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  1. math

    Solve the equation. 5 1 -4 2 -3 -5 X= 5 7 2 -6 2 5 The numbers are supposed to be matrices. I'm not sure how I would solve the problem
  2. math

    72 is what percent of 480? Write and solve an equation to solve the problem
  3. Math

    1. x/y=a/b ; solve for Y. Does anyone know how to solve this? I believe you gotta cross multiply but I'm lost from there. any help would be great. Thank you!
  4. math,algebra

    How do you solve these types of math problems. Directions: Solve each literal equation for the indicated variable. A=1/2h(B+b) (For b) Area of a trapezoid It is just a matter of algebraic manipulation. A=(1/2)h(B+b) Multiply both sides of the equation by
  5. Math

    f(x)=3/(x+1) g(x)=(x^3)/5 h(x)=x^2+7x+10 a. f(x)=10 b. f(x)=g(x) c. g(x)=h(x) d. f(x)=h(x) I am told to solve the equations, but the term "solve" is so vague. I don't know what I'm doing. Please help lead me in the right direction. Thank you.
  6. math

    solve for unknown: log9 r=3/2 logG 2=1/3 Can you show me the steps how to solve this problems.Thank yo very much for your time
  7. Math

    I don't know how to solve this equation. cos(30) = x / 6 How would I solve this to find the missing side of a 30-60-90 triangle?
  8. math

    helo sir/madam can u help me to solve this problem sOLVE 2log 15 +log(5-x)- log4x=2
  9. math

    Write and solve a real-world problem that you can solve by using objects or drawing a picture.
  10. Math

    Solve the following equation u+2=4 The question for me is how do I solve these types of problem. I already know that u=2, but I need to know the steps to get to the answer. Thanks, Kaai97
  11. Math

    Solve for x. .006x^3=8889 x = approx 114, but I don't understand how to get that answer. Can anyone help me solve? Thank you!
  12. math/calc

    How do I solve for an area under the curve when y = x^2 and solve for above the interval (1,2) ? Any resources where I could see examples would be helpful. Thanks!
  13. math

    Twenty-four less than three times x is equal to the product of five and x.Find x.solve show steps to solve
  14. Math

    108 is 46% of what number? Write and solve a proportion to solve the problem. I think it's 38 correct me if I'm wrong
  15. Math

    How would you solve this problem? Please include steps for me! Solve for θ in the interval 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π: cos(θ )sin(θ ) − 1/ 2cos(θ ) = 0
  16. Math

    Use properties of equality and numbers to solve each equation for x. A. 7+3x = 5x + 13 how am i suppose to solve i am kind of confused?!?!
  17. math

    how to solve a prism with a square base that has a height of 45cm and its volume is 72000000cm^3. how do I solve it?
  18. Math

    Hello, I'm doing a review sheet for math and a certain question states: "solve: ln(3/4)" What should I take solve to mean? Do I just change it's form to ln(3/4) = ln3 - ln 4 ? Or, perhaps, I need to actually enter in the value into a calculator. How would
  19. Math

    solve for the vertex f(X) = (2x-2)squared -3xsquared +6 plss.. solve this for me deadline tomorrow in the afternoon.. need your help ma'am/sir.. thank you. :D
  20. Math

    How do you solve second order initial value problems? I don't understand how would solve these questions..for example (d^2 y)/(dx^2 )=24x^2-10. When x=1, dy/dx = 3, and y = 5. Can anyone explain how?
  21. math

    transform the formula to find the volume of a rectangular prism to solve for width (w) solve for w:V=lwh
  22. Calculus math

    how do i solve these quadratics? c=10000 9a+3b+c=7975 36a+6b+c=6400 im unsure of how to solve as a and b are unknowns...
  23. Math

    Write a word problem that will use the equation 2/6x8/10=x in order to solve. Then simplify and multiply to solve.
  24. Math help!

    I don't understand this. Solve -5x - 6 = -6x^2 Rearrange to 6x^2-5x-6=0 (3x + 2)(2x - 3)= 0 Set each factor equal to zero and solve for x. I hope this helps.
  25. Math

    I still don't know how to directly solve this problem. Can someone guide to solve this system of equation by using the substitution method? Thanks! 1. Y=6x-5 Y=-x+9
  26. Math-Advanced Functions

    I am having trouble figuring out how to solve this logarithms. Could someone please help! log2(log4x)=1 and solve for x and y: (1/2)^x+y= 16 logx-y8=-3
  27. math

    problem is solve for the unknown 2/3 over 10 = 1.8 over r dont even know where to start to solve this please help cross-muliply 2/3 r = 18 multiply both sides by 3/2 thank you
  28. Exponents and Logs (Math)

    Solve for x: 2^(-x+1) = 4(8^x) I try isolating the 4 but I can't seem to solve it correctly when using ln or log applications. The answer is supposed to be x=-1/4. Any help?
  29. Math

    solve for indicated letter. f=2g, for g what is the solution for g? can someone please tell me how to start this? or how to solve this question?? I would appreciate it much
  30. Math

    Solve each literal equation for the indicated variable. 4x-5y=10 for y (the answer is y=4/5x-2) How do you solve this?
  31. Math

    how do you solve this system? I'm using substitution.. y=3x+4 y=-x^2 First I combined it: -x^2=3x+4 I don't know how to solve it now..
  32. math 123

    solve the equation by factoring 3x^2-8x-3=0 (3x+1)(1x-3)=0 Now solve each for zero: 3x+1=0 and 1x-3=0 Lance can you help me.?
  33. math

    how do u solve a unit rate problem using proportions to solve
  34. Math

    How do you solve this problem S=2brh+2br(squared) solve for h
  35. math

    5/2 x + 1/4 x = 11/4 +x how to solve this? I get 11/4=11/4+x what steps do I have to take after that.. I would appreciate it if you showed me how to solve the whole equation! (: thnx
  36. Math

    Solve for x in terms of p and q if p^2x=x-(2p-1)/p. How would I do this if this if there is no q? I think that someone made a typo on the problem and if that is so how would I solve it for just p?
  37. Math

    Solve: (don't forget about imaginary numbers) 5x^2-7x+12=0 how do I solve this? please help and thank you
  38. Math

    (a^6 x a^6)^k = (a^3)^(k+5) Solve for k. a. 3/2 b. 5/3 c. 2 d. 3 e. 5 I think when simplified its (a^12)^k = (a^3)^(k+5) but i don't know how to get k from here. How do you solve for these kind of exponents?
  39. math

    Solve 3sin2x - 1 = 0 Interval: [0, 2 pi] Solve 6cos^2x + 5cosx - 6 = 0
  40. Math..solve for u

    Solve u-2[2=3 [ is square root. Please show work
  41. Math

    Solve for x: x^4-15X^2+14=0 How would I solve this problem? Could someone please show me the steps?
  42. math. solve for t

    1/1024=42*0.5^(t/12.5) Solve for t. Please show work. Much appreciated!
  43. Algebra/math

    I have a few problems I need you to take a look at and tell me if I arrived at the right answer. 1. I am to use the intercepts to graph the equation x+3y=6 I used the formula y=mx+b using 3 and -6 for x I got these as my ordered pairs to graph (3, 1), (-6,
  44. Math/Check

    I have a few problems I need you to take a look at and tell me if I arrived at the right answer. 1. I am to use the intercepts to graph the equation x+3y=6 I used the formula y=mx+b using 3 and -6 for x I got these as my ordered pairs to graph (3, 1), (-6,
  45. math

    just an algebra question. how would you solve: (3x^2 +5)(3x^2 +5) ^ means power :] Since you have not given us an equation, it is impossible to "solve" your problam. Please repost with the complete equation, so we can help you. I hope this helps a little.
  46. Math

    1. use the law of Sines to solve (if possible) the triangle for the value of c. A=27.5degrees, a=15cm, b=36.4cm 2. use the law of Sines to solve (if possible) the triangle for the value of c. B=52degrees, a=8cm, b=12cm How do I solve these type of
  47. Math

    1) Solve: 8x ¨C (6x + 4) = 8 x = -2 2) -7x > 1/15 the solution set is: {x | x > -105} 3) Solve 5> -4x + 4 or 10 ¡Ü -4x +3 the solution to the inequality is: [-¡Þ, -7/4] U [-1/4,¡Þ] 4) Use < or > to make the statement true: -9 < 3
  48. MATH

    in a contest, Bello. Adamu, and Lawi are asked to solve a mathematical problem. the probability that they solve the problem correctly are 1/5, 2/3, and 2/5. find the probability that:(1)None of them solve the problem correctly(2)At least one of them solve
  49. Math Gr 12

    We are learning to solve Factorable Polynomial Inequalities Algebraically. Question: Solve using intervals. (4x +1)(2-x) is greater than or equal to 0.
  50. Math

    Determine the point of intersection between a circle (x+2)^2 + (y-2)^2 =1 and the parabola y=-(x+2)^2 +3.can anyone please outline the steps to solve it I have tried solve by substitution but I get Stuck
  51. math

    (Systems) how do I solve 5x+3y=2 and x+2y=6 using substition This is what I did X+2y=6 eq.1 5x+3y=2 eq.2 X=-3y/5 Sub(x=-3y/5) into eq.1 -3y/5 + 2y=6 7/5y=6 y=30/7 Sub(y=30/7) into eq.2 5x+3(30/7)=3 5x+90/7=3 5x=-69/7 x= -68/35 The answer I got was (-68/35,
  52. Algebra 2 (Math)

    Solve by the system of equations by substitution. x + 2y + z = 14 y = z + 1 x = -3z + 6 Anyone able to help me with this? I've been stuck on it all day and can't seem to solve it, it doesn't make any sense to me.
  53. math

    My teacher said we are supossed to solve this using systems of equations: Let a, b, and c be real numbers such that a-7b+8c=4 and 8a+4b-c=7. Then a^2-b^2+c^2= ? can someone please help?! i don't know what method to use to solve this or where to start
  54. math!

    My teacher said we are supossed to solve this using systems of equations: Let a, b, and c be real numbers such that a-7b+8c=4 and 8a+4b-c=7. Then a^2-b^2+c^2= ? can someone please help?! i don't know what method to use to solve this or where to start
  55. math

    1.solve for the given variable: x + 1/2 = 1 1/2 3/4 1*** 2 3 2. solve for the given variable: 10/13n = -30/39 -20/13 0 100/169 -1*** 3. solve for the given variable: k-3/4 = 10 43 5.5*** 37 52 PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY MATH!!!!
  56. math

    determine the equation of the line in y=mx+b form that passes through 1. (-8,1) & (-9, 2) 2. (3,7) & (-5, 9) 3, (-4,0) & (4,6) Part B ) For each equation Rewreite the y=mx+b equation in general form Ax+by+c=0 where A is positive b and C are integers In
  57. English

    1. However brilliant she is, she won't be able to solve this math problem. 2. However brilliant she may be, she won't be able to solve this math problem. 3. No mater how brilliant she is, she won't be able to solve this math problem. 4. No matter how
  58. algebra

    can someone show me how to solve this the instructions are for me to solve by the quadriatic formula is this really 8 grade math im confused im trying to help my daughter tammi and i have never run across this before X^2 + 9=0
  59. Math

    How would you solve for A 5 x 3^(x+2)= A x 3^(x) Please help me, I have loads of problems like this on my homework assignment and I just can't seem to figure it out Well, we could divide both sides by 3^x couldn't we? We know it's never 0, so there's no
  60. Math

    I need help on how to solve this type of problem please. 29.)Solve the inequality and express the solution in terms of intervals whenever possible. 1/(x-2) ≥ 3/(x+1) THE ANSWER IS: ( -∞,-1 ) U ( 2,(7/2) ]
  61. Math

    Hi: I was wondering how I would even start to solve a problem like this. Solve for x1, x2, x3, and x4: x1x2+x1+x2=524 x2x3+x2+x3=146 x3x4+x3+x4=104 Thanks, Manny
  62. Math

    What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-2,5) and (1,4)? a. -3 b. -2 c. -1/3 d. 1/3 I just need to know how to solve this problem or a simple formula to help me know how to solve these types of questions? Thanks, Kaai97
  63. math

    Explain two ways that you can solve for R in the following division statement. Then, use one of your methods to find R. x^3+4x^2-3x=(x-1)(x^2+5x+2)+R could you divide x^3+4x^2-3x by (x-1) to get the quotion of (x^2+5x+2)+ the remainder which would be r?
  64. Math

    Use back substitution to solve the system of linear equations x-2y+z=8 y+z=5 z=2 **I tried to solve it eventho im still confused/lost. 1=3 idk ugh
  65. Algebra

    Solve the inequality and express the solution in terms of intervals whenever possible. | x+3 | < 0.01 I know the answer is : (-3.01,-2.99) Please show me how to solve this type of math problem.
  66. math

    solve equation then check for extraneous solution please someone explain this to me. 6/6-4x/=8+4 then one that is solve the inequality s/x+3/4<2 I don't understand these problems and then it says to graph
  67. Math situations

    please help me solve Use the quadric formula to solve 2x^2-3x=-6
  68. Math

    I cant figure out how to solve this problem Solve by Factoring: 5x^2-32=-12
  69. Math

    How would you solve 23=1-d? I don't even think there would be an answer to this.. can someone explain to me how to solve this? Thank you!
  70. gr 10 math

    Solve by factoring. a) x^2 + 3x - 28 = 0 (x+7)(x-4) d)x^2 + 8x + 16 = 0 (x+4)(x+4) f)9x^2 - 4 = 0 i)8k^2 - 3k = 0 k)x^2/6 - x + 4/3 = 0 did i do a and d right? Can you show me how to solve the rest?
  71. Math/Algebra

    Solve by elimination. Please me solve this equation. x + 7y = 37 -x + 8y = 38
  72. math

    solve equation 3(k-4.8)=0.7(k-6.9) show steps to solve this please
  73. math

    using the interest formula A=P(1+r/n), solve for the indicated variable. solve for P
  74. Math

    How do I solve an inequality like this? -4x-8>4, I know that answer is 3 but every time I solve it I get 1 .
  75. math

    solve and graph the following inequality. -8p-5<-13 Can someone please help me solve this because i tried it but im not quite sure if i solved it right.
  76. math

    Please solve and explain how to solve the compound inequality: 4 < 4a +3 < 18
  77. math

    PLS help! I've try to solve it but it's not working .. solve the inequality... x/3 > +2 x/6
  78. Please help me solve it. Math

    solve for the value of x: 6log (x^2+1)-x=0. please help me because I do not have any idea in this topic.
  79. Math

    Solve the following systems of equations: -2x+y=1 -4x+y=-1 (3,1) (-1,3) (-1,-3) (1,3) Could someone please help. I'm confused on how to solve this. Thank you!
  80. Math

    Question asks to solve for x with equation: x = 3(r + ty) Please help with how to solve? Thank you.
  81. Math

    Solve for the indicated variable p I don't know what you do to solve it. A=P+Prt
  82. math

    area of a trapizoid:A==h/2(b1=b2). solve for h don't know how so solve it
  83. math algebra solve proportions

    i need help on g over 32 = 8 over 64 solve each proportion
  84. math

    solve: 4+8 1/2 -:- (1/4) to the third power. solve -11-(x+30)=-41-2 (5x-18) please show your work
  85. math

    1.0 Solve for x: (a) 2x ¨C 3(x + 2) ¡Ý 5x ¨C( x- 5) (b) Solve simultaneously x - 5¡Ü 2 and x ¨C 1 ¡Ý 3 2.0 Find solution to: (a) 5/(x-1) > 0 (b) (3x+3)/(3x-x2 ) < 0
  86. math

    could someone please help. given each set of data for ∆ABC: a) solve for b given ∠B=88 degrees,a=31.5m,c=25.6cm b) solve for a given ∠B=66 degrees,∠C=28 degrees,c=11.6cm i) state whether the sine law or cosine law is required to
  87. Intermediate Algebra

    Combine like terms: -3x^2+2x-4x^2-9+6x-2x^2+8 Solve for x: 8x-11= -11x+18 Solve for x: -2(x-5)+7=z-8-5x Solve for x: (x-2)/5 - 3/2= (x+1)/10 Translate to an algebra statement; do not solve: Seven times the difference of six and a twice a number yields the
  88. Math

    How should I approach this, what formula do I use to solve and how do I solve it? How long, to the nearest year, will it take me to become a millionaire if I invest $3000 at 9% interest compounded continuously? Thanks
  89. Math, Please Help!!!

    Solve the Trigonometric equation for all solutions between [0,360)degrees. 2Sinx + 1 = 2.6635. Solve for x. does x equal 56.28degrees and 123.72degrees?
  90. Math

    HELP Find the solution for x,y. In the problem... 5x-3y=-11 x-2y=2 Multiply the second equaton by five. 5x-3y=-11 5x-10y=10 subtract the second equation from the first. 7y=-21 solve for y, then put y into either of the beginning equations to solve for x.
  91. math

    I am helping my child with this. Can you show me how to Solve word problems by writing an equation with a variable to represent the given information and then solve the equatin.
  92. Math

    A boy is mowing a rectangular lawn 40ft long and 30ft wide. He has cut all of it except for a rectangle that is 20ft long and 15ft wide. What fractional part of the lawn remains uncut? I need helping figuring out how to solve this. My answer sheet says its
  93. Algebra II

    How do I solve the following problems?? 1. Factor: 4x^2-100y^2 2. Factor: 3x^2+27 3. Solve 3x^2+9x=0 4. Solve 12^2+30x=-12 5. 9a(a+1)=4 6. Solve 16x^2=25
  94. MATH STUCK:-(

    I am having some difficulties factoring polynomials and I use only one method to figure the stuff out, which is the guess and check method because it's just mental math work and not that complicating. Here is a question that I know how to do, and below it
  95. Math

    The sheet is titled Solving Inequalities. I need to solve this question by equivalent equations and show my steps. So, how do I solve 6x<12? Would I divide both sides by 6 meaning x would = 2? or??
  96. Math - Algebra

    Solve the inequality. n-1/3n < n-4/3n-4 (it's actually less than or equal to) My first instinct is to multiply 3n, but that'll just give me squares and makes it harder to solve. I also thought about getting a common denominator, but I'm not sure. Thank
  97. Advance Math.

    Hello i'm haveing trouble with this problem, when I solve it I'm geting the A=24.375, but it does not plug in correctly. 1.5 + 4/5a =21 Solve what A equals I know the steps I just think i'm solveing it wrong.
  98. Math

    1)Solve sin2x=3cosx for all values of x. What do I need to do? 2)Solve e(sqrtx)=4 3)Approximate the greatest real root of f(x)=x^3-2x-5 to the nearest tenth. I just need help not do for me. HELP. Please and Thank you. Explain please no links.
  99. algebra

    solve for the indicated variable: a. temperature formula solve for F: K=5/9(F-32)+273 b. annual interest rate solve for R: A=P+Prt
  100. Algerbra

    solve for x ac+x=xy have all terms with x on one side ac=xy-x take x as common factor ac=x(y-1) now solve for x 25a^2 - 9b^4 can u please help me solve and check these equations