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  1. algebra

    im trying to solve a literal equation, then solve the specific question first part is stumping me, im to solve for X ax=bx-c this is what I got ax-bx=c, but don't know how to get x by itself
  2. Algerbra

    solve for x ac+x=xy have all terms with x on one side ac=xy-x take x as common factor ac=x(y-1) now solve for x 25a^2 - 9b^4 can u please help me solve and check these equations
  3. Algebra 2

    How do I solve these inequalities: e^3x>e^x-1 -6log (subscript of 4) x > -24 & how do I solve these: 8^x+1=3 e^x+2=50 8logx=16 I really don't understand how to solve these so can someone please explain them to me?
  4. math

    Solve for the indicated variable A=1/2 bh Solve for b 2A = bh, so b = 2A/h ok thanks so on this example C=2pie r Solve for R Would the answer be 2C/pie=r ???? ok thanks so on this example C=2pie r Solve for R Would the answer be 2C/pie=r ???? Divide both
  5. Math, Please Help! I don't understand!

    I need help because I don't understand how to solve this equation. 37. x/a - 1 = y/b for x So... does it mean solve for x? 39. V = 1/3 * pi * radius^2 * h for h So... does it mean solve for h? As you can see, I am really confused. Please help.
  6. Algebra Problem

    I've gotten confunsed. Please help. Solve: 2y-a = a + 3b ____ ______, for y 3 4 Please show how to solve this. If you mean (2y -a)/3 = (a + 3b)/4 then 2y - a = (3/4) (a + 3 b) 2y = (7/4) a + (9/4) b y = (7/8) a + (9/8) b f(x)=x(squared)-4x+9 solve for x
  7. Rational Zero Theorem

    I know how to solve if the leading coefficient is 1, but how would i solve it if its not 1. Ex. f(x) = 2x^3 + 7x^2 - 7x + 30 Can someone help me start that out? Then I'll use synthetic divison to solve for it.
  8. Algebra

    Solve 3x +1 < 5 or 3x +1 > 4 By saying "solve," is it asking for me to show it on a line and in interval notation? Here's another: f(x) < 3 and f(x) > 4, where f(x) = 1/2x - 7 I have no idea how to solve this! Please walk me through it! Thank
  9. Algebra

    Solving quardratic equations using factoring. 2X^2+2X-4=0 The book says the answer is -2,1. I got the -2,1 but not in the order of -2,1. I used FOIL to solve. When I use -2,1 I don't can not solve. When I use 1,-2. I can solve. I am not clear.
  10. Math

    The graph of the equation y=4-x consists of all the points in the coordinate plane that satisfy the equation. List 5 points that satisfy y= 4-x. Also, what do you think is the minimum number of points you need to plot in order to draw the graph of y=4-x.
  11. Math assistance needed

    Solve: (t+24)/(t^2-t-56)+7/(t-8)=3/(t+7) I do know that (t^2-t-56) can be factored out to (t-8)(t+7) so I have the equation as (t+24/(t-8)(t+7) +7(t+7)/(t-8)(t+7)-3(x-8)/(t-8)(t+7) is this correct ot what am I doing wrong? I don't understand the rest so
  12. Help please math

    Solve using substitution. y = x – 2 x + y = 10 7x + 2y = - 8 8y = 4x Solve using elimination. 2x + 3y = 12 2x – y = 4 5x – 2y = - 19 2x + 3y = 0
  13. Math help

    Solve using substitution 3x - 9y = 3 6x - 3y = -24 Solve using elimination y - 1/2x = 6 2x + 6y = 19
  14. math

    x+y+5z=18 x+y+7z=26 x-4y-7y=-35 its a solve a 3 equation solve the system
  15. Math - Algebra

    How to solve ;; x-y <5 . How would I graph it ? Or solve it ?
  16. Math

    Solve using substitution 3x - 9y = 3 6x - 3y = -24 Solve using elimination y - 1/2x = 6 2x + 6y = 19
  17. Math-Fractions

    Solve the proportion. 5/x=9/x+8 Solve for x
  18. math

    Please help me solve the following. Thanks, Write m^p = q using logarithms. Solve (1/e)^2x = 14
  19. math

    Solve to solve for y 4x+10y equals 12
  20. Math

    h=at-.25vtsquared ,solve for a Please help me, I have no idea how to solve!
  21. math

    Will someone please help me solve this problem. Solve and Check 3x^2=2x=5
  22. Math

    Solve for area of a trapezoid A= h(b1+b2) 2 Solve for b1
  23. Math

    I really, really need help! Solve for the indicated variable. 8x+4y=12 Solve for y. Explanation too, please! Please and thanks!
  24. Math

    Solve the inequality. -3p > -48 A p < 16 B p > -51 C p < -16 *** D p > 16 Solve the equation -2v - 7 = -23 A 15 B 8 C -8 *** D -15 x/3 - 10 = -12 A -6 *** B -66 C 6 D 66
  25. Math

    Solve for x: x^4-15X^2+14=0 How would I solve this problem?
  26. Math

    Solve the linear equation. Solve for x and y y=-3/4x + 1/4 y=3/4x - 3/4
  27. Math 222

    Please help me solve for m? F equal mv^2/r solve for m.
  28. Math

    Solve each formula for the indicated variable V=xr^2h solve for h. HElp please.
  29. math, algebra

    How can i solve for this would it best to factor or use the quadratic formula. solve: x^2+2x-8=0 How about for this problem as well: solve : x^2+7x-1 = 0 in the first, can you think of two multipliers of -8 that have a sum of 2?? how about 4 and -2 so it
  30. Algebra 2

    How do I answer this f(x) = x - 3 (x + 4)^(1/2) and am asked how to solve for x when y = -5 I have no idea how to do this and know that I could just solve it by guess and checking but I want to know how to do this algebraically when plugging in the -5 and
  31. Calculus

    How do you us implicit differentiation to solve x( y + 2 )^5 = 8 x( y + 2 )^5 = 8 ( y + 2 )^5 d/dx (x) + x d/dx(y+2)^5=d/dx 8 (y+2)^5 + 5x(y+2)^4 dy/dx=0 solve for dx/dy (Broken Link Removed) I assume you want dy/dx. Differentiate both sides of the
  32. math correction

    solve: x -8 = 4 + 8 +8 x = 12 my answer is x = 12 solve: 80 = 10x -- --- 10 10 8 = x my answer is x =8 solve: 3x= -12 -- --- 3 3 x = -4 my answer is x = -4 Solve: 12 -3x = 9 -12 -12 -3x = -3 --- --- -3 -3 x = 1 my answer is x = 1 ok on all of them.
  33. Algebra

    Simplify this expression (DO NOT solve for x) 5x+6(x+2)-8(x-3) I have no clue, can someone tell me how to solve it? Please don't tell me the answer, only how to solve it. Thanks :D
  34. math

    To solve for the following proportion, you could use equivalent ratios, divide out the known ratio, or use cross products. Choose one of these methods to solve for t. Show your work and explain why you chose that method. 18/5 = 4/t
  35. math, question

    Is there anywher i can go for further explanations on how to solve for the following statements on how to solve them: Dividing writing each result in simplest form & adding & subtracting The second sentence makes no sense to me.
  36. Basic Math

    I forgot how to solve for two variables... Please check if I solved both problems properly! Thank you. Equations: (solve for t and z) 12t + 4z = 80 2t + 4z = 20 My answer: t = 2, z = 14 The steps: (simplified it) z = 20 - 3t, z = 5 - 0.5t (equated both
  37. Algebra

    I don't understand how to do this problems: Solve for the variable r, C=2PIr (PI is the pi symbol thing then r is next to it) and this problem solve for the variable l, S=B+1/2Pl please help :) When you solve for a variable, you want that "letter" on one
  38. MATH

    I NEED TO SOLVE FOR Y AND X im getting rele confused on this. ok here is the prob. x+y=5 x-2y=-4 equation 1 x+y=5 equation 2 x-2y=-4 Multiply equation 1 by -1. Add equation 1 to equation 2. The x term cancels. Solve for y. THEN, put the value of y into
  39. Pre calculus

    How do I solve this exponent problem? I understand the exponent rules, but I getting 1 but 1 is not the answer! I don't want anyone to solve the problem for me, I want to learn how to solve this type of problem. Thank you! Solve the equation: -8=-3-6
  40. algebra

    solve for the indicated variable: a. temperature formula solve for F: K=5/9(F-32)+273 b. annual interest rate solve for R: A=P+Prt im posting this the second time, but the first reply i got didn't help much :( can you show me how to do at least one of
  41. math

    can someone help me figure these literal equation out? I did them before but my teacher said they were incorrect. Questions~~ Solve the following formula for the variable indicated 9. r = d/t, where r = rate, d = distance, and t = time for d ( I didn’t
  42. Calculus - Seperable Equations

    Solve the separable differential equation (dy/dx)=y(1+x) for y and find the exact value for y(.3). dy/dx = y(1+x) dy/y = (1+x)dx Integral (dy/y) = Integral (1+x)dx ln (y) = x + (1/2)x^2 + C y = e^(x + (1/2)x^2 + C) y(0.3) = e^(0.345 + C) I am stuck here.
  43. Need all the help i can get

    Hi i'm pretty new to this and i don't know what to do?So i put these questions up im not sure if my answers will show up because i used color letters, but i need help checking and explaining steps N 108 is 36% of what number? Write and solve a proportion
  44. Algebra 2

    Solve each system 3x+2y= -2 9x- y= -6 I know how to solve for x but i get really lost trying to figure out how to solve for the second variable
  45. Algebra

    FIND THE GCF OF THE PRODUCT (3B+6)(2B-10) SOLVE... X^2=-6X x(x+6)= 0 x = -6 or 0 it would = 0 help me solve this problem.. solve for W: 2L+2W=38 please and thank you!
  46. math

    can someone show me how to figure these literal equation out? I did them before but my teacher said they were incorrect. Questions~~ Solve the following formula for the variable indicated 9. r = d/t, where r = rate, d = distance, and t = time for d ( I
  47. math

    Can someone help me figure this out. The difference of two numbers is 80. The second is 8 less than 5 times the first. What are the two numbers? first write an equation 5x-8=y and then solve it Tiff gave you part of the solution. 5x-8=y However, there is
  48. math

    Could someone check these questions for me? Please? My answers are under the questions... Questions~ 1. Solve: | x | = 6 |6|=6 and |-6|=6 x must be 6 or -6 2. Solve: | x + 7 | = 12 (x+7)=12 and -(x+7)=12 x+7=12 and -x-7=12 x= 5 and -19=x The the solution
  49. Math Homework

    Hello! I need help with these math questions, thanks! :) 1.) Solve the system by substitution. 5x + 2y = -17 x = 3y 2.) Solve the system by substitution. x/3 + y = 4/3 -x + 2y = 11 3.) Solve the system by elimination. 2x - 3y = 0 2x + 6y = 3 4.) Solve the
  50. calculus

    I am suposed to apply L'Hospitals rule to solve. I can't seem to solve it tho. could someone explain the steps to me? Thanks! the limit as x approaches infinity of: xe^(1/x)-x This is what I got so far: xe^(1/x)-x x(e^(1/x)-1) e^(1/x)-1/(1/x) Now its in
  51. 3rd grade

    Good evening ~ I have 2 questions. Kelsey was assigned math homework. He was given 8 word problems to solve. He estimated that it would take him 5 mins. to solve each problem (THAT WOULD TAKE 40 MINS. FOR KELSEY TO COMPLETE HIS MATH HOMEWORK) ? HOW TO
  52. MATH

    To solve for the following proportion, you could use equivalent ratios, divide out the known ratio, or use cross products. Choose one of these methods to solve for t. Show your work and explain why you chose that method. eighteen over five equals four over
  53. Math

    Solve simultaneously for the two equations for x and y 5x(cos 45) + 15y(cos 30) = 2,000 5x(sin45) - 15y(sin 30) = 0 I tried adding these two eqn. to elimate y and solve for x by adding [5 x cos 45] and [5 x sin 45] but the value for x is too high. Would I
  54. Algebra

    I'm having trouble with these problems, I'm not asking for just the answers, I need to know how to solve them, its a practice for my upcoming final, So I need to know how to do them. Name the property of real numbers illustrated. (2√7)*√3=2(√7*√3)
  55. Algebra III / Core II

    It has been since the beginning of last year since I last did this math and the teacher I currently have is a sub and doesn't know what the heck she's doing either - so if anyone can help me, that'd be oh so amazing! a. Solve d=rt in terms of d and t. b.
  56. Math

    What is the difference between an equation and an expression? Include an example of each. Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain. Write a mathematical phrase or sentence for your
  57. algebra

    how would i work out the following problems solve each formula in terms of the given variable 1. 5d-2g=9 ;g The formula A=2h(l+w) gives the lateral area a of a rectangular solids with length l, width,w and height h. 2. solve this formula for h 3. solve
  58. Math

    h(x) = log (6x+5/7x-4) Find a formula for the inverse function h^-1(x) h^-1(x) = My work so far h(x) = log(6x+5/7x-4) y=log(6x+5/7x-4) x=log(6y+5/7y-4) 7xy-4x= log(6y+5) how would I solve from here. Would I solve for y then do the natural log of both sides
  59. math

    I am getting difficulties by doin this homework.plzzzz can u hel pme;Solve this simultaneous equation;1/3(x+2)-1/4(y-1)=1,5X=4Y(B)SOLVE TO 2 DECIMAL PLACES'x-15/x=12. The second number am not sure of my calcalations;The point (x,y)is transformed by the
  60. math

    Can anyone help w/ these. 1) Solve the equation in the internal [0deg, 360deg]. a) sin 2x = -sin x b) sin 2T = -1/2 (where T is angle) c) 4 sin^2T = 3 2) Evaluate the expression. sin(arctan 2) 3) Rewrite the following w/o using trigonometric or inverse
  61. Math Check Please

    1.y + 3 >_ 5 ???How do I solve this 2. Write an inequality to represent the information: The temperature stayed above 15°F I think it is: t < 15 but I am sooo not sure 3. Gabriella went skiing. She paid $35 to rent skis and $15 an hour to to ski, if
  62. math

    solve for x without using a calculator 5^(x+1) = 25 i know that x would equal 1 because 5^2 is 25, but i don't know how to show how to solve it All you need to do is what you just did: Explain that if x = 1, the equation is satisfied. If you are looking
  63. Math

    Solve the following: 56 is ______% of 125 What number is 45% of 680? Solve the following: 315 is 126% of If a number increases from 47 to 70.5, what is the rate of increase?
  64. Math

    Solve the equation 5m = 15 to find the number of miles that Lan jogged each day. Justify each step you take to solve the equation.
  65. math

    Here are a few problems I need solving Make sure to show a check for the solution and write the solution in set notation like {x|x>5}: Solve for y -7y-14>42 Solve for x -2(4x+5) < 2x-20
  66. Math Algebra 2

    #4. Express the logarithm in terms of log2M and log2N: log2 1/MN #5. Simplify: log4 3 - log4 48 #6. Solve the equation: loga x = 3/2loga 9 + loga 2 #7. Solve the equation: logb (x2 + 7) = 2/3logb 64 #8. Solve the equation: loga (3x + 5) - loga (x - 5) =
  67. Math/Trigonometry

    1. Solve: 2 cos² x - 3 cos x + 1 = 0 for 0 ≤ x < 2pi. 2. Solve: 2 sin x - 1 = 0 for 0° ≤ x < 360° 3. Solve: sin² x = cos² x for 0° ≤ x < 360° 4. Solve: sin x - 2sin x cos x = 0 for 0 ≤ x < 2p

    well i'm stumped. i can't figure out how to solve this. solve for (x,y): 3/x + 2/y = 0 5/x - 1/y = 13 i can't graph it, and i can't use a calculator. i keep getting stuck on the second equation b/c i get 5y -13xy -x=0 and since 13 is a prime number i cant
  69. math

    Solve 4a2 + 25 = –20a by factoring. Verify your solution Solve and verify the following equation: 13x2 + 35x + 21 = –12x2 – 25x – 15
  70. Math

    1. Solve the equation -5y-9=(y-1) A. -1/2 B. -2 1/2 <----- C. -2 D. -2/5 Im not good with equations but I think the Answer is B but I feel like all of the answers could be wrong. I need someone to help teach me how to solve for this equation because
  71. Math

    I have to use my answer from a previous question (factorise and solve x^2+x-30=0 which i factorised as (x-5)(x+6)=0 and then solved as x=5 or x=-6) i now have to explain how i can use this answer to solve th equation 4x^2+4x-120=0 and then say what are the
  72. math,correction

    okay for the first one i/ve done it twice and both times i got 10, not -10. check your work to make sure you did it correctly. for the second one i got 24 so you are correct Directions solve for x. (x)/(x-2)-(x+1)/(x)=(8)/(x^2-2x) The answer i get is :
  73. Algebra

    Can someone please help me with math problem and explain to me step by step how to solve it so I will know how solve other problems like this Thank you in advance Multiply and then, if possible, simplify by factoring /7x /21y
  74. math help me

    an ellipse has an area of 4.17 in^2, and a minor axis that is 2 inch long. solve fot the major axis. how do i solve this?
  75. math ALGEBRA

    Solve by either the substitution method or the addition or subtraction method 2m=n-3 3m=2n-9 Just replace n with (2m + 3) in the second equation. Then solve for m. Once you know the value of m, use either of your equations, such as n = 2m+3, to get n.
  76. math

    Jenny wanted to solve the quadratic equation x2 - 11x +18 = 0 by factoring. Which of the following equations would lead her to solve the given equation?
  77. Math

    Mrs. Lucida has budgeted $400 for the party. Write and solve the inequality. Solve how many hours the party would last
  78. Math

    T=10d+20 Solve for d. I got T/10-2=d Is this correct? and.... L=9.2+0.17m Solve for m round to nearest hundreth or tenth. I got L/0.17-54.1=m Is this correct? thanks for replying.
  79. math

    how do i solve this equestion i don't understan 2(x+1)-3x=3(3+2X) please give me details on how to solve it because i have 100 more to go and i don't understand a thing
  80. Math

    I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE ANSWERS ARE JUST PLEASE TELL ME IF THEY ARE WRONG OR RIGHT, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!!! 1.-2v-7=-23 A.)15 B.)8*** C.)-8 D.)-15 4.-2(m-30)=-6m A.)-15 B.)-13 C.)-8*** D.)8 5.3n+2=8+2n A.)3 B.)4*** C.)5 D.)6 6.Simplify the expression.
  81. math

    I need help solving these equations -5s+3s-2s=48 6m=5m-2+m 5d=-2d-24 you need help or you want someone to solve them for you? ;) please solve : ) thanks okay well pretty much solve for s in the first question and m for the second question and d in the
  82. Math

    I need help with how to do these problems.. SOLVE THE EQUATION USING THE ZERO PRODUCT PROPERTY -8n(5n+3)=0 SOLVE THE EQUATION BY COMPLETING THE SQUARE.. ROUND TO THE HEAREST HUNDRETHS X^2-3x=4 4x^2+4x-24=0 Thank you... I don't get how to do these please
  83. Math SAT Sheet

    1.) Find the domain and range for: f(x)= 4x-20/ the square root of 36-x^2 2.) Solve the equation: log6 (x-11) + log6 (x-6) = 2 3.) Solve the inequality: x^2 - 2x - 3 is greater than 0
  84. math

    Not sure about this... Need to solve by substitution 8x - 4y = 16 y = 2x -4 Substitute 2x -4 for y in the first equation and solve the resulting equation for x. 8x - 4(2x-4) = 16 16 = 16 The two equations are not independent. One can be derived fron the
  85. Math

    Solve each of the following quadratic equations by completing the aquare. 1. x^2-6x-3=0 2. 2x^2+10x+11=0 Step 1. Move the constant to the other side. X^2 -6x + ?? = 3 + ?? To find ??, take 1/2 the x term and square it, then add it to both sides; therefore,
  86. MATH

    1.) solve the equation 2 x - 3 = 15 A. x=6 B. x=9 C. x=24 D. x = 36 2.) Solve the equation r - 4 = 11 --- 3 r = 45 r = 35 r= 33 r = 28 3.) solve the equation 7+ 3 m = 28 m = 18 m = 11 2 divide by 3 m = 9 m = 7 PLEASE HELP MS. SUE
  87. Math

    Solve the following equations for the variable indicated. Please correct me if I'm wrong! 1. I=Prt for P Answer: I/P=rt 2. Solve C= 2ðr for r. Answer: C/r=2ð
  88. Math

    h(x)= 3x+2/7x-6 find the inverse of h^-1(x) h^-1(x) = ? Would I solve it like this h(x)= 3x+2/7x-6 7xy-6y=3x+2 (bring 7x-6 to other side) i got confused here. Would i try to bring the 6y over to the right and then the 3x+2 to the left to get Y by itself.
  89. College Math II

    Solve by any method. a^4 – 5a^2 + 4 = 0 I am having problems figuring out what method to use to solve this problem. I need to show my steps and I am not sure how to do this. Can someone help? Thanks.
  90. MaTh = Algebra = help

    Solve this system of linear equaiton by an algebraic method. So If I had to solve this the elimination method way, how would I do it? x-2y = 10 3x-y = 0
  91. math

    I can't figure out this problem: AX+BY=C SOLVE FOR Y AX+BY=C SOLVE FOR Y subtract AX from both sides. AX - AX + BY = C - AX combine terms. BY = C - AX divide both sides by B BY/B = (C-AX)/B Y = (C-AX)/B
  92. Math

    What steps do I take in order to solve : (101-100) = .512 times (x/.5) solve for x and show steps
  93. Math (2.0)

    My bad I didn't save this questions link: Solve by factoring. x² - 121 = 0 0 -11 11 11, -11 Solve by factoring. m² + 8m + 7 = 0 8,7 -7, 1 -7, -1 7, 1
  94. Math Solve for X?

    Solve for x. (5x^2 - 12x) / (x^2 + 5x - 24) <= 0
  95. math(please help me solve)

    solve the equation for c. c/3=4
  96. Math

    x/(x+1) - 2/(x-1)= 1 I have been trying to solve it but I do not know the steps to solve it.
  97. math

    solve for the indicated varialbe a=1/2h(B+b) solve for b
  98. Math

    Solve this equation for x. ab+c/xy = 3d/4 How do you solve this? Please help.
  99. math

    how do you solve for n? for example... 14=(1.4)^n how do you solve exp. ?
  100. Math

    how would i solve this? 2x+2y=12 would i solve for x or y? Im stuck!!