1. statistics

    Six cards-ace, king, queen of hearts; ace, king of diamonds; and king of clubs-are all placed face down a table. One card is to be selected at random. Find the probability: a) of an ace, given that a diamond was turned b) of an ace, given that a club was

    asked by Anonymous on November 6, 2007
  2. math

    I think this question has a typo because none of the multiple choice answers fit. The question is which of the following values is in the solution set of inequality 8-7x

    asked by Es on December 27, 2012
  3. psychology

    how do psycho dynamic, physiological psychology, cognitive psychology, and cortical function effect aggressive behavior? in detailed answers please. i do not need links, i need answers.

    asked by brandy on November 5, 2011
  4. Algebra1

    Can you check my answers? 1. Table modeling a linear relationship is shown below. What is the rate of change of nails to birdhouses? 2 birdhouses to 22 nails 3 birdhouses to 33 nails 4 birdhouses to 44 nails 5 birdhouses to 55 nails a. 55 nails per

    asked by Alexis on September 6, 2016
  5. No particular subject -- Anyone please

    I have a group project that needs to be completed by friday. There are two options that we can consider. One, the questions that needs to be answered are divided evenly by each participant. Or two, each participant doea the entire project by themselves and

    asked by Anonymous on July 4, 2006
  6. math

    1.A principal of $5000 was invested in a savings account for 4 years. If the interest earned for the period was $400, what was the interest rate? 2.¨C3(10x ¨C 3) + 10(3x ¨C 3) = x ¨C 7 3.Solve and graph the solution set.

    asked by stacy on February 2, 2007
  7. sakre school

    A piece of material subjected to three mutually perpendicular stresses of 70, 56 and 84 Mpa. If E = 200GPa, Poisson's ratio = 0.28, determine (10) (a) Principal strains (b) Shear modules (c) Bulk modules.

    asked by avin on August 8, 2015
  8. math

    A store borrowed money to buy some furniture. The store paid back a total of $150,000 on a 6 month loan at 12%. Find the principal $150000 / (1+0.12*0.5) = $141509.43

    asked by coop on April 2, 2016
  9. Physics

    Two converging lenses with focal lengths 5 cm and 30 cm are placed 35 cm apart. Rays from a very distant object are impinged on the lens system parallel to the principal axis. What is the refractive power of the combination of these two lenses?

    asked by Abby on March 26, 2011
  10. consumer math

    You (or your parents) purchase a used car for $15,876.00 plus 5.25% sales tax. The down payment is 10% of the total cost and you ( or your parents ) have an excellent credit rating. What is your principal balance at the start of the loan?

    asked by sammie on February 27, 2014
  11. solid mechanics

    A piece of material subjected to three mutually perpendicular stresses of 70, 56 and 84 Mpa. If E = 200GPa, Poisson's ratio = 0.28, determine (10) (a) Principal strains (b) Shear modules (c) Bulk modules.

    asked by Anonymous on July 24, 2013
  12. chemistry

    Hi, The problem is: "Calculate the concentration of OH- and the pH value of an aqueous solution in which [H30+] is 0.014M at 25C. Is this solution acidic, basic, or neutral?" I have calculated the OH- concentration to be: 7.1 X 10^-14 When I calculate the

    asked by LaurenM on March 30, 2011
  13. algebra

    There is a 100 point test with 38 questions. The test has 2 point questions, and 5 point questions. How many 5 point questions and 2 point questions are there?

    asked by Paige on March 10, 2012
  14. Trigonometry desperate help, clueless girl here

    2. solve cos 2x-3sin x cos 2x=0 for the principal values to two decimal places. 3. solve tan^2 + tan x-1= 0 for the principal values to two decimal places. 4. Prove that tan^2(x) -1 + cos^2(x) = tan^2(x) sin^2 (x). 5.Prove that tan(x) sin(x) + cos(x)=

    asked by Suzy on August 16, 2013
  15. Algebra

    you are about to take a test that contain questions of type A worth 4 points and of type B worth 7 points. You must answer at least 5 of type A and 3 of type B, but time restricts answering more than 10 of either type. In total, you can answer no more than

    asked by CJ on November 12, 2007
  16. algebra

    Pam scored 78 on a test that had 4 fill-in questions worth 7 points each and 24 multiple choice questions worth 3 points each. She had one fill-in question wrong.How many multiple choice questions did Pam get right?

    asked by Poochie on July 5, 2011
  17. accounting

    Assignment Please prepare the homework problems in the form of a Word and/or Excel file. Try to use one file to submit your answers if possible and include the questions with your answers. You must show your calculations. A dermatology clinic expects to

    asked by Doloes on September 26, 2010
  18. Math

    I cannot come up with the right answers for my matrix. I need to write as a system of equation and solve the system. 1 2 3 x 1 1 1 1 y = 12 -1 1 2 z 2 The answers I come up with are 31 15 15 when I check these, they will not work, what I am doing wrong?

    asked by Lynn on April 23, 2008
  19. geometry

    I have tried to figure this out, but I came up with two different answers. THe answers I got were 33(first), then 33. What is the rotational symmetrt of a star-like figure, with 24 points? How did youo get the answer so I can understand?

    asked by KAYTLYN on November 3, 2009
  20. Math

    If we are given 8sin((pi/6)(x+2))+16=20the answers are -1 and 3 because 1/2 can be pi/6 or 5pi/6. However, if y = 10 *8sin((pi/6)(x+2))=10*, what would be the steps to get the answer 5.616793 (I only found one of the answers, which is 8.3803207).

    asked by Ashley on March 2, 2008
  21. Chemistry


    asked by PAM on November 30, 2011
  22. 6th grade science

    What is true about fossil fuels? B. Three fourths of Earth's known oil reserves have already been used. C. the rate at which fossil fuels are used are decreasing. both of them can be true.

    asked by Jonas302 on December 3, 2008

    1. Which of the following conclusions is true about the statement below? A. The statement is never true. B. the statement is true when x =0. C. The statement is true when x is negative. D. The statement is always true. My answer was B. 2. Solve for x in

    asked by Queta on September 6, 2013
  24. Estimating sums and differnces of fractions

    Hello! My 10 year old daughter is having trouble understanding these preparation questions from her math teacher. I know the answer but I don't know how to explain it to her.. I'm sorry if that doesn't make any sense. When I was in 5th grade they taught us

    asked by Mrs. Trisha on December 10, 2014
  25. Math/Physics

    A golf ball is struck at ground level. The speed of the golf ball as a function of the, where t = 0 at the instant the ball is struck and intial velocity is 31 m/s. The golf ball hits the ground when t = 2.5 and v = 19, and then v increases as the ball

    asked by winterWX on February 1, 2007
  26. math

    A test of 60 minutes contains questions on mathematics and english only. the time taken to solve a mathematics question is twice the time taken to answer an english question and the ratio of time taken to solve all mathematics questions to time taken to

    asked by nisha on January 13, 2015
  27. Math

    A positive integer n is defined as a "prime interlude" if n-1 and n+1 are both prime numbers. Which of the following is not a "prime interlude?" a.4 b.18 c.30 d.72 e.90 ( First of all; What is a "prime interlude??") I don't understand the question and

    asked by Mack on August 9, 2007
  28. Math

    Peter notices that the teenage students who are members of the math club have ages whose product is 611520. How many members does the club have? Extensions: Is it true that whatever number replaces 611520 that this problem has a unique solution? Suppose

    asked by Claire on February 7, 2014
  29. Math

    Find the amount of the principal on a loan at 6% interest for 274 days if the interest was $68.50, using the ordinary interest method.

    asked by Krystle on June 23, 2013
  30. Algebra Packet (a lot of questions!)

    Ok, there a lot of questions from the WHOLE packet I received, so please bear with me. --------------------------------------- Factor each polynomial (#6+#11) 6. 2x^2+11x+15 11. 36x^2-49 --------------------------------------- The Nut House sells mixed

    asked by Emily on April 18, 2007
  31. Geometry

    Quadrilateral GHIJ is a scale drawing of quadrilateral ABCD with a scale factor r. Describe the following statements as always true, sometimes true, or never true, and justify your answer. a. AB/GH = BC/HI b. perimeter (GHIJ) = r * perimeter (ABCD) c. Area

    asked by Jess on February 13, 2015
  32. English

    Complete the sentences. My answers are with capital • to have gotten • to have told • not to have been advised • to have shouted • to have discovered 1. The customers were all surprised TO HAVE DISCOVERED of the policy changes. 2. The manager was

    asked by Alex on October 10, 2017
  33. Science

    In the UK, what is the recommended allowance for: 1) salt in a day 2) water in a day 3) fruit in a day 4) calories in a day men 5) calories in a day women 6) fat in men 7) fat in women my answers are: 1) 6g 2) 6 - 8 glasses 3) 5 4) 2550 5) 1940 6) 7)

    asked by Mich on October 16, 2009
  34. legal research and writing

    Review and revise the following paragraph. After reviewing al the pleadings the underlining records the party arguments; pertinent caselaw and the other recommendations filed byt eh party's, this court remains of the opinion and view point that the

    asked by Lourane on September 9, 2012
  35. discrete math

    prove that if n is an integer and 3n+2 is even, then n is even using a)a proof by contraposition b)a proof by contradiction I'll try part b, you'll have to refresh me on what contraposition means here. Here is the claim we start with If n is an integer and

    asked by audryana on September 27, 2006
  36. english vocab

    ok i have been working on my english homework for some time now. i was assigned a 400 question vocabulary packet. here are just 15 questions i coudnt find out while doing the entire packet. I couldn't even find any answers using the dictionary website.

    asked by tamy on November 23, 2007
  37. Social Impact of Technology

    Regarding the case of the Ford Pinto, which statement is TRUE? A. About half of the Pinto prototypes passed the 20 mph test. B. Ralph Nader demonized the Ford Motor Company in his book Unsafe at any Speed. C. The decision to go ahead with Pinto production

    asked by Angela on November 5, 2016
  38. HELP dielectric

    Energy of a Capacitor in the Presence of a Dielectric A dielectric-filled parallel-plate capacitor has plate area A = 30.0 cm^2, plate separation d = 10.0 mm and dielectric constant k = 5.00. The capacitor is connected to a battery that creates a constant

    asked by physics help on December 14, 2009
  39. Pre cal

    A parallelogram has sides of lengths 7 and 4, and one angle is 55°. Find the lengths of the diagonals. (Round your answers to two decimal places. Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.)

    asked by Karl on November 15, 2015
  40. math

    Answers (not puzzle, math answers) to what do you call it when someone pays back a quick loan. I know the answer is a sudden debt pay off i need help writing them out(math part).

    asked by Jamlle on February 24, 2015
  41. To Anonymous - DO NOT CHEAT

    Your post asking for answers has been deleted. This is not a cheat site and we do not want such posts on the board or in our archives. http://www.pennfoster.edu/cheatpolicy.html

    asked by Writeacher on June 20, 2012
  42. English

    What does she look like? 1. She looks like a movie star. 2. She is tall. 3. She looks like a bear. 4. She is beautiful. 5. She is reserved. (Are the answers all correct? What are suitable responses to the question? Would you add some more suitable answers?

    asked by rfvv on March 10, 2011
  43. Calculus URGENT

    Find the number c that satisfies the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem on the given interval. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x) = √x [0, 9] c=? I've tried quite a few different answers

    asked by G-Dogg on November 6, 2014
  44. Pre Calc

    I already asked this question and had some help, but I am still confused on a piece of it. I'm not sure what differentiate is. I understand how you got a and b, but I am confused with c. What is differentiate and how did you get the equation dA/dx = 72 -

    asked by MUFFY on October 5, 2009
  45. business math

    What is the maturity value of the following loan? Use MV = P(1 + RT) to find the maturity. Principal Rate (%) Time Maturity Value $120,740 11¾ % 7 months (Points : 3)

    asked by Badgirl444 on September 21, 2013
  46. biology

    You are the director of research for a drug company. The following list of candidate drugs is brought to you. Which is the most likely to be worth developing as a cancer chemotherapy agent? A drug that a. interferes with cellular respiration b. causes

    asked by Amy on July 7, 2010
  47. English

    Okay, what is the difference between these 2 questions: What are the things your friend should know about htis person? What makes him/her interesting? Please explain the differences between those two questions. LIke, if I say the character likes chocolate

    asked by Larry on December 17, 2008
  48. Grammar

    ok, so i'm doing a report on erno rubik, the inventor of the rubix cube, and mom gets a bunch of info for me, ok, then she sez to answer the questions she put on there. so i read then i answer the questions out loud, then mom says Quote:"ITS A

    asked by PLZ HELP! what does presentation mean? on October 26, 2012
  49. @damon physics

    I was wondering if you can help me with these two questions. Thank you Question # 1 A horse is pulling a heavy cart up a hill. The cart has 400 kg of mass inside it. The horse is pulling the cart with 10 N of force. What is the magnitude of the force on

    asked by Teal on April 22, 2012
  50. Physics

    Moving at 20 m/s , a remote controlled car of mass 1000kg hits a pile of sand and comes to rest in 10 s. Find the average force that acted to stop the car. The same car now hits a wall and comes to rest in 1s. Find the average force that acted to stop the

    asked by Abby on August 24, 2006
  51. Business

    If a pre-employment test (such as personality tests/aptitude test etc)is reliable can it can still be discriminatory? I know that tests should be reliable and valid as well as a test should not be discriminatory...but I feel that the answer is true because

    asked by Jen on October 24, 2007
  52. Entrepreneur

    I am making a business plan but I have problems formulating questions for my market survey. I am planning a Barbering business, can you help me with my survey questions

    asked by Retseh on January 11, 2016
  53. Maths

    3 marks are awarded for each answer and 1 mark deducted for each wrong answer.a boy attempted 30 questions and scored 50 %. How many questions did he get wrong ?

    asked by Sinaida on January 11, 2016
  54. Early Child Ed.

    I have a couple of questions that I need help with. 1. An example of a responsive enviroment for infants and toddlers would be: A. keeping children in their cribs. B. picking up children when they cry. C. keeping children with other children at all times.

    asked by Tamera on July 9, 2007
  55. Math

    Mark each of the following True or False. ___ a. All vectors in an orthogonal basis have length 1. ___ b. A square matrix is orthogonal if its column vectors are orthogonal. ___ c. If A^T is orthogonal, then A is orthogonal. ___ d. If A is an n*n symmetric

    asked by Melissa on January 2, 2011
  56. chemistry

    chemistry posted by Naomi today at 8:03pm. The material Magnesium Sulfate What mass of dry material would be needed to make an aqueous solution with a molality of 4 moles/kg solution ? What mass of water is needed? 4 (24.305+ 32.065+ (4 x 15.999)) =481.5

    asked by Confused!(Naomi) on January 17, 2018
  57. Law and Ethics

    Hi, I'm a incoming freshmen to a university. Over the summer I obtained the book that we would be using for a course. I have spent several hundred hours of self research and self teaching reading the whole entire book and solving every single problem in

    asked by George on July 12, 2011
  58. Educational Technology.

    1. probability can be used to determine the likelihood of specific ________(fill in the blank). A. games B. occurrences C. questions D. opportunities 2. Tally marks are completed in groups of ______ because they are quick to mark and easier to count (fill

    asked by Melissa bowers on October 22, 2015
  59. Calculus

    An observer 150 feet from point C, where a weather balloon has been released. The balloon rises vertically at a rate of 8ft/sec/. At the very instant the balloon is 250 above ground how far is it from the observer? How Quickly is it moving away from the

    asked by Peter on May 18, 2016
  60. Physics Work and Energy, Momentum

    Let g be the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of a planet of radius R. Which of the following is a dimensionally correct formula for the minimum kinetic energy K that a projectile of mass m must have at the planet's surface if the projectile is

    asked by Kelly on May 13, 2007
  61. Chemistry

    Balance the following equation for a half reaction that occurs in basic solution. Use e– as the symbol for an electron. SO3^2- ---> S2O4^2-

    asked by BOB on May 4, 2014
  62. science

    3.what hormone stimulates the thickening of the endometrial tissue? 4.Describes what occurs to the follicle around day 13 and 14 ? what is this process called ?

    asked by Iqbal on February 28, 2014
  63. science

    An earthquake occurs far from an observing station and produces P, S, and surface waves. Do all the wave arrive at the same time? If not, which arrives first and which last?

    asked by Shirley on November 14, 2011
  64. science

    An organism's genotype is A. its physical appearance B. its combination of alleles C. the mutations it inherits D. the crossing over that occurs during meiosis is it a?

    asked by k.s. on November 8, 2018
  65. math

    The probability that a prime number occurs on at least 2 tosses when a balanced dice is tossed 5 times independently is equal to

    asked by amit on March 17, 2012
  66. Universe and Stars

    As u look at the stars that re beyond and farther away, what occurs to the angle measured at earth? at what point will this method no longer work? Someone please help explain

    asked by Sara on March 4, 2010
  67. Probality

    The probability that a prime number occurs on at least 2 tosses when a balanced dice is tossed 5 times independently is equal to???

    asked by Saya on February 21, 2012
  68. Dollarway

    What kind of reaction occurs when a molecule of glucose reacts with oxygen to give carbon dioxide and water?

    asked by Danesha on November 7, 2012
  69. Chemistry

    Write a balanced equation for the complete oxidation reaction that occurs when ethanol (C2H5OH) burns in air.

    asked by anonymous on July 17, 2016
  70. Chemistry

    One type of sunburn occurs on exposure to UV light wavelength in the vicinity of 325nm. How many photons are in 1.00 mJ burst of this radiation?

    asked by Daisy on November 13, 2007
  71. psychology

    what are a type of order effect that occurs when participants’ performance decreases over time due to repeated testing

    asked by lionel on October 4, 2015
  72. chemistry

    0.44 gram of a colorless oxide of nitrogen occurs 224 ml at stp. write the molecular formula of the compound

    asked by arindam roy on June 28, 2012
  73. Chemistry

    Determine if precipitation occurs and write the proper ionic equation a) Na2O3+NiCL2 b) Pb(NO3)2+ALCL3

    asked by Julie on September 29, 2013
  74. reading

    the theme of forbidden love is introduced in soliloquy, dramatic irony, and dynamic growth occurs in ____________

    asked by reina bonilla on May 30, 2014
  75. Chemistry

    Is the equation of the chemical reaction that occurs when you blow your breath through boiling water? CO2 + H2O -> H + HCO3

    asked by T on December 2, 2012
  76. Science until 7 I Need help

    An organisms genotype is It physical appearance It combination of alleles The mutation it inherits The crossing over that occurs during meiosis.

    asked by Bre on April 5, 2018
  77. Another Science question

    When charges mutually repel and distribute themselves onthe surface of conductors,what effect occurs inside the conductor?

    asked by Cam on November 5, 2007
  78. Biology 20

    with your knowledge of capillary structure and function explain how edema (tissue swelling) occurs with severe burns.

    asked by Laurie on June 4, 2008
  79. Science

    Which stage occurs in the life cycle of both plants and animals? A.Mature adult B.Adolescent C.Larva D.Seedling A?

    asked by running.from.myself on April 25, 2012
  80. Accounting

    A(n) _______ loss occurs when the reduced price is below the actual cost. A. net B. operating C. absolute D. incurred B

    asked by Angela on January 22, 2014
  81. science

    The processes of weathering that occurs when rocks and minerals react chemically with water and atomspheric gases is_______.

    asked by sean on August 22, 2010
  82. Science

    True or False: Einstein's general theory of relativity explains that light is unaffected by gravity. Fill in the Blank: Newton's law of says that the gravitational force between 2 objects is proportional to the quantity of their masses and inversely

    asked by Kelsey on April 1, 2007
  83. Chemistry lab

    I have spent the last 6 hours trying to figure this out and have talked to my teacher and apparently i canoot get it right as i have to explain sulfate ions other things i don't understand (never took chem before) questions i need help with Na2so4 .05mol/l

    asked by Tara on November 5, 2012
  84. Consumer math !!!! please check

    Determine the total in Dexter's account after the second month using the information below. Dexter Banler's account Principal: $1,604 Rate: 10% compound Length of period: month >$3208.00 $1764.40 $1630.85 3. Ray Sugar's account Principal: $1,700 Rate: 9.5%

    asked by Tomi on May 24, 2012
  85. buissness math

    Determine the total in Dexter's account after the second month using the information below. Dexter Banler's account Principal: $1,604 Rate: 10% compound Length of period: month $3208.00 $1764.40 $1630.85 3. Ray Sugar's account Principal: $1,700 Rate: 9.5%

    asked by morgan on October 26, 2011
  86. AP Statistics

    12) Which of the following statements is true? a) The sampling distribution of the difference between two proportions will always be normal. b) When comparing two population proportions, either sample proportion can be used as the unbiased estimate of the

    asked by Joker on March 14, 2013
  87. math

    A rental agent is renting a space for $7.50 a square foot. If you require a space 36 ft. by 16 ft., what will be the rental on that space?

    asked by Anonymous on April 5, 2014
  88. Novel for GuruBlue

    Hey, i was wondering if I could use that sentence you gave me earlier: The whole class was staring at her as if she had grown a second head. "Valerie, get up out of that chair; take your books; and go immediately to the principal's office." Mrs.....'s

    asked by mysterychicken on February 22, 2009
  89. English- Ms. Sue

    I asked these 2 questions yesterday and Writeacher answered but was unsure, could you please take a look at them. 3. Which excerpt from William Wordsworth's "The World Is Too Much With Us" is most explicitly critical of modern life? A.) "We have given our

    asked by Cassie on May 15, 2015

    1. Read the following scenario: Dan is an employee at a regional mid-size computer company that has recently been sold to a larger, national computer manufacturing corporation. Dan is in charge of computer production orders, and because of this recent

    asked by troyer0269 on November 23, 2008
  91. Math

    Can someone please double check my answers. 1. What pattern does the logarithmic function exhibit? a. y = b+a(lnx) b. y = a+b(lnx) c. y = ax+b d. y = axb I think A and B both look right..I just went with B. 2. Let f(x) = log6x and g(x) = log1/2x. For all

    asked by mysterychicken on June 18, 2013
  92. math

    Can someone please double check my answers. 1. What pattern does the logarithmic function exhibit? a. y = b+a(lnx) b. y = a+b(lnx) c. y = ax+b d. y = axb I think A and B both look right..I just went with B. 2. Let f(x) = log6x and g(x) = log1/2x. For all

    asked by mysterychicken on June 18, 2013
  93. Health

    Which statement is true about stage 3 of alcoholism? 1)malnutrition and liver and brain damage often occur 2)Teenagers go through this stage very slowly 3)The drinker becomes totally dependent on the drug 4)The drinker begins trying to escape the everyday

    asked by JAMIE on May 5, 2017
  94. English

    I have to do an essay and i have trouble answering some of the questions.Thnaks!I need help with the second question.(its anthropology) 1)whatare Different forms that marriages take in the world? Polygany, monogamy, polygny, polyondry,exogomy & exogomy.

    asked by Amber on December 10, 2011
  95. Jiskha

    The other day I was on this site and my sister saw me. She told me to never go on this site, and she was accused of cheating off of it before. I told her that cheating is prohibited on Jiskha(and that Jiskha doesn't give answers, it just helps), but she

    asked by Anonymous on March 1, 2018
  96. Health

    3. Which is not a health professional who treats mental and emotional disorders? A psychiatrist B neurologist C social worker D psychologist 4. Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is an example of a(n) A. Personally disorder B. Anxiety disorder C. Mood

    asked by Iloveyou on November 1, 2016
  97. teaching as a professional career

    In a 200- to 300-word response, you must identify 3-5 factors that define teaching as a professional career, and elaborate on how teachers employ these factors on a daily basis. Your responses might include the following: teaching requires professional

    asked by ashajackson on September 6, 2008
  98. Math Algebra

    Question:: You are about to take a test that contains questions of type A worth 4 point and of type B worth 7 points. You must andwer at least 5 of type A and 3 of type B, but time restricts answering more than 10 of either type. Intotal, you can answer no

    asked by Dulcina on September 24, 2013
  99. Math

    Hey People!! I need the answers to these questions really bad!!! OK so here we go.... Which side lengths form a triangle that is similar to triangle ABC? 30, 21,45 20, 14, 28 40,30,60 17,20,25 Find the missing length for the pair of similar figures. 1.125m

    asked by Trinity on November 5, 2014
  100. Grammar

    So now m posting the answers along witg the questions... Plz correct me if m wrong ! ^^ Tranformation of Sentences ? 1.He wont show me his papers,he wont tell me who he is (use neither -nor) Ans.He neither would show me his papers nor he would tell me who

    asked by Ri on February 28, 2016