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  1. Math help Steve?

    1) Given that p(-3), p(-1), and p(5)=0, which expression could be p(x)? A)x^3-x^2-17x-15 B)x^3+x^2-17x+15 C)x^3-3x^2-13x+15 D)x^3-9x^2+23x-15 Hi Steve, I got what you said, but how would I solve this equation then?
  2. math help pls pls

    How do you solve the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle with width W and L length for the length p=2w+2L
  3. math

    Solve this equation. Verify your solution using a graphing utility. log_a(x - 1) - log_a(x + 6) = log_a(x - 2) - log_a(x + 3)
  4. please help math

    x/3-2/3=1/x *Solve the rational below. I really need help. multiply both sides by x. x^2/3 -2x/3 = 1 multiply both sides by 3 subtract three from each side x^2 -2x -3=0 (x-3)(x+1)=0 Then either of the factors can be zero, or x=3 or x=-1
  5. math

    how do you solve this can you do this with the steps do I an understand them,please. (square root start) 4x-8 (square root end)=-8
  6. Math

    5(2c+7)=80 Dis.Property Use Dis. Property Combine like terms Solve using inverse operations
  7. Math

    solve the proportion using cross products. 20 miles/60 hours=16 miles/h hours? a.20 b.40 c.48 d.64 ??? thanks in advance:) please help!!!
  8. Math advance functions gr 12

    Using rational functions solve 7+ 1(numerator) x (denominator) = 1 (numerator) x-2(demominator)
  9. math

    If there are 36 buttons in a jar and there are 3 times as many white buttons than red, how many of each are in the jar? What is the equation and how do I solve?
  10. Math

    Help me solve this input output table? 1 1 2 3 3 6 4 10 5 15 6 21 So what equation should I do to get from the number in the first column to the number in the second column?
  11. math/calculus

    solve the equation loga(x-5)- loga (x+9)=loga(x-7)-loga(x+9) all a's are lower please show work
  12. math

    how do i solve this problem? 165 calories are from sugar. 250calories are in all. what percent of calories are from sugar?
  13. math,correction

    i am really trying is this correct. solve: 5(x-2)^2 = 3 MY ANSWER THAT I GOT IS: X = 2 +- (SQRT (3) )/(5) no. 5(x-2)^2 = 3 (x-2)^2 = 3/5 x-2 = +- sqrt (3/5) x= 2 +- sqrt (3/5) so the whole fraction of 3/5 is inside the sqrt yes
  14. math

    (please solve step by step) solving equation (6x+2)/4 + (2x²-1)/(2x²+2) = (10x-1)/4x we got roots as
  15. Math

    1) Solve equation 3r+5 _____ + 2 = 2r to find the value of r? 2 A. 2 1/7 B. 3 2/3 C. 15 D. 10 2) which is these is a rational number. A. Sq root of 14 B. -sq root of 9 C. -sq root of 34 D. Sq root of 72
  16. Math help

    Can someone check my answers on these? Thank you!! Solve each system using addition or subtraction. 1. x+y=8 x-y=4 For the solution I got (6,3) 2. x-3y=7 x+2y=2 For the solution I got (4,-1) 3. 5s+2t=6 9s+2t=22 For the solution I got (-4,13) 4. 2x+3y=13
  17. math

    Solve the trigonometric equation 3sinθ=1.2 for 0≤θ≤4π
  18. math

    The tax on a purchase was $9.33. If the sales tax rate is 6%, how much was the purchase? Write and solve an equation.
  19. Math

    1. 2(y + 1) for y = 2 (1 point) 6 5 7 8 2. start fraction lower d plus lower g over lower h end fraction for d = 29, g = 16, and h = 9 (1 point) 8 2.375 5.375 5 3. The cost in dollars of a school banquet is 74 + 12n, where n is the number of people
  20. Physics

    A skier speeds down a smooth ski slope which is at an angle of θ = 21° with the horizontal. The mass of the skier is 75 kg. Take the downhill direction to be positive and uphill to be negative. What is the net force acting on the skier? Ok, so I have
  21. Pre-calculus

    The angle of elevation from the end of the shadow to the top of the building is 63 degrees and the distance of 220 feet. 1) Find the height of the building to the nearest foot 2) find the length of the shadow to the nearest foot If 0 degrees </= 360
  22. Algebra help!

    1.) Solve the system by triangularizing the augmented matrix and using back substitution. -x-y+z=1 x-y-4z=-7 4x+y+z=6 2.) Perform the indicated row operation, then write the new matrix. -4 4 | 4 9 -6 | 5 -2R1+ R2 ---> R2 3.) Solve the system by
  23. Math

    The two cereal boxes shown have corresponding edges in a ratio of 2:3. If the smaller box sells for $2.50 and the larger box for $4.00, which is the better buy? Why? What assumption(s) do you have to make when solving the problem? Estimate, then check.
  24. Basic Math

    How would I be able t find how many cubic centimeters in a cubic meter? What is the density of water using metric units? Convert: 3000 m to miles 32degrees F to C degrees 5.08 cm to inches I am not looking for you to give me the answers. Just tell me how I
  25. Math

    A sales associate at a computer store receives a bonus of $100 for every computer he sells. He wants to make $2500 in bonuses next month. Write and solve an inequality to find the minimum number of computers he must sell.
  26. math

    david wants to buy a motorcycle for2500. He has no money in his savings. He gets a job where he earns $50 an hour. how many 8 hour work days will it take to reach his goal of 2500? Must write an equation to represent the situation then solve and explain.
  27. Math

    1. Use MATLAB Optimization Tool to solve the following problem: minimize [2x1^2+2x1x2+x2^2-10x1-10x2] subject to [x1^2+x2^2≤500] and [5x1-x2 ≤ -4] . 2. Please hand-check all the Kuhn-Tucker conditions for your answer.
  28. Math

    I need to solve this set of differential equations {y'+(t/2)1, y(0)=1} and then find the limiting value as t approaches infinity. I'm not sure where to start. I found the answer to the differential equation to be: y(t)=e^-t^2/4[e^(r^2/4)dr
  29. math

    The Eskimos are trying to generate more money because player wages are increasing. they have came up with a couple of plans: Plan 1 : they are going to open up 1850 new seats in the endzone that will be reserved for family seating. they project that they
  30. Algebra

    Translate each problem into a system of equations. DO NOT attempt to solve. JUST write the equation(s). Mountainside Fleece sold 40 neckwarmers. Solid color neckwarmers sold for $9.90 each and print ones sold for $12.75 each. In all, $421.65 was taken in
  31. Statistics

    Let X1;X2;X3;...;X6 be a random sample from a distribution with the following probability desity function: Fx(x) = (1+4x)/3 for 0<x<1 = 0 for x=<0; x>=1. (a) Determine the joint p.d.f of Y1 and Y6 where Y1<Y2<...Y6 are the order
  32. Physics

    The ball spins at 7.7 rev/s. In addition, the ball is through with a linear speed of 19 m/s at an angle of 55 degrees with respect to the ground. If the ball is caught at the same height at which it left the quarterback's hand, how many revolutions has the
  33. MATH!!!

    (1)TOP Electronics is a small business with five employees.The mean(avergae) weekly salary for the five emplyees is $360. If the weekly salaries of four of the employees are $340,$340,$345, and $425, what is the salary if the fifth employee?
  34. Math for Trish To Help Me With

    Factor the following. You will earn 5 points for each polynomial that is factored correctly. Please label your individual answers with a – f. a.) 4x2 - 25 b.) 3x2 + 6y c.) x^2 - 7x + 10 d.) 2x^2 - 9x – 18 e.) 2ax + 6bx + ay + 3by f.) 6x^2 + 12x – 48
  35. Math

    1. A painter earns $15 per hour. What is the minimum number of hours he must work to earn at least $200? Write an inequality to represent this situation and solve. I THINK: So you know that he earns $15 per hour so we can write that as 15h, h = # of hours
  36. math

    Math homework help????? please? heres what it says on the paper. Using proportions, you can calculate the dimensions of objects without having to measure them. solve the problems that follow... heres the problem ===================================== amy is
  37. algebra

    How do I do substitution equations out of the equations in the system, pick the one that has the least amount of funky numbers. then make that equation equal to either x or y(or any other variable dependin on what kind of systems youre doing, usually just
  38. math

    Jamie is 5 years older than Ella. Jamie's age is 11 years less than three times Ella's age. The system below models the relationship between Jamie's age (j) and Ella's age (e): j = e + 5 j = 3e – 11 Which of the following methods is correct to find
  39. trig

    please help me with some questions I skipped on a review for our test coming up? solve 5-7 on the interval 0 greater than or equal to x less than or equal to 2pi. 5. sin x=sqrt3/2 6. cos x=-1/2 7. tan x=0 ---------------- 14. what is the exact value of
  40. Algebra--please help!

    I'm having some trouble with my algebra homework. Please walk me through the question completely and give me the answer so I can fully understand it if I would ever need to solve a similar problem. Here's the problem: #1: Jon begins jogging at a steady 3
  41. science EASY but help plz

    Solve: A jar contains 45mL of corn syrup whose mass is 41.4g and 90mL of glycerin whose mass is 75.4g. Which liquid is on top? SHOW MY WORK? im not sure how to do that what math would i show?
  42. math

    Please show me the steps to solve this problem: The total shipping weight of two crates is 358 pounds. One crate weighs 124 pounds more than the other. What does eah crate weigh?
  43. math---help! 1 question

    pls help me! 21. Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. (3 points)
  44. Pharmacy math

    How much dil HCL (10% w/w) HCL specific gravity = 1.045 would be required to prepare 2000ml of a solution containing 0.005 molar HCL? HCL m.w.t = 36.5 Who try to solve for me. Please help The right answer is 34.9ml
  45. Math- help finishing

    A right triangle has an area of 84 ftand a hypotenuse 25 ft long. What are the lengths of its two sides? Ive gotten this far: 25^2= a^2+b^2 a=25-b 84= ab/2 168= 25b-b^2 b^2-25b+168=0 I then use the quad. formlua to solve for b... but I get an error. Can
  46. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular cattle enclosure is 400 feet. It is 40 feet longer than it is wide. Using a system of equations solve for the length and width of the enclosure using the substitution method.
  47. Math Urgent

    A rectangle of length 4cm and width 3cm has one vertex at the origin of a system of axes and another vertex on a quarter of a circle whose center is also at the origin. Solve for the area
  48. Math

    Jean is seven years older than her brother Bob if he is three years older than their sister Mary. If the sum of their ages is 40 Siri how old is each you must set up an equation, solve and explain each step
  49. math,beginning algebra

    can someone help me work this problem out. If a total bill at a restaurant, including a 15% tip, is $65.32, what was the cost of the meal alone? $56.8 let x = cost of bill Then x + 0.15x = 65.32 solve for x. $56.80 is correct from Angela.
  50. Math

    Solve the inequality. Expression solution set using interval notation and graph the solution set using a number line. -15x+3<_-3(4x-7) Thats supposed to be a greater than or equal to sign
  51. Math 8th

    How could I solve this? Multiple Choice Classify the triangle according to side length and angle measurement. A right triangle A. isosceles; right B. equilateral; obtuse C. scalene; acute D. scalene; right
  52. Math

    The ages of three siblings combined is 27. The oldest is twice the age of the youngest. The middle child is 3 years older than the youngest. Write and solve an equation to find the ages of each sibling.

    Express the weekly profit earned using the variable cost per unit and the fixed cost. TP=TR-TC TP= P(9+33p-p^2)-10(9+33p-p^2)+100 Please help me solve this! I am BEGGING. THANK YOU SO MUCH
  54. math

    Solve for x and y if 5^(x−y) = 625 and 3^(2x) × 3^y = 243. (note: I posted a similar question to this before, but this uses indices) (Also note: Answer is, x = 3, y = -1 ; 7, and the question if inputted into an online calculator, is incorrect.) Thnks
  55. Math-Check my answer

    Solve the inequality. Explain all steps and identify the properties used. 3a-4 less than or equal to 5 My answer: First, you add 4 to both sides: 3a - 4 + 4 <= 5 + 4. Then you get this 3a <= 9. Next I divide both sides by 3: 3a/3 <= 9/3 a <= 3
  56. math

    my daughter is working on calculating how many triangles point up in equilateral triangle. This is her bonus question: solve this problem for an equilateral triangle with sides measuring n units each. I'm lost, help.
  57. math

    If the total bill at a restaurant, including a 15% tip, is $65.32, what was the cost of the meal alone? 1.15 X = $65.32 I am assuming that you can solve this equation for X (the cost of the meal alone). If you cannot, respond to this post with more
  58. math

    Each ticket to a school dance is $4. The total amount collected in ticket sales is $332. Write and solve an equation to find the number of students attending the dance.
  59. math Algebra I

    Perimeter of table top is 28 feet. The difference between 4 times the length and 3 times the wide is 21 feet. Find the dimension. (Use system of linear equations to solve.)
  60. Math

    The demand and supply equations for a certain item are given by D = -5p + 40 s = -p^2+30p-8 Find the equilibrium price. Wouldn't you set demand equal to supply, and solve for P? I will be happy to critique your work.
  61. Math

    Solve the system of equations using substitution, elimination by addition, or augmented matrix methods (your choice). Show work. 3𝑥 − 2𝑦 = 5 5𝑥 + 3𝑦 = 21
  62. math

    solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. express the solution set in interval notation x^3+x^2+64x+64>0 show work please
  63. math check answer plz

    you earn $7.50 per hr to help ur uncle in his shop. you earn $33.75 . write and solve an equation to find how may hrs u worked. I put $7.50 x hours= $33.75 and hours is 4.5 is that correct?
  64. Math help please Ms. Sue agian

    Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. (3 points) I need help with this one too. Thank you! :)
  65. 2nd Grade Math

    Jordan spent $6.37 on a book and $1.23 on a magazine. How much did he spend all together? First estimate the costs and the totals. _____+______=______ Then use partial sums and solve. _____
  66. Math Homework

    I'm really confused on how to do this. Can someone show me step by step on how to solve this? The directions say to use the Sum-to-Product formulas to find the exact value of the expression. sin 5pi/4-sin 3pi/4
  67. math

    Solve the problem. Give your answer to the nearest thousandth if necessary. A long-distance runner runs 3 miles south and then 7 miles east. How far is the runner from the starting point?
  68. Algebra 2

    Use the formula D=rt where D is distance, r is rate, and t is time. 40 yard dash: Julio took 4.39 seconds, Rich took 6.18 1. Solve D=rt for rate. (1 pt) 40 2. Use the statistics given in Act Two and your equation from #1. a. At what speed (rate) does Rich
  69. physics

    Find the minimum diameter of a 51.5-m-long nylon string that will stretch no more than 1.01 cm when a load of 68.9 kg is suspended from its lower end. Assume that Ynylon = 3.51·10^8 N/m2 physics - bobpursley, Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 10:32am Hookes
  70. Calculus - Damon

    Find the line which passes through the point (0, 1/4) and is tangent to the curve y=x^3 at some point. So I found the derivative which is 3x^2. Let (a, a3) be the point of tangency. 3x^2 = (a3 - 1/4)/(a-0) I'm not sure how to solve for a. Yes, the point is
  71. TRig WIth LoGs help1!!

    i have problem i can't solve and the book is no help.. anyone got osme hints or somehting i could start off doing? the problem is... Solve for x: log(x^3)= (log x)^3 Rewrite it as 3 log x = (log x)^3 The use algebra (divide each side by log x) to get (log
  72. Physics (Algebra Bit)

    I see that this is a quadratic equaion and it has been a while sense I have taken algebra 1.... I don\'t know how to solve for t3... -2^-1 t3^2 - 180 s t3 + t3^2 = a^-1 (Vo (180 s) - 1,100 m + Xo) how do I solve this for t3 the 3 is a subscript to t 180 s
  73. math

    1)solve the equation p=log(squareroot8)/log(2) 2)hence solve the equation log(31+log(16)/log(x))/log(9)=log(squareroot8/log(2)
  74. math

    Plz solve this problem.. A wire of 100 cm is cut into two parts and each part is bent to form square.if the sum of the areas of two squares is 425 cm square.find the length of side of two square.
  75. Science/Math/HElP

    Science- A 25N object is 3 meters up. How much potential energy does it have? our teacher said that the formula for finding out potential energy is PE = Mass * Gravity * Height. The gravity on Earth is always 9.8, but my problem is that instead of mass the
  76. Algebra

    Solve and express in interval notation Solve: |5 – 8x| > 11 and write interval notation for the solution set. This is what I get but I need it in interval notation. x<-3/4 or x >2 Solve: (x-3)/(x^2-25)<0 and write interval notation for the
  77. math

    F6P = 0.504(1.3 − F6P) -solve for F6P?
  78. college math

    solve absolute value 2x-20 absolute value=absolute value 9x+ ansolute value 15 |2x-20|=|9x+15|
  79. Math

    Solve: sqrt(7x-5)+sqrt(15x+4)=sqrt(30x+31)
  80. math

    solve the equation 1. squareroot of 2x+1+4=3 2.x= squareroot of 12-x 3.squareroot of 5x-2=3 4.x=squareoot of 9x-14
  81. Math Help

    Please help me solve these two problems and check my answer :) 1. 3x-5+x+2 My answer- X= 17/3 2. 5/6x+1/4= -9/4 my answer- X= -2
  82. easy math

    √(100 - 20√5 + 5 + 15 - 6√15 + 9) solve.
  83. Math

    Solve: sqrt(7x-5)+sqrt(15x+4)=sqrt(30x+31)
  84. Math

    6cos^2 theta + 5cos theta=1 Solve for theta
  85. math

    Solve the inequality W > Y plus H all divided by P for H. W divided by P – Y > H W times P divided by Y > H WP – Y > H W + P – Y > H
  86. MATH

    Can someone help me solve these problems? Thank you. [SQRT(2x2 + 5x + 6)]=x . [SQRT(x + 3)] = 2[SQRT(x)]
  87. Matrices Word Problem

    The stopping distance of a car traveling 25mph is 61.7 feet, and for a car traveling 35 mph it is 106 feet. The stopping distance in feet can be described by the equation y = ax² +bx, where x is the speed in mph. (a) Find the values of a and b. (b)Use
  88. statistics

    My problem is to graph a system of inequalities (which ive done) and introduce slack variables to convert the system of inequalities to a system of equations. So I am building my table and all is easy until I get to the point where S1 and S2 are both zeros
  89. Physics

    A airplane has a speed of 290 km/h and is driving at an angle of 30 degrees below the horizontal when the pilot releasese a radar decoy. The horizontal distance between the release point and where the decoy hits the ground is 700m. a) How long is the decoy
  90. Physics newton

    A rocket weighs 1 x10^7 N while on the surface of the earth. The ignition of its engines results in a lift off force of 1.5 X 10^7 N a) what is the mass of the rocket. b) what is its acceleration at lift -off c)How fast will it be moving if it acceleartion
  91. Math

    Solve for the length of the unknown side in the following right triangle. (Side AC is the hypotenuse.) Round your answer to two places, where applicable. Side AB ? Side BC=12 Side AC=19
  92. Math

    HELP?! 1.-9^2 2.(5x^9y)(-2x^-2y^-3) 3.(a^1b^-2) / (a^-2b^4) 4.(7x^-1/y^4)^-2 Scientific notation: 5) .0000745 Decimal Form: 6) 9.3*10^6 Solve: 7.3√-27 8.√(-5a)^2 Simplify: 9.√60x^5y^2 10.√75x^3 / √3x
  93. Algebra HELP

    Can someone check my answers? Solve for m: m + 6 = 3(2m - 4) a.4 b.-6/5 c.18/5 d.2 answer: c. 18/5 Solve the equation and check your solution: 3(x + 6) = 18 + 3x a. -6 b. 0 c. all real numbers d. no solution answer: b. 0 Solve the equation and check your
  94. MATH!!!!

    The CN Tower is 553m high. A person in a boat on Lake Ontario, at a point B due south of the tower, observes the top (T) of the tower at an angle of elevation of 8 degrees. At the same time, another person, at a point C on a bearing {S 85 degrees E } from
  95. Algebra--help really needed!

    I'm having some trouble with my algebra homework. Please walk me through the question completely and give me the answer so I can fully understand it if I would ever need to solve a similar problem. Here's the problem: #1: Jon begins jogging at a steady 3
  96. Math

    Hi. I found this question on a Math Counts practice test and it seriously confused me. I've never learned about this, and it would help if someone helped me. Thanks in advance. How many elements are in the intersection of the set of all the prime numbers
  97. Vertex edge graphs

    OK so my friend asked me how to solve this question i didn't know how but tried anyway and got the right answer but i want to know if i did it correctly 6 boys are working on 5 go carts. each boy works on more than one cart. it takes one weekend to make
  98. Physics

    *I really don't know how to get started. I have done lots of the homework, but this one (and a couple of others) are really giving me PROBLEMS.* A pickup truck is carrying a toolbox, but the rear gate of the truck is missing, so the box will slide out if
  99. math

    A firm pays $1.75 for each copy of a magazine and sells each one for $2.50. There is a fixed monthly cost of $40 for printing the publication. If the firm wants to make $550 dollars next month, how many magazines do they have to sell? Write and solve an
  100. math

    A water skiing instructor recommends that a boat pulling a beginning skier have a speed less than 18 miles per hour. Write and solve an inequality that you can use to find the possible distances d (in miles) that a beginner can travel in 45 minutes of