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  1. math need help please

    Find the reciprocal of a. - 1/10 (-4-7) b. ½ / ¼ (hint: solve these first then find reciprocal of the answer)
  2. math need help please

    Find the reciprocal of a. - 1/10 (-4-7) b. ½ / ¼ (hint: solve these first then find reciprocal of the answer)
  3. Math

    Solve the equation: 4x^2 + 100 = 0 Here is my work: 4x^2 + 100 = 0 - 100 - 100 4x^2 =0 /4 /4 x = -5 or 5. Did I do this correctly?
  4. math/algebra

    how do you solve x^2 = 12 take the square root of both sides this gives you x = square root 12 yw
  5. Math 8R - Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Subtract -5 from -14 -14 - (-5) 16. Subtract -6 from 18 18 - (-6) 18. From 14 subtract -2 22. Subtract 17 from 8 I already know how to solve this just have trouble formatting it. How do I do it for number 18 and 22???? Please help
  6. math

    Solve 2s^3-4r^2 if r=1 and s=5 I did 2*5*5*5=250 4*1*1=4 250-4=246 I also added 2*5^3-4*1^2=246 Am I correct? Thanks
  7. algebra

    Requesting help. (I must reckon, that X is a variable, and y is y-intercept) Q: Try to use the substitution method to solve the the linear system y=3x an y=3x-7. What do you notice? A) What happens when you graph it? B) Explain why there is no solution.
  8. math

    When Cheryl goes mountain climbing, she rests 5 minutes every 15 minutes that she climbs.If Cheryl combined time is 2 hours, how many minutes does she rest? P.S I don't want the answer i just need to know the operation to solve this problem
  9. Math

    Find the value(s) of x for which the equation is true. log(x + 20) = log(x) + log(20) Solve the logarithmic equation for x. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Round your answer to four decimal places.) ln(x − 2) + ln(x + 3) = 1
  10. Math

    Amy has a collection of X,Y, and Z's. Every X is a Y. One-half the Z's are Y's. There are 3 times as many Y's as X's. Amy has 50 Z's and 40X's. No Z in an X. How many Y's does Amy have that are neither X's nor Z's? I found drawing a venn diagram helps
  11. math

    write and solve an inequalit for the following. Flix Theater has a reduced ticket price for children who are at least two years old but less than 13 years old. The same price is given to seniors who are at least 65 years old. Also model these ranges on a
  12. Math(Please someone respond, very confused)

    The original equation was 1.7e-3 = (0.0015 -x)^2 / (0.025 +1/2x)(0.025 + 1/2x) Square root of both sides is 0.0412 = (0.0015-x) / (0.025 + 1/2x) Solve for x and when I put in -0.001 or 1.0e-3 it says that it is incorrect, I don't know why??
  13. MATH help please

    Identify the missing info that would be necessary to solve the following which type of graph would be more appropriate to represent the number of inches of rain during a 6 - week period a bar graph or a line graph? AND WHATS MISSING
  14. Math

    how do i minimize this function. 21L + (2600/L) Set the derivative equal to zero and solve for L. 21 - 2600/L^2 = 0 2600 = 21 L^2 There will be positive and negative solutions for L. You can use the second derivative test or direct calculation to see which
  15. Math

    Graph the solution: 3x-y-7<0 x+5y+3>=0 This is my thought process in this: The first equation I can solve for y since we don't have to worry what x is. And I get y>3x-7. The second one, however, y is being multiplied by 5, so I can't just divide
  16. Math 8th grade

    How would I set up this problem to solve it: Gene offers 30 mins. and 60 mins. driving lessons. He gave 8 lessons that lasted 7 hours. How many 60 minute lessons did he give?
  17. 5th grade Math

    Please help, what operation should I use to solve this problem? Jessica bought 10.50 pounds of potatoes. The potatoes are sold in sacks of 20 if the potatoes cost $1.99 per pound. How much money did Jessica spend?
  18. Math (Calc.)

    1.Use the IVT to explain why the following is true. If f continuous on (a,b) and f(x) does not equal to zero for all x in the interval (a,b), then f(x) > for all x in the interval (a,b) or f(x) < 0 for all x in the interval (a,b). 2. You are given
  19. Algebra, math

    how do I find a value of x that will make each proportion true?? 12 = x ___ ___ 16 20 and 8 = 14 __ ___ 12 x Cross multiply to find x. Here's the first one; perhaps you can try the second one on your own. 12/16 = x/20 16x = 240 Divide both sides by 16 to
  20. Math 7 - help

    Nikki reads 896 pages of her book this week. How many pages is this per day Answer __________ pages per day Do I have to do a proportion? If I do what do I have to write down????? That what I'm having trouble with. I already know how to solve the
  21. math

    please can anyone help me to gget the answer of this question,please help me solve thie word problem below is the question......Snow spent 5/8 of her money on books and another 1/6 of her money on stationeries. What fraction of Kathy’s money was left?
  22. Algebra multiple choice!

    I have a few questions I need help with! Please explain if my answer was not right how you got to it. I got 1.) B 2.) A 3.) C 1. Solve the system by triangularizing the augmented matrix and using back substitution. If the system is linearly dependent, give
  23. chemistry

    For these problem, I know how to solve it, but I have some issues with the formula. I know that, I need to write down the formula first, and then I need to balance the equation, then I can solve it. So, can anyone please check my formula? You don't have to
  24. Biology

    How can we solve the problems of global warming by using biology technology? In other words, what biology technology helps solve global warming? I can't think of anything. Please help! Thanks You.
  25. Algebra 2

    Solve. 4a-2≤a+1≤3a+4 4a-2-1≤a+1-1≤3a+4-1 4a-3-3≤a≤3a+3-3 4a/3-6/3≤a≤3a/3 4a/3(1/a)-2≤a≤a(1/a) 4/3-6≤a≤1 I got lost at this part. I'm not sure what to do now, if i am solving it
  26. Pre Calculas

    7. For the function defined by: f(x)= {x^2, x<=1} {2x+1, x>1} a. evaluate f(0) 8. Solve the following system of equations algebraically. Verify your solution either graphically or by using matrices. 3x-y=0 5x+2y=22 9. Solve the following system of
  27. Math

    Please help me with this ASAP! I need help with this just checking my answers thanks 1. There are 14 blue marbles, 8red marbles, and 12 green marbles in a jar. What is the ratio of the total number of marbles to the number of red marbles? A. 24:8 B. 34:8
  28. maths

    my exams are starting from next week i am facing so much problems in perimeter and area of simple geometrical figures . my question is ;find the area , in square centimetres , of a rectangular strip of board 3.28 m long and 75 mm wide . the second question
  29. math

    Can someone please help me with this math problem. My teacher is looking for me to show my work, but I don't how to solve the problem to show my work. Please help!!! The problem is 2 1/2 + 3 1/4 + 3 5/8. Thank you for your help.
  30. Math/ Proportions solve using unit rates

    Contestants in a dance-a-thon rest for the same amount of time every hour. A couple rests for 25 minutes in 5 hours. How long did they rest in 8 hours? 25/5=5 8/5= 1 3/8 hours
  31. Math

    The temperature in Minot, North Dakota registered 18 degrees F. The wind chill factor made it feel negative 10 degrees. What is the difference between the actual temperature and the perceived temperature? Help solve
  32. math

    how do you solve 9x=6 9x=6 Divide both side by 9. (Remember you can add, subtract, multiply, etc but do to both sides what you do to one.) 9x/9 = 6/9 The 9's divide out on the left leaving x. x = 6/9. I will let you reduce the answer. divide by 9 on both
  33. Math

    A cell phone company charges $0.28 for each text message. Paula plans to spend no more than $5.00 on text messages next month. Write and solve an inequality to find how many text messages she will be able to send.
  34. math word problem

    can someone help me solve this? not just an answer but a method of solving cause im having a hard time grasping this. Three times the larger of two numbers is equal to four times the smaller. The sum of the numbers is 21. Find the numbers.
  35. Math

    Okay .. Im working on Linear Equations and am VERY confused can someone help me solve this equation? (Remember its : Linear Equation) y=3x+4 Ok Gabby, this is a line with slope 3 and y intercept 4. Have you seen how to graph lines yet? (Incidentally, we

    Directions solve each of the following problems. Besure to show the equation used for the solution. In a town election, the winning candidate had 220 more votes than the loser. If 810 votes were cast in all, how many votes did each candidate received?
  37. Algebra

    You are going to write a fairy tale! Your story should include all of the standard elements of fairy tales. Begins “Once upon a time … ” Animals can act like humans. Involves magical items or helpers. Ends “ … happily ever after.” Your story
  38. 5th grade Math

    Read the following word problems, create an expression, and solve. 1. Nadia earned $3 a week. Nathan $4 a week. How much did they earn together after 4 weeks? (3+4) x 4 = $28 2. Audrey has 120 beads. She puts 8 beads on each necklace and 4 beads on each
  39. math

    12.(4pts) Solve the problem. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent unless otherwise indicated. Sales of frozen pizza for a club fund-raiser increased from 500 one year to 575 the next year. What was the percent of increase? Solve the problem.
  40. math,algebra,help

    Is this right: Solve: x^2+16x+60=0 this is what i did: i used the quadratic formula and this is what i ended up with. x = -8 +- (sqrt(16))/(2) Which is -8 +-2 Or you could have factored the quadratic (x+10)(x+6) Which is -8 +-2 Or you could have factored
  41. Math C30

    What's next? Solve: cosx(tanx + sqroot3) - sqroot3/2(tanx-sqroot3) Provide exact answers .. help
  42. math

    There are some caps in a box. 1/6 of them are red, 1/3 of them are blue and 3/7 of the remainder are green. If there are 27 green caps, how many caps are there altogether? How should I solve this?
  43. math

    Angles A and B are supplementary angles. Find the measure of each angle if angle A is 30 degrees greater than angle A. How do I solve this?
  44. math

    F(x,y) represents a velocity field of a fluid over a surface z=6-3x-2y.If the magnitude of the velocity in the direction of the unit normal vector,n on S is 3z/(surds14), compute the flux of F(x,y) over the surface S in the first octant oriented upward
  45. math

    Please help solve the below problem Show work please! Thanks. On Dec 28,2007,you could buy a 10-year U.S.Treasury note(a kind of bond)for $10,000 that pays 4.21% simple interet every year through Dec 28,2017.How much total interest would it earn by then?
  46. math

    Last year, the personal best high jumps of track athletes in a nearby state were normally distributed with a mean of 229 cm and a standard deviation of 19 cm. What is the probability that a randomly selected high jumper has a person best between 229 and
  47. HELP MATH 5th grade

    Sam has 3 pets. Monday she uses d cans of pet food. Tuesday she uses 6 cans Wednesday Thursday and Friday uses 4 cans each day How many cans does she use during thse 5 days? which number is not needed to solve problem? 4 3 5 6 - please explain
  48. math

    solve the following by a quadratic equation and then solving it. a rocket is projected vertically upwards from ground level, its height "h" meters after "t" seconds is given by the formula h=35t-5t^2 how long does it take to reach 50 meters? you should
  49. math

    A gardener is mowing a 20 yard-by-40 yd rectangular pasture using a diagonal pattern. He mows from one corner of the pasture to the corner diagonally opposite. What is the length of this pass with the mower? Give your answer in simplified form. Please
  50. math

    F(x,y) represents a velocity field of a fluid over a surface z=6-3x-2y.If the magnitude of the velocity in the direction of the unit normal vector,n on S is 3z/(surds14), compute the flux of F(x,y) over the surface S in the first octant oriented upward
  51. Math

    For 1985 through 1996, the number, C (in thousands), of videos rented each year in Moose Jaw can be modeled by C= 0.069(t^3+4t^2+37t+600) where t=0 represents 1990. During which year are 60.4 thousand movies projected to be rented? I'm not sure how to
  52. algebra

    Ok my math assignments look something ike this... The formula I=prt gives the amouunt of simple interest I earned by principal p at an annual interest rate r over t years. Solve this formula for p. B. Find p if r=0.035, t=4, and I=$420. c. Writing.. That
  53. Math algebra

    I'm not sure if I am right or what to do next. I have to write and solve equation that tells me the number of minutes for which the cost of both phone companies is equal. Phone company. Charges Comp.A. 36cents plus 3 cnts per min. Comp.B 6cents per
  54. Math

    A jewelry store is selling a set of 4 pairs of gemstone earrings for $58, including tax. Neva and three of her friends bought the set so each could have one pair of earrings. Write and solve a multiplication equation to fin how much each person should pay.
  55. Physics

    A horizontal force, F1 = 85 N, and a force, F2 = 18.4 N acting at an angle of θ to the horizontal, are applied to a block of mass m = 2.1 kg. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the surface is μk = 0.2. The block is moving
  56. Inequalities Interval Notation

    Solve: (2 + x)(5 + x)(4 - x) < 0 (write answer in interval notation) Which I think is xe (-infinity, -5) or (-2, 4) and Solve: (4x + 1)(3 - x) > or equal to 0 (write answer in interval notation) Which im unsure
  57. math

    Billy is framing a picture with a rectangular frame. The frame has a perimeter of 62 inches. The height of the frame is 2⁄3 times the length. Find the dimensions of the rectangle. a. Define the variable(s) b. Write an equation to represent the situation.
  58. Math 2 questions

    I need help with 2 questions so that I could do my other ones myself so can someone please do these 2 questions so i get an example how to do them, thanks. 1. Lauren works for a bookstore. One of the stores suppliers has a promotion in which any in stock
  59. Algerbra

    regular dinner = 2 tacos & 3 enchailada for 2.39 special dinner = 3 tacos & 4 enchiladas for 4.23 what is the average price for a taco & enchilada? Let t be tacos and e be enchiladas. A regular dinner would be represented as: 2t + 3e = 2.39 and a special
  60. m

    Ok here are a few more 1. collect like terms 12r+6s-3r-9s A:9r-3s 2. translate to an algebraic expression The product of 46% and some number A: y=0.46x 3. In 1993, the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 61.3 yrs. In 1999, it was 64.7yrs. Let
  61. Physics

    A skier swoops down a hill and over a ramp. She starts from rest at a height of 18m, leaves the ramp at an angle of 45 degrees, and just clears the snowman on her way down, making an angle of 30 degrees with the vertical as she does. Assuming that there is
  62. Math

    Suppose A,B, and C are positive integers such that 24/5 = A + 1/B+1/C+1 The value of 1A + 2B + 3C equals: (A) 9 (B) 12 (C) 15 (D) 17 (E) 20 hey i am trying to solve the problem, is it written like A+1 _____ B+1/C+1 A + 1 ______ B + 1 ____ C + 1 sorry it
  63. Physics

    An ocean liner is traveling at 5m/s. A passenger on deck walks towards the rear of the ship at a rate of 4m/s. After walking 30 meters, he turns right and walks at a rate of 4m/s to the rail, which is 12 meters from his turning point. What is his velocity
  64. physics

    An ocean liner is traveling at 5m/s. A passenger on deck walks towards the rear of the ship at a rate of 4m/s. After walking 30 meters, he turns right and walks at a rate of 4m/s to the rail, which is 12 meters from his turning point. What is his velocity
  65. Math

    There is a point (P) on the graph of [x^2+y^2- 136 x + 12 y + 4560 = 0] and a point(Q) on the graph of [(y + 6)^2 = x^3 - 116 x^2 - 417 x + 267460] such that the distance between them is as small as possible. To solve this problem, we let ((x,y) be the
  66. Algebra

    I need help with two math problems. 1. A triangle has vertices (1, 4), (1, 1), and (-3, 1). The triangle is dilated by a scale factor of 2, then translated 5 units up, and then rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise about the origin. What are the vertices of
  67. Math

    Solve the equation and show the check of the potential answer(s). If any answers are excluded values, state this on your answer sheet. a2 + 4a - 5/a2 + 2a - a + 3/a + 2 =1/a2 + 2a Can someone please show me how to do this problem with checks? I have
  68. Math

    ok so i'm kinda sort of confused... I had this for a equation X^2 + 4X - 1 = 0 and then I was like zero??? zero... really zero... hmm... X^2 + 4X - 1 = dy ???????? That zero does represent when Y equals zero correct??? this allows us to solve for X
  69. math 1st. grade

    Adding Doubles just means adding the same numberr to itself. Like 2+2=4, 3+3=6, So addind doubles to 18 would be 0+0=0, 1+1=2, 2+2=4, and so forth up to 9+9=18. Maybe this will help you solve the problem. I have a work sheet that has Add Doubles to 18 with
  70. Math

    Plz help lisa is painting a fence that is 26 feet long and 7 feet tall. A gallon of paint will cover 350 square feet. Write and solve a proportion to determine how many gallons lisa will need.
  71. Math

    A submarine begins at -125 below sea level. If the submarine travels at 20 feet per minute, how many minutes would it will take the submarine to rise to the surface and then defend to -104 feet? A: 6 1/4 B: 11 2/9 C: 5 1/5 D: 11 9/20 I said C but it was
  72. math

    Part A: Explain why the x-coordinates of the points where the graphs of the equations y = 4x and y = 2x−2 intersect are the solutions of the equation 4x = 2x−2. Part B: Make tables to find the solution to 4x = 2x−2. Take the integer values of x
  73. Math

    There is a point (P) on the graph of [x^2+y^2- 136 x + 12 y + 4560 = 0] and a point(Q) on the graph of [(y + 6)^2 = x^3 - 116 x^2 - 417 x + 267460] such that the distance between them is as small as possible. To solve this problem, we let ((x,y) be the
  74. algebra

    can anyone solve this please it is hard In a basketball game, Garrett and Logan scored a total of 19 points. Logan and Ray scored a total of 14 points. Logan scored as many points as Garrett and Ray together. How many points did each player score?
  75. Calculus

    Solve for x log(base6)(x+3)−log(base6)(x−5)=2. I tried to factor out the log(base6) and got (x+3)^x/(x-5)=2, but I don't know how to solve that...
  76. math

    Please help, 1) How do you solve 2017^2017 without a calculator? 2) What is the last digit of the solution to this problem: 2017^(2017^2017)? Thank you!
  77. Creative Expression and Play Question

    Cognitive development is fostered by play when: 1. children practice their vocabulary. 2. children plan and solve problems. 3. teachers supervise play. 4. children do arts and crafts. Isn't cognitive development fostered when children plan and solve
  78. physics

    If a pulley is 57% efficient and you lift a 35kg box 5m how much work do you do? 1716.75 N*m A crane that is 13m long and is at a 20 degree angle to the ground can hold a load of 296N. What is the torque on the crane? 1,316.10 N*m A cylinder with a radius
  79. 8th Grade Algebra- Answer Check

    Solve each system of equations, give the solution and state whether there are no solutions or many solutions. 1 )3x + 8y = 1 7x + 4y = 17 Answer: (3,1) 2) -3x + 5y = -7 9x + 2y = 38 Answer: (4,1) 3) 7r + 3s = 13 14r - 15s = -16 Answer: (1,2) 4) 2x - 7y =
  80. Physics

    A parachutist drops out of a plane at an altitude of 150m and accidentally drops his camera. If the parachute opens the instant he drops out of the plane and he descents at a constant speed of 6 m/s, how much time separates the arrival of the camera on the
  81. math

    6x sq.-5x-1=0 use the equation of the squre if u want to solve it. use the quadratic formula Please read: Or how can i do fractons and i need some advised
  82. physics

    Linc, the 65kg lifeguard, slides down a water slide that is inclined at an angle of 35 degrees to the horizontal, into the community swimming pool. If the coefficient of friction of the slide is 0.050, what is Linc's rate of acceleration as he slides down?
  83. Math - Algebra 2

    In a certain math class, each student has a text book, every 2 students share a book of tables, every 3 students share a problem book, and every 4 students share a mathematics dictionary. If the total number of books is 75.. how many students are in a
  84. Physics and Calculus

    Consider a charged ring of radius 27 cm and total charge 15 nC. We are interested in the electric field a perpendicular distance z away from the center of the ring. At what distance from the center of the ring does the electric field become maximum? Hint:
  85. trigonometry

    5. Find the complete exact solution of sin x = -√3/2. 9. Solve cos 2x – 3sin x cos 2x = 0 for the principal value(s) to two decimal places. 21. Solve tan^2x + tan x – 1 = 0 for the principal value(s) to two decimal places. 22. Prove that tan^2a
  86. math

    i got help with this problem a couple days ago. the answer and explanation given made sense to me but on my list of answers it said the the answer is suppose to be: r=[-pih+sqrt(pi^2h^2+2piA)]/2pi if anyone can figure out how to get that thanks so much.
  87. 6th Grade Math :(

    Gabriella went skiing. She paid $35 to rent skis and $15 an our to ski. If she paid a total of $95, how many hours did she ski? Write an equation to represent the situation and solve it. I don't understand this. I did this problem before and my teacher
  88. math

    Thank you for taking my question. Please show me how to problem solve the following: Bridgette has gotten a promotion. Her monthly salary will be $3500. Her bonus will be 1% of last year's profit, which were $500. In 6 months she will receive a 5% raise.
  89. math

    "The area of a rectangle is 360m2. If its lengh if increased by 10m and its width is decreased by 6m, then its area does not change. Find the perimeter of the original rectangle." I need to use the "guess and test" or the "draw a diagram" method to solve;
  90. college math

    a rectangular dog pen is to be constructed so that one side is against an existing stone wall and the other three sides are to be fenced. of 500 feet of fence is to be used, determine the dimensions and area of the pen with maximum area. I have no idea how
  91. math

    A car radiator has a 6-liter capacity. If the liquid in the radiators 40% antifreeze, how much liquid must be replaced with pure anitfreeze to bring the mixture up to a 50% solutions? If I told you the answer is 1 liter, in your own words, using complete
  92. math

    John is three times as old as his son, Michael, and in x year time he will be twice as old as him (i) write down expressions for Johns and Michaels age in x years time (ii) write down and solve an equation in x I know the answers as they are in the back of
  93. science

    1 What is a set of real or complex numbers or elements arranged in rows or columns to form a rectangular array. set matrix determinant real numbers 2 If A.x= λx ,where A= ∣∣∣∣211232−212∣∣∣∣
  94. chemistry

    hello, I can't seem to solve this question. i tried to look up someone else who may have asked this question. I found this girl named Sara,but her answer didn't really help me much because it did not answer the question. What is the pH when enough 0.10 M
  95. medicine

    how can i solve this?prepare 150ml of a 7.5%dextrose have D5%W and D10%W. how much of each sol. is needed? I assume the 7.5 dextrose is going to be on a w/w basis also. This is really simple, no algebra needed. Since 7.5 is halfway between 5 and
  96. math

    how do i solve the following: 6 X 10 to the power of one + 5 X 10 to the power of zero + 4 X 10 to the negative power of one?
  97. math grade 12

    Solve. log(x^3)-log(2)=log(2x^2)
  98. Math

    How to solve this equation Log [log (log x)] =1 5 4 2
  99. math

    Solve and Check√x-6=√3-√x
  100. Math

    Solve the problem. Round to the nearest unit. 584 is 12.2% of what? I got 47.868852459016 (on the calculator) Just wanted to know if I rounded to the nearest unit correctly. When I rounded I got 4787?