1. ENG 101

    Im taking my first college class in ENG 101 and i need to write an persuasive essay and Im having a hard time. I was wondering if anyone can help me come up with an outline or what I reasons that I can provide and I can come up with minor details. Here is
  2. Math

    Hi! im looking to find relationships between sets of polygonal numbers. I have found a few through the use of finite differences, (a relationship occurs between the formula to determine the polygonal number). I have also found that the 2nd derivative of
  3. math

    A geologist collected a 2.5-kg soil sample for analysis. If she only needs 20 grams of sample to perform the analysis, what percentage of the soil sample will be tested? Answer: .8% 2.5kg = 2500g 20/2500 = .008 = .8%
  4. math

    A geologist collected a 2.5-kg soil sample for analysis. If she only needs 20 grams of sample to perform the analysis, what percentage of the soil sample will be tested? Answer: .8% 2.5kg = 2500g 20/2500 = .008 = .8%
  5. College Essay

    Is any one can help me to revise my college application? Thank you. Question: Please describe which of these activities ( extracurricular or personal activities or work experience) has had the most meaning for you, and why. I was used to be a President of
  6. math

    5p to the 2nd power t + 3p to the 2nd power t = ?
  7. math need help please

    -9 to the 2nd power - (-6) to the 2nd power
  8. maths

    a ball is dropped on the ground.The time interval between the 1st and 2nd bounce is 1.2s.The interval between the 1st and 2nd and 3rd bounce is 0.9s.Assume that successive time intevals form a geometric progression with an infinite number of terms.Hence
  9. us history

    I have to do an essay on how abortion has positively or negatively affected american politics over the past 50 years? Im having a hard time answering the question could you answer it for me, so that I could get a little insight on how i should go about
  10. Essay

    I wrote an essay of examples on how cosmetics produce a flawless face. The title I came up with is Fixing Feminine Features. I don't know if I like it of not, but I wanted to do something that caught attention. Any tips?
  11. social studies

    According to Tardiff and Brizee, an essay that makes a claim supported by evidence is classified as an _______ essay. A. expository B. analytical C. argumentative D. explanatory My answer is A
  12. writing

    I have to write an essay about how Morrison uses power stuggle in Beloved to enhance the meaning of her work. I think I have some idea, but I'm just sitting here numberless. This essay is due in about 2 days. Can you help me ASAP? Thanks
  13. ms.sue english check

    i talk to you about a two paragraph essay and you help me chhose boxing and give me a intro is there anyway i can write my essay now and you can grade it or tell me what i got wrong fixmy mistakes and tell me if its good.thank you i will appreciate it. :)
  14. college

    I need to site from two essay one is the Famine,affluence,and morality(pete singer) and the other is Garrett hardin the Lifeboat. I have read both essay.Now I need to cite from them and put in apa format can some please help me
  15. English Essay

    I am writing an literary essay about The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro with the topic of "self-deception as self-destruction". Could someone proofread my introduction so far and help me fix any grammatical errors?
  16. writing

    Catherine received a 70 on her essay because the vocabulary was basic and there was a lack of clear and active voice. Which of the following areas of her essay were weak? A. Organization B. Mechanics C. Content D. Style
  17. Creative Writing

    Right now, i'm learning about two types of ways to develop writing: directional Process Analysis, and Informational process analysis. In directional: this is when you follow step by step directions to complete something. some examples of topics that might
  18. Engish

    Is these correct: Simple-Dolphins are very intelligent, social creatures. Compound- Dolphins are very intelligent and social creatures. Help on these on: Simple- Katy is thinking she might like to become a marine biologist one day.
  19. English

    26. identify the degree comparison for the underlined word the most original idea was suited by a pair of tenth graders (Most original is underlined) A. Positive B. comparative c. superlative d. none of the above I think it is c identify the degree of
  20. English help

    Question 1 Marks: 1 A common theme that runs through all the sections of Song of Myself is Whitman's own — Choose one answer. a. belief in his power as a poet b. love of solitude c. inability to trust people d. failure to change the world Question 2
  21. physics

    Four 20 ohm resistors are connected in series and the combination is connected to a 20V emf device. The potential difference across any one of the resistors is: A) 1 V B) 4 V C) 5 V D) 20V E) 80 V So there are four resistors that are 20 ohms. Their
  22. French Revolution - Music

    Can someone please help me make up 3 song names that reflects the ideas of France before the French Revolution and 3 song names that reflects the ideas of France after French Revolution. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you!
  23. social studies

    With respect to dealing with abstract concepts, which statement is most accurate? A. Emotions have no place in any kind of academic essay. B. An essay dealing with abstract concepts can appeal to intellectual curiosity. C. An essay dealing with abstract
  24. Physics Classical Mechanics

    A hydrometer is a device that measures the density of a liquid. The one shown in the figure has a cylindrical bulb of radius R attached to a cylindrical stem of radius r and length l. When placed in a liquid, the device floats as shown in the figure with a
  25. essay excerpt edit

    Can someone edit this My writing has exhibited creativity by introducing a new perspective of stereotypical conventions that resulted in increased cognition through “A Closer Look: Analyzing Tangled (2012) and Its Deeper Critique of "Rapunzel" (1812).
  26. Statistics

    Two cards are drawn in succession from a standard deck of 52 cards without replacing the first one before the second. a) Are these outcomes are independent? Why? b) Find P ( 3 on 1st card and 10 on the 2nd card) c) Find P( 10 on the 1st card and 3 on 2nd
  27. investments

    #1 discuss some disadvantages of technical analysis. #2 explain the reasoning behind a support level and a resistance level. #1 Being based entirely upon previous price patterns of the stock rather than fundamental analysis of events, prospects and balance
  28. motion analysis

    Using the information below estimate the time required to analyse the data collected using the two motion analysis systems when there are 10 markers on the subject and the data is collected for 100 frames. Cinematography system 2 seconds per marker 5
  29. motion analysis

    Using the information below estimate the time required to analyse the data collected using the two motion analysis systems when there are 10 markers on the subject and the data is collected for 100 frames. Cinematography system 2 seconds per marker 5
  30. English

    i doing a compare/contrast essay on character h olden frm novel i read and hamlet. for my thematic statement, do i just talk about one theme or like a mixture of things they've gone through? also what i name this essay? something that fit both characters?
  31. english

    what motivates us as writers and viewers to create and interact with characters through pieces of work such as " a beautiful mind" (movie. This is our essay question. what topic and 3 arguments could i talk about in my essay
  32. writing,essay

    I have to wirte an essay ,about 300 words on ''A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots'' Marcus Gravey I have really no diea where to start, thank you for the help
  33. Eng. Comp III

    I'm not sure what I am supposed to do here I am to write a Bibliographic essay on my sources for my final research essay - what does this entail? I don't want you to do my homework for me,just give me a couple of examples please, Thank You, Sara
  34. Physics

    For an outdoor lab experiment a car has a loud device attached to the roof. This device emits beeps with a pitch of 400 Hz. The device is set to constantly emit short beeps a rate of twice every second. The car drives at 25 m/s (About 55 mph) on a level
  35. literature ... i really need corrections

    1) in song of myself, whitman's theme is best demonstrated by a.the "last scud of day holds back for me" b.the "spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me c. "look for me under you boot-soles" d. "coaxes me to the vapor an the dusk" 2)The tone in the song of
  36. English

    Using evidence from Orwell’s essay, respond to current events, and draw from personal experience in order to write a well-organized paragraph in which you persuade your reader that the English language either is, or is not, improving over time? Can
  37. chemistry

    assuming the volume of h2so4 needed to completely neutralize naoh of concentration 0.2m is 23.50ml take the volume of base to be 2ml question write a balance equation for the neutralization calculate the concentration of the acid what indicator can be used
  38. Business

    Analyze and compare both data sets using the data analysis and biases concepts from Chapter 11 of Sekaran & Bougie (2010). Compare only those categories that you find are significant to your analysis in demonstrating whether the US demographics based
  39. Math

    If 1 side of a triangle is 10 inches and the same side in a 2nd triangle is 20 inches. A 2nd side is 4 inches in the 1st triangle what is the same side in the 2nd triangle? My answer is 8 inches
  40. Math

    If 1 side of a triangle is 10 inches and the same side in a 2nd triangle is 20 inches. A 2nd side is 4 inches in the 1st triangle what is the same side in the 2nd triangle? My answer is 8 inches
  41. English.

    What am I suppose to do? I chose House M.D. as my show. I don't understand what this assignment is asking exactly. Essay Assignment (Essay 2) Now that you have summarized a television series, go back and examine the characters. How does the television show
  42. Essay Revisions

    I need help with editing my essay. I know my english sucks, so here I am. I need to know if it's FIRST AND FOREMOST on topic, grammatically correct, if the syntax is correct(i hate syntax), if my thesis is strong and repeated, and if it's a good essay
  43. 8th Grade Algebra

    1) An exam will have 20 questions worth a total of 100 points. There will be True-False questions worth 3 points each and short essay questions worth 11 points each. Several students ask how many essay questions there will be, but the teacher won't tell.
  44. Texas Government English

    A look back on the terms of recent governors shows just how tricky it can be to get this mixture of political support, skill, personality, and luck right. Bill Clements (1979-1983, 1987-1991) played an historic role as the first Republican elected governor
  45. college essay

    can someone help me edit this My Song My existence thus far has been a musical performance. The world is my stage, the platform upon which I express myself creatively. My life is the reputable melody that I play on my guitar, and the notes are my memories
  46. 2nd Semester

    2nd Semester begins tomorrow and I won't be having art anymore I'm having facs. So is there any useful tips you teachers would like to give me to get me a head start next semester. there are tons of things next semester passport day at my school, exams,
  47. MsSue I need YOU

    Hi Mssue you helped me wonderfully before and I thank you. I would also like your help again.. My teacher says from previous papers that my summaries lack clarity/elaboration.. I was hoping maybe you could help me with that.. I have the 1st paragraph which
  48. Spanish 102, P,P&F Tense Essay

    Please look over my short Essay. Past Present and Future tenses must all be used; topic is on activities of a week/ days surrounding I need to score well. Any corrections or advice is very much appreciated.
  49. Theology (religion) HELP!!!! (plz read ASAP!)

    Nae one or two experiences or situations that reflect an 'unredeemed' world. What reasons can you identify for this. 300 words Please help me. I'm NOT asking you to do this essay for me .... I just don't know what to write for this essay.
  50. English

    In my journal, I've divided several pages into two columns. In the first column I write down selected quotations from an essay I've just read. My purpose in these procedures is most likely to be ___________ the essay. a. creating b.analyzing c. summarizing
  51. essay

    In Left to tell, Lord of the flies and LIfe of Pi all the main characters overcome enormous hardships to survive. Survival is the most basic instinct of humans. (Would this be good start for thesis of essay? thanks
  52. Creative Writing

    assignment: essay topic: Being an only child has more advantages than being one of several children in a family i just need a little bit help getting started (introduction). i have all my freewriting, and the information for the body points. jus a little
  53. Art

    I have to write a 400 word essay on M.C. Escher about my thoughts and opinons based upon his work, quotes, and his life. Does anybody know of a good website that will give me some ideas? FYI- THIS IS NOT A BIOGRAPHY ESSAY! -Thanks
  54. English Please.

    It had been there when the midwife had announced, ‘You’ve a boy.’ The hat was there when his wife had their second little joy. Why does the author MOST likely choose the words, ‘their second little joy’? A)They had twin boys. B)It expresses that
  55. windows xp

    David, a graphic designer working for a small Internet firm, wants to use his own legacy scanner with a new Windows XP Professional system. A Standard PC HAL was installed during the machine build process. David’s computer is a member of the corporate
  56. Response Essay (Writeacher!)

    How should I begin this? This response essay regards "Rules of the Game" by Amy Tan. The prompt: In Amy Tan's "Rules of the Game," we read about a generational tug of war. Write 3-paragraph essay in which you discuss the motivation of each generation. My
  57. math

    Using your research findings from the Library and the Internet, develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary) table
  58. differential equations

    Consider the 2nd order differential equation: x''(t)=-x-A(x^2-1)x'(t) x(0)= 0.5 x'0)= 0 ''= 2nd order,'= 1st order where A is a positive constant.As the value of A increases this equation becomes increasingly stiff. Convert this equation to two first-order
  59. Algebra 2

    Please help! I'm having the worst time figuring this out. 3. One of the fireworks is launched from the top of the building that is 70ft tall with an initial upward velocity of 150 ft/sec. a. What is the equation for this situation? b. When will the
  60. spanish

    is this correct? "Qué día de fiesta te gusta más?" "Prefiero el Dia de la Independencia porque me gusta ver _____." a. el pavo b. el fin de año c. los fuegos artificiales d. las flores C--fireworks?
  61. history

    We has to read a book called alas babylon and we has to write an essay about how did fort repose adapt to the changes after the day. and I ran into two examples in the book that i didn't quite comprehend It says people unconsciously were inclined to split
  62. accounting

    Can somebody please help me understand what this is wanting? CheckPoiint: Analyzing an Income Statement. Resource: Ch. 3 of Understanding Financial Statements Complete Problem 3.16b on p. 111 (Ch. 3).Eastman Kodak Comprehensive Analysis Problem Using the
  63. Chemistry - Quantitative analysis

    A mixture weighing 7.290 mg contained only cyclohexane, C6H12 (FM 84.159), and oxirane, C2H4O (FM 44.053). When the mixture was analyzed by combustion analysis, 21.999 mg of CO2 (FM 44.010) were produced. Find the weight percent of oxirane in the mixture.
  64. ENGLISH Correcting #5,6,8 & 9

    5)Both Ada and Phil are evaluating their thesis statement, topic sentences, and evidence. If Ada finds that her essay doesn't have a thesis statement identifying the topic of the essay, Ada will reread the essay and decide what the main point of the essay.
  65. poetry/song

    My group member and i changed some lyrics with this christmas song so it relates to something about gov. Congress, You better watch out, You better not cry, You bettre not pout, We're telling you why The veto is coming to town He's reviewing your bill and
  66. Essay Topic (Synthesis)

    Is the topic of Immigration Reform in the United States to controversial for my synthesis essay? I am writing a synthesis essay for my class, and it is a big portion of my grade. I have a lot of information about Immigration, but I'm afraid the topic will
  67. management decision making

    Analyze and compare both data sets using the data analysis and biases concepts from Chapter 11 of Sekaran & Bougie (2010). Compare only those categories that you find are significant to your analysis in demonstrating whether the US demographics based
  68. about Engineering

    Electronic and Communication Engineering is mainly Mathematical analysis, implemented in practical circuits. You have to understand higher forms of math, and think in those terms. You have to understand the imperfect models used for systems analysis. You
  69. english

    Question: 2 of 5: Which topic would a writer be least likely to ask a peer reviewer to comment on?Select one of the options below as your answer:A. use of subordinate clauses within the essay B. personal experiences used to support a pointC. how the body
  70. englsih

    essay: we are all confident idiots Dunning ends his essay by reflecting that one’s cognitive framework and life experiences provide one with knowledge, but not with “insight into the dimensions of our ignorance.” Why does he choose to use the
  71. Marketing

    what is an example of a primary data source? A. Cost data B. A marketing information system C. Company files D. Website analysis I was thinking website analysis but, really not sure.
  72. computers

    Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. If there's not a tutor with this specialty online right now, be sure to go back into your textbook or
  73. physics

    An observer watching a fireworks displays sees the light from an explosion and hears the sound 2 seconds later how far was the explosion from the observer(speed of sound is air 340m/s)
  74. Music

    This might be abit weird, but I have to find TABS for the song 'Falling into you' by Kasey Chambers for music because I have to perform the song, but I cant seem to find any TABS! I've looked on Ultimate-Guitar, Guitar Archive, 911, 100 Top Guitar Tab
  75. Systems Physiology

    One morning you are lying in a meadow under the blue summer sky of Connecticut. You notice a small bird (likely a song sparrow but unfortunately you have forgotten your binoculars so you just assume) perched on a branch in the shade of an old oak tree. You
  76. math

    Zach's rope is 15 feet long. He cuts it into three pieces. 1st piece is 3.57 ft longer than the 2nd piece. 3rd piece is 2.97 feet longer than the 2nd piece. How long is third piece?
  77. Language Art

    3.)Why does the author organize "The Season's Curmudgeon Sees the light "as she does?(1 Points) A.)To contrast fall weddings & song with spring weddings & song B.)To contrast reading with gardening C.)To show how her feelings about spring have changed
  78. Immigration Essay Help?

    Can anyone give me a start to my essay? I'm really having trouble starting off the topic sentence. It's about immigration, coming to America. Thank you so much. -Allyson
  79. English

    How many sentences should a short essay have? I need to write a short essay for my world history class...I'm in 10th grade btw
  80. *English-Please Proofread my essay ASAP*

    Could you please proofread my argumentive essay, check for fragments and prounoun use. Thanks! Is Beauty Really Skin Deep?
  81. Literature

    I have to do an essay on the poem "The mirror"- the essay must include what literary Techniques are used to characterize the mirror, the lady and the relationship between them -Can i gat help please
  82. english

    essay on the cruicble by arthur miller when elizabeth is accused of hurting abigail# DO NOT GIVE ME ADVICE ON HOW TO DO IT GIVE ME THE ESSAY!
  83. Language Arts

    What is the best method to writing a short summary or an essay? Are there any websites I can look at or can you list the general items I need in an essay or summary. Thank you
  84. English comp 2

    I have to write a essay on the movie snow walker. a race and Ethnicity essay ..my question is what am I supposed to write about.??
  85. english 1

    i have to write a allegory essay on any topic, but the problem is i don't no how i mean what am i suspose to write about in a allgory essay???? y do there have to be so many types of essays :-(
  86. English

    I writing essay on where i draw my strength from, though i not sure what to title my essay, i want something interesting. i have to tell about every source that give me my strength. it have to have thematic and thesis statement too.
  87. Creative Writing

    Can you please tell me how i should start off my essay. For the introduction..how should I start it. i don't want to just flatly say that 'i will be discussing the different meanings of wisdom' i want to know if there is another way that i can get my essay
  88. Essay

    I need to do an essay but need to know if it is usually blank percent rainy or blank persent sunny usually in Port Saint Lucie? Can you help or give me a website that gives me percentages on how it usually is.
  89. Where is this from?

    "Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never Is, but always To be blest:" what's the name of the poem or essay by alexander pope that this is from? Is it called "An essay on a man"?
  90. French Revolution

    5 song names from before French Revolution (3 can be made up, but MUST reflect the ideas of the time) 5 song names from after French Revolution (3 can be made up, but MUST reflect the ideas of the time) 1 or the songs from each (2 total) must include
  91. Grammar and Composition

    can someone please help me by giving me suggestions for a topic,for my Descriptive Essay it can be about anything; that can be described please give me some suggestions. because i'm not sure what to write on, and i'm going to be asking for help a lot in
  92. essay

    I am supposed to do an essay on the 5 people you meet when you go to heaven. Do you think I should read whole book first and then do outline or take notes and make outline as i go along?
  93. Comp 156

    What steps are included in the prewriting phase of essay writing? How does prewriting affect the success of an essay?
  94. Finished essay, needs Tutor's oppinion

    Here is my finished essay. Could I please have the teachers opinnion on it? Link: //tinyurl( Dot) com/25cnjx8
  95. English 8th grade

    Both "Forest Fire" and "Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall" present factual information. Write an essay of your own about one of those essays. In your essay, tell whether the author provided enough information for you to understand the topic fully. Then
  96. Chemistry

    Energy Level Transfer of Hydrogen's electron. For each line, determine the prinicpal energy level to which hydrogen's electron was excited. When the electron fell to the 2nd level, energy was released corresponding to each of the lines. E= 2.179X10-18
  97. Math

    In Saturday's 8 mile race Sarah's goal was to complete 1/2 of the run in 48 minutes. After that time had elapsed Sarah had run 2/3 of the total race. Which shoes how far ahead of Pace Sarah is? A.1/6 B.3/6 C.7/8 D.2/6 A? Before Chad shared his starburst
  98. english

    what is song about determintation
  99. english

    i need about song reponse
  100. Human Resource Management

    What are the seven major decision points involved in job analysis of HR selection purposes? How do you conduct a job analysis for a team job in which the team member is asked to play multiple roles, be cross-trained, and perform different tasks based upon