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i need help which career to choose if i study the above subject: mathematical literacy, life sciences, life orientation, history, Geography, English home language and Afrikaans first language

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  1. life science,mathematical literacy,life orietation

    i need help which career to choose if i study the above subject: mathematical literacy, life sciences, life orientation, history, Geography, English home language and Afrikaans first language
  2. Geo, Math lit, Life science, history

    Which career will I be able to do if I study Geography, Mathematical literacy, Life sciences, History, English, setswana and life orientation
  3. computer history

    History,business study,tourism,zulu,maths literacy,english and life orientation. Am doing those subject and am in grade 11 I don't knw what career must I take anybody can help me my digit please 0724306682
  4. Careers

    I am phumzile in grade 11 i am doing mathematical literacy,bussiness studies,life science, life orientation, i want to know which career path can i follow
  5. Careers

    what career must i choose? if i do mathematical literacy economics tourism business studies
  6. woodlands

    Which career path can I follow with the following subjects economics life sciences geography and mathematical literacy
  7. Mathematical lit and life sciences, economics and

    What can I study for when I do Mathematical literacy and life sciences and economics and geography
  8. 12th Grade

    What career can I study if I am doing this subject: Mathamatical literacy ,Accounting , Economics And Business studies anyone who can help?
  9. Math lit,life sciences,bussiness study,geography

    Im in grade 10 and im doing math literacy,life sciences,business study,geography,life orientation,english and isizulu,what career path do i need to follow?im literaly lost.
  10. Careers

    Math literacy, life science, geography and history What career can i do with this subject and what percentage i need

    ENGLISH.ISIZULU.LIFE SCIENCE. LIFE ORIENTATION.MATH LITERACY.HISTORY ND GEOGRAPHY. am doing grade 11 so has am doing this subject iwant to know which career i must task when i pass my matric plz help me
  12. Career guidance

    With my subject what career I must choose I'm doing life science, geography, business study, English, sepedi and maths lit my school is central secondary school
  13. waverley girls high school

    Which career options do you have if you choose subjects such as geography, maths literacy, business studies and life science ?
  14. phomolong secondary school

    i am a grade 11 learne,i cant choose the that is good for me from the following subject history,geography,life science,sepedi,life orientation,english,math literacy.
  15. history, geo,maths, l,s

    guys my dream is to be a nurse,but i am doing history, geography, mathematical literacy, life science, so I don't know where to study, how much will it cost.iam staying at northwest so help
  16. dennis matlhaba 2

    i decided to choose this subjec (mathematics literacy,english,sepedi,lo,life sciences,agrictural management practice and afrikaans) so what can i do in my life with all those subject that i studied?
  17. Life science,Geography,History,math literacy

    May i study social work and become a social worker with these subjects : -English home language -Afrikaans First additional language -Mathematical literacy -Life orientation -History -Geography -Life science
  18. lot mashiane secondry school

    if I choose maths literacy, history, geography and life science which job I'd related to this subject
  19. Maths Lit, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies

    I am a grade 10 learner doing Maths Literacy, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Life Orientation, English and Afrikaans I want to know what Degree I can study in University and also to check what career path I would be able to do.
  20. History

    Can I study Archeology while I did mathematical Literacy at school ?
  21. Career choice

    im doing grade 11 from Nkombose High School.If I'm doing tourism, geography, history, mathematical literacy.what career choice I'm supposed to do??
  22. Career

    If I do history , Geography , Life sciences , mathematical Literacy, sepedi , Life orientation and English which job I supposed to work?
  23. Careers

    I'm more interested in Health sciences but I can't fit on because of mathematical literacy,here are mt matric results:setswana HL 6 ,ENG HL 4,Geography 6 .Lice sciences 6 .Agricultural sciences 6 .LO 5 . MATHEMATICAL LITERACY 4.PLEASE HELP .I'm financially
  24. Life orientation

    What type of career can I get with maths literacy, geography, life sciences, business studies, English, Afrikaans and life orientation?
  25. Careers

    I'm doing history, geography, mathematical literacy and tourism..I don't know what I'm going to study when Im at university next year please help me
  26. Hwiti High School

    Which career path i can follow with the following subjects:geography,history,maths literacy,life science,english,sepedi ans life orientation?
  27. Maths literacy, Geography, life science and econom

    Im in grade 10 :I'm doing those subject: (life science, Geography, maths literacy and economics). So I need help about which job I can get for doing those subject?
  28. Careers

    Which career that can I choose Maths Literacy, acconting, business, economic
  29. Magoni secondary school

    accounting. economic. business studies n maths literacy if am doing those subject wch career can l get plz help me
  30. Life Orientation

    Hi Can you please send me advice on the ffg What types of career courses can I get with the following subjects Life Orientation English Mathematics Literacy Afrikaans Geography Life Sciences Business Studies
  31. Careers

    Can I become nurse if studying mathematical literacy ,life sciences , geography n tourism
  32. Career guidance

    Can I be a scientist with goegraphy,life sciences,agricultural sciences,mathematical literacy,English,Xhosa,life orientation
  33. ndzundza mabhoko secondary school

    Hi I'm doing geograph, maths literacy, life science and business which career can I go for
  34. Careers

    What career can you do with Maths Literacy, Consumer Studies , life Sciences and Tourism
  35. Careers

    What career path can I choose with these subjects? Maths Literacy, English, consumer, business studie
  36. Careers

    Life science, tourism ,geography ,maths literacy What career choice can u take with those subjects
  37. Careers

    Life science, tourism ,geography ,maths literacy What career choice can u take with those subjects
  38. Career guidance

    Which career path I can follow with the following subjects? Mathematics Literacy, Agricultural sciences, Life
  39. Careers

    Can I became a social worker with subjects that I do?? Mathematical literacy, Geography, history, dramatic arts,life orientation, tourism
  40. Careers

    What career should I take Mathematical literary, life science, agricultural,
  41. Careers

    Maths literacy, Life sciences, Geography and Agric Which career stream can I do when I have done those subjects in high school
  42. Careers

    What career can I do with these subjects I need help please History, Geography, Life sciences and Mathematical
  43. counseling

    Which course can study with thise subject Accounting business studies economic math literacy
  44. Mathematics,geography,life science, agricultural,

    What career can study with this subject
  45. History Geography Mathematical Literacy Life scien

    Can I study nursing in future? If I'm doing the following subjects:-: History Geography Life sciences Mathematical Literary English Xhosa Life orientation
  46. Business,Economics, tourism and Maths Literacy

    Those are my grade 12 subject , i want to know what careers ai can choose if i'm doing Business, Economics,Tourism and Maths Literacy
  47. English, tourism, agricutural sciences ,geographyand mathematics lit

    What career or job could i do n can i go to vasity to study further with this subject
  48. Business studies ,eonomics ,tourism,maths lits

    What career can i choose with this subject
  49. Careers

    I wanna know if you are doing maths literacy consumer studies business studies and tourism what career fields are available and what course should I choose
  50. Maths literacy , life Science, toursim , geography

    Can I become a nurse if doing these subject maths literacy, life science, Geography , Tourism
  51. pure maths, agriculture,life sciences, physics

    i want to know what does those subject i choose fall under which career
  52. Careers

    Which career we can follow but life science, maths literacy, agricultural science
  53. Maths Lit,Geo,Life Sciences and Agric

    Which career can I get into after doing Mathematics Literacy,Geography,Agricultural Sciences and Life Sciences?
  54. Careers

    What career path can i follow with these subjects Math literacy, physical science,life science
  55. Careers

    which career's to follow when having these subjects mathamatical literacy, geography, life sciences, agricultural sciences
  56. career

    Geography,Agriculture,Life Sciences,English and Maths Literacy can I Study Journalism
  57. Business studies, tourism, economics, maths lits

    I'm doing this subject and i don't know what career i can choose plz help me
  58. Tourism,maths lit,economics,business studies

    am studyng Grade11 and am confused,I feel i want to study Tourism and hopefully make it my career but i also want a career that includes all my subjects not to pick from one them.What should i study after grade12?Help please
  59. Career

    Please check answers. Thank you. 1. What is possible to know before you commit your self to begin your career in a specific location? A. If you will enjoy living in that city.** B. How many people will have the same occupation C. How high the cost of
  60. Maths lit

    Would I be able to do Safety management caurse with this subject Life sciences,Agriculture,Geography,Maths literacy and English
  61. Career guidance

    Am a grade 11 leaner n would like to know if l'll be able to become a social warker with the following subject maths literacy, history ,life science, geagraph,
  62. Dolophini

    Which career to choose with these subjcets ;isixhosa,english,life sciences,geography,life orientation and history i have passed my matric with D, i want three options atleast?
  63. Career guidance

    which careers that I will ables to choose with this subjects.. hostory,life orientation, tourism , geograph, maths literacy, tswana, english?? history,tourism,geograph,maths literacy, tswana,Lo
  64. math literacy, all sciencez

    I'm a student doing grade 12 my subjects are math literacy, geography, life sciences,physical sciences,L.o ,xitsonga and English and would really want to know the best career path or choice for me.
  65. Correct my essay please!

    Should people judge children’s job choices? By Rylie Demers Job careers are talked about all throughout a child’s life, but should you try to judge their career choice and persuade them to another? There is no doubt that children are easily persuaded
  66. Career choice

    Hello there.. If I study maths literacy+Geography+life science+History at school which careers do I relate with because I wish to help people medically or either way
  67. Career guidance

    manths liracy,geography,life science, agricultural science. English, xitsonga,life orientation what career can i follow in the following subject
  68. Mathematical literary, geography, life science,agr

    Which career can I get into after doing mathematical literary, geography, life science and agricultural science
  69. Maths,history,andriculture,life science

    What my career if i'm doing this subject maths,life scienc,history,agriculture
  70. Career Guidance

    what career can I study for with business, life science and maths lit
  71. Careers

    What career I qualify with this subject History and geography and life science and maths l
  72. Careers

    history, MATHS LI ,GEOGRAPHY, LIFE SCIENCES What career should I follow by this subject ??
  73. career

    write a paragraph in which you discuss how grade can affect the ability to achieve your career goals. Include the subject areas that are most important to your career goals, and what you might realistically do to improve your grades in those subject Im
  74. Career

    history,geography,maths lit,life science Which career is suitable for this subject above
  75. Careers

    What career can I do with this subject pure maths, life science consumer studies, tourism
  76. Career

    Which of the following are the top two job expectations of people who career plan Hours** Benefits Type of work** coworkers security Which of the following is an example of a job that would supply a good that would meet a need? limo driver** actor farmer
  77. Career Guidance

    I'm in grade 11 doing this subjects business, economics, geography, maths Literacy,business studies, Life orientation, xitsonga can you please help which course should I take and which path of career should I follow when I go to university and which
  78. Careers

    Maths lit, Geography ,life science and History Which career must I study for with these subjact.
  79. writing

    Actions for Use of narrativesBrainstorm uses for writing narratives at school, in your daily life, and on the job. You can choose your own career field or someone else's career field. Please include very specific information as to what you might include in
  80. Pertunia msimango

    What kind of career should ifollow if i study,hitory.geography,lifesience,life orientation and english
  81. Careers

    Which career I can do with this subject maths lit, geography, history, agriculture, Xhosa, English, life orientation
  82. liberty college

    I am in grade 12 and I have taken History, matches literacy, English language/ literacy,life science, business studies and economics, what course will these subjects allow me take in university? Regards Rita.
  83. English

    He needs to concentrate more on his career. --------------------------- What does 'career' mean in this sentence? Does 'career' mean 'job'? Or is it 'work life'?
  84. English

    this is a paragraph for a paper can someone please check the grammar? Only a small portion of the population in the United States are attending schools, and that small portion are people who really want to stand out and have a life full of joys and
  85. English

    I still have to check a few other sentences on the same subject. Thank you very much in advance,Writeacher. In particular sentences 4-5-6. 1) If I work at the passion, then it is the job itself that motivates me. 2) I will take up working tomorrow. (is
  86. Career guidance

    What career can you do if you choose Maths lit, Business Studies, Geography and Life Science
  87. Careers

    With this subjects which career I can choose? Geography, maths lit, history, life science
  88. Career guidance

    I need some assist seriously I don't know which career or job is suitable for me I've been thinking about this matter I have, which job can I do or career can i do if I'm doing this subjects “history, geography, mathematics literacy, tourism... "? Please
  89. Life sciences, Business studies,Maths lit and CAT

    With Life sciences, Business studies,Maths lit and CAT, what can I study after matric? Which career field should I follow?
  90. art

    Which most accurately explains the way bias can change how art historians evaluate artwork? When a subject is outdated, art historians see less need to research why the subject is important. When art historians prefer a certain subject, they can overlook
  91. Mathematics

    In a class,100 students,50 study chemistry,60 study biology and 29 study physis.each student studies at least one of the three subjects.12 study biology and chemistry only,15 study biology and physis,7 study physis and chemistry but not biology 33 study
  92. Counseling

    What courses can I do with the subject like Geography, Life Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Mathematical Litaracy?
  93. Careers

    I am a grade 11 student I want to know what career fields I can choose but I wanna do nursing but I don't do life science at school
  94. History

    What do think I'll learn by interviewing a teacher about their school? Here are the questions I asked the teacher: Kearsney is the name of the school Where and when were you born? How would you describe your childhood? What was your ambition growing up?
  95. William Pescod High School

    History, tourism, biology and mathematical literacy What can I become with these subjects?
  96. Career guidance

    can i become a lawyer doing tourism, history, geography and mathematical Literacy?
  97. science

    ok this is a word search! study of ancient artifacts- study of animals_ study of prehistoric fossils- study of chemical matter- study of the laws of motion and matter- study of life sciences-
  98. Maths literacy.geography,life science,history

    I have passed matric..Which career is suitable for me if am doing this subjects? maths literacy level 2#agricultural sciences level 3#geograpy level2#history level 3#life sciences level 2#lsixhosa level 6# English FAL level 3.. I really need help
  99. Math

    In a school, 33% of the students study Biology and 16% study Chemistry. If 9% study both sciences, what percentage do not study either subject?
  100. Careers

    Can I do nursing with these subjects? Mathematical literacy,history,geography and touris


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