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  1. Math

    While at the beach, dasha uses this bucket to make a sand castle. She fills the bucket 8 times with wate. How many liters of water does she use? Write an equation to solve.
  2. DrBOB222 pertaining to the MATH question

    i got p to be 11 but i do not know how to solve the equation 6x^3 - 11x^2 - 14x + 24=0 Now, you know one root is x=2, so that is a factor. Divide x-2 into the polynomial. That will give you a binomial, which will give the other two factors.
  3. math,trigonometry

    solve each triangle described below using Δ ABC : 1)a = 10, A = 16°, B = 49° 2)a = 8, b = 7, A = 88° I don't know how to do this i forgot ... could u help (Steve, or Mrs.Sue, or Writeteacher plz help) this topic is Oblique triangle
  4. Math

    I have a question. Is it possible to calculate the length of a road between two towns. If we know when two vehicles travelling back and forth between the towns pass each other ? Also one vehicle is faster than the other one. Just need a hint or idea how to
  5. Math

    Austin is in his pedal boat. It takes him 1.5 hours to travel 12 miles downstream and 6 hours to return. What is the rate of the current? Please show me how to solve it as well, I really have no idea. Thanks.
  6. math

    My teacher assigned us this problem: Using the following logarithms Log2,log3 and log10 solve for the log150,log 75 incorporating the properties of logarithms ,i tried ,but failed plz help!!
  7. Math

    Solve the differential equation. Let C represent an arbitrary constant. (Note: In this case, WebAssign expects your answer to have a negative sign in front of the arbitrary C.) (dz)/(dt) + e^(t+z) = 0
  8. Math

    Is 0.689 greater of less than 0.6890? Beef that weighs 6.6lb cost $3.75 per pound. what is the cot of the beef. Solve this 16 / (2^2+4) Multiply 6/19 x 3/4. what is the answer is simplest form
  9. math help please

    Solve the problem. A boat can go 33 mph in still water. It takes as long to go 300 miles upstream as it does to go downstream 360 miles. How fast is the current?
  10. Math 3rd grade

    2-Eric and Frank want to equally share 4/3 feet of rope. what length of rope should each friend get? Explain how to use a drawing to help solve the problem.
  11. math

    A car travels at an average speed of 36 kilometers per hour. Write and solve an equation to predict how many hours if will take travel 432kph. It if continues of this speed.
  12. Algebra 2

    Solve each equation. 1. (|3x -4|)/(-5) = 6 A: no solution 2. (|2x -5|) = x + 3 A: x = 8 or x = 2/3 Solve each inequality. 3. |5x + 15| > 20 A: x > 1 and x < -7 4. [(|x - 2|)/ (4) greater than or equal to 5 A: -18 < x < 22 5. (-3) x (|5x -
  13. math

    how do I solve this following problem step by step. 8/x = 10
  14. Math

    How to solve, 1300cm2=m2 1 m = 100 cm 1 m2 = 1002 cm2
  15. Math

    Solve the inequality 4 ≤ 2c +7 ≤ 21
  16. math

    Solve the inequality. 3(3F − 3) > 4F − 5
  17. Math

    Solve. x-6/x-9=3/x-9. I came up with a answer of -2/3 but I don't think that is the right answer. Could someone please help? Thanks.
  18. Math

    how do you solve this by substitution: step by step 1. 5x-y=16 5x+2y=13 2. 3x-3y=9 2x-4y=-16 3. x=-6y y=2/3x+5 thank you!
  19. math

    how do you solve these 1. 7d-2+5=20 2. 4x-10x=28 3. -4x-10x+28 4. 8y-3y+6= -10 5. 9+4w-6=12 6. 9w+4-6=12 7.18m-6-m=-16 8. -6r-r-13=-18
  20. Math

    Solve each equation for x e^(4x+1)=p log (kx)/ log (5) = c
  21. math

    Solve the following for the indicated variable. x − 6y = −4 for x
  22. Math - Radicals

    How do you solve 7√3 + √3? I really need help.
  23. math

    how would you solve for x? can you explain step by step? 40 = [(x+2.8)/2]*8.5
  24. math

    HOW TO SOLVE THIS? sqrt(8)( sqrt(10) - 1 ) PLEASE IT IS URGENT !!!!
  25. Math

    Solve the inequality 4 ≤ 2c +7 ≤ 21
  26. math

    what percent is 23 students out of 51 students and how do you solve it
  27. math-Alg

    5. Solve: log 5 (8r-7) = log 5 (r^2 + 5): A. r = 2 or r = 6 B. r = -2 or r = 6 C. r = -2 or r = -6 D. r = 3 or r = 4
  28. Math

    How do i solve the following by factorization: 1) 7.7^2-2.3^2 2) 43*56+43*44 I know how to do these manually but not by factorization.
  29. math-algebra

    Solve: log 5 (8r-7) = log 5 (r^2 + 5):
  30. Math 156

    how do you solve this -absolute value -5 -(4)absolute value?
  31. math logs

    solve 3^(2x+1) = 9^(2x-1) using base 3 logs
  32. math

    HOW TO SOLVE THIS? sql 8( sql 10 - 1 ) PLEASE IT IS URGENT !!!!
  33. math

    solve log(2+x)-log(x-3)=log2
  34. Math

    Solve the following equation 1) root(2x+4)= root(6x+1) -1
  35. math

    I Have to solve for an equation 6<x+5<11.I Got this for the equation 1<x and x<6.I'm not to sure on what to do next to got the solution.
  36. math

    Solve this 5+6 whole number 1 over 2+2whole number 7 over 10
  37. math ln

    how do i solve for t: -.50=1-e^-(t/125)^5 i got this far: ln(.5)=5ln(-t/125) t=?
  38. Math

    Please check Simplify 7t+3+t+9=8t+12 Simplify m-2-4m-5=-3m+7 Solve 90=5t+t 90=6t t=15
  39. math

    how do you solve this can you please show me step by step y/2 -5y/6 +1/3= 1/2 15/8z + 1/4 = 4
  40. Precal/Math

    Solve: log(3-2x)-log(x+24)=0
  41. math

    4 x - (3 -x) = 7 ( x - 3) +10 how do i solve this problem step by step?
  42. math

    solve for x ((sqrt(lnx))/(ln(sqrt(x))))=6
  43. math please help

    solve (sq.rt 2) (tanx)(cosx) = tanx
  44. Math

    How do I solve: -9x + 2x to the third power +8x -12x to the third power
  45. math problem

    I have no clue about this problem please solve 8[-73-(-61-28)]
  46. math

    solve log(5)(5x-4) = log(√5)(2-x)
  47. math Help

    Solve 3.7x10^6 is this 37,000,000.
  48. math

    How do u solve 1/2 times 9.8 times 4 exponent 2
  49. Math Help!

    Help me please. Not sure how to solve this. Can someone show me how to do it step by step. -2/5x-9<9/10
  50. Math

    solve for x: log4 X - log4 2 = 2 log(2x) = 2 Now what do I do?
  51. math

    logx4 = 1/3 Solve. Is this the right answer? x^logx4 = x^1/3 4 = x^1/3 x = 4^3 = 64
  52. math

    How does knowing 24 divided by 3 =8 help you solve 24 divided y 6?
  53. Math

    Solve for n á = (n-2) * 180 / n = 180 – 360/n
  54. math

    what is the value of x in the equation? 2(b-3)+5=3(b-1) (may you solve it step by step.
  55. Math 12

    How do you solve -6[cot(2pi/3)-cot(pi/3)]?
  56. MATH - Log

    Solve for X in (Log X)²-6Log X + 9=0 3 3 Help please
  57. Math

    Sin(30)=5/c I don't get how to solve.... do you do 5= Sin(30)c? Then what?
  58. Math

    1.7 x 10^-3 = (0.0015 - x)^2 / (0.025 +1/2x) (0.025 + 1/2x) solve for x
  59. math need help plz

    1/3+(-5/6)+(-1/2) can u help me solve this plz by using steps. thank u
  60. Math-log

    Solve for X in (Log X)-6Log X+9=0 ³ ³
  61. Math

    How do you solve: log2(x-1)+log2(x-2)=1 I got up to x^2-3x=0 Is it no solution or does it become x(x-3)? Thanks!
  62. math

    Solve 5 divide by 6 plus 1 divide by10
  63. math

    Solve for x in the equation (x − 7)^2 − 4 = (x + 1)^2.
  64. Math: ALGEBRA

    How to solve this??? -1-8(x+12)> -44-8x -4(-12v-9)+6(-6+5v)> -4v+12v
  65. Math

    solve log(b4)x-log(b4)2=2 (b4)=base 4
  66. Please check my answer: Math

    Solve: 7r - 7 = 2r + 18 My answer: 7r - 7r - 7 = 2r - 7r + 18 -7 = -5r + 18 -7 - 18 = -5r + 18 - 18 -25/-5 = -5r/-5 R = 5
  67. math

    The scientists Verhulst (1828) and Peal (1930) proposed the following growth model for a population living in an environment with limited resources (e.g. space, food, sunlight, etc): = , where is the natural growth rate of the population when resources are
  68. math

    Complete the table for a savings account in which interest is compounded continuously. initial investment = $600 annual % rate = ? time to double ? Amount after 10 years = $19,205.00 I have no idea how to solve this.
  69. Precalculus

    "Sketch the ellipse. Find the coordinates of its vertices and foci. 34. x^2 + 25y^2 - 6x - 100y + 84 = 0 (Hint: Complete the squares in x and y. Begin by writing the equation in this form: (x^2 - 6x + ___) + 25(y^2 - 4y + ___) = -84.)" ==> I used the
  70. How would you solve the following inequality

    How would you solve the following inequality algebraically? 0.5(x + 2)^2 (x - 4) > 2x + 3
  71. Precalculus

    1.Solve 5^(2x) -4(5^x)=12 2. Solve Log[8](log[8]x)=0
  72. geometry

    how do u solve this geometry question to solve hj=5x jk=7x kh=96?
  73. Physics/Science #2

    A rock is thrown verticaly upward from ground level at time t = 0. At t = 1.65 s it passes the top of a tall tower, and 0.95 s later it reaches its maximum height. What is the height of the tower? height = _______ m First, find the initial velocity from
  74. Algebra-Please check my calculations

    Could you please check my answers and help with the ones I can't figure out- 1. Solution to the radical function sqrt(1/2x+1) = 1 is x = 0 True or False I think it is true according to my calculations 2.Solve x = sqrt(8x) 8x = x^2 x^2 - 8x = 0 x(x-8) = 0 x
  75. calculus

    for f(x)=5/8, a. find an equation for the secant line through points where x=4 and x=5.b. find an equation for the line tangent to the curve when x=4. I can solve part a., but I am confused on part b. please help. I don't understand how to plug the numbers
  76. college algebra

    solve for x 3(x-2)= -4(x+8)+10 my answer to this was -16/7 however I believe the answer is -36/7 did I solve this with the right answer.
  77. Math Inequalities

    -9/8x greater than or equal to -1/16 can someone please check my answer? my answer is x greather than or equal to 1/18 is this correct? if not what is the correct answer and what is the correct way to solve this problem..maybe I missed a step or did not do
  78. Math

    3.Max says there were 6 students wearing shorts in his math class. He is not sure how many people were in the class, total, but he thinks about one third of them were wearing shorts. A. What percent is closest to 1/3 ? Explain. B.Write and solve a
  79. Math (integrals) (Substitution)

    I am given an integral to solve with given substitution values. I got an answer, but I'm not quite sure if it's correct as an online integral calculator gave a different answer. ∫ x sqrt(4-x) dx Given that u = 4-x . In this case, x = 4 - u du = -dx Now..
  80. Math

    Answer this please!!! Noelani was saving Luscious Lemon soda coupons, which came in the caps of the Luscious Lemon sodo bottles. There were two kinds of coupons: 5-point coupons and 2-point coupons. So far, she had collected 23 coupons, worth 76 points.
  81. Algebra1!!!

    1.Six pears and three apples cost $3.90. Two pears and five apples cost $3.30. How much does one pear cost? Hint: You have two unknowns (variables), so you need two equations. Write one equation for each situation and solve the system of equations. 6P +
  82. algebra

    the length of a rare jeweled rectangular prism has a length equal to its width and a height that is 5 cm greater than its width.volume of the prism is 72 cc a) write a polynomial equation that can be used to solve for the width (x) of the prism b) solve
  83. maths(urgent)thanks.

    a parabola with turning point at (1,-2) and passing through the origin.find the equation of this parabola. how do i do this? can someone please show me how to solve it step by step?thanks! You know that at x = 0 the function is zero. Because the turning
  84. Algebra II

    1) when using cramer's rule to solve the system of equations containing 5x - y = 5 and -3x + y = -9 the denominator for the x and y variables looks like which of these determinants ? a) |5 5 | b) |5 -1 |-3 9| |-3 1| c) |5 -1| |-9 1| d) none of these 2)
  85. Math. Please help!

    144/k=9 I don't understand how to do this using reciprocals, how my teacher wants me to solve the problem. Note: The fraction bar is in my paper, so it's 144 being the numerator, k being the denominator, and then =9 if that makes any sense.
  86. math

    What distance did the car travel if we used 11 gallons of gas to travel the mountains? use a tape diagram to show how you found the miles traveled. I don't know how to solve this question
  87. math

    The following rational function describes blood concentration of a certain drug taken via IV over time: f(x)=x+1/x Find: a.the horizontal or oblique asymptote(s), if any, b.the vertical asymptote(s),if any, c. describe their possible meanings. Can somebody
  88. math

    An amount of money is invested at 12%/a interest. Write an equation and solve it to determine the length of time it will take for the original amouunt to double if the interest is compounded annually.
  89. math: pre-calculus

    Solve the equation. First express your answer in terms of natural logarithms (for instance, z=(2+ln5)/ln3). Then use a calculator to find an approximation for the answer. 3^x+9=2^x.
  90. Math

    How would you work, and solve this problem? Christa is a waitress and collects her tips at the table. At the end of the shift she has 68 bills, all ones and fives. If the total value of her tips is 172, how many of each bill does she have?
  91. math

    how do I solve this problem 2x/2=(6-3y)/2? 2x/2=(6-3y)/2? I solved it for you in my initial answer. The 2 in the numerator cancels with the 2 in the denominator on th left side and x = (6-3y)/2 which is the solution of the initial equation you had for x in
  92. Math

    Compute the square footage of carpet needed to cover a room 10' 6" x 12' 3". Area (to the nearest tenth) = square feet. Can you explain the steps on how to solve this problem.
  93. math

    Write the desired equivalent equation, and identify properties used to do so. Then solve. Ohm's law of electricity states that V = IR, where V = voltage, I = current, and R = resistance. Rewrite the equation for R.
  94. Math

    1. O is the center of the given circle. the measure of angle O, is 134. The diagram is not drawn to scale. Assuming that the lines that appear to be tangent are tangent, what is the value of x? A) 67 B) 46 C) 314 D) 268 can someone please help? I saw an
  95. Math/Trig

    Given A=56degrees, C=61degrees, and b=10.5, solve triangle ABC. If no triangle exists, explain why. If two solutions exist, write both. Round your answer to the nearest tenth
  96. math

    In the xy-plane, line l passes through the origin and is perpendicular to the line 4x+y=k, where k is a constant. If the two lines intersect at the point (t,t+1), what is the value of t? I tried drawing a picture of the problem described above, but I don't
  97. Math

    Solve each equation write answer on simplest form 1/4x = 6 2t = 4/7 Can you show me how to do didn't understand on class. Working on solving fraction equation. Multiply and divide
  98. math

    i'm having difficulty understanding radicals.. I don't know how to type the radical sign on here so i'll use parenthesis instead like for instance 17+34 (192)/34 how would u solve that.. also how do u decipher the two multiples of 192 since it's not a
  99. Math

    Hi, I need help on this problem:Solve the system of equation by giving an ordered pair for 14x +3y = 115 7x +3y = 80 Use the 3 Methods in your work. Thank You, I am not sure how to use graphing, substitution, and elimination, please show these methods.
  100. math financial services

    Calculate the amount of interest earned in 10 years on $1000 invested at 3% per annum, compounded monthly. how to solve please show me step by step thank you