1. early childhood

    Day care professionals and teachers reinforce the importance of responding to literature as a pleasurable experience by: A. having the child retell the story after reading. B. asking “yes/no” questions after reading the story. C. asking specific recall

    asked by Bev on November 8, 2015
  2. MATH...somewhat urgent

    I have three problems I would like checked please.1: I need to graph and find the y intercept of 6y+5x=-18 First I want to solve for y therefore I will let x be 0: 6y+5(0)=-18 6y=-18...I will now divide y=-3 Therfore the first set to plot would be (0-3)

    asked by Lisa on November 22, 2009
  3. algebra

    How do I solve this problem? (4x + 2)(x-3)=0 Set 4x+2 = 0 and solve for x. set x-3 = 0 and solve for x. You will have two answers for x.

    asked by pat on May 3, 2007
  4. Science

    Can someone please check my answers? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! 1. Which of the following inner planets has virtually no atmosphere? a. Mercury*** b. Venus c. Mars d. Earth 2. Which of the following statements about the inner planets is true?

    asked by Blair on February 18, 2016
  5. physics

    vector (V1) is 6.3 units long and points along the negative (X) axis. Vector(V2) is 9.0 units long and points at 55 degree to the positive (X)axis. 1- What are the (X) and (Y) components of (V1) vector ? 2-What are the (X) and (Y) components of(V2) vector

    asked by july on October 9, 2011
  6. Chemistry

    1. Why cannot NaOH be used as primary standard for HCl? 2. Aside from carbonates, what other compounds can be analyzed using the double indicator method? What are the requirements for a sample to be analyzed using the double indicator method? 3. what is a

    asked by Chin on July 6, 2007
  7. English

    1. I have a lot of work to do. - Why don't you ask your brother to help you? - You should ask your brother to help you. - So you can't go out to play soccer, can you? - (Somethine else) 2. I am going to Vietnam this winter. - Really? Congratulations! -

    asked by rfvv on November 26, 2015
  8. economics

    Which of the following is most likely to be purchased in the factor market? You will choose two answers for this question. Shampoo and dog food Cement and copper wire Opera tickets and sushi Automobiles and deodorant Dirt and timber I know that dirt and

    asked by Emma on December 4, 2014
  9. ict year 8

    i know this question has been asked before but i can`t find the answers on the other sites mentioned before. I need to find the definition of intranet, advanced search , search engine , attachment , groups, html, and hyperlink and also i need to give

    asked by sima on September 15, 2008
  10. Math

    1: Goldbach's Conjecture is a famous conjecture that has never been proven true or false. The conjecture states that every even number, except 2, can be written as the sum of two prime numbers. For example, 16 can be written as 5+11. 1 a: Write the first

    asked by Jordan on October 9, 2017
  11. Benelux Economic Union

    When was the Benelux Economic Union established and what was its sole purpose? Online Content Assignment Using the sites listed on the left, please answer the questions below in complete sentences. The site reference is provided in parentheses at the end

    asked by ♥rebel•stupidity=kathy on April 12, 2012
  12. Grammar

    We will teach him to take a pulse today, and he will record his fast pulse rates and when this occurs and what he is doing. a. complete sentence b. fragment c. run-on

    asked by Marie on October 9, 2012
  13. Anthropology

    Magic according to Malinowski in ( cited in “Baseball Magic “) occurs in response to : a)anger b)frustration C)anxiety d)social pressure e)none of the above

    asked by TAYLOR M B on December 15, 2011
  14. Chemistry (11th)

    When A + B --> C then this reaction occurs in water, heat is given off. 1) Will the temperature of water go up or go down ? - is the asnwer down ? since the energy is released to the surrounding. 2) What is the sign for delta H ? + or - ?

    asked by Anonymous on September 11, 2010
  15. chem

    Liquid water has a density of 1.00g/mL at 10.0C and .996g/mL at 30.0C. Calculate the change in volume that occurs when 500mL of water is heated from 10.0C to 30.0C.

    asked by julia on November 14, 2010
  16. Science

    I am really having a hard time completing this question.. Punctuated equilibrium occurs over a relatively ______ period of time, usually as a result of a ________.

    asked by Ke'Aira on January 14, 2015
  17. 7th Grade Science

    what physical force can cause a change in the state of matter what is the difference between chemical and physical changes what occurs during Bose-Einstein condensation Please help me.

    asked by completeidiot on September 4, 2012
  18. Science

    When the temperature equals the dew point water vapor condenses back into water what is the relative humidity when this occurs

    asked by Kyra on March 27, 2018
  19. physics

    To say that charge is conserved is to say that charge ____________________. A) is transferred, but never created or destroyed.B) is stored and never lost.C) None of the above.D) remains the same, whatever occurs physically.E) All of the above.

    asked by Kristie on April 13, 2012
  20. Preocess analysis

    Calculate the enthalpy change that occurs when 1kg of benzene vapour at 150℃ and 100KPa condense to a solid at -20℃ and 100KPa

    asked by Teniola on July 10, 2018
  21. Science

    Calculate the kinetic energy change in the water that occurs when 10,000lb/hr flow in a pipe that is reduced from a diameter of 2 in. to a diameter to 1 in.

    asked by Lisa on November 7, 2014
  22. chem

    Liquid water has a density of 1.00g/mL at 10.0C and .996g/mL at 30.0C. Calculate the change in volume that occurs when 500mL of water is heated from 10.0C to 30.0C.

    asked by ESTR3LLA on November 14, 2010
  23. Probability and statistics

    10. The mean of the number of tosses on which a prime number occurs when a balanced dice is tossed 5 times is equal to Choose one answer a. 5/3 b. 3 c. 5/2 d. 2

    asked by Arun on March 2, 2012
  24. bio

    Hi. i know I already posted this but I don't understand how polyploidy contributes to evolution in finches of the galapagos islands as polyploidy most often occurs in plants.

    asked by phil on January 12, 2009
  25. BioChem

    Write the chemical equation for the reaction that occurs when you add NaOH solution to NaH2PO4/Na2HPO4 buffer solution

    asked by Megan on March 23, 2012
  26. science

    Explain how a mutation in an individual's DNA occurs, and describe the effect it may have on the individual's traits. Please make it quick and short.

    asked by Alexia on November 3, 2017
  27. Biology

    21. The difference between autotroph and heterotroph is that a. heterotrophs must get energy from sources other than the sun b. heterotrophs can use chemical or light energy sources c. heterotrophs do not obtain energy from autotrophs d. all of the above

    asked by mysterychicken on January 21, 2010
  28. algebra 1

    4. Given the irrational number .14147…. choose an inequality which approximates to the 4th decimal place. a) .14 < x F d) Both (b) and (c D? If x < 0 and y > 0, then it is always true that _______. a) xy is a negative number b) x + y is a negative number

    asked by anonymous on March 2, 2013
  29. @grape fruit 420 & other cheaters

    Your request for answers to a test has been deleted. If you post that again, you will be banned from posting here. Also -- anyone else who asks for or gives test/quiz answers is likely to be also banned.

    asked by Ms. Sue on May 12, 2016
  30. Maths

    A polynomial g(x) is given by: g(x) = (x-1)(x+2)(x-a)(x-b) 1) Given that g(0)=4 show that ab=-2 2) given also that g(3)=40 show that a+b=1 3) given that a and b are integers, give possible values for a and b. My answers 1) g(0) = (-1)(2)(-a)(-b) = -2ab

    asked by Anonymous on October 15, 2015
  31. gov't campaigns

    in debates what are some things that help/hurt either president candidate? i think by not answering questions and when president candidates look like they don't know what they are talking about. in the overall presidential campaigh, what are some things

    asked by david on January 23, 2007
  32. English

    Can someone please proofread my essay and help me fix and grammar errors I might have. Peyton Farqhar sacrificed his life he had courage, and a purpose. He had plans he was trying to achieve. Taking that into consideration then yes, he might be considered

    asked by Keisha on November 5, 2010
  33. Career...Help Please.

    I have to write a 300-500 word essay answering the following questions What benefits do you expect to achieve from career exploration? What do you expect to be the most challenging parts of your career planning process? Why? What questions do you hope to

    asked by Cece on January 26, 2016
  34. English

    What object would you write this poem on and why? The Secrets We Hide © Tiffany Franklin we struggle to have meaning in this world which we all know we try but yet we wonder where we all should go hidden in the questions which we can not find the answers

    asked by Margarita on October 20, 2013
  35. Stats

    Suppose the time it takes for a purchasing agent to complete an online ordering process is normally distributed with a mean of 8 minutes and a standard deviation of 2 minutes. Suppose a random sample of 25 ordering processes is selected. The standard

    asked by Jerry on November 13, 2011
  36. UIC

    Calculate pCd2 at each of the following points in the titration of 55.00 mL of 0.0020 M Cd2 with 0.0020 M EDTA in the presence of the auxiliary complexing agent NH3. The solution is buffered at a pH of 11.00. Take the NH3 concentration to be a constant

    asked by achut on July 18, 2013
  37. Math

    I need help checking my answers. Which of the following is a true statement? A. It is possible for two rectangles to have the same area, but only if they have the same perimeter. B. It is possible for two rectangles to have the same area without having the

    asked by some random potato thing i guess on April 28, 2018
  38. Physics

    A pilot must fly his plane to a town which is 200 km from his starting point in a direction 30 degrees N of E. He must make the trip in 1/2 hr. An 80km/h wind blows in a direction 30 degrees E of S. Find the speed of the plane relative to the ground, the

    asked by Anonymous on March 1, 2008
  39. Math

    Check my answers? a)Use the data shown above and express in words the amount the cab company charges per ride and per mile. cost = mx + b b)Write an equation in slope-intercept, point-slope, or standard form. Explain why you chose the form you did. cost =

    asked by Sage on December 15, 2015
  40. can some one pleasee help me!!!

    The molecular structures of two ‘penicillin-like’ compounds, A and B. in the compound A the C-C-N ring is intentionally bold, as is the C-C-C-C-N ring in compound B. By comparing these structures assess which of A and B, might be (i) more active than

    asked by s on June 30, 2007
  41. English

    1. Who is Aibo? 2. He is a robot dog. 3. It is a robot dog. 4. What is Aibo? 5. He is a robot dog. 6. It is a robot dog. (Are the questions and answers all correct? If the robot has a female voice, can we say " She is a robot dog?")

    asked by rfvv on June 8, 2012
  42. Chemistry

    Posted by Cyndy on Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 6:45pm. How many grams of ammonium chloride are needed to raise the ammonia level 5 ppm in a 300 gallon system? Now, I have worked the problem so many times I have confused myself I think. I keep getting 2

    asked by Cyndy-Urgent on February 16, 2015
  43. English

    1. How long did it take for him to finish the 200-kilometer course? 2. It took 6 hours and 49 minutes. 3. It took him 6 hours and 49 minutes. 4. It took 6 hours and 49 minutes for him. (Are the answers all correct?) 5. What was Henk Angenent's record? 6.

    asked by rfvv on October 23, 2016
  44. Kindergarten readiness

    In a study about kindergarten readiness which one is true? 1.Group participation skills were viewed as insignificant in comparison to academic skills. 2. The ability to write one's name was followed by self control. 3. The majority of teachers place

    asked by Anonymous on September 16, 2007
  45. com

    The most difficult problem alcoholics face is self denial of his or her drinking problem . Is this a good thesis statement for a essay on alcoholism ? If not , any suggestion how to make it better ?

    asked by David Chaney on October 22, 2009

    If F(x)dx=1 from 1 to 25, F(x)dx=4 from 1 to 4, and F(x)dx=9 from 17 to 25, then: 1) What does F(x)dx from 9 to 17=? 2) What does (1F(x)-4)dx from 9 to 17x=? I have no idea how to do this problem and have been on it for hours! The problem is not typed

    asked by Sarah on September 5, 2014
  47. Probability-Please check

    Consider the experiment of rolling a single die. Find the probability of the event described. What is P(odd or prime? Since this is an "or" problem would the problem consist of 3 chances out of 6 thus my answer = 1/2?

    asked by bart on June 14, 2010
  48. Algebra

    I do not the correct steps to solve for this problem. I know I have to first remove the negatives but from there I get confused. This is all the further I could get. Please help. The negative numbers are powers and the problem is a fraction. C-3D-2 C3D2

    asked by Tricia on July 25, 2013
  49. Math

    Hi! I was wondering if you guys could offer me help on the following problem. I am supposed to find the x-intercepts of this problem, but all of my attempts have failed. I have tried factoring it ,and I tried the Rational Zero Theorem. Thanks for your

    asked by Elizabeth on July 31, 2017
  50. math

    we have a problem that my parents cant help with. 846*2=(...+40+...)*2=(800 over ...+...over2+6 over...)=(400+...+3)...=... ...means blank space for a number. Can you help with this problem, so that I can figure out the rest of the problems.Thanks

    asked by Colin on August 31, 2010
  51. 12th grade

    List 3 problems of Decentralized power that existed under the Articles of Confederation. For each problem, identify one solution that the Constitution provided to address the problem.

    asked by K on February 5, 2009
  52. algebra 2

    Write a word problem whose solution involves taking a cube root. State the problem and solve it, showing and explaining all steps.

    asked by your mom on January 18, 2019
  53. drawls, math help

    can you explain to me just one more thing so i can undestand it. Now i have an equation which is : 3x = 3x + 5 which I know has no solution to it, now whereas the equation 7x + 8 = 8 has zero as a solution. What is the difference between a solution of zero

    asked by jasmine20 on January 3, 2007
  54. math

    ​State Bank made a loan at 12% interest for 360 days. If the amount of interest was $934.20, use the ordinary interest method to find the amount of principal borrowed. (Round to the nearest whole dollar)

    asked by Evelyn on July 31, 2017
  55. English

    1. Which sentence is NOT correct? A. Wishing he were someplace else, he walked to the podium to give his speech. B. Having listened to the weather report, the principal will decide when to close the school. C. The new French restaurant, with its fine

    asked by anthony on May 12, 2011
  56. Chemistry 110

    Write the formulas of the principal molecular or ionic species present in an aqueous solution of each substance. (a) Sodium Chloride, NaCl (b) Hydrogen bromide, HBr (c) Iron (III) sulfate, Fe2(SO4)3 (d) Ethanol, CH3CH2OH (e) Glucose, C6H12O6 (f) Ammonium

    asked by kim k on November 9, 2010
  57. Chemistry

    1. Write the formulas of the principal molecular or ionic species present in an aqueous solution of each substance. (a) Sodium Chloride, NaCl Na+ + Cl- (b) Hydrogen bromide, HBr (c) Iron (III) sulfate, Fe2(SO4)3 (d) Ethanol, CH3CH2OH (e) Glucose, C6H12O6

    asked by Sara on November 9, 2010
  58. math

    Please help iv been stuck on these for two days! 1. Write an expression to describe a rule for the sequence. Then find the 100th term in the sequence. 3,10,17,24,31,38 ANSWERS: A) n+7;707 B) 7n:700 C) 7n-4;696 ** D) 6n-4;596 2. Write a rule for the

    asked by anonymous on May 15, 2015
  59. Sentence skills

    Which one of these sentences contains a prepositional phrase? A. You may think otherwise, but what I tell you is true. B. Where did you find the papers that I lost? C. To be, or not to be: that is the question. (D. Trolls live under bridges; elves do not.)

    asked by Jocelynn on February 2, 2016
  60. physics please help!!

    A parallel plate capacitor with plate separation d is connected to a battery. The capacitor is fully charged to Q Coulombs and a voltage of V Volts. (C is the capacitance and U is the stored energy.) Select true or false for each statement. 1) With the

    asked by archi on February 6, 2012
  61. physics!!

    You are a secret agent and find that you have been pushed out of an airplane without a parachute. Fortunately, you are wearing a large overcoat (as secret agents often do). Thinking quickly, you are able to spread out and hold the overcoat so that you

    asked by kj on February 14, 2009
  62. Science

    I am answering all the questions in an exam from 2002 because these questions most likely will come up again. The question i don't know the answer to is, "In winter, people want to stop warm air getting out of their rooms. Give two examples of how this can

    asked by i have exams tomorrow on November 16, 2006
  63. to Katie A A

    #1 - The school subject is MATH, not "help" -- I've never heard of a school subject called help. #2 - To quote one of our very good math and science tutors: “You will find here at Jiskha that long series of questions, posted with no evidence of effort or

    asked by Writeacher on November 3, 2011
  64. math check

    While writing an article on the high cost of college education, a reporter took a random sample of the cost of new textbooks for a semester. The random variable x is the cost of one book. Her sample data can be summarized by the following. (Give your

    asked by tom9 on June 21, 2013
  65. Statistics (Box Method)

    I have two questions where I keep getting the last parts (question #1 [e], question #2 [f]) wrong. I have all the other answers right so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong with these two. I went ahead and wrote all the parts down as well as the answers and

    asked by Lilly on June 30, 2018
  66. math

    If the time in months and the rate of interest per month are in the ratio 4 : 1, and the interest 16% of the principal, then what is the rate of interest? show all steps

    asked by ppp on April 15, 2017
  67. Sex Ed(English)

    There is a cure for aids. This would be false right

    asked by Anonymous on January 18, 2011
  68. social studies (socrates)

    Why were the four charges against Socrates false?

    asked by lou on October 10, 2010
  69. Science

    Which of these statements regarding enzymes is FALSE?

    asked by Dave on February 26, 2007
  70. math

    1. The following functions are inverses of each other: f(x) = 3x - 7 and g(x)= x+3 / 7 False, right?

    asked by mysterychicken on June 20, 2013
  71. physics

    Distinguish between properties of the two major types of supernovae: massive star supernovae and white dwarfs. All supernovae represent the explosions of stars, but current understanding suggests there are two basic types of supernovae: one that occurs

    asked by Misty on April 29, 2011
  72. ELA

    In which sentence is the italicized word used correctly? A) The principle welcomed the students back from vacation. B) We visited the Capitol building during our visit to Washington. C) The students were instructed to use capitol letters on the form. D) My

    asked by Lilly Singh on April 13, 2017
  73. Math w/reply

    Hey there, just need help with these two. I need someone to help explain them to me/break them down. 1. gr 1/100=_____mg Answer: 0.6 2. 0.3mg= gr_____ Answer: 1/200 3. gr iii /ss= ______mg Answer: 210 Thank you in advance! *** REPLY: I did not get these

    asked by Anonymous on June 5, 2016
  74. Law

    I am having a hard time and very pressed for time. Thanks in advance;) Select a current or proposed law that impacts the delivery of health care or human services. „FƒnWrite a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in APA format that answers the following

    asked by Need help before midnight...help on October 8, 2007
  75. chemistry

    This question I really don't get it. I tried tried tried to figure out how to start solve the problem but still couldn't figure out. So can you help me with one question PLEASE? If so, can you please explain to me how you get the answer? Also can you show

    asked by Laura on June 14, 2012
  76. Physics

    A 6100 kg rocket is set for vertical firing from the ground. If the exhaust speed is 1200 m/s how much gas must be ejected each second if the thrust a) is to equal the magnitude of the gravitaiotnal force on the rocker and b) is to give the rocket an

    asked by sarah on February 9, 2007
  77. Physics

    Consider a perfectly inelastic head-on collision between a small car and a large truck traveling at the same speed. Which vehicle has a greater change in kinetic energy as a result of the collision? Since the vehicles stick together after the collision and

    asked by Jim on February 27, 2008
  78. statistics

    When someone buys a ticket for an airline flight there is a 0.0995 probability that the person will not show up for the flight (based on data from the IBM research paper by Lawrence, Hong, and Cherrier). An agent for Air America want to book 24 persons on

    asked by meagan on March 1, 2012
  79. statistics

    11. You are taking a multiple choice examination that has 20 questions in a particular section with 5 possible answers for each question. You did not study for the test and you guessed the answers. The probability that you will get at least 50% of the

    asked by meri on July 6, 2015
  80. English expression

    Look at the sun which is shining brightly in the middle of the sky. A dog is running on the field. There are three trees in this picture. A: When do you see these things? B: In the afternoon. (The partner says.) This is also a simple activity. There are

    asked by John on February 12, 2008
  81. English

    I have to write a 300-500 word essay answering the following questions What benefits do you expect to achieve from career exploration? What do you expect to be the most challenging parts of your career planning process? Why? What questions do you hope to

    asked by Learner on November 23, 2015
  82. Medical Billing & Coding

    1. You're an outpatient coder in Dr. Smith's office. When you code procedures, you're probably using _______ codes. A. ICD-10-CM B. ICD-9-CM C. HCPCS D. CPT ANSWER 2. You're a coder who's reviewing the record of a 62-year-old woman who was admitted to the

    asked by Evelyn on April 22, 2013
  83. Algebra 2 Helpp :(

    QUESTIONS (vvv) (1) Solve the system by subsitution 2x + y = -11 3 - 4y = 11 (2) Solve the system by elimination 2x + 6 = -12 5x - 5y = 10 (3) What is the solution of the following system? -3x - 2y = -12 9x + 6y = -9 (4) What is the solution of the

    asked by Robert on October 23, 2012
  84. Trig

    Half angle identities Find exact values of a) cos 1/2 b) sin 1/2 c) tan 1/2 based on: cos = 1/5 greater than 270 deg less than 360 deg. I get a) - rt 3/5 b) rt24/5 and c) does not work out at all .... Help please.. book says for answers a)-rt15/5 b) rt10/5

    asked by Don on January 1, 2012
  85. Physics

    A ball of mass m = 0.2 kg is attached to a (massless) string of length L = 2 m and is undergoing circular motion in the horizontal plane (imagine a wave swinger ride at the amusement park). What should the speed of the mass be for θ to be 39°? What is

    asked by James on June 16, 2012
  86. chemistry

    In the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with iron (II) ion in acidic solution to form iron (III) ion and water, the oxidizing agent is____ is it hydrogen peroxide? cus its not water right?

    asked by Amy on April 15, 2008
  87. Chemistry

    Al2Se3 (s) + H2O (sub>(l) ==> Al(OH)3 (s) + H2Se(g) You can see that this reaction produces hydrogen selenide gas. But it will be wet because of the water. I can't draw diagrams on the computer so you will need to research your text and notes to see how to

    asked by DrBob222 on February 5, 2007
  88. Math: Mean, Median, Mode, Range & Finding the devi

    What is deviation? And what is the definition of frequency distribution & how would I solve a problem in 8th grade math with this problem...My child is asking about this problem she has in an 8th grade book. Given the following numbers

    asked by Aayla on August 21, 2015
  89. physics

    The magnitudes of the four displacement vectors shown in the drawing are A = 15.0 m, B = 11.0 m, C = 12.0 m, and D = 21.0 m. Determine the magnitude and directional angle for the resultant that occurs when these vectors are added together.

    asked by Anonymous on January 20, 2012
  90. child development

    During the period of the fetus? A.cells began to differentiate. B.most of the bodily structues and organs are formed.c.an insulating.d.very little growth of the fetus occurs. I am think c

    asked by woody on September 17, 2015
  91. Chemistry

    An increase in the average kinetic energy of a sample of copper atoms occurs with an increase in a- Concentration b- Pressure c- Volume d- Temperature

    asked by Charles on March 5, 2008
  92. math

    19. Track The sketch at the right shows the distance three runners travel during a race. Describe what occurs at times A, B, C, and D. In what order do the runners finish?

    asked by Anonymous on October 2, 2017
  93. chemistry

    An increase in the average kinetic energy of a sample of copper atoms occurs with an increase in a. concentration b. pressure c. volume d. temperautre

    asked by Charles on March 5, 2008
  94. chemistry

    write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occurs when aqueous solutions of sodium chloride and sodium iodate are mixed

    asked by k on October 5, 2010
  95. Chemistry

    Balance the following equation for a half reaction that occurs in acidic solution. Use e– as the symbol for an electron. Mo^3+ -> MoO2^2+ Is the answer 2O+2Mo^3+ -> MOO2^2++3e^-?

    asked by Anonymous on December 3, 2012
  96. Chemistry

    What is meant by the directionality of a spontaneous reaction? I haven't heard of the term but I assume it means the direction in which a spontaneous reactions occurs.

    asked by Mary on February 11, 2007
  97. chemistry

    Why do pure solvents show a level of horizontal curve as solidification occurs, but the curve for the solution sloped downward slightly? Thanks

    asked by Tanimura on March 4, 2009
  98. chemistry

    For the reaction that occurs in the voltaic cell, Fe(s)|Fe2+(aq)||Cr3+(aq), Cr2+(aq)|Pt(s) determine E°cell. I don't understand how the Pt(s) would be used to solve this question. Please help!

    asked by Hannah on March 30, 2009
  99. physis

    The magnitudes of the four displacement vectors shown in the drawing are A = 13.0 m, B = 11.0 m, C = 12.0 m, and D = 27.0 m. Determine the magnitude and directional angle for the resultant that occurs when these vectors are added together.

    asked by Natasha on January 20, 2012
  100. s.s.

    Which of the following occurs during the depression? people make more money. people buy lot of things. new factories open. the economy slows down.

    asked by jaylin on April 27, 2010