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  1. Math/Calculus

    Please check my work and correct any errors/point out any errors. Thanks. Solve the initial-value problem using the method of undetermined coefficients. y''-4y=e^xcos(x), y(0)=1, y'(0)=2 r^2-4=0, r1=2, r2=-2 yc(x)=c1*e^2x+c2*e^-2x
  2. Physics

    A 250 g block is dropped onto a relaxed veritcal spring that has a spring constant of k=2.5 N/cm. The block becomes attached to the spring and compresses the spring 12 cm befor momentarily stopping. While the spring is being compressed, what work is done
  3. math/algebra1a

    Write the equation of the line passing through (-3, -5)and (3,0). (a)y= -6/5x - 5/2 (b)y= 5/6x - 5/2 (c)y= 5/6 x + 2/5 (d)y= -6/5x + 2/5 You have to get the slope of the line using equation y2-y1/x2-x1. [0-(-5)]/[3-(-3)] = 5/6 Now that you have the slope,
  4. Math

    1. Solve cos x(cos x - 1) = 0. Ans: pi/2 + n pi, and 2 n pi 2. 2 cos x - 1 = 0 Ans: x = pi/3 + 2 n pi, and x = 5pi/3 + 2 n pi 3. Solve 4 sin^2 x - 3 = 0 Ans: x = pi/3 + n pi, and 2pi/3 + n pi 4. What is one solution to (sqrt2) sinx + 1 = 0? Ans: x = pi/6
  5. Math

    help me solve this conic: 12x^2+y^2+6x-9=0 not sure what you mean by "solve this conic" You want to know what kind of conic? ellipse to find out its properties you have to change it into standard form (x-h)^2/a^2 + (y-k)^2/b^2 = 1 I would first divide by
  6. Algebra

    Need help trying to solve this question. Using the variables x and y determine the two equations you would need to solve for the maximum area to enclose a patio given 28 feet of fencing.
  7. algebra

    1. solve using multipication principle -3a<-15 2. solve the equation if it an identity(all real numbers) or a contradiction ( no solution) so state 5x+6+6x=10x+6+y
  8. algebra URGENT HELP

    analyze the graph of the following function solve R(x)=x(x-16)^2 /(x+11) solve the following inequality write solution in interval notation x+14/x-8 less than or equal to 1
  9. Algebra

    Solve the system of equations using substitution. x + 4y = -5 3x - 8y = 45 When I tried to solve it, I got x=-17 and y=-3. When I plugged these into the first equation, it didn't work out at all. Could someone please show me the steps so I can see where I
  10. algebra

    solve and check the equation for x. I just can not figure this out. 5/x+6 + 2/x^2+7x+6 = 3/x+1 Thanks! Use parentheses to tell us whether you mean 2/(x^2 + 7x + 6) or 2/x^2 +7x +6 and also whether you mean (3/x) + 1 or 3/(x+1) and also (5/x)+6 or 5/(x+6)
  11. college algebra

    please solve by method of substitution 0.3x-0.4y-0.33=0 0.1x + 0.2y -.21=0 please give all steps to solve.I think I understand the basic concept but this is little more complicated for me. Thanks in advance
  12. Pre-Calculus

    Solve the system of equations using matrices. Use Gaussian elimination with back-substitution. x + y + z = -5 x - y + 3z = -1 4x + y + z = -2 I really need help.. 1 1 1 -5 1 -1 3 -1 4 1 1 1 -2 I've done so many different methods to solve this and I get
  13. Calculus

    solve for dv/du dQ/du= 38u + [(u+v)^2(18+19dv/du) -(2(18u+19v)(u+v)(1+dv/du)]/ (u+v)^4 u=10 v=25 I am confused how u solve for the dv/du in this big equation and reducing and stuff like that thanks!! this is about implicit di
  14. Linear Algebra

    Let B be the set of vectors in R^3 given by B = (1, 1, 0) , (1, 1, 1) , (0, 1, −1). 1. For x = (x1, x2, x3)^T a vector in R^3, find the scalars c1, c2, c3 (that will depend on x1, x2, x3) such that x = c1(1, 1, 1) + c2(1, 1, 1) + c3(0, 1, −1) Can
  15. calculus/finite

    I am taking an online finite math class, so I don't have an instuctor to sit down with me and help me. The text book is so hard to follow. One of the problems I have having a hard time with gives an initial tableau and asks us to use the simplex method to
  16. need help in math,

    Translate to a system of equations and solve using the addition method. The sum of two numbers is88. The difference is 22.Find the numbers? My answer: I started but i think that i am wrong. x + y = 88 y = -x +88 y = -1x + 88 now once i substituted x -1x +
  17. lgebra

    How do I solve this litreal equation? Solve q = 1 - p for p in terms of q.
  18. Geometry

    How would you solve v=PIr2h? Solve for h? I have no clue how to do this.. Please help thanks -Allyson
  19. Algebra

    solve : 5x-10y=-40 for y I was thinking it was 5x-10(-40)...then solve am I close?
  20. Calculus

    Could someone please help me solve this If f(2)=f'(2)=g'(2)=g(2)=2, find (fg)'(2). How would I solve this, I am completely lost as to what I would do.
  21. algebra 1

    solve the equation -2x+1=5-2x can you please show me some videos of how i can solve them
  22. Algebra 2

    Solve the following for the indicated variable: #1. 2x+3y=7 solve for y. My answer is y=(7-2x)/3 Could you check this for me?
  23. algebra

    I get it all done and it is wrong please help solve this thanks. Solve the compound inequality. 4x-3/8<-6 or 4x-3/8>6
  24. college algebra

    Solve the equation. How do you solve a fraction? X^2/3=1/16 Thanks
  25. Maath

    Solve the equation for the indicated variable. 4x-3a-(10x+7a)=0 solve for x
  26. algebra

    Solve. 9 = 2y - 1 = 7y the way to solve this is right on the tip of my tongue but i can't remember exactly how to do it.
  27. algebra

    Please help me! Im lost on where to start. 1.)Solve: 3/2z+4z=1 2.)Solve the following equation: x-2/x+2=x+2/x+4
  28. algebra

    Solve: 0.1p + 2.1 = 4.6p - 1.9 + 0.5p I am getting all confused on how to solve this problem. can someone explain it to me?
  29. Algebra 1 (Reiny)

    How am I supposed to solve 2x^0y^-3 when x = 7 and y = -4? Also, what steps must I take to solve x^10/d^-3?
  30. college algebra

    Solve the equation. How do you solve a fraction? X^2/3=1/16 Thanks
  31. algebra

    How do i do this okay i have x=17-4y and y=x-2 i have to solve by using substitution i don't get it do i replace x-2 for x then solve please help me
  32. Pre-Cal

    Solve the equation for the indicated variable: (ax+b)/(cx+d)=6 , Solve for X
  33. Algebra

    How would I solve: 1/3(D+3)=5 I know you need to find the recipicile, but I have no idea how to solve this.
  34. Maths

    suppose function f,g,h and l are defined as follow:f(x)=4xsquared-5x+1,g(x)=-1/2x-3,h(x)=squared root(2-x)squared+1/2x,l(x)=square root2-x-3. .write down Df and solve inequality f(x)<0 .write down Dg and solve 4g(x)=8 .write down Dh,Dg+h and solve the
  35. Math(Please help. Thank you)

    solve the following for x. 1)e^x^2-x=e^2 x^2-x = 2 I am not sure what to do now 2) e^-5x * e^4 = e -5x + 4 = 1 x= 3/5 3) Suppose that the price p (in dollars) and the demand in x(thousands) of a commodity satisfy the demand equation 6p + x + xp =94. How
  36. Algebra22222!!!

    Choose the ordered pair that is a solution to the system of equations. 3x - y = 10 -x + y = -4 (3, -7) (-1, 3) (3, -1) (3, 1) Follow the example I gave in your previous question. I'm not going to do all of them. You want to eliminate one of the variable
  37. introductory algebra

    I had these problems on my test and for some reason got them wrong. Here are the problems: Solve: x-y=9 x+y=1 The test states that the answer is (5,-4) I've checked ,y work and used substitution to solve this and still get x=4, y=-5. The second problem is:
  38. Math

    Help with these problems would be greatly appreciated: 1.Find the definite integral of dx/(x(1+ln(x))from e^6 to 1. 2. Solve for x in terms of k for log[2,x^6)+log[2,x^10=k. (its log base 2) 3.Solve log base 3(log base 3, x)=-2
  39. Math Help

    Directions are that i have to solve the equation and graph it using words.I have to include whether itis a solid or dotted line and which way the shading is. Problem: -2x+3y<-6 dotted line. There is no equals in the problem. Which way for shading...
  40. math

    Solve the following equation: 4/7 x = -16 A)x = 42 B)x = -28 C)x = 23 D)x = -24 Solve the following equation. 4s+13+s=2s+40-6 A)s = 12 B)s = -10 C)s = no solution D)s = 7 You train for the Olympics 120 minutes each day. How many days have you trained when
  41. Physics

    A rock is dropped from a height of 100m. a) how long does it take to fall the first 50m? b)How long does it take to fall the last 50m? Which equation would I use to solve this problems with? For a) use s=(1/)g*t^2 where s=50m and g=9.8m/s^2 and solve for
  42. Calculus

    Evaluate the definite integral from [0,4] 4x^2 dx, by using its definition as a limit of approximating sums. First, I solve analytically so I know the answer I am trying to reach: 4/3 * x^3 over [0,4] = 4/3 * 4^3 = 256/3 Now, by approximating sums, I can
  43. connections math

    solve each equation and put it in simplest form. x/5=-2 A)-45 B)35 C)-10 D)21 ???? 13x-7=136 A)11 ******* B)15 C)8 D)9 solve the following equation. 3x-3=15 A)4 B)5 C)6 ****** D)7 ernesto lost 14.5 pounds what equation can we used to find how much we was
  44. Algebra

    Solve. Show your work. A high school athletic department bought 40 soccer uniforms at a cost of $3,000. After soccer season, they returned some of the uniforms but only received $40 per uniform. What was the difference between what they paid for each
  45. Algebra

    Hello, can someone tell me if I got the following solve and check work correct? 1. solve and check 1/2x = 3 5/6 1/2x = 3 5/6 1/2x = 23/6 3x = 23/3 x = 23/3 And to check for it 1/2x = 3 5/6 1/2x = 23/6 46x = 6 x = 6/46 x = 3/23 2. Solve and check 3x + 2 / 2
  46. Algebra

    It does, thanks. I'm currently working on solving algebraic equations with two variables (Example: 3x+4y=9). The computer lesson has taught me nothing but to solve the equation by trial and error -- selecting the proper ordered pair from a multiple choice
  47. Geometry

    I have no idea how to solve this problem. The question says: Determine whether the points A(4,5), B(-3,3), C(-6,-13) and D(6,-2) are the vertices of a kite. Explain your answer. Can you please help me with the steps to solve it and understanding it.
  48. Help! Calculus

    I am so confused on how to solve this problem. I have it set up with y's on one side and x's on the other but I don't know what to do from there. Question: Solve the differential equation. The initial condition is y(0) = 1. ((x^2+1)^(1/2))(dy/dx) -
  49. Algebra......Help Quick!!

    12a^3bc-18a^2bc^2+6a^2c, x^2+20x+36, 12x^4-8x^3-4x^2, x^2+36x, 9x^2+6x+1, 6x^3+11x-10, x^2+3x-6..............can someone please help me solve some of these problems if not all. I have forgotten how to solve them can someone please help..Thanks
  50. Calculus

    Right now my class is working on exponential growth and decay. I know that i have to find the integral of both sides and solve for Y but I don't know how to do so exactly. Here's the problem: if dy/dx=3Y(10-Y) integrate to solve for Y
  51. Math

    1. Solve the Following equation: 3(x-7)-x=2x-21 a. 7 b. -2 c. infinitely many solutions d. no solution 2. Solve the Following equation: 4=2y=9+2y a. 4 b. -4 c. infinitely many solutions d. no solution Can someone walk me through how to do these please? I
  52. Math

    How do you set this problem up to solve and how do you solve this? Ellen has four types of marbles, 120 marbles of each type. She trades two-fifths of the first type, three-eights of the second type, five-sixths of the third type, and three-quarters of the
  53. Algebra II

    Please check the following: Solve log4(m-3)+ log4(m+3) =2 Answer: 1 Solve 6^3n=43^5n-4 Answer: 1.1202 Solve 5^2x+1>=50 Answer:x>=4.5000 Use common logarithms to approximate log9(207) to four decimal places. Answer: 2.4270 Ealuate: In e^-9x Answer:
  54. math

    What is the line of thought or sequence of thought for solving simple algebraic expressions? When I'm asked to solve the expression (5k)k^3....first I check with my list of exponent rules, and there are always a few that could be used to solve the
  55. Math (Quadratics)

    3. Solve for x in 8x^2 + 2x - 4 = 0 I have tried factoring, taking out a GCF then factoring, completing the square, and got a bunch of wrong answers. I thought we were supposed to complete the square, so maybe I'm just doing that wrong. I'm not looking for
  56. math

    Create a linear system to model this situation. Then use substitution to solve the linear system to solve the problem. - Bobbie has been saving dimes & quarters to buy a new toy. She has a total of 28 dimes and quarters, with a value of $4.30. How many of
  57. Math

    5)Solve 2x2 +6x = 4 by completing the square. 6)Solve 3x2 - 6x- 24 = 0 using the quadratic formula. 7)The area of a circle is 25 in2. What is the radius, including the units? Area of a circle is ¢³r2. 8)The triangle has an area of 14 in2. Determine the
  58. Business Fin303

    How do you solve and or what formula do u use to solve this question: A stock that pays a constant dividend of $2.5 forever currently sells for $24. What is the required rate of return?
  59. Physics

    How much heat is required to convert 175 g of ice at -2°C to water at 2°C? I have no idea how to solve this. Nothing I've found in the book or on-line is helping. Can someone point me to how to solve? Thank you
  60. Algebra

    How do I solve this For (-x)? (Do I just make -x equal 1 or 2?) I’m suppose to solve the equation by elimination. (Can someone give me steps to solving it and I’ll try to do it and you guys check my work?) 7x-9y=21 -x-18y=-3
  61. geometry

    I don't want the answer I want to be taught how to solve it. Okay so the question is diameter=25in. A=(3.14)(12)^2 Then there is a circle with a line through it and it says 14yd. Okay so I am assuming I solve the area first A=(3.14)(12)^2=452.16 But after
  62. Statistics

    How do you solve questions of probability involving random sample numbers. It depends upon what kind of problem you are trying to solve. Do you have a specific question in mind?
  63. Algebra II

    Right now we're doing systems of Linear Equations in Three Variables. It says to solve the following system: x - y + 3z = 4 x + 2y - z = -3 4x + 3y + 2z = -5 Whatever I try with this problem (and the others like it) it comes out wrong. I've had about one
  64. math

    can someone write out the equations so i can solve this please. Midtown delivery service delievers packages which cost $ 2.10 per package to deliver. The fixed cost to run the delivery truck is $ 78 per day. If the company charges $4.10 per package, how
  65. help!

    A horizontal translation is applied to the graph of y= X^ 3 + 2 so that it will pass through (3, 10) what is the new equation for the graph? how do I do this? When x=3, one wants y to be 10 y= (x+a)^3 + 2 20= (3+a)^3 + 2 solve for a. I would change it to
  66. math, algebra

    Problem: A formula for a football player's rushing average r with a total of y yards rushed in n carries of the ball is r=y/n. Solve for n. I have no other information this is how its in the book how do i even solve for n if theres no numbers. You don't
  67. Math: Limits

    Estimate the limit numerically. lim as x→(approaches to)5 6e^(x − 5) How do I solve it? I don't plug in the numbers do I? Then how do I do this as well? What should I do to solve lim x→(approaches to)− infinity 6xe^(7x) Do I
  68. MAth

    2+3m=17 7 6 10 5 use inverse operations to solve each equation. Explain each step and identify the propaty used to reach steps. 19=h/3-8 solve the equation : expiation each step and identify the property used to reach each step 0.6x+0.8=1.4 thanks
  69. math

    I will try it with x=20, y=15 From this, you can supply coefficients and calculate the right hand side from the given values of x and y. I choose coefficients 2 and -3 to give 2x-3y=2*20-3*15=-5 I choose again coefficients, 3 and -1 to give
  70. MAth

    2+3m=17 7 6 10 5 use inverse operations to solve each equation. Explain each step and identify the propaty used to reach steps. 19=h/3-8 solve the equation : expiation each step and identify the property used to reach each step 0.6x+0.8=1.4 thanks
  71. algebra

    How do you solve this math problem? h= -8t^2+40t then it says: when t=0 and when t= 5 there are 2 questions that i have to answer: 1.) find the value of h 2.) graph this equation - i don't know if i did the problem right but when i answered #1 i got h=0, -
  72. Algebra

    I am so confused with some word problems math is not my strong point here is the problem if you know how to solve it please tell me how to solve but just don't give me the answer Austin has 42 paperback books that are either Mysteries or science fiction.
  73. MATH...somewhat urgent

    I have three problems I would like checked please.1: I need to graph and find the y intercept of 6y+5x=-18 First I want to solve for y therefore I will let x be 0: 6y+5(0)=-18 6y=-18...I will now divide y=-3 Therfore the first set to plot would be (0-3)
  74. math

    Jane is taking a class and asks you to help her figure out what her last grade must be in the class to get a 85 in the class. She tells you the following calculation is used to find your final grade: 75+85+90+X ___________ > 4 x is her last score which
  75. math

    The equation d =70t represents the distance in miles covered after traveling at 70 miles per hour for t hours.....what is d when t = 2.5? ...what is t when d =210? please help im desperate here...iv been studying all day help me my brain hurts!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. math?

    5)Solve 2x2 +6x = 4 by completing the square. 6)Solve 3x2 - 6x- 24 = 0 using the quadratic formula. 7)The area of a circle is 25 in^2. What is the radius, including the units? Area of a circle is ¢³r^2. 8)The 3 sided triangle has an area of 14 in^2.
  77. Math

    Are you trying to solve for x, n or p? solve for n Show me how to work this problem. 2n = 4xp - 6 what is the problem? what grade r u in i am in 6 grade To get n all by itself, you need to divide by 2. But if you divide by 2 on the left, you have to divide
  78. 7th grade math

    The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 10 centimeters and one of the legs is 6 centimeters. the leg to the very left is 6 cm and the leg to the top is 10 cm. the bottom leg has a x for unknown. My teacher gave me the answer since I couldn't figure it out
  79. Pre Algebra

    Please help me with some problems. Thank you! Solve the equation by square root property. 3. 2x^2 = 26 I don't understand how to solve this problem. Solve the equation using the quadratic formula. 7. 7x^2=-8x -2 This is what I got x= -8 -or+ square root

    i need help solving the system by addition. 5x-7y=5 x+3y=1 this is what i think but i am not sure 3y=-x+1 y= -(1/3)x+(1/3) 5x - 7 (-1/3x + 1/3) = 5 5x+2.3333331x-2.3333331=5 7.3333331x-2.3333331=5 7.3333331x=7.3333331 x=1 x+3y=1 1+3y=1 3y=1-1 3y=0 y=0 so
  81. Math

    Rose's garden is in the shape of a trapezoid. If the height of the trapezoid is 16m, one base is 20m and the area is 224m2, what is the length of the other base? The area of a trapezoid is: A= (1/2) h (b1 + b2) ...where h = height and b1, b2 are the bases.
  82. math

    Jane is taking a class and asks you to help her figure out what her last grade must be in the class to get a 85 in the class. She tells you the following calculation is used to find your final grade: w2d2 x is her last score which has not been taken.
  83. math

    Is anyone familar with Sharon Wells Math? How do you solve a word problem using their program?
  84. math!!

    Solve each problem 3. 2/3 = 1.2/x x = 18 <-- x = 1.8 x = 0.2 x = 10 4. 4/5 = 8/x + 2 x = 4 x = 9.5 x = 2 x = 8 <-- Create a proportion and solve. A recipe ideas 3 cups of flour to make 48 cookies. How much flour is needed to make 72 cookies? 3/48 =
  85. Math

    There are 12 card numbered 1 to 12 in a box. If tow cards are selected, what is the probability that the sum is odd (I) with replacement (II) without replacement. SOLUTIONS (1/4,6/11) HOW I CAN SOLVE WITH REPLACEMENT. Knowing that Sample space (S) =
  86. statistics

    Does anyone know how to solve these two problems. Solve the problem. Find the critical value za/2 that corresponds to a degree of condfidence of 98%. Express the confidence interval in the form of ^p _+E. 0.033<p>0.493
  87. Differential Equations

    We are learning how to solve systems of linear ODE's by elimination. I am not sure how to solve this: x'=-y+t y'=x-t I took the derivative of the second eqn to get y''-x'=-t' and added the two to get y''+y=-t'+t but I don't think thats the right way to
  88. algebra

    Solve the system by graphing. 3x+y=6 3x-y=0 I'm kind of unsure about how to do this. I'm thinking I just put any point in for x and then solve for that right? you could let y=3x then substitute this value of y to the first equation...3x+3x=6 so,
  89. Another algebra

    Determine the number of positive integers n that satisfy: 1/2 < n/n+1 < 99/101 I don't know how to solve this besides plugging in random numbers, which would take all day. Any other suggestions for a faster way to solve it? Thank you!
  90. Algebra

    X=1/2at^2 Solve for a Solve for t Can you please show me how to do this please Thank u
  91. maths

    1. solve 10x + 4 = 39 2. solve 4(9x + 2)= 152
  92. Physics

    X=1/2at^2 Solve for a Solve for t Can you please show me how to do this Thank u
  93. Please Ms Sue Help me! Alhorithm

    Solve for the value of x: 6log(x^2+1)-x=0. I can't even solve it.
  94. Mathematic

    solve x2 + 2x - 3 < 0 and graph. Anyone can solve the problem please.
  95. Advanced Algebra

    How do I solve: how to solve 3x=4(4-2x)=11 and x-2y+4z=9 x=2z+2 y=-4z ? Thanks Need ASAP
  96. algebra

    can someone please help me solve this solve by completeting the square 1/2 ¡¼X ¡½^2 -7x=16
  97. Algebra 2

    Solve: 0 = x3 + 5x2 + 2x – 8 Solve: 0 = x3 – x2 – 11x – 10
  98. Algebra 1 a

    Need help to solve can anyone help me please 6x-9y = 25.5 7y-2x =-10.0 solve the elimination method
  99. 11th grade

    Use the following functions to solve. f(x) = x2 + x + 1; g(x) = 5 - 2x; h(x) = -x2 Solve f(g(-1))
  100. algebra

    Solve: 2(2-x)<-3x-2...please help me solve this and show me how you get the answer...