1. Math

    vacuum cleaner was purchase on the installment plan with 12 monthly payments $36.98 each. If the cash price was $415 and there was no down payment , find the annual percentage rate.
  2. word problems

    At Sunnyside Place, as of March 31, a total of 12 residents have moved out. (What is your property’s annualized turnover percentage rate?) If, it's not too much asking, can you please include the steps to get to the answer. I appreciate your help. Thank
  3. Chemistry

    Sodium sulfate is slowly added to a solution containing 0.0500 M Ca^2+ (aq) and 0.0390 M Ag^+ (aq). What will be the concentration of Ca^2+ (aq) when Ag2SO4(s) begins to precipitate? What percentage of the Ca^2+ (aq) can be separated from the Ag^+ (aq) by
  4. Maths

    An industrial fertilizer costing $370 per tonne to produce is sold retail 61 cents per kilogram.If there is a wastage of 2.5%,find the profit as a percentage of the cost?
  5. math

    An electric mixer was purchased on the installment plan for a down payment of $60 and 11 monthly payments of $11.05 each. The cash price was $170. Find the annual percentage rate.
  6. physics

    A stone is rotated steadily in a horizantal circle with a period T by a string of length L. If the tension in the stringis constant and L increases by 1% find the percentage change in T.
  7. computers

    Assuming that a manger sends 40 SNMP GET commands each second. what percentage of a 100 Mbps LAN link's capacity would resulting response traffic represent?
  8. Chemistry!!!

    3. Imagine that more than one band appeared in the GC chromatogram, but you were unable to run the standards. Instead you took the RI and corrected it to 20 oC (1.4205). RI can be used to determine the exact mole percentage of an isomeric mixture.
  9. Physics

    Suppose a spacecraft of rest mass 34000 kg is accelerated to 0.206c. How much kinetic energy would it have? If you used the classical formula for KE, by what percentage would you be in error? Do not enter units.
  10. Numerical Analysis

    Use Taylor series expansions (zero through fourth order) to predict f (2) for f (x) = ln(x) with a base point at x = 1. Determine the true percentage relative error for each approximation.
  11. physical science

    A person drives a car around a circular cloverleaf with a radius of 58 m at a uniform speed of 10 m/s. ) Compare this answer with the acceleration due to gravity as a percentage
  12. math

    Obesity is defined as a body mass index of 3 kg/m2 or more. A 95% confidence interval for the percentage of U.S. adults aged 29 years and over who were obese was found to be 22.4% to 22.5%. What was the sample size?
  13. Science

    Equal Masses of phosphorus and chlorine react according to the follow equation. 2P+3Cl2=2PCl3 Which reagent is in excess and what percentage of it will remain at the end of the reaction
  14. Physics

    An apartment has a living room whose dimensions are 2.5 m 4.8 m 5.9 m. Assume that the air in the room is composed of 79% nitrogen (N2) and 21% oxygen (O2). At a temperature of 27°C and a pressure of 1.01 105 Pa, what is the mass (in grams) of the air?
  15. chemistry

    To prepare the titrant fo amonia nitrogen analysis an analyst weight out 1.20 grams of concentration 98% sulfuric acid and brings to 1000 ml in lab pure water. if the molecular weight is 98 calculate the normality of the solution this analyst has prepare.
  16. chemestry

    A compound contains only carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Combustion of 0.157g of the compound produced 0.123g carbon dioxide and 0.0310g water. In another experiment, it is found that 0.103g of the compound produces 0.0230g ammonia. What is the
  17. chem

    lead (IV) hydroxide- ionic cation= +4 anion= -1 chemical formula= Pb(OH)4 Magnesium phosphate-ionic cation= +2 anion= -2 chemical formula= MgPO4 is ammonium sulfate molecular or ionic?
  18. statistics

    If I need to validate 900 results, what percentage must I check to have 95% confidence the results are correct?
  19. maths

    18% of the people at the cinema were men,39% were women and the rest were children. What percentage were children? thanks to all that help.
  20. math

    All 32 of students attended class on monday on tuesday 20 % attended. what is the percentage decrease?
  21. math

    I have 21 children in my class total. 6 of them are boys and 15 of them are girls. What is the percentage of males in the class
  22. calculus2

    When the half-life of uranium U232 92 for 74 years . What is the percentage remaining after 10 years ?
  23. chemistry

    A flask containing air is heated from 300K to 400K. the percentage of air escaped out is..
  24. fakunle

    26cm of wood is cut off a board 130cm long.what percentage has been cut off?
  25. math

    A product costs $42.75 per unit and we sell each unit for $78.42 there is a difference of $35.67. What is the percentage of the markup? Thank you.
  26. Maths

    26cm of wood is cut off a board 130cm long . What percentage has been cut off ?
  27. Math

    a seller buys 8 oranges at $5 and sell 4 oranges at $5 ,what is the profit or loss percentage ?
  28. Math

    If a student scored 54% on a test and wants to increase her score by 20% what will the final percentage score be
  29. physical science

    What is the percentage increase in size when ordering a 14 inch rather than a 12 inch pizza?
  30. Science

    What is the percentage by mass of glucose in a solution which contains 18gm of glucose and 250 gm of water
  31. Percentage

    I just got a 3% merit pay increase to my current rate of $20 an hour. How much will my hourly rate be now?
  32. Algebra

    I know the answer to the question, but don't know how to write it out. What is the percentage of increase from 58,000 to 89,000.
  33. percentages

    a tree is 1.5 m tall after a year it increase its height by 12% after another year it by a further 14% what is the percentage change

    If you have $10 in the bank today and $25 in the bank tomorrow, what was the percentage increase in your account balance?
  35. college

    how do i figure out the percentage error , as well as the absolute error of a) (10.00+/- .02)mL x .42 mol/L b) (10.00 +/- .02)mL + (10.00 +/- .02)mL thanks in advancee plz help
  36. Chemistry

    What is the percentage of sand (SiO2) in a 2.88g of a mixture If 1.93 of sand was recovered upon separation?
  37. arithmetic

    I got 102 questions right out of 150 on a math test. What percentage did I get on theis test?
  38. Math

    If there were 150 animals, of which 73 were rabbits and the rest are chickens.. What percentage of the animals were chicken? Is it 48%
  39. math

    a square frame was increased from 36 to 81.by what percentage were the side lengths increased answer
  40. statistics

    Jorge finds that his standardized z score on an IQ is 2.0. What percentage of people did he score higher than? a. 98 b. 96 c. 68 d. 34
  41. math

    In my math class tests are 70% and homework is 30% so if i wanted at least an 80% how much would be the least percentage i needed in each category
  42. Calculus

    The radius of a circular disk is given as 24 cm with a maximal error in measurement of .2 cm. What is the percentage error?
  43. Economics

    What type of labor occurs in Kenya? What percentage of it is physical labor, mental, other? Thanks
  44. math

    In my math class tests are 70% and homework is 30% so if i wanted at least an 80% how much would be the least percentage i needed in each category
  45. math

    A team won 8 of the 24 games it played in one season. What percentage of the games did it win?
  46. Helping Abuse Children

    What percentage of reported child abuse cases are valid
  47. Chemistry

    1. The percentage of a composition is equal to ???. 2. A compound's molecular formaul is numerically equal to its ??? Help!! Thanks =]
  48. math

    the price for a stock has decreased from $24.50 per share to $18.60 per share. What percentage is the decrease? I am not sure how to figure this. I came up with 24.08% ???
  49. Percentage Problems

    Find 1/2 of 1% of 190. 190 x .01 = 1.9 1.9/2 = .95 This is what I have been doing. However, the answer is 19/20 and there isn't any explantion. Can anyone help me out with this? Thank you in advanced
  50. Math

    What is 503,000,000 as a percentage? I am doing this for a school project. It's really difficult to figure out. Just saying.
  51. Math (Percentage)

    In a class of 40 , 12 students failed the exam. What was the passing rate of the said class?
  52. Chemistry

    Part 1: Each molecule of NO2, nitrogen dioxide, consists of 1 atom of N and 2 atoms of O. If you have 0.155 g. of NO2, how many molecules of NO2 do you have ? 2030000000000000000000 was the correct answer Part 2: How many atoms of N do you have ?
  53. Biology of the environment term

    Teacher explained to us what limiting factor was but I'm not able to understand she said that a limiting factor causes increase in population but I not get how and why is called limiting factor than ? She also said how Phodphorus and nitrogen were limiting
  54. Chemistry

    A 7.2 ´ 10-3 M solution of acetic acid is 5.0% dissociated. In a 7.2 ´ 10-4 M solution, the percentage of dissociation would be a. the same. b. >5%. c. <5%. d. zero. e. none of these
  55. criminal law

    a bail bondsman fee is usually what percentage of the set bail
  56. matha

    out of 250 oranges 50 oranges distributed in class what is the percentage left
  57. maths

    the price of meat increase from 110 to159 what percentage increase
  58. algebra

    The product of 21% and some number. Type the percentage as a decimal. Use y to respersent some number.
  59. College Chem

    how do i figure out the percentage error , as well as the absolute error of a) (10.00+/- .02)mL x .42 mol/L b) (10.00 +/- .02)mL + (10.00 +/- .02)mL
  60. Health

    Does anyone know what our daily percentage of carbs is? And how many grams of starch we need in our daily diets? Please help.
  61. Mathhhhh

    There are 260 skittles but only 133 were eaten. How do I find the percentage of what was eaten?
  62. math

    There are 159 counties in Mississippi, 60 of these counties have French names, what percentage is that?
  63. MATHS

    The sides of a square were reduced from 10 cm to 7.5 cm. What is the percentage decrease in the area of the square?
  64. math

    There are are 20% more girls than boys in the senior class.What percentage of the seniors are girls?
  65. chem

    Suppose you need to extract an organic substance S from water into ether, where the distribution constant Kdist = [S]org/[S]aq is at first unknown. a) By testing the solubility of the material in each solvent under saturating conditions at room
  66. Chemistry

    Nitrogen (80 kPa), oxygen (21.0 kPa), carbon dioxide (0.03 kPa), and water vapor are the usual components of air. What is the partial pressure of water in mm Hg if the total atmospheric pressure in 1.00 atm?
  67. Chemistry

    In the industrial synthesis of ammonia, the equilibrium constant expression may be written as: Keq= [NH3]^2/[N2][H2]^3 Calculate the value of this equilibrium constant, if the equilibrium concentration of nitrogen in the reaction mixture at 600°C if [N2]
  68. chemistry

    What is the partial pressure of CO2(torr) in exhaled breathe at 37.0 degree C if the partial pressure of Oxygen is 116 torrr and that of nitrogen is 659 torr. Assume the atmospheric pressure is 1.00 atm
  69. Chemistry

    If 1.22 grams of magnesium reacts with 100 ml of 6.02 M HCl solution. How much heat is evolved? Density of the HCl solution is 1.10 g/ml. Assume the specific heat of water 4.184 J/gC is the specific heat of the solution. Mg  +  2 HCl   à  MgCl2  + 
  70. maths &chemistry

    Nitrogen tetraoxide is known to dissociate accoding to the equation;N2O4(g)_2NO2(g).A250mlsample of the gas mixture weighs 0.257bar.Calculate the partial pressure of each gas.(Hint:obtain the pressure it had before dissociation ,and then use the idea of
  71. Math (Algebra)

    A jar contains x nickels and y quarters only. What percentage of the total number of coins are quarters?
  72. math

    grace made 6 out of 10 shots at the basket ball game. what percentage of shots did she make?
  73. Math

    1.if 40% of pupils in a school are boys,what percentage of the pupils are girls? 2.increase 448 by 25% 3.decrease 20.00 by 5%
  74. math

    the price for a stock has decreased from $24.50 per share to 18.60 per share. what percentage is the decrease? how do i figure this question out please?
  75. chemistry

    what mass of ethanol could form from fermentation of 90.0g of glucose? what is the percentage yield if 6.0g of ethanol forms?
  76. Math

    adeline spent 5/8 her money on books and 1/2 of the remainder on food. what percentage of her money had she ledt?
  77. maths

    if the radius of a sphere decreases by 0.1%,find the percentage decreases in (i)surface area (ii)volume
  78. math

    Farmer fred has 200 sheep on his farm he sells 40 of them what percentage of his sheep does he have left?
  79. Math

    What percentage of the total students chose skateboarding? Skateboarding boys=2 girls=1 A. 10% B. 20% C. 30% D. None of these Is the answer D? Thank took you
  80. algebra

    how would you write 46% and some number as an algebraic expression? Type the percentage as a decimal, and use y to represent some number?
  81. Math

    Given that an English pound is worth $1.64, how much larger is a pound than a dollar? Answer in percentage terms
  82. math

    2 person in a business. first pur $100& gets $120 and second puts $80 and gets $100. Who gains more and by what percentage?
  83. chemistry

    If I measure a graduated cylinder 50 mL and then take that same liquid and it measures 52 mL in a beaker, what is the percentage error of the beaker?
  84. math

    how do you format hours/day-percentage of time spent during an 8 hour work day ?
  85. Statistics

    If a basketball player has a shooting percentage of 60% , find the probability that the player will make at least 4 of her next 6 shots?
  86. chemistry

    What is the percentage by mass of sodium (Na) in a formula unit of sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3)?
  87. math

    How can I solve this question, Write 83.9% as a decimal, and write 0.038 as a percentage. I just can not remember how to do this. Sorry and thank you for your help and time.
  88. statistics

    At one college, GPAs are normally distributed with a mean of 2.6 and a standard deviation of 0.6. What percentage of students at the college have a GPA between 2 and 3.2?
  89. Statistics

    If a basketball player has a shooting percentage of 60% , find the probability that the player will make at least 2 of her next 9 shots?
  90. statistics

    Given a population of scores is normally distributed with mu of 110 and a standard deviation of 8 the percentage of scores that are below a score of 99?
  91. math

    with a mean of 515 and a standard deviation of 135, what percentage score 110-515 using the 68-95-99.7 rule
  92. chemistry

    Analysis of a compound yields the following percentage composition.65.03 of Ag;15.68Cr;19.29 O. the simplest formula of the compound is?
  93. Physics

    The percentage errors in the measurement of mass and speed are 2% and 4%respectively. Then find maximum error in the measurement of K.E?
  94. Chemistry

    Consider an alloy that is 14.1% copper by mass in tin. Copper makes up what percentage of the atoms in this sample?
  95. Chemistry

    What is the percentage yield for a reaction if you predicted the formation of 21 grams of C6H12 and actually recovered only 3.8 grams?
  96. physics

    A simple pendulum has a length of 1.25m.calculate its period and what is the percentage increase of the period?
  97. Chemistry - please help

    1. Write the balanced chemical equation for the single displacement reaction of magnesium and sodium thiosulfate. Is this right? 6Mg + (S*2*O*3)*2 -> 6MgO + 2S*2 2. Write the balanced chemical equation for the double displacement reaction of hydrogen
  98. Science (Chemistry)

    Can someone explain why the ratio of magnesium ions to chloride ions in MgCl2 is 1 :2 Mg is in group IIA and has two electrons in its outside shell. Cl is in group VIIA and has seven electrons in its outside shell. Mg wants to lose two electrons; Cl wants

    My chem class just finished a lab in which the objective was to find the percentage of silver and barium in a nitrate salt mixture by precipitating the chromates, separating out the precipitate from the solvent and spectator ions via filtration, and
  100. chemistry

    A 5.0 L sample of nitrogen gas has a pressure of 95 kpa. What is the final volume of the gas if the pressure is tripled? I know p1 = 95, v1=5.0 and p2 = tripled What i don't understand is what number is tripled, is it 95 times 3??