1. algebra

    how do I convert 9/16 into a percent? Is this done differently in a algebric form? Divide 16 into 9.000, using the normal procedures of long division. This should give you 0.5625; then multiply the decimal by 100. This isn't algebra, by the way.
  2. Grammar

    Adverbs modify verbs. Adjectives modify nouns. Adjective: That car is different. Adverb: He thinks differently. What happens with the following verbs and why? He looks __________ Different or differently? He sounds different or differently? The form of
  3. math

    1:how do you order 3/4 , 7/8 ,and 13/6 from least to greatest. 2:how do you convert 2 2/4 ito an improper fractin. 3:how do you convert 3% into a decimal and how do you convert 4.56 into a percent ... i am in 6th grade by the way and make sure you provide
  4. Math

    How to form an algebric equation for the question the length is greatet than its breadth by 5cm
  5. math againn (converting decimals)

    Write 6.4% as a decimal and as a fraction. Write 2 and one fourth as a decimal and as a percent. To convert from percent to decimal simpoy divide by 100. 6.4% = 0.064. To convert to fraction (do you want a mixed fraction or not? and percent or not?). For a
  6. Math Algr.2

    Convert to standard form (AX+BY=C) 1.y=3/2x+6 2. 2/3y=2x-5 3.7y-21=1/2x 4.-2/3x+3/4y=1 Convert to Slope/intercept form (y=mx+b) 1.3x-27=14 2.-9y-6x-18=0 3.8-2x+4y=0 12x=4y-8 I need help going through this because I am not sure if I am doing everything
  7. precalculus

    convert the equation y^2 = 2x -x^2 into polar form. convert the equation r = 2tan(theta) into rectangular form. I'm not really sure what either of these mean. I vaguely understand polar coordinates, but I'm not sure how to convert equations back and forth
  8. Pre-Calc/Trig

    How?? I only know how to convert standard form functions into intercept form, but I do not understand how to do this. Convert the functions into standard form. 1.y=2(x-4)(x+3) 2.y-2=-3(x+4)^2
  9. algebra

    convert 5.346 to a percent Convert 38.6% to a decimal.
  10. math

    A bond has an average return of 6.8 percent and a standard deviation of 4.6 percent. What range of returns would you expect to see 68 percent of the time? a. 2.2 percent to 11.4 percent b. 4.6 percent to 11.4 percent c. 4.6 percent to 22.8 percent d. 11.4
  11. math

    how do you convert 12.55 to percent? i get 1,255% is that correct? or should it be 125.5%? If the 12.55 is a decimal, then .1255 is the percent. Per Cent means "per 100". the math problem asked me to find the percent increase of the population in africa
  12. Chemestry

    To fnd the empirical formula i have to convert the percent in g first, or a take the date in percent?
  13. precalculus

    5x+3y=8 convert each rectangular equation to polar form Convert each polar equation to rectangular form: a r=9cos0 b r=5 c rsq= cos 20 d r= 3____ 3+sin 0 Is this a test?
  14. Pre-Calc

    Convert Q = 2e^8t to form Q = ab^t Round all calculated values to three decimal places Q= my answer I got 2(2.980.9579)^t I don't think this is correct. I took 2e^8t and tried solving for just e^8 then tried to convert... It turned out messy
  15. Chemistry

    Could someone give me the steps to converting using the metric system scientific notation? For example, how would I convert 2.2 x 10^2 cm to km? Thanks ( I try Google but they only teach how to convert it when it not in scientific notations form)
  16. geography

    How do we convert number scales from their fraction form to ratio form
  17. mathematics

    How do we convert number scales from their fraction form to ratio form
  18. Math

    Convert equation from quadratic form to vertex form, y= a(x-h)^2 +k, by completing the square. y= -.25x^2+5.5x-5.25
  19. Math

    write each decimal as a percent: 1.07 35 0.003 0.0077 what do i do to convert the decimal into a percent??

    The autocatalytic reaction of A to form Q is one that accelerates with conversion. An example of this is shown below: A+Q~Q+Q However, the rate decreases at high conversion due to the depletion of reactant A. The liquid feed to the reactor contains 1 mol
  21. Math

    My question is: WRite the percent as a fraction and as a decimal. 0.06% I don't know how many places I need to move that decimal to convert this percent into a decimal.
  22. Algebra

    I have an assignment to write an equation to point-slope form, then to standard form, and then to slope-intercept form. I have used the points (-2,-1) or (1,2), but I used (-2,-1). Now, I have the point-slope form of y + 1= 1(x + 2) and the standard form
  23. Chemistry

    calculate the minimum number of grams of C3H8(g) that must be combusted to provide the energy necessary to convert 3.36 kg of H2O from its solid form at -10.0°C to its liquid form at 80.0°C
  24. Pre-Calculus

    convert to the alternate form to exponential form. a) 5^4=625 b) e^x=y c) log.001=x I really need help on these problems i have no idea how to do it? pls help me i need to study for it on my exam.
  25. algebric expression

  26. plaiance

    what is an algebric expression for 5 less than 34
  27. Algebra 1

    Write out directions for how to convert a fraction to a decimal, a decimal to a percent, and a percent to a fraction. I honestly don't know how to do this, no one has told me how to solve problems including these steps.

    convert the polar equation to rectangular form. 1.) r sec(theta) = 3 2.) r = 4 cos(theta) - 4 sin(theta) convert from rectangular equation to polar form. 1.) x^2 + (y-1)^2 = 1 2.) (x-1)^2 + (y+4)^2 = 17

    convert the polar equation to rectangular form. 1.) r sec(theta) = 3 2.) r = 4 cos(theta) - 4 sin(theta) convert from rectangular equation to polar form. 1.) x^2 + (y-1)^2 = 1 2.) (x-1)^2 + (y+4)^2 = 17
  30. Pre-calculus- URGENT

    Convert the rectangular coordinate (-8,i (square root of 3) into polar coordinates. How do I do this?? I tried every way I knew of to convert the y coordinate (i (square root of three)) to polar form, but it didn't work. I think that the polar form of the
  31. Math

    Convert 12.6 to a percent.
  32. Math

    How to convert 19/20 into percent
  33. math

    i need to know how do you convert 7/8 to a percent
  34. Math

    Convert 53 to a percent.
  35. Math

    Convert 53 to a percent.
  36. Math

    Convert 33/4 to a percent.
  37. math

    Let F1 = (0,2), F2 = (0,-2), and P = (x,y). Use the distance formula to convert the equation PF1 + PF2 = 6 into Cartesian form. Simplify your answer until it reaches the form hx^2+ky^2=m. I tried solving this but I got stuck with all the square roots and
  38. math

    14/25 please convert to a decimal and percent
  39. Math

    convert 12.44 as a percent and as a fraction
  40. math

    How do I convert 7/13 to a decimal then to a percent?
  41. pre-algebra

    Convert 21/40 to a percent.
  42. math

    convert fraction to percent 48/4 (4/4) =?%
  43. math

    0.06 please convert to a fraction and percent
  44. math

    help with convert franction to percent 29/50 and 42/50
  45. 4th grade

    can you convert 23 percent? -- 92
  46. math

    How do I convert 7/13 to a decimal then to a percent?
  47. chemistry

    The indicator methyl red has a pKhln=4.95 . It changes from red to yellow over the pH range from 4.4 to 6.2. If the indicator is placed in a buffer solution of Ph = 4.56, what percent of the indicator will be present in the acid form,Hln- , AND what
  48. math

    write the algebric expression using x as the variable 7 less than a number
  49. algebra

    32x+8=? Which algebric expression has the same value, explain method, please.. 4(x+2) 8(4x+1) 4(8x+1) 8(4x+8)
  50. Algebra

    translate to algebric express the product of -11 and the difference between d and 6.
  51. algebra

    geometrical verification of algebric identity (a+b)²=a²+2ab+b²
  52. math

    what is the difference between ( and [ in context to solving algebric equation?
  53. maths

    Find the algebric expression for 15th term. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 4 8
  54. Math

    Evaluate the algebric expression for the given value of the variable. 104-6c+3 if c=1 1/2
  55. math

    convert from polar form into rectangular form. type the equation in rectangular form (simplified): 1) rsecθ = 3 2) r=5/cosθ-2sinθ 3) r=5cscθ
  56. Maths

    Convert the complex no. In polar form : 1-i rcosΘ =1 rsinΘ=-1 r=√a2+b2 r=√(1)2+(-1)2 r=√2 TanΘ=b/a =1/-1 =-1 After all this what i have to do to find out value of Θ? Please help me.. For polar form, =r(cosΘ+isinΘ)
  57. pre-calculus

    convert the numbers to polar form and then divide.leave the answer in polar form. 10-10i/3root3+3i
  58. math

    how do you convert a fraction to A decimal to a percent
  59. math am i right?

    convert fraction to percent 32/20 = ?/100 =16% is that right
  60. math

    .045 please convert to a fraction and percent
  61. math

    convert percent to a fraction as a transportation 15%
  62. bussiness math

    how does a decimal,such as 3.33 3/5 convert to a percent?
  63. math122

    write an algebric expression using x as the variable. 3 fewer than twice a number
  64. algebra

    Translate to an algebric expression. use x and y for variables. four less than a product of two numbers
  65. maths(algebra)

    can u plz solve ma algebric equation: 3x-4/2=3(x-3)-2 i shall be very thankful to you
  66. math

    how do you write a situation that can be represented by the algebric expression $3.50t?
  67. Math

    Write an algebric expression to represent the phrase "subtract t from 9."
  68. social studies

    I have to do this project about culture; and I'm trying to prove the point that different cultures consume and prepare food differently. I said that the Chinese use chopsticks, where we use forks here in America, but I would like to include one more
  69. circles

    Convert form standard to general form for circle. Circle with center (a,b) and radius c.
  70. Law

    In theory, the law should treat everyone equally. However, in practice, this is not the case for many reasons. Young offenders belong to one group who are, in fact, treated differently by the criminal justice system in Australia (An around other countries
  71. math

    in math problem.how to change simplified fraction form 2/3 to decimal form and percent form
  72. maths algebric

  73. math0301

    How do i translate this phrase into algebric expression and how do i label. Twice the difference of a number and eight
  74. algebra

    Writ an algebric expression for this statement.Ama is N year old now.How old will she be in 10 years.
  75. Science

    1. convert .621 hl to liters? 2. Convert .013 dl to liters? 3. Convert .00078 mg to kg? 4. Convert 2.45 g to cg? 5. convert 1.9 km to cm? 6. convert .0476 mm to dam? 7. Convert 6.4 ul to nl? Do them all this way: (a) figure out what the units mean. For
  76. English

    Thank you for your last corrections. Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of. I included the alternatives. 1) I get angry with my brother when he behaves differently from what I expect him to (OR: differently than I expect, differently from expected).
  77. Chemistry

    is there an equation to find mass percent....if know concentration and and final and initial volume of a titration lab? there isnt one then how do you find mass percent? M x L = mols of titrant. From the equation, convert to mols of unknown. Mols of
  78. Math

    How do I convert these decimals? You need to give us some decimals to convert. When you do, show us what you think should be done to convert. You need to give us some decimals to convert. When you do, show us what you think should be done to convert. to a
  79. Math/Physics

    I am given a damping constant of 20 dyne*sec/meter...do I need to convert this if the rest of my givens are, for mass = 2kg, k (spring constant) = 82 N/m. I am trying to find the equation of motion of a spring but cannot solve it until I know how to
  80. Math

    How do I convert a percent WITH a repeating decimal to a fraction?! I need fast help plz!!
  81. algebra

    i forgot how to convert a decimals to a fractions, can u help me solve this: 0.14 percent: 14% fraction: ?
  82. DDP

    What advantage is there to using algebric eqautions instead of numerical values when defining the dimensions of a CAD model?
  83. Math

    The Kelvin scale is an absolute temperature scale threat can be used to calculate percent change in temperatures.The formula to convert Celsius to Kelvin is K=C+ 273.15.What is the percent change if the temperature rises from 21*C to 29*C?Round to the
  84. Earth Science

    A student finds the density of an ice cube to be 0.80g/cm3; it is actually 0.90 g/cm3. What is the percent deviation (percent error) in this calculation? (1)6 percent (2)11 percent (3)13 percent (4)88 percent (2)?
  85. math

    hey, this is my first time using this site so I'm not sure what I'm doing exactly! So i need a REALLY simple way how to convert fractions into a percent! i be confused!! :(
  86. Chemistry

    Methane, butane, propane and octane are all simple hydrocarbons. Why are these hydrocarbons used differently? I believe they are used differently because of their carbon chains. They are commonly used for different fuels since large amounts of energy are
  87. scientific notations

    Explain how to convert seven point one three times ten to the eleventh from scientific notation to standard form, then give the answer in standard form.
  88. math

    Q: Convert 4x^2 + 4y^2 -8x -16y -29 = 0 into standard form. I first started by pairing the like terms together, getting: 4x^2 -8x + 4y^2 -16y = 29 The next step, I'm a little confused. I know I need to complete the square, but I'm not sure how to fully
  89. Finance

    Evans Technology has the following capital structure. Debt ............................................ 40% Common equity .......................... 60 The aftertax cost of debt is 6 percent, and the cost of common equity (in the form of retained earnings)
  90. chemistry

    So I did an experiment at school in which we had to form 2.00 grams of precipitate by mixing 2 hydrated compounds. So for the products, obviously one of it is water, and the other 2 products are compounds, one of which, is insoluble. So when I measured the
  91. math

    convert y=2x^2+5x-5 into vertex form
  92. Math

    How to convert y^2-8x-16=0 to polar form
  93. precalculus

    how do you convert to polar form?
  94. precalculus

    How do you convert <12,13> to polar form?
  95. math

    convert y=x^2+9x+14 to factored form
  96. Algebra

    standard form Ax + By = C Convert equation into standard form Y = 9/7x + 1 7y = 9x + 7
  97. Math

    Write 13/14 as a percent. Write the remainder in fractional form. I know that 13/14 as a decimal would be 92.857143 and as a percent around 92.86% my question is what would the remainder be and how to write it in fractional form?
  98. chemistry

    In clinical lab reports, some concentrations are given in mg/dL. Convert a Ca2+ concentration of 3.5 mg/dL to weight/volume percent.
  99. MATH

    Fraction form 1/3 if changed Decimal form it is 1/3=0.331/3 if changed to Percent form it is 1/3=331/3% Is this correct? I just want make sure.
  100. math

    Convert 367 to Egyptian form