1. Algebra 1 (Scientific Notation)

    How will you write this in scientific notation? if you do not mind explaining how you did it. Thank you! $15,789,000,000,000
  2. BIS 155

    You own a small computer service company with only 2 employees. You provide different types of services to regular customers and companies. You have noticed an increase of demand for troubleshooting and support of mobile devices. However, you only support
  3. calculus

    Consider ∞ ∑ [(3k+5)/(k²-2k)]ᵖ, for each p ∈ ℝ. k=3 Show this series { converges if p > 1 { diverges if p ≤ 1 Hint: Determine the known series whose terms past the second give an approximate match for the terms of
  4. Ela

    Can you check if my answers are correct because i am having trouble with it? The Kingdoms End I stand at the edge of the sea, watching waves wash onto the sand. White foams spills over my feet into the moat of an abandoned castle. The king and his court
  5. writing

    Is there someone who could proofread this? Identify the sentence patterns 1. He followed the map to the treasure. S/V/DO 2. Darcy sang the song slowly. S/V/DO 3. They were certain about the time. S/LV/SC 4. I called him a sucker. S/V/DO 5. I found the
  6. Physics

    In the device a 50g mass is hung from a pulley and released. A disk is placed on the platform. The platform has a radius of 5cm. The disk and platform go from rest to an angular velocity of 8.5rad/s in 2.5 seconds. What is the moment of inertia of the
  7. English

    I have an essay to write based on this question, but I'm unsure of exactly what it wants me to analyze/write about: More than one hundred years ago, a writer for the Atlantic Monthly confronted an issue that is still timely. Read the following essay
  8. reading

    in the MLK jr i have a dream speech the anophora "one hundred years later" how does the rhetorical device help to strengthen or advance this argument. how does King’s use of anaphora strengthen and advance this argument. Think about: The time period of
  9. English

    Thank you very, very much indeed! Here is the second part, concerning the scientific and linguistic objectives. The question is: " What are the concrete objectives of the partnership"? 1)Scientific objectives - describing the biodiversity, the presence of
  10. science

    earth science Which ancient device for measuring time is similar to decorative garden sundails used today a.the shadow stick of the ancient egyptians b.the water clock of the ancient Greeks c.the weight -driven mechanical clocks of the 14th century d.the
  11. Physics

    We saw in Example 5.7 how a centrifuge can be used to separate cells from a liquid. To increase the speed at which objects can be separated from solution, it is useful to make the centrifuge’s speed as large as possible. If you want to design a
  12. Physics - Oscillations

    An astronaut measures her mass by means of a device consisting of a chair attached to a large spring. The period of oscillation she undergoes when set into motion is used to determine her mass. If her mass, together with the chair, is 172kg, and the time
  13. English

    Doing a book review assignment for Obasan by Joy Kogawa. It cannot be a typical summary , must be more essay like and have a thesis. I plan on discussing first and foremost a general quick plot summary emphasizing the important and prominent scenes of the
  14. language arts

    1. Which sentence contains a predicate adjective? a. The singer's latest hit is a beautiful song b. The bus has arrived at last c. We bought four juicy apples at the farmers market d. the weather today seems very humid to me 2. which sentence correctly
  15. AED 200

    Most schools and classrooms in the United States have ELL students. Now is the time for you to begin think- ing and planning for what you will do to make sure ELL students in your classes are successful learners. In 200-300 words outline your list and
  16. Landuage Arts

    Can you give me a 40 minute lesson plan on themes, patterns and symbols found in literature from different era and cultures? The students need to apply knowledge of connotation and denotation to determine the meaning of words. Also to identify an author's
  17. language

    is this sentence making sense 'you meddling kids are never to trespass in my yard" im writing an essay and wondering if this sentence mak es sense
  18. long physics E&M

    A Geiger counter detects radiation such as alpha particles by using the fact that the radiation ionizes the air along its path. A thin wire lies on the axis of a hollow metal cylinder and is insulated from it. View Figure A large potential difference is
  19. Need all the help i can get

    Hi i'm pretty new to this and i don't know what to do?So i put these questions up im not sure if my answers will show up because i used color letters, but i need help checking and explaining steps N 108 is 36% of what number? Write and solve a proportion
  20. English

    My class and I have to write a a-z story. It can be about anything. A-Z means that each sentence has to start with each diff letter from the alphabet. So the first sentence would start with A; second sentence would start with B, etc. I want to do a story
  21. Language Arts

    How do I start a compare and contrast essay? I am doing a compare & contrast essay on Tatooine and Mordor and i'm not sure what to put in the first sentence. Could I please have some ideas or examples? Thanks.
  22. dividing monomials

    i don't know what to do when their is a smaller number on top Give an example and tell us what you don't understand. (-c)2d7/c2d6 d i just don't get it do u have some examples? What is X squred minus 5X plus 4 divided by X minus 1 (4^t)(8t^5) (-z)6/(-z)3
  23. the silver bullet

    what is the silver bullet? How does it realate to us? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. HOWEVER we could certainly use the "context" of the word. Where did you see/hear it? If you always clarify as best you can we can determine with more
  24. MATH

    A disc jockey has 12 songs to play. Seven are slow songs, and five are fast songs. Each song is to be played only once. In how many ways can the disc jockey play the 12 songs if The songs can be played in any order. The first song must be a slow song and
  25. Math-confused!

    A disc jockey has 12 songs to play. Seven are slow songs, and five are fast songs. Each song is to be played only once. In how many ways can the disc jockey play the 12 songs if: *The songs can be played in any order. *The first song must be a slow song
  26. English

    i be having test soon in english and we be writing synthesis essay and narrative essay, i not know what synthesis mean, can you please give me examples of narrative essays online i know narrative be story telling type essay but examples be helpful for me
  27. Probability and statistics

    5. The probabilities that the lifetime of a randomly chosen device is below average, average, above average are respectively 0.2, 0.5, and 0.3. The probability that the 3 randomly chosen devices lifetimes of 2 are above average and 1 below average equals
  28. physiology/ anatomy

    I'm doing a lab about osmosis/ diffusion. We put a 2 molar solution of NaCl into a dialysis bag and submerse the bag in water, weighing the bag after 15 minute increments for an hour. I need help explaining why the weight of the bag would fluctuate (EX. 6
  29. English

    I can't figure this question out. Is "And may the muse inspire each future song" a metaphor a heroic couplet a parallelism an allusion That is an allusion. What is a "muse"? What would this person be wishing for? Thanks :) never been great at those types
  30. English Essay IMPRTNT

    i have an English persuasive essay due tomorrow. this is the question: SHOULD SCIENTISTS BRING EXTINCT SPECIES BACK TO LIFE? my answer is a yes and i need to reasons. i have one and need help with the other one. can anyone please give me a reason?
  31. French

    Original Poem-Formula Poetry line one = a noun line two = 2 adjs. that describe the noun line three = a sentence describing noun. line four = another word that has the same meaning as noun. Could I have an example on this please.
  32. criminal justice

    Could someone give me an example of how to create an incident report about a bank hold-up, using well constructed paragraphs, logical transitions, consistency, and professional tone. only two tellers were in the bank at the time of the robbery. give
  33. algebra,math

    i am clueless about this: (#1)What expression raised to the fourth power is 81x^12y^8z^16? (#2)Simplify each of the following expressions. Write your answers with positive exponents only. (x^2)^-3(x^-2) divided by (x^2)^-4 #1 answer (3x^3)(y^2)(z^4)
  34. english

    can fear be the mood of an essay iff not can you give me examples of the mood of an essay
  35. music

    how can i write really good song lyrics? i suck at writing! can someone help or better yet, give me a verse to work with? thnaks
  36. technology

    Need help on the question below. I have read all about all 3 laws but still don't understand if this would be 1st or 2nd law. "A ball is rolling in a straight line on a hardwood floor. A cat hits it from the right, so the ball rolls left. Which Law of
  37. Org. Chem.

    1. Are the following soluble, insoluble, or partially soluble. - Benzophenone in hexane? - 1-octanol in hexane? I think soluble? - 1-butanol in water? in hexane? - methyl alcohol in hexane? I think partially soluble? Please help me and explaining would be
  38. english

    i need help analyzing this poem by robert frost. what is the theme? emotions? and is the meaning that man is trying to control nature or fix it? THE AIM WAS SONG Before man came to blow it right The wind once blew itself untaught, And did its loudest day
  39. Science--Myanswer Plz, plz

    Electric charges that are different attract each other. repel each other. **** exist in pairs. do not interact. Magnetic field lines around a bar magnet are only perpendicular to the magnet. spread out from one pole and curve around to the other. ****
  40. L.A

    1. In a persuasive essay, the thesis statement should represent an opinion. A. True <-- B. False 2. The most common structure of a persuasive essay is A. Order of importance B. Chronological order <--- C. Problem and solution 3. Which of the
  41. 2nd grade math

    Which number sentence completes this fact family? 3+2=5 2+3=5 5-2=3 is it 5+2=7, 5+3=8, 5-1=4 or 5-3=2?
  42. english

    comparisons between twelfth night and merchant of venice Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all be sure you have read both plays! 1. http://shakespeare.mit.edu/twelfth_night/index.html (Twelfth Night) 2.
  43. AP Prep World history

    Can someone please help me write a comparison essay on the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty? I need 2 similarities (paragraphs) and 2 differences (2 more paragraphs). I was thinking for a similarity that both empires were attacked by Germanic tribes.
  44. English

    Jay Z has multiple sides to him; he teaches us how to be a successful person, and show us what's important in life v.s. what's not. Is this a good thesis sentence, and also can you give me example of the first part of the sentence and the last part ofd the
  45. English - ms. sue

    Ms. sue for the persasive essay on glass castle, you tell me to give examples in essay to prove thesis which be that her father be better parent. The teacher say there have to be 4 bodies. So the first one be introduction, second one and third one be
  46. English 101

    My question is to correct the faulty parallelism.How can we do that. "The streets were not only too steep but also were too narrow for anything other than pedestrian traffic." The structure is parallel. Perhaps the second were isn't needed. Please check
  47. CJS 240

    Please write a 300 to 350 word response explaining how the threat of punishment either does or does not deter juvenile delinquency. Provide examples of general deterrence, specific deterrence, and situational crime prevention strategies. Additionally,
  48. College Admission essay

    Hi everyone, I have just written an essay about how I grew up into an adult and realized the type of person I would like to be. BUT I seriously have no idea for the title. I need an IMPLICIT title for it. The application deadline is getting really close
  49. Music

    Ok, so this question isn't exactly for school, but i needed help for it, and thought you guys might be able to help me out. Ok, so i am rewriting/rewording lyrics to the song 'Come back to Texas' by Bowling for Soup. (Search the song on Youtube if it will
  50. essay intro help

    hi everyone. i was wondering if someone can take a look at my introduction paragraph& thesis and give me comments/critiques. thanks!!! Vernacular language allows a subculture to distinguish itself from the mainstream and literary culture. Vernacular lyrics
  51. politcs essay

    i'm doing a project where i have pick three newsstations from the internet such as abc, nbc, cbs then i have to pick a story from the politics section and i picked an article on saddam hussein killing. after reading the similar stories on all three news
  52. Ed tech

    what is the most important reason to create a backup of your files somewhere other than your computer? a) to access them on another device b) because your computer may be damaged and you risk losing or not being able to access the file*** c) because your
  53. Literature

    What is the meaning of this quote:"The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learn nothing in money. The result is that people learn to work for money but never learn to have money work for them." I know
  54. Math

    Based on the information given for each of the following studies, decide whether to reject the null hypothesis. For each, give (a) the Z-score cutoff (or cutoffs) on the comparison distribution at which the null hypothesis should be rejected, (b) the Z
  55. statistics

    A study is being made of the failures of an electronic component. There are four types of failures possibly and two mounting positions for the device. The following data have been taken; FAILURE A. B. C. D M. Position 1 22 46 18 9 M. Position 2. 4 17 6 12
  56. english

    Regarding the use of commas, which one of the following statements is accurate? A. A parenthetical use of commas is usually confusing to the reader. B. There is no need for commas that indicate added details in a sentence. C. Commas are needed to separate
  57. help questions english

    Ernest Hemingway is known for his distinctive writing style and his straightforward prose in which he uses simple words and few adjectives. Every word, sentence, phrase is what seems to be direct, but can have multiple meanings. His writing style gives the
  58. communication

    paragraph response describing the advantages and disadvantages of the physical presence, written/printed, and electronic/computer communication channels, and explaining how the components and processes of communication apply to the electronic/computer
  59. Science

    The device shown below contains 2 kg of water. When the cylinder is allowed to fall 250 m, the temperature of the water increases by 1.4°C. Suppose 2 kg of water are added to the container and the cylinder is allowed to fall 750 m. What would the increase
  60. Racism Essay

    How do I start off an essay about racism? I need a topic sentence.
  61. chemistry - kinetics

    The activation energy for the isomerization of methyl isonitrile is 160 kJ/mol. Calculate the fraction of methyl isonitrile molecules that have an energy of 160 or greater at 500 K? 510 K? What is the ratio of the fraction at 510K to that at 500K? I missed
  62. ELA (English)

    And yet, Linenger recovered quickly. in fact, almost two dozen astronauts have lived in space for more than six months, and four have stayed in orbit for more than a year. These men and women faced the discomfort of weightlessness and overcame them and
  63. Pleaseeeeeeeee Help me

    Project: Data Analysis The following chart lists the average low, average high, record low, and record high temperatures for the month of April in Denver, Colorado. Day Average Low Average High Record Low Record High April 1 32°F 58°F 6°F 78°F April 2
  64. English

    discuss the current state of the field of early childhood care and education from your own perspective. In this field, what does it mean to be a professional and what does it mean to be in a profession? Include a component of political analysis in your
  65. English

    Having problems with a introductory sentence. Its a essay on dying and living. I wrote a question to start my intro. Sentence. Or I wrote The professor died in 1974 of Cancer. Someone please let me know if I started out right. Please
  66. High School Geometry

    The figures in (a) and (b) below are made up of semicircles and quarter circles; the figure in (c) shows a quarter of a circle in a square. Find the area and the perimeter of each figure in terms of π. since I can't put a URL to the pic I will try to
  67. Algebra

    Factor each of following expressions x (4th power) - x (3rd power) - 6x (2nd power (a-b)(2nd power) - (a 2nd power + b) 2nd power
  68. AP English Literature

    What incidents reveal that Leonce is not a good match as a husband for Edna? - Leonce wakes Edna to care for their son, explaining that he has a fever. - Leonce controls her every action - Leonce's obsession with his business makes him unaware of Edna's
  69. psychology and the pursuit of happiness

    Write a 700- to 900-word paper explaining the cultural and historical factors that contribute to this perspective. Contrast the traditional American perspective on happiness with the traditional Asian perspective on happiness. Format your paper consistent

    we had to take this news lead and turn it into a broadcast sentence PORTAGE, MI — The Portage Public Schools Board of Education said former Superintendent Richard Perry engaged in several acts of misconduct all stemming from his “extramarital affair”
  71. Topic sentence and supporting details

    Hilda take an enormous amount of space
  72. Three Posts Below

    The total essay was too long to post. I had to post the essay as three parts. The bottom of the three is the beginning of the essay and the top of the three posts is the end of the essay. Can you proofread my essay? It is on the novel, The Scarlet Letter.
  73. Creative Writing

    Here is my essay after I made a few corrections that bobpursley pointed out. please, if there are still mistakes, tell me exactly how to fix them. There are some people who believe that true wisdom is knowledge; the more knowledgeable a person, the more
  74. 2nd grade

    do we wannna visit milwukee wisconsin write correct sentence
  75. math 2nd grade

    Write a sentence using words that compares the crayons in the two boxes
  76. 2nd grade

    Hi!Somebody can help me to make a sentence with this words? Chat Chip Them Then Ship Sheep Thank you very much!
  77. English

    Early Inklings Short Essay by John Updike. The title, “Early Inklings” is an example of a pun (a witty play on words that suggest a double meaning) . Explain the pun and the meaning of the title. I don't even know where to start... Also, How
  78. Psychological stats

    I need help with a unique null hypothesis that I would then be able to use a t test statistical analysis,the same hypothetical situation taken in the t test hypothesis, and turn it into a null hypothesis using a one-way ANOVA analysis and a two-way ANOVA.
  79. chemistry

    A student didn’t read step 4 in the procedure and assembled the cells based on Figure 1, connecting the device to the ammeter right away. When she gets to step 5 she realizes her error, but instead of estimating the initial reaction time she simply notes
  80. satistics

    assume the probability that an electronic device will have a type 1 defect is 1% and the probability that it will have a type 2 defect is 2%. given that these two defects are not independent ,what is the probability that an item randomly selected has both
  81. English

    well i am writing an essay on why love is a life affirming experience and i cant think of a thesis sentence which is basically the 3 reasons i need....i would just like to know some reasons for my body paragraphs. thanks! well see its like i HAVE to do
  82. Math

    Could someone please explain to me how you get answers when you add a negative number to a negative number or a positive number to a positive number or a negative and positive number added together, because my teacher tried explaining it to me, but I'm
  83. english

    How do I fix this sentence? As the beat of the song went up, we screamed loudly in order to match the beat.
  84. Algebra 1

    what is the equation to y= -1/12x+4 so that the 2nd line is parallel?
  85. essay

    so for an essay we are supposed to write about three achievements that we are most proud of. the thing is i don't really have any achievements (no sports, etc). can anyone give me examples of achievements?
  86. Science

    Which of the following is a problem with using solar power as a main source of energy? A. People do not yet have the technology to use solar power*** B. The sun is not close enough to provide solar energy C. Power from solar energy contains a large amount
  87. american government

    Imagine that you have been chosen to develop a United Student World Assembly (USWA). Among the assembly's goals are promoting cooperation and understanding among students around the world. You must prepare a draft charter of the USWA. The charter should
  88. statistics psy/315

    Based on the information given for each of the following studies, decide whether to reject the null hypothesis.For each, give (a) the Z-score cutoff (or cutoffs) on the comparison distribution at which the null hypothesis should be rejected(b) the Z score
  89. Science/ bio HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

    Pick the correct answer to the following question. Write a brief statement explaining why each choice of answers is correct or incorrect. A person is hyperventilating. Their rapid rate of breathing causes a loss of carbon dioxide than usual from the body,
  90. Science/ Biol

    Pick the correct answer to the following question. Write a brief statement explaining why each choice of answers is correct or incorrect. A person is hyperventilating. Their rapid rate of breathing causes a loss of carbon dioxide than usual from the body,
  91. physics 111

    1. A stone throw from ground level returns to the same level 4 s after. With what speed was the stone throw? Take g = 10m per square. 2. A cart is moving horizontally along a straight line with constant speed ofb30 m/s. A projectile is fired from the
  92. Help me think of ideas for my essay?

    My thesis statement for my synthesis essay to connect The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby and The Death of a Salesman is "It is impossible to maintain honor and also achieve success." Could anybody give me any ideas for my 3 body paragraphs I'm having
  93. grammar

    Identify the appropriate punctuation for the phrase in () in the sentence; The song (You Are My Sunshine) always cheers me up. italics quotation marks (my choice) single quotation marks none of the above Identify the sentence in which the word or words in
  94. 6th grade science

    an example of homeostasis is A) maintaining a constant body temperature B) responding to stimuli C) keeping the same number of cells in an organisms D)all of the above I put A) and had the wrong answer. I put that answer since homeostasis is maintaining a
  95. English

    Romeo and Juliet! Explain and evaluate the literary device- I have chosen the quote “Indeed, I never shall be satisfied With Romeo, till I behold him—dead— Is my poor heart for a kinsman vexed. Madam, if you could find out but a man to bear a poison,
  96. essay writing

    What is the number 1 essay writing rule? A.Edit and revise your essay. B.Always write five paragraphs. C.Always brainstorm before writing the essay. D.Start writing the essay the day it is assigned. .I CHOSE C.
  97. sentences

    Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have tried to write a sentence for your assignment, please re-post. Then someone here will be happy to give you feedback. =) who can you put a sentence that has including eveyone including
  98. Ethics

    Does the outcome go against the Potentiality Argument and/or the Future like our Argument against abortion? A woman married seven years discovers she has multiple sclerosis. She stops using birth control pills because they aggravate the illness. In spite
  99. English

    1. While I was playing the piano, I was singing a song. 2. While I was playing the piano, I sang a song. 3. While I played the piano, I sang a song. 4. While I played the piano, I was singing a song. -------------------- Can we use all the sentences? Which
  100. English

    What literary device would pertain to these sentences? 1. He leaned hard against the wall. (Upright structure which encloses something or serves as a boundary) 2. "It was not the buildings or arch that made the children gasp. It was how the buildings were