1. calc 1

    If h(x) = the square root of 4 + 3f(x) where f(2) = 4 and f '(2) = 2, find h'(2). i got the derivative as 1/2(4+3f(x))^-1/2 then i solved for the inside which is (0+3(8)) then multiplied the the two eating and i got 3.... but answer is wrong =(

    asked by feather on February 18, 2016
  2. calculus

    Find an equation for the surface consisting of all points P(x, y, z) equidistant from the point P(0, 1, 0) and the plane x = 3. Answer Choices: 1. y2 + z2 − 6x + 2y − 8 = 0 2. x2 + z2 + 6y − 2z − 8 = 0 3. y2 + z2 + 6x − 2y − 8 = 0 4. x2 + z2

    asked by Bob on October 27, 2010
  3. MATH help

    I need help with this find the sum or difference. write the answer in simplest form. question is 3 5/6 -(-2/3) If you help me i'll take you out and we can get some food and go see the movie IT!

    asked by Gary Windthorpe ;) on September 19, 2017
  4. Math

    Question : find (h,k) and radius x^2 + y^2 +1/2x + 2y +1/16 = 0 According to the equation : (x−h)^2+(y−k)^2 = r^2 x^2 + y^2 +1/2x + 2y +1/16 = 0 (x^2+1/2x+1/16)+(y^2+2y+1)=−1/16+1/16+1 (x+1/4)^2+(y+1)^2=1 so (h,k) = (-1/4, -1) and r = 1 theres no

    asked by K on May 8, 2018
  5. math

    find an equation of the line that passes through (-5,-5) and that is parallel to 5x+6y+18=0 . give the answer in slope intercept form .

    asked by Anonymous on April 4, 2016
  6. Add maths form 4

    The quadratic equation 2qx(x+1)-8x^2-1, where q is a constant, has no real roots. Find the range of values of q. Answer given is -2

    asked by Sha on January 31, 2015
  7. geometry

    Find the area of a regular pentagon with a side of 6 ft. Give the answer to the nearest tenth. ok can't remember how to do this

    asked by cindy on January 12, 2012
  8. Math

    0.00013x^2 + 0.0063x - 4.7=0 Ans: x= -215.91,167.45 Find x I used -b± sqr b^2-4ac/2a I couldn't get that answer. please help.

    asked by Jay on September 3, 2015
  9. chemistry

    What is the total change in entropy when 10.0 g of ice melts at 25.0°C? DHfus = 6.01 kJ/mol The answer is 1.03 J/K but idk how to find it.

    asked by paula on March 29, 2015
  10. language arts

    Unscramble letters to find the answer to what's the first thing you should do when you have a big problem to solve. Three words ULARAEPGNYT

    asked by alexis on December 10, 2015
  11. math

    Explain how to find the sum positive eight plus negative ten using game chips, then give the answer.

    asked by chachis on August 15, 2011
  12. World History

    I fogot to bring home my history book, and I can't find this answer anywhere! What were 5 results of the Peace of Westphalia? Please help me!

    asked by Jillian on September 12, 2007
  13. Algebra Please help!!!!

    I need assisatnce with this. I do not want the answer I just want some guidence on how I should start it. The width of a rectangle is 5 ft, its length is (3x+2) ft, and its area is 75 ft². Find x

    asked by Liz on October 20, 2011
  14. geometry

    In triangle FGH, g = 8ft, h=13ft, and m=F= 72degrees. Find m

    asked by Steve on March 23, 2016
  15. math (2)

    Find the area of the shaded region y= 2x/(x^2+4) from x= -2 and x= 2 Note: People have been telling me that the two lines do not intersect but they do there has to be an answer. please help me. Thanks

    asked by Mia on April 27, 2014
  16. math

    Find the limit, if it exists. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) lim x→∞ (sqrt(49x^2+x)−7x)

    asked by TayB on February 11, 2015
  17. stats-please help

    repost MEAN=10 & STANDARD DEVIATION =2. FIND THE PROBABILITIES: 9.4 less than X less than 10.6 i have 2 different answers but am checking the answer. thank you one is 0.6179 the other is 0.2358

    asked by jean on March 8, 2011
  18. geometry

    The measures of all angles in a regular octagon are (4x + 12)°. Find the value of x. Show equations and all work that leads to your answer

    asked by FlowerChild on January 26, 2012
  19. Trig

    Need answer check pls. Find the rectAngular equation for the plane curve by parametric equAtions. X=t +4 , y= t^2

    asked by Stacey grahaM on April 25, 2010
  20. Social Sudies

    I can't find the answer to my crossword puzzle! Here it is: A nation's factories, machines, etc. are it's____________capital. I know it's an 8 letter word, but that's all!

    asked by Tori on April 11, 2012

    Find the surface area and volume of a cylinder with a radius of 4 and a height of 6 (pls explain the answer)

    asked by Santana on February 24, 2016
  22. Algebra

    Find all intervals on which the given expressions are positive. (x-1)(x+2) I know the answer is : x1 please show me the steps on how to solve this math problem.

    asked by Alex on August 12, 2012
  23. Math Help

    Triangle ABC has coordinaes A(1,4); B(3,-2); and C(4,2). Find the coordinates of the image A'B'C' after a reflection over the x-axis. My answer A'=(1,-4) B'=(3,2) C'= ( 4,-2) Am I correct? Thank you.

    asked by Callie on November 5, 2014
  24. Biology

    What are the genus and species of Dragonfly, Water Boatman and Caddisfly??? I've looked all over the internet and i cant find the answer!!!!

    asked by Delaney on October 1, 2009
  25. All??

    Can anyone tell me where to find a website for a free answer key for 2012 mosby's nursing assitant Workbook??

    asked by Pango on October 31, 2012
  26. Statistics

    A multiple choice test has 24 questions each having 4 possible answers. If you guess each answer, find the probability of getting Between 9 and 15 correct

    asked by Kalee on April 27, 2015
  27. statistics

    How do I go about finding the answer to this type of question? Find the standard score (z) for which 50% of the area under the normal curve is below the mean.

    asked by MissPatte on September 5, 2014
  28. math

    hi ms.sue could you please check my answer in problem The perimeter of a square is 64ft. Find the length of a diagonal. c=22.62

    asked by lisa on April 28, 2012
  29. Trig

    Please explain inverse functions. i.e. find angle if Sin x = 2.3 divided by 8.15. Answer 16.30 degrees. How did they do that??? Tks

    asked by John on December 4, 2008
  30. Earth science

    Where on the ocean floor will you find the greatest amount of living organisms? Answer: the coral reefs

    asked by Sue on March 15, 2016
  31. trig

    Find the angle between 0 and 2pi that is coterminal with negative one half pi; expressing the answer in radians in terms of pi.

    asked by Jay on May 19, 2011
  32. Algebra

    Find the sum of the first four terms of the geometric sequence with a = -3 and r = 3. I have NO idea how to attempt to solve this. I do not want an answer just instuctions. Thanks

    asked by Kelly on January 11, 2010
  33. Geometry

    The measures of all angles in a regular octagon are (4x + 12)°. Find the value of x. Show equations and all work that leads to your answer.

    asked by Katheryn on January 13, 2011
  34. Math (6)

    Find the area of the following two curves. y= sqrt(x) y= x-2 Note: People have been telling me that the two lines do not intersect but they do there has to be an answer. please help me. Thanks

    asked by Mia on April 26, 2014
  35. Math

    Could someone answer this question so I understand it. Thanks. Find the antiderivitive of the following derivitive that satisfies the given condition. dy/dx = 4x+4/3rd root of x y(1)=0 y(x)=

    asked by JL on April 25, 2011
  36. calc

    let v=i+j+k and w=-2i -k find the magnitude of the projection of w onto v I thought i use the equation proj w onto v= (v.w)/lvl so i got -3/sqrt3 but the answer is 1/sqrt 3

    asked by rolloo on August 4, 2014
  37. Chemistry

    calories given off when 85g of water cools from 48C to 23C. Express your answer using two significant figures. I know the answer is 2100 cal, but I just need to know why the answer is a positive value instead of negative, when it is supposed to be cooling

    asked by Sam on September 8, 2011
  38. algebra

    Will someone check my work here and let me know if I am right. Thanks. Evaluate x+y/7 for x=44 and y=12 My answer is x+y/7=8 2. Translate to an algebraic expression. The product of 42% and some number. The translation is .42x=y 3. Use < or> to make the

    asked by babs on August 3, 2011
  39. World History (CHECK ANSWERS!)

    What innovations did ancient Mesopotamians pass on to later civilizations? Select all that apply. -calendar(my answer) -gunpowder -legal code -mummification(my answer) -silk production -writing(my answer)

    asked by Bel on August 29, 2016
  40. math

    Solve the quadratic equation by completing the square. Verify your answer graphically. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) 16x2 − 24x − 23 = 0 I got this answer: 16(x−3/4)^2−32=0. Is the answer i got correct?

    asked by Anonymous on February 7, 2019
  41. Algebra

    To find the product 3/7 multiplied by 4/9, Cameron simplified 3/7 to 1/7 and then multiplied the fractions 1/7 and 4/9 to find the product 4/63. What is Cameron's error? Please help answer thanks

    asked by Ms. Stephie on September 28, 2014
  42. algebra/math

    i know this is probably a really simple answer and i'm gonna want to hit my head on a wall after i get it, hopefully, but how would i find a unit rate and then simplify it, if possible? like, 3 pages/5 hours? like the directions just say to write as a rate

    asked by bridget on August 23, 2007

    Q: Marissa Is researching information about martial arts students. She found that 7 out of 12 martial arts students practice each day. there are 144 students at her school. Part A: Predict how many students practice every day. Part B: What Is The Sample

    asked by Agal on April 22, 2016
  44. Calculus

    Hello...i just had a quick question...its probably something easy to get...maybe i am thiking too hard...but the question is estimate the volume of solid that likes above the square R=[0,2] * [0,2] and below the elliptical paraboloid z=16-x^2-2y^2..divide

    asked by Kim on November 5, 2007
  45. Math(check)

    1)Find the range of the relation [(-1,4)},(2,5),(3,5)}.Then determine whether the relation is a funtion. 4,5,5 is the range 4,5 is a function 2)Find f(-1),if f(x)= x^2-6x/x+2 (-1)^2-6(-1)/-1+2 1+6/-1+2 7/1 =7 3)Find f(a),if f(t)= 2t^2-t-2. 2(a)^2-a-2

    asked by erin on July 26, 2007
  46. English

    Which of the following is a good test-taking strategy for multiple-choice questions? 1.Answer C is almost always the correct answer, so pick C if you don’t know the answer. 2.Read the answers first, and then read the question. 3.When in doubt, provide

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody on January 20, 2017
  47. MATH

    there is a triangle with a base of 2.4 m and both sides are 1.7 m. it is a right triangle. what the heck is the answer? i have an answer sheet and i know the answer is 41 but how do you get that answer?

    asked by j on March 4, 2010
  48. Algebra 1

    17) Simplify [32/-8]/-1/2 Answer: -8 18) Add -7+(-9) Answer: -16 19)Solve 7(3x -2)=28 Answer:x=2 20)Solve using the addition principle 6.4=x-3.7 Answer:x=10.1

    asked by deedee on November 5, 2008
  49. Math help

    (a) A street guide for Belfast has a scale of 1:15 000. A walkway through the city is 2.4 km long. Find the length of the walkway on the map. Give your answer in centimetres. (b) Ormeau Park in Belfast has an area of about 25 cm2 on the same map. Calculate

    asked by JAndu Andu on May 22, 2010
  50. math

    (a) A street guide for Belfast has a scale of 1:15 000. A walkway through the city is 2.4 km long. Find the length of the walkway on the map. Give your answer in centimetres. (b) Ormeau Park in Belfast has an area of about 25 cm2 on the same map. Calculate

    asked by Kheladi Nep on June 10, 2010
  51. Poetry - PLZ CHECK OVER

    The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright – And this was odd, because it was The middle of the night. The moon was shining sulkily, Because she thought the sun Had got no

    asked by Nani on March 8, 2016
  52. math.......

    I need help. This is an example problem, but i am having trouble finding the answer to all problems like this. I came up with 50 something as my answer. That is NOT an option. Please help!!! this is the example problem. If a pair of jeans costs 39.50

    asked by please help FAST :) on January 26, 2017
  53. Math

    find median 4,5,6,8,11,17 answer 7 find mean and median 68,69,71,75,76,76,81,82,86,88,93,94,95,95,96 answer mean is 83 median is 82 ?

    asked by david on October 17, 2009
  54. Calculus II Help Please

    Only question I can't do on the assignment In pharmacokinetics the area under the graph of the drug concentration function with respect to time can be used to determine the total amount of the drug absorbed (the area is actually proportional to the amount

    asked by Anonymous on January 13, 2015
  55. Intermediate Algebra

    Am I going in the right track? 8x -1/x + 5x - 3/2x = 16x^2 - 2x/2x^2 + 5x^2 - 3x/2x^2 16x^2 - 2x + 5x^2 - 3x/2x^2 =21x^2 - 5/2x^2 Find the LCD 6/7z- 28, 8/x^2 -4x = 7x(x-4) Simplify 3x^2 - 2x/15x-10 = x/5 Let's start by looking at your first problem: 8x

    asked by Richard on November 3, 2006
  56. Math (Repost)

    *not multiple choice* u^-3 = 1/125 y - 1 = 4y - 2/3 * not sure how to do this what is the y intercept of the line? y= -3x - 5 * my answer is 5 when 40 is added to the number miles she ran last week..the result is the same as adding 10 to 4 times the number

    asked by Anonymous on December 17, 2014
  57. alg.

    Find the slope of the line passing through the points (–2, 1) and (3, 9). I know the equation to figure this out is: m = y(2) + y(1) ----------- x(2) + x(1) but its a multiple choice question and my answer is not the same as the choices. how exactly do I

    asked by lacy on July 30, 2007
  58. English

    I'm writing you again for help with one scientific text. The title is: Pet ownership, dog types and attachment to pets in 9–10 year old children in Liverpool, UK. What I have to do, is to answer 25 questions we've got about that text, but as non-English

    asked by Sonja on September 8, 2013
  59. pre calc

    To measure the height of the cloud cover at an airport, a worker shines a spotlight upward at an angle 75° from the horizontal. An observer D = 600 m away measures the angle of elevation to the spot of light to be 45°. Find the height h of the cloud

    asked by Ruth on March 27, 2017
  60. pre calc

    To measure the height of the cloud cover at an airport, a worker shines a spotlight upward at an angle 75° from the horizontal. An observer D = 600 m away measures the angle of elevation to the spot of light to be 45°. Find the height h of the cloud

    asked by rachel on March 27, 2017
  61. chemistry

    How much heat is required to raise the temperature of 200 g CH3OH from 20 to 30 degrees and then vaporize it at 30 degrees. The molar heat capacity of CH3OH is 81.1 J/Mol/K. Okay...the answer is approximately around 254. It was a homework problem. The

    asked by joseph on February 13, 2010
  62. Spanish

    I need help understanding how to ask/answer questions using the word 'Que'. If the question is ?Que' estudias tu'? is the correct answer: 'Yo estudio ___' and then whatever you're studying or could I simply answer 'Estudio ____' Also, in these questions,

    asked by Kara on May 5, 2009
  63. chemistry

    How much heat is required to raise the temperature of 200 g CH3OH from 20 to 30 degrees and then vaporize it at 30 degrees. The molar heat capacity of CH3OH is 81.1 J/Mol/K. Okay...the answer is approximately around 254. It was a homework problem. The

    asked by joseph on February 13, 2010
  64. College Algebra

    Please Explain your reasoning Part 1: Suppose that the number of new homes built, H, in a city over a period of time, t, is graphed on a rectangular coordinate system where time is on the horizontal axis. Suppose that the number of homes built can be

    asked by Vision/Help! on November 3, 2007
  65. Check my answer please!

    Macy enters a formula and presses Enter. She sees #Data! in the cell instead of the answer. This means _____. A) the cell is not wide enough B) there is too much data C) the answer is greater than one million D) there is a mistake in the formula I am 90%

    asked by Tori on March 13, 2017
  66. Statistics

    Hi, I have to answer if each questions is a nominal, ordinal, interval discrete, interval continuous, ratio discrete, or ratio continuous. I would like to know if my answers are correct and if wrong what is the correct answer. Thanks 1. Highest level of

    asked by Paul on September 19, 2010
  67. Calculus

    a particle starts at time t = 0 and moves along the x axis so that its position at any time t>= 0 is given by x(t) = ((t-1)^3)(2t-3) a.find the velocity of the particle at any time t>= 0 b. for what values of t is the velocity of the particle negative? c.

    asked by Lauren on September 10, 2009
  68. Intermediate Algebra

    To find the distance across a canyon, a surveyor inserts poles at two places on the same side of the canyon as indicated below. using the surveyor's measurements given below, find the distance across the canyon. (the answer can be in simplified radical

    asked by Anonymous please help on December 16, 2012
  69. Physics

    A 60.9 kg climber is using a rope to cross between two peaks of a mountain as shown in the figure below. He pauses to rest near the right peak. Assume that the right side rope and the left side rope make angles of 26.7° and 14.33° with respect to the

    asked by Sinisa on October 15, 2013
  70. algebra

    please write and equation, show your work, and find the answer: 1.a certain two-digit number has a value that is seven more than six times the sum of its digits. the tens digit is 3 more than the units digit. find the number 2.In Colorado Creek, Darrell

    asked by Bri on February 16, 2011
  71. Calculus AB

    Sorry but I've got a lot of problems that I don't understand. 1) Let f(x)= (3x-1)e^x. For which value of x is the slope of the tangent line to f positive? Negative? Zero? 2) Find an equation of the tangent line to the oven curve at the specified point.

    asked by Annie on October 30, 2016
  72. Science

    [I choose a.] How did the CITIES treaty reduce the slaughter of elephants? a.it offered a bounty to tribal leaders for identifying poachers b.it banned imports and exports of all ivory worldwide c.it limited sales of ivory to the antique market. d.both (a)

    asked by Mack on March 18, 2007
  73. English

    Sorry about the multiple question posts I’m just trying to prepare for an upcoming test and I figured the best way to do so is to practice. In each sentence below, find a participle or participial phrase that modifies the word in parenthesis. 1.

    asked by Susanne on February 7, 2010
  74. physics (mechanics)

    Practice problem: A rocket sled for testing equipment under large accelerations starts at rest and accelerates according to the expression: a= (2.8 m/s^3)t + (3.9 m/s^2) How far does the rocket move in the time interval t=0 to t=0.81 s? This is just a

    asked by John on August 28, 2010
  75. Anatomy

    Please help me grade this questions; 1. What is the name of the biggest part of the human brain? My answer: The Cerebrum 2. The colored part of the human eye that controls how much light passes through the pupil is called the? My answer: Iris 3. What is

    asked by Fiyin on December 10, 2018
  76. Pigskin geography

    I need help with week number 6, the question about bullfrogs. I got the first part but I still don't have how far away you can hear them. I also need help with the comic question about Leif Erickson. Thanks! Please repost with the specific questions, so we

    asked by Lanna on October 12, 2006
  77. Math

    You buy a television for $550. That price included a 10% sales tax. what is the price without sales tax? The answer choices are A)$500 B)$605 C)$55 D)$550 I did a proportion to find this answer by doing: 10/100=x/550 ;and I ended up getting $495, which is

    asked by Audry on December 26, 2014
  78. math

    For the following pair of functions, f(x)-x+2, g(x)-√x-1 find each of the following and state its domain: a.) find (f+g)(x) b.)find (f-g) (x) c.) find (fg)(x) d.) find (ff)(x) e.)Find (f/g)(x)

    asked by Chris on July 21, 2014
  79. Trignometry

    1) If

    asked by Anonymous on September 11, 2010
  80. English 3

    1) Select the abbreviation that tells how the italicized noun clause is used. S-subject, DO-direct object, SC-subject complement, OP-object of preposition Our study efforts should go to (whatever subject is most in need of improvement.) *my answer is DO

    asked by Debra on September 18, 2012
  81. Algebra

    A ball is thrown upward with an initial velocity of 14 meters per second from a cliff that is high. The height of the ball is given by the quadratic equation where h is in meters and t is the time in seconds since the ball was thrown. Find the time that

    asked by Sherry on March 4, 2013
  82. Algebra

    Hello, I have been trying a few ways to do this problem and am not having success. The sum of four consecutive odd integers is -212. Write an expression for the second, third and fourth odd integers. Use these expressions to write, and solve an equation to

    asked by Martha on September 18, 2011
  83. physics please

    there are nearly (pi) x (10^7) seconds in one year. find the percentage error in this approximation, where percentage error is defined as abs value[ (assumed value - true value)/ true value] x 100% to find the true value I did: (365 days/yr) x (24 hours/1

    asked by sam on January 22, 2010
  84. College Algebra

    What is the answer to: The plane was purchased new in 2006; therefore, x = 0 represents the year 2006. X - axis (horizontal)= years starting from 0= 2006 and increasing by 0.5 years X - axis (vertical)= price in $ amounts from 24,000 to 240,000 a). List

    asked by Stephen on December 31, 2011
  85. us history

    Can you help me on this? How consistent were the republican principles applied by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison during their presidencies? How did their policies affect the Federalist Party during Jefferson's and Madison's administrations? I can't

    asked by Andrea on September 26, 2012
  86. math

    Simplify using Pascal's Triangle: state a term number of formula and a value. What term number (Tn,r)is your answer? find the sum of row 12? I know that the sum is 2^12=4096, how would you find the term number?

    asked by Josh on February 14, 2013
  87. solid mensuration? help.

    Window glass formerly was made by gathering a lump of molten glass on the end of a hollow rod blowing it into the form of a large hollow cylinder about 6 ft. long and 1 1/2 ft. in diameter. This was cut longitudinally and then placed in an oven and heated

    asked by sara on May 12, 2012
  88. Spanish

    Can someone please proofread my Spanish paragragh? It's for an exam. In case you think I'm cheating, the teacher told me to write a practice paragraph and get it proofread so I will do better on the exam. Write a letter to your new pen pal/. Describe

    asked by Larry on April 14, 2009
  89. Physics repost

    A 2.00 resistor, and a 12.0 resistor are connected in parallel across a 20.0-V battery. What is the current flowing through the 2.00 resistor? A)1.67 A B)1.40 A C)11.6 A D)10.0 A This is all I understand. Can you explain step by step and show how to get

    asked by Jon on April 9, 2008
  90. EnglishCheck

    CHECK PLEASE 1. (Points: 2) The bank will not (lend, loan) money for home repairs. b. loan Save Answer 2. (Points: 2) My allergies sometimes cause me to (loose, lose) my voice. b. lose Save Answer 3. (Points: 2) Please leave the report on the desk, and

    asked by HM on October 30, 2011
  91. Math

    Using the formula for the surface area of a SPHERE: Use Pi = 3.14 If the diameter of a sphere is 8 feet, find the surface area (round to the nearest square foot) 201 sq ft If a quart of paint covers 75 square feet, how many quarts of paint are needed to

    asked by Mike on May 16, 2008
  92. vocab

    continue vocab 2- bound A tied B released C confirmed D restrained answer B 3- loathed A detested B loved C hated D despised answer B 4 strive A attempt B try C give up D fight for answer C

    asked by john on April 10, 2009
  93. Chemistry

    What will be the pH of an aqueous solution containing 0.040 mol/L sodium hydroxide?? I got 1.40 or 1.398 I rounded the numbers is my answer right??? If not what's the right answer?? I know I wrote the question again, because on the previous answer I did

    asked by Tarkan on December 23, 2010
  94. English

    Hi! ____ 1. Choose the answer that best matches the word in quotation marks. Walter Mitty the Undefeated, "inscrutable" to the last. (1 point) a) devilish b) mysterious c) notorious d) stubborn My Answer: D Could someone please check my answer? Thanks!

    asked by Da Fash on December 8, 2017
  95. The Importance of Being Ernest

    Why does Ernest/Jack and Algernon both have fake characters? I just want to clarify my answer for my study guide since they are all written responses and have no multiple choice options so my answer is below. My answer: So they both have an opportunity to

    asked by Nina on June 1, 2016
  96. Chemistry: Electron Configurations

    Write the electron configuration for the following ion. V3+ I got 1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^6 4s^2. In simplified form, I got [Ar]4s^2. I checked my answer against the answer given in the back of my chemistry textbook, and the two didn't correspond. The

    asked by Anonymous on November 4, 2009
  97. civics

    I couldn't not find the answer to this in my book. The county form of local government is found in a. about half the states, b. all but two states, c.only 2 states, d. fewer then half of the states. I am guessing that since my book says " over the past

    asked by Tiffany on April 26, 2010
  98. Statistics

    Using the following information find a 95% confidence interval for the intercept in the regression of measured distance on recession velocity. VARIABLE COEFFICIENT STANDARD ERROR Constant 0.3391 0.1185 Velocity 0.001373 0.000227 T-STAT P-VALUE 3.369 0.0028

    asked by MMK on March 14, 2007
  99. Algebra

    Could someone please help me find x in this problem and explain how you got the answer? 2(3x - 1) = 5 - (x + 3) I checked the answer I got in the back of my algebra book and it said the answer was 4/7 but my answer was wrong. How did they get 4/7 out of

    asked by Jamie on August 12, 2006
  100. rf value of lycopene

    Is the the rf value of lycopene and with what solvent can you use as a mobile phase on a TLC? I don't know the answer here but I looked on the Internet and found something that may get you started. I found the Rf value for lycopene to be between 0.4 and

    asked by paul on February 19, 2007