to graph the solution set on a number line. What about the 3+2 ???? What a strange question re this problem What level
  26. 5th grade math (word problems)

    I'm not sure how to solve this problem. I know that i need to divide 36 cookies. But not sure how to figure out the number of groups. Am i using multiples of 4? Marie made 3 dozen cookies. She needs to dived them evenly into groups greater than 4. What are
  27. Pre-Algrebra

    Two cell phone companies have different rate plans. Runfast has monthly charges $10 plus $4 per gig of data. B A &D’s monthly charge is $6 plus $6 per gig of data. Your task, is to determine under what circumstances each company has the better pricing.
  28. Math

    A local Dunkin donuts makes blueberry muffins that cost $.69 each to make. Past experience shows that 15% of the muffins will spoil and have to be discarded. Assuming this donut shop wants a 30% markup based on cost and produces 200 muffins, each muffin
  29. Math

    21% reptiles, 11% are birds. There are a total of 1,500 animals in the zoo. Is this the correct proportion that I wrote to solve? 21/100=r/1,500*** 11/21=r/1,500 11/100=r/1,500 100/21=r/500 What is the opposite of 62/7? 26/7 -7/62 7/62 -62/7****
  30. MATH

    HOW DO LEAST COMMON MULTIPLES WORK. IT SAYS THERE IS A PROBLEM TO SOLVE BUT MY MOM AND I CAN'T FIND IT. THEY CIRCLED BOTH 2'S AND 3'S. The least common multiple of 2 and 3 is six. The least common multiple of 12 and 6 is 12. # noun: the smallest multiple
  31. Math

    ( / means absolute value) Solve: 3+/2y-1/>=1. Graph the solution set on a number line. The number line I have is: -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 First solution: 3+2y-1>=1 2y-4>=1 2y>=5 y>=5/2 I'm stuck b/c I had to correct the first part. I
  32. writing in math

    theres just 1 more i needed help with that i was stuck on it says: Madison has 7 pairs of shoes in her closet. write a multiplication sentence to show how many shoes madison has. then solve the problem and write my answer in a complete sentence.
  33. math,correction

    is this correct: solve: 5(x-2)^2=3 My answer: (10 +/- sqrt 15)/(5) looks like you expanded, then used the formula and you got the right answer properly reduced. I think you are getting this!!! I don't want to confuse you but I would have done the
  34. Math

    This question was answered but not by finding a range? If Jim and Mary jog 12 miles in a week. Is it reasonable that the jog 624 miles in a year. To solve problem need to estimate by finding a range.
  35. math

    the willis tower is 1453 feet tall. it is 323 feet taller than the john hancock building. write and solve an equation to find the height of the john hancock building?
  36. Math

    last years computer model is on sale for $799. you can add more memory to the computer. each chp of 8 megabytes of memory costs $25. how many megabytes can you add if you have at most $1,000 to spend? write and solve an inequaality
  37. SAT Math

    Can I please get some help on these questions: 1. If , find the value of 2 square root of 17-x = 2x-10, find the value of x/4. 2. If absolute value of 3x+6 < 9, then which of the following is a possible value of x ? My answer choices are -7, 1, -5, -1,
  38. Math

    Can someone check my answers? And if there wrong can you help me? y-5 / 3 = 1 -2 8 18 6 Combine like terms: -21a + -16a -5a 5a 37a -37a Simplify the expression: 9a - b - 2a - 10b -7a +11b 11a + 9b -11a + 9b 7a + 11b 5 (x+10) + x 6x + 15 5x + 15 6x + 50 4x
  39. math

    A pencil costs $3.50 and a pen costs $6.70. Jessica bought m pens. She also bought 4 fewer pencils than pens. Write an algebraic expression for the total amount she spent and solve the expression.
  40. math

    the cost of 6oz. of chicken is $2.00. how much would it cost for 1.5lbs. of chicken ? (16oz=1lb.) 2 simple ways: 1. if 6 oz cost 2.00 then 1 oz costs 2.00/6 = .3333. and then 16 oz cost 16(.3333..) =5.33 2. by ratios 2.00/6 = x/16 cross multiply and solve
  41. MATH!

    how do you solve this plz show me how you do this 1. on her last three quizzes, jane scored 84, 96, and 88. what grade must she get on her next quiz to have an average of 90 for all four quizzes? 2. a square and a equilateral triangle have the same
  42. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    Sometimes people say, "Give 110% of your effort." Isit possible to get 110%? Is there ever a situation where you might have a percent over 110%? If no, explain why. If yes, Give a scenario where 110% is used. Please help Ms. sue! I have NO IDEA how to
  43. math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 68 f. Find the dimensions of the rectangle if the ratioof the length to the width is 9:8 I am sorry that nobody has responded earlier. The perimeter is the sum of the length of the four sides. Therefore: 2(9X) + 2(8X) = 68
  44. Math

    State domain, range, period, vertical asymptotes, zeros, symmetry and y-intercept of y = -2tan(3x + 180°) + 3 I just need to know if there is a formula to find the vertical asymptotes, symmetry, and zeros or do I have to solve it graphically. Thanks.
  45. Math

    This question was answered but not by finding a range? If Jim and Mary jog 12 miles in a week. Is it reasonable that the jog 624 miles in a year. To solve problem need to estimate by finding a range.
  46. math

    Mr.Lewis drew a triangle measurement, x, .5x, and 1.5x. What is the best classification for this triangle? a. acute, scalene b. obtuse, scalene c. right, equilateral d. equiangular, equilateral e. obtuse. isosceles (i don't understand how to solve this
  47. Math 222

    Please help me solve this problem? The first mechanic worked 10 hours and the second mechanic worked 5 hours. Together they both charged a total of $1250 for their work. Their sum of two rates is $165 per hour. So how much did the first and second
  48. math

    The difference between two numbers is 3. Eight times the larger number is 10 times the smaller number. Write a system of equations describing the given conditions. Then solve the system by the substitution method and find the two numbers.
  49. Math

    The dissipation of heat through a composite material of width w centimetres can be modelled by the function f(w)=10/w-0.77ln(w)–3.2 You are required to find the width of material that will prevent any heat dissipation. State what equation you will need
  50. math

    At a certain breakfast restaurant, the probability of a customer ordering coffee is 0.8. When the restaurant seats two new customers, X is the number of customers ordering coffee. What is P(X=0)? Enter your answer, as a decimal, in the box. P(X=0) how can
  51. math

    Use an inequality to solve the problem. Be sure to show the inequality and all of your work. A 12-pound puppy is gaining weight at a rate of 2/3 pound per week. How much more time will it take for the puppy’s weight to exceed 37 pounds?
  52. math

    there's a question that I don't understand and the direction says that 'solve problems as combination integer problems.remember to rewrite all double sign problems as combination problems before solving' and here's a question 50- -61+ - 170 =
  53. math:solving for an exponent.

    I can't get the right answer, where am I going wrong? 7.0x10^9= (6.7x10^9)(2.72^r*3) 1.04 = 2.72^r*3 When I solve for this, I get ln (1.40) = 0.03922 then 0.03922 / 3 = 0.0130 So my r equals 0.0130 BUT the teacher says the answer is 0.05 = r *3 0.02 = r
  54. Math

    Manuela is having mugs made for a fundraiser. The cup company will make them for $4.50 each with no set-up charges. Write and solve an equation to find how many mugs Manuela can have made for the two company prices to be the same. *** Please help :)******
  55. math

    How do i find the area of a triangle? For example: A squared + b squared= c squared 8.5 squared + 6.4 squared= c squared 72.25 + 40.96= c squared 113.21=c squared 10.6400188=c even tho i thought this was the answer it is not because it does not solve the
  56. Math

    Luis has a coin that is weighted so that the probability that Heads appears when it is tossed is 0.55. Suppose that the coin is tossed 3 times. What is the probability that all 3 tosses are Heads? please help ,e to solve this question . i dont'know if i
  57. College Math

    I have been struggling with this problem I cannot get the right answer. Please give me the steps to solve this problem. Let f(x)= (2x-9)(x^2 + 6) (A) Find the equation of the line tangent to the graph of f(x) at x=3 (B) Find the values(s) of x where the
  58. Math

    solve. A rectangular room with an area of 300 square feet. I need to change the area to 363 square feet by increasing both the length and the width by the same percentage. By what percentage did the increase
  59. math

    A bike costs $117. This is $12 more than 3 times the amount Tom saved last month. How much money did Tom save last month? Write an equation, solve the problem. Equation: 12+3n= 117?
  60. math

    Lena bought a total of 20 postcards. She bought 6 more large poscards than small. Write a system of equations that represents the postcards Lena purchased. Solve the system by substitution. Interpret the solution.
  61. Algebra

    I have this math probelm z-(3z)/(2-z)=(6)/(z-2) in my book it says to solve the equation. I have worked this problem many times and I keep comming up with different answers. When I use an online calculator to check my work it is giving me an answer of z=-3
  62. Math - Geometric Vectors

    Find the length and the direction of the resultant of each of the following systems of forces: a) forces of 3 N and 8 N acting at an angle of 60° to each other I'm completely lost. I don't know how to solve this question using geometric vectors. Please
  63. Math

    Jason made 34 bottles of flavored olive oil to give to his class. How many pints of flavored olive oil did Jason make if each bottle holds 8 fl oz? Does 16fl oz=1pt? And if It does how do I solve this problem
  64. Math

    I need help with this.The question is Fedinand has a rectangular square garden.The garden is 7 1/2 feet wide.The area of the garden is 150 square feet.What is the length of Ferdinand's garden?Write the division needed for this problem.Do not solve.
  65. math

    this is for proving identies and its fustrating i can't solve this one question! lol x=feta (btw the first part is supposed to be divided by the bottom) 1 + 2sinxcosx + sinxcosx sinx + cosx (1 + 2sinxcosx / sinx + cosx) + sinxcosx
  66. math

    how do u solve the follow question? you are selling tickets to a football game. Student tickets (x) cost $4 and general admission tickets (y) cost $7. You sell 26 tickets and collect $140. How many of each type of ticket did u sell?
  67. 7th grade math help Ms. Sue please

    How do you find the sales tax of something? Here is one of my problems: The price of three dolls are $12.99. What is the price of the dolls with a 5% sales tax? Show all of your work! I cannot figure out how to put up an equation and solve this problem.
  68. math

    The price of 10 pounds of apples is d dollars. If the apples weigh an average of 1 pound for every 6 apples, which of the following is the average price, in cents, of a dozen such apples? The answer should be one of the following but I don't know how to
  69. MATH

    i really need help on this question!! I need to solve it using a system of two equations, the question says that an automobile radiator contains 16L of antifreeze and water. this mixture is 30%antifreeze. how much of this mixture should be drained and
  70. Math

    If pasta sells for $3.55 for a 20-ounce box a. What is the price per ounce? Round to the nearest cent. $3.55/20 = $.18 per ounce b. How many ounces do you get per dollar? Round to the nearest tenth of an ounce. I'm not sure how to solve this answer. Thank
  71. 6th gr. math

    c=s The variable s represents number of additional necklaces and the variable c repres. total # of diamond neck.If louie has 3 neck. in his hand how many are diamond necklaces? please help me solve
  72. College Math II

    Write a complete solution to each problem. If the length of a rectangle is 3 feet longer than the width and the diagonal I s 15 feet, then what are the length and width? I do not understand how to solve this problem. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  73. math

    Jenna has $1500 in a savings account. She adds $30 to her account each month. Luis has $2400 in his savings account. He withdraws $30 from his account each month. Write and solve a system of equation.
  74. 4th grade math

    Please help solve this word problem Sara traced circle stencils for her project. She needs 7 rows of 9 circle stencils. She thought that 7 rows of 9 is the same as 3 rows of 9 and 2 rows of 9. Is this correct? Thanks
  75. Math

    Compound interest question: When Aaron invested $100 at 4.5% p.a. annually compounding, it amounted to $142.21. For how many years was it invested? Is there a way to solve this question without using the formula for compound interest?
  76. Math

    The 2008 attendance at the Ohio State Fair was at least 16,700 less than the attendance in 2009. If the attendance in 2008 was 809,300, write and solve an inequality to find the 2009 attendance.
  77. Math

    Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation for x in terms of y and y in terms of x. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) 2x^2 + 7xy + 1 − y^2 = 0 (a) x in terms of y x = (b) y in terms of x
  78. Math

    Write an equation and solve: You have$100 on a gift card. You buy a pair if jeans for $45. T-shirts are on sale for $11 each. How many shirts can u buy with the money remaining on the gift card?
  79. Math

    how do you solve? kim's mom is 47 years old. in 5 years her mother will be 10 years older than twice what kim's age will be. how old is kim now?
  80. Algebra

    I do not have to solve the problem--I need to make an equation or two that would HELP me be able to solve it. Tommy's Lumber can convert logs into either lumber or plywood. In a given day, the mill turns out twice as many units of plywood as lumber. It
  81. Chemistry

    World energy supplies are often measured in the unit of quadrillion British thermal units (10^12 btu), generally called a "quad." In 2015, world energy consumption is projected to be 5.81*10^17kJ. Current annual energy consumption in the United States is
  82. Chemistry

    World energy supplies are often measured in the unit of quadrillion British thermal units (10^12 btu), generally called a "quad." In 2015, world energy consumption is projected to be 5.81*10^17kJ. Current annual energy consumption in the United States is
  83. Math

    When given sin(5x)=0, and asked to find x, I would basically have to solve for 5x first, and then divide my answers by 5. My question is if it was, for example, sin(5x+2)=0, would I minus 2, then divide by 5? Or divide by 5 then minus 2?
  84. Math

    1. Find the 12th term of the arithmetic sequence 2, 6, 10, … . 2. Solve for the 101st term of the sequence whose 1st term is x-y and d=2x+y-3. 3. In the sequence 2, 6, 10, … , what term has a value of 106?
  85. math

    Solve the compund inequality and graph the solution. -4<t+2<4 First I did t+2>-4 and I got t>-2 and I did t+2<4 and i got t<2. Then I graphed it and I dot an open dot on 2 and -2. Is this right? -1<1/2x<1 I did 1/2x>-1 and i got
  86. math

    Solve the compund inequality and graph the solution. -4<t+2<4 First I did t+2>-4 and I got t>-2 and I did t+2<4 and i got t<2. Then I graphed it and I dot an open dot on 2 and -2. Is this right? -1<1/2x<1 I did 1/2x>-1 and i got
  87. MATH word prob!

    how many gallons of 70% alcohol solution must be mixed with 30 gallons of 23% solution to obtain a solution that is 60% alcohol? How do I solve this problem?
  88. Math

    A design on a balloon is 2 cm wide when the balloon holds 47 cm^3. How much must the balloon hold for the design to be 6 cm wide? I'm confused about how to solve this. Could someone please show me the steps?
  89. Math, Pre-Calc

    the original problem was: Solve: sin(3x)-sin(x)=cos(2x) so far i've gooten to: sin(x)(2sin(x)cos(x)-1)=cos^2(x)-sin^2(x) Where would I go from here?
  90. Math (Probability)

    Suppose that 4 cards are drawn from a well-shuffled deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that all 4 are hearts? There are 13 hearts of 52 cards. So, where do I go from here to solve the equation?
  91. Math

    We have to solve for the problem below to make sure that it is equivalent to 2csc(x). However, I keep getting 2/2sin(x) and not 2/sin(x), which is what 2csc(x) is. tan(x)/(1+sec(x))+ (1+sec(x))/tan(x)= 2csc(x)
  92. math

    The ratio of staff to patients at Lakeview is 8 to 7. If total staff plus patients is 1575 people, how many staff are at Lakeview? help me get started on how to solve this
  93. math

    The ratio of staff to patients at Lakeview is 8 to 7. If total staff plus patients is 1575 people, how many staff are at Lakeview? help me get started on how to solve this
  94. chemistry

    A. What is the standard potential, in volts, of a galvanic cell made of Ce4+ and Cu2+, given the standard reduction potentials below? Ce4+ + e− → Ce3+ Eº = 1.61 V Cu2+ + 2e− → Cu(s) Eº = 0.34 V I think it is 1.27 V but it might be
  95. Math

    The seventh graders sold tickets to their play.the tickets cost $3 for students and $6 for adults. For one performance they sold 79 tickets and collected $375. How many student tickets and how many adult tickets were sold? Write the equation and solve,
  96. algebra

    Solve. x/9-1/7=26/63 STEP 1: The LCM is _________ To clear denominators, multiply each side of the equation by the LCM. _______/1 (x/9-1/7)=__________/1 multiply 26/63. STEP 2: Use the Distributive Property. _____/1 multiply x/9 - _________/1 multiply 1/7
  97. Math

    1. There are 18 boys and 12 girls in a math class.what is the ratio of girls to total students? A.18:30 B.(12:30) C.30:12 D.30:18 2.which of the following ratios are equivalent to 6:9? Choose all that apply. A.3:2 B.18/27 C.(30:45) D.(24/32) 3.what is the
  98. Math

    Use multiplication, division, addition and subtraction and at least one set of parentheses to write an expression that simplifies to 7, 13, or 17. Do your work step by step and explain each step as you simplify the expression. Demonstrate the consequences
  99. math

    betsy travel on a bus for 21 miles to school. if betsy travels for a full week (7 days). how many total miles did she travel ? Use a drawing and distributive property to solve. I got the answer i am asking for the what drawing should I show. pls help thank
  100. Math

    A local computer center charges non-members $5.00 per session to use the media center. If you pay a membership fee of $25, you pay only $3 per session. Write an equation that can help you decide whether to become a member then solve the equation and