1. Language arts

    Which question should you ask during third reading of the muti-draft reading progress? A. Who is the speaker, or the voice that "Say" the words of the poem? B. how has the work expanded my idea's or my imagination? C. What do the word choices and imagery
  2. English

    Choose the best word to describe labyrinths ...His clothes were in tatters, as if he had sailed through labyrinths of coral. A) Circular tunnels B) Blind alleys*** C) Colorful palaces D) Tide pools A labyrinth is a maze right? So is it B, blind alleys. Can
  3. Physics

    Two rugby players are running towards each other. They are 37 m apart. If one is accelerating from rest at 0.5 m/s^2 and the other was already moving at 3.1 m/s and maintains her speed, a)how long before they crunch together? b)How fast was the
  4. Writing/BME

    Strength is defined as the amount of stress a material can withstand before fracturing. Therefore, the more strength a material has, the more durable it is. Thus, a toric lens should be constructed from a material with high strength. Every time I read this
  5. english

    Edit please. Take the errors out and rewrite Calligraphy is very popular amoung artists as well as among people whom are not professional artists. But who are creative for their own pleasure. The word calligraphy provides own definition. It comes from two
  6. English

    I need to re word this paragraph. Hemingway's distinctive writing style is characterized by economy and understatement, and had a significant influence on the development of the 20th century fiction writing. His protagonists are typically stoical men who
  7. science

    does anyone know any science revision games about mr mcluthon i need to use it for my revision but can`t find them . thanks
  8. math,correction

    can someone correct these for me i'll appreciate it thank. dirctions: solve 3x-7=2x+8 my answer: x = 15 directions: solve 2/5x=-10 my answer: x = -25 Directions: solve -3(x+1)=2(x-8)+3 my answer: x= -3.2 1 looks ok. Show your work on 2 and 3 and we can
  9. word processing part 2

    It has to be 8 sentences, Can someone help me out and correct me? Alcohol (ethanol) impairs your judgment and depending on your size and tolerance, you can do some substantial damage. When you are behind the wheel, it is your responsibility just as much as
  10. ELA

    What is the BEST description and explanation for the underlined word in this sentence? The barking dog woke the entire neighborhood with his incessant noise. A) Barking is an adjective form being used to modify the dog. B) Barking is a verb form being used
  11. language arts

    Stage directions are one element of a drama. In a paragraph, define and provide an example of stage directions from A Surprising Point of View. Then analyze the stage directions. Explain how these directions contribute to your understanding of A Surprising
  12. mathematics

    Lewis team played 6 games. They scored 2 points in the last game and lost by 3 points in the last game. How many points did their opponents score in the last game.
  13. Math

    In a game, 5 points are awarded for each game and 2 points are deducted for each game lost,Kyler attempted 15 games,if he got 68 points,how many gamesvdid he lose?
  14. Literature

    Hello! I have an essay due soon, and I need some help with my thesis statement. I haven't written an essay for a few years so if someone can critique and comment on the thesis it would help out a lot. Thanks! Here it is: Although some might argue that
  15. my thesis and revise two paragraphs

    my informative essay below include quotes. i asked my teacher if i have to write a reference of where i got them, but she said not to because she will know when she sees the quotation marks. anyways, here is the introduction i improvised and my second
  16. English

    Could you please check these sentences, especially the word-choice and sentence connectors? 1) Marcus Shawcross believes that the television had turned the average person into a mindless lump (synonym) who just obeys what the television tells him. 2) He is
  17. Media Influences on American Culture

    Take the role of Director of marketing for WhizBang Games as it evaluates various forms of Social media in helping to create a "buzz" around the latest game, Master Dynasty; a social game
  18. science

    ok this is a word search! study of ancient artifacts- study of animals_ study of prehistoric fossils- study of chemical matter- study of the laws of motion and matter- study of life sciences-
  19. Social Studies

    The Egyptian worshiped many gods. This is known as polytheism. The root word "theism" means "belief in god." What do you think the prefix "poly" means?
  20. word problems

    The revenue R from selling x number of phone widgets is given by R = 32 x R=32x, and the cost C of producing those widgets is given by C = 22 x + 1830 C=22x+1830. Find the number of widgets it requires to break even.
  21. Word Problems

    If your car gets 18 miles per gallon of gasoline, how many pints of gas will you need to take a 698- mile trip? I no that 1pt = 480ml and 1g= 3840 ml so do I x 18 miles per gallon by the amount of pints in a gallon?
  22. Math word problem

    A page for a journal contains 70 square inches of type written words. The height of a page is twice the width. If the Margin around the type is to be 2 inches uniformly, what are the dimensions of a page?
  23. word problems

    A canoe in still water travels at a rate of 12 miles per hour. The current today is traveling at a rate of 2 miles per hour. If it took an extra hour to travel upstream, how far was the trip one way?
  24. statistic

    I claim that I make 80% of my basketball free throws. To test my claim, you ask me to shoot 20 free throws. I make only 8 of the 20. “Aha!” you say. “Someone who makes 80% of her free throws would almost never make only 8 out of 20. So I don’t
  25. math-word problem

    admission to a park is $5 for an adult ticket and $1 for a child. If $100 was collected and 28 admissions were sold on a day, how many tickets were sold and how many child tickets were sold
  26. Algebra word problem

    A family is building a rectangular patio in their backyard. The rectangular yard has dimensions of (8x+2) by (6x + 3) and they are planning the patio to be (x + 5) by (3x + 1). What is the area of the remaining yard after the patio has been built?
  27. english

    what is a thesis http://www.onelook.com/?w=thesis&ls=a The word has several meanings. Please check this site for explanations. http://www.answers.com/topic/thesis If you still need help, please post another question.
  28. Word problem 2

    The 1985 Mexico city earthquake had a magnitude of 8.1 on the Richter scale. The 1976 earthquake in Tangshan, China was 1.26 times and intense. What was the magnitude of the Tangshan earthquake. Thanks
  29. Geometry word problem

    A rectangular pond is 10m longer than it is wide. A walk 2m wide surrounds the pond. Find the dimensions of the pond if the area of the walk is 216m2
  30. Medical Transcription

    HEENT: normal sulfanilic, normal hair distribution. Does this make sense, I can't understand the word after normal, it sounds like sulfanilic, but I can't determine if this makes sense

    A water tank is in the shape of a right circular cylinder with a height of 20 feet and a volume of 320pi cubic feet. What is the diameter, in feet, of the water tank?
  32. Math

    1. Which sentence will make the number sentence |-12| ? 12 true? A. = B.*equal sign w line through it* C. <*** D. > 2. How is the sentence "8 less than y is 2" written as an equation? A. 8-y=2*** B. Y=2-8 C. Y-8=2 D. Y+8=2 3. Which sentence will make
  33. English

    stage directions are one element of a drama in a paragraph, define and provide an example of stage directions from "A surprising point of view". then analyze the stage directions. explain how these directions contribution to your understanding of "A
  34. english

    I'm writing a personal letter and I was wondering if you could check to see if my grammar in these following sentences is correct or if it's missing a comma. I don't want to post the entire letter because its personal. Thank you. I am so blessed to have
  35. Algebra HELP:(

    I am terrible at word problems. How do I work this? A large park is to be built in the shape of a rectangle. The length is to be 5 m shorter than three times the width. The perimeter of the park is to be 750 m. What will be the length and width of the
  36. hca/210

    What do you see as the purpose of health insurance? Should there be limits on the amount of health care provided? Word count met? If yes, what criteria should we use to ration health care? If no, how should health care be financed so that everyone has
  37. English

    47. Two of the following proverbs have similar meanings. Which ones are they? 1. No one is wise all the time. 2. A word to the wise is sufficient. 3. The doors of wisdom are never shut. 4. 'Tis wisdom sometimes to seem a fool. 5. The greatest good is
  38. GED-Word Problems

    Rob's tape measure is marked in centimeters. He is building a birdhouse from plans marked in inches. He needs a board 22 inches long. Karl knows there are 2.54 CM in 1 in. How can he figure out how many centimeters are 22 inches?
  39. Language Arts

    In which sentences does the boldfaced word contain the Latin root -lum-? A. The bear tucked into his cave for a long winter's (slumber). B. Hannah's face was (luminous) with the soft morning light. C. The (plumber) peered into the dark drainpipe. D. Harry
  40. english

    read the following passage from the poem "eve to her daughters" it was not i who began it turned out into draughty caves, hungry so often, having to work for our bread, hearing the children whining, i was nevertheless not unhappy. where adam went i was
  41. English

    (08VerC27-31) Identify and circle the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected. 1.Rita enjoyed to be(A) able to meet(B) several(C) members of Congress during her vacation(D). 2.Several delegates(A) flew from England to greeting(B) the
  42. Quick English check

    (6) At first glance Bug Bowl events may seem rather ordinary, but a closer look reveals some surprises. (7) The races aren't relay or sack races; they are cockroach races. (8) Held at Pudue's Roach Hill Downs, these races are quite popular with visitors,
  43. American History

    The reason that the President is called the Commander-in-Chief in the Constitution is because the Framers wanted ***to provide the President with authority over the secretary of defense. Question 2. Question : Thomas Jefferson justified the Louisiana
  44. statistics

    It has been suggested that the rate of forgetting (coded as normal vs. fast) for word lists often used in psychological experiments may depend on the type of memory test employed, either free-recall or recognition. What is the best way to test this
  45. physics

    Give 1 word term 1.changing momentum. 2.unimpeded motion of an object. falling under the influence of only gravity. 3.the phenomen that waves bend around the edges of an obstacle. 4.The force per unit charge at a point in an electric field. 5.the vector
  46. HOFBrINCl

    can someone help me on these 2 questions so i can get an idea to do the rest of mine. im given hydrochloric acid and a marble chip (calcium carbonate i think), so what would be the reactants, the word equation, the balanced equation, prediction of type of
  47. math

    how would u solve this: 2sin(x)-1=0 exact step to solving would be nice thanx Add one to both sides and divinde both sides by 2. sin x = 1/2 Now look up the angle that has a sine of 1/2. That's the answer what is a derpeciation expense The word
  48. AP math how to word my answer no equations

    The problem states that I have to come up with best possible predictor of a 100yr flood plan. Well I found that best projection and I have to state why. Could I say: The projection from the power trend line is a better indicator because with the
  49. math

    I am sorry but I am not good at math, this may seem like a dumb question but I don't do well with word problems? I can't figure it out, maybe I am making it too hard on myself, can someone point me to the right direction? . The distance from Philadelphia
  50. statistics

    It has been suggested that the rate of forgetting (coded as normal vs. fast) for word lists often used in psychological experiments may depend on the type of memory test employed, either free-recall or recognition. What is the best way to test this
  51. math

    I am sorry but I am not good at math, this may seem like a dumb question but I don't do well with word problems? I can't figure it out, maybe I am making it too hard on myself, can someone point me to the right direction? . The distance from Philadelphia
  52. Math

    Write a list of steps that are needed to find the measure of angle B. A measures 72 degrees and C measures 113. What does B measure? My Equation Answer: b=180-(a+c) 72+113=185 180-185= -5 My Word Answer: When you need to find the measure of B the answer is
  53. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    1. Why did Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat to a white man? A: Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man because she was tired of giving in to the demands of white people. 2. According to Jo Ann Gibson Robinson, why did people in
  54. Grammar

    The patient denies any cardiac symptoms, angina, shortness of breath, any infectious disease, any bleeding disorder, or any pulmonary disorders. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on I say its a complete sentence:)
  55. Biology

    Is there any biology websites for teens??? (NOT games! notes and quizzes to practice). The Science of Biology The Chemistry of Life Cell Structure and Function Photosynthesis & Respiration Something REALLY easy to understand(btw I'm going to the 9TH
  56. Language arts help ms sue.

    1. Based on reading only the title and headings, what would you think the article was about? (1 point) a renewed interest in hunting and fishing an animal population with an uncertain future the threat logging poses to forest animals a group of dinosaurs
  57. word problem

    Leon bought a 10 speed bicyle on sale for 75% of oringinal price.The sale price was $41 less than the origina lprice. find the original price and the sale price.
  58. algebra

    What is the equation to the word problem? Currently, you have $60 & your sister has $135. You decide to save $5 of your allowance each week,while your sister decides to spend her whole allowance plus $10 each week. How long will it be before you have as
  59. English

    1. You can feel safe now. 2. You may feel safe now. 3. You are able to feel safe now. (Does #1 mean #2 or #3?) 4. You will feel better soon. 5. You will be better soon. (Are both the same in meaning? What is the difference between them?) 6. strange:
  60. Data Management Grade 12

    How many different five-letter words can be formed using the letters of the word STEVIN, a) if only one vowel is to be used? b) if both vowels are to be used and E is to precede I? c) if both vowels must be used, they must be adjacent, and E is to precede
  61. Algebra word problem

    A family is having a pool built in their backyard. If their yard is rectangular and measures 7x by 6x and the pool is circular with a radius of 2x how much of the yard will be left over after the pool is built?
  62. word problem math b

    A rectangular field is 80 m long and 60 m wide. If fence posts are placed at the corners and are 10 m apart along the four sides of the field, how many posts are needed to completely fence the field?
  63. English

    Which is the group of words is a fragments sentence: A) After the store don't run around. B)After the store. C) Don't run around.
  64. writeacher

    I left you messages under the grammar for further questions. When you get a chance can you take a look at them they were from the date november 13,2006. Thank you I will wait Will do ... hold on. =) Are these the questions you're referring to?
  65. Physics

    A 1500-kg blue car is travelling south, and a 2000-kg red sports car is travelling west. If the momentum of the system consisting of the two cars is 8000kg.m/s directed at 60 degrees west of south, what is the speed of each car?
  66. Lang. Arts

    Rewrite sentence using commas. As they studied the film they noticed some rules of science at work. I wrote... As they studied the film, they noticed some rules of science at work. There isn't one after noticed - right?
  67. fine art

    study the Crack is Wack mural.( u can google it) Then, write a 500-word paper using the following guidelines. In the first part of your paper, use the art history operations to assess Crack is Wack as an artwork. Address the location of the piece (a
  68. math

    In Samuel's sports memorabilia collection there are 27 hockey items, 36 baseball items, and 29 football items. Which pair of item classifications (hockey, baseball, football) exists in the largest ratio?
  69. math word problems

    nilsa is working on a 60 minute math test. there are 20 questions on the test. if it takes her 20 minutes to complete 12 of the questions, what is the greatest amount of time on average she can spend on each of the remaining 8 questions.
  70. English

    Ms. Jefferson will not be back in school until she is (well). When I sat down on the couch, my sister moved (over). Did you (test) the batteries before you installed them? I have to tell if the word in () is a verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, or
  71. mathematics (word problems leading to linear equations )

    The side of one square is 5cm longer than the side of another square. The area of the two squares differ by 85 square centimetres. find the length of the side of the smaller square.
  72. intro to computers

    which option below represents a task that can be conducted in Excel through sorting? A. showing all cells that have a number that ends with a 5 B. showing all cells that have nothing in them. C. showing all cells that have the word "widget" in them. D.
  73. math word problem

    Nikki is fishing from a bank 27 feet above water level. In this location, the fish tend to feed at 37 feet below the surface. How long must Nikki's fish line be to reach the fish?
  74. math word problem

    Simon arrived at work at 8:15am anf left work at 10:30pm. If Simon gets paid by the hour at a rate of $10 and time and 1/2 for any hours worked over 8 in a day, how much did Simon get paid?
  75. maths

    solve the word problem (rates per kg) 1) Mary buys 7 kg peaches,and 5 kg bananas . what is the totala cost? 2)Sarah buys 1kg apple for herself and another 1 kg grapes for her brother . she also buys 2 kg peaches . what is the total cost?
  76. Math

    Kate is a salesperson in a retail store and earns $88 per week plus 11% of her weekly sales. If Kate made $154 one week,what were her sales that week? this is another word problem. I don't know the equation I was thinking 88 + .11 = 154x
  77. Government

    Authority possessed by both the state and national government that may be exercised separately and simultaneously are called________ powers. These powers may not be exclusively within the scope of the national power or in conflict with the national law.
  78. LAL! -_-

    where would this relative pronun fit in this sentence allegedly, eight players took money to lose the world series. they were members of the chicago white sox. (WHO)
  79. English

    I just want to see if these are correct. Orig.1.He was sad to leave. (superlative) S/B 1. He was saddened to leave. Orig. 2. She ran as fast as the others on the team (comparative) S/B 2. She ran faster than the others ran on the team Orig. 3. Throughout
  80. English

    (Although is underlined) Although he had never tried it, Jeff knew he would like hot and sour soup. a. relative pronoun b. subordinating conjunction c. personal pronoun d. preposition
  81. music

    choose the word painting format that would go best with the following lyrical line, "The higher I go, the more power i'll have." crescendo with ascending pitches forte with descending pitches allegro with crescendos and decrescendos pianissimo with high
  82. unscrambling a French word associated with art

    unscramble tertcueas (it's in french and the beginning is les...) This might work: http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram.html Be sure to click the circle by "French," and be sure to uncheck the box before "Include single-character words (a and I)" -- !! =)
  83. Physics -- check answers please

    I am to fill in the blanks without a word bank, my answers are in brackets. 1. A ____ diffraction pattern is unique because it has a larger central maximum. (single slit) 2. the brightest, clearest diffraction pattern is created with a _____ (barrier)
  84. managerial economics

    The Harley-Davidson motorcycle company, which had a copyright on the word "hog," applied for exclusive rights to its engine sound. Why would a company want copyrights on two such mundane things? In my opinion. The reason for the two mundane things is to
  85. AED

    help please... 350- to 500-word response to the following: You have the ability to choose three or four books for your students. Based on what you have learned in this course, how can you assess the level of bias and stereotypes in the contents of these
  86. Bio

    The differences between two molecules include the type of sugar that forms a section of the molecules and the identity of one of the four nitrogenous bases that make up another section of the molecules. These two molecules are A. proteins B. lipids C
  87. Geography

    Hello! I am writing a 700 word paper over sedimentary rocks. So far I have had no problems finding what I need, but I'm having trouble finding information on the distinguishing characteristics between the three categories of sedimentary rocks; clastic,
  88. keybording and word processing

    7. to adjust a column's width in a table, you should? a. click on the TABLE menu and select AUTO FORMET, b. HIGHLIGHT the column to be adjusted, c. set apprppriate cell alignment for the column d. use the mouse to drag the column border either left or
  89. History

    What elements of modernity and progress represented nineteenth century goals of liberalism? What characteristics did nineteenth century liberals consider to be impediments to achieving a modern and "civilized" society? P.S. I really just need help
  90. Math

    A sports store has 116 soccer balls. Over 6 months , it sells 8 soccer balls per month . How many soccer balls are in inventory at the end of the 6 months?
  91. math

    In five games, you score 16, 12, 15, 13, and 17 points. How many points must you score in the sixth game to have an average of at least 15 points?
  92. Math

    Shandel went to the County Fair this summer and was surprised to see a math game on the midway among the games of skill and chance. Picture of a Midway BarkerIn the game, the barker starts by thinking of a math rule or calculation. The player spins a
  93. physics

    In a game of basketball, a forward makes a bounce pass to the center. The ball is thrown with an initial speed of 3.7 m/s at an angle of 15.4° below the horizontal. It is released 0.83 m above the floor. What horizontal distance does the ball cover before
  94. physics

    In a game of basketball, a forward makes a bounce pass to the center. The ball is thrown with an initial speed of 3.9 m/s at an angle of 13.8° below the horizontal. It is released 0.65 m above the floor. What horizontal distance does the ball cover before
  95. physics

    In a game of basketball, a forward makes a bounce pass to the center. The ball is thrown with an initial speed of 3.9 m/s at an angle of 13.8° below the horizontal. It is released 0.65 m above the floor. What horizontal distance does the ball cover before
  96. High school

    I am a junior, what are good things colleges look for in you resume besides good grades/community service. I have good excurricular activity-music/sports i am looking for things like leadership summits, national honors society, internships, gov. school?
  97. GED-Word Problems

    Taxes on lot A are $151.00 are more than on lot B. the combined taxes on the 2 lots are $1,121.00. What are the taxes for each lot?
  98. english help

    A comma cannot be used to correct most run-on sentences can be used to correct most run-on sentences can be used to combine two independent clauses correctly is required to combine two dependent clauses correctly is it b pls help me
  99. comm/215

    what type of sentence is this: I don't know what you want me to do, the directions are not clear.
  100. Math

    in a league with 6 teams each team is scheduled to play each other team exactly twice. what is the total number of games that are scheduled in the league?