1. Chemistry (Check)

    Are most factors unity? Is this True or false I'm thinkin true.. The actual size of a measurement multiplied by a conversion factor remains the same, beacause the measurement being converted is multiplied by unity. okay

    asked by DrBob222 on January 26, 2007
  2. AP physics

    search "ap waves and sound free response questions answers" into google and click on the second one that pops up. answers are on the bottom of the page. question number 23 i don't understand why it is B.

    asked by Anthony on April 13, 2017
  3. Probability and Stats

    A student was totally unprepared for a multiple-choice test and had to absolutely guess the answer to every one of the 100 questions. About what score (percent) would you expect him to earn if there were four possible answers to every question? I'm not

    asked by Bridget on October 25, 2016
  4. Chemistry

    Hi, Just have follow up questions to the previous questions asked dating Feb. 02, 2013 1. So the overall idea is that dissociation decreases molar mass and association does the opposite when a solute dissolves in a solvent. (How do you identify if either

    asked by AhmadM on February 3, 2013
  5. Mathematics

    True / False: The Plurality-with-Elimination Method sometimes violates (i.e. does not always satisfy) the majority criterion. 1. False because the plurality-with-elimination method always requires the winner to have the majority of votes. 2. True because

    asked by Gaby on March 30, 2017
  6. HCS/457

    Reviews two to three news articles Determines a local community health care issue. Paper answers following questions: How long has it been a problem? How has it affected the community? How has the community responded?   Organization/Development The

    asked by Jennifer on March 3, 2012
  7. Physical science

    A silver Christmas tree can be made by placing copper wire,shaped in the form of a tree,into a silver nitrate solution.The unbalanced equation for the reaction is:Cu+AgNO3=Cu(NO3)2+Age 9.1 define the term oxidation in terms of oxidation numbers (9.2) write

    asked by Thulani on September 3, 2018
  8. SS7R - HW Check

    I'm going to repost my homework questions because now I'm all over the place and confusing you. Please delete my other posts. 1. The ___________ states the responsibilities of the government and protects the rights of states and citisens answer -

    asked by Laruen on June 11, 2012
  9. Math

    I have the answers but i need to know the steps. Michelle has $60. If her friend Kristin has $300, what percent of kristins money does michelle have? I got 80% To Pass a test Kristin had to get 75% of the answers correct. If there were 84 questions on the

    asked by Mary on February 25, 2013
  10. chemistry

    would this be true, false, or sometimes tru 1)An answear to calculations done with scientific measurements cannot be more precise than the least precise measurement. Calculators cannot improve precision, nor accuracy. Precision is in the measurements. so

    asked by Bryan on January 12, 2007
  11. Finance

    Calculate the return and standard deviation for the following stock, in an economy with five possible states. If a Boom (Probability=25%) economy occurs, then the expected return is 30%. If a Good (Probability=25%) economy occurs, then the expected return

    asked by Margaret on June 4, 2013
  12. Social Studies

    Natural increase can be best defined as a. population growth that occurs due to people's desire to migrate to more desirable locations. b. population growth that occurs due to an increase in the birthrate.*** c. population growth that occurs due to

    asked by Kaai97 on December 25, 2015
  13. computer education

    e-mail is electronic mail sent through the computer? true or false false ,e-mail can be sent through a computer if it's connected to the internet

    asked by M on August 20, 2008
  14. chemistry

    A solution containing silver (I) ion (an oxidizing agent) is mixed with a solution containing iron (II) ion (a reducing agent). a. What is the balanced equation? b. If the contents of the reaction mixture described above are filtered, what substances, if

    asked by anonymous on January 2, 2010
  15. chemistry

    A solution containing silver (I) ion (an oxidizing agent) is mixed with a solution containing iron (II) ion (a reducing agent). a. What is the balanced equation? b. If the contents of the reaction mixture described above are filtered, what substances, if

    asked by anonymous on January 2, 2010
  16. spanish

    Hello, For this question in Act two line 91-93 when Esteban states It falls to nobleman to grant true honour those who have no honour cannot grant it. I need to explain the two and give examples: For true honour I have that but for the false honour I am

    asked by clark on September 13, 2008
  17. physics

    is the following statements true or false + write a correct version of each false sentance below: 1. usually, the cooler a liquid or gas is, the denser it is. 2. if you only want a small volume of hot water, you should place the immersion heater near the

    asked by lissa on October 29, 2011
  18. probabilities

    A multiple choice test has 16 questions. Each question has 4 possible answers with only one is correct. Assume that all questions are answered and the probability to answer any question correctly is 0.25. Let X be the number of questions answered correctly

    asked by hassan on April 26, 2016
  19. Confidentiality in Allied Health

    Yolanda is reviewing a medical record for a patient who is receiving psychotherapy. As a part of her training in medical record confidentiality, she is aware that there are special guidelines regarding psychotherapy notes. Which of the following statements

    asked by Anonymous on June 8, 2017
  20. CRT 205

    Assignment: Argument Evaluation · Read the article “Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11” on pp. 456–458 of Appendix 1. · Identify at least two arguments in the article. Outline the premises and conclusions of each argument you find. Then,

    asked by monique on April 10, 2010
  21. Chemistry

    Why is sulfur dioxide (SO2) a better reducing agent than carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen dioxide (NO2)? I really don't know how to answer your question. It's much like asking why the sky is blue, etc. You can look up the reduction potentials of SO2 vs CO2

    asked by Vic on August 18, 2007
  22. science pls help

    i posted this earlier but got a confusing answer so pls help as best as u can asap! True or False 1. If a 40 kg person is accelerating at 10 m/s2, then the magnitude of the force acting on him or her is 400 N. (1 point) true false Multiple Choice 2. How

    asked by TTR+S<3 on March 13, 2014
  23. science(check answers)

    1.A 2.A 3.D 4.C 1.Is the following statement true or false?Solar panels collect energy from the sun that can then power a lamp in a home. A.True B.False 2.Harvesting energy from water,wind,and geothermal vents requries the use of A. aquaculture B.engines

    asked by bonn on March 12, 2014
  24. science

    1.Is the following statement true or false?Solar panels collect energy from the sun that can then power a lamp in a home. A.True B.False 2.Harvesting energy from water,wind,and geothermal vents requries the use of A. aquaculture B.engines C.mines

    asked by Pepsi on November 27, 2017
  25. health

    true or false. B cells and H cells are two important cells in the immune system that help fight infection i thinks its false The three lines of defense your body has against disease include all except A. physical and chemical defense B. inflammation C.

    asked by anonymous on March 1, 2015
  26. Psychology

    1. Humanistic therapy has a lot in common with ___________ approaches to psychology. (1 point) Phrenology 2. Which of the following is true about Existentialism? (1 point) It emphasizes group experience, commonality, and solidarity. It emphasizes

    asked by Anonymous on May 22, 2018
  27. Health

    Body fat is defined as the proportion of fat that is in your body compared to your bone and muscle. True or False My answer is true because to me its the component that refers to the ratio of fat to lean body mass.

    asked by Faye on August 18, 2014
  28. Math

    Can someone please check my answers below for accurateness? The instructions are: Differentiate and simplify. 1) y=(2x^2+3x-1)(3x^2-5x-3) y'=(4x+3)(3x^2-5x-3)+(2x^2+3x-1)(6x-5) 2) y=(5x^2+3x-1)(3x^2-5x-3) y'=(10x+3)(4x^2-3)+(5x^2+3x-1)(8x)

    asked by Christine on August 7, 2009
  29. Health

    1.)It is important to choose simple carbohydrates for breakfast to get you started for your day. A.)True or B.)False My answer: A 2.)Each meal must include a food from each food group in MyPlate. A.)True or B.)False 3.)When choosing a snack it it important

    asked by YRN DJ on December 14, 2015
  30. Math, help

    I need help what formula would i use or what steps do i take? A professor gives a test with 100 true-false questions. If 60 or more correct is necessary to pass, what is the probability that a student will pass by random guessing? The brute force way of

    asked by student on July 13, 2007
  31. LA - pls help asap!

    Questions 1–4 correspond to "One." 1. What is the best interpretation of the following stanza from the poem "One"? Nobody can get into my clothes for me / or feel my fall for me, or do my running. / Nobody hears my music for me, either. A. You cannot

    asked by TTR+S<3 on June 4, 2014
  32. Chemistry

    -CORRECTION- N2 + O2 --> 2 NO change in heat (delta H)= 43.2 kcal based on the reaction, which statement is true? a) 43.2 kcal are consumed when 1.00g of O2 reacts b) 43.2 kcal are consumed when 1.00g of N2 reacts c) 43.2 kcal are consumed when 1.00g of NO

    asked by Katie Y. on November 2, 2009
  33. Sociology

    Change in any social institution requires change in the institution of family. a.True b.False I think its true...

    asked by casey on October 30, 2011
  34. Geometry

    31.Identify the Hypothesis of the statement below. If you are riding on a train, then it will stop at every station on the line. A.You are riding on a train B.It will stop at every station on the line C.You are not riding on a train D.It will not stop at

    asked by Sarah on June 2, 2016
  35. Math.

    For question 1-4 for the interest. All rates are annual interest rates. 1) principal, $400 rate, 5% time, 1 year. a. $10 b. $20 c. $40 d. $200 2) principal, $1,000 rate, 8.5% time, 3 years a. $255 b. $170 c. $22.5 d. $17 3) principal, $200 rate, 9% time,

    asked by Sydney HELP! Need help ASAP! on April 9, 2015
  36. English

    True of False? A regular verb is a word that expresses an action; an irregular verb is a non-action word. False???

    asked by Keen on April 6, 2010
  37. Geometry

    Write the converse of the following true conditional statement. If the converse is false write a counter example. My answer If a < 15 the a < 10 false counter example a = 12 and a > 10

    asked by Steve on September 21, 2015
  38. Statistic

    In a population of over 15,000 patients, the distribution of systolic blood pressure follows the normal curve. Investigators believe the average systolic blood pressure in the population is 120 mm. The investigators take a simple random sample of 6

    asked by Anonymous on August 24, 2013
  39. Early Child Ed.

    Would you please check these questions and my answers? 1.Research indicates a child's development of prejudice occurs as an interaction of which: A) cognitive development and positive ideas about particular groups in the child's social environment. B)

    asked by Brenda on November 1, 2007
  40. English Song

    Oh, Susanna Oh, I came from Alabama with my banjo on my knee, And I'm going to Louisiana, my true love for to see It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry. The sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna don't you cry Oh, Susanna, Oh, don't you

    asked by John on July 9, 2007
  41. psychology

    Could someone please provide help formulating interview questions relating to learning, intelligence, cognition, problem solving, motivation, effects of gender and culture on emotions and personality. This is a great deal of information to try to get from

    asked by Anonymous on June 6, 2007
  42. math

    A) If the AEI increases by 3.0% a year and the RPI increases by 11.0% in the same year, then real earnings have gone down by 8% B) A new baby's parents are given £400 to invest for the baby, to be left untouched until she is 18 years old, in an account

    asked by claudia on May 16, 2007
  43. Geography

    4. Which of the following is not a reason why populations rise in particular places? A. Globalization and Capitalism B. Imperialism and Colonialism C. Famine and Drought D. Mercantilism and Industrialization E. Modernaization and Urbanization Answer : C 5.

    asked by Geo on October 30, 2015
  44. algebra

    the symbol % represents percent or percentage true or false

    asked by S on October 31, 2010
  45. science true or false

    True or False: Only at the equator are all the stars visible over the course of the year.

    asked by Kayla on August 29, 2010
  46. chemistry

    Only pure substance are homologous,true or false? Can you please explain too?

    asked by Riana on December 25, 2012
  47. physical science

    true/false A lens that converges light is concave

    asked by peter on May 23, 2011
  48. English

    The case of a pronoun is determined by how it is used in a sentence. A)true B)false i think it is (b)

    asked by English 202 on April 5, 2010
  49. P.E. ASAP PLZ

    drugs can end up controlling your life. True False***

    asked by Anonymous on May 30, 2015
  50. English

    True or False There could be a noun, a verb and an adjective in one sentence.

    asked by Keen on April 6, 2010
  51. English

    The following is an example of a simile: My sister is as funny as a clown. Would it be true or false.

    asked by Alyssa on June 11, 2010
  52. world history

    A dissident is a person dissatisfied with the government. True False

    asked by Cody on September 18, 2007
  53. Philosophy

    There is no absolute distinction between what is true and what is false. Discuss this claim...

    asked by Jazz on June 9, 2010
  54. geometry

    true or false:all parallelograms have opposite angles that are supplementary

    asked by kayley on April 7, 2008
  55. math

    true or false A ratio is a comparison of two numbers by multiplicaiton?

    asked by PeyPey on February 4, 2009
  56. Physics

    the mechanical energy of a body is the difference of its KE and PE. true or false

    asked by Anonymous on August 18, 2010
  57. Speech Class

    True or False, Communication can involve language but not speech.

    asked by Jake on April 6, 2011
  58. Religion

    True Or False Mosaic Law sometimes allows for human sacrifice.

    asked by Can You please help ASAP?!! on March 11, 2018
  59. tourism and hospitality

    the content of message can appeal to in one way that is rationally true or false

    asked by malia on October 29, 2017
  60. Com200 Interpersonal Communication

    Self-concept is changed through interpersonal communication. true or false

    asked by makaya on May 30, 2012
  61. Geography

    True or False: Continentality does affect climate of a region.

    asked by Marie on September 16, 2011
  62. spanish

    In Spain, all hotels are new and modern buildings? True or false.

    asked by Katie on March 15, 2010
  63. Biology

    true or false Ciliates use flagella for feeding and movement?

    asked by finals on May 20, 2011
  64. physical science

    true/false the force of friction always opposes motion.

    asked by peter on May 23, 2011
  65. Trig

    True or False: For a trignometric function, y = f(x), then x = f^-1(y). Explain your answer. Thanks.

    asked by Clarissa on March 19, 2013
  66. physical science

    for an ionic compound, the name of the negative ion comes first. True or False?

    asked by Taylor on November 18, 2008
  67. World History

    Guomindan- Sun Yixian - China True or False

    asked by Cody on September 18, 2007
  68. World History

    Zionism-Theodore Herzi-Palestine True or False

    asked by Cody on September 18, 2007
  69. English

    A composite character has characteristics of many people is this true or false?

    asked by Courtney on June 3, 2010
  70. math

    True or False: The median must always be one of the numbers in the data set itself.

    asked by jake on June 26, 2016
  71. health care

    the insured may not necessary be the patient seen for medical service. true or false

    asked by christina on April 23, 2011
  72. physiology

    the scientific method is only concerned with experimentation True or False

    asked by natash on September 16, 2008
  73. science

    true or false: The frequency of a water wave gives us its height.

    asked by Sela on September 12, 2010
  74. social studies

    true of false. everyone has the same basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.

    asked by keisha on September 12, 2010
  75. french

    is it true or false that a qui esta la means whos there

    asked by joshua on June 20, 2011
  76. math

    True or False square root of 41 is a rational number

    asked by Sam on May 1, 2010
  77. chemistry

    25 mL 0.4 M KOH will neutralize 10 mL 1.0 M H2SO4 solution. A) True B) False

    asked by ashley on March 27, 2015
  78. Physics

    True or False Light is both a mechanical wave and a particle

    asked by Eric on June 26, 2011
  79. Algebra 117

    Is this equation true or false? Why? ãa+ãb=ãa+b Okay radicals are killing me. Please explain this to me

    asked by C on September 9, 2010
  80. Goverment

    the president can choose to rid of democracy a. true b. false

    asked by Cat on June 16, 2015
  81. Calculus 1

    True or false. Explain. The line x=1 is a vertical asymptote of f(x)=(x^2+x-2)/(x^2-1)

    asked by TayB on June 9, 2015
  82. math

    true or false: [-8]+[3]=[-8+3] show work or explain answer please.

    asked by annonoumus on September 4, 2008
  83. math

    The constraints [x >= 0,y >= 0] indicates that the feasible region will be in the first quadrant. it is true or false

    asked by sateko on April 18, 2011
  84. Science

    Is this statement true or false? An antigen causes an allergic reaction. Please and thank you!

    asked by Shantelle on October 30, 2008


    asked by Noor on June 7, 2010
  86. grammar

    The indefinite pronouns,all, any, more, most, and some are always singular in meaning is this true or false

    asked by Latasha on May 16, 2012
  87. math

    The graphs of y=sin(2x+pi/4) and y=cos(2x-pi/2) are identical...true or false?

    asked by Kathy on August 5, 2011
  88. English

    True or false? There could be a noun a verb and an adjective in one sentence.

    asked by Akat on March 8, 2018
  89. Government

    The President can choose to get rid of democracy. True or False?

    asked by Olivia on June 25, 2013
  90. Chemistry

    True of False, Amorphous solids have crystal structures.

    asked by Tony on February 27, 2015
  91. Social Issues

    True or False It is inevitable that parents and teachers will be in conflict.

    asked by finial help on May 3, 2011
  92. pt1420

    if the expression is false, the_____ operator will return true.

    asked by joe on November 25, 2014
  93. World History

    Westernization-Mustafa Kemal-Turkey True or False

    asked by Cody on September 18, 2007
  94. physics

    A car goes 10 km in 5 minutes when its average velocity is 80 km/hr. true or false

    asked by jassi on August 26, 2012
  95. Grammar

    An adjective can be either one word or a group of words. True or False

    asked by Marie on October 15, 2012
  96. math

    Tell whether each of the following is true for all sets A, B, or C. If false, give a counterexample. c. A¿(BUC) = (A¿B) UC d. (A-B)¿A=A e. A-(B¿C) = (A-B) ¿ (A-C)

    asked by susan on August 18, 2012
  97. civics

    true or false? Congress can raise and spend money.

    asked by ga on March 13, 2014
  98. civics

    true or false? each state is divided into exactly 3 congressional districts

    asked by ga on March 13, 2014
  99. Statistics

    True or False: If the value of the correlation, r, is zero then there is no association between the two quantative variables.

    asked by Jay on December 1, 2011
  100. Soc studies

    The Canadian Shield has few Rich minerals,is this true or false?

    asked by Harley on January 20, 2017