f(x)=(y+a) and b=the limit as y aproches 2+f is 1000 figure out a,y, and f I'm lost, but I need to know for our trimester final. I don't even know if it's possible.

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  1. calculus help again

    if f'(x)=cos x and g'(x)=1 for all x, and if f(0)=g(0)=0, then the limit x--->0 fo function f(x)/g(x)= okay, so f(x)=sinx g(x)=x and the f(0)=g(0)=0 is also satisfied and equals o. so the limit x-->o of sinx/x= is the answer nonexistent according to the

  2. Calculus

    True or false. 1. If f(x) has a vertical asymptote at x=a, then the limit of f(x) as x --> a from the left is negative infinite and the limit of f(x) as x--> a from the right is positive infinite. I think this is true. Take for instance, a rational

  3. Calculus

    Hi! My question is: Given that f is a function defined by f(x) = (2x - 2) / (x^2 +x - 2) a) For what values of x is f(x) discontinuous? b) At each point of discontinuity found in part a, determine whether f(x) has a limit and, if so give the value of the

  4. Math Calc

    Find the limit. (If the limit is infinite, enter '∞' or '-∞', as appropriate. If the limit does not otherwise exist, enter DNE.) lim t-inf (sqrt(t)+t^2)/(9t-t^2)

  5. Algebra

    Eloise is investing and retirement account. She plans on adding an additional $50 at the end of every year and the expected monthly rate of return is 3% of the amount invested, calculated at the end of the month. If she starts with $1000 in the account

  6. pre-algebra

    Figure B is the image of Figure A. Which description explains how Figure A was transformed to create figure B. A. Figure A was Reflected across a horizontal line of reflection to create Figure B. B. Figure A was rotated 180 ° about the point in the middle

  7. calculus

    evaluate lim x aproches -1 x^2+6x+5/x^2-3x-4

  8. Calculus; Limits

    Evaluate limit, x -> a, [(x + 4a)^2 - 25a^2] / [x - a] My work: = limit, x -> a, (x^2 + 8ax + 16a^2 - 25a^2) / (x - a) = limit, x -> a, (x^2 + 8ax - 9a^2) / (x - a) = limit, x -> a, (x + 8a - 9a^2) / (-a) = (a + 8a - 9a^2) / (-a) = 9a^2 - 8a + 1 Textbook

  9. Calculus

    The area A of the region S that lies under the graph of the continuous function is the limit of the sum of the areas of approximating rectangles. A = lim n → ∞ [f(x1)Δx + f(x2)Δx + . . . + f(xn)Δx] Use this definition to find an expression for the

  10. Calculus Limits

    Question: If lim(f(x)/x)=-5 as x approaches 0, then lim(x^2(f(-1/x^2))) as x approaches infinity is equal to (a) 5 (b) -5 (c) -infinity (d) 1/5 (e) none of these The answer key says (a) 5. So this is what I know: Since lim(f(x)/x)=-5 as x approaches 0,

  11. Maths

    The number 1000 can be written in several ways as a sum of one or more consecutive positive integers, for instance, 1000=1000 (one summand) or 1000=198+199+200+201+202 (five summands). Find the largest possible number of summands in a representation of

  12. Math

    The product of 1000 whole numbers is 1000. What is the largest possible value the sum of these numbers can have? A)1000 B)1992 C)1993 D)1999

  13. Physical Science

    Does this answer look correct? How many gold atoms are in a 1 kg gold bar? The chemical symbol of gold is Au. Consult The Periodic Table in Figure 11.9 on p. 216 in the textbook. Hint: Remember 1u=1.66x10-27kg. 1 mole= 6.022x1023, which is Avogadro’s

  14. Chemistry

    What order do i arrange the units so they can be from largest to smallest? m superscript 3, mL, cL, UL, L, dL. kilo hecto deca unit deci centi milli ----------- All of the above are by a factor of 10 from top to bottom (becoming smaller); 1 kilogram = 1000

  15. Chem

    Circle the letter of the unit of mass commonly used in chemistry that equals 1/1000 Kilogram. a)gram b)Milligram c)milliliter Kilo is 1000. What is 1/1000 of 1000?

  16. algebra (check answer)

    The diameter of a valve for the space shuttle must be within 0.001 mm of 5 mm. Write and solve an absolute-value equation to find the boundary values for the acceptable diameters of the valve. | d - 5.000| = 0.001 d - 5 = 0.001 d * 1000 - 5 * 1000 = 0.001

  17. Help With Statistics

    I would really appreciate help with this. In a survey of 1000 large corporations, 252 said that, given a choice between a job candidate who smokes and an equally qualified nonsmoker, the nonsmoker would get the job. Find a 0.95 confidence interval for p.

  18. 12th Calculus

    1. Explain why the function f(x)=(x^2-4)/(x-2) is not continous on [0,3]. what kind of discontinuity occurs? 2. use areas to show that integral sign with the upper limit of 3 and a lower limit of 0 (x^2-4/x-2)dx=10.5 3. use the area to show that intergral

  19. Evaluating Limits

    Evaluate lim x/((x+2)^2 - 4) as x-> 0 or state that the limit does not exist. My book said I can substitute 0 into the equation. I did that and came up with ____0_____ (0+2)^2 -4 which simplifies down to ___0___ which = _0_ which = _0_ = 0. 2^2 - 4 4-4 0

  20. statistics

    A lottery offers one $10000 prize, one $5000 prize and five $1000 prizes. 1000 tickets are sold at $30 each . Find the expectation if a person buys one ticket workings: 9970/1000+4970/1000+4850/1000-29790/1000 = -10000/1000 =-$10

  21. Visual Basic 2008 Programming

    Help! I'm not sure how to start or how calculate. This is the project. Using For Next Loops. - When $1000 is deposited at 5 percent simple interest, the amount grows by $50 each year. When money is invented at 5 percent compound interest, then the amount

  22. Math

    How many integers are NOT perfect powers between 1 and 1000? It might be easier to count how many are powers and subtract that number from 1000. To do this you should first find the highest power of 2 less than 1000, then you'll know how high of powers you

  23. Calculus

    i was just wondering if the limit of a funtion exists as it approches a value if both the right side limit and the left side limit both equal the same infinity ( postive inififnty for both sides, or negative infinty for both sides). i know that if one side

  24. psychology

    The first year after the speed limit was reduced to 55 mph was the first year since there was a federal speed limit that no one in the United States who was observing the speed limit died in an auto accident. What does this prove?

  25. AP Stats

    I generally know how to use the normalcdf function on my calculator, but how to I find the area under a normal curve if there is no lower limit or no upper limit? For instance, we are required to use a calculator on this problem: Find the area under the

  26. Calculus

    Use your graphing calculator to evaluate limit as x goes to infinity of x^(1/2x) I graphed it but couldn't figure out the limit. Answers: 1) 1 2) e/2 3) pi 4) 0

  27. PDHPE

    Develop a profile of Asthma. Justify why it has been selected as a health priority area in Australia. (World Limit 1000).

  28. calculus

    (a) Find the number c such that the limit below exists. Limit as x goes to -2 of: x^2+cx=c-3/x^2+2x (b) Calculate the limit for the value of c in part (a).

  29. limit from graph

    How do I know if the limit of a function exists or not from that function's graph. Thanks. It the graph of a function becomes straighter at + and -infinity, it means that the function behaves linearly in the limit. However there may be other types of

  30. math

    thanks for the explanation of limit, but i want someone to help check out this problem for me lim x->3 (x^2 - x - 12)/ (x - 3) i got 5 as the answer okay, so i cant use substitution. i factor the (x^2 - x - 12) and got (x - 4) and (x + 3) [(x - 4)(x + 3)]/

  31. Physics

    The city is trying to figure out how long the traffic light should stay yellow at an intersection. The speed limit on the road is 45.0 km/h and the intersection is 23.0 m wide. A car is traveling at the speed limit in the positive direction and can brake

  32. Math

    How do you figure percentages? Question: If a factory worker is supposed to produce 1000 units an hour but only produces 568 units, what percentage did the worker produce? How do you figure this?

  33. English

    1. Yes, that’s a good argument, but there needs to be a limit to how much money is awarded. ---------------------------- Is 'there needs to be a limit' grammatical? What toehr expressions can we use instead of it? 2. There is a limit to how much money is

  34. Statistics

    A breathalyser test is used by police in an area to determine whether a driver has an excess of alcohol in their blood. The device is not totally reliable: 7 % of drivers who have not consumed an excess of alcohol give a reading from the breathalyser as

  35. calculus

    1. Let C(t) be the number of cougars on an island at time t years (where t > 0). The number of cougars is increasing at a rate directly proportional to 3500 - C(t). Also, C(0) = 1000, and C(5) = 2000. 1. Calculate C(10). 2. Find the limit as t tends to

  36. Calculus

    Our professor wants us to evaluate the limits analytically without using a table or a graph, and if it doesn't exist we must describe the behavor near the limit point. I'm not sure how to evaluate each side of a limit separately without looking at a table

  37. Calculus

    The demand function for a product is modeled by : p=10,000(1-(3/3+e^-0.001x) Find the price of the product if the quantity demanded is (a) x=1000 units and (b) x=1500 units. What is the limit of the price as x increases without bound?

  38. Calculus

    f(x)=(y+a) and b=the limit as y aproches 2+f is 1000 figure out a,y, and f I'm lost, but I need to know for our trimester final. I don't even know if it's possible.

  39. calculus

    find limit as x aproches 0 in the equation (5sin(x))/(x^2-13x)

  40. math

    Daniel's bonus at work this year is $1000.00 added to 20% of his yearly salary. If X represents his yearly salary, which of the following algebraic expressions should be used to figure the amount of his bonus? A. 0.2(1000+x) B. 1000+x/0.2 C. 0.2x+1000 D.

  41. Statistics

    A survey asked 2000 people whether or not they frequently exceed the speed limit. The collected data is summarized in the following contingency table. The goal is to determine if there is a difference in the population proportion that say “yes” when

  42. Calc Help

    demand = (p+1)sqroot(q+1)=1000. Find elasticity of demand at a price of $39 per unit. I am really struggling with this problem is there anyone that can help me? i am not familiar with the terminology, but if you are trying to solve for p, it is not that

  43. Digital Circuits

    which is the primary purpose of a resistor in series with a led being driven by a flip-flop a. Limit voltage b. Limit current c. Limit speed d. Limit power

  44. math

    (MC) If the compound interest on $1000 for two years at 9% p.a., payable half-yearly is $x, find x. A) 1000x9/100x2 B) 1000(1+9/100)⁴ C) 1000(1+4.5/100)⁴ D) 1000(1+9/100)²-1000 E) 1000(1+4.5/100)⁴-1000

  45. Math

    Find the amount of money in the account at the end. $1000.00, 4 years, 7% compounded semi-annually A=P(1+r/n)^nt r=0.07, t=4, P=$1000.00, n=2 A=P(1+r/n)^nt A=$1000.00(1+0.07/2)^2-4 A=$1000(1.035)^8 A=$1000(1.316809037) A=$1,316.809037 My answer is:

  46. science

    How do you use the metric system? You use if for weighing, measuring length, measuring volume, and many other things. If you have a specific question, post it. How do you use it? for instance... 1000mg=(blank)grams and how do you figure it out? You

  47. algerba

    How to figure out the temperature of a lake using x for the feet or the Depth and for the degrees Celsius, use (3900x+1000) /(3x^2+100) with the answer of the degrees Celsius being 6.74 looking like 6.74=(3900x+1000)/(3x^2+100) i need the depth i have

  48. Chemistry

    I got this question wrong, and I'm not sure where my mistakes lie. Can someone show me what I'm not doing right and what the correct answers should be? "Some states have reduced the legal limit for alcohol sobriety from 0.10% to 0.080% alcohol by volume in

  49. Math

    one Percentage increase / decrease formula in excel that full all the conditions that are mentioned below 2012 2011 1 0 0 2 0 500 3 500 0 4 500 1000 5 1000 500 6 500 (1000) 7 (1000) 500 8 (500) (1000) 9 (1000) (500) Dear its urgent

  50. Math

    one Percentage increase / decrease formula in excel that full all the conditions that are mentioned below 2012 2011 1 0 0 2 0 500 3 500 0 4 500 1000 5 1000 500 6 500 (1000) 7 (1000) 500 8 (500) (1000) 9 (1000) (500) Dear its urgent

  51. Math-Calculus

    Hi, I am trying to figure out what the limit as h approaches 0 of (1-2h)^(1/h) is. I am unfamiliar with the process I am supposed to use to solve this limit. I have just been reasoning out this limit, but I keep getting the answer, 1^(infinity)=1. My

  52. Precalculus, algerbra 2, investment,

    You have 4 different investment options 4% interest 7% compound continuously 19% annually 5% every month You have 1000 dollars how long does it take for the value to double in each other investment options? How long does it take until 1000 becomes 1800?

  53. Calc

    Hello! Really can't wrap my head around this so please help! Consider the function: f(x) = x^2+(1000-x)^2 First find out where it is increasing, and then use this fact to determine which number is larger: a) 1000^2 or b) 998^2 + 2^2 I found that the

  54. calculus help please

    hi what is lim as x reaches one of the function x/LN(x) is it one or does the limit it not exist. hi what is limit as x reaches one of the function x/LN(x) is it one or does the limit it not exist. Have you tried graphing it? That will tell you if the

  55. Physics

    Find the change of the mechanical energy of a 1000-kg car traveled down an incline with 1:10 grade a total distance of 100 m during which its speed increased from 10 m/s to 20 m/s? Is my answer correct, if not what did I do wrong? ME=KE+PE+Q

  56. Calculus (lim)

    consider the statement lim x³-6x²+11x-6 / x-1 = 2 x->1 Using the definition of the limit, state what must be true for the above limit to hold, that is, for every ..., there is ..., so that.... Use a specific function and limit not just f and L.  Verify

  57. Calculus

    HELP....last question SOS HELP Consider the statement lim X-->1 X©ø-6X©÷+11X-6 / x-1 = 2 USING THE DEFINITIONS OF THE LIMIT STATE WHAT MUST BE TRUE FOR THE ABOVE LIMIT TO HOLD, THAT IS, FOR EVERY ¡¦, THERE IS ..., SO THAT¡¦. Use a specific function

  58. calculus question ?

    I just can't wrap my head around this. I don't know if this is true I just came to conclusion with this if the limit of x--> +/-inf = L (if the limit of x going to pos/neg infinity gives you a number L) does that mean that L is a horizontal asymptote ? if

  59. calculus verify answer

    Evaluate the limit: Limit as x approaches 6 from the right: Sq.root of (x - 6). I know the limit is 0, but how do I show this? Thanks in advance.

  60. calculus

    how do i get the answer for this limit limit x to 0 (4^2x-1) without using direct substitution my work so far is limit x to 0= (4^2x-1) = (4^2x/4^-1) is it correct?

  61. Math

    (a) Find the number c such that the limit below exists. Limit as x goes to -2 of: x^2+cx=c-3/x^2+2x (b) Calculate the limit for the value of c in part (a).

  62. Math

    So I just have basic questions about limits which I just need to clear up. So when I'm solving for a limit , when the greater exponent is on the top of the fraction ex: x^2+2x/x+1 then the limit will always =infinity? And how do u know when a limit = 0 ? I

  63. math

    How to solve for delta using trig functions? i.e. cosine sine tangent secant Thank you I'm not sure what delta you're referring to. Could you please elaborate some for us. What is it you're trying to do with the trig funtions? the problem is.. limit sec

  64. math

    can someone please explain this problem? (-> is an arrow) assume that limit x-> 4 f(x)=0 and limit x-> 4 g(x)=3 1. limit x-> 4 (g(x)+3

  65. Math

    limit of (x,y)--->(1,0) of ln(1+y^2/x^2+xy)) Find the limit, if it exists, or show that the limit does not exist.

  66. managerial economics

    assuming that the firm's goal is to maximize present value of the profits in the subsequent 5 years, which of the following flows of profit would achieve that goal? Justify your answer. Note that the flows are represented by 5-tuples, i.e. five number each

  67. Physics

    Young modulous of the material is 9.68×10^10N/m^2. A wire of diameter o.95mm is streched by applying certain force. What should be limit of force if in strain is not to exceed 1 in 1000

  68. matsh

    The picture below shows a figure in the complex plane, consisting of two circles of radius 1, with centers (3,0) and (−3,0) and a lower half of the circle of radius 2 with the center (0,−23√). Find the number of positive integers n≤1000, such that

  69. Finance

    A bank is willing to give you a Rs1,000,000 home mortgage at 12% interest, compounded semiannually. The loan will be amortised over 25 years, but the interest rate is fixed for only the first 5 years. What is the monthly mortgage payment for the first five

  70. Integration?

    Sorry, i have a load of questions on integration... thanks for any help provided! Evaluate the integrals: limit 0 to pi/4 ∫ [sec^2x]/[5+tanx] dx limit 0 to pi/6 ∫ [3cos3x]/[3+sin3x] dx limit 0 to 3 ∫ [2x-1]/[x^2-x+1] dx

  71. Calculus

    please help me...for the power series summation of n^4x^n/2(n-1)factorial....find the radius i am guessing the radius is either x or x/2 but i am still not sure..CAN someone help me plz? PLZ HELP ME...i don't know where to start Take the ratio of two

  72. Calculus

    A freight company will move one truck load of material according to the following cost schedule: The base shipping fee is $400 for any distance up to and including 150 miles and an additional $50 for each 50 mile increment over 150 miles. The cargo cost is

  73. Calc

    I am having trouble with these two problems for my Calc class. I have tried answering a few times already, but i keep getting it wrong. Help please and thank you. For the limit below, find values of δ that correspond to the ε values. lim_(x->1)(3 + x -

  74. geometry


  75. Calculus

    1. Evaluate the function at the given numbers (correct to six decimals places). Use the results to guess the value of the limit,or explain why it does not exist. F(t)=( t^(1/3) - 1)/(t^(1/2) - 1) ; t= 1.5,1.2,1.1,1.01,1.001; The limit of F(t) as t

  76. Calculus

    I am maybe overthinking this, but what is the lim as n-> infinity of |(n+1)/(n+2)| ? I am trying to use the ratio test to find interval of convergence for the infiinite series (n/n+1)((-2x)^(n-1)) so i did the limit of |(n+1)/(n+2)| but i am wondering if

  77. Physics URGENT

    I did a lab on DC circuits, and we calculated the resistance of multiple resistors in parallel. Resistance of Resistor 1 & 2 = 1000 +/- 5% so R1 =1000+/- 50 R2= 1000 +/1 50 i need to calculate R using the equation... R= 1/R1 + 1/R2 I am confused as to what

  78. Math

    I don't understand this question can someone explain? For the data listed, select a type of display and describe the steps that you would take in developing it to show the relationship between age and deaths/ 100 people from car accidents: Age 1-14= a

  79. physics

    speed limit on freeway is 36 m/s and speed limit on service drive is 9 m/s. Mr. Scotts focus has a mass of 900 kg. Since friction depends on so many factors such as the condition of the vehicle and direction of wind, the civil engineer neglects it. 1. How

  80. Math

    Here is the question/problem. Barney goes to the bank with 1000 -$1 bills and 10 paper bags. His instructions to the teller are to plcae the bills in the bags in such a way that when he returns later, he can request any amount of money from $1 to $1000 and

  81. programming

    I need to figure this problem out, I am using visual studio C#. • Powers - Write an application that displays a tables of squares and cubes of an integer from 1 to an upper limit. The user should enter the upper limit and press the calculate button. The

  82. College Algebra

    I REALLY don't understand the reason/basis/use of logarithms. I have listened to my teacher, who never is clear on much of anything (it would help if he spoke better English), and a more advanced student, who couldn't explain them to me. The problem I am

  83. math

    1. Define what is meant by the limit of a series. Please try to explain in words more than symbols. The limit is the result you would get by adding up an infinite number of terms of the series. The larger the number of terms that you add, the closer you

  84. calculus

    Evaluate these limits. (Enter answer as a decimal. Enter INF if the limit is +∞; -INF if the limit is −∞; and DNE if the limit is neither ±∞ and does not exist.) (a) limx→04+x−−−−−√−2x= - sin responder (b) limx→0tan(2x)sec(3x)x

  85. macroeconomics

    Show that the expenditure approach and the income approach add up to the same figure: consumption $5000 investment $1000 depreciation $600 Profits $900 Exports $500 Compensation of Employees $5,300 Government purchases $1000 Direct Taxes $800 Saving $1100

  86. Semiconductor Device

    Which statement about the Shockley-Queisser limit is FALSE? A.The Shockley-Queisser limit cannot define the maximum achievable efficiency of c-Si based solar cells as radiative recombination will never be the dominant loss mechanism for charge carrier

  87. math

    which best describes 12 dolls in each of 100 boxes a) eqyak ti 100 b)less than 1000 c0 equal to 1000 d) more than 1000 please explain

  88. Algebra

    (I skipped the lengthy work problem background as it is irrelevant) The number of bacteria needed to break down an oil spill is 1000000 per millitre of oil. The bacteria double in number every two days.The starting concentration of bacteria is 1000

  89. math

    I have to evaluate the limit of these problems and I can't figure them out! 1.) Lim x-> 1 x^2+x-2/x^2-x 2.) (please note that the -2 is not under the square root) Lim x->0 sqroot 4+h -2/ h

  90. Maths GRE

    At the Acme Cement Company, employees contribute to a welfare fund at the rate of 4% of the first $1000 earned, 3% of the next $1000, 2% of the next $1000 and 1% of any additional income. What will Mr. Morris contribute in a year in which he earns $20,000?

  91. math

    find derivative using limit definition: f(x) = x - sqrt(x) so f'(x) = lim h->0 [f(x+h) - f(x)]/h but I keep trying to solve by multiplying by the conjugate but I can't figure it out..there's nothing that can be cancelled or anything and I can't get the

  92. Calculus. Limits. Check my answers, please! :)

    4. lim (tanx)= x->pi/3 -(sqrt3) 1 (sqrt3) ***-1 The limit does not exist. 5. lim |x|= x->-2 -2 ***2 0 -1 The limit does not exist. 6. lim [[x]]= x->9/2 (Remember that [[x]] represents the greatest integer function of x.) 4 5 ***4.5 -4 The limit does not

  93. calculus

    The question I'm having problems with is If f(x)=3x^2+7x+2, find f'(4) , using the definition of derivative.f'(4) is the limit as x--> ________ of the expression __________________. The value of this limit is _________________. I've got the first part that

  94. physics

    what is the meaning and significance of the elastic limit and why it should be avoided? The elastic limit is the maximum deformation a material can go to, after that, structural changes occur, and it yields as if it were a plastic. Many structural failures

  95. calculus

    f(x)=(y+a)and b=the limit as y aproches 2+f=1000. I need to know what y and a equal.

  96. math

    how do i figure out this limit? lim as x heads towards 0 of {(1/x+3)+ (1/3)} /x

  97. PreCal

    A person deposits $1000 in a bank account which pays 8% annual interest compounded continuously. Used formula A=Pe^in You get A=(1000)e^.08(1)=1000e^.08≈ 1000(1.08329) ≈ $1,083.29 My question is how do you get 1.08329 from e^.08

  98. algerba

    How to figure out the temperature of a lake using x for the feet or the Depth and for the degrees Celsius use (3900x+1000)/(3x^2+100) with the answer of the degrees celsius being 8.44 looking like 8.44=(3900x+1000)/(3x^2+100) i need the depth

  99. Mtahs Metre to millimetres

    Hi, Can anyone please check the following scientific metre to millimetre calculation for me:- Subtract the second figure from the second 0.28432882m, 0.28052258m to milliemtres to (1 d.p.) In 1m there are 1000mm, 0.28432882m x 1000 = 284.32882mm

  100. stats

    4. Data from the 2008 General Social Survey (GSS) sample show that the mean number of children per respondent was 1.94 with a standard deviation of 1.70. A total of 2,020 people answered this question. (a) Estimate the population mean number of children


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