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  1. Math

    Solve. (-10x^3+30x-20) / (-5x+5) A) 2x^2-2x+4 B) -2x^2-2x-4 C) -2x^2+2x+4 D) 2x^2+2x-4*** Simplfy x/6x-x^2 A) 1/6-x; where x=0,6 ***** B) 1/6-x ; where x= 6 C) 1/6x ; where x = 0 D) 1/6 Simplfy x-2/x^2+4x-12 A) 1/x+6; where x=-6 B) 1/x+6; where x= -6,2***
  2. math,help

    can someone explain to me also how to do addition with equations. Solve the system by addition 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 its easy try properly It's not easy "It's not easy" Then how come I found the answer: x = 2; y = -1, in just five seconds by just looking at
  3. Math

    Sarah spends 2/5 of her monthly income on rent. Sarah's rent is $750. What is sarah's montly income? Write an equation to solve this problem.
  4. Math

    the length of a rectangle is (x-3) inches long, and the width 3 2/5 inches. If the area is 15 3/10 square inches, write and solve an equation to find the length of the rectangle
  5. math

    State the solutions, or estimated solutions, to each quadratick equation. We have equation is x^2-9x+20.25=0 and the graph is y=x^2-9x+20.25 Not sure how to figure this one out. I assume I just solve the equation and not the graph to get the ordered pairs?
  6. math

    (A)Write the equation in standard form and calculate its discriminant. (B)Solve the equation by using the quadratic formula. (C)After solving the equation, write it in factored form. 0=8+4t-t^2 Please help!!!!! :(
  7. Math

    Jenn made 12 field goals. These were 3/4 of her field goal attempts. Write and solve an equation to determine her number of field goal attempts.
  8. Math

    Blair is decorating a birthday cake with candles. The cake has a diameter of 15 inches. She wants to place the candles about every 6 inches around the edge. How many candles will she need? How could i solve this problem?
  9. Math

    My seven year old was set this question and I was asked to solve. Help please. Here is the question: My number has 5 tens. The ones digit is less than the tens. What could the number be? My solution was 5 x 10 = 50. Then subtract 1 from the tens = 49 is
  10. math

    (A)Write the equation in standard form and calculate its discriminant. (B)Solve the equation by using the quadratic formula. (C)After solving the equation, write it in factored form. 7x(x-2)+2(x+4)=3 Please help!!!!! :(
  11. Math

    There is a school of 1,200 pupils. 3/5 of them are girls. A. What fractions are boys? B. How many pupils are girls? C. How many pupils are boys? I have no idea how to solve this. If someone could give me a method it would be really helpful
  12. Math - Geometry

    Please help! Need to find the 6th and nth terms in this sequence - and solve for the rule or process. here's the sequence: 1,3,9,27,81 What is the process or formula to get the nth term in the sequence. Thanks!
  13. math

    (A)Write the equation in standard form and calculate its discriminant. (B)Solve the equation by using the quadratic formula. (C)After solving the equation, write it in factored form. 1/8x^2=x-5/2 Please help!!!!! :(
  14. Math - Trigonometry

    Solve for x, correct to one decimal place. It`s a right angle triangle. The height for the triangle is 4 cm with a 48° angle. The bottom of the triangle is an x. I got the answer 3.3 cm, is this correct? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Math (Algebra)

    Again please NO answers! Only on how to solve. One canned juice drink is 20% orange juice; another is 5% orange juice. How many liters of each should be mixed together in order to get 15L that is 14% orange juice?
  16. Math 7

    how high is a tree that casts a 25 foot shadow at the same time a 6 foot pole casts a 10 foot shadow? Please help! I don't understand how to solve any problem like this!!
  17. Algebra 2 once more

    I have more answers that I would like checked. Also, there is one that I'm really confused about. I appreciate any help. :) Rewrite as the log of a single number. 1) 8 ln 2 = ln(2^8) 2) log 42 - log 6 = log 36 (I think this one may be wrong). Evalute each
  18. math

    Suppose you are in the market for a new home and are interested in a new housing community under construction in a different city. a)The sales representative informs you that there are two floor plans still available, and that there are a total of 56
  19. math

    Suppose you are in the market for a new home and are interested in a new housing community under construction in a different city. a)The sales representative informs you that there are two floor plans still available, and that there are a total of 56
  20. Algebra

    Are these answer"s correct? What is the equation for the line that passes through the (-2,2) and has a slope of 5? Answer- Y=5x + 2 Y=5x +12 Y=5x -2 None of these ¨C I believe this is the answer Find the value of x^3+¡¼2x¡½^2-3 when x =3. Answer- 42
  21. algebra

    1)Solve by factoring:5x^2=4-19x answer=-4,1/5 2)Which quadratic equation has roots 7 and -2/3? answer=A A.2x^2-11x-21=0 B.3x^2-19x-14=0 C.3x^2+23x+14=0 D.2x^2+11x-21=0 3)To solve 4x^2-28x+49=25 by using the square root property,you would first rewrite the
  22. Algebra

    1)More than 450 students went on a field trip. Ten buses were filled and 5 more students traveled in a car. a) Write an inequality to represent the situation. Be sure to define your variable. b) Solve the inequality to find the minimum number of people on
  23. Chemsitry

    Check my work? What is the approximate pH of a 0.05 M solution of HSCN that has a Ka of 10-4? HSCN -> H+ + SCN- --------------------------- The equation for calculating pH is pH = -log [H+] Now we need to find H+ and solve. [HSCN] = 0.05 M the molarity
  24. pre-algebra

    how do i solve proportions??? please help!! And how do i kno what corrisponding sides are??? To solve a proportion, use cross products. For example, the proportion = can be solved as follows: = Write the original proportion. 50 n = 3 180 Find the cross
  25. Math

    The quadratic function f(x) = x^2 is transformed to g(x) = -2/3(x+3)^2 + 6 The point (6,36) on the graph of f is transformed to which point on the graph of g? Could someone please show me how to solve this:\
  26. Math

    Write an inequality and solve. Two times the sum of a number and four is no more than three times the sum of the number and seven decreased by four.
  27. math

    Match the equation with the step needed to solve it. 1. 2m - 1 = 3m subtract m 2. 2m = 1 + m subtract 2 3. m - 1 = 2 subtract 1 4. 2 + m = 3 subtract 2m 5. -2 + m = 1 add 2 6. 3 = 1 + m add 1
  28. math

    Match the equation with the step needed to solve it. 1. 2m - 1 = 3m subtract m 2. 2m = 1 + m subtract 2 3. m - 1 = 2 subtract 1 4. 2 + m = 3 subtract 2m 5. -2 + m = 1 add 2 6. 3 = 1 + m add 1
  29. Math

    Solve the following system of equations. x + 4y= 8 (1) x=5-4y (2) What is the solution of the system? (Type an ordered pair. Type N if no solution).
  30. Math Help!

    Write a percent equation that can be used to solve the following problem: 25 is what percent of 350? A. n= 25 x 350 B. 350 =p x 25 C. 0.25= p x 350 D. none of these Is the answer D?
  31. Chemistry.

    Please explain how to solve this question, and why you use your method to solve it. I am very very stuck. Gold is present in seawater to the exteen of 0.15mg/ton. Assume the density of the seaswater is 1.03g/mL and determine how many Au atoms could
  32. algebra 2

    how do you solve quadratic equations by finding square roots i have no clue how to do this. I have fallen behind in my math class because my teacher is horrible. I need to learn this to understand everything in the section in the section. I beg someboody
  33. statistics

    Can you please tell me how to solve for the following? Pedro took an exam in a class in which the mean was 64 with a standard deviation of 6. If his z score was +3, what was his exam score? A students commute to school is normally distributed with a mean
  34. Calculus1

    A car braked with constant deceleration of 16 ft/sec^2 takes 200 ft to come to a complete stop. How fast was the car traveling when the breaks were first applied? A) if the brakes were first applied when t = 0 at position s(0) = 0, the initial velocity is
  35. Physics

    The kinetic energy of a proton is half its internal energy. What is the proton's speed? Kinetic energy is (Yu - 1) (mp) (c)^2 = 1/2 (mp) (c)^2 Yu = 1.5 Yu = 1/(square root) 1 - (u/c)^2 1/(square root) 1 - (u/c)^2 = 1.5 u= 0.745c How do I solve for u? I'm
  36. Social Studies

    Past President John Quincy Adams said of the Missouri Compromise that it was “but a title page to a great and tragic volume.” Past President Thomas Jefferson remarked that the Missouri Compromise was “a fire bell in the night.” (or a warning bell).
  37. Physics

    An electrostatic force of 5 N exists between two identical point charges, each of mass 0.01 g, placed 4 mm apart. a.) Find the magnitude of each charge. b.) One of these charges is placed into a magnetic field. Assuming that the charge has a speed of 50

    Here was my question The mean height of 5 students is 59.4. If one of the students leaves, the mean height becomes 61. What is the height of the absent student? Heres Bob's answer but what does set them equal mean?? SOMEONE HELP! math - bobpursley,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am in the 5th grade. However word problems are a problem. On my homework sheet it says, Strategies Used.... Visual Thinking... My soloution First I... Then I... Next I... After that I... Finally I... My answer
  40. math

    To find the area, but the easiest approach is using Brahmagupta’ s formula1: If a quadrilateral of side lengths a, b, c, d can be inscribed in a circle, then its area is given by A = sqrt<(s − a)(s − b)(s − c)(s − d)>, where
  41. math

    You are shopping for single-use cameras to hand out at a party. The daylight cameras cost $2.75 and the flash cameras cost $4.25. you must buy exactly 20 cameras and you want to spend between $65 and $75, inclusive. Write and solve a compound inequality
  42. 7th grade math Ms.Sue please

    At the halftime show, a marching band marched in formation. The lead drummer started at a point with coordinates (–2, –5) and moved 3 steps up and 1 step right. a. Write a rule to describe the translation. b. What were the coordinates of the drummer's
  43. Math/Dosage Calculations

    Hey there, still working through that packet. Could someone help explain how I would solve this problem? The answer in the packet says it's 420mL. Thanks in advance! Calculate the fluid intake in mL for the meal. Assume a glass holds 8 oz. 1/3 glass orange
  44. Math Help!

    1. Find the 4th term in the binomial expansion.(2x + 3y)^6 2. Use synthetic division and the remainder theorem to find P(a). P(x)= x^5 + 3x^4 + 3x − 7; P(-1) 3. Factor the expression on the left side of the equation. Then solve the equation. x^6 +
  45. math

    Finding a break-even point: How do I set up the equation and solve? Producing a musical costs $88,000 plus $59,000 per performance. One sold-out performance earns $7500 in revenue. If every performance sells out, how many performances are needed to break
  46. math

    The Grade 8 students had a graduation dinner. They paid a flat rate of $125 for the use of the hall, plus $13 for each student who attended. The total cost of the dinner was $944. How many students attended the dinner ? Write an equation to solve the
  47. problem solve in math

    At a teacher’s conference on the first Saturday in November in Palm Springs, CA, 100 teachers meet in a large room. Each teacher shakes the hand of every teacher in the room, except for his or her own hand. How many total handshakes were made?
  48. math

    Translate the following situation into an inequality. Do not solve. “Charlie would like to pack one less outfit than Jane for their trip. Loretta would like to bring five outfits less than twice what Jane packs. Due to space in the suitcase, they are
  49. math

    Shonda owns a bussiness that transfers photos to CD-ROMs. She charges her customers $24.95 for each CD-ROM. Which of these equations could be use to calculate her profit 'p' for creating 'n' CD-ROMs? a)p=(24.95-0.8)n - 575 b)p=(24.95+0.8)n + 575 c)p=24.95n
  50. math

    A car rental company charges $280 per week plus $0.18 per mile to rent a car. How many miles can you travel in one week for $433? A) Write an equation you can use to answer this question. Be sure all the numbers given above appear in your equation. Use x
  51. Math

    Solve this linear programming problem using the simplex method: Maximize P = 21x + 12y + 24z subject to these constraints: 3x + 2y + 3z ≤ 864 15x + 6z ≤ 1296 9x + 8y + 18z ≤ 4608 x ≥ 0, y ≥ 0, z ≥ 0 Maximum value for P =
  52. Math

    How do I set this up and solve? You are planing a rectangular dining pavilion. Its length is 3 times its width x. You want a stone walkway that is 3 ft wide around the pavilion. You have enough stones to cover 396 ft squared and want to use them all in the
  53. math

    at the end of a soccer game season four families decide to buy the coach of gift certificate to a sporting goods store. each family contributes $35 towards the gift certificate. write and solve a division equation to find how much the gift certificate is
  54. Math

    Jack needs a piece of wood at least 13/16 inch long for some detail work on a project he is working on. Which of the following lengths of wood would meet his requirements? a 1/2 inch b 7/8 inch c 3/4 inch d 27/32 inch e 5/8 inch f 1/4 inch How do I solve
  55. Math

    Strong winds called the prevailing westerlies blow from west to east in a belt from 40 degree to 60 degree latitude in both Northern and Southern Hemisphere. 1.Write an inequality to represent the latitudes where the prevailing westerlies are not located.
  56. math

    a patrol boat took 2.5 hours for a round trip 12km upriver and 12km back. the speed of the current was 2 km/h. what was the speed of the boat in still water? ps: i just need to know how to make equations from the question above. it's supposed to create
  57. science/math

    write and solve an algebraic equation to find the original mass of the sample of the radioactive isotope uranium -235, which has a half-life of 704 million years your sample is about 700 million years old and weighs 120 grams
  58. math

    For example, when I try to solve an equation like 1.096 = a^1000, what should I do? I'm trying to find a formula for this set of data and that's how I got the above equation: d=??? Elevation (ft) Sea level labeled h 1000 2000 3000 4000 Takeoff roll (ft)
  59. Math

    Use systems of lineear equations to solve: An airplane flew for 6 hours with a 22-km/h tail wind. The return flight against the same wind took 8 hours. Find the speed of the plane in still air. I know the answer is 154 km/hr (back of book resources :)
  60. math

    A charity fund-raiser consisted of a spaghetti dinner where a total of 387 people were fed. They charged $6.80 for adults and children were half price. If they took in $2444.60, find out how many adults and how many children attended the dinner. I have no
  61. Math Quiz

    Math Quiz please help fast Write the following ratio in simplest form: 32 min:36 min (1 point) 8:9 8:36 32:9 128:144 2. Marie saved $51. On Wednesday, she spent $8 of her savings. What ratio represents the portion of her total savings that she still has
  62. Math

    So I am supposed to solve this without using a calculator: Sqrt[20]/10 - Sqrt[10]/Sqrt[32] - Sqrt[0.3125] + Sqrt[3 + 1/5] You can put this into WolframAlpha as is to make it prettier. Answer given is 1/2 * SQRT(5) I really don't know where to start here. I
  63. Physics

    At t = 0, a wheel rotating about a fixed axis at a constant angular acceleration of –0.40 rad/s^2 has an angular velocity of 1.5 rad/s and an angular position of 2.3 rad. What is the angular position of the wheel at t = 2.0 s? Ans: Theta final=4.5 rad
  64. physics

    A 2kg. lump of clay traveling at a speed of 20m/s collides with and sticks to a 5kg. lump of clay initially at rest and hanging from a string. Find the final speed of the new lump of clay. How high will the clay swing after the collision? (initial) m1=2kg.
  65. Math (algebra)

    I have no idea how to solve this problem... A village wants to build a community center that is projected to cost 1.2 million dollars. Cost per resident is increased by #$ as it is discovered that there are 225 fewer residents than when planning began 2
  66. math

    Find the sum of 8x cube y +2xy cube -18and -12x cube y +7xy cube and subtract it from the sum of 19x cube y -17xy cube +12and -21+5xy cube .? PLEASE SOLVE IT ?????
  67. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please!

    1. Write the following ratio in simplest form: 32 min:36 min 8:9 8:36 32:9 128:144 2. Marie saved $51. On Wednesday, she spent $8 of her savings. What ratio represents the portion of her total savings that she still has left? 43:8 8:51 43:51 59:51 3. The
  68. Math - 2nd try

    Please show me how to set up and solve: You have 6 cups of sugar. It takes 1 cup of sugar to make 24 cookies. The function c(s) = 24s represents the number of cookies, c, that can be made with s cups of sugar. What domain and range is reasonable for the
  69. Math

    A norman window is constructed by adjoining a semicircle to the top of an ordinary rectangular window. Find the dimensions of a Norman window with maximum area if the total perimeter is 16 feet. X = the width of the rectangle. Y = the length of the
  70. Math

    How do you solve this by substitution? x=6y+2 3x-18y=4 This is the answer I get: 3(6y+2)-18y=4 18y+6-18y=4 18y+1818y+6-18y+18y=4 36y=10 36 36 Y=5/18 3x-18(5/18) =4 3x-5+5= 4+5 3x= 9 3 3 X=3 (3, 5/18)
  71. math help please?!

    Solve the system by Gauss - Jordan elimination. { 1/3 x + 3/4 y - 2/3 z = -8 x + 1/2 y + 1/3 z = 18 1/6 x = 1/8 y - z = -24 a. (−6, 8, −24) b. (−6, −8, −24) c. (0, 8, −24) d. (6,8,24) e. (6, −8, 24)
  72. math

    Solve the system by Gauss - Jordan elimination. { 1/3 x + 3/4 y - 2/3 z = -8 x + 1/2 y + 1/3 z = 18 1/6 x = 1/8 y - z = -24 a. (−6, 8, −24) b. (−6, −8, −24) c. (0, 8, −24) d. (6,8,24) e. (6, −8, 24)
  73. math probability

    A cake is divided into 3 portions one for you, one for your friend and one for your neighbor. If you get twice as much as your friend, and your friend gets twice as much as your neighbor. What proportion of the cake do you get? Please Explain to me how to
  74. MATH

    mark scores 6 points. amy scores 11 points. how many points does mark need to tie the game? WRITE A NUMBER SENTENCE TO SOLVE. THANK YOU
  75. math

    Solve the following system of linear equations by graphing. (If the system has no solution, enter NONE for each answer. If the system is dependent, enter INFINITELY MANY for each answer.) 7x+2y=0 2x-7y=0 x = y =
  76. Math

    A bag contains 1 red, 7 black and two yellow marbles. What is the probability of selecting 1 yellow marble, not replacing it then selecting another yellow marble? How do you solve this?
  77. MATH

    mark scores 6 points. amy scores 11 points. how many points does mark need to tie the game? WRITE A NUMBER SENTENCE TO SOLVE. THANK YOU
  78. math 6th grade

    Using Multiplication to Solve Equations 9-Y5 had only packed 1/8 of the meals he was supposed to pack. The astronut had only been given 3 3/4 meals. How many meals should 9y-5 have packed for the astronut?
  79. Math- urgent

    One more than 3 times a number is the same as 5 times the number, decreased by 15. Find the number. • Assign the variable • Write an equation • Solve equation
  80. math

    What is the interest on $600 for 5 years is $210.What is the percentage rate? 600 x rate x 5 yrs = 210. Solve for rate, then multiply by 100.
  81. college Algebra

    This is "college" math? Anyway... let the smaller number be x, and the larger number be x+8 then x + x+8 < 12 this is easy to solve, let me know what you got. the sum of two numbers is less than 12. The second number is 8 more than the first.what are
  82. math

    the number of photos t.j. has on his laptop is twice as many as the amount rolando has on his laptop. write and solve a multiplication equation to find how many photos rolando has on his laptop
  83. math,algebra

    is this correct? solve: 9x^2=14 this is what i did: i divide 9 by both sides x^2=1.6 is this first step right Then take the square root of both sides. x^2=1.6 you said to take the squar root of both sides. so is this correct x = 1.264911
  84. Math

    How would u solve this problem, one box holds 16 crayons. Another box holds 24 crayons. Write a sentence using words that compares the crayons in the two boxes.
  85. calculus

    a 20 ft ladder is leaning against a wall. The bottom is being pulled out at a constant rate of 2.5 ft/sec. Will the top of the ladder clide sown thr wall at a constant rate? What will the rate be? In relation to time? It is not constant. Use pythagorus:
  86. math

    Downtown Mathville is laid out as a square grid of 9 North-South streets and 9 East-West streets (See diagram). Your apartment is located at the Southwest corner of downtown Mathville. (See point T.) Your math classroom is located in a building that is 6
  87. Chemistry

    Hi, I'm trying to solve some chemistry problems, like the ones my teacher says will appear on our exams. The problem reads like this: What is the hydrogen conentration in a bleach sample that register 9.55 using a pH meter? My Attempt: Since this sample
  88. Math

    CHECK AND CORRECT MY ANSWERS!! PLEASE!!:D:D Write the ratio in the simplest form. 45:15 9:3 3:1*** 1:3 4:1 Solve the following proportion. (solve p) p/3 = 8/12 2*** 8 12 24 A recipe calls for 3 cups of flour to make 3 dozen cookies. Use the proportion to
  89. math

    I need help with parametric equations, locus problems, tell me how to solve all questions if you can. Need help with one below: Tangents are drawn to a parabola x^2=4y from an external point A(x1,y1) touching the parabola at P and Q (a) Prove that the mid
  90. Math

    I am having trouble on this question. a cable TV company charges $24.95 per month for basic service and $6.95 per month for each premium channel. a customer's bill for one month is $45.80. write and solve an equation to find the number of premium chnnels
  91. Math Gr 11

    "A rock is dropped from the edge of a 180 m cliff. the function f(x) = -5t^2 - 5t + 180 gives the height of the rock, h(t), in meters t seconds after it was released. How long does it take for the rock to reach a ledge 80 m above the base of the cliff?" I
  92. math please help

    Inverse Trigonometric Functions please explain this to me in mathematical steps please how to solve sin^(-1) (-1/2) this equals - pi/6 i know that sin^(-1) domain and range switch from original sin but i don't know how to apply that... i need an
  93. math

    Solve the problem. Make sure your answer is in simplest form and improper fractions are expressed as mixed numbers. A baker used packages of raisins when he was making muffins. Each package contained pounds of raisins. How many pounds of raisins did the
  94. Math

    A family is building a circular fountain in the backyard. The yard is rectangle and measures 14x by 19x and the fountain is going to be circular with a radius of 6x. Once the fountain is built, what will be the area of the remaining yard? Please do help I
  95. math

    Hi, I have a math problem that I can't understand how to write the equation for. The question says: a ball is thrown upwards from an initial height of 20 meters at an initial velocity of 10 meters per second. Write an equation for the height (h) of the
  96. physics

    An 6.00 g bullet is fired into a 2.30 kg block initially at rest at the edge of a frictionless table of height 1.00 m. The bullet remains in the block, and after impact the block lands 2.00 m from the bottom of the table. Determine the initial speed of the
  97. Please help--algebra!

    Here's the question I'm having trouble with. Please walk me completely through the question and give me the answer so I can thoroughly understand it, so I can solve similar problems in the future. #1: Mary uses a secret code to write messages. First, she
  98. Word Problem

    A wire from the top of a TV tower to the ground makes an angle of 52 degrees with the ground and touches the ground 180 feet from the base of the tower. How high is the tower? a)290 feet b)230 feet c)110 feet d)140 feet I'm pretty sure we can eliminate c
  99. Maths

    I am very greatefull to you if you guide me to solve this problem. Two circles touch externally. The sum of their areas is 130π cm2 and the distance between their centers is 14 cm. find the radii of the circles? I tried to solve this problem like
  100. help with solving

    x^2+(x-2)^2 = (2x-6)^2 solve for x. thanks so much. Please keep in mind that tutors here won't simply do your work for you. I'm sure you'll get a better response if you show your work as far as you can get, so tutors will know where you get stuck. =) it