1. English

    1. I stayed there for two weeks. 2. I stayed there two weeks. Are both grammatical? -------------------------- 3. This is the way how he solved the problem. 4. This is the way that he solved the problem. 5. This is the way he solved the problem. 6. This is
  2. Math

    True or False. 1. Every function is a relation. 2. When you switch the inputs and outputs of any function, the resulting relation is a function.
  3. Literature 1010

    A topic statement is made up of a limited topic and a writer's point about the limited topic? True Or False.
  4. government

    The National Government can form a new State out of an existing State without the permission of the existing state? True or False
  5. Stats

    Assume that event A occurs with probability 0.4 and event B occurs with probability 0.5. Assume that A and B are disjoint events. The probability that either event occurs (A or B) is A. 0.0 B. 0.7 C. 0.9 D. 1.0.
  6. linear algebra

    show that if u dot v = u dot w for all u, then v = w. You can use the result of the previous problem: http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1184622247 Linearity of the inner product implies u dot v = u dot w -----> u dot(v-w) = 0 This is true for all u,
  7. US Government

    True or False. Two interest groups, the League of Women Voters and Common Cause, fight to promote the public interest; in other words, they fight to promote people voting and ethical government.
  8. literature

    True or False? In "Rights of Women," Anna Letitia Barbauld concludes that women will be far less satisfied in fighting for their "rights" against men (as Wollstonecraft did) then with acting in love toward men, as Nature created them to do.
  9. science

    a storage cell produces current through chemical reactions that can be reversed? true? a primary cells produces current thur chemical reaactions that continue until one or more reactants is used up? false? i am on the right track?
  10. To Gunjan

    Your posts have been removed. In the future, please remember these things: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math, science, English, or ??) in the subject line to make it faster for each teacher to find those questions in his/her
  11. College math

    A student is asked to answer 7 out of 9 questions on an exam. (a) Classify the problem as a permutation, a combination, or neither.
  12. English

    i've got to do research on these questions..grade 9 What does a learner do? What does a communicator do? What does a problem-solver do? What does a community member do?
  13. 3rd grade

    Good evening ~ I have 2 questions. Kelsey was assigned math homework. He was given 8 word problems to solve. He estimated that it would take him 5 mins. to solve each problem (THAT WOULD TAKE 40 MINS. FOR KELSEY TO COMPLETE HIS MATH HOMEWORK) ? HOW TO
  14. Chemistry

    For the following electrochemical cell, what is the correct, balanced reaction? Cu(s) | Cu2+(aq) || Ag+(aq) | Ag(s) A. Cu(s) + Cu2+(aq) → Ag+(aq) + Ag(s) B. Cu(s) + Ag+(aq) → Cu2+(aq) + Ag(s) C. Cu(s) + 2 Ag+(aq) → Cu2+(aq) + 2 Ag(s) D. Cu2+(aq) +
  15. Spanish-Please check SraJMcGin

    Hi, I redid some of the answers as suggested yesterday from someone who responded to my post. Could you please see if I did them correctly-Thank you- I made the corrections-someone yesterday redid a question but the questions shouldn't be redone-that's my
  16. English

    1. He is principal of our school. 2. He is the principal of our school. 3. He was appointed principal of our school. 4. He was appointed the principal of our school. [Which ones are right? Do we have to use 'the' or not'?]
  17. math

    which of he following statements are true or false- 1]the diagonals of a parallelogram are equal 2]the diagonals of a rectangle are perpendicular 3] the diagonal of a rhombus are equal 4]every rhombus is a kite
  18. algebra

    A set of 2 similar triangles was drawn in a design. One of the triangles was ½ of the other. If the measures of the smaller triangle were 5, 7, and 12 cm, the measures of the larger triangle = 10,14 and 20 cm. true or false
  19. biostatistic

    Is this statement true or false: when calculating correlation coefficient between two continous variables, the scale on which the variables are measured affect the value of the correlation coefficient.
  20. Math

    Richa spends 1/4 of pocket money on chocolates,1/8 on pencils.At the end she had R's 40 left. How much did she have at the beginning? Many solved 25 questions of his math assignment.This was 1/8 of total questions. He does not know 1/5 of the rest. How
  21. us history

    the battle of chancellorville defined the union effort in the civil war as being about slavery. true or false what happened to many former slaves after the civil war? -factory workers -united states military -moved to idaho or utah -sharecroppers and
  22. critical thinking

    3 false or questionable assumptions that individuals often make (about anything) What makes these assumptions false or questionable? Which false or questionable conclusions might one very easily draw from each of these assumptions? What makes these
  23. Calculus - Need help please

    Given the following​ function, y=tan(pi-3x) 1)determine the interval for the principal cycle. (^ Type your answer in interval notation) 2)Then for the principal​ cycle, determine the equations of the vertical​ asymptotes 3)find the coordinates of the
  24. religion help!

    I've gone to the websites that i've received but i'm still not understanding the religion on hinduism. I have to answer 3 questions only then write a paper. can anyone help me. where i can actually find these answers at least. Questions are: (1)
  25. Accounting; Emergency

    NOTE: I NEED HELP WITH THESE 10 QUESTIONS,IT IS AN EMERGENCY PLEASE! Use the following information to answer questions 1-4. The Bayside Company uses the LIFO cost flow method to value inventory. In the current year, profit at Bayside is running unusually
  26. Accounting

    NOTE: I NEED HELP WITH THESE 10 QUESTIONS,IT IS AN EMERGENCY PLEASE! Use the following information to answer questions 1-4. The Bayside Company uses the LIFO cost flow method to value inventory. In the current year, profit at Bayside is running unusually
  27. Accounting

    NOTE: I NEED HELP WITH THESE 10 QUESTIONS,IT IS AN EMERGENCY PLEASE! Use the following information to answer questions 1-4. The Bayside Company uses the LIFO cost flow method to value inventory. In the current year, profit at Bayside is running unusually
  28. Accounting Questions

    NOTE: I NEED HELP WITH THESE 10 QUESTIONS,IT IS AN EMERGENCY PLEASE! Use the following information to answer questions 1-4. The Bayside Company uses the LIFO cost flow method to value inventory. In the current year, profit at Bayside is running unusually
  29. science

    Hi! Please help as soon as possible! This is my science connections academy test that I took but it restarted. I really don't want to do it again! THANK YOU! 1. Box A is hotter than Box B. After the heat is transferred, they become the same temperature.
  30. science

    Hi! Please help as soon as possible! This is my science connections academy test that I took but it restarted. I really don't want to do it again! THANK YOU! 1. Box A is hotter than Box B. After the heat is transferred, they become the same temperature.
  31. American Gov

    Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution there are two ways to propose an amendment to the Constitution: by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of both houses of Congress, or by a national convention called by Congress at the request of two-thirds (2/3) of the state
  32. Reading .

    What does the speaker mean in "Any Human to Another" when he says, "Sorrow never scorned to speak / To any who / Were false or true? Humans bring sorrow upon themselves. People who are truthful can avoid suffering in life. Sorrow comes to every human
  33. ENGLISH political research paper topic help!

    Hey, I'm trying to come up with a topic for my yearly research paper (I'm a homeschooled senior in high school). A friend of my family was just elected the Majority Whip in the PA House of Representatives, and my mom suggested that I find a topic where I
  34. Organic Chemistry

    I just finished an organic chemistry lab experiment on separating and analyzing an unknown acid/neutral compound mixture using extraction, recrystallization, TLC, melting point analysis, and IR spectrum. In the instructions, "Obtain an IR spectrum for each
  35. Health

    Please check 1. Which is a common viral disease? A. strep throat B. lyme *** C. tuberculosis D. common cold 2. which statement is about the flu? A. there is no cure B. there is usually a fever *** C. It typically lasts 3-7 days D. it spread by contact with
  36. Global History

    I need answers for "GLOBAL HISTORY REGENTS REVIEW" packet. Associated names are Mr. Moeller and Mrs. Sita. I can't find answers anywhere. The packet can be found blank online here: johnbowne DOT
  37. Math

    TRUE OR FALSE ? Justify your answer. a. There exist real numbers a and b such (a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2. b. For any real number x, there exists a unique number -x such that x + (-x) = 0. c. Any integer n is either odd or even. d. Any real number x can be written
  38. Chemistry - Titrations

    What volume (mL) of 0.2650 N H3PO4 is required to neutralize: a) 35.25 mL of 0.2300 M KOH b) 19.14 mL of 0.2300 M NH4OH Unfortunately, the teacher didn't get the opportunity to teach us titrations in class today, but this problem (and more) are still due
  39. Math

    Can someone help me with this I figured out a similar problem P(x) = xsquare+5 over 50 for x = 1 got 0.12 But having problems on how to plug the numbers into this problem. you don't have to use these numbers but if someone could do an example for me I
  40. physical Edu

    8. My peers are changing their sexual behavior because of AIDS. is it True 9. Condoms are not used much to prevent STDs on this campus. is it True 10. Because of AIDS it is easier for me to talk to my peers about sex. is it True 11. Schools should

    Consider the function f(x)=5–4x^2 , -3≤x≤1 The absolute maximum value is __________ and this occurs at x equals ___________ The absolute minimum value is _________ and this occurs at x equals ___________
  42. Calculus

    Let f(t)=t\sqrt{4-t} on the interval [-1,3]. Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum of f(t) on this interval. The absolute max occurs at t=. The absolute min occurs at t=
  43. Early Child Ed.

    Would someone please check these questions and my answers to be sure I have chosen the best possible answer? 1.Which one of the following is NOT a developmentally appropriate practice for a four-year-old with physical disabilities? A. Simplifying an art

    Is anyone can help me to create some idea to get the good answers.so that I will know.thanks questions. 1. What is the use of audience in rehearsing public speaking? 2. Author mentioned “structure of the Group” in effective speech, what do you mean by
  45. Cheater!

    Your absolutely correct, Ms. Sue! All students should learn how to rely on their brains, and not on others to answer their questions. When I was in 5th grade, I got all the answers off of the internet. Big mistake!
  46. algebra

    Am I allowed to post 3 related questions? I'll try. Please write these scientific notation answers in standard form showing complete work. 1.764*10^8 3.90625*10^-7 3.0*10^3 Thank you.

    Find the probability of correctly answering the first 4 questions on a multiple choice test if random guesses are made and each question has 5 possible answers. Explain to me the answer?
  48. math:Fundamental Counting Principlal

    solve the problem by applying the fundamental counting principal with two groups of items. Shaun is joining a music club. as part of ther 4-cd introductory package she can choose from 12 rock, 10 alternative, 7 country, and 5 classical. if Shaun choose one
  49. Physics

    A 9000 Kiogram boat floats in a lake. If half of the boat is submerged, which of the following is true: 1. The boat is less dense than the water in the lake. 2. The buoyant force is less than half the weight of the boat. 3. The buoyant force is greater
  50. Math

    Please help with math!!!!!? 1. A bag contains 9 tiles numbered 1 to 9. P(4) = (1 point) . experimental; the result is found by repeating an experiment. . experimental; the result is based on the number of possible outcomes. . theoretical; the result is
  51. Earth Science

    True or false? ------------------------- Although there is scientific evidence and many scientific theories about the origin of the universe, how it all happened remains a question. Which statement is true? ------------------------- The perfect
  52. Chemistry

    Balance the reaction of plumbate ions and hydrochlorite ions: Pb(OH)42-(aq) + ClO-(aq) → PbO2(s) + Cl- I put: Pb(OH)3-(aq) + ClO-(aq) → PbO2(s) + Cl-(aq) + H2O(l) + OH-(aq) It said: The reaction described in your answer is not balanced. One or more of
  53. Chemistry

    I missed a few days of school due to a sick child. I'm reviewing for an exam and the following questions are giving me trouble as I wasn't there when they were reviewed in class. If possible, I need the step-by-step process. Thanks. 1.) If you put hydrogen
  54. 5th grade LA

    4.Which sentence uses commas correctly? A. The teacher read Home of the Brave, before the class went to lunch. B. The teacher, read Home of the Brave before the class went to lunch. C. The teacher read Home of the Brave before the class went to lunch.***
  55. English

    Which of the following did NOT contribute to the Harlem Renaissance? A.The Emancipation Proclamation. B. By 1930, the population of African Americans in Harlem grew to over 200,000.
  56. english

    Which of the following did NOT contribute to the Harlem Renaissance? A.The Emancipation Proclamation. B. By 1930, the population of African Americans in Harlem grew to over 200,000. C.F. Scott Fitzgerald
  57. Science Project Help

    Hello, My science project is asking me to "compose a scientific summary of your method, observations, data, and conclusions" on determining the volume of both regular & irregular objects. They wanted me to answer the 4 questions below in my summary: 1. Why
  58. Algebra

    I have two short questions which I think I know the answer-could you please check? If I write log(b)x - 2log(b)y as a single logarithm it would be log(b) x/y^2, correct? If not please help and Is the function f(x) = 1/x a exponential function -I think it
  59. Pre-Cal(Please Help)

    1) For a person at rest, the velocity v (in liters per second) of air flow during a respiratory cycle is V = 0.85 sin pi(t)/ 3 where t is the time in seconds. (Inhalation occurs when v > 0 and exhalation occurs when v < 0) A) Find the time for one full
  60. health

    Please help... Staying fit requires all of the following EXCEPT _______. A-a rigid fitness plan B-physical activity C-healthy habits D-healthy eating 5. True or False: To develop a personal fitness plan you should consider which exercises and sports you
  61. Math

    1. Find the angle between the vectors, approximate your answer to the nearest tenth. v= (-4, -3) w= (2, 6) Answer: 145.3 degrees 17. One type of data that is non linear in nature is the exponential function. -False? 19. Exponential data follows the
  62. precalculus

    (2y+1)(y+3)(5y-2)=0 If A x B x C=0, then A, B, or C are equal to zero. Therefore, for the problem, 2y+1=0 y+3=0 5y-2=0 Solving the equations for y will give the correct answers (three of them) for y.
  63. math - pls check!!!

    29) 4k - 1 >= -3 30) 6(c - 1) < -18 31) 3t > 5t + 12 32) -6/7y - 6 >= 42 33) 4 + x/2 > 2x 34) 3x + 5 = -2 30) c < -12 31) t < -6 32) y
  64. Geography

    1. Demographers report the population density of a country as a measure of total population relative to land size. TRUE FALSE Answer : true 2. Which of the following is not an example of adequate physiological population density? A. Cities such as Luxor,
  65. Algebra1

    John is working the function s(x). He found that s(2)=-6 Matthew is working with the function t(x). He found that t(2)=-6 The point (2,-6) lies on the graph of s(x) and t(x). True or False?
  66. Physics

    in the equation w= fd it is assumed that the force varies and is exerted in the direction of displacement... true or false? Yes. Force is measured in the direction of displacement.
  67. stats need help

    If all the values in a data set are converted to z-scores, the shape of the distribution of the z-scores will not be the same as the distribution of the original data. True or False?
  68. English

    A Works Cited is a list of sources used in your research; a bibliography is a list of sources referenced during your research. • true
  69. Social Studies

    Lake Huron is the northernmost Great Lake False? Lake Ontario is the closest Great lake to ottawa canada True?
  70. College Algebra

    I could not figure out the answer to this Problem: The quadratic function f(x)= -2x^2 =4x +3 can be used to solve the following inequality: -2x^2 -4x < -3 First use the Quadratic Formula to find the x-intercept of f. This problem asks that the answer be
  71. algebra

    1)A.f(x)= x^2+4 B.f(x)= x^2-4x^2+4x-16 C.f(x)= x^2+4x^2+4x+16 D.f(x)= x^2-4x^2-4x+16 2)A.+-1,+-2,+-3,+-6 B.0,+-1,+-2,+-3,+-6,+-1/3,+-2/3 C.+-1,+-2,+-3,+-6,+-1/3,+-2/3 D.+-1,+-3,+-1/6,+-1/3,+-1/2,+-3/2 4)I don't know what they mean either but this is all it
  72. accounting 305

    You are reviewing the December 31, 2012 financial statements of Ellie's Antiques that is considering an initial public offering of its shares. The following items come to your attention
  73. data analysis

    after reviewing the Nursing Management (2006) article, what would you recommendations in defining database specifications, scope, development, implementation, and maintenance?
  74. Math

    Many solved 25 questions of his math assignment.This was 1/8 of total questions. He does not know 1/5 of the rest. How many questions were there in all? How many did he not know?
  75. Theather Appreciation

    HENRIK IBSEN 1. Which of these eras is Ibsen considered to be the Father of? a. Symbolism Era b. The Poetic Age c. Romanticism d. Modern Drama 2. Where is Henrik Ibsen from? a. Romania b. Finland c. Ireland d. Norway 3. According to his power point, which
  76. Math

    You mix 8 tablespoons of hot sauce and 3 cups of salsa in a green bowl. You mix 12 tablespoons of hot sauce and 4 cups of salsa in an orange bowl. Which mixture is hotter? My Answers: My first train of thought is that there must be a conversion factor to

    1)A government where the executive of the nation comes directly from the legislature is known as a parliamentary government, meaning the legislature decides who the nation's top executive is (although there is often a separate ceremonial head of state).
  78. Chemistry

    I need help on this stoichiometry problem. I don't know whay my answer is incorrect. The fermentation of sugar to produce ethyl alcohol occurs by the following reaction: C6H12O6 -- 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 What mass of ethyl alcohol can be made from 1.00 kg of
  79. Physics

    The problem goes like this... You are pushing a shopping cart at a constant speed. The handle makes an angle of 30.0 degrees with the horizontal and the friction in the cart has a coefficient of 0.400 to account for all the axles, etc. The mass of the cart
  80. Anatomy

    I have a question In a dehydration synthsis reaction which of the following occurs a. hydrogen and oxygen are removed from the reactant b. water is added to the reactants c. water is broken down into hydrgen and oxygen d. both a and c I think it would
  81. Science - Check my answers

    1. Which of the following statements best defines tides? when waves get bigger because of an approaching storm the rise and fall of ocean water that occurs about every 12.5 hours **** the rise of ocean water that occurs 12 times a day a giant wave that can
  82. Math

    1. Power reducing formulas can be used to rewrite 8sin^2 xcos^2 x as 1-cos4x. True or False? 2. Find the exact value of cos15 degrees using a suitable half angle formula. square root of 2+root3 / 2? 3. Find the exact value of cos^2(pi/8) using a suitable
  83. social studies

    Who wrote the Virgin Islands national anthem Anastasia, have you done a google search on the Virgin Islands to find the answers to your questions? You might start there first. yes i did but i didn't find what i neededto find Ok, here's what I found for the
  84. Corporate Tax

    True or False: 1) To prevent triple taxation, a corporation is entitled to deduct 50% of the dividends received from other domestic corporations. 2) If the election to amortize organizational expenses is not made in the first eligible year ,the
  85. Elem. Ed.

    Please let me know if you agree with my answers to these two questions. 1.Hannah's mother said,"Hannah is such a "pencil-and-paper" kid." It is likely that Hannah: A. will be an artist. B. will learn to write,forming her letters perfectly. C. will be a

    Point N is the midpoint of MO. Which of the following are true if MO=124 ft? * 62 ft * 96 ft * 124 ft ***** * 248 ft Am I right please help! IF YOU KNOW ALL THE TEST ANSWERS PUT THEM BELOW PLEASE.
  87. school

    1) Art pieces should always be discussed, and children should explain why they drew what they did. True 2) Because young children have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy, puppets should not be used very often in the classroom. False 3) Children
  88. algebra

    In a line with a slope of 1/2 a perpendicular to another line, the the slope of the is -2 true or false
  89. math

    Something times something equals 97 Are you supposed to factor 97 as the product of integers? We need a little more info to help you. If you are expecting integer results, wait no more as 97 is a prime number. Therefore, no two integers have a product of
  90. Biology

    Hi, I have several questions that I am not sure or do not know their answers. Lecturer gave the key words but I think there are some questions that do not have any answer among those key words. Please tell me whether the answer are correct or not. And tell
  91. physics

    Tarzan wights 820N, swings from a cliff at the end of a 20m vine that hangs from a high tree limb and initially makes an angle of 22 degrees with the vertical. Immediately after Tarzan steps off the cliff the tension in the cine is 760N. Choose a
  92. math

    How would I come about to the solution and what the answers to the question so I can help my son with his school work? 1.Check all the answers that are square roots of 36 a. 36^1/2 b.-(36)^1/2 c.9 d.6 e.-6 f. √36 2.)Which answers are equal to the
  93. Chemistry

    How would the dx2−y2 orbital in the n=5 shell compare to the dx2−y2 orbital in the n=3 subshell? True or False 1.The contour of the orbital would extend further out along the x and y axes. 2. The value of ℓ would increase by 2. 3.The radial
  94. business law

    If Sally's employer subjects her to more severe discipline for an act of misconduct than a similarly situated fellow employee not in her protected group for the same act of misconduct, Sally may have a claim for disparate treatment discrimination. true or
  95. Programming

    3.Do the planning and write algorithm to solve for following problem. There are 15 pupils in the Introduction to Programming I module. The age of every student is entered in years and months. Convert the age into months to calculate the average age.
  96. College Chemistry

    I DO NOT understand the following! Please HELP :) 1st Part Substances A, B, and C can all act as oxidizing agents. In solution, A is green, B is yellow, and C is red. In the reactions in which they participate, they are reduced to A-, B-, and C- ions, all
  97. Health

    Please check my answers! 1. A(n) ______ is an agent that causes disease. a) stressor b) pathogen* c) addiction d) drug 2. Symptoms of an STI include (select all that apply) a) sneezing b) vaginal or urethral discharge* c) there may be no symptoms* d) upset
  98. Science :check my answers

    Here are some questions I had for hw, I answered some of them, can someone check my answers and help me with the ones i didn't answer, thanks: 1.Which constellations are visible from Canada in all seasons? My Answer:Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Lynx,Cephus,
  99. chemistry

    Can someone help me with this homework problem? Which of the following is the best explanation as to why lithium is the strongest reducing agent in the alkali metals? A) relatively high charge density of Li B) lowest ionization energy of the metals C) most
  100. Algebra help needed!

    Recall that on some roads, a skid mark of length L ft. indicates that a car was traveling at least s mph, where s is approx. 2 times the square root of 5L. If a car stopped quickly from a speed of 55 mph, about how long would the skid marks be? Please note