1. language arts Ms. Sue please

    Monitoring comprehension by rereading can be especially useful in understanding the meaning of difficult words. (1 point) true false Is the answer "true"?
  2. Science 1

    Shock waves from supernovae disrupt an interstellar cloud and prevent it from forming stars. True or False TRUE
  3. english

    Completing a chart in which foods are divided into their food groups is an example of writing to classify. True or False? True, right? Thanks a lot! :)
  4. chemistry

    A polyatomic ion is a tightly bound group of atoms that carries its own unique charge. True False I say true
  5. History of health care

    Please check my answer tahnks :) Capitation is the least type of medical service reimbursement used today True or False I said True
  6. eng 122

    he final sentence of an introduction paragraph is the paper’s thesis statement. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER TRUE
  7. biology

    The stoneworts are green algae that produce flagellated sperm in complex multicellular antheridia. True False I think its true but not sure
  8. eng 122

    A couple sentences of background information on your topic will help establish context. (Points : 1) True False answer true
  9. eng 122

    Writing with an academic voice means avoiding casual language. (Points : 1) True False answer true
  10. Anatomy and Physiology

    Please check my answer thanks True or False Keratinized cells are found in the body by the subcutaneous layer of the skin I said True
  11. Math-Please help

    *Is the statement below true of false? The expression (14x + 7y) + 5x + 9(33y + 11) is the sum of three terms. I think this question is true. please explain this to me.Nobody respone to me.
  12. Chem

    First off, thanks for the help on the other problems... For the reaction, A(g) + 2 B(g) 2 C(g), Kc = 1 x 10-10 at 25°C. Which of the following statements is true? 1. Delta n = +1 2. The concentration of the products is greater than the concentration of
  13. FACS - Reading Assignment Help!

    I have this reading assignment for Family and Consumer Science. She gave us this packet for notes and to read to answer questions she gave us (that's our reading assignment which she is grading). So we answer the questions and to find the answers we look
  14. probability and statistics

    a multiple choice test onsists of 8 questions, each with 4 possible answers but only one of which is correct.what is the probability that an unprepared student will, by chance, get, a. all correct answers, b. exactly 5 correct answers, c. at most 4 correct
  15. probability

    a multiple choice test consists of 8 questions, each with 4 possible answers but only one of which is correct.what is the probability that an unprepared student will, by chance, get, a. all correct answers, b. exactly 5 correct answers, c. at most 4
  16. maths

    To get an A grade on the test, you need a total score of more than 16 points. One of the students knows the correct answer to 6 of the 20 questions. The rest she guesses at random by tossing a coin (one toss per question,true if heads and false if tails).
  17. Chemistry

    7. 2Sr + O2  2SrO a) Determine what is oxidized and what is reduced b) Identify the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent 8. 2Cs + Br2  2CsBr a) Determine what is oxidized and what is reduced b) Identify the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent
  18. Health

    1. True or False: It is better for you to avoid intense feelings of grief. True**** False 2. Which of the following is not a stage of grief? Denial Bargaining*** coping acceptance 3.Which of the following would make dealing with a personal loss even
  19. Physiology

    Glial cells normally lose their mitotic ability prior to birth True or False Which of the following is NOT a function of astrocytes? a. can take up NT from a synapse b.can stimulate or inhibit neurons c.needed to form synapses in the CNS d.Phagocytose
  20. Ag Science

    I have a HUGE project due for ag. It's on California and Hawaii. There are questions like "how many of miles of hiking trail is in the state?" and "how many big game species are in the state?" I am desperately searching all over google for answers to these
  21. American Government

    Hi, I need some help with a couple government questions. 1. State governments could print their own paper money under the articles of confederation. True or False **my answer=true 2. Which of the following explains changes that happened in U.S. foreign
  22. Grammar

    A thesis statement clarifies the main point an essay will make. 1. True 2. False I answered true. Please check my work.
  23. Statistics

    According to DeVeaux/Velleman, the best way to succeed in the study of statistics is to memorize definitions and learn equations? True or False I chose True

    TRUE OR FALSE working on the school newspaper and literary magazine are popular extracurricular activities among Guatemalan teenagers (help!) true?
  25. science

    A total solar eclipse means that no sunlight reaches a certain area on earth. true false Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) true
  26. Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

    pelase check my answer thanks true or false Continuous is a type of fever which the temp fluctuates but always remains elevated I said True
  27. History

    The United States does not allocate funds to the rebuilding of the region of Afghanistan because of tension between the two countries in the past. True False is it True?
  28. Education

    Assimilationist ideology supports the idea that the schools should serve to homogenize newcomers at the best possible speed. True or False? I want to say true, but would like a second opinion.
  29. history

    The Overman Act was signed by President Wilson to gain more control over the war. If this is a true or false question, the answer is True.
  30. p.e

    MyPlate was created as a tool to help the average American eat one healthy meal a day? True False True? Thanks a bunch
  31. Health/Specialty Exams and Advance Techniques

    please check the answer to this question thanks True or False The external auditory canal contains hair and wax-producing glands I said True
  32. Finding Jobs(English)

    Teamw ork skills r needed to supply productivity to the work force? True or False? I put down True, is that correct?
  33. English

    The reputation of the author is an important criterion to determine when evaluating a book to include for scholarly research. True False I say True.
  34. Anatomy and Physiology

    Please check my answer thanks True or False The process of breaking a complex substance down into smaller components is called metabolism I said true
  35. medical insurance forms

    please check my answer thanks True or False The information for Blocks 1-9 on the CMS-1500 can be obtained from the medical treatment record I said True
  36. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks so much for your help. True of False generalization means The tendecy to respond to stimuli resmbling the conditioned stmulus I said True
  37. chemistry

    Ionic compounds at room temperature usually exist as solids with distinct crystalline lattice structures. True False I think true
  38. geometry

    A pyramid must have all equilateral triangles for faces for it to have an axis of symmetry. True or False? I thought maybe true, but I couldn't find it anywhere in my text saying yes or no. Help please?
  39. Philosophy

    A major worry among philosophers (including James Rachels) is that determinism threatens moral responsibility. True False I think true
  40. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks True or False Edward C. Thorndike studies the effects on dogs behaviors using a reward system I said True
  41. Physical Edu.

    Insoluble fiber in foods, especially plant sources, decrease colorectal cancer because they do not break down in the intestines: True OR False Is it TRUE?
  42. dog behavior

    please check my naswer for me thanks for your help :) True or False Ivan Pavlov is credited with the systematic study of conditioned reflexive behavior I said True
  43. True or False health insurance

    please check my answer thanks True or False A type of insurance that was designed to meet the needs of senior citizes is called medicare I say it's true
  44. history

    By 1838 the majority of Native Americans still living west of the Mississippi had been forced onto government reservations. True or False? True?
  45. physics

    When a wave crosses a boundary between a thin and a thick rope, its frequency changes, but its wavelength and speed do not. True or false I think the answer is True
  46. Basic Math

    Adding real numbers true or false ?| - 8 | + | 3 | = | - 8 + 3 | it is true. Can somebody tell me if I'm right?
  47. Geometry

    A trapezoid may have three congruent sides. True or False I think true
  48. Algebra

    4y+8=6y+3 Is the expression true,false,or open? My answer is true = 5/2
  49. Science

    True or False? Density is another property of matter True???
  50. English(Resume)

    Sign or date ur resume. true or false? this would be true right?
  51. Science

    All forms of energy can do work. A.true B.false I think this is true..?
  52. math-true/false

    An isometry preserves distance. True False true?
  53. Chem

    With which of the following will the weak acid HCHO2 react? If a reaction occurs, write the balanced molecular equation. If no reaction occurs write the left half of the reaction and use "NR". Do not include physical states in your answers. KOH: NH3:
  54. Grammar

    The first letter of a sentence is not always capitalized. A) True B) False Answer B In a numbered list in outline form, the first letter of each item on the list is always capitalized. A) True B) False Answer A
  55. PHYSICS-Help required

    My physics questions are not on graphs, this is just a practise quiz I'm doing. All the questions I've done so far were not guessed answers, I did my work on a separate piece of paper, all I really had to do was divide. The other questions above that I
  56. Math

    Write a false conditional statement. Is it possible to insert the word "not" into your conditional to make it true? If so,write the true conditional. -False-If all male are human, then all human are male. -True-If all male are human, then all human are not
  57. math

    A true-false test consists of 15 items. (b) What is the probability that Chris gets 80% or more for the test? (c) If it is a 25 item true-false test, would you think it is easier or more difficulty for Chris to get 80% or more? (Hint: please calculate the
  58. Math

    What is the difference between the number of possible answers on a five question true-false test and a five -question multiple choice test withfour choices per question
  59. Math

    What is the difference between the number of possible answers on a five question true-false test and a five -question multiple choice test withfour choices per question
  60. math

    What is the difference between the number of possible answers on a five question true-false test and a five -question multiple choice test withfour choices per question
  61. Probability/Statistics

    A quiz consists of 10 multiple-choice questions, each with 4 possible answers. For someone who makes random guesses for all of the answers, find the probability of passing if the minimum passing grade is 70 %. I'm not sure what to do. I figured that
  62. Chemistry - Oxidation, Reduction Reactions

    Fe^3+ + C204^-2 (oxalate) -> Fe^2+ + CO3 Which is the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent in the chemical equation above?
  63. English

    If there is no known author for a source, the in-text citation and the full citation on the Reference page should start with the date. True False I say false.
  64. science

    When any spot on the surface of the earth faces the sun, that spot is dark it is night. true false Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) false
  65. English

    In a research-based paper it is sometimes OK to quote directly from a research source without any attribution. True False I say False. Please check my answer.
  66. Statistics

    True or False and explain: If the slope of a regression line is large, the correlation between the variables will also be large. I was thinking false but am now second guesing myself. Thanks.
  67. Grammar

    This is a backwards Hw. They give us the answers and we have to come up with questions for each. The questions should be about homophones, adjectives and adverbs, pronouns,appositives, and count/noncount nouns. They could be multiple choice, fill in the
  68. @ in need of science

    I deleted your 25 questions. You didn't post any of your ideas or answers. Did you really want us to answer all of these questions for you?? If you'd like, post no more than five of these questions, along with your ideas about the answers. We'll be glad to
  69. Chemistry

    Can someone explain the difference between oxidation and reduction? ALso reducing agent and oxidizing agent?
  70. chemistry

    identify the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent in the following reaction: C + 2Clsub2 > CClsub4
  71. Health data

    One advantage to storing health records is to contract with a commercial storage company for both storage, retrieval, and filing. True False False?
  72. Geometry

    Determine whether the conjencture is true or false. Give counter example is false. Given: two angles are supplementary. Conjecture: the angles form a linear pair.
  73. science

    Tycho Brache came to the wrong conclusions about the motions of the planets; so all his years of work were? wasted. a) true b) false Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) false
  74. Algebra

    The assessment for this lesson is a discussion of a mathematical statement. You will have to determine if the statement is true or false. If it is false, you will explain your reasoning. For all real numbers a and b, 2a • b = a2 + b2
  75. Algebra

    1. Classify the following number as rational or irrational: 4.1 rational? 2. True or False: The Associative Property allows you to change the order of terms in an expression. False? Thanks -MC
  76. Grammar

    The patient's first visit, to the office, was for lower back pain. True False Answer: False no need for comma after visit.
  77. math

    Given p is false, q is true, and r is false, find the truth value of the statementShow step by step work. Use keyboard shortcuts of --àfor →, < --- > for→, ↔, v for V, and˄For ˄.
  78. Algebra

    I'm not getting it. I've tried to re-read the notes but I'm still confused. Label each statement as "true" or "false". If "false" correct the underlined portion. 1) If *|n+9| _ 4 and n +9_60 then *-3
  79. P.E

    During adolescence, your self-esteem may influence you to choose other friends or reject the friends you've had for years? True False Is the answer False?
  80. Anatomy

    TRUE or False: atrial systole is responsible for "most" of venous return. wouldn't this be false? I was thinking it should say ventricular systole instead, but I'm not sure. Help?
  81. science

    To find acceleration, subtract the final velocity from the initial velocity and divide by the time. true false I think this is false...?
  82. Physics

    The frequency of the wave can be changed by changing the frequency at which the waves are generated. True or false My work I think the answer is false
  83. Science

    To become more stable an atom that has two electrons in its outer energy level will gain two electrons A.) True B.) False That false correct?
  84. Science

    True or false A spurt if blodd flowing through arteries makes the arteries CONTRACT? if false what is the correct word?
  85. Math

    The following conditional statement true. What is the statements converse and is the converse is true? If a figure is a square, then it has four right angles. A. If a figure is not a square, then it does not have four right angles. This is true. B. If they
  86. Law

    In special circumstances is it possible for an agent to legally work for the interest of another agent or third party while representing a principle?
  87. nutrition and wellness

    The term "foodbourne pathogen" means a microscopic organism coming from a food source that may be harmful to humans. True False true right?
  88. please check my answer health insurance

    Please check my answer thanks :) True or False If an enrollee uses more services then first thought they would per the PPOM calculation then the plan would show a loss for that period I said True
  89. Health/Specialty Exams and Advance Techniques

    please see if I am correct thanks True or False Glaucoma, a condition caused by increased pressure in the eye, is discovered by an ophthalmologic exam I picked True
  90. math

    true or false? Money in a bank account earning compound interest at an annual rate of 5% represents an example of linear growth? I say True...
  91. us hist

    A tactic that the United States used that was very successful against the Japanese in the Pacific Theater of War was called "Island Hopping." True/False Is true?
  92. Philosophy

    Rachels's Prince and Cobbler story presents a counterexample to the Same-Body Theory of personal identity. Select one: True False I think true
  93. Law

    Please check my answer thanks :) A pre trial conference most likley would occur before dicovery begins but after the complaint is filed True or False I said True
  94. psychology

    An industrial/organizational psychologist's job would involve using psychological concepts to create better relationships between employees and managers. False True True?
  95. science

    true or false. Astronau eat a lot of freeze-dries food because it is lighter and takes up lees room. my answer is true.
  96. Critical reading

    Hi I need major help with these question, if you can help me thank you: 1. Critical reading gives us a rational basis for comprehending messages in the contemporary world. True/false I believe it's true Please correct me, thank you.
  97. ENG 122

    The “Straw Man” fallacy is the result of an oversimplified counterargument which results in a weak rebuttal. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER TRUE

    TRUE OR FALSE The currency of many Spanish-speaking countries contains the images of literary characters, political leaders, and animals from that region. True?
  99. Earth Space

    Do the phases of the moon affect how much of the moon is illuminated? I said yes because that's what causes us to have the different shapes/phases of the moon. Whichever parts are lit up. Is the following sentence true or false? The cycle of the phases
  100. Calculus

    True or False If F(x) and G(x) are antiderivatives of f(x), then F(x)=G(x)+C If f'(x) = g(x) then integral g(x) dx = f(x) + C Integral f(x) * g(x)dx = integral f(x)dx * integral g(x)dx I have a feeling it's False True True