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  1. Pre-Calculus/Calculus

    I am too embarassed to ask this Calculus (really pre-calculus) question in tutoring, because I know I should know. Is the inverse of f(x)=3x-1 actually f(x)=1/3x+1? How do I find it? What if it asks the same equation replaced with f to the -1 power (x)? I
  2. Finite Math

    Fifty percent of students enrolled in calculus class have previously taken pre-calculus. Thirty percent of these students received an A for the calculus class, whereas twenty percent of the other students received an A for calculus. Find the probability
  3. Pre-Calculus

    I am in Honors Pre-Calculus and am having a hard time understanding my teacher. I feel so stupid. Does anyone have any suggestions on a website that might give me some insight into what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  4. Pre Calculus

    Pre Calculus why is sin(-20)/cos 380 equal to tan (-200)
  5. Pre Calculus 12

    Im going over my pre calculus 12 exam, and I need help with one question from the chapter Transformations of graphs and stuff. Combining Transformations 2y = f(5x-10)+8 The original points are (4,6) and the new points I got by translating it and stuff are
  6. Pre-Calculus

    I'm trying to finish up my pre-cal homework and I am stuck on 2 problems... ***determine the intervals over which the function is increasing, decreasing, or constant*** 32. f(x)=x^2-4x 33. f(x)=√x^2-1 (that's square root of x^2-1) thank you so much
  7. Pre-Calculus

    I'm trying to finish up my pre-cal homework and I am stuck on 2 problems... ***determine the intervals over which the function is increasing, decreasing, or constant*** 32. f(x)=x^2-4x 33. f(x)=√x^2-1 (that's square root of x^2-1) thank you so much
  8. Math (pre calculus)

    ax+b/cx+d=2 solve for x
  9. pre calc

    A math teacher uses four algebra books, two geometry books, and three pre-calculus books for reference. In how many ways can the teacher arrange the books on the shelf if books coiver the same subject matter are kept together?
  10. pre-ap pre calculus

    To solve an equation by finding x-intercepts, Cynthia graphed the function y=x^3-5x+|2x-3| Give several possibilities for the original equation. How do I do it and what's the answer? Thanks
  11. Pre-Calculus

    Can you show me how to find the rectangular equation: r=2cos(theta) + 3 sin (theta) All I need is an example to work off I was absent today from Pre-Calc and I have homework to do and no explanation with them-Please help with this one Thank you
  12. Math (pre calculus)

    please simplify (1/1+x+h) - (1 /1+x ) divided by h
  13. Math - Studying for Pre Calc exam!

    Approximate the solutions (to three decimal places) of the given equation in the interval (- pi/2, pi/2) 6 sin 2x − 8 cos x + 9 sin x = 6 Can you help with this please? I am studying for my Pre Calculus 1 exam and am stuck on this question...! The
  14. Math, calculus, advanced functions, pre calculus

    An investments value, V(t) is modelled by the function V(t)=2500(1.15)^2, where t is the number of years after funds are invested A) find the instantaneous rate of change in the value of the investment at t=4, what intervals would you choose? Why? My
  15. Pre-Calculus 12

    I am refering to the question posted on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 8:26pm. "how to graph y= (x^2-3x-10)/(x-2)" This is the reply I got: Pre-Calculus 12 - Damon, Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 9:21pm (x-5)(x+2)/(x-2) well we know it is 0 at x = 5 and at x = -2 and
  16. math: pre calculus

    How do I find the exact value of sec(2.4)?
  17. math: pre-calculus

    Write the expression as a single logarithm. Ln(e^3y)+ln(ey)-4
  18. Pre-Calculus

    can someone help me with figuring out my math and explaining it to me. or How to use the calculator with the problems ?
  19. Math (pre calculus)

    Solve 2^3-x = 5^2x+1 Give an exact solution.
  20. Math (Pre-Calculus)

    Can someone help me with this? Thanks! Find the zeros of the function algebraically. f(x)=x^2-8x+15 ---------------- 10x
  21. Question

    @Alex asked this question when I was on earlier: Let line l_1 be the graph of 5x + 8y = -9. Line l_2 is perpendicular to line l_1 and passes through the point (10,10). If line l_2 is the graph of the equation y=mx +b, then find m+b. I'm wondering like how
  22. Pre-Calculus - Reiny

    Reiny you helped me with this logarithm yesterday: How did you write it out as log2 ( √A / B^3 ) Laws of logarithms combine, write as a single logarithm Need help on this question please, Im stuck, don't know where to go abouts from here: I did it on
  23. math: pre-calculus

    Evaluate the expression without using a calculator. Unless stated otherwise, all letters represent positive numbers. e^(ln√x+5)
  24. Math(pre-Calculus)

    Find the standard form of the equation of the circle. 3(x+2)^2 + 3(y-1)^2=18 so i used this formula r^2 = (x+h^)2 + 3(y+k)^2 i just plug in the number but what do i do with the 3's outside of the parenthesis or i have to do something else...

    Sorry the caps lock was on. Can you help me with this pre calculus question. I'm not quite sure how to do this. Here are the instructions. Find the area between each curve and the x-axis for the given interval: y=2x^2+x+1 from x=3 to x=6
  26. Math

    Is IB Math Studies the same as Pre-Calculus? I heard that IB Math Studies is for students who have a low background in math. Is that right?
  27. Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10

    Find the radius of a cone with a height of 3m and a volume of 30m cubed. So far I have 90m cubed / 3m = pi(r^)3m/3m. Then I get stuck. Help! I'm really bad at math. ):
  28. Math (pre-calculus)

    Hi! I have a question! I forgot how to do these two problems, and I need some help in solving them! Thanks so much! 1.) Find the first 5 terms of the sequence given by a1=2, an=3an-1 -1. (It's: a sub 1 =2, a sub n= 3a sub n-1 -1) Does that make sense? If
  29. pre calculus

    -2< x < 5 - -
  30. pre-calculus

    x^3e^x - 4e^x =0

  32. pre calculus

    C=2 x^=8y
  33. pre-calculus

    (2^(4+pi))/ 2^(1+pi)
  34. pre-calculus

    3(4^x)-2^(x+2) = -1
  35. pre-calculus

    what is the F-^1 of 6/x+4
  36. Pre-calculus

  37. pre calculus

  38. pre calculus

  39. pre calculus

  40. pre calculus

  41. pre calculus

    27^8x-3=(1/81)^8x-4 x=?
  42. Pre-Calculus

    3x^2 + 8 = -4
  43. pre calculus

  44. pre calculus

  45. Pre-Calculus

    Hi! I'm having trouble with this math question; can someone help? Thanks! :) Given the function f(x)=x^2+9, solve. a.) Find f(-3) b.) Find f(x-2)
  46. math: pre-calculus

    Solve the equations. Log(6x-1) = Log(x+1) + log4
  47. pre calculus

  48. pre- calculus

    simplify 3x+2y/3y
  49. Pre-Calculus

    Given: u <-1, 7> and v <4, -3> Find: (u • v)(u + v)
  50. pre calculus

    if y = bX, then its inverse is
  51. Pre-Calculus

    What is the absolute value of: 3 - 8i? A. 9 B. 64 C. √55 D. √73
  52. pre - CALCULUS

    Let B = [-1 3 6 -3]. Find -4B. A. [-4 12 24 -12] B. [-3 1 4 -5] C. [4 -12 -24 12] D. [4 3 6 -3] b ?
  53. Pre-Calculus 12

    how to solve 3^(x-2) = 5^x
  54. pre calculus

    find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v), and (c)5u-v. 1.u=i-j, v=6i+9j 2.u=2i+3j, v=-i-2j
  55. Pre Calculus 1

    ln(3x-1) - ln(x+2) = 2ln5
  56. Pre-Calculus

    How do I find xy^-2(xy^2 - 4y^4) ??
  57. Pre Calculus 1

    lnx + ln(x+3) = 2
  58. Pre-Calculus 12

    how to graph y= (x^2-3x-10)/(x-2)
  59. Pre calculus

  60. pre calculus

    what is the vertices of 7x^2+5y^2=35
  61. pre calculus

    find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v), and (c)5u-v u=<-2,-3> v=<-1,-10>
  62. Pre-Calculus

    How do you factor x^3 - 64?
  63. Pre Calculus

    Formula: a = b = c
  64. Pre Calculus

    Formula: a = b = c
  65. pre calculus

    solve 2x + y = 8 4x + 2y = 16
  66. pre-calculus

    What is the domain of (x+2)/(x-2)?
  67. pre calculus

    what is the vertices of (x+1)^2/4+(y+2)^2/25=1 ?
  68. pre calculus

    find (a)2v+u, (b)u-3v, and (c)5u-v u=<0,-4>, v=<-2,-8>
  69. pre calculus

    let f(x)= -x^2 - 1. evaluate f(x)at x=6, -6
  70. Pre-Calculus

  71. math(Pre-Calculus)

    Evaluate the difference quotient F(x)= (x+h)-f(x) ----------- H A.) f(x)= 3x -1 so far i have done this f(x+h) = 3(x+h)-1 b.) f(x)=2X^2 + 3X i have done this f(x+h)= 2(x+h)+3(x+h) im not sure if my answers are right.. just need some advice if they are
  72. Math

    Hello I am having trouble with a pre-calculus problem. The problem is ln|Sin2X-CosX-1|=0 if you could help by listing the steps to solve that would be great! Thanks!
  73. Pre-Calculus

    For any two linear functions f(x)=ax+b and g(x)=cx+d, is f o g the same as g o f?
  74. Pre-Calculus

    find the inverse of g(x)=(x+7)^3+4
  75. pre calculus

    x^2+y ^2+ 4x + 6y - 12 = 0 how do i find the domain?
  76. Pre-Calculus

    C (3,4) tangent to the line y=1/3x-1/3
  77. Pre calculus- help!

    find (gof)(x) when f(x) = √x+1 and g(x) = x^2+3/x
  78. Pre-Calculus

    How do I find f(g(x)) when there is a radical?
  79. Pre-Calculus 12

    Solve using logarithm: 2^(4x+1)=3^x
  80. Pre-Calculus

    How to find domain of: y = -3 + ãx+6
  81. pre-calculus

    Let f(x)=x^2+bx+27. Find the value(s) of b so that f(x) has minimum value of 2.
  82. Pre-Calculus

    What are the holes of the function f(x) = (x^2 + 3x - 4)/(x^2 + 9x + 20)?
  83. pre-calculus

    use gauss-jordan x+2y=5 2x+y=-2
  84. Pre-Calculus

    Find the value of the parameter: x = 3t y = t^2 + 5 t = 2
  85. Pre-Calculus

    is f(x)=9x^(5/3) a power function?
  86. Pre-Calculus

    How do I find the domain of K(x) = x(32 - 2x)^2?
  87. Pre-calculus

    1) What is the equivalent of this? -5x(2x+7y)+7xy-4x(y+3)
  88. Pre-Calculus

    y= ((2-3x^(1/x))/(2+3x^(1/x)) Is the horizontal asymptote y= 1 or y= -1?
  89. pre-calculus

    Determine whether y is a function of x: x^2y-x^2+4y=0 Please help. Thanks.
  90. pre calculus

    Name 3 different representations of the following (-6, 3pi/4)
  91. pre-calculus

  92. pre calculus

    are you an online tutor
  93. Pre-calculus

    x-2/x2-1 This equation is a function or not?
  94. Pre-Calculus

    Is the period of f(x) = 2cos(3x - ð) 2ð/3?
  95. pre calculus

    simplify sin(2 pi/3+x)
  96. Pre-Calculus

    given: ((x-2)^2/9)+((y-4^2/16)=1 what is the major axis?
  97. Pre calculus

    f(x)={ x+5, if x>0 3, if x<=0 Graph the function can someone please help
  98. college pre-calculus

    if 1-1/x=2-2/x, then 3-3/x=? A. -3 B. -1/3 C. 0 D. 1/3 E. 3 idek how to do it?
  99. Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

    for f(x)= 1/(x^2-3), find: a. f(3) b.f(2+h)
  100. Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

    For f(x)= 1/(x-5) and g(x)= x^2+2, find: a. (f o g)(x) b. (g o f)(6)