1. Language artsssss

    Which sentence correctly uses a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? (1 point) The last arrivals were Joe and I. This year's soccer champions were Lana and me. The tribute deeply touched my brother and I. My boyfriend became my best friend. 8. Which
  2. English

    Which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? We know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. We they us themselves
  3. English

    what is a guide word and an entry word on a dictionary page. the one that i'm stuck on is what is a guide word
  4. probability

    If a soccer team won 60% of the games in which its players scored 5 or more goals, what is the probability of choosing a game in in which the team scored 0-4 goals and won the game? The season so far is they have won 3 games scoring 0-4 goals, won 3 games
  5. Math

    A Major League Baseball team has won 15 of its first 27 games. The team will play 162 games. At its current rate of winning, how many games will the team win?
  6. Mathematics

    Please help me on this 4 set theory, I don't know where to start. 52—watched Football 56—watched Basketball 62—watched Tennis 60—watched Golf 19—watched Football and Tennis 21—watched Football and Basketball 20—watched Basketball and Tennis
  7. Reading

    3. Read the following sentence. The interactable child could not be persuaded o follow the rules. The lating root -tract- means "to draw"or "to pull" Given the meaning, what can you conclude is is the best definition for the word intractable as it is used

    In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Large fish swim swiftly in the sea. A. Pronoun B. Adjective C. Noun D. Adverb
  9. Maths

    The 90 members of a sports club play at least one of the games,tennis,football and volleyball. 10 play tennis and football,19 play football and volley ball,and 29 play tennis and volley ball. n people play all three games. 2n people each play only one
  10. English- directions

    Can you rephrase the directions in a way that I can tell what it means because I don't really understand the directions its telling me to do: In a short paragraph, explain as throughly as possible the significance of the word or phrase. The Big Shake Eden

    Underline each compound subject once and each compound predicate twice. Then write compound subject or compound predicate. 1. swimming and softball are two sports_ in the Olympic Games.= (COMPOUND SUBJECT) 2. The swimmer's_ skill and speed made him a
  12. Math

    The box plots below show the average daily temperatures in January and December for a U.S. city: two box plots shown. The top one is labeled January. Minimum at 0, Q1 at 10, median at 12, Q3 at 13, maximum at 16. The bottom box plot is labeled December.
  13. math

    The box plots below show the average daily temperatures in January and December for a U.S. city: two box plots shown. The top one is labeled January. Minimum at 0, Q1 at 10, median at 12, Q3 at 13, maximum at 16. The bottom box plot is labeled December.
  14. English

    Thank you for your help. 1. He made a promise. 2. He made an appointment. 3. He made a word. 3-2. He gave his word. 3-3. He made his word. [#3 is wrong. #3-3 is wrong.(?) All the others are right. Is that right?] 4. He kept his promise. 5. He kept his
  15. Spanish

    Does anyone here know Spanish? I am trying to divide the word "profesora" into morfemas. At first I thought it might be prfesor-a, but I don't think that is correct? Is it possible that it is just one simple word? Can anyone help with this?
  16. keyboarding and word processing

    do anyone have the correct answer to exam 986131 for pennfoster key boarding and word processing.
  17. Vocab

    What is a word for a cause of fire? I don't want examples but I would like a specific word for a causer of fire that could be used no matter what caused it. For example if someone died from murder, the causer of the death would be called a killer or a
  18. Reading

    On my reading worsheet we are supposed to find antonyms of words and one word was analyze and the options to match antonyms were not going in to any word Like on google it gives me synthesize or combine but neither word is on my worksheet please help
  19. english

    unscramble the words in the following sentence to write sensible sentences : underline common noun the was about One an West old outlaw film in.
  20. english,please correct my english grammar

    please correct my english grammar.thank you for helping me always. my paragraph. I assess myself 6 out of 10 in speed typing but for word spelling I can give a rate 8 out of 10 which is the highest one. using word document can make more faster and is very
  21. English 3

    In the sentence I gave Ellen and Jane the card, the word Jane can be replaced with the objective pronoun her. True <------is this one False
  22. Language Arts

    Which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? We know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. A. We B. They C. Us D. Themselves Is the answer C? Thank you
  23. Language Arts

    Which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? We know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. A. We B. They C. Us D. Themselves Is the answer D? Thank you
  24. English Writing

    Can the word amazingly be used as a present participle at the beginning of a sentence: Amazingly more players aren't worried about how they affect children like that.
  25. college mathematics

    9. Create a Euler diagram to determine whether the syllogism is valid or invalid. All children like games. John likes games. John is a child., <--At the beginning of this sentence which is the last sentence is suppose to have three dots shaped like a
  26. pronoun

    Which word or words in this sentence would need to be replaced in order to use the pronoun they? The Cougars lost the big game, but Patrick was awarded a prize for his excellent sportsmanship. The Cougars**** the big game Patrick sportmanship
  27. math

    Robert has three boxes of letters: The first box contains the six letters in the word "bubble" the second box has the three letters in the word "zoo" and the third contains the four letters in the word "taxi". If he randomly selects one letter from each of
  28. English

    Directions: Place all prepositional phrases in parentheses. Underline the subject or subjects once and DOUBLE underline or bold face the verb or verbs 1. Sandy’s revealing suit attracted stares from everyone at the swimming pool. 2. Join us at Subway for
  29. Easy Math

    This seems like an easy question yet I am not able to comprhend. Question: Inher latest game, Mary bowled 199 and raised her average to 179 from 178. To raise her average to 180 with the next game, what must she bowl? Her average was 178. The average is
  30. english intro

    What is war? Is it good or is it bad? War is defined in many different ways and we, as people, have strong, different opinions about it. Some people are anti-war, some are pro-war, and some are neither. People may have different views on war, but most
  31. Excel, Access, Word

    When you link a worksheet and a chart in a business report as well as on a slide, which Microsoft Office applications are integrated? A. Word, Excel, PowerPoint B. Excel, Access, Word C. Word, Access, PowerPoint D. Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
  32. reading

    what are 2 sentences using the word overwhelm? what are 2 sentences using the word hysterically? what are 2 sentences using the word appetizing? Also sorry for the 3 questions,but I must finish my mission.THANK YOU!
  33. grammar - english

    can the word --- THERE be an adverb and a pronoun - depending on the sentence? Yes. Look it up in your online or hard copy dictionary for examples of both. I hope this helps. Thaqnks for asking. help me find the verbs from sentences ám
  34. English

    In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Thousands of years ago, fish were caught in nets and traps. A. Verb B. Preposition C. Pronoun D. Conjunction Is it B?
  35. English-Ms. Sue

    I have to make a list of male characters from action movies, t.v., and video games that I have see recently. -Does this mean write their names? I also have to write a bunch of other traits that men are shown to have. This is what i have so far: *brave
  36. 4th grade

    Place value through millions. Write the word form and the short word form. 2,400,210.
  37. Poetry

    I need to write a poem with the word ALGEBRA but the only problem is that my teacher wants complete sentences with each letter instead of a word for a letter. Can you please help?
  38. Pratical English

    1. Which one of the following sentences contains an error in its verb? A. Both Clara and Nathan is planning to attend. B. Neither bananas nor squash was for sale. C. Either footnotes or endnotes are acceptable. D. Not only the players but also coach Jarvis
  39. check english answers please??

    Match the definition with the appropriate word. A. an appeal to logic B.the emotion that a speaker demonstrates towards his or her subject C.an appeal to the credibility of the speaker D.an appeal to the emotion E.devices in a speech that seek to convince
  40. Math

    Your baseball team has won 6 games and lost 4 games.if the team doesn't lose any more games,how many games must the team win to have a win:lose ratio of 2:1
  41. statistics

    One year, professional sports players salaries averaged 1.6 million with a standard deviation of .7 million. Suppose a sample of 100 major league players was taken. Find the approximate probability that the average salary of the 100 players exceeded 1.1
  42. ELA

    6. Which statement about possessive nouns is true? Possessive nouns are always capitalized. Possessive nouns show ownership.♥ Possessive nouns name a specific person, place, or thing. Possessive nouns are never capitalized. 7. Which word has a
  43. ecology

    I have to write an essay about the northern spotted owl habitat, and I have to find at least 3 outside sources, I cannot copy word from word or anything, just paraphrasing and quoting I need some tips on how to put it together and how to start it from
  44. spelling spree

    word hunt write the spelling word that you find in each of the longer words below example: restored
  45. Sociology of Sports

    Would SOMEONE PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS... THANKS 1. The owners of major sport teams and the sponsors of major sport events do not think alike on all issues but they generally (B) A. love sports more than their own businesses. B. agree on the need to protect

    The novel to kill a mockingbird feature a main character named scout. Scout is also the voice that tells the story. What point of view is used in the novel? A.First Person B.Third-Person Limited-------- C.Third-Person Omniscient The prefix a- can mean
  47. english

    Rah! Rah! Bah! Bah humbug! How excited I was, it was time for me and my class to go to the assembly. The announcements told all the home economic classes to come down. Our teacher led the way and I slowly wandered off the hallway with some of my friends. I
  48. English

    I'm not seeing any of what the teacher is asking? can someone help Directions: Place all prepositional phrases in parentheses. Underline the subject or subjects once and DOUBLE underline or bold face the verb or verbs 1. Sandy’s revealing suit attracted
  49. Algebra

    A team won 6 out 8 games played this season? What percent of games did they win? 6 divided by 8= 0.75, but 75% is the wrong answer. What is the correct answer?
  50. Algebra

    A team won 6 out 8 games played this season? What percent of games did they win? 6 divided by 8= 0.75, but 75% is the wrong answer. What is the correct answer?
  51. math-ms sue please

    Ms Sue thank you for the help with my other word problem can you check this one for me? Write a word problem and find the solution to the equation. 1/2-2/3 THe answer is -1/6 and the word problem I created is: Janet put 6 suckers on a table. 3 suckers were
  52. C++

    Using C++ (if, char or Boolean) Write a program that asks the user for a two digit number and then prints the English word for that number. Sample run: Enter a two-digit number: 45 You entered the number forty-five. PLAN: Read the number entered as an
  53. Grammar

    I am having trouble with identifying what thw words in a sentence are and groups of words. I will write a random sentence and could you please identify the words I have choosen. I will look at what you have choosen and understand why you have choosen so.
  54. math

    (parent). My son's problem says "the product of a number and 17"...supposed to write as expression... I'm thinking it would be a 17x=y but he's adamant that because the word "and" is in the sentence that he needs to add something as well.... (no math books
  55. comp

    Write two paragraphs about how interest rates affect people’s purchasing decisions. Underline the topic sentence in each paragraph.
  56. Algebra

    Algebra Question: A team wins 15 of their first 20 games. If they win only half the time from now on, how many games will they have to play in order to win 60% of their total games? I have it figured out manually, but cant get it in equation form.
  57. maths

    In a netball competition, there are 9 teams. If each team plays each other twice, what is the total number of games played? The first round would be 9choose2 games, which is 9!/(7!2!) = 36 But you are playing two rounds, so the total number of games is 72
  58. Math

    The experimental probability that Mindy will win a game of chance is 2/5. The experimental probability that James will win the game of chance is 5/8. If they each play 200 games, who will win more games and by how much? work: I made 2 proportions 2/5 =
  59. English

    Can you help me check these sentences please? I still have some doubts. 1)I like playing sports in the real life but I have never played online games. 2)I have internet access at home (?). I find sports and game (?) websites interesting. 3)I have never
  60. math

    The first ancient olympic games were held in 776 b.c. the ancient games were abolished in 393 a.d. The first modern olympics were held in 1896 a.d. a) How many years were there between the firstancient games and the year they were abolished? b) How many
  61. 7th Grade English-Word Puzzles/Pictures

    I need help with word pictures/puzzles.(1) head (no capitals or other words next to it, above or below it)...(2) yrooucrhkeasd (again, no words above, below or next to it) Thank you! I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Can you give us more details about
  62. P.E

    What is a tactic in basketball and how does it work ? The word "tactic" just means a plan or a strategy. http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=tactic&x=0&y=0 So ... who comes up with plans or strategies or tactics for players to use in a game? Who
  63. ET

    Unit 6 Lesson 7 1. Which of the following is a risk specific to online gaming? chatting with people you don't know** role-playing personal power community building' 2. Which of the following is an inappropriate screen name? KimberlyHosking2002**
  64. English

    Pick which group of word below is a run-on sentence: A) Don't run around. B) After the store don't run around. C) After the store.
  65. Grammar

    A book that has an exciting introduction and a surprising ending would be the best story for me to read. I am suppose to re write this sentence to make sure it has logical Predication. Make sure that the subject of your sentence makes sense with the verb.
  66. english

    5. In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Thousands of years ago, fish were caught in nets and traps. A. Conjunction B. Linking verb C. Pronoun D. Preposition
  67. AlGEBRA

    I have 75.00 and I want to buy games that cost 19.00 each. Shipping and handling costs 4.50. How many games can I buy? how much money will I have left over? (Write as an inequality and solve)
  68. algerbra/math

    Don has three times as many games as Carlos. Write an algebraic expression that shows how many games Don has
  69. equation

    n represent the number of games lost, write an equation for: a) A team won three times as many games as it lost. It played a total of 52 years. b) A team won 20 games more than it lost. It played a total of 84 games. c) A team won 15 games less than twice
  70. spanish

    I am looking for a spanish word 9 letters and I need to find the answer by the photo provided: Photo is of two human hands shaking next is a 10 letter word photo is: balloons Next 10 lette word photo is: beach, bird, sunset or sunrise not sure and clouds
  71. English

    Hello. I will really appreciate some help. 1)Which preposition is correct in the context "to work at/in a company"? 2)Is it "a vacancy at" or "in our company"? 2)Which is the correct word order in the following word-group: "British TV dance show" or
  72. English

    choose the letter S if the word group is a sentence or the letter F if the word group is a clause fragment. A:As soon as I heard about them.F B:Because I never seen a moose up close. F C:That the oryx has long,pointed horns that point up. S D:Whoever drew
  73. ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!

    Hi! Where should the comma go in the following sentence? Throughout the novel, Steinbeck has foreshadowed the novel's ending by giving some details about Candy's old dog which Carlson shot since it was getting too old and useless. Should it go after the
  74. language arts

    if i have the meaning of a word and not the vocabulary word, how do i find the vocabulary word?
  75. Grammar

    Is the word "Scary" - 1. Word with short vowel, or 2. Word with long vowel A, E.
  76. Maths

    Rodney and Rebecca play chess together. In the last 50 games, Rodney has won 18 games. If they played a further 75 games, how many would Rebecca expect to win Working out please 
  77. spanish PLEASE HELP

    Replace the direct object with a direct object pronoun. Question: Van a estudiar el espanol esta noche? My answer: Nosotros yo los entiendo Points taken off for putting in word nosotros - I do not understand why.
  78. 6th grade math (student)

    Throughout the season, drew scored 18 touchdowns. He scored 10 in the first 6 games. How many did he score in the last 4 games? Write the equation and solve.

    the city council are meeting on tuesday night to discuss the new playground. 1)the word discuss should be discussed 2)the verb are should be is 3)the word council should be councils 4)there are no errors in the sentence. my answer is #2
  80. English

    Which sentence uses an infinitive as a noun? A) The best movie to watch is coming on TV tonight at 9:00. B) Phil wanted to play video games, but he finished his homework first. C) The cheerleaders traveled to the away games to cheer for the football team.
  81. algerbra/math

    Jolene has twice as many games as Juan. Write an algebraic expression that shows how many games Jolene has.
  82. English / Grammar

    Please help me word this sentence correctly: At its zenith, the depression saw nearly 25 percent of all workers and 37 percent of all non-farm workers completely out of work. I'm trying to say that at the peak of the depression, that's how many people were
  83. Statistics

    In a large collection of real SMS text messages from particular cellphone users, 13.40% of messages are identified as spam. Of all spam messages 17.0% contain both the word "free" and the word "text" ("txt") For example, "Congrats!! You have been selected
  84. English

    However, the usefulness of mother tongues should not be dismissed prematurely, as each mother tongue has its advantages. Which word is the closest in meaning to the word "prematurely" in the above sentence? 1)initially 2) childishly 3) impulsively 4) early
  85. Spanish

    Can someone check my answers to this? I'm really confused on these practice problems. Thanks! Directions: Using informal, formal, plural and nosotros commands (use Dop's/Iop's if needed) to correctly answer the questions. The names in parathenisis are what
  86. Math

    1. What is the algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the sum of 3 and 4x? 2. What is the algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the quotient of 8 and the difference of x and y? 3. What is the algebraic expression for the

    IS The italicized word in the sentence below an adverb or a preposition? Why don't you come OVER this evening? A. Adverb. B. Preposition. C. None of the above. Which sentence below uses the word FINE as an interjection? A. The weather is very FINE today.
  88. Algebra Vocab.

    I need help with finding the term tesselation. I looked everywhere. i need help with tesselation and ratio If you will look up the right word you will find it. The word is spelled tessellation. Go to www.google.com, type in the word (even just close to the
  89. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following choices best describes the information given in a thesaurus? A. etymologies, or word origins and histories B. synonyms, often suggesting word connotations C. definitions of words with multiple meanings** D. pronunciations and
  90. grammar

    identify the capatiled word in the following sentence. the iroquois made mask from CORN husks. A)adjective is my ans. B) pronoun C)demonstrative adjective D) noun
  91. 6th grade Spanish

    I have two questions-Which sentence is written correctly? Es un buen clase. Es un buena clase. Es un buena clase. I think it is Es un buen clase. Is that correct? Second question- The term pelota refers to any kind of sports ball. Pelota is a ball but what
  92. Language

    Directions: Circle the word that describes the subject of a sentence. Our teams are great. Would it be teams?
  93. grammar

    Identify each pronoun's case. In "The Seafarer," the old mariner tells us (1. objective) of his (2. possessive) hardships. He (3. nominative) recalls terrors that afflicted him (4. objective) but are unknown in our (5. possessive) experience. Underline the
  94. English

    Can you please check my answers? I don't know if they are correct or not. Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice.' 1.) On the entryway table are a candle and a plant. Verb- are Phrase: on the entryway
  95. Oral speech

    Persuasive speech comparing old to modern games? I have to have a persuasive speech lasting 8-10 minutes, in which i am trying to persuade the listeners that modern games have came away from the "point" of a video game. and that old school games like SNES
  96. English

    Which sentence includes a compound-word preposition? A. There was no one at home but me. B. The lightning struck from out of the blue. C. Don't come along on my account. D. The younger boys decided to play tag. B , because the compound word preposition is
  97. poem

    I have this poem that I was working on and I used the word "derived" and from my understanding it means to obtain. So i was wondering if this sentence made sense with the word. "No more will I let you fill my head with stories you've in-bedded, that rest
  98. English

    The word propse has been borrowed from the latin /propustius/ meaning "set forth". In which sentence is the word /propose/ used correctly? -I will propose a new budget next week***** -When you set up a propose, be certain it is correct. -The seller

    Which of the following questions is a statistical question? What is the top-selling board game? In what aisle are the board games located in the local store? How many board games require a deck of cards to play? How many board games have you played in the

    1. What is the indirect object in the following sentence? For her birthday, Jody bought Alice an angora sweater. A. Sweater B. Alice C. Birthday D. Jody A? 2. Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics? A. I feel (goodly) now that