how do i factorize 25p^2-q^2

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  1. Mathematics

    For question 1 & 2, find the x- and y-intercept of the line. 1. -10x + 5y = 40 A. x-intercept is 5; y-intercept is -10 B. x-intercept is 8; y-intercept is -4 C. x-intercept is -10; y-intercept is 5 D. x-intercept is -4; y-intercept is 8*** 2. 5x + 4y = 80

  2. Math

    Factorize: a^2 -1 + 2b - b^2

  3. Math

    The grocery store sells kumquats for $4.75 a pound and Asian pears for $2.25 a pound. Write an equation in standard form for the weights of kumquats k and Asian pears p that a customer could buy with $22. 4.75k+2.25p=22***** 4.75=2.25p+22 4.75+2.25=k

  4. Maths

    When the polynomial f(x)=(p-1)+x^3+px^2+qx+r, where p, q is divided by (x+2) and (x-1) the remainders are -5 and 4 respectively. If (x+1) is a factor of f(x), find the value of p, q and r, hence factorize f(x) completely.

  5. Math

    What is the exact circumference of a circle with a diameter of 21 inches? Is it 110.25p inches??

  6. Mathematics

    Factorize 3x^4-48y^4

  7. Math

    Factorize: 3a(3a-2b)+b^2-c^2

  8. Math

    Prime factorize the following using factor tree method: 66, 99, 20, 108, 37 and 450

  9. mathematics

    Key: logx= log base x 1. Prove that: (logx64 +logx4 -logx8)/(logx1024) =1/2 2.factorize by grouping r^2s^2+3t^2+r^2t^2+3s^2 3.factorize the following expression 49p^2-1/25 4.simplify i.(ax+bx+ay+by)/(cx+cy+dx+dy) ii.(3/4+1/2) / (1/3+1/2) 5.two thirds of a

  10. Maths

    A shop keeper brought 6 pens for 95p. He sold them to make a profit of 25p.How much was each pen

  11. Mathematics

    Factorize x^3+2x^2-11x-12

  12. Maths

    Find the cost of 2m 20cm at 25p per metre

  13. maths

    factorize completely X^2 + 2X^2 - 15X / 2X^2 - 18

  14. Maths

    Factorize x2+4xy+4y2-9x2y2

  15. algebra

    I have two questions here: Solve the equation: ( (p + 1) / 2 ) ^ 2 - ( (p - 1) / 2 ) ^ 2 (Note it's P+1 over 2 for example but I think that's how you would write it on one line above?) Factorize: x^2−x−2=0

  16. Maths

    Factorize 8!-5(7!) A.4!7! B.3-7! C.4 x 7! D.3! X 7!?

  17. Mathematics

    Factorize y² - 2xy - 3x

  18. Maths

    factorize completely x^2 2xy Y^2 3x 3y-8?

  19. Mathematics

    factorize completely 3mn-6n^2 3n(m-2n) is this correct?

  20. mathematics

    How do you prime factorize the numbers 8678670 and 15485863?

  21. maths

    Factorize: 1.) 64x^3-y^3 2.) x^4+10x^3+35x^2+50x+24 3.) x^3/8-64-3x^2+24x

  22. Math

    Factorize the following expressions completely. 6x2y3 +18xy + 3x2y2 + 9x y2 – x2 + 8y + 16 64x6 – y6

  23. Math

    Factorize the following expressions: 1) 6a(3a-2)+12b(3a-2) I got : (3a-2)(6a+12b) But its not simplified, how do i simplify it

  24. Maths

    Factorize: ab2(Square)-ac2 (square),hence show that 10x(5.5)-10 (4.5)2 (square)=100

  25. mathematics

    how do i factorize 25p^2-q^2

  26. Math

    Callum bought 2 apples at 25p each and a drink for 39p. How much did he spend altogether?

  27. Maths

    Factorize (4a+3)^2 -(3a-2)^2?

  28. math

    How can i factorize this? 8x^3+1

  29. math

    Please Factorize it- 16*x^2+8*x-1

  30. math

    Please Factorize it- 4*x^3-4*x

  31. Math

    Factorize (x+2)^2 + x^2 +6x + 8

  32. MATH

    Factorize the following : x4-x2-6 HELP!!!!!!

  33. MATH

    Factorize the following : x4-x2-6 HELP!!!!!!

  34. maths

    factorize 6x^2-8x+3?

  35. math

    Factorize the following: 2x^2 + 3x - 7

  36. maths

    factorize (x^2-4x)(x^2-4x-1)-20

  37. math

    Factorize b^4-16 PS. "b" is really the letter b

  38. maths

    factorize a^3+b^3+c^3-3abc

  39. Mathematics

    Factorize completely (i) 4X^2 - 25

  40. Mathematics

    Factorize the following: x+9x+14, z-3z+2, r-25, a-14a+49, t-t-12

  41. math

    Factorize 81x as far as possible.

  42. Algebra

    Factorize 2xy +6-12y-x

  43. Algebra

    Factorize 1: 8z^2+19z+15=0 2: 4x^2+16x-6=0

  44. mathematics

    Factorize the following 2ax+4bx

  45. basic maths

    how to factorize x^3-18x^2+31X-o=0

  46. math

    factorize z^4 + 2z^3 - 2z^2 + 8 into linear factors

  47. Maths

    Factorize 81a^3 - 24b^6?

  48. chemistry

    whata the period block and group in which elements with the following electron configuration is located? a) [Ne] 3s^23p^4 b) [Kr] 4d^105s^25p^2 c) [Xe] 4f^145d^106s^26p^5

  49. algebra

    Factorize the following trinomial by middle term spilt. 7x-6-2X^2

  50. Maths

    Factorize the following expressions completely. 3×sqare+2×y-12×z-8yz

  51. math

    factorize the following expressions and if possible show your steps 4x+20 3y^2+12y x^2+4y-21

  52. algebra

    (r^2+7r+10)/3 * (3r-30)/(r^2-5r-50) how can i Factorize each expression to end up with this new equation (r+5)(r+2)/3 * 3(r-10)/((r-10)(r+5) can you please explain..

  53. math

    Please Factorize it- 16x2+8x-1 Note="2 used after 16x is power of x"

  54. algebra

    Factorize 264x^3 as far as possible. I know 81x is 3^4*x or 3*3*3*3*x now for example, but how do you get the smallest number in this case?

  55. Dr bob222,math

    How is 6p^5q^3 x 9p^5q^3 / 5p^5q^5= 30p^5q because isn't it both have the same exponents and letters therefore they should cancel and be left with 30q^2 The equation started at as 25 for the second part of the numerator and not 9. 6p^5q^3 x

  56. mangerial eco

    you are the manager at the cadillac division of GM. If the marketing department has estimated that the annual demand for the escalde is Q=100,000-1.25P what price should you charge in order to maximize revenues from sales? Total revenue is P*Q. So, TR =

  57. Math

    How do i factorise 25p^2-q^2?

  58. math

    factorize 1) x^2=5x-6 2) 6x^2-20=-7x 3) 6x^2-7x=-2

  59. Math IB SL

    Factorize: 2x^2-xy-6y^2 ????

  60. Algebra

    factorize x^4 - (x-z)^4

  61. math

    factorize :x2-2X+xy-2y

  62. Algebra

    Factorize (x+1)(x+2)(x+3)(x+6)-3x^2

  63. algebra

    factorize: 2a(2a-b) + (2a-b)-8

  64. maths

    factorize 2*2^1/2x^3+3*3^1/2y^3+5^1/2(5-3*6^1/2xy)

  65. mathematics

    factorize 3x^2+19x+2=0

  66. math


  67. maths

    factorize the following. 1) 4x^2-2x+5=0 2) 6x^2+5x-4=0 3) x^2=3x 4) x(x-3)=-2 5) 4x^2+11x=-6

  68. Maths

    Factorize 2x2^+8x-10=0

  69. MATHS

    Factorize :3x^2+3tx-xyt-t^2y

  70. math

    factorize completely : 16-36p squared

  71. Mathematics

    Factorize completely: 3x²-2xy-y

  72. Maths

    Factorize completely 16y³+16y² +4y

  73. Math

    Factorize completely 2y squared -11y +15

  74. math

    help!!! i don't know how to factorize 9x*squared* - 12x +4! HELLLPPPPPP!

  75. math

    factorize completely : 12x squared-23x+5

  76. math

    factorize completely 12x squared -23x +5

  77. Mathematics

    factorize completely the expression 4x^2-8xy+16y^2

  78. Math

    Factorize these expressions using quadratic trinomials P²+22p+96,x²+18x-63

  79. Maths

    I need to find the rule of the inverse of the function f(x) = 6x + 4. Should I factorize is to x/6 - 2/3 or should I leave it as (x - 4)/6. Thanks

  80. mathematics

    birdseed cost 25p for 100g.find the cost of a bag of bird seed containing 1kg 300g.

  81. Micro economics

    S(p)= -200+50p D(p)=1000-25p Find the equilibrium price for t shirts at this concert. What is the equilibrium quantity?

  82. mangerial economics

    a monopolist has the following demand and Tc functions: Q=2,500-25P TC= 100,000 + 20Q+ 0.05Q^2 How much consumer surplus ($) will a monopolist transfer to itself

  83. Maths

    Given the f (x) =2x^3 + ax^2 + bx - 9. (a)Find the value of a and b if f (x) has a factor x -3 but leaves a reminder of 8 when divided by x + 1. (b) Factorize f (x) completely and hence solve for x.

  84. maths please assist

    FACTORIZE 1. axny+abn+cxy+bc 2. 6ab^2-10b^3-3acd+5bcd 3. x^2y+xyz^2+zx+z^3 4. 2x^3+3x^2-2x^2y-3xy

  85. Maths'

    What percentagge of £119.25p is £11.04p? Divide: 11.04 by 119.25. This gives you a decimal number. Move the decimal point two places to the right to turn it into a percentage. Please post your answer and we'll be glad to check it.

  86. maths

    A sum of rs76.50 was pain in 50,25 and 10 paise coins. The number of 10p coin used was four times a number of 25p coin and 10 times of 50p coins how many were there of each ?????

  87. Further Maths

    If f(y)=2y3+9y2+ay-b where a and b are constant,find the values of the constant a and b hence (1) factorize f(y) completely (2) State the zeros of f(y) (3) find the remainder when f(y) is divided by (y-5)

  88. math

    150 = 25p

  89. Math

    Please, help me with this problem. 200=-25p

  90. maths

    factorize -> 3a^2 +6a^2 x^2 - 3a^3 x ????

  91. math

    factorize 4x*2-5x*3-9x?

  92. maths --plse help me..

    factorize x^3-3x^2+3x+7

  93. math

    factorize completely: a+b-bc-ac

  94. Maths

    Factorize 2x2square +8x - 10 =0

  95. pure maths

    Factorize Xsquare-6x-3

  96. Math

    Hello i need help to factorize this calcul: ax^n*(1+(b/a)*1/(x^(n-p))) Thanks

  97. algebra

    (r^2+7r+10)/3 * (3r-30)/(r^2-5r-50) How can i Factorize each expression to end up with (r+5)(r+2)/3 * 3(r-10)/((r-10)(r+5) can you explain.

  98. Ligege secondary school mathematics

    Factorize fully 2.1 5ac+10ab-25ad 2.2 4x(a+b)-3y(a+b) 2.3 ax-bx+2a-2b 3.1 2(x+y) -t (x+y)

  99. Factoring polynomials

    How do you Factorize a multi variable equation, such as 2p^3 + 11p^2q + 12pq^2?

  100. maths

    Factorize 125+8x^3+90xy-27y^3 I tried till : 5^3+(2x)^3-9y(10x+3y^2) got stuck here as there is no commom cuming 5 and 2x n last sction.


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