1. English

    Is this sentence correct? Those who can not afford it and desperately need this cloning to survive will end up dying, especially when they could of had a change of survival.
  2. college english

    How to correct this sentence Since 1980, the aids epidemic has continued to spread widely throughout the world.
  3. english

    She thought she saw a stranger, but he turned out to be her neighbor who was back from vacation early. this would be a compound sentence, correct?
  4. grammar

    Is this sentence. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez's plane tickets, incidentally were found in the lobby. Is this correct punctuation?
  5. english

    is this sentence correct? She teaches me not to turn a blind eye on the helpless patients, be it humans or animals, whenever I see them.
  6. com 155

    Is the comma placement and capitalization correct in this sentence? The class went to the Botanical Gardens, it's a spectacular sight.
  7. grammar

    can u edit this sentence? A potluck dinner is when friends or neighbors bring food to share. is this correct or not?
  8. thank u writeacher

    correct sentence: arent these all questions: A)whom needs a ride to the concert? b}for who this letter is? C)whom are we following? D)to who does that dog belong? i choose a.
  9. education

    Write a 200-to 300-word response to the following: Assume you are a teacher who would like to address a technology issue at your school. Many of the studnets' textbooks provide Web links for engaging enrichment activities. Each classroom has five
  10. english

    i wrote thins hoping that someone can help me with giving me some ideas on the topic this is what they want In a total of 200 words, write two paragraphs with about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. Identify the topic sentence in each by
  11. englisj

    i wrote thins hoping that someone can help me with giving me some ideas on the topic this is what they want In a total of 200 words, write two paragraphs with about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. Identify the topic sentence in each by
  12. Sci 275

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format that includes the following: o A brief description of your selected water resource issue and how it originated. o A management and sustainment plan that you think will alleviate the problem. o Any opposing
  13. Word problem

    . A catapult launches a boulder with an upwark velocity pf 184 feet per second. the heigh of the boulder in feet after t seconds is given by the function h(t)=-16t^2+184t+20. how long does it take the boulder to reach its maximum height? What is the
  14. science

    What is the goal of surround sound? To get sound 360o. We hear sound naturally from ALL directions. The goal of surround sound is to make it sound as if it is coming from all directions.
  15. Grammar

    ***I know that the identifying is correct just need to make sure the final paragraph is grammatically correct and makes since. Review the four paragraphs below. There is one paragraph matching each of the following types: summary, analysis, synthesis, and
  16. Grammar and Composition

    please check these: write the correct word in each of the pairs. 1. The eerie old house had a strange (scent/sent/cent). scent 2. We used (course/coarse) sandpaper when we refinished the dresser. coarse 3. How many (carrots/carats/carets) is your diamond?
  17. Super quick english question

    okay I lied, I have some more! Which sentence has correct capitalization? The river was moving fast: One hundred miles an hour. The guide was accomplished at many things: Rafting, boating, hiking, and wilderness survival. The guide did something amazing:
  18. english

    I have to write the prepositional phrase, the word it modifies, and whether the phrase is an adverb or adjective Many factory robots are arms on moving rails. Prep phrase on moving rails modifies are adverb? Robots handle materials that would cause damage
  19. Language

    In which of those lines is the meaning of the word intercede best expressed? A. The attacker between the goal and goalie. B. In court cases, attorney intercede on their client's behalf.•• C. If you don't agree with someone you should try to Intercede.
  20. english

    I am working on a crossword puzzle involvin northern climes and the question I have is, what is the foreclosure of academic studies (sometimes associated with a blizzard). The word or phrase is 14 letters long and the 5th letter is and o the 8th letter is
  21. Writing a Paper

    For my paper, I want to write this exact phrase from a book: "Panic attacks are specified periods of sudden onset of intense terror...." This is an exact sentence in a book. I need to site this right after the sentance or group of sentances from this book.
  22. English

    A dependent clause and an independent clause joined together form a: A. compound sentence. B. simple sentence. C. compound-complex sentence. D. complex sentence. D
  23. Chemistry1

    The questions asks to write a word equation and a balanced chemical equation for a reaction between aqueous copper (ii) sulfate and solid iron. Assume that iron forms the Fe2+ ion.) Include proper states of matter after each substance (s, l, g, aq). Here
  24. Chemistry

    1) Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction between Cu(NO3)2 * 3 H2O and NaOH. Underline the formula for the precipitate produced by this reaction. (The water of hydration in Cu(NO3)2 * 3 H2O appears as liquid water on the right side of the
  25. English

    Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? 1. Since we can get another one, it didn't matter anyways that we can't find it. 2. She felt badly that she arrived so late. 3. Of all the students in the class,he asked permission most politely.
  26. English

    Choose the correct form for each phrase. 1. the budget for this month this months budget this month's budget this months' budget this months's budget 2. the schedule of the doctor the doctor's schedule the doctors schedule the doctors' schedule the
  27. English Pls Writeacher Help me by checking my work

    Please replace the incorrect words with correct words in the following sentences using AP Style. There may be more than one error per sentence; all sentences contain at least one error. Use correct AP style, punctuation, grammar and spelling errors.) 1.
  28. British Lit.

    Inverted word order, unclear pronouns, and variable spellings are characteristics of what type of English a. old english b. elizabethan english c. gothic english d. middle english
  29. English

    I forgot to add two doubts. Thank you very much. 1) Macbeth regrets having killed Duncan but doesn't repent of his sin. As a matter of fact, the word Amen stuck in his throat. 2)Do you say "clean his hands of the burden of the guilt which weighs on his
  30. Language Arts/English

    My word is "dynamite" which has two meanings. 1)n. a powerful explosive made by soaking nitroglycerin in some absorbent, such as ammonium nitrate and wood pulp. 2)adj. outstanding, very exciting. My question is - Which syllable receives the primary accent?
  31. Algebra(please check my answers)

    **Choose the Vocab word that best fits the given sentences** ~Word Bank~ A)slope B)domain C)vertical line test D)function E)negative correlation F)solution G)range H)linear equation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GIVEN QUESTIONS W/ MY ANSWERS 1.
  32. algebra help write expression

    I need to write algebraic expressions: for these 6 sentecnces 1) four more shirt than s shirts 2) the quotient of p and 5 3) the sum of t tv's and 11 tv's 4) five times your quiz score q 5) nine cards fewer than e cards 6) divide the total points p by 3
  33. Algebra

    A cup of pens contains 5 red, 12 black, and 13 blue pens. A pen is chosen randomly and not replace. Then a second pen chosen. What is the probability that the first pen is black and the second pen is red? Would the correct answer be 2/29?
  34. English

    Tom made a big show of arriving at work early and leaving later than everyone else, thereby _____ the rumor that he was a slacker. (debunk) Choose the right word: 1. debunk 2. debunks 3. debunking Answer: debunks
  35. Writing

    You know how there is muggle and mundane, representing humans who do not know of specific worlds? Well, I need a word representing humans who don't know about a world called "Enchantrum". -Make sure the name is magical. Thank You! :) Everlast sounds great.
  36. English

    "Western Canada also gives us the part of the Kwakiutl Indians." direct object indirect object predicate nominative predicate adjective Choose the answer that correctly identifies the underlined word. (us)
  37. HELP! Geometry

    Part I 1. Why is the word coplanar included in the definition for parallel lines? 2. Explain why you think the angle pairs formed by two lines and a transversal are related. Why might it be helpful to identify them as angles that go together instead of
  38. bio

    In word, Describe how you would calculate the concentration of green pigment. Assume that your 1/100 solution had an Abosrbance of 0.8 and that the extinction coefficient for the green pigment is e=2 mM^-1cm^-1. Remember the Beer Lambert Law.
  39. Linguistically & Culturally Diverse Learners

    In order to promote language acquisition in beginning language learners, teachers should require students to speak, even if only one or two-word phrases. (Points : 1) True False
  40. Math word problem

    A carpenter wants to put four shelves on an 8-foot wall so that the five spaces created decrease by 6 inches as we move up the wall. If the thickness of each shelf is 3/4 inch, how far will the bottom shelf be from the floor?
  41. french

    what is '' Le troisieme petit cochon tres est content'' in french? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The only word not in the dictionary is the verb "est" because it is under the infinitive être. "The third little pig is very happy."
  42. 5th grade math word problems

    One packet of sweetner is 1 gram and has 4 calories. If Joan uses 4 grams each workday, Monday through Friday, and half as much each weekend day, how many calories does she use for sweetner each week?
  43. social studies

    Which of the following Native American cultures built connected stone homes? 1. A. the Mississippians B. the Ancestral Puebloans--------- C. the Cherokees D. the Hoyanehs 2. Drag and drop the descriptions to the correct box. Each word may be used more than
  44. 3 grade english ms sue

    compare and contrast when you compare and contrast two or more things,you tell how they are alike and different. some clue words that signal that things might be the same are like,same,both,also,and as well as. some clue words that signal differences are
  45. Writing

    Purpose writing an informal report, using a memo format. Preparation First, review the information on outlines in Organizing, Researching, and Illustrating Your Material. Next, review the instruction on informal and formal reports and format in this study
  46. physics

    The mass of the blue puck shown below is 10.0% greater than the mass of the green one. Before colliding, the pucks approach each other with momenta of equal magnitudes and opposite directions, and the green puck has an initial speed of 8.0 m/s. Find the
  47. Understanding Muslims and Arabs

    Write a 700-1000 word paper that covers the following aspects: 1 Accurately define the differences between Muslims and Arabs, giving examples of the geographic locations of concentrated populations of both in the United States and in the Middle East. 2.
  48. Spanish III Portfolio

    Hello, I am completing a written assignment for my final portfolio and I just wanted to make sure this is grammatically correct and makes sense. Prompt: Think of where you live in relation to the nearest airport. Write down directions on how to arrive at
  49. Algebra - word problem

    A red ball and a green ball are simultaneously tossed into the air. The red ball is given an initial velocity of 96 feet per second, and its height, t seconds after it is tossed is (-16t^2 + 96t) feet. The green ball is given an initial velocity of 80 feet
  50. Algebra II

    One number is two less than a second number. If you take one-half of the first number and increase in by the second number, the result is at least 41. Find the least possible value for the second number. HELP PLEASE!!!! I hate word problems!!!
  51. English

    1. He wants to really experience it. ['Really' modifies 'experience'.] 2. He really wants to experience it. 3. He wants really to experience it. 4. He wants to experience it really. 5. Really he wants to exprerience it. ================================
  52. social studies

    which of the following is not a type of hieroglyphic sign? a.)Alphabetic sign b.)word sign c.)number sign d.)syllabic sign
  53. English

    I have a few questions about grammar 1, Does a sentence that starts of with "if" an independent sentence or a dependant? 2, Does a sentence that starts of with "in order to" an independent sentence or a dependant? 2, is there a comma before “instead
  54. Math

    There are 55 student in eight grade middle school that play different sports. 27 of them play soccer, 15 of them play basketball. 11 of them play soccer or basketball. What is the probability given that the they are in eight grade and play sports that they
  55. math

    jennifer brought a brand new sports car.the price was 14,900,including sports wheels,am/fm radio stereo,and a automatic tansmission.the dealer gave her a 1,250 instant rebate on the price and 0%intrest for 60 months.jennifer made a sown payment of
  56. English

    Hello. I'll be very grateful if you help me with a few questions. 1)Would you use the article in the context: "he became (the?)French president", "he became (the?) president of France"? 2)Which preposition is correct in the following context: "England
  57. English

    Help, Please! I don't quite understand what is asking in this assignment (Essay) Task: Write an essay that compares Frankenstein and his creation to a modern zombie story with the focus on how a monster might be used as a metaphor for science or scientific

    THE SUBJECT OF A SENTENCES MAY BE WHAT PART OF SPEECH What about nouns and pronouns, including proper nouns? Here are some excellent websites that will help with basic grammar questions like yours: http://www.chompchomp.com/menu.htm Click on TERMS and find
  59. Algebra

    I am so confused with some word problems math is not my strong point here is the problem if you know how to solve it please tell me how to solve but just don't give me the answer Austin has 42 paperback books that are either Mysteries or science fiction.
  60. english grammar

    She never spoke a word. The apples are rather cheap. I kept my shoes outsides. The lion roared loudly. We will play football today. How often does he call you? The old woman spoke softly. I have never watched any movie in a theatre. Its very cold. I often
  61. French 1

    F Rewrite the following sentences replacing the expression of time with the word in parentheses making any necessary change.My response are bulleted. Please check for me. Thanks again much!!!!! 1.(hier) Aujourd'hui, personne nelave la voiture. (Yesterday)
  62. English

    2. "Seven years thou wert lent to me, and I thee pay./Exacted by thy fate, on the just day." Which of these is nearest in meaning to the word exacted, as it is used in the passage above? A. Requested and received B. denied and rejected C. Demanded and
  63. math

    Determine , apermutation or combination 1.The winner and second and third placed in contest woth 10 finalists . 2.Selecting nine books to check out of the library from a reading list of twelve . 3.Selecting three of fifteen flavours of ice cream . 4.An
  64. calculus 1

    (Thank you for any help because I am not good at setting up word problems) What are the dimensions that will minimize the amount of material needed to manufacture a standard oil drum that is in the shape of a cylinder, with closed top and bottom. The drum
  65. Business Managment

    In which of the following situations would using the word "you" typically NOT be appropriate? A.When you most inform a subordinate that she has inadvertently made a costly error B.When you most inform a subodinate that you have passed her idea on to your
  66. MATH

    need help with 2 word problems the instructions on a package of fertilizer say to mix 1 spoonful to 9 pints of water. How many cups would this make? How many quarts? how many gallons? In an 880 relay race, 4 runners on a team each run 880 yards. how many
  67. buisness

    Use the example on p. 97 of the text as a guide.Edu the example on p. 97 of the text as a guideWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format explaining the business plan youselected and your SWOT analysis discussing the strengths, weaknesses,
  68. Gen chem 2

    D-Glucose, C6H12O6, is an aldohexose sugar which occurs commonly in nature. In a text or reference book look up "-D-(+)-Glucose and write its correct, complete Lewis structure. Then “parcel” e’s to determine the correct (O) no. for each C atom in
  69. English 3

    In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck struggles to decide what he should do when his heart and his conscience pull him in different directions. He eventually decides to go with his heart. Write a short essay explaining why you agree or disagree that
  70. French

    I hope you very kind people out there will correct my French essay! Some places I have problems with past tense, so there I could use some help. Here's my essay: Chère mère et père, Comment Va va? Ici il va bien! Hier nous arrivér dans la colonie de
  71. Keyboarding and word processing

    If you're compling a list of sources you used for your report in MLA style, the list is called a A. references list B. bigliography C. work-cited list. D. source list. I think the answer is "C"
  72. New Format?

    Did Jiskha get a site-wide formatting update? I would suggest next to add buttons that say "B" for bold, "U" for underline, and "I" for italics. Nice!
  73. English

    Which of the following is used for titles of subdivisions of published works, such as chapters of a book? A. Quotation marks B. Underline C. Italics D. Bolded text D
  74. MATH

    BENNY PLAYS TWO SPORTS. HE PLAYS SOCCER FOR 3/4 OF THE TIME AND PLAYS BASEBALL FOR 30-MINUTES. HOW MANY MORE MINUTES DOES HE PLAY SOCCER THAN BASEBALL? My answer is he plays soccer 7 minutes more. Am I correct. How do I make a diagram for this problem.
  75. Math

    Write the missing digits to make each number sentence true 7□7 <713
  76. AP Lang

    If they give you a ruled paper, write the other way. What kindof figurative language is being used and what type of sentence is this
  77. math

    i need to write a multipication sentence for 2+2+2 1+1+1+1 i do not understand the commutative,associative,identity, zero and distributive property
  78. human services

    Write a sentence outline describing how an agency determines goals and objectives
  79. english

    Using plurals and possessives. How can you write a sentence about storing financial information effectively and efficiently.
  80. History

    Who first thought they had encountered the ten "lost tribes"? If you can write the answer in a sentence that would great.
  81. English

    Please, I don't want to complicate my life, so, what's the best effective way to write a topic sentence for my body paragraphs?
  82. Writing

    What is the best way to write this sentence? If we were teenagers at the time theses licenses signified our passage to adulthood.
  83. Math

    Dwayne passes the 0 point running 4 meters per second to the right.Where is he 5 seconds later?Write a number sentence.
  84. social studies

    write a sentence that explains how the terms tributary and drainage basin are realated
  85. Geometry

    Write a mathematical sentence to compare each pair of measures. 32. GB and GF 34. AC and AD Coordinates: G(10, -1) B(5, -1) F(3, 5) A(2, 3) C(-3, -3) D(-2, 4) I don't understand. Please help!!
  86. math

    represent the number 24 by making equal groups (write the multiplication and addition sentence for each)
  87. 1st grade

    write the sentence correctally. the name of that girl who painted that daisy is joann reed
  88. English - Fools Crow

    Hello! Can someone explain to me the following sentence: We're in Class 2. Why do we write C with a capital letter? It is not classroom what is it then?
  89. math

    write an inequality that represnts this sentence, graph the solution. A hamster weighs less than 10 ounces. thanks
  90. Math

    Show how you can use repeated subtraction to find how many groups of 7 are in 28. Then write the division sentence for the problem.
  91. spanish

    How do I use the cue to write sentence with the ver gustar for: Roberto/los libros de misterio/no
  92. Math

    Write an integer that is represented by the following sentence The temperature dropped 17 degrees between noon and midnight.
  93. 5th grade

    Write an expression for the following sentence. Thoma had some money in his bank account. He withdrew $10.00
  94. Math

    Draw a picture that shows an example of a product of two even numbers. Write the marching multiplication sentence.
  95. English

    1. There are many ways to help you healthy. (Is this a correct sentence?) 2. How do you feel when you see green colors? I feel happy. I feel calm. It make me feel happy. It makes me happy. 3. Which season do you like the most? Why? I like summer and winter
  96. Reading Comp.

    A blanket of thick fog covered the area Visibility there was almost zero How are the two related? a. The two sentences establish a comparison b. The second sentence contradicts the first c. The first sentence explains the meaning of visibility d. The
  97. English

    Please check my answers! I'm like 92.7% sure there correct but I want to be sure. My answer has the ~~~. Which of the following is the indirect object in the sentence? Lizzie gave Charles a hige birthday gift. A.Lizzie B. Charles~~~ C. Huge D. Gift Which
  98. English

    Scarlet Letter Chapter 9 1.The subject of the main clause in the sentence beginning "If the latter possess native sagacity . . . " (line 68) is (A) "latter" (line 68) (B) "he" (line 70) (C) "revelations" (line 76) (D) "qualifications" (line 80) (E "soul"
  99. english

    Below is a list of phrases giving reasons to support a topic sentence.Use the list to complete the following unfinished paragraph. Type the body of the paragraph in the text box below. Reasons *Excellent news coverage: sports events; club news;
  100. reading

    (1) Making rice pudding can be very easy. (2) First, get a large, heavy saucepan. In the pan, measure 3 cups of whole milk, 1 cup of water, 1/2 stick of margarine or butter, and 1/2 cup of rice. (3) Bring this mixture to a quick boil. (4) Lower heat and