1. Chemistry

    I need help on this stoichiometry problem. I don't know whay my answer is incorrect. The fermentation of sugar to produce ethyl alcohol occurs by the following reaction: C6H12O6 -- 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 What mass of ethyl alcohol can be made from 1.00 kg of

    asked by Deni on September 28, 2010

    1)A government where the executive of the nation comes directly from the legislature is known as a parliamentary government, meaning the legislature decides who the nation's top executive is (although there is often a separate ceremonial head of state).

    asked by Booker Perry on June 8, 2012
  3. Physics

    The problem goes like this... You are pushing a shopping cart at a constant speed. The handle makes an angle of 30.0 degrees with the horizontal and the friction in the cart has a coefficient of 0.400 to account for all the axles, etc. The mass of the cart

    asked by Fatima on December 22, 2010
  4. Anatomy

    I have a question In a dehydration synthsis reaction which of the following occurs a. hydrogen and oxygen are removed from the reactant b. water is added to the reactants c. water is broken down into hydrgen and oxygen d. both a and c I think it would

    asked by Aubrey on September 12, 2011
  5. Science - Check my answers

    1. Which of the following statements best defines tides? when waves get bigger because of an approaching storm the rise and fall of ocean water that occurs about every 12.5 hours **** the rise of ocean water that occurs 12 times a day a giant wave that can

    asked by Helena on April 3, 2014
  6. social studies

    Who wrote the Virgin Islands national anthem Anastasia, have you done a google search on the Virgin Islands to find the answers to your questions? You might start there first. yes i did but i didn't find what i neededto find Ok, here's what I found for the

    asked by Anastasia on August 28, 2006
  7. Math

    1. Power reducing formulas can be used to rewrite 8sin^2 xcos^2 x as 1-cos4x. True or False? 2. Find the exact value of cos15 degrees using a suitable half angle formula. square root of 2+root3 / 2? 3. Find the exact value of cos^2(pi/8) using a suitable

    asked by mysterychicken on June 4, 2013
  8. Corporate Tax

    True or False: 1) To prevent triple taxation, a corporation is entitled to deduct 50% of the dividends received from other domestic corporations. 2) If the election to amortize organizational expenses is not made in the first eligible year ,the

    asked by 5th year accounting-TAX on August 5, 2006
  9. Elem. Ed.

    Please let me know if you agree with my answers to these two questions. 1.Hannah's mother said,"Hannah is such a "pencil-and-paper" kid." It is likely that Hannah: A. will be an artist. B. will learn to write,forming her letters perfectly. C. will be a

    asked by Anonymous on September 20, 2007
  10. math

    Something times something equals 97 Are you supposed to factor 97 as the product of integers? We need a little more info to help you. If you are expecting integer results, wait no more as 97 is a prime number. Therefore, no two integers have a product of

    asked by Lindsey on August 29, 2006

    Point N is the midpoint of MO. Which of the following are true if MO=124 ft? * 62 ft * 96 ft * 124 ft ***** * 248 ft Am I right please help! IF YOU KNOW ALL THE TEST ANSWERS PUT THEM BELOW PLEASE.

    asked by ILOVEcake on February 12, 2016
  12. school

    1) Art pieces should always be discussed, and children should explain why they drew what they did. True 2) Because young children have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy, puppets should not be used very often in the classroom. False 3) Children

    asked by Anonymous on August 13, 2017
  13. Biology

    Hi, I have several questions that I am not sure or do not know their answers. Lecturer gave the key words but I think there are some questions that do not have any answer among those key words. Please tell me whether the answer are correct or not. And tell

    asked by Physiology on April 13, 2014
  14. algebra

    In a line with a slope of 1/2 a perpendicular to another line, the the slope of the is -2 true or false

    asked by hannah on November 3, 2013
  15. physics

    Tarzan wights 820N, swings from a cliff at the end of a 20m vine that hangs from a high tree limb and initially makes an angle of 22 degrees with the vertical. Immediately after Tarzan steps off the cliff the tension in the cine is 760N. Choose a

    asked by Bri on November 21, 2006
  16. Programming

    3.Do the planning and write algorithm to solve for following problem. There are 15 pupils in the Introduction to Programming I module. The age of every student is entered in years and months. Convert the age into months to calculate the average age.

    asked by Baba on April 1, 2015
  17. math

    How would I come about to the solution and what the answers to the question so I can help my son with his school work? 1.Check all the answers that are square roots of 36 a. 36^1/2 b.-(36)^1/2 c.9 d.6 e.-6 f. √36 2.)Which answers are equal to the

    asked by James on June 7, 2011
  18. College Chemistry

    I DO NOT understand the following! Please HELP :) 1st Part Substances A, B, and C can all act as oxidizing agents. In solution, A is green, B is yellow, and C is red. In the reactions in which they participate, they are reduced to A-, B-, and C- ions, all

    asked by Lisa on November 10, 2010
  19. Chemistry

    How would the dx2−y2 orbital in the n=5 shell compare to the dx2−y2 orbital in the n=3 subshell? True or False 1.The contour of the orbital would extend further out along the x and y axes. 2. The value of ℓ would increase by 2. 3.The radial

    asked by Kristine on April 24, 2014
  20. business law

    If Sally's employer subjects her to more severe discipline for an act of misconduct than a similarly situated fellow employee not in her protected group for the same act of misconduct, Sally may have a claim for disparate treatment discrimination. true or

    asked by Vanessa on September 1, 2013
  21. Health

    Please check my answers! 1. A(n) ______ is an agent that causes disease. a) stressor b) pathogen* c) addiction d) drug 2. Symptoms of an STI include (select all that apply) a) sneezing b) vaginal or urethral discharge* c) there may be no symptoms* d) upset

    asked by Emma on February 5, 2018
  22. Science :check my answers

    Here are some questions I had for hw, I answered some of them, can someone check my answers and help me with the ones i didn't answer, thanks: 1.Which constellations are visible from Canada in all seasons? My Answer:Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Lynx,Cephus,

    asked by Ally on May 31, 2013
  23. chemistry

    Can someone help me with this homework problem? Which of the following is the best explanation as to why lithium is the strongest reducing agent in the alkali metals? A) relatively high charge density of Li B) lowest ionization energy of the metals C) most

    asked by ninjaturtle on April 22, 2007
  24. Health Care Reimbursement Methodologies

    I included the answers below but i don't know if my answers are correct please send me your opinions. thanks 1. Hospitals that are excluded from the Medicare acute care PPS (such as children’s hospitals) are paid based on A. reasonable costs.. B. fee

    asked by mielchie on September 24, 2010
  25. Algebra help needed!

    Recall that on some roads, a skid mark of length L ft. indicates that a car was traveling at least s mph, where s is approx. 2 times the square root of 5L. If a car stopped quickly from a speed of 55 mph, about how long would the skid marks be? Please note

    asked by Lindsay on May 4, 2007
  26. Chemistry

    I am having trouble getting this starting and figuring out the correct steps...the problem is Calculate the final concentration of the solution in each question 1) Water is added to 0.270 L of a 6.00M HCl solution to give a volume of 3.00 L (Express

    asked by TT on December 10, 2010
  27. geometry

    Is it always true, sometimes true, or never true that two complementary angles have a common vertex?

    asked by Lisa on May 28, 2010
  28. Chemistry

    True/False 1. Diatomic molecules contain two atoms?T 2. Electrons travel in pairs? T 3. The energies needed to break chemical bonds can be measured T 4. Bonding involves all the electrons in an atom T 5. Lewis structures are used to describe bonding? F 6.

    asked by Chem on January 16, 2011
  29. Math

    Can you help me set up this problem please P(t) = 100/1+48.2e^-0.52t If the company's claim is true, how many months will it take to have mastered 80% of the program. I just need help setting it up Thanks!

    asked by Wally on February 19, 2012
  30. statistics

    A student is taking a multiple choice test where each question have 5 possible answers of which only one is right. If the student knows the answer the student answers correctly, otherwise there is a 20% probability of correct answer. Assume the student

    asked by erick on September 12, 2012
  31. statistics

    10. A student is taking a multiple choice test where each question have 5 possible answers of which only one is right. If the student knows the answer the student answers correctly, otherwise there is a 20% probability of correct answer. Assume the student

    asked by mutinda on September 12, 2012
  32. college

    Hi i'm applying for colleges and i have to write on the essays they want. do you know where i can go to find those questions. i'm not talking about examples but the actual questions. please help I wouldn't worry much about the questions. What they are

    asked by Anonymous on August 28, 2006
  33. written analysis

    In weeks 1 and 2, via your introduction to the critical thinking process, you are briefly introduced to some of the most powerful and complex questions humans have ever asked: What is truth? What is knowledge? How do you know what you know? In this

    asked by yosiel on March 27, 2012
  34. chemistry

    2.) Substances A, B, and C can all act as oxidizing agents. In solution, A is green, B is red, and C is yellow. In the reactions in which they participate, they are reduced to A-, B-, and C- ions respectively, all of which are colorless. When a solution of

    asked by kate on March 2, 2011
  35. chemistry

    2.) Substances A, B, and C can all act as oxidizing agents. In solution, A is green, B is red, and C is yellow. In the reactions in which they participate, they are reduced to A-, B-, and C- ions respectively, all of which are colorless. When a solution of

    asked by kate on March 2, 2011
  36. Computer

    Suppose that you are the general manager for a major-league baseball team. During the off-season, you need to sign some free-agent players for your team. The team owner has given you a budget of $X to spend on free agents. You are allowed to spend less

    asked by George on November 11, 2013
  37. Culinary Arts

    What is the leavening agent in muffins?

    asked by Michael on July 19, 2011


    asked by MWOMBEKI'S SON on September 19, 2016

    Why is I- a stronger reducing agent than F-?

    asked by Jordan on June 16, 2016
  40. geography

    which field of research answers questions about how people lived in different places at different times by focusing on human development and culture? a. archaeology b. anthropology* c. geology d. history

    asked by annaleah on October 4, 2018
  41. spanish SRA MCGUINN

    These are the answers - i need to do the questions 1. Si, nosotros miramos el mapa de la cuidad de San Pablo 2. Si, Mama, tu dejaste los pasaportes aqui en la mesa. Estamos listos!

    asked by sam on January 23, 2008
  42. english

    Instructions in procedural texts should appear in the form of __________. a. descriptive phrases with adjectives b. commands with active verbs c. questions and answers d. complex sentences and paragraphs

    asked by laura_chavez on July 30, 2013
  43. Science (human body)

    1.What are lungs made up of? 2.What is one function of the rennin? 3.Where is water and mineral salts absorbed? 4.What are the two digestive juices in the small intestine? 5.What are 3 symptoms of Kwashiorkor? I really need to know the answers to these

    asked by Zahra on October 2, 2008
  44. Math

    The trigonometry practice exam has 6 questions with the answer A 8 questions with the answer Baby 10 questions with the answer C and 9 questions with the answer D The number of different answer keys that can be created with the letters above is A. 2.27 ×

    asked by Louis on March 2, 2018
  45. Probability

    With A,B,X defined as before, determine whether the following statements are true or false: 1. A and B are independent. (T/F) 2. A and B are conditionally independent, given X=0. (T/F) 3. A and B are conditionally independent, given X=1. (T/F)

    asked by stud81 on October 4, 2018
  46. math

    Can someone please check my math questions? My answers are under the questions... I would really appreciate any help Questions~ 16. A car’s speed before a sudden stop can be estimated by the formula S = √(30gk) , where S = speed of the car in mph, g =

    asked by Abby on October 14, 2015
  47. AP Chem ?

    I had posted this question before and wanted to know if I had gotten the right answers. We have to identify the five compunds of H, N, and O described below. For each compound, I have to write a Lewis structure that is consistent with the information

    asked by Sam on December 3, 2006
  48. My Grades

    Hi Teachers !!!!:) Ms. Sue remember I told you about my grades well I got some a few questions I would like to ask you. This you post: 98.33 + 93.0 + 96.66 = 287.99 287.99 / 3 = 95.9966667 Your average for these three classes is 96%, which is a GPA of

    asked by Laruen on October 16, 2011
  49. Chemistry

    Which ones of they statements our true? And which ones are false? I. Coefficients can be fractions. II. Subscripts can be fractions. III. Coefficients represent the relative masses of the reactants and/or products. IV. Changing the subscripts to balance an

    asked by Rose on December 14, 2017
  50. language could you please check my work

    true(t) or false (f) 1)f reading is not a real hobby 2)f an activity that is done outdoors is not a hobby 3)t photography is a popular hobby 4)t building a cabnint can be part of a hobby 5)f cooking is never considered recreation 6)t model building is very

    asked by marina on April 14, 2010
  51. @Vanessa: Re: Comm/215

    I deleted your original questions and answers. Here are my responses. Comm/215 - Ms. Sue, Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 4:45pm I've checked the first 10 and they are all right. Is # 11 a comma splice? If I have time, I'll come back and check more of your

    asked by Ms. Sue on December 1, 2014
  52. Physics

    1. A cylinder has a charge Q placed on it; the charge is distributed uniformly throughout the cylinder. If we examine the electric field E outside of the cylinder, which of the following is true? Assume that r represents the distance from the central axis

    asked by Mit on January 26, 2018
  53. Algebra 1

    Can someone please check my answers? Thanks! :) 1.) Which of the following inequalities is true for all real values of x? a.) x^2≤x^3 b.) 2x^3≤4x^2 c.) 4x^2≤94x)^2 d.) 4(x-3)^2≥4x^2-3 My answer: B. 2.) Which of the following inequalities is true

    asked by Paris on September 30, 2014
  54. Chemistry URGENT

    I am having a hard time understanding how to calculate pH. my textbook states that that pH =-log[H^+]. I have two questions that asks: What is the H^+ concentration in an acid with of pH 4.6? Express your answer as a power of 10. What is the H^+

    asked by jazz on April 24, 2014
  55. Crt/205 Critical Thinking

    I need help with this assignment: Argument Evaluation DUE: Day 7 Points: 100 · Read the essay “Bush’s Environmental Record” by Bob Herbert found in the “Appendix 1”, pgs. 461-462. To find this, click on the “Controlling Irrational Fears after

    asked by Joe on February 21, 2010
  56. south high

    a rate of markup of 50% based on selling price is the same as a rate of markup of 100% based on cost. True or False

    asked by Anonymous on October 7, 2016
  57. statistics

    two samples are considered independent if the sample selected from one population is not related to the sample selected from the second population. true or false

    asked by keri on August 14, 2011
  58. English/Argument

    Statement: Five prominent Democratic senators support a new farm bill. Assuming the above statement is true, what conclusions can you draw? From the list below, circle the conclusions that MUST be true, cross out the conclusions that CANNOT be true. If the

    asked by Sun29nc on October 22, 2011
  59. Calculus theory

    Determine if the statement is always true, sometimes true, or never true. If y is a function of x, and is also a function of t. then dy/dx = dy/dt explain. i think its sometimes true but i don't know why it is. am i right?, and can you please explain me y

    asked by AAron on March 2, 2012
  60. Chemistry

    I missed a few days of school due to a sick child. I'm reviewing for an exam and the following questions are giving me trouble as I wasn't there when they were reviewed in class. If possible, I need the answer and step-by-step process so I can see what

    asked by Chris on November 14, 2014
  61. math-finance

    Colin borrowed some money at 7.16%?a compounded quarterly. three years later. he paid $5000 toward the principal and the interest. after another two years, he paid another $5000. after another five years, he paid the remainder of the principal and the

    asked by Allison on January 18, 2011
  62. math

    Use the following situation to answer the next four questions. The formula for these questions came from the police department. They use this formula to determine the speed at which the car was going when the driver applied the brakes, by measuring the

    asked by krysta on March 2, 2012
  63. math

    Use the following situation to answer the next four questions. The formula for these questions came from the police department. They use this formula to determine the speed at which the car was going when the driver applied the brakes, by measuring the

    asked by alyssa on March 3, 2012
  64. algebra

    Use the following situation to answer the next four questions. The formula for these questions came from the police department. They use this formula to determine the speed at which the car was going when the driver applied the brakes, by measuring the

    asked by alyssa on March 3, 2012
  65. physics

    Can someone check these? 1. What device, developed in 1970, is able to make images of individual atoms? 1. The X-ray crystallographer 2. The laser 3. The Brownian motion detector 4. The scanning electron microscope My answer: 4 2. Which of the following is

    asked by jake on May 8, 2007
  66. Government questions..

    1 --In Japan, the process by which the prime minister can excuse the House of Representatives and trigger a general election is called? 2 -- How did Marx envision communism in its final form? 3 --from the states' point of view, what advantage did revenue

    asked by Jina on January 15, 2007
  67. Science

    For your discussion assessment, you will present your proposal of a device that minimizes heat transfer. Respond to at least two other posts by reviewing the proposals of your classmates. can somebody give me an example please!

    asked by help on April 13, 2017
  68. English

    which of the following areas of a textbook is likely to include those individuals the author wants to thank for reviewing the book. A.introduction B.index C.appendix D.table of content My answer is A. Right or wrong please.

    asked by Tessy on January 15, 2016
  69. To Alexander

    We do not have those pictures. If you will write your answers to those questions with information regarding the pictures you are asking about, we will be happy to make further suggestions.

    asked by GuruBlue on January 17, 2009
  70. Physics

    A particle P travels with constant speed in a circle of radius 8.6 m and completes one revolution in 12.0 s. The particle passes through O at t = 0 s. What is the magnitude of the average velocity during the interval from t = 5.4 s and t = 9.7 s? What is

    asked by Anonymous on September 22, 2009
  71. Math 221

    Need help please explain how to get the answers for these two factoring problems and for the second problem with the "ac method". 2a^2+1+3a 15x^2+31x+2

    asked by Lisa on August 8, 2014
  72. Math 221

    Need help please explain how to get the answers for these two factoring problems and for the second problem with the "ac method". 2a^2+1+3a 15x^2+31x+2

    asked by Lisa on August 8, 2014
  73. Josh: Re: Science

    Please do not post that set of questions again without posting your answers. If you do, you will be banned from posting on Jiskha for a while.

    asked by Ms. Sue on October 17, 2013
  74. Thank You To All of You Who Help

    Thank you to all the people that answers questions on this website. It is truly helpful to people like me. I don't know how to respond to those of you that help me, but Thank You!

    asked by Laurie on August 1, 2015
  75. jiskha member

    help i don't know what happened but i could not post questions or answers on this website for like a day or two. can some one please tell me what happened.

    asked by NoS aSSaSSiNx on November 25, 2013
  76. marketing

    List three questions a marketing manager might want to ask. Then, provide answers, incorporating marketing math concepts.

    asked by Tasha on August 14, 2010
  77. Group

    I just need small activities to bring to the class. Like matching questions and answers, small group discussion, what else?

    asked by Group on October 5, 2008
  78. Math

    A student guesses on every ??? of a multiple choice test that has 9 quetions, each with 3 possible answers. what's the probability the student will get at least 7 of the questions right?

    asked by Reta on February 10, 2010
  79. statistics

    a quiz had 6 questions, each with 4 possible answers (only one of which is correct). If you answer them at random, find the probability that all are correct and at least one is wrong.

    asked by tiffany on March 17, 2014
  80. statistics

    A test consist of 10 multiple choice questions, each with five possible answers, one of which is correct. To past the test a student must get 60% or better

    asked by pat on April 5, 2015
  81. Science

    1. Under which of the following conditions would a fossil most likely form? (1point) a. A living thing dies and sediment is very slowly deposited on top of i’s body. b. A living thing dies and sediment quickly covers its body.

    asked by Killlll meeeeeee on November 29, 2017
  82. Math

    Your Aunt will give your $1,ooo if you invest it for 10 years in an account that pays 20% interest compounded annually. That is, at the end end of each year your interest will be added to your account and invested at 20%. What will your account be worth at

    asked by Natalie on August 30, 2006
  83. Math

    Hi everyone! I am extremely struggling with this questions and was hoping someone would go over them with me. Thank you! 1. Which of the following expressions is written in scientific notation? a. 73.4 x 10^5 b. 0.09 × 10^7 c. 80 x 10^3 d. 4.22 x 10^–3

    asked by Tia on January 29, 2015
  84. Math

    Okay i think i understand this wrod problem but i need help this is the problem: keith weighs 200 pounds. He wants to weigh less than 175 pounds. If he can lose an average of 2 pounds per a week on a certain diet, how long should he stay on his diet to

    asked by Janie on March 16, 2008
  85. Mathematics/pre-algerbra

    how do I find a value of x that will make each proportion true?? 12 = x ___ ___ 16 20 and 8 = 14 __ ___ 12 x See previous post. i still don't get it sorry Cross multiply to find x. Here's the first one; perhaps you can try the second one on your own. 12/16

    asked by Joe on April 9, 2007
  86. basic college reading

    find the mainMyth 1: You only need to read the material once. Textbooks are packed with too much information to understand, much less retain, in one reading session. This is particularly true if the information is new and unfamiliar. Most students who can

    asked by james on August 25, 2010
  87. Calculus

    f(x) = sin^2(x/2) defined on the interval [ -5.683185, 1.270796]. Remember that you can enter pi for \pi as part of your answer. a.) f(x) is concave down on the interval . b.) A global minimum for this function occurs at . c.) A local maximum for this

    asked by Anonymous on November 1, 2011
  88. Chemistry

    Please help !!!! The acid impurity in your unknown was benzoic acid. a) Write an equation for the reaction that occurs during the NaOH extraction. b) Write an equation for the reaction that occurs after the addition of HCL. Thanks.

    asked by Amanda on February 9, 2010
  89. calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=(x^3)(e^9x), -2 is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 4 *The absolute maximum value is _____ and this occurs at x equals 4. *The absolute minimum value is _____ and this occurs at x equals ______ I got the 4 but I

    asked by casidhe on April 21, 2012
  90. Probability

    Suppose the prevalence of people with certain cancer in a give year is 0.015. In addition suppose that the diagnostic test for this cancer is know to have a false positive rate of 0.05 and a false negative rate of 0.10 . Suppose a person is aware of the

    asked by DAS on February 4, 2009
  91. Help needed- PreCalc

    Please help me understand how to solve this questions. I need step by step solution and answer because I find it difficult to understand when someone on here writes the answer instead of showing step by step work on how he/she got the numbers to get the

    asked by chichi on August 4, 2016
  92. english

    i am reading a book called to kill mockingbird chapters 1 & 2 so like we have to do a crossword puzzle and i need help with 6 questions. so 1. scout 2.accept as true 3.to satisfy or appease 4.lack discretion; unwise 5. suffering from heat 6.sisfied

    asked by alvina on January 26, 2011
  93. poetry

    The speaker of "The World Is Too Much With Us" is a materialist at heart. in that poem would the correct answer be false. This will give you a really good summary. http://www.sparknotes.com/poetry/wordsworth/section4.rhtml Yes, I agree with your "false"

    asked by cameron on February 26, 2007
  94. math

    Time Height (Weeks) (CM) 1 1 2 4 3 6 4 9 5 11 ~Ok i have this problem and its a correlation coefficient, There is a lot of questions but how would you find if its linear or exponential.

    asked by Ed on March 29, 2017
  95. algebra

    need help with 2 questions first It has been a long time since I did algebra and don't rememeber how to work the problems 1/5(x+1) + 2/5(x-1) = 3/10 2nd problem 0.1(2x-1) + 0.02(4x + 4) = 0.05x

    asked by lisa on September 21, 2009
  96. Chemistry

    There's reaction involving gas: Fe + H2SO4 -> Fe2(SO4)3 + H2O + SO2 How Fe2(SO4)3 is occur? I know the "2" comes from the ion of SO4, but I don't know where the "3" comes up. Is the Fe2(SO4)3 comes up from half-reaction method? Is the reaction occurs in

    asked by Jeremy on March 19, 2015
  97. AP stuff

    "Come to... classroom after school (the possible dates will be announced later in April). There you will naswer 20 multiple choice questions based on the text, as well as AP style multiple choice questions. You will also answer 2 openended questions both

    asked by Me on May 18, 2008
  98. history

    Check my answers please? The Second Great Awakening was a conservative reaction to deism, the expanding frontier, & the industrial revolution. True, it was definitely a reaction to the IR & deism The romantic reaction to rationalism & the industrial

    asked by Anonymous on November 2, 2014
  99. physical science

    Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. You are exposed to nuclear radiation every day. B. Most of the nuclear radiation you are exposed to occurs naturally in the environment. C. Naturally occurring nuclear radiation is called background

    asked by bee on September 15, 2015
  100. Programming Essentials

    Design an interactive application that displays the following: •A main screen containing at least the company name, an animated image, and two buttons. One button allows the rental agent to proceed to a data entry screen and enter customer data (name,

    asked by Ziggy on July 23, 2010