1. Ms. Sue -- this is for you!

    Ms.Sue,I need your help! If you don't mind,Would you please go to page 5 and look under Early Child Ed. and check my questions and my answers? I didnot know you have were gone for the holidays. Others have checked it,but I want to be sure you agree with my
  2. Statistics

    I think the answer to this question is False but I would like to confirm. Thank you for your help. True or False: Suppose the population mean is 50 and the population variance is 100 for a population. In a sample where n = 100 is randomly taken, 90% of all
  3. accounting

    Selling price of a bond: Problem type 1 On December 31, 2008, $140,000 of 9% bonds were issued. The market interest rate at the time issuance was 11%. The bonds pay on June 30 and December 31 and mature in 10 years. Compute the selling price of a single
  4. art history help please!

    If you could please check these and just let me know which ones are correct! also if you have any input on a better answer, or atleast where i can find a better answer, i would greatly appreciate it! This artist painted scenes of upper-class recreation:
  5. Grammar

    Determine if the following sentence employ the correct use of commas and apostrophes.TRUE=correct False=incorrect Inside of the patient's nose is crusty and clear with blood-tinged discharge; however, the patient has no complaints of breathing problems.
  6. Chemistry

    I was given extra credit to find who Le Châtelier's High School Principal was. Not his PrincipLE, but his PrincipAL. My chemistry teacher told us only one student of his out of all these years came with the answer. Think outside of the box. Thanks.
  7. Chemistry

    I was given extra credit to find who Le Châtelier's High School Principal was. Not his PrincipLE, but his PrincipAL. My chemistry teacher told us only one student of his out of all these years came with the answer. Think outside of the box. Thanks.
  8. Math

    Went ahead and did the HW the teach recommended but she did not post the answers and I would like to see if im on the right track. Problem 1: Are the vectors (2,−1,−3), (3, 0,−2), (1, 1,−4) linearly independent? Problem 2 : Is the set {x E R^4 :
  9. Science

    Can you check my answers for me? The answers I picked have a check mark next to them. Thank you. 1. Darwin’s theory of evolution by means of natural selection proposes that changes happen from generation to generation from ____________ of an organism to
  10. math

    The amount of money in an account with continuously compounded interest is given by the formula A = Pert, where P is the principal, r is the annual interest rate, and t is the time in years. Calculate to the hundredth of a year how long it takes for an
  11. math

    You randomly guess the answers to two questions on a multiple-choice test. Each question has three choices: A, B, and C. a. What is the probability that you guess the correct answers to both questions? b. Suppose you can eliminate one of the choices for
  12. design technology

    i`m finding it hard to find the answers to these questions for my homework . i know these questions have been asked before but i can`t find the answers from the websites people have been kind enough to find. Why is wool warmer than silk? why is silk
  13. math

    Find the value of the missing digit that makes the statement true. 214,21_ is divisible by 11 Determine whether the statement is true or false. Why? If a natural number is divisible by 5 and 2, then it must also be divisible by 10.
  14. math

    A multiple-choice test has 10 questions. Each question has 5 choices. If a student answers each question by guessing randomly, find the probability that the student gets: a) at most 4 questions correct b) at least 7 questions correct Please show your work.
  15. Chemistry

    In the laboratory exercise "Preperation and Properties of Polymers", polyvinyl alcohol is dissolved in water and then reacted with borax (Na2B4O7·10H2O) in water. Which of the following are expected results of this reaction? True or False? 1. Polyvinyl
  16. 7th grade math Ms. Sue ASAP please

    Ms. Sue, sorry to keep bugging you with questions, but can you please check my answers? Sorry, I just want to get my answers correct when i turn it in thanks! 8. Four students work to find an estimate for square root 37. Who is closest to finding the true
  17. Statistics

    Which of the following is an accurate definition of a Type II error? a. rejecting a false null hypothesis b. rejecting a true null hypothesis c. failing to reject a false null hypothesis d. failing to reject a true null hypothesis
  18. World 201

    8. Confucius taught that filial piety had to do with the care and provision parents religiously gave to their children? False 9. Daoism is the belief that all people should reject social harmony and work to maintain a good and strong government? False 10.
  19. Science

    What can scientists learn from the rate at which radioactive elements decay? A. a rock's absolute age* B. the relative age of rock layers C. where one soil horizon ends and the next begins D. the difference between molds and casts. The relative age of a
  20. Math 6th Grade

    Can someone please help I been trying to figure this out for a long time and you guys help me? 2. Which of the following is a true statement? (1 point) A.) |–2| < |1| *** My answer B.) |1| < |0| C.) |–1| < |–2| D.) |1| > |–2|*** My answer (but
  21. Chemistry

    An indicator is what type of compound? a. reducing agent b. oxidizing agent c. weak base or acid d. strong base or acid
  22. chemistry

    what kind of reactions require oxidizing agent(reduced or oxidized) for example SO3->SO4 does it require oxidizing or reducing agent why?
  23. math214

    Classify the following as true or false. If false, tell why. _______ (a) A parallelogram has four acute angles. _______ (b) A line segment contains an infinite number of points. _______ (c) The union of two rays is always a line. _______ (d) Every
  24. social studies

    True or False? "Containment" was the underlying cause of the Korean War. I think it may be false because there were many causes of the Korean War.
  25. To SquadHunter

    I banned you from posting here until about noon tomorrow. In the meantime, I suggest you try to find the answers to the many questions you posted. Post your answers and I'll be glad to check them. We will not do your homework for you!!!
  26. @Young Trippy Lil G

    I've put you on time-out for a couple of days because of all the non-answers and wrong answers you've posted so far today. Please restrict yourself to asking your own homework questions and let the actual tutors help other students.
  27. us history

    can you check my answers please? The “silent majority” referred to A. conservative working- and middle-class citizens B. women C. a liberal coalition of ethnic minorities, women, the aged, and the poor D. the nation’s youth E. deaf-mutes in
  28. Health

    1. Exercises that cause the muscles to push against a force heavier than they normally push against can develop flexibility. -False? 4. Exercises that cause the muscles to keep working for a period of time can develop muscular strength. -True? 7. One of
  29. health

    PLEASE HELP 1. One of your friends plays video games for at least six hours each day and gets upset when he has to eat dinner with his family. This is a sign of? a. An anxiety disorder. b. A phobia c. Bipolar disorder d. An impulse-control disorder 2. A

    Hello there, i need to write an essay fitting the following statement into comparing characters from "Hmalet" and the "Great Gatsby" "one of the chief vices of humanity is the worship of materialism and power over spirituality" The only problem is, i don't
  31. Math (Updated)

    Please tell me if these answers are correct: 1. Is ( 0, 3) a solution to the equation y = x + 3? Yes No 2. Is ( 1, -4) a solution to the equation y = -2x? Yes No 3. Look at the following points: ( 4, 0) ( 3, -1) ( 6, 3) ( 2, -4) Which are solutions to y =
  32. algebra

    is the math statement true or false -11/8 > 23/15
  33. math logs - please help

    True or false: 2 ln x / ln 5 = ln x^2 - ln 5 for all positive values of x.
  34. Math

    Are the following expressions equivalent, true or false: 3x+4 and x+x+x+4
  35. math

    Given A={1,2,3} and B={2,{3}}. Determine whether each of the following statements is TRUE or FALSE. a) ∅ C B b) B C A c) {3} C A d) {2,3} C A e) {2,{3}} ∈ P(B) f) | P(B) | = 4 g) {0,1} c A
  36. calc

    Determine whether the statement is true or false. d dx |x2 + x| = |2x + 1|
  37. Technical writing

    Always use a comma before somebody's name in a sentence. A.true B.false B
  38. math- Set

    Given A={1,2,3} and B={2,{3}}. Determine whether each of the following statements is TRUE or FALSE. a) ∅ C B b) B C A c) {3} C A d) {2,3} C A e) {2,{3}} ∈ P(B) f) | P(B)|=4 g) {0,1} c A
  39. math

    True or false? If f is continuous at x = c, then f is differentiable at x = c.
  40. Math

    true or false- the product of two fractions that are each between 0 and 1 is also between 0 and 1
  41. Algebra

    Is the equation open, true, or false? 5x+2=6x+11
  42. geometry

    if n is a prime number than n +1 is not . True or false
  43. Math Statistics

    True or false? The value of the correlation coefficient can be between 0 and 1.
  44. Calculus

    If y= pie^2 then dy/dx = 2pie true or false ?
  45. geometry

    if n is a prime number than n +1 is not . True or false
  46. geometry

    if n is a prime number than n +1 is not . True or false
  47. math

    (B-C)^2=(C-B)^2 ,where B and C are (n x n) matrices.what is the answer, it is true or false
  48. Calculus

    True or False If f is continuous at x = c, then f is differentiable at x = c.
  49. Geometry

    True or False: An angle of depression can never be more than 90˚.
  50. Math

    The Additive Inverse Of 7 Is -7. True Or False
  51. tourism and hospitality

    Infomercial is sent by email true or false
  52. math

    Determine whether the equalities are true or false. 1.√2 /2=√(10 /20) 2.√11 /24=24/√11 3.2/∛3=(2/√9)/3 4.1/√2 =√2 /2
  53. science

    true or false,all mixtures are also solutions.
  54. informal logic

    If Pruth value of is true, and Q is false, the the truth of P v Q is
  55. Math

    True or false. If n is a natural number and 4 | n, then 8 | n.
  56. Algebra

    x + 3y = 3 true or false? (9, -2) is a solution for this function
  57. chemistry

    An equilibrium is dynamic. true or false
  58. math (caculus limits)

    If for every ε > 0 we can find a δ > 0 such that if 0 < |x − a| < δ then |f(x) − L| < ε, then we can say lim x→a f(x) = L. true or false?
  59. MATHS

    lim(sqrt(x^4-x^2))=0 True or false?
  60. geometry

    if n(2,4)is reflected in the line y=2 the n`is (2,0) true or false and why
  61. Math grade 6, quadrilateral logic

    All trapezoids are parallelograms. True or false?
  62. science

    True or false: Everything that moves has velocity?
  63. Math

    1 fourths of 32 = 1 over 2 of 16? True or false? and explain.
  64. Algebra

    Is the equation true, false or open 4y+8=6y+3
  65. Math

    It is possible to have an angle where sin A > 1. True or False
  66. Statistics

    The value of the correlation coefficient can be between 0 and 1.True or false?
  67. Social Studies

    True or False Geography is not used very much anymore?
  68. beginning/intermediate college algebra

    true or false:the graph of the equation 3x-5y=10 goes through (0,-2)
  69. English

    If a letter is brief, be sure to explain why. True False
  70. geometry

    true or false Given:
  71. calculus

    If f(1) > 0 and f(3) < 0, then there exists a number c between 1 and 3 such that f(c) = 0. Is this true or false? Please and thank you
  72. Medical

    True or False There's no cure for ALS
  73. geometry

    true or false : The supplement of 59˚ is 120˚.
  74. Math

    All Even Numbers Are To The Right Of Zero On A Numberline. True Or False
  75. Calc 1

    True or False. Explain. If lim f(x)=L x → a then f(a)=L
  76. math

    Given A={1,2,3} and B={2,{3}}. Determine whether each of the following statements is TRUE or FALSE. a) ∅ C B b) B C A c) {3} C A d) {2,3} C A e) {2,{3}} ∈ P(B) f) | P(B) | = 4 g) {0,1} c A
  77. Math Check Pleas Thank You

    1. Which of the following numbers is an example of an integer? ­15 * 0.252525 . . . 3/5 (fraction) Square root of 7 2. Which statement is false? Every integer is a real number. The number zero is a rational number. Every irrational number is a real
  78. statistics

    do all populations- micheline tires, voters, people with high blood pressue...- produce a normal curve? True or False Is this false because all samples produce normal curves and not the populations, and don't you have to have a range of values and
  79. Mental & Emotional Promblems

    mental or emontional promblems may cause physical promblems True or False i put put true ,am im correct?
  80. Science check

    Water in the upper zones of the ocean will have more oxygen than water in deeper zones. true or false i think true.
  81. chemistry

    In order to determine the number of atoms in a compound, you must know the number of atoms in a representative particle of the compound. True False i think false
  82. Business Law

    Superior Used Cars Ltd. has as the most prominent display on its lot an immaculate, highly polished model which rotates slowly on a raised circular platform under powerful floodlights. The price is on the windshield - $17,700.00. Walking home one evening,
  83. Social Studies

    1. What do colonialism and imperialism both require? A. one country giving money to another B. 2 countries sharing resources** C. 2 countries working together D. one country ruling another country 2. What did West Africans trade to North Africans in
  84. Algebre=Please check

    Could someone check my answers for these two questions, please? What is the equation of the line which includes points (2,6) and (0,0) y = -3x+1 y = -3x y=3x ( my answer) y = 3x+1 Equation of line with slope m = -3 and including point (5,) is y = - 3x+20 I
  85. biology

    True false I think it true
  86. geometry

    True or false? a!(b!c!) = (a!b!)c! I think its true...?
  87. History

    1) Which of the following best describes Affirmative Action? a) It was a way to fight corruption within the US government. b) The actions taken to instill new anti immigration laws. c) Of solving economic and educational discrimination. d) Of solely
  88. Science

    Could you make sure I'm correct? What is true of the work of all scientists? scientists ask testable questions and devise ways to answer those questions through experimentation or observation
  89. Greece

    4) THe Aegean Sea \occupies a graben, an area of land that has dropped down between two faults. True or False my answer: True 5) Mountans in Greece A) are densely populated B) make difficult travel C) have good farmland D) all of the above my answer: B 8)
  90. statistics

    A multiple choice test has 20 questions with each having 4 possible answers with one correct. Assume a student randomly guesses the answer to every question. 1) What is the probability of getting exactly 9 correct answers? 2)What is the probability of
  91. English

    PLEASE HELP!!! Please check my answers!! I'm not sure about a few of them, but i marked the answers that I think are correct. 1. In Act IV of Romeo and Juliet, what is Friar Lawrence’s advice to Juliet concerning her parents’ wishes that she marry
  92. chemistry

    The acid dissociation constant, Ka, for this reaction is given by the following formula (this is also in your book): Ka=[H3O+][A−][HA] The acid concentration, [HA] is given in the introductory information of this problem. Using this information and your
  93. math

    A student takes a multiple choice quiz with 12 questions and 5 alternatives per question. Unfortunately, this student has no idea what any of the answers are, so he randomly selects an alternative for each question on the exam. Using this “blind
  94. english

    Which of the following is NOT true of an in-text citation? A basic in-text citation consists of the source author’s last name and page to show the source of the direct quote The page number has the word “page” or “p.” before it. The in-text
  95. To Corie

    Do NOT post answers to other students' questions unless you are prepared to explain thoroughly. Simply giving away answers doesn't help anyone learn anything! Failure to adhere to this is a good way to get yourself on the banned list.
  96. science

    Al + Fe^3+ -> Al^3+ + Fe^2+ which substance is being oxidized?which is being reduced? which substance is oxidizing agent? reducing agent? how many electrons are exchanged in the reaction above? also: why is Fe^3+ not reduced to Fe? Oxidation is the loss of
  97. Math

    1. Does the graph represent linear relationship? Why or why not? 2. Are the slopes of the lines the same or different? How can you tell? 3. Is the statement true: Line P has a greater slope than line Q -true -false 4. How many solutions does this system
  98. beginning chemistry

    The problem says indicate the the number of sig. figs. that should be present in the answers to the following problem without solving the problem. 0.70 x 7.00 x 6.880= What is a sig.fig. and how can you find them without solving the problem? It doesn't
  99. Chemistry

    what element behaves as tghe oxidizing agent in the following equation and what element behaves as the reducing agent? sn2+ + 2Ag------> sn + 2 Ag+
  100. Final-Chemistry

    I have finals coming up in a week and a half. I know I should have started studying earlier, but I just had an exam in my chem class and was focused on getting the information for that exam mastered before I started studying for the final. Now, I'm