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  1. math 3

    A fruit farm sells a 10 lb box of navel oranges for $42. If the farm sells 374 of these boxes, how much money will it make? Please solve thx
  2. math

    i don't understand what to do.if someone can tell me what to do i can try to get the answer. solve each system by graphing.identify systems with no solutions and systems with infinitely many solutions, using set notation
  3. Math

    Translate the following text into an equation involving ratios and solve it. " Anne is paid $45 per hour, if she works 55 hours in a particular week, how much will she be paid that week?

    7x+5y=-26 x=28-6y solve using substitution okay so then 196-42y+5y=-26 then combined like terms so 196+37y=-26 37y=-222 y=-6 is this part correct?
  5. math

    a recipe that will make 3 pie call for 7 cups of flour. write a proportion and solve it to find how many pies can be made with 28 cups of flour
  6. math

    Solve the two sided inequality and show the solution on real line 7 < 1-2x ≤ 10 Given two functions as: f(x) = x2-x-1 and g(x) = 3/x Find fog(x) also find the domain of f, g and fog
  7. Math (pre-celc 12)

    I'm not sure how to solve this equation algebraically: 38=20sin((2pi(t))/36)+22 I know the answer should be about 5.3 since I graphed it. I can get as far as removing 22 from the right and then removing 20 from the right by dividing by 20. To get
  8. math 61

    write an equation and solve A rectanglar swimming pool has width of 25 feet and an area of 1250 square feet. What is the pool's length?
  9. math

    solve each triangle using either the Law of Sines or the Law of Cosines. If no triangle exists, write “no solution.” Round your answers to the nearest tenth. A = 23°, B = 55°, b = 9 A = 18°, a = 25, b = 18
  10. math

    In New York a taxi costs 72 cents for the first 1/10th of a mile and 15 cents for every additional 1/10 mile. How much does it cost to drive 6 miles? Set up and solve? Thanks
  11. Math

    One angle of a triangle measures 120 degrees. The other two angles are congruent. Write and solve an equation to find the measure of the congruent angles.
  12. Math

    George can spend $34.80 for his dinner. He wants to tip the waiter 20% of the cost of his meal. How much money does he spend on the tip? Translate the question into an equation. Do not solve.
  13. Math

    A=1/2H(B+b) Solve for H Let's start by getting rid of the fraction. Multiply both sides by 2 (whatever operation you do to one side of an equation you must do to the other side as well): 2(A) = 2[1/2H(B+b)] 2A = H(B+b) Now divide both sides by (B+b) and
  14. math

    define a variable, write an iquality, and solve the problem below. then check your solution. "seven minus two times a number is less than three times the number plus thirty-two" 7-2*x<3x+32 is this right so far? what goes next?
  15. Math

    How would you solve for these word problems in one variable inequality form? 1. A number, n, decreased by 6 is less than or equal to 4. 2.One half of a number, increased by 9 is less than 33. 3.Six less than or equal to the sum of 4 and -2x.
  16. Math probability

    Suppose x is random variable with normal distribution (u,sigma^2) distribution and p(x<=0)=1/3 and p(x<=1)=2/3 what are the values of u and sigma? Please show me the steps to solve such a question Thank you
  17. Math

    Can some one explain the step of the following: 1. Graph the system of Inequalities (What will be the points) y>= -4 x>=5 2. Solve by the substitution method 5x+3y= 7 x=59-7y 3.Graph the equation using the slope and the y-intercept (What are the
  18. Math

    Can you guys please check my answers? Evaluate x/y for x = 2/3 and y =6/7 1. 7/9 2. 8/10*** 3. 9/12 4. 12/21 Simplify the expression (3/7^2) 1. 3/7 2. 6/14 3. 9/49*** 4. 5/9 What is the simplified form of the expression 7[63 ÷ (52 – 22) – 1]? 1. 10 2.
  19. math

    i am sorry ms.sue i just changed because i ashamed that i always posted question on my homework and i afraid that anyone might not help my homework because of keep on posting but i really thanks to you and i hope you will help me to solve the problem i
  20. Math help

    Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions.
  21. Math (written answer)

    IDK HOW TO SOLVE THIS WRITTEN ANSWER PROBLEM, PLEASE HELP! write an inequality to represent a situation the temperature stayed above -15 degrees
  22. Math

    Mia took a test with 60 multiple-choice questions. Her teacher told her she got 88% correct. A.Write and solve a proportion to figure out how many questions she got correct.
  23. Math

    How would you solve these compound inequalities word problems? 1. The human ear can distinguish sounds between 20Hz and 20,000 Hz, inclusive. 2. For a man to box as a welterweight, he must weigh more than 140 lbs, but at most 147 lbs.
  24. MATH

    you purchase 8 video game machines for a total of $2722. A nintendo costs $249 and an Xbox costs $395. How many nintendos and how many xboxes did you buy? What 2 equations do I write and how do i solve it? (elimination substituation etc.)
  25. Math

    Solve the problem. Round to the nearest cent. Joan wants to have $250,000 when she retires in 27 years. How much should she invest annually in her annuity to do this if the interest is 7% compounded annually? A) $1861.10 B) $3356.43 C) $2672.15 D) $937.86
  26. math

    Frank calculated that he will lose 4.6 calories per minute walking at a rate of 3 miles per hour. How many minutes does he need to walk to burn at least 250 calories? Write and solve an inequality, rounding to the nearest tenth
  27. math

    an investment of $10,000.00 in the Emerging Country Debt fund in 2001 was worth 24,780 in 2006 money mag used the formual r=(s/p)^1/n -1 to find the 5 year average annual return. What is the return. How do I solve this
  28. Math

    i have my final tomorrow and this question was on my review? im having trouble with probability so... "your cat walks over the computer keyboard while you're away and hits three random letters. what is the probability that the word RAT appears" So on my
  29. Math

    Solve for x: 5/x+6+2/x^2+7x+6=3/x+1 5/x+5+2/(x+6)(x+1)=3/x+1 5(x+6)(x+1)/x+6+2(x+6)(x+1)/(x+6)(x1)=3(x+6)(x+1)/x+1 5(x+1)+2=3(x+6) 5x+5+2=3x+18 5x+7=3x+18 2x=11 x=11/2 or 5 1/2 is my method correct? and I need assitance checking my answer. Thanks for your
  30. Math

    factor each expression completely. if possible. Just checkin the * Ones 1. x^2+19X+90 * 2. x^2-16X+55 * 3. x^2-^6x-91 * 4. x^2+28x+195 * 5. x^2-29x+204 6. x^2+3x+154 7. 2x^2-5x-42 8. 3x^2-13x+12 9. 5x^2+43x-18 10. 6x^2+29x+35 Solve each equation 31.
  31. math

    Let x be the number of miles driven on 60 gallons of gas. By setting up and solving a proportion involving x, find the value of x for the car that you have chosen. Show both the set up of the proportion and the steps to solve. Include units with your
  32. math

    Can someone help me how to solve it. A new medically approved wheelchair was considered to be an improvement over a standard wheelchair by 325 out of 450 patients in a survery. 20) What is the margin of error for the survey? Round your ansewer to the
  33. Math

    Solve the indefinite integral of 1/sqrt(x^2+2x+5). I solved it all out by completing the square and then trig sub and then drawing a triangle to go back to x variable and got: ln |(sqrt(x^2+2x+5)/2 + (X+1)/2 ) | but the book answer is: ln |(sqrt(x^2+2x+5)
  34. Math

    Solve the indefinite integral of 1/sqrt(x^2+2x+5). I solved it all out by completing the square and then trig sub and then drawing a triangle to go back to x variable and got: ln |(sqrt(x^2+2x+5)/2 + (X+1)/2 ) | but the book answer is: ln |(sqrt(x^2+2x+5)
  35. chemistry

    The combined gas law can be rearranged to solve for T2. In which of the expressions given below has the combined gas law correctly been rearranged to solve for T2?
  36. English

    1. No one is to solve the problem. 2. No one can solve the problem. ---------------- Does #1 mean #2? 3. I was never to see him again. 4. I was doomed never to see him again. -------------------------- Does #3 mean #4? 5. If you are to succeed, you must
  37. Math (check plz)

    y = 2x + 4 2x - y = 6 Solve the system of equations using substitution. A) (2,8) B) (2,-8) C) (10,24) D) no solution <-- 4x + 3y = 6 -4x + 2y = 14 olve the system of equations. A) x = 1/2, y = 3 B) x = 3, y = 1/2 <-- or D? C) x = 4, y = -3/2 D) x =
  38. Math

    I brought a book and paid $1.80 in sales tax. If the tax was 8%, what was the cost of the book. How do I solve this problem?
  39. math

    how do i solve the sum of the first n even positive integers is h. the cum of the first n odd positive integers is k. determine the value of h-k, in terms of n
  40. math

    Consider the line 4x +3y= 12 a.) Solve the equation for y b.)State the slope of the line c.)State the y- intercept Show all working.
  41. Math - Indefinite Integration

    Use integration by parts to solve: I = f (x^3)(e^(x^2)) dx (Let "f" represent the integral) Let u = (e^(x^2)), dx = (1) / (2x(e^(x^2))) du Let dv = x^3, v = (x^4) / (4) I = (1/4)(x^4)(e^(x^2)) - (1/4) f (x^3) (2(e^(x^2))) du ... and now I don't know what
  42. Math

    If you were stacking 13 in. boxes in a 58 in. closet, would you round up or round down to determine how many can fit? How many would fit? How do I solve this problem.
  43. Math

    -14+26-37-45+56-67-71. ___? i don't know how to solve this so plz tell me this with solution. -12-(-24)+(-36) my answer is 0 but its wrong i cant understand tell me this with solution plz. Thanks
  44. math

    Evaluate: -3/4 - 1 3/8 A: - 17/8 B: -1 C: 17/8 D: -5/8 I put C but its was incorrect. I'm to sure what the correct answer would then be. can you show me how to solve it and how to achieve the correct answer?
  45. Math 2

    John solved 1/5 divided by 10 by using a related multiplication expression. Which multiplication expression did she solve? Choices are A. 5 *10 B. 1/5 *10. C. 5* 1/10 d. 1/5 *1/10
  46. Math Help!

    Write a percent equation that can be used to solve the following problem:820 is 20% of what number? A. n=0.2x 820 B. 820=0.2x n C. 0.2= nx 820 D. none of these Is the answer A?
  47. math 050

    Apples cost $4 for 5lbs. How much will 40 lbs.of apples cost? (Set up a proportion and solve it)
  48. math

    solve the equation for the range zero degrees less than or equal to theta less than or equal to 360 degrees. 4 sin 0=-1
  49. math

    Attendance of game was 78,000 four times attended on the next game how many attended show steps to solve
  50. math

    solve the equation log lower 6(x+9)-log lower 36 x =1 the 6 and 36 should be dropped down, then (x+9) and the x are higher. Please show work
  51. math check my answers

    1. 2(x+3)squared-6x+5=0 Answer= 2xsquared+6x+23=0 2. 3xsquared-6x+5=-2(x+1)-10 Answer= 3xsquared-4x+17=0 How would I solve from this point?
  52. math

    Can someone help me solve the following....using elimination methods 1) 5x+7y=43 -4x+y=25 2)9x-9y=36 7y-3x=-14 I think the answers are would the answer to number 1 be (-4.26,1.52)? would the answer to number 2 be (-0.5,-6.5)? Can someone please verify or
  53. math ,correction

    Solve each of the following equations for x. Problem#3 (5)/(x+6) + (2)/(x^2+7x+6) = (3)/(x+1) My answer is: x = 5 Problem #4 (2)/(5)= (x-2)/(20) My answer is: 10=x whoa. good luck. =0
  54. math

    Solve the equation cos (3θ +120°) = √(3 /2 for 0° ≤ θ≤ 180°
  55. math

    Describe the use of the 10X10 grid to solve the following problem.Your telephone bill was $80 after a %25 increase. What was your bill before the increase?
  56. Math-LOGS

    Express x in terms of a,b and c. log x = 1/2 (log a + log b - log c) Please solve and explain how to do this type of problem, thank you!
  57. Quick math help

    Can someone check my answers on these? Thank you!! Solve each system using addition or subtraction. 1. x+y=8 x-y=4 For the solution I got (6,3) 2. x-3y=7 x+2y=2 For the solution I got (4,-1) 3. 5s+2t=6 9s+2t=22 For the solution I got (-4,13) 4. 2x+3y=13
  58. College Math II

    Solve by using the quadratic formula. x^2 + 6x + 6 = 0 I am having problems using the quadratic formula to get the right answer. Can someone show me the steps that I use? Thanks.
  59. math

    consecutive even integers can be represented by x,x+2,x+4 and so on. write an equation and solve to find 3 consecutive even integers whose sum is 54.
  60. math

    Naya has a number riddle for you to solve: The number has two digits, it is less than 40, you say it when you count by fives and the sum of the digits is 25.
  61. math

    {y-2}/(a^2-5a+6)=(a+1)/(a-3)-(a+2)/(a-2) How can I solve for y in terms of the other variables??? I tried many times, but I just get y=6,can't express y in terms of variables. Can anyone please correct me or teach me?THANKS A LOT!
  62. math

    Brent has #3.35 in quarters and dimes. He has 23 coins in all. How many quarters and dimes does he have? Write a system of equations to solve
  63. Math

    Im trying to help my daughter with a question. I cant remember how. Please help!!! How do you solve 7 times the square root of 3 divided by the square root of 5.
  64. Math

    I have two more questions :)) If 1/3 is equivalent to 33 1/3%, what percent is equivalent to 2/3? A: 33 2/3% B: 150% C: 66 2/3%**** D: 65% Which proportion can be used to solve the following percent problem? What is 50% of 70? I came up with x/50 = 70/100
  65. math

    Use the line graph to solve. What was the difference in water levels between Week 2 and Week 4? A. 10 m B. 1 m C. 0.10 m D. 0.01 m the water kecvers is 5.3 and 5.4
  66. Math

    How do you solve the following question? **QRST is a rectangle. If m<QTR = 2x to the power of 2 - 7 and m<SRT = x to the power of 2 + 18, find m<QTR.
  67. Math 3

    How would I solve? Use each of the digits 3,7,1,5 once to write a number that rounds to the number given. 1. 2,000 2. 3,500 3. 6,000 4. 7,320
  68. consumer math

    help me, please......Solve the following problem. Last year's sales were $14,200. Sales have increased 57% this year. How much is the increase? $
  69. Math-- PLEASE CHECK

    234 - 145 3/4 233 4/4 -145 3/4 ___________ 88 1/4 or am I wrong? How do I solve this if I am wrong? Thank you!! you're correct
  70. Math

    Solve two solutions. If there is a solution write it or I there isn't any write no solution. -3ly-3l = 9 (l l is absolute value sign)
  71. Math

    Pls help .[1] Solve the eguation 4*=28. [2] change 1/20 to decimal [3] change 60% to a common fraction . Pls i need the solving thank you
  72. math

    solve 2x3 -+4r2 if r=1 and s=5 is it 25x25x25=15625 42x42= 1764 15625-1764=13861 I think I got it
  73. math

    is each ordered pair a solution of the given system? write yes or no. 1. y=6x+12 2x-y=4 (-4, -12) 2. Y= -3x x=4y+1/2 (-1/2,3/2) 3.x+2y=2 2x+5y=2 (6,-2) 4. Solve the system by graphing. Check your solution. x + y=3 x - y=-1
  74. math

    solve 2cos^2x-5cosx+2=0 for principal values of x I don't understand this question...what are principal values?
  75. Math

    Solve for X. X^3=27 x = 3 because 3 * 3 = 9 and 9 * 3 = 27. Correct? -------------------------------------- [x]= 16 X = 4^3 because 4 * 2 = 8 and 8 * 2 = 16. Correct? -------------------------------------- (x-2)^4=16 I need help on this one!
  76. math

    Solve for x: log3(x^2-4)-log3(x+2)=2
  77. Math 61

    solve step by step 2/3y=12
  78. Math(Please help)

    Solve log3 x + log3 8 = 4
  79. math

    how do solve equation? What equation?
  80. math

    How do you solve C=ln(125000000/1-125000000
  81. Math

    How could 20 multiplied by 10 help you solve 26 multiplied by 25.
  82. math

    how to solve 3[x-(- 1/3+2iã14/3)][x-(-1/3-2iã14/3)]
  83. math

    solve 2│2x-7│+11=25
  84. math

    25 over 100 = n/100 how do i solve for n?
  85. Math - factoring

    Solve by factoring: 1.) x^2 - x - 12 = 0
  86. Math

    Solve {x}/{|x|} + {y}/{|y|} + {z}/{|z|} + {xyz}/{|xyz|} = 0.
  87. Math

    Solve log3 x + log3 8 = 4
  88. MATH

  89. Math is this right

    Solve for t: I= Prt I/pr = prt/pr I/pr=t
  90. math

    solve x-6 divided by 3-x-27 divided by 9=3
  91. math

    Solve 5x+16 greater than 1 and 2x-21 greater than -17.
  92. math

    Given that log y = log (10^n) solve for n.
  93. Math

    log(x+5) = log(3x+2) +1 Solve.
  94. math

    solve: x lnx - 30 + 5 lnx - 6x = 0
  95. math

    Please, help me solve this. log[2]x * log[2](x/4) = 8
  96. Math

    How do I solve 14 T 1,000 lb + 2 T 1,000 lb ?
  97. physics

    Driving along a crowded freeway, you notice that it takes a time t to go from one mile marker to the next. When you increase your speed by 4.0 mi/h, the time to go one mile decreases by 11 s. What was your original speed? I used the equation V=d/t; I
  98. MATHS

    A travel agent arranged a payment plan for a client. It required a down payment of $150.00 and 12 monthly payments of $642.00. What was the total cost of the plan? 2. translate into math expression and solve. Some number divided by negative four is four.
  99. physics

    A 10 kg monkey climbs up a massless rope that runs over a frictionless tree limv and back down to a 15kg package on the ground. a) what is the magnitude of the least acceleration the monkey muct have if it is to ligt the package off the ground? If after
  100. Math

    14.Henry rides his bike 6 miles every 4 days at that rate how far will he ride his bike in 12 days? A.6miles B.12miles C.16miles D.18miles D 25.Evelyn used 4 eggs to make 2 omelets. What is the ratio of number of omelets to number of eggs used? A.4:6 B.2:1