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  1. Math Solve for X?

    Solve for x. (5x^2 - 12x) / (x^2 + 5x - 24) <= 0
  2. math(please help me solve)

    solve the equation for c. c/3=4
  3. Math

    Solve this equation for x. ab+c/xy = 3d/4 How do you solve this? Please help.
  4. math

    could someone please check these problems for me? Thank you! 1. -0.7x<-35 x<50 2. Solve by elimination 3x+4y=3 6x+8y=6 answer:0 3. find y intercept to graph x+5y=10 answer: (0,2)(10,0) 4. use distributive law to solve 7(w-5)=-35 7w-35=-35 if i add 35
  5. math

    could someone please check these problems for me? Thank you! 1. -0.7x<-35 x<50 2. Solve by elimination 3x+4y=3 6x+8y=6 answer:0 3. find y intercept to graph x+5y=10 answer: (0,2)(10,0) 4. use distributive law to solve 7(w-5)=-35 7w-35=-35 if i add 35
  6. English

    It is very rude of you to behave like that. It is very wise of you to answer the question. It is very stupid of you not to solve the math problems. It is smart of you to solve the math problems. It is careless of you to hit the jar while driving. It is
  7. Algebra1!Plz help I have test 2morrow!!!

    so would the new eqaution be... 2x+8=10 then.. 2x=2 x=1? We know that y = x + 8. So if x + y = 10, then x + x + 8 = 10. but what about the y?ANd what do I do afetr that? If you know what x equals, then you can calculate what y equals. Once you've solved
  8. math,algebra II

    I need someone to explain to me step by step the process of this problem its in my book as an example but i am not understanding it. Ive researched the explanation of the ECHELON METHOD...BUt i am not seeingit...this is the problem that they have: Use the

    a. Solve a – 9 = 20 b. Solve b – 9 > 20 c. How is solving the equation in (a) similar to solving the inequality in (b)? d. How are the solutions different? I don't know how to do this i forgot ... could u help (Steve, or Mrs.Sue, or Writeteacher plz
  10. math

    k i need to solve the following system: 7x - 8y = 24 xy^2 = 1 i figured out that x = 1/y^2 and i can reduce it to : 7=24y^2+8y^3 but i don't know how to reduce it anymore after that I think I would solve it graphically, that is, plot on my graphing
  11. math

    you are given two equations which are both true , and yiu are asked to solve for both x and y. you plane to solve this set of eqiutions by substituting part of one equation into the other so you end up with an equation that contains only x's or y's. the
  12. solving for x math

    2e^(4x^2)=3 how do i solve for x. do i use the ln methode because i don't know how to do that. by calculator, i got x=.168 but i don't know how to show my work. please help me solve for x. Take natural logs of both sides. ln 2 + 4 x^2 = ln 3 4 x^2 = ln
  13. Math

    Set up and solve a system of equations to solve the application. A rectangular area of 525 square feet is enclosed using 100 feet of fence. What are the dimensions?
  14. Math

    Solve the inequality. The answer is suppose to be x> or equal to -8. Everytime I solve it I get O. -16x+16< or equal to -4(3x-12)
  15. Math

    Can someone please explain how to solve 3x^2+7x-15=0 by using the quadratic equation? I know that the equation is: ax^2+bx+c=0 but I get confused about how to set the problem up and solve. Thanks.
  16. math

    Solve it... [ ] [ ] [ ] = 30 fill the brackets using below numbers ( 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13,15 ) you can repeat the numbers... Please help me! Many more people unsucceed to solve it
  17. Math(Solve the system)

    So I guess I have to: Solve the system using any algebraic method. I'm not sure how so here is the problem I'm stuck on. 9x-5y=-30 x+2y=-3
  18. Math

    6x-4y=54 -9x+2y=-69 Which system would work best to solve? Please show work and solve. (all steps) Thank You I honestly don't know how to do this.
  19. algebra

    I just need a quick check before I hand in my work if you would...Thanks. 1. I am to use the intercepts to graph the equation x+3y=6 I used the formula y=mx+b using 3 and -6 for x I got these as my ordered pairs to graph (3, 1), (-6, 4)…Is this correct?
  20. math

    if (2x-3):(y+4)=k where k is a constant and x=4 when y=2 then find x when y=-6 What does the : between the factor mean? (2x-3) : (y+4)=k Multi[lication? If so, substitute 4 for x and 2 for y to get (2*4-3):(2+4)=k = 5*6 Then solve for x in (2x-3):(-6+4)=30
  21. Math

    I am putting < for the square root abbreviation. I don't know how to use it on my comp. 3<99-2<44-6<11=? On a graphing calculator, the carrot symbol is used to show exponents. that’s what I used here. Solve your exponents first: 3^99, then
  22. Algebra

    91. Find the domain of: y=-3x+1 a. all negative numbers b. x>0 c. all real numbers d. x=3 Can someone please show the work and how to solve this problem. There are many of these in my lessons and I don't understand how to solve them. Do you solve for x?
  23. equations & inequalities

    1.simplify this expression 4p+9+(-7p)+2=? a.3p+11 b.3p+7 {c.-3p+11} d.11p+11 2.solve this equation 4y+228=352 a.y=-31 {b.y=31} c.y=145 d.y=3 3.solve this inequality 3p-16<20 a. p<1/3 b. p<1 1/3 c. p<12 d. p<-12 4.solve this inequality
  24. Algebra 1--Please, help me!

    Solve the following equation by graphing the related function. 1. 4x^2 + 8x = 32 A: ? Use the Zero Product Property to solve the following equation. 2. x(x + 3) = 32 A: ? 3. Solve 3x^2 + 5 = 21. Round to the nearest hundredth. A: x = 5.33 x = 5.0 or 5?
  25. Maths

    solve the following pair of simultaneous equation: (x/a)+(y/b)=1 (x/b)+(y/a)=1 can someone help please?i have no idea how to solve it =( x/(ab) + y/b^2 = 1/b x/(ab) + y/a^2 = 1/a Subtract one from the other y(1/b^2 - 1/a^2) = 1/b - 1/a y(1/b + 1/a)(1/b -
  26. math

    Solve by elimination method. 2r-5s=-33 5r+2s=48 Solve by substitution method. 5x+6y=5 x-9y=40 I always get these two confused... can someone please help me with these two problems?? I would really appreciate it..
  27. Math

    How do you solve 2y-5x=10 using the dual intercept method? I have to solve for X int and y int on a graph. Please help
  28. math linear equation

    Solve the linear equations by the matrix method:a+3b+2c=3,2a-b-3c=-8,5a+2b+c=9.solve for a:b:c
  29. Math

    17) solve this linear system using the method of substitution. 2y-x=-10 y= -3/2x-1 20) simplify then solve by substitution 2(x-4)+y=6 3x-2(y-3)=13 just need help with these 2.
  30. math

    I'm trying to solve these equations but it seems I didn't get the correct one. please help if you still can. to solve the equations: 1. 0.4 =32z 2. 8n - 2 = 14 3. 2 (x + 3) = 4 Thanks a lot.
  31. math,help

    How do even solve this one sum of two numbers is 32. their difference is 6. what are the numbers? x-y=6 x+y=32 add the equations... 2x=38 and solve.
  32. math

    Solve by elimination method. 2r-5s=-33 5r+2s=48 Solve by substitution method. 5x+6y=5 x-9y=40 I always get these two confused... can someone please help me with these two problems?? I would really appreciate it..
  33. Math

    is solve f(x) = 0 for x the same thing as solve f(x) = 0? Would you do the same thing or does the difference in the wording make it a different question?
  34. College Math II

    x/x – 1 - 3/x = 1/2 I am not sure how to solve this equation and show my work. My problem just says to solve the equation. Thanks.
  35. math

    how to solve (3a squared+3a+3)+(15a squared+2a-9) need the steps on how to solve this I have to show all work
  36. maths

    The probability that Katarina will correctly solve a given Brilliant math problem is 1/8. The probability that Layla will solve the same problem correctly is 1/12. The probability that they will give the same incorrect numerical result is 1/1001. Suppose
  37. math

    how would you solve for y in this problem: x=(y^2+3y)^(1/3) would it equal: y= x^3/y - 3 ? and what about this problem: x= 1/[(y^2+3y-5)^3] would it equal: y = y/x + 5/y - 3? I would appreciate your help very much! <<how would you solve for y in this
  38. Algebra

    I have some problems that I am having trouble with and I have some that need checking please. Thanks! Solve the equation. 4. (x+7/4)=2(x-1/6) Find all the value(s) of x that make thedenominator(s) zero. Then solve the equation. 6. (x-8/2x) +5= (x+6/x)
  39. subsitution method

    Can some one show me how to use the Substitution method to solve the system of these equations. x + y = -4 x - y = 2 x + y = 10 y = x + 8 on the first set. Solve for either x or y in either equation, then put that value into the other equation. Example: x
  40. math (this correct)

    What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Include an example of each. Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain. Write a mathematical phrase or sentence for your
  41. Calc

    how do I solve this arcsin(4/5) note that I am not looking for about 53 degrees I believe I'm suppose to solve euler's formula for x i.e. sin (x) = (e^(ix) - e^(-ix))/(2i) where x is in radians hence I would do something like this sin (x) = (e^(ix) -
  42. math

    missed this in parade magazine, please answer for me man owns cows and chickens that total 30 when the son couned them his answer was 74 legs how many chicken did the farmer own x=cows y=chickens x+y=30 4x+2y =74 please finish for me Solve one equation for
  43. MATH

    ok so I'm learning to solve problems like cos(x)=2 and sin(x)=5 I've wrapped my head around the process required to do so and I must say my brain is like @_@ mosh right now. Whenever I ask this question I never get a direct answer. I understand it's
  44. maths

    1.solve the set of linear equation by matrix method.a+3b+2c=3,2a-b-3c=-8,5a+2b+c=9 solve for a,b,c 2.solve by Guassian elimination method, (a)a+2b+3c=5,3a-b+2c=8,4a-6b-4c=-2, (b)
  45. Finance

    how do solve a math question that states an employee has an annual salary of 26,965. after he arranges to have deducted from his salary 12% for the purchase of bonds, 17% for federal withholding tax, and 3% for a retirement fund, how do you solve this
  46. Pre-Algebra

    Can someone please show me how to solve these problems step-by-step so that I can understand how to do them? 1.Use inverse operations to write a related inequality and solve for the variable: d/6 < 12 2.Use inverse operations to solve the inequality:
  47. math (college algebra)

    Ok I have two questions I have NO CLUE how to complete on my homework. Please help ASAP! (1) Solve the formula for the specified variable r = vx for r (the question is) v = ? a = 1/3f * p for f (the question is) f = ? (2) Solve the forulma for v S = D + vm
  48. 8th grade math HELP URGENT!!!

    Solve Each equation by first dividing each side of the equation by the number outside the parentheses. When would you recommend using this method to solve an equation? Explain. A. 9(x-4)=72. B. 8(x+5)=60
  49. MATH

    1. which ratios form a proportion a. 3/15 , 12/55 b. 8/24 , 12/35 c. 5/18 , 25/90 d. 4/11 , 16/25 4. solve the proportion using number sense: 2/8 = x/48 a. 6 b. 12 c. 16 d. 8 5. Solve the proportion using cross products. 18/20 = k/110 a. 99 b. 122 c. 3.3
  50. math, algebra

    How do I solve for the following: Directions solve each literal equation for the individual variable. 2x + 3y -6 (for x ) Linear equation It has to equal something. What you have is a statement, not an equation.
  51. Math

    Please help. 51. Solve: 125=(x3)/0.3^-3 a.7 b.14 c.15 d.9 53. 49x-2 = 7Ö 7 a.-5/4 b.5/4 c.11/4 d.-11/4 60. Simplify: 2log^3 6 - log^3 4 a.3 b.6 c.4 d.2 61. Solve the equation: logb (x^2 + 7) = 2/3logb 64 a.9 b.3 c. √23 d. ±3 62. Solve: (The fifth
  52. math

    how would you solve for y in this problem: ln(y-1)-ln2 = x +lnx ln(y-1)-ln2 = x +lnx Solve for y... ln[(y-1)/2]]=x + lnx take the antilog of each side (y-1)/2= e^(x+lnx) solve for y.
  53. math

    x+y= 30 4x+2y=74 y+ What does the y+ signify? Are you supposed to solve for y? Try doubling the first equation, giving you 2x + 2y = 60 and then subracting the second equation from that. -2x = -14 Solve that easily for x, and then substitute that x in any
  54. algebra

    solve the equation for x -2(2x-2)=2x for y 9x+y=9 solve theinequality 2x-6<8x+18 solve 0.14-0.01(x+2)=-0.02(3-x)
  55. Algebra II

    1.Solve: x(x2 + 16) = 0 2.Solve: 2x3 + 6x2 – x – 3 = 0 3. Solve: 2x = x2
  56. algebra

    solve for the indicated letter. y=5x, solve for x d=55t, solve for t
  57. algebra

    i need help with these problems (either a solution or how to plug them into a graphing calculator): 1) Solve by substitution or elimination 4/x + 1/y + 2/z = 4 2/x + 3/y - 1/z = 1 1/x + 1/y + 1/z = 4 2)Solve the system of equations by substitution. x^2 +
  58. Math

    Hi. How to you solve 6.3*10^-4=4x^3 on a calculator? What buttons or functions do you press on the calculator to solve this
  59. math

    solve: log base2(log basex(x+6)=1 There's 2 different bases, how do I solve for x?
  60. math

    solve each system of equations by substitution. y=3x-9 please help explain how to solve this using substitution.
  61. Math

    How do you solve an eguation with 2 variables? You have to have two independent equations to solve for each of the variables.
  62. math

    please show me how to solve this (2x - 5y) power of 2 i am having a problem with the way to step by step please solve this
  63. Math

    4.905t^2 + 2.93t - 10 = 0 I have to solve for t. How do I solve this equation step by step? Thanks.
  64. Math

    Hi. How to you solve 6.3*10^-4=4x^3 on a calculator? What buttons or functions do you press on the calculator to solve this
  65. Math 7 - NYS Math Exam Review - Book 1 (HW)

    C = 2nr!?!??!??! Since the NYS Math Exam is coming up (in my district in my school we have it next week). You see in my class were not done with our geometry and ratio, proportion unit and plus we are missing one unit: algebra. We didn't get to solving the
  66. Differential Equations

    I don't understand how to solve this. I can solve the left side and get yc, but I have no idea how to solve for the right side. y''-3y'+2y=(e^2t)/(e^t+1)
  67. Math

    Hello everyone. I have one hard math problem and I do not know how to solve it. would you help me to solve this problem? Thank you An 11[times]11[times]11 wooden cube is formed by gluing together 11[cubed] unit cubes. what is the gratest number of unit
  68. Math/Trigonometry

    1. Solve: 2 cos² x - 3 cos x + 1 = 0 for 0 ≤ x < 2pi. 2. Solve: 2 sin x - 1 = 0 for 0° ≤ x < 360° 3. Solve: sin² x = cos² x for 0° ≤ x < 360° 4. Solve: sin x - 2sin x cos x = 0 for 0 ≤ x < 2pi.
  69. English

    1. Mom can solve this problem. 2. Mom can solve this math problem. ------------------------------------------------ What does #1 mean? Can #1 mean #2? Can #1 mean that she can solve a problem in life?
  70. math

    Could someone please check my math questions? any help will be greatly appreciated! 4. Solve: 5|2x + 1 | = 55 Divide both side by 5: |2x+1|=11 2x+1=11 and 2x+1= -1 +1 +1 +1 +1 2x = 12 2x = -10 X=5 x=-6 What my teacher said was wrong~~ 2x+1=11 and 2x+1= -11
  71. MATH

    hi i was just wondering if u could help me with this math problem. find dy/dx at the indicated point in two different ways (a)solve for y as a function of x and differentiate (b) differentiate implicity. 1. y^2=3x+1 (5, -4) how do u do this in two ways? im
  72. Math

    Write a linear system of equations that can be used to solve these problems. Then, solve to get your final answer. Please help me solve this. 2. The Clippers scored a total of 80 points in a basketball game against the Bulls. The Clippers made a total of
  73. Math-Trig

    1. Create an algebraic expression for sin(arccosx-arcsin3x) 2. The cosx=4/5, x lies in quadrant 4. Find sin x/2 3.Determine all solutions in (0,2pie) for sin4xsin^2x=3, cot^2v(3-1)cotx=v(3), cos^2x=cosx, and tan^2x-6tanx+4=0 4. Solve;
  74. Math HELP!! FAST!!

    Can someone help me solve this and write the answer in simplified radical form? (z - 5)^3 + 32 = 0 Oh, solve for "z"... obviously. . . z-5 = (-32)^(1/3) z-5 = 8^1/3) (-4)^(1/3) z = 5 - 2(4)^(1/3) or 5 - 2cuberoot(4) Thanks!!! But one other question, it's
  75. Math Word Problem

    Stefany ran 2 miles each day for 14 days. How many miles did she run in 14 days? Explain two different ways to solve this problen, and then solve
  76. Math

    Solve the equation 2cos2x = √3 for 0°≤x≤360° I did this: cos2x = √3 /2 2x=30 x=15 x=15, 165, 195, 345 Is this correct? Solve the equation √3 sin2x + cos2x = 0 for -π≤x≤π No idea how to approach this one Thanks a bunch for the help!
  77. math

    i just completely blanked on how to solve one of these questions: eighteen students went to the museum, but only one third saw the prehistoric exhibit. how many students saw the exhibit? i know that in this case, u could just divide 18 by 3, but what if i
  78. math

    first was w=Cr^-2 solve for r I came up with r=sqrt of C/w Now I have imputed numbers that were provided to come up with the equation 3,963=sqrt c/100 I squared both sides to come up with 15,705,369=c/100 Now I am stuck. Trying to solve for C. Am I on the
  79. math, thanx!

    Describe in your own words how to solve a linear equation using the equality properties. Demonstrate the process with an example. Next, replace the equal sign in your example with an inequality by using the less than or greater than sign. Then solve the
  80. Advanced Math

    Solve 4sin^2 x + 4sqrt(2) cos x-6 = 0 for all real values of x. My answer: (pi/4)+2(pi)k, (7pi/4) + 2(pi)k Solve 2cos^2 x-5cosx+2=0 for principal values of x. My answer: 60 and 300 degrees.
  81. Math

    Ok we are doing central angles and arcs and I can't figure out how to solve this problem: An arc is 70.7 m long and it subtends a central angle of 2ð/7. Find the diameter of the circle. How do you solve for this type of problem?
  82. College Math II

    Solve each problem. Find the quotient and remainder when x^2 – 5x + 9 is divided by x – 3. I don't understand how to divide and solve this problem. Can someone help me understand the steps on how to do it. Thanks.
  83. math

    How many three-letter code symbols can be formed using a set of 5 different letters if repetition is not allowed? To solve this I would only need to multiply 5x4x3 right? how would I solve it if repetition was allowed?
  84. math: polynomials

    Please help me with these three problems! 1. solve for x: 3x + 5x^(1/2) - 28 = 0 2. solve for x: square root(2x-5) - square root(x-2) = 2 3. Find all values so that polynomial: ax^2 + 5x + 2 has two distinct real roots.
  85. Math (Calculus)

    Can somebody solve this logarithm problem step by step for me please: 2(lnx)² + lnx-1 = 0 First let y = ln x be a new variable, , and solve the polynomial 2 y^2 + y - 1 = 0 2(y +1)(y - 1/2) = 0 Solutions are y = -1 or +1/2 Thus x = e^y and x= 1/e =
  86. Precalc

    I have a couple questions, I need to know how to solve these type of problems. X^2 -4< X + 16 5/n+2 - 5/n = 2/3n 2X^3-x^2-6X + 1/ X^2 + 5x - 8 1) rearragne the terms to get x^2-x-20<0 (x-5)(x+4)<0 which means that one term can be negative, or
  87. math

    The measures of two supplementary angles are in the ratio 5:1. What is the measure of the smaller triangle? A/B = 5 A + B = 180 Solve those 2 equations in two unknowns. B is the smaller angle. Hint: substitute 5B for A in the second equation. Then only B
  88. math

    I tried everthing but,I couldn't solve it. Please help me.the answer at the back is 40960.13 question: solve for x and check your solution. logx/log2 + logx/log4 + logx/log8 + logx/log16 = 25 THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND HELP!!!!
  89. Math

    How would you solve this problem?: x2 + y2 = 25 x2 - y = 5 You have to solve for one variable either by substitution or elimination method and then use the answer to plug it in one of the equations to get the other variable. I've been at this problem for
  90. Math

    Please help me solve this.. It costs $10 plus $8 per hour to rent a canoe. Brandon and Erin have $50. Solve the following equation to find how many hours they can rent a canoe. 8h +10 = 50
  91. math

    how do i graph C=15+.10n and C=.25n assign C a vales like 0 and 1 and -1 and solve for n Then assign n similar values and solve for C then plot these poins on a graph.
  92. Math/Calculus

    Solve the differential equation y'=3t^2+4. Solve the initial value problem y(0)=3. Separation of variables! My work: dy/dt= 3t^2+4 dy= 3t^2+4 dt Then you integrate both sides. ∫ dy= ∫ 3t^2+4dt Question: is there a 1 in dy? ( ∫ 1dy)? If
  93. Math

    how do i solve this: a over b divided by 11 over c = d over 6 I have to find out whaat the letters stand for --------------------------------------- questain for top: Give values a,b,c and d; to create your own division problom
  94. Math

    It costs Luis $5 to park his car at a parking meter for 2 hours. What is the price to park for 1 hour? Write a word sentence to help you solve the problem. Then write and solve a multiplication equation. Please help me.
  95. math

    the sum of a number and 3 times that number is 76. what is that number? PLEASE HELP ME I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!! Mathematics is a language, so translate the English into "math" let the number be x "the sum of a number and 3 times that number is 76", .... what
  96. math-radical equations

    Here's one of the questions I have problems with: cube root of (x+2)=6th root of (9x+10) A. -1, 6 B. [-13 +/- sqrt(193)]/2 C. 1, -6 D. [13 +/- sqrt(145)]/2 Please explain how to solve this. Should you cube both sides, or raise both to the 6th? and I get
  97. math-radical equations

    Here's one of the questions I have problems with: cube root of (x+2)=6th root of (9x+10) A. -1, 6 B. [-13 +/- sqrt(193)]/2 C. 1, -6 D. [13 +/- sqrt(145)]/2 Please explain how to solve this. Should you cube both sides, or raise both to the 6th? and I get
  98. pre algebra

    1. Solve the equation. –9v – 5 = –95 (1 point) 17 11 10 –10 2. Solve the equation. x over four – 5 = –8 (1 point) –27 –12 –7 12 3. Solve the equation. p over five + 6 = 10 (1 point) 44 30 20 –20 4. Solve the equation. –2(m – 30) =
  99. Math PLEASE HELP

    1.Which pair of ratios can form a true proportion? A 7/4, 21/12 (I picked this) B 6/3, 5/6 C 7/10, 6/7 D 3/5 7/12 2. Solve the proportion g/56=2/8 A g=14 B g=16 (I picked this) C g=13 D g=50 Solve the following Proportion 2/9=y/27 A y=6 (I picked this) B
  100. Math

    Can you please check my work since my professor wont. Thanks 50% of 45 solution=90 Predict the height of a woman who's humerus is 40 cm long using H(x)=2.75x+71.48 solution= 181.48cm Trains A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks.