i am wonder how to do divsion

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  1. math please help

    whats eight divided by 1195 in long divsion please help.

  2. bio

    TRUE OR FALSE 1. One of two identical"sister" parts of a copied chromosome is called a chromatid 2.The final phase of mitosis in which the nuclear envelope re-forms is called anaphase. 3.Divsion of the cytoplasm takes place during prophase.

  3. math

    i am wonder how to do divsion

  4. College Algebra

    long divsion to divide the polynomials. 2x^3-5x^2-6x-16/x-4

  5. algEBRA word problem

    1 julies car travels 27 miles per gallon of gassoline used. she recently travedled 324 miles. how many gallons of gasoline did her car use? im learning about algebra multiplicaion property of equality and divsion property of equality would i write: i know